Contributor Lindsey Day
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Gender Unknown
Nationality Australian
Functions Circus Style Performer, Performer

Actor and Singer



Tasso Bouyessis - Actor and Singer, Chorus

Grant Doyle - Actor and Singer

Robert England - Actor and Singer

Imogen Roose - Soprano, Chorus, Actor and Singer

David Visentin - Actor and Singer, Set and/or Property Maker

Silvana Angelakis - Actor and Singer, Costume Designer

Gisele Blanchard - Singer, Actor and Singer

Cherie Boogaart - Chorus, Singer

Peter Brayshaw - Actor and Singer, Assistant Stage Manager

Tessa Bremner - Director

Brian Chatterton - General Manager, Musical Arranger

Jillian Chatterton - Actor and Singer

Frances Crooks - Actor and Singer

Robert Dawe - Actor and Singer, Bass

Tim DuFore - Singer, Actor and Singer

Emma Foster - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Monica Hanusiak Klavins - Chorister, Actor and Singer

Greg John - Actor and Singer, Chorus

Deborah Johnson - Actor and Singer

Russell Larkin - Conductor, Assistant Musical Director

Belinda Paterson - Contralto, Actor and Singer

David Perry - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Andrew Young - Actor and Singer

Johanna Allen - Chorus

Pelham Andrews - Chorus

Jud Arthur - Actor and Singer

Jules Barbier - Librettist

Stephen Barlow - Conductor

Catriona Barr - Actor and Singer

Joel Beclu - Lighting Designer

Vanessa Benger - Actor and Singer

Annamaria Beni - Actor and Singer

Sally Bithell - Chorus

Angela Black - Chorus

Melinda Boston - Production Manager

Joe Bowler - Chorus

Nicholas Braithwaite - Conductor

Erica Breuer - Chorus

Rhett Brown - Actor and Singer

Donn Byrnes - Lighting Designer

Sarah Carradine - Director

Michel Carré - Librettist

Melissa Colley - Assistant Stage Manager

Jim Coogan - Artistic Supervisor

Rosina Coppola - Costume Assistant

David Cox - Chorus

Doug Craig - Director

Philip Craig - Actor and Singer

Martin Crisp - Set and/or Property Maker

Caroline Daish - Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Deane - Actor and Singer

Marie Docking - Assistant Stage Manager

Gai Dudley - Scenic Artist

Grahame Dudley - Musical Director

Heribert Esser - Conductor

Ernst Est - Chorus

Vicki Feitscher - Costume Designer

Susan Ferguson - Chorus

Margaret Ferrie - Actor and Singer

Jacqueline Forster - Actor and Singer

Nicolina Fragnito - Chorus

Karen Frost - Stage Manager

Deidre Gepp - Chorus

Gordon Gietz - Actor and Singer

Adam Goodburn - Chorus

Charles Gounod - Composer

Michelle Grootenboer - Actor and Singer

Shaun Gurton - Set Designer

Wayne Hancock - Repetiteur

Denis Harford - Wigmaker

Paul Hayes - Set and/or Property Maker

George Heap - Stage Manager

Barbara Heidrich - Chorus

William Hennessy - Conductor

Michael Hillyard - Set and/or Property Maker

Le-Anne Hoad - Costume Assistant

Prue Hompas - Chorus

Wendy Hopkins - Actor and Singer

Anke Hoppner - Singer

Bernard Hull - Actor and Singer

Lydia Jeitner - Dresser

Debby Johnson - Assistant Stage Manager

Nadine Johnston - Chorus

Lara Joy - Set and/or Property Maker

Rollo Kiek - Lighting Designer

Rodney Kirk - Chorus

Teresa La Rocca - Prompt

Kate Ladner - Actor and Singer

Sara Lambert - Actor and Singer

Ruggero Leoncavallo - Composer

Michael Lewis - Singer

Patrick Lim - Chorus

Fiona Manley - Set and/or Property Maker

Aaron March - Assistant to the Director

Kenneth Marshall - Chorus

Pietro Mascagni - Composer

Cecily Maxwell - Chorus

Sandra McCarthy - Actor and Singer

Penny McCulloch - Puppeteer

Mark McKenna - Chorus

Kevin Miller - Director

Rex Millsteed - Chorus

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Eunice Neale - Costume Assistant

Russell Newman - Lighting Operator

Simon O'Loughlin - Chorus

Dennis O'Neill - Singer

Stuart Ormond - Chorus

Wendy Osmond - Set Designer

Andy Packer - Assistant Director

Evan Patton - Chorus

Katrina Picozzi - Actor and Singer

Graeme Pitt - Chorus

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

Florin Radulescu - Chorus Master/Mistress

Benjamin Rasheed - Actor and Singer

Trent Reiners - Stage Manager

Barbara Rennison - Actor and Singer

Jo-Anne Robinson - Choreographer

Gioacchino Rossini - Composer

Christine Rothauser - Lecturer

Victoria Rowell - Costume Designer

Samantha Rubenhold - Chorus

Kym Rungie - Set and/or Property Maker

Sally-Anne Russell - Actor and Singer

Amara Seabrook - Chorus

Timothy Sexton - Assistant Conductor

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Michael Shanahan - Set Designer

Katrina Shandon - Chorus

Aldis Sils - Chorus

Andrew Sinclair - Director

Valentyna Solowij - Chorus

Nicole Spanbroek - Set and/or Property Maker

Kim Spargo - Set and/or Property Maker

Karol Szymanowski - Composer

David Thelander - Chorus

Grant Thomas - Chorus

Anne Timmis - Chorus

Nicholas Todorovic - Actor and Singer

Jodie Vandepeer - Actor and Singer

Anthony Waack - Actor and Singer

Irene Waugh - Singer

Christopher Webb - Chorus

Stephen Wickham - Lighting Designer

Kathryn Zerk - Actor and Singer

The State Opera of South Australia

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra


The Elder Conservatorium of Music

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Philharmonia Chorus

Adelaide Youth Chamber Orchestra

Adelaide Youth Orchestra

Australia Council for the Arts

Elder Conservatorium Opera Orchestra

Friends of the State Opera of South Australia

Lithuanian State Theatre

State Opera Chorus

State Theatre Company of South Australia

The Government of South Australia

The Opera Conference

The University of Adelaide

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