Venue Union Hall
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Other Names Union Theatre
Address University of Adelaide
Adelaide SA 5005
Notes Opened in 1958. Demolished in November 2010.
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Latitude | Longitude -34.918424 | 138.604928

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Reg Bennett - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Various, Chorus, Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Composer, Technician, Assistant Lighting Designer

Wayne Anthoney - Actor, Director, Festival Director, Playwright, Scriptwriter, Producer, Set Designer, Writer, Lyricist

Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski - Designer, Set Designer, Design Consultant, Set and/or Property Maker, Director

Phil Grummet - Make-up Artist, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Bill Kay - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Coordinator, Various

Mick Mykyta - Stage Manager, Stage Director, Set and/or Property Maker, Production Manager, Producer

Pat Grummet - Make-up Artist, Costume Designer

Dean Patterson - Singer, Actor, Director, Actor and Singer, Conductor, Various, Producer, Associate Director

Margaret Day - Assistant Director, Production Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Associate Director, Costume Co-ordinator, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Elizabeth Williams - Graphic Designer, Actor, Stage Manager, Costume Designer, Costume Assistant, Scenic Artist, Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Maker, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

William Shakespeare - Playwright, Writer

Geoffrey Ward - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Lighting Operator, Composer, Stage Manager

Barry Warren - Set Designer, Singer, Actor, Costume Designer, Producer, Director, Various, Set and/or Property Maker, Costume Maker, Designer

Chris Tingley - Lighting Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Operator, Sound Operator/Engineer, Actor

Jim Vile - Actor, Director, Adaptor, Producer, Playwright

June Barnes - Director, Choreographer, Actor, Performer

Mark Coleman - Scriptwriter, Actor, Producer, Set and/or Property Maker, Singer

Hedley Cullen - Producer, Actor, Photographer

Arnold Matters - Producer

Gordon Beatty - Stage Manager, Properties Master, Stage Director

Melinda Boston - Actor, Costume Designer, Production Manager, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Brian Coghlan - Producer, Narrator, Actor, Contributing Artist

Frank Gargro - Director, Producer, Actor, Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager

Alison Holder - Actor and Singer, Continuity, Repetiteur, Harpsichordist, Pianist

Khail Jureidini - Actor, Scriptwriter, Lyricist, Various

Peter Marchant - Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor, Stage Manager, Set Designer

Elizabeth Silsbury - Repetiteur, Musical Director, Musical Arranger, Musician, Technician

Rob Brookman - Graphic Designer, Actor, Director, Scriptwriter, Lyricist, Production Manager, Publicist

Laurie Davies - Actor

Lloyd Davies - Conductor, Orchestral Leader, Violinist

David Grieve - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Various, Actor

Ruth Gurner - Actor and Singer, Actor, Chorister, Singer

Albert Havard - Actor

Tony Short - Production Manager, Scriptwriter, Actor, Various

Roger Taylor - Actor, Assistant Producer

Neil Waller - Sound Designer, Lighting Operator, Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Designer

John Adams - Actor

Keith Conlon - Musician, Actor, Director

John Edge - Actor, Publicist, Various

John Edmund - Actor-manager, Actor, Director, Producer

Max Height - Actor

Jon Hill - Lighting Designer, Various

Ralph Middenway - Musical Director, Production Manager, Designer, Actor, Director, Stage Manager, Composer, Stage Director

David Roberts - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Jerry Wesley-Smith - Composer, Musical Director, Musician, Musical Arranger, Singer, Musical Supervisor, Orchestrator, Writer, Conductor

Barbara West - Actor

Rob Averay - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Sue Averay - Properties Master, Stage Manager, Storyteller, Technical Director, Actor

Don Barker - Actor, Director

Andrew Bleby - Actor, Scriptwriter, Director, Lyricist

Geoff Crowhurst - Actor

Leslie Dayman - Actor, Director, Producer

Matthew Goode - Set and/or Property Maker, Production Manager, Properties Master, Stage Manager, Scriptwriter, Assistant Stage Manager, Set Designer

Barbara Howard - Producer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Production Manager, Actor and Singer

Richard Johnson - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Ian Macdonald - Sound Operator/Engineer, Musical Director, Percussionist, Set and/or Property Maker, Musician

Peter Meredith - Actor, Scriptwriter, Singer

Simon Moncrieff - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Peter Smith - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor, Scriptwriter

Jill Thomas - Assistant Producer, Graphic Designer, Front of House, Publicist, Production Manager, Various

Laraine Wheeler - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Properties Master

David Whitford - Actor, Make-up Artist

Peter Wilkins - Actor, Producer, Director

Meg Abbie Denton - Choreographer, Stage Director

Tony Brooks - Actor, Director, Lyricist

Grant Elliott - Scriptwriter, Actor, Producer

Laurie Freeman - Various, Set Designer, Graphic Designer

Tony Georgeson - Actor

Paul Haines - Scriptwriter, Playwright, Actor, Photographer, Various, Assistant Stage Manager

Harry Medlin - Stage Director, Various, Assistant Stage Manager, Writer, Production Manager, Executive Producer, Administrator, Set and/or Property Maker

Donald Munro - Producer, Director, Actor

Vivienne Oldfield - Make-up Artist, Actor, Producer, Costume Co-ordinator

John Paisley - Actor, Producer, Director, Stage Manager, Various

Jo Peoples - Actor, Production Manager, Costume Co-ordinator, Front of House, Various, Musician

Elizabeth Raupach - Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator, Actor, Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Sue Rider - Actor, Playwright, Assistant Director, Composer, Director

Kathleen Steele-Scott - Producer, Set and/or Property Maker, Properties Master / Mistress, Actor and Singer, Properties Master, Actor

Zane Treloar - Actor and Singer, Chorister, Chorus, Actor

Cathy Weber - Chorus, Actor, Soprano, Singer, Actor and Singer

June Ball - Actor

Pat Bruer - Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer, Technician, Various

Sandy Clark - Stage Manager, Stage Director, Playwright, Actor, Producer

Robert Dawe - Actor, Actor and Singer

Patricia Elliott - Costume Maker, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Assistant, Costume Designer

Harold Fairhurst - Musical Director, Band Master, Orchestrator, Orchestral Leader

Rob George - Actor, Scriptwriter, Performance Artist, Playwright

Alan Hannam - Actor, Producer

Powell Harrison - Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor

Margaret Macpherson - Repetiteur, Actor, Chorister, Actor and Singer

Jennie Matthews - Musician, Mask Maker, Composer, Playwright, Graphic Designer, Scenic Artist, Actor

Mimi Mattin - Costume Designer, Coordinator, Production Manager, Costume Co-ordinator

Anna Michael - Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Graham Nerlich - Actor, Director

Malcolm Potter - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Jean Rigby - Actor

Jeffrey Scott - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Various

John W Smith - Lighting Designer, Various

Martin Smith - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Arwed Turon - Actor

Avis Urlwin - Front of House, Publicist

Keith Anderson - Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Properties Master

F R Bay - Set and/or Property Maker

John Bishop - Director, Conductor

John Blaine - Set and/or Property Maker, Technical Director, Set Designer, Assistant Stage Manager

Jill Brislan - Actor, Assistant Director

John Chapman - Musician, Conductor, Composer, Repetiteur

Ann Christie - Actor

Janyce Crosby - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Patron

Belinda Davey - Actor

Anne Dibden - Actor, Properties Master

Thomas Edmonds - Actor, Actor and Singer

Bill Field - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Actor

David Galliver - Conductor, Actor, Producer, Actor and Singer

Adrian Hann - Various, Designer, Scriptwriter, Composer, Director, Assistant Musical Director

Neal Hume - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Director

Rory Hume - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Various

Morna Jones - Actor, Producer, Vocalist, Musical Arranger

Paul Kolarovich - Actor

Sandy McLeay - Stage Manager, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Various, Set and/or Property Maker

Christian Meyer - Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer

Peter Miles - Production Manager, Stage Director, Assistant Director, Sound Designer, Actor

Cliff Neate - Actor

Martin Portus - Actor

Ron Robinson - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Actor, Coordinator

Charles Sandercock - Stage Manager, Actor, Various, Set and/or Property Maker

Jim Silsbury - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Director, Producer, Actor, Production Manager

Steve J Spears - Performance Artist, Actor, Scriptwriter

Phil Steer - Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Designer, Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Lewis Stenson - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Manager, Actor

John Trinder - Producer, Actor

Mark Weston - Technician, Technical Director, Lighting Designer, Assistant Lighting Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Christine Westwood - Director, Properties Master, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Stephen Wilson - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Lighting Operator

Robert Antill - Actor, Dancer

Norman Athersmith - Actor

John Bannon - Actor, Various

Marie Bates - Actor, Singer, Actor and Singer

Rob Bath - Actor, Director

Grant Beard - Musical Director

Brian Bergin - Director, Production Designer, Producer, Playwright, Actor

Jenny Binks - Actor, Properties Master, Costume Maker

Greg Branson - Actor

Bertolt Brecht - Playwright, Writer, Poet

Don Byrne - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

William Cody - Actor, Singer, Actor and Singer, Chorus

Graham Craig - Actor

Margaret Cummins - Actor, Singer, Chorus, Actor and Singer

Frank Cwiertniak - Actor

Kevin Drogemuller - Set Designer, Various, Scenic Artist

Grahame Dudley - Musical Director, Conductor, Musician, Musical Supervisor, Playwright

Robin Eaden - Singer, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Malcolm Elliott - Actor, Mask Maker, Various, Producer

Michael Eustice - Production Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor, Assistant Director, Front of House

Tom Gawne - Actor, Stage Manager, Various

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist, Book and Lyrics

Sandra Gordon - Choreographer, Director

Gwen Hart - Dresser

Janice Hearne - Actor, Actor and Singer

Geraldine Hodge - Actor and Singer, Actor, Chorus

Rosamund Hogarth - Actor, Costume Maker, Properties Master

Betsy Holt - Actor, Properties Master, Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Jeanne Hurrell - Stage Manager, Actor, Lighting Operator, Scriptwriter

Margery Irving - Actor

Verity Laughton - Actor

Penelope Leach - Actor

Jon Lister - Scriptwriter, Actor

Julian Mincham - Composer, Assistant Musical Director, Musician, Musical Director

Rob Morrison - Poet, Lyricist, Actor, Musician

Ian Muster - Actor, Performer, Singer

Sue Neil - Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Make-up Artist, Stage Manager

Justin O'Halloran - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

George Ogilvie - Director, Actor

Leith Pederick - Actor, Actor and Singer, Choir, Chorus

Edmund Pegge - Producer, Actor

Lindy Powell - Performance Artist, Actor, Scriptwriter

John Reid - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Claire Robertson - Scenic Artist, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Designer

Mick Rodger - Producer, Actor, Director

Hugh Rowell - Various, Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Director, Properties Master

Angela Smith - Actor, Songwriter, Musical Arranger, Musical Director, Composer, Musician

Betty Smith - Costume Designer, Costume Maker, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Audrie Stern - Actor

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Fred Tarrant - Actor, Singer, Chorister, Actor and Singer

John Tasker - Producer, Director

Brian Wenzel - Actor

Peter Wesley-Smith - Musician, Scriptwriter, Bassist, Librettist, Lyricist

Ray Wheeler - Actor, Director

Michael Adams - Actor

Jean Anouilh - Playwright

Frank Bailey - Producer, Actor

Axel Bartz - Actor, Accompanist, Set Designer, Designer

Jennifer Bermingham - Chorus, Actor, Choreographer, Singer

Gordon Bilney - Actor, Playwright, Lyricist

Gerald Born - Choir, Actor and Singer, Actor, Chorus, Singer

Phillip Broderick - Scriptwriter, Director, Actor

Melvyn Cann - Composer, Musician, Musical Director, Orchestral Leader

Jane Carter - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ian Cockburn - Properties Master, Actor

Prudence Coffey - Dancer, Choreographer, Publicist, Assistant Producer

Maxwell Collis - Actor, Choreographer, Dancer

Piers Duncan - Actor, Director

Suzanne Fleming - Actor

Margaret Forte - Properties Master

Brian Freeman - Various, Actor

Murray George - Producer, Director

Tom Georgeson - Actor

Christoph Gluck - Composer

David Griggs - Actor

Oscar Hammerstein - Book and Lyrics, Lyricist

Anne Heitmann - Actor

Shirley Hicks - Repetiteur

Alan Holy - Mechanist, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Jack Hume - Actor, Director, Photographer

Dennis Johnson - Musical Director

Bruce King - Scriptwriter, Actor, Performance Artist

Alex Kirk - Actor, Singer

George Kiroff - Various, Producer, Production Manager

Sue Lawrence - Actor

Noreen Lower - Actor, Singer, Actor and Singer

Tim Mares - Editor, Administrator, Actor, Producer

Peter Marriott - Various, Set and/or Property Maker, Scenic Artist

Peter McDonald - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Jim Morrissey - Actor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Erica Nietz - Chorus, Singer, Actor and Singer

Peter O'Shaughnessy - Director, Actor

Andre Oosterbaan - Trumpeter, Musician, Violinist, Musical Director

Nita Pannell - Actor, Producer

Kathleen Parker - Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Suzanne Peake - Properties Master, Actor

Max Pearce - Actor, Actor and Singer, Properties Master / Mistress, Singer

Michael Pearce - Designer, Actor

Lyndon Piddington - Actor, Chorus, Assistant Stage Manager, Actor and Singer

Phyllis Pilton - Singer, Mask Maker, Costume Maker

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

Marian Quartly - Costume Maker, Actor, Various, Costume Designer

Helen Richardson - Dancer, Director, Assistant Director, Choreographer

Dierdre Rowe - Musical Director, Conductor, Repetiteur

Judith Russell - Actor and Singer, Chorus, Actor, Singer, Chorister

Janet Saies - Actor, Choreographer

John Schrader - Scriptwriter, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Ewart Shaw - Costume Assistant, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Actor, Costume Designer, Set Designer

John Smith - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Meredith Smith - Properties Master, Costume Maker

Terry Stapleton - Stage Manager, Actor

Andrew Taylor - Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Director, Special Effects

Brian Taylor - Actor

Graham Terry - Musician

Jack Ward - Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Designer

Neil Ward - Actor, Scenic Artist, Properties Master

Leonie Waye - Set Designer, Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator, Various

Jeremy Wesley-Smith - Composer, Musician, Actor

Martin Wesley-Smith - Conductor, Composer, Musician, Guitarist

John Worthley - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Kamahl - Performer, Actor

Michael Abbott - Lyricist, Set and/or Property Maker, Various

Aristophanes - Playwright

Stewart Armstrong - Actor, Stage Director

Rodney Bain - Actor, Various, Set and/or Property Maker

Anne Banks - Properties Master, Actor, Costume Maker

Peter E. Barnes - Actor

Peter Bodossian - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Bill Boucaut - Scriptwriter, Actor

Peter Brayshaw - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor and Singer, Scenic Artist

Alan Bretag - Scriptwriter, Various

Kevin Brooks - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer, Set Designer

Peter Brooks - Front of House

Mick Cannell - Various, Stage Manager

David Cant - Trumpeter, Various, Musician

Heather Carr - Actor, Choreographer

Darien Chinnery - Actor, Costume Maker

Penny Choate - Properties Master, Actor, Set Designer

Martin Christmas - Actor, Director, Singer, Sound Designer

Vivian Colmer - Lighting Operator, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Lorel Coombs - Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager

Bill Cornish - Musician, Actor, Musical Director, Music and Lyrics, Writer

Alan Cotton - Actor

Lou Crotti - Actor

Ronald Danvers - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Jim Davies - Set and/or Property Maker, Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Hyman de Vere - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Assistant Director

Barbara Dennis - Actor

Anne Edmonds - Actor

Warren Edwards - Actor, Singer

Sylvan Elhay - Musician, Sound Designer

Euripides - Playwright

Jenny Evans - Production Manager

Barbara Fargher - Costume Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Neil Fitzpatrick - Actor

Frank Foster Brown - Properties Master, Actor

Brian Fotheringham - Actor

John Francis - Musician, Actor

Lee Garton - Actor, Costume Assistant

Grant Gill - Actor, Actor and Singer, Musician

Kym Goldsworthy - Music and Lyrics, Actor

Bob Gosling - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Heather Greenslade - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Set Designer, Costume Maker, Costume Assistant

Daphne Grey - Actor

Jill Griffith - Actor

Shaun Gurton - Designer, Actor, Design Consultant

Julie Hamilton - Actor

Iris Hart - Actor, Narrator

Barry Hill - Director, Actor

Frank Hind - Actor

Edwin Hodgeman - Actor

Penny Holmes - Actor

Warren Jarrett - Projectionist, Director, Various

Helen Jasinski - Actor

Jinny Jay - Various, Scenic Artist, Set and/or Property Maker

Bryan Jenkins - Various, Set and/or Property Maker

Malcolm John - Chorus Master/Mistress, Conductor

Keith Johnson - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Stan Johnston - Actor

Robert Kimber - Director

Norma Knight - Actor, Singer

Michael Lewis - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Andrew Ligertwood - Actor

Valerie Lillington - Actor

Patricia Marks - Actor, Costume Maker

Judith Marshman - Vocalist, Actor and Singer, Chorus

Betty Martin - Costume Assistant, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Don McCoy - Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer

Gordon McDougall - Actor, Resident Director

John McGowan - Lyricist, Actor, Scriptwriter

Ursula McGowan - Consultant, Dramaturg, Publicist

Victor Mednis - Set and/or Property Maker, Scenic Artist

Brian Messner - Actor

Jean-Baptiste Moliere - Playwright

Angela Moore - Set Designer, Actor

Robert Morrison - Actor, Playwright

Ann Mulliner - Actor, Associate Director

Peter Narroway - Actor, Musical Director, Musician

Jocelyn Niehus - Actor, Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Jim Ogilvy - Actor, Musician

Dennis Olsen - Actor

Ian Owens - Musical Director, Conductor, Composer

Helen Pannell - Scenic Artist, Costume Assistant

Lee Pascoe - Actor

Harold Pinter - Playwright

Lazlo Pito - Choir, Actor, Actor and Singer

Ann Portus - Actor

John Potter - Producer, Actor, Assistant Producer

Richard Potter - Scriptwriter, Actor

Tim Potter - Musician, Sound Designer

Geoff Pullan - Actor

Kay Quartly - Costume Maker, Actor

Stephen Ramsey - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Playwright, Lyricist

Michael Reardon - Properties Master

David Reed - Actor, Director

Elizabeth Reynolds-Brown - Costume Maker

Noel Robbins - Actor and Singer, Vocalist, Singer

Dave Robertson - Songwriter, Composer, Musical Director

David Robertson - Musician, Guitarist, Composer

Richard Rodgers - Composer

Cate Rogers - Actor, Director

Des Roman - Actor

Paul Rubens - Actor, Lighting Operator

Alex Sadlo - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Joy Samels - Actor, Actor and Singer, Chorus

Ian Sando - Costume Co-ordinator, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Ned Secker - Actor, Various

Leigh Shalless - Musician

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Playwright

Priscilla Shorne - Actor, Director

Dennis Smith - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Jon Smithies - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Barbara Stephens - Actor

Genty Stevens - Actor, Actor and Singer

Howard Sumner - Actor

John Thomas - Lighting Designer

Meme Thorne - Actor, Production Manager

Jenny Tonkin - Costume Maker, Actor

Gina Tsikouras - Actor, Director, Designer

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer, Conductor

Rod Wallbridge - Photographer, Actor

Pam Watts - Scenic Artist, Set Designer, Designer

Paul Aamodt - Publicist, Various

Heidi Abbey - Actor

Pat Abbott - Actor, Costume Assistant

Anne Adamek - Repetiteur, Harpist

Warwick Anderson - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Marie Angel - Actor, Actor and Singer

Gwenyth Annear - Voice Coach, Actor

John Antrobus - Playwright

Rob Avery - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Actor

Kenneth Badenoch - Actor

Helmut Bakaitis - Actor

Colin Ballantyne - Contributing Artist, Producer

Lee Barnard - Actor

Peter Barnes - Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer, Production Manager

Jeanette Barritt - Actor, Actor and Singer

Dave Barry - Scriptwriter, Actor

Jennifer Barry - Actor, Dancer

Roy Bates - Musician, Set and/or Property Maker

Clarrie Battle - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Michael Bayly - Set and/or Property Maker, Various, Lighting Designer, Actor

Timothy Beal - Dancer, Actor

Cathy Beall - Stage Manager

Samuel Beckett - Playwright

Earl Bennett - Actor

Jim Bettison - Sound Designer, Lighting Operator

Sue Biggs - Publicist

Martin Bleby - Actor, Lyricist

Anthony Bott - Chorus, Chorister, Actor

Joe Bowler - Actor

Peter Brideoake - Composer, Musician, Cellist

Richard Broinowski - Costume Assistant, Actor

Doris Brokensha - Costume Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Eglis Burtmanis - Actor

Leslie Byers - Costume Maker, Actor

Priscilla Caldwell - Actor

Peta Carpenter - Properties Master, Front of House

Ian Castenetto - Actor

Josephine Caust - Actor

Anton Chekhov - Playwright

Brian Claridge - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Mel Clifford - Dancer, Costume Designer

Harold Coggins - Actor, Actor and Singer

Rosemary Colmer - Actor, Properties Master

Daryl Colquhoun - Assistant Producer, Front of House

Ray Conlon - Musician, Percussionist

Noel Coward - Playwright

Greg Crane - Lighting Operator

Danyse Crotti - Actor, Various

Bobbie Cundell - Musical Director, Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Michael Davis - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Malcolm Day - Musical Director

Tom Dermody - Actor, Production Manager

Mac Dick - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Designer

Tony Dickson - Actor

Helen Disney - Lighting Designer, Various

Julian Disney - Scriptwriter, Lyricist

Trevor Dodd - Scriptwriter, Actor

Douglas Dolphin - Actor

Grant Doyle - Actor and Singer

Greer Druce - Set Designer, Actor, Production Designer

Jeanette Dunn - Costume Maker, Actor

Edwin Duryea - Actor

Ludwik Dutkiewicz - Actor

Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz - Producer, Director

Dianne Emery - Costume Assistant

Julianne English - Actor, Director

Dymphna Eszenyi - Front of House, Actor

Jack Fahey - Set and/or Property Maker

Bill Fielding - Stage Manager, Various

Amanda Finnis - Actor

Cathie Finnis - Cellist, Musician

Kevin Fisher - Actor and Singer, Actor, Chorus

Rodney Fisher - Dialect Coach, Director

Barbara Flaum - Costume Maker, Actor

Sarah Forbes - Mask Maker, Producer, Production Manager

Susannah Foulds - Actor, Actor and Singer

Michele Galazowski - Actor and Singer, Actor

Peter Garton - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer, Actor

Jenny Gerlach - Various, Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Rick Gerner - Musical Director, Actor

Robert Gibbard - Set and/or Property Maker, Various

Joan Gill - Actor, Actor and Singer

Peter Goerecke - Dancer, Actor

Don Goldsmith - Actor

Marilyn Grange - Musician

Donald Gray - Producer, Composer

Penelope Griffith - Actor, Properties Master

Marilyn Gunnyon - Costume Designer

Bibi Gunton - Costume Maker, Costume Assistant

Geraldine Hackett-Jones - Actor and Singer

Gerald Haddad - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Hiroko Hall - Assistant Producer, Actor

John Hargreaves - Actor

Ingrid Harm - Actor

Ben Harris - Actor

Michael Harris - Actor

Greg Hart - Actor

Tony Haslam - Actor

Bruce Hastings - Actor

Alexander Hay - Actor

Vivienne Haynes - Actor, Actor and Singer

Margaret Hender - Musician, Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer

Craig Hill - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Margaret Hill - Actor

Briony Hodge - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Jan Hodge - Actor, Choir

Warren Hodge - Actor and Singer, Actor, Chorister

Miriam Hughes - Chorus, Choir

Henrik Ibsen - Playwright

Margaret Jackman - Front of House

Mike Jacobs - Actor, Scriptwriter

Colin Jenner - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Stuart Johnston - Set and/or Property Maker

Michael Johnstone - Actor

Andrejs Kalnins - Actor, Sound Designer

Helen Kay - Costume Designer, Costume Maker, Actor

Ray Keightley - Chorus, Actor, Actor and Singer

Gabe Kelly - Actor

Kevin Kennedy - Actor

Michael Kentish - Various, Assistant Stage Manager

Rollo Kiek - Actor, Lighting Designer

John Kingsmill - Designer, Graphic Designer

Linda Kulwikowski - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Properties Master

Janet Lasscock - Actor and Singer, Actor

Robyn Layton - Actor

Ron Lea - Actor, Sound Artist

Tony Lea - Playwright, Actor, Writer

Robert Leach - Actor

Wendy Leach - Actor

Ron Leak - Set and/or Property Maker, Sound Designer

Terry Lee - Singer, Actor, Chorus

Jonathan Leigh - Actor

Alan Jay Lerner - Book and Lyrics, Librettist

Lesley Lewis - Musical Director, Organist, Harpsichordist

Robyn Lewis - Actor, Various

Pete Lindon - Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer

Mari Lindsaar - Actor

Tim Lloyd - Actor

Frederick Loewe - Composer

Wendy Macphee - Actor, Costume Designer

Jenny Manders - Actor, Choreographer

Jill Manson - Actor

Rob Mara - Musician

Jean Marshall - Director, Actor, Producer

Peter Matej - Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Operator, Actor

Brian McCurdy - Various, Director, Actor

Colin McKerlie - Actor, Director

Anne McLeod - Sound Operator/Engineer, Stage Director

Sue Melville - Actor

Gian Carlo Menotti - Composer

Carolyn Mesecke - Actor

Mira Mihailovich - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Kevin Miller - Director, Adaptor

Carmel Millhouse - Actor

Harold Minear - Director, Actor

Helen Monten - Actor

Ian Mooney - Set Designer

Michael Morgan - Stage Manager

Austin Myers - Chorus, Singer, Choir

Irenej Mykyta - Actor, Stage Director, Stage Manager

Myk Mykyta - Actor, Stage Manager, Stage Director

Rosemary Nairn - Musical Director

Judi Nancarrow - Actor

Anthony Neck - Actor and Singer

Max Neill - Musician

Tom Nelson - Lyricist, Producer

Myra Noblett - Actor

Keith Norbury - Actor

Rex North - Actor, Various

Paul Nursey-Bray - Actor

Anne O'Brien - Actor, Chorister

Paul O'Connor - Various

Linden Owen - Actor

Tony Pannell - Various, Scenic Artist

Jill Pascoe - Actor

Sue Peake - Properties Master

Colin Pearce - Actor, Dancer, Lighting Designer, Playwright, Director

Jan Petersen - Performer, Actor

Robyn Pettigrew - Actor

Jan Pettit - Costume Maker, Actor

Amanda Phillips - Dancer, Actor, Chorus

Jane Pickhaver - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Katrina Picozzi - Actor and Singer, Actor

Charni Pilkington - Actor

Beverley Potter - Properties Master / Mistress, Singer, Chorister

James Pratt - Director, Actor and Singer, Musical Director

Joanne Priest - Choreographer

Alison Priestley - Properties Master

Rosemary Quarmby - Costume Assistant, Scenic Artist

Neville Quigley - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

David Reid - Musical Director

Diana Richards - Actor, Costume Designer

Jo Robinson - Technician, Actor

Trevor Rodger - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Saxon Rudduck - Designer, Set Designer

Murray Rule - Set and/or Property Maker, Various, Costume Designer

Chris Runnel - Actor

Christine Runnel - Actor

Penny Sanders - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Michelle Scantlebury - Costume Maker, Scenic Artist

Geoff Schrader - Actor

Margaret Schumacher - Repetiteur, Conductor

Sue Seager - Actor

Christine Sears - Assistant Choreographer, Choreographer

Colin Shadgett - Actor

Roger Shepard - Hair Stylist, Choreographer, Wigmaker

Maureen Sherlock - Performance Artist, Actor

Amanda Shillabeer - Actor

Fay Sidey - Actor, Costume Designer

Karl Skopal - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

John Slee - Lyricist

Loriel Smart - Actor

John Smith - Actor, Actor and Singer

Mavis Smith - Actor and Singer, Actor

Sophocles - Playwright

Di South - Actor, Costume Maker

Tom Steel - Set Designer, Designer, Director

Heather Steen - Actor

Damien Storer - Actor

David Swale - Conductor, Musical Director

Len Sweeney - Actor

Ray Swift - Actor, Production Manager

Judith Sykes - Various, Actor, Costume Maker

Diana Taylor - Musician

Grant Taylor - Actor

Mary Taylor - Actor, Dancer

Ashleigh Tobin - Musician, Production Coordinator

Maree Tomasetti - Actor

John Tucker - Actor

Roger Uffindell - Various, Stage Manager

Geoffrey Usher - Actor

Nick Vadasz - Various

Derek Verrall - Stage Director, Set and/or Property Maker

Rosemary Verrall - Dancer, Actor

David Visentin - Actor and Singer, Set and/or Property Maker

Wieland von Behrens - Actor

Barbara Wallbridge - Properties Master, Costume Maker

Stephen Walter - Repetiteur

Kathy Wardle - Actor, Director

Frank Waters - Actor

Richard Watson - Make-up Artist, Actor and Singer, Production Designer

Bill Watt - Producer, Director

Pamela Western - Actor

George Whaley - Actor

Elizabeth White - Actor, Composer

John White - Percussionist, Musician

Patrick White - Author, Playwright

Anke Willems - Clarinetist, Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Carol Williams - Musical Director, Musician, Choir

David Williamson - Playwright

Ian Willshire - Actor

Ray Withy - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Claire Woods - Actor

Donald Woolford - Musical Director, Musician, Violinist

David Adams - Graphic Designer

Edward Albee - Playwright

Ellenmary Allen - Costume Assistant

Nicholas Amer - Actor

Ross Anderson - Designer, Costume Designer

Wil Anderson - Comedian, Creator

Helen Andrew - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Julie Andrews - Actor

Hamish Anear - Actor

Gabor Arato - Actor

Robyn Archer - Book and Lyrics, Performer, Writer, Performance Artist

Beryl Arnoldt - Properties Master

Mark Ascione - Director, Assistant Director

Michael Askill - Musician, Percussionist

Meredith Aunger - Singer, Actor

Bob Avery - Lighting Designer

Alan Babbage - Director, Adaptor

Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Anne Bannon - Actor

Takezawa Banshichi - Performer, Performance Artist

Luisa Barisic - Dancer

Geoff Barnes - Actor

Kieron Barnes - Actor, Audiovisual Sequencer

Penny Barnes - Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Pamela Barrett - Costume Maker

Helen Bartley - Costume Assistant, Costume Maker

Cecil Bates - Dancer

Peter Batey - Director

Thelma Baulderstone - Producer

Lola Beames - Front of House

H Bendtsen - Director

Bernie Bent - Various

Joy Berriman - Actor

Michael Best - Orchestrator, Actor

Brenda Bice - Vocalist, Actor and Singer

Ché Biggs - Actor

Bevan Bird - Musician

John Black - Assistant Conductor, Conductor

Gisele Blanchard - Actor and Singer

Bill Blandy - Various, Front of House

Malcolm Blaylock - Director

David Blight - Actor

Ian Boath - Musical Director

Michael Boddy - Producer, Playwright

David Boehm - Musician, Oboist

Robert Bolt - Playwright

William Bolter - Actor, Singer

Patricia Bonnin - Costume Maker

Charlotte Bonython - Costume Assistant, Costume Maker

Veryan Bonython - Actor, Various

Garth Boomer - Actor

John Boully - Actor

Murray Bowles - Photographer

Meredith Bowman - Actor

Don Boyce - Chorus, Actor

Matthew Boyce - Actor

James Boyd - Actor, Assistant Lighting Designer

Alex Boyle - Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

David Boynes - Actor

Emily Branford - Actor

Julie Branford - Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Alan Brissenden - Director, Publicist

Benjamin Britten - Composer

Tony Brock - Front of House, Sound Designer

Chris Brocklebank - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Val Brogan - Actor

John Broome - Playwright, Director

Melvin Brown - Singer, Performer, Creator

Robert Brown - Assistant Stage Manager

Joan Bruce - Actor

Pixie Bunning - Actor

Anne Burnell - Actor

Margaret Burton - Costume Maker

Elizabeth Butcher - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Rosalie Butcher - Musician, Violinist

Emma Buter - Actor, Properties Master

Margaret Callaghan - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Andrew Cameron - Playwright, Actor

Elizabeth Cameron Dalman - Choreographer

Andrea Campbell - Costume Maker, Actor

Liz Campbell - Properties Master, Dramaturg

Peta Carlile - Actor and Singer, Actor

John Carlini - Actor

Sasha Carruozzo - Actor

Jennifer Carseldine - Designer

Evelyn Carter - Actor

Diane Chamberlain - Actor

Wal Cherry - Director

Naida Chinner - Choreographer

Michael Clancy - Coordinator, Various

Deane Clark - Actor

Rae Cocking - Singer, Actor

Ben Cohn - Actor

Sid Cole - Lighting Designer

Leonie Coleman - Set Designer

Lyn Coleman - Director

Harvey Collins - Costume Designer, Dancer

Max Collis - Costume Designer, Choreographer

William Congreve - Playwright

Bill Connolly - Actor

Ken Conway - Actor, Various

Mark Conway - Actor, Scriptwriter

Kenneth Cook - Writer, Playwright

Tony Coombe - Actor, Producer

Murray Copland - Actor

Guido Coppola - Actor

Jane Corbel - Actor, Dancer

Anthea Cornell - Various, Costume Maker

May Cottle - Singer, Chorus

Nancy Cotton - Costume Maker

John Courtney - Playwright

Jim Cowley - Designer

Alison Craig - Actor

Doug Craig - Director, Actor

Lola Cross - Singer

Carl Crossin - Conductor, Musician

Errol Crouch - Actor

David Cubbin - Violinist, Musician

Nancy Cullen - Actor, Costume Designer

Sonya Cummins - Actor, Dancer

Ann D'Angelo - Actor

Ian Dalwood - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Peter Dalwood - Lighting Operator, Assistant Director

Ian Davidson - Sound Designer, Assistant Stage Manager

Jim Davidson - Actor

Jean Daviess - Chorister, Actor

Mick Davis - Stage Manager

John Dawes - Actor

Lindsey Day - Actor and Singer

Ann Deane - Actor, Dancer

Peter Deane - Actor, Musician

Bruce Debelle - Actor

Bunny Debelle - Actor

Norman Dewhurst - Publicist, Designer

Sheridan Dewhurst - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer

John Dick - Director, Actor

Judy Dick - Actor

Desmond Digby - Designer, Costume Designer

Kathryn Dineen - Actor

Ron Dix - Actor

Adriadna Dobbie - Actor, Soprano

Mary Dodgson - Front of House, Production Manager

Norma Dodsworth - Chorus, Singer

Andrew Doman - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Rosemary Doran - Actor

Sydney Downie - Actor

Patricia Drinnan - Actor

Stephen Druce - Lighting Designer, Actor

Chris Drummond - Actor, Sound Operator/Engineer, Musical Director

Etiennette Du Puy - Actor, Chorus

Jane Duncan - Dancer, Actor

Anne Dunn - Director, Various

Bronwen Dunstan - Costume Designer

Prudence Dunstone - Actor, Actor and Singer

Teresa Dutton - Costume Assistant, Assistant Producer

June Eaden - Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

John Eastman - Actor

Charles Edelman - Director, Fight Director

Scott Edgar - Comedian

Fran Edwards - Director

Celine Egar - Actor, Actor and Singer

Patricia Elix - Actor

Brian Elliott - Producer

Ken Ellis - Musician

Kenneth Ellis - Musician

Robert England - Actor and Singer

Brant Eustice - Actor

Jillian Eve - Assistant Choreographer, Choreographer

Barbara Fairs - Violinist, Violist

Joanna Fairs - Violinist, Set and/or Property Maker

Philip Fargher - Set Designer, Producer

Janet Farrell - Properties Master

Julia Farrell - Actor

Peter Farrell - Set and/or Property Maker

Tony Faunt - Actor

Gabriel Fauré - Composer

Maureen Ferris - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Valda Ferris - Actor

Jenny Fewster - Stage Manager

Noel Fidge - Musician

Elizabeth Finch - Costume Maker

Dianne Fischer - Actor

Ken Fischer - Actor

Dave Flanagan - Actor

Roy Flavel - Actor, Sound Operator/Engineer

Peter Fleig - Various, Set and/or Property Maker

Ann Forward - Actor, Costume Maker

Bruce Foster - Actor, Production Manager

Emma Foster - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Ian Foster - Lighting Designer

Gordon Foulds - Choreographer, Director

Oliver Frank - Set and/or Property Maker, Photographer

Roger Freney - Production Manager, Various

Alexandra Fricker - Actor

Max Frisch - Playwright

Patrick Frost - Actor

Helen Fulcher - Actor

Michael Fuller - Choreographer

George Galloway - Sound Designer

Ellice Garrett - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Vivienne Garrett - Actor

Andrew Garsden - Lighting Designer, Actor

Steven Gates - Comedian

Chris Gent - Actor

Bert Georgeson - Actor

Deidre Gepp - Choreographer, Chorus

Tony Gibbs - Actor, Producer

Joan Gilbert - Actor

Jennifer Gilchrist - Costume Maker

Bart Gliddon - Lighting Designer, Various

Heinner Goebbels - Creator, Composer

Brian Goers - Various, Photographer

Peter Goers - Director

Therese Gogler - Dancer

Roger Goldsworthy - Actor, Actor and Singer

Enza Gorges - Stage Manager

Toni Graham - Set Designer

Ad Graves - Actor

Adrian Graves - Production Manager

Ian Gray - Actor

Sue Gray - Actor

Hazel Green - Actor, Choreographer

Keith Green - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Bronwyn Greet - Costume Maker

Marie Gregor - Actor and Singer, Singer

Michael Griggs - Musician

Adey Grummet - Conductor, Actor

David Grybowski - Actor

Sue Hackett - Musician

Pam Hailes - Administrator

Simon Hall - Comedian

Greville Hallam - Actor

Pam Hammond - Actor

Christopher Hampton - Translator, Playwright

Brenton Hann - Director, Scriptwriter

George Hann - Violinist

Xenia Hanusiak - Actor

Rick Harley - Actor

Christopher Harris - Make-up Artist

Daphne Harris - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jill Harris - Assistant Director

Lyn Harris - Actor

Laura Harrison - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Designer

Thomas Harry - Singer, Dancer

Keith Harwood - Various

Ralph Hatcher - Vocalist, Actor

Kate Hawkes - Actor, Playwright

Matthew Hawkins - Various, Actor

Paul Haynes - Assistant Stage Manager, Scriptwriter

Malcolm Hayter - Actor

Rachel Healy - Actor

George Heap - Stage Manager, Actor and Singer

Yvonne Heaslip - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Carol Heath - Costume Maker

Julie Heinrich - Actor, Dancer

Keith Hempton - Actor

Judith Henley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Doug Hewitson - Actor

Max Hicks - Actor

Neville Hicks - Musical Director, Actor and Singer

Janna Hilbrink - Actor

Charlie Hill-Smith - Actor

James Hind - Actor

Demyan Hnatiuk - Choreographer

Leigh Hobba - Musician

Christine Hoffman - Actor, Properties Master

Mark Holden - Actor

Bill Holdsworth - Actor

Dianne Honey - Actor

Clive Hope - Singer, Actor

Lyn Hopkins - Actor

Stephen Horan - Director, Set Designer

Frances Horner - Actor

J Hubley - Director

Amanda Hughes-Jones - Actor and Singer, Actor

Virginia Hull - Choir, Soprano

Johann Hunt - Actor and Singer, Actor

Norma Hunter - Actor and Singer, Actor

David Hursthouse - Stage Manager, Actor

Bronte Hutchins - Chorus, Singer

Jacques Ibert - Composer

Timothy Ide - Designer, Actor

Rosamund Illing - Actor and Singer, Actor

Lorraine Irving - Dancer

Carolyn Isaachsen - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Steve Jackson - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Michael Jacobs - Various, Actor

Dietrich Jaegar - Chorister, Chorus

Robin Jarman - Musician, Actor

Chas Jensen - Set and/or Property Maker

Betty Johnson - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Maker

Chris Johnson - Actor

Deborah Johnson - Actor and Singer

Julie Johnson - Musician

Laurel Johnson - Actor

Les Johnson - Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Yvonne Johnson - Actor and Singer

Richard Johnston - Lighting Designer

Gwenda Jones - Costume Maker

Megan Jones - Actor and Singer, Actor

Raelene Jones - Actor, Costume Assistant

Ben Jonson - Playwright

Lara Joy - Chorus, Set and/or Property Maker

Kandaiah Kamalesvaran - Vocalist, Chorus

Martin Karaffa - Producer, Actor

Peter Kaukas - Actor

Dimitri Kazanski - Various

Peter Kelly - Actor, Supernumerary

David Kelsey - Actor

Robert Kemp - Lighting Designer, Technician

Mike Kenny - Musician, Musical Arranger

William Kentridge - Director, Designer

Peter Kidd - Lighting Designer

Shane Kies - Actor

Tim Kildea - Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Operator

Beryl Kimber - Violinist, Orchestral Leader

David King - Conductor, Composer

Marina Kirsch - Actor, Dancer

David Lampard - Director, Actor

Harold Lang - Actor, Producer, Director, Devisor

Jan Langsford - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Jennifer Lanyon - Choir, Soprano

Russell Larkin - Assistant Musical Director, Conductor

Laurence Lau - Actor

Ray Lawler - Playwright

Sarah Lawrence - Designer, Set Designer

Anthony Lea - Actor

Sue Lea - Actor, Writer

Lynette Leader - Costume Maker

Jane Lee-Gray - Actor

Warren Leslie - Stage Manager, Various

Anna Lester - Choir, Clarinetist

Valerie Levkowicz - Actor, Violinist

Juliette Levy - Actor

Helen Lindon - Front of House

Len Lindon - Creator, Lyricist, Director

Leonard Lindon - Director, Publicist, Actor

Jean Lindsay - Actor

Norman Lindsay - Author, Visual Artist

Anne Lloyd - Singer, Costume Assistant

Gregory Lohe - Violinist, Musician

Nina Loizi - Costume Co-ordinator, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Bob Lott - Actor

Cesca Loughhead - Actor

Robin Lovejoy - Director, Producer

John Low - Actor, Musician

Margo Ludowici - Properties Master

Ian S MacDonald - Set Designer, Musician

Peter MacDonald - Stage Manager

John MacGowan - Actor

Heather Mackay - Musical Director, Singer

Claudia Maddeford - Dancer

Geoffrey Madge - Properties Master, Repetiteur

Haydn Madigan - Actor

Susan Magarey - Properties Master

Chris Marchant - Actor

Judy Marchant - Actor

Sandy Marsden - Actor

Kenneth Marshall - Singer, Chorus

Trevor Marshall - Sound Designer

Roger Marshman - Actor

Rosalind Martin - Actor

Stephen Martin - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Trish Martin - Choir Master/Mistress, Mezzo-Soprano

Jo Mason - Scriptwriter, Performance Artist

David Matison - Actor

Allina Matthews - Costume Designer, Mask Maker

Margaret Mattiske - Chorus, Choir

Julian McCabe - Actor and Singer

Meta McCaffrey - Actor

Gary McCaffrie - Director, Various

Sheila McCarthy - Actor and Singer, Actor

Barrie McEwin - Actor

Helen McGowan - Actor

Lyn McGrail - Choreographer

Sue McKenzie - Costume Maker, Actor

Timothy McKeough - Actor

Alan McKie - Musical Director

Margaret McLachlan - Actor

Wendy McMurtrie - Actor, Chorister

Stephen Measday - Actor

Michelle Meegan - Properties Master / Mistress, Various

Carolyn Melville - Costume Maker

Ion Menadue - Various

Felix Mendelssohn - Composer

Dean Millard - Designer, Set Designer

Alan Miller - Various, Stage Manager

Tessa Miller - Voice Coach, Actor

James Mills - Actor, Director

Michael Mills - Actor

Phillipa Milne - Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Derek Mitchell - Lighting Designer, Trumpeter

Winnie Molde - Lighting Operator

Claudio Monteverdi - Composer

Michael Moody - Actor

Beverly Moore - Properties Master

Brian Moore - Musician, Director

Christine Moore - Actor

Jo Moore - Actor

Pamela Moore - Make-up Artist, Actor

Robert Moore - Actor

Richard Morecroft - Actor

Chris Morley - Actor, Dancer

Dianne Morris - Costume Designer

Rob Morris - Actor

Richard Murphet - Dancer, Director

Lyn Murray - Costume Maker, Actor

Ann Marie Mykyta - Scriptwriter, Costume Maker

Alex Naco - Singer, Chorus

Joseph Najar - Actor and Singer

Nerissa Nankervis - Costume Maker, Actor

Grant Neck - Actor

Aarne Neeme - Actor

John Nelson - Assistant Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Ronald Nelson-Smith - Actor

Chris Neuenkirchen - Singer, Lighting Designer

Michael Noblet - Actor, Playwright

Rosemary Nursey-Bray - Actor, Director

Tina O'Brien - Actor

John O'Loughlin - Actor

Anne O'Shaughnessy - Actor

Alison Oakeshott - Lighting Designer

Anne Oakey - Actor

Tony Ogier - Actor

Andy Packer - Actor

Jo Ann Page - Dancer, Actor

Stanley Page - Actor

Richard Pank - Various, Musician

Robert Parbs - Actor, Dancer

Fred Parker - Actor, Stage Manager

Kathy Parker - Assistant Stage Manager, Coordinator

John Paton - Actor

John Patrick - Playwright

Garry Patterson - Playwright, Director, Actor

Nanette Payne - Actor, Dancer

Barry Pearce - Actor

Douglas Pearce - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Ione Pearson - Properties Master, Actor

Mark Pearson - Actor, Publicist

Susan Pegler - Choreographer, Dancer

David Pender - Choreographer

Anne Pendlebury - Actor

Margaret Penny - Costume Maker, Properties Master

Gwen Perriam - Actor, Chorus

Minyon Pfeiffer - Actor and Singer

Martin Phelan - Actor

Robert Phelps - Chorister, Singer

John Phillips - Repetiteur, Musical Director

Lindy Philpot - Scenic Artist, Costume Assistant

Luigi Pirandello - Playwright

Vincent Plush - Chorus Master/Mistress, Composer, Conductor

Carol Poland - Actor

Pam Pollard - Actor

Don Porter - Actor

Hal Porter - Director, Playwright

Sandra Power - Actor

Rosalind Powrie - Actor, Dancer

Barry Pree - Adaptor, Costume Designer

Mel Price - Costume Maker, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Ken Prouse - Chorus

John Pryzibilla - Scriptwriter, Sound Designer

Dianna Puckridge - Actor

Ryszard Pusz - Musician

Peter Rackauskas - Actor, Baritone

Geoffrey Radford - Properties Master / Mistress, Actor

Christopher Rae - Actor, Make-up Artist

Jim Redgate - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Martin Redpath - Actor

Udo Reebs - Chorus, Chorister

Jayne Renner - Actor

Barbara Rennison - Actor and Singer, Actor

Val Richards - Costume Assistant, Costume Maker

Brian L. Richardson - Choreographer, Director

Clive Richardson - Set and/or Property Maker, Scenic Artist

Ella Rigby - Actor

Peter Riley - Coordinator, Technical Director

Dave Roberts - Actor

Dean Roberts - Actor

Douglas Roberts - Various, Actor

Richard Roberts - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Mary-Ann Robinson - Lighting Operator, Actor

Ronald Robinson - Stage Director, Actor

Harold Rodda - Production Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Warren Rogers - Actor

Wilma Rogers - Actor and Singer, Actor

Michael Rolfe - Actor

Margaret Rose - Publicist

Meg Rose - Actor

Ian Ross - Musician

John Rothenberg - Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Director

Margaret Rowell - Costume Assistant, Costume Maker

Saxon Ruddock - Set Designer

Jo. Russell - Scenic Artist

Tom Russell - Lighting Operator, Set and/or Property Maker

John Sabine - Actor

Christabel Saddler - Chorus

Dave Sainsbury - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Lesley Sangster - Actor

Alan Saunders - Actor

Clare Saunders - Actor, Dancer

Shirley Sawtell - Pianist, Repetiteur

Trevor Sawyer - Singer, Chorus

Stuart Schilling - Actor

Gillian Schlank - Various, Actor

Jill Schlank - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Christine Schloithe - Production Manager, Stage Manager

Robin Schmelzkopf - Actor, Performer

Lawrence Schneider - Set Designer

Yvonne Schwerdt - Musician

Louisa Scorer - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Maker

Joe Scullion - Production Manager, Actor

Janet Seidel - Composer, Assistant Musical Director

Nick Setchell - Actor

Liz Sexton - Stage Manager, Various

Anne Shadgett - Actor, Chorus

Margaret Sharpe - Dancer, Actor

Hugo Shaw - Costume Designer, Various

Trixie Shephard - Repetiteur

Michael Shepherd - Actor

Alan Shepley - Actor

Carolyn Sherwin - Actor

Lesley Shinners - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Kathy Short - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Roger Siegele - Actor and Singer, Actor

Meredith Siggs - Musician

Robert Sigmont - Actor

Lincoln Siliakus - Actor

Henry Silvester - Various, Actor

Geoff Sinclair - Actor

Fay Skinner - Choir, Soprano

Frances Slattery - Dancer, Choreographer

Eric Smart - Actor

Bedřich Smetana - Composer

David Smith - Actor

Denis Smith - Set and/or Property Maker

Jenny Smith - Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Mark Smith - Violinist, Cellist

Mervyn Smith - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Pete Smith - Playwright, Scriptwriter

Peter Smith - Actor, Singer

Robyn Smith - Actor, Choir Master/Mistress

Ivan Smith Romero - Musician, Singer

Lynne Smythe - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Jane Southcott - Actor, Musician

Kim Spargo - Chorus, Set and/or Property Maker

Michael Spargo - Actor

Daryl Spencer - Chorus, Actor

Janet Spooner - Actor

Rod Sprigg - Actor

Allan Stanley - Musician

Heather Stanton - Actor, Scriptwriter

Charmain Starr - Singer, Actor

Jennifer Stead - Properties Master

Elizabeth Steel - Actor

Caroline Steele-Scott - Chorus

Andrew Steiner - Actor

Douglas Stewart - Playwright

Paul Stewart - Actor

Cheryl Stock - Choreographer, Director, Dancer

Rosalyn Stock - Choir, Soprano

Tom Stoppard - Playwright

James Stratmann - Assistant Designer, Scriptwriter

Johann Strauss - Composer

Simon Stretton - Director

Inta Strods - Actor, Director

Tony Strutton - Actor

Takemoto Sumitayu - Performer, Performance Artist

James Sumner - Actor, Actor and Singer

Elizabeth Sutherland - Costume Maker

Anne Sved - Costume Assistant, Actor

Ilze Svenne - Actor

Chris Swaine - Musician, Scriptwriter

Robert Sykes - Actor

Phil Symonds - Set and/or Property Maker

John Millington Synge - Playwright

Jack Taggart - Actor

Jacqueline Talbot - Actor and Singer, Actor

Mochizuji Tamekatsu - Performance Artist

Yoshido Tamso - Performer, Performance Artist

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Bert Tester - Actor

Judith Thiem - Chorus, Violinist

Max Thomas - Musician

Merici Thompson - Actor

Audrey Thornton - Chorus, Choir

Margaret Tidemann - Actor

Colin Tilley - Actor

Anthea Timmins - Dancer, Actor

Georg Tintner - Conductor, Musical Director

Sue Tipping - Actor, Designer

Guila Tiver - Contralto, Actor

Sue Tonkin - Front of House, Costume Maker

Barry Tozer - Lighting Designer, Various

David Trebilcock - Actor, Designer

John Trebilcock - Actor, Chorus

Andrew Trestrail - Actor

Ruth Tuck - Scenic Artist

Henry Tuckwell - Actor

Margaret Tudor - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Assistant

Margaret Tugwell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Barbara Turner - Director, Actor

Jeremy Underhill - Actor

Peter Unerkov - Actor

Margaret Vinck - Properties Master

Gunta Vitolins - Actor

Michael Wainwright - Actor, Various

Louise Wakefield - Designer, Costume Maker

Alan Walden - Actor

Barbara Waller - Assistant Director

Michael Walsh - Various

Eve Ward - Costume Maker

Margaret Ward - Actor, Contributing Artist

David Watts - Actor and Singer, Actor

Dennis Webb - Set and/or Property Maker

Desmond White - Stage Director, Properties Master

Leon White - Violinist

Charles Whitehead - Actor

Geraldine Whitford - Dancer, Actor

Peter Whitford - Actor

Diana Whitney - Costume Maker

Lola Wilkins - Actor

Graham Williams - Pianist, Actor

John Williams - Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Rob Williams - Set and/or Property Maker

Ron Williams - Musician

Tennessee Williams - Playwright

Ro Willoughby - Actor

Claude Wischik - Actor, Production Designer

Roger Wiseman - Various

Eleanor Witcombe - Playwright

Bill Wood - Front of House, Actor

Pat Woods - Actor

Anne Woolcock - Costume Designer, Various

Anne Worden - Actor, Various

Ueyama Yoshinori - Performance Artist, Performer

Andrew Young - Actor and Singer

Bryan Young - Actor

John Young - Actor

Jenny Zerk - Actor, Costume Maker

Olga Zorich - Actor

Eun-Hwa - Chorus

Sue Abasa - Publicist, Costume Assistant

Charles Abbott - Actor

Katie Abbott - Actor

Aldo Acella - Singer

Margaret Ackland - Costume Maker

Kerrie Adams - Actor

Peter Adams - Actor

Cathryn Adamson - Actor

Christine Adamson - Make-up Artist

Felicity Adamson - Scenic Artist

Jane Adcock - Various

Judith Adcock - Actor

Richard Addinsell - Composer

Bob Adlam - Actor

Darryl Aesche - Lighting Designer

Aeschylus - Playwright

Tiffany Agars - Actor

Debra Aitken - Dancer

Linda Aitken - Production Manager

Prue Aitken - Actor

Raphael Albani - Actor

Peter Alchin - Actor

David Aldred - Actor

L Aldridge - Dancer

Sholem Aleichem - Author

Dylan Alexander - Actor

M Alford - Dancer

Miriam Alford - Actor

Anthony Allen - Musician

Dave Allen - Publicist

David Allen - Director

Graham Allen - Actor

John Allen - Performer

Margaret Allen - Costume Maker

Marilyn Allen - Actor

Pauline Allen - Actor

Anthony Allison - Chorister

John Allison - Actor

Deidre Allyson - Actor and Singer

Michael Alpers - Actor

Sarah Alpers - Actor

Francis Althuizen - Saxophonist

Sam Amamoo - Actor

John Ambrose - Set and/or Property Maker

Corrie Ancone - Photographer

Peter Andersen - Various

George Anderson - Producer

Greg Anderson - Teacher

Judith Anderson - Actor

Lois Anderson - Dancer

Luke Anderson - Various

Margaret Anderson - Assistant Stage Manager

Ross Anderson - Production Designer

Rod Andrew - Actor

Ro Andrewartha - Actor

Bob Andrews - Actor

Mary Andrews - Costume Maker

Shirley Andrews - Dancer

Elizabeth Angel - Dancer

Elly Angel - Actor

Susan Angel - Costume Maker

Yvone Angelakis - Costume Assistant

Robert Angove - Chorus

Renfrey Ansell - Performer

R Anthoney - Costume Maker

Mrs. A Anthony - Costume Maker

Bob Antill - Actor

Brian Appleton - Scenic Artist

Meredith Apps - Actor

Alexander Archdale - Actor

Graham Archer - Supernumerary

Kevin Archer - Actor

Jenny Archibald - Actor

Lorraine Archibald - Stage Manager

A Are - Chorus

- Aready - Director

John Arkinstall - Set and/or Property Maker

Michael Armitage - Various

Millicent Armstrong - Playwright

Madelaine Arnold - Costume Assistant

Keith Arnoldter - Actor

Ken Arvidson - Actor

Carmen Asche - Publicist

Lynne Ashby - Actor

Andrea Ashley-Brown - Costume Designer

Yvonne Ashmore - Actor

Margaret Asplin - Chorister

Faye Assender - Dancer

Arthur Athanasiov - Set and/or Property Maker

Ric Atkinson - Scenic Artist

Rowena Atkinson - Costume Designer

Lisa Attenborough - Actor

Lyn Attridge - Set and/or Property Maker

Loloane Auala - Dancer

John Aubrey - Writer

William Austin - Stage Manager

L Avellana - Director

Robert Averay - Lighting Designer

Philip Ayres - Production Manager

Ros Bachelor - Costume Co-ordinator

Carol Backard - Actor

Wendy Bacon - Actor

Peter Baghurst - Clarinetist

D Bah - Dancer

Nan Bahr - Actor and Singer

Andrew Bailey - Lighting Designer

Elizabeth Bailey - Actor

Judith Bailey - Actor

Vilma Bailey - Actor

John Baily - Properties Master

D Bak - Dancer

A Baker - Chorus

Fred Baker - Lighting Designer

Jan Baker - Actor

Steve Baker - Actor

Sarah Baldacchino - Violinist

Michael Baldwin - Actor

Sally Balfour - Choreographer

Andrew Ball - Actor

Martin Ball - Actor and Singer

Elspeth Ballantyne - Actor

Marie Ballerini - Singer

William Bamford - Actor

Mat Banks - Actor

Julie Bannister - Costume Designer

Charles Bannon - Dancer

Paul Barbary - Actor

Jim Barbour - Set and/or Property Maker

Tony Bardolph - Set and/or Property Maker

Lorraine Barker - Actor

Rosalind Barker - Set and/or Property Maker

Veronica Barker - Sound Operator/Engineer

Ann Barley - Actor

Keith Barley - Actor

Brian D. Barnes - Presenter

Gareth Barnes - Actor

Peter Barnes - Playwright

Peter D. Barnes - Actor

Trevor Barnes - Actor

Dene Barnett - Director

C Barr - Dancer

Catriona Barr - Chorus

Ruth Barratt - Lyricist

Beverley Barrett - Actor

Ross Barrett - Playwright

J. M. Barrie - Playwright

Tom Barritt - Dancer

Pam Bartell - Actor

Bela Bartok - Composer

Barbara Barton - Dancer

Debby Barton - Actor

Mandy Barton - Technician

Richard Barton - Various

Robert Barton - Lighting Designer

Ian Barwick - Scenic Artist

Kathryn Bastean - Actor

Batchelor - Director

Paul Batley - Publicist

C Battle - Chorus

Elaine Batton - Dresser

David Bayer - Actor

Stephen Baynes - Dancer

Elizabeth Beach - Actor

Paul Beadle - Set and/or Property Maker

Jack Beards - Set and/or Property Maker

Jim Beatty - Lyricist

Patricia Beatty - Chorister

Alan Becher - Actor

Michael Beckoff - Supernumerary

Joel Beclu - Production Manager

Bart Bee - Set and/or Property Maker

Robert Beeby - Stage Manager

Geoff Beinke - Actor

Diana Bell - Actor

Ludwig Bemelmans - Writer

Angela Bencini - Dancer

Peter Benedict - Actor

Vanessa Benger - Actor and Singer

Claire Benito - Properties Master

Arthur Benjamin - Playwright

Belinda Bennett - Actor

Beryl Bennett - Actor

Brian Bennett - Actor

Darryl Bennett - Actor

Kerry Bennett - Costume Maker

Nicola Bennett - Actor

Sally Bennett - Actor

Susan Bennett - Actor

Eric Bentley - Adaptor

K Bentley - Dancer

Mathew Bergan - Dancer

Irving Berlin - Composer

G Berlingo - Dancer

Jean Jacques Bernard - Playwright

Carol Berry - Director

Charlotte Berry - Dancer