Contributor Myfanwy Piper
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Gender Female
Nationality English
Date of Birth 28 March 1911
Place Of Birth London
Date of Death 18 January 1997
Functions Librettist



Benjamin Britten - Composer

Myer Fredman - Conductor

Daphne Harris - Actor and Singer, Actor

Gwenyth Annear - Actor

Neil Armfield - Original Director

Luciana Arrighi - Costume Designer

Rosemarie Arthars - Singer

William Bamford - Actor

Shawn Bartles - Actor and Singer

Basia Bonkowski - Actor

David Boyns - Stage Manager

Anthony Bremner - Singer

David Brennan - Actor

Margie Brown - Make-up Artist

Karen Brynhildsen - Actor

John Carlini - Actor and Singer

Bill Cleland - Set and/or Property Maker

Prudence Coffey - Publicist

Peter Cooke - Designer

Robert Cooper - Musician

Helen Covernton - Publicist

Stephen Curtis - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Jonathan Darbourne - Actor and Singer

Rory Dempster - Lighting Designer

Ronald Dowd - Actor and Singer

Thomas Edmonds - Actor

John Edmund - Producer

Nazan Fikret - Actor and Singer

Ailene Fischer - Actor and Singer

Robert Gard - Actor

Joan Gill - Actor and Singer

Ruth Gurner - Actor

Tara Harrison - Actor and Singer

Charles Hazelwood - Conductor

Janice Hearn - Actor and Singer

Keith Hempton - Actor

Barry Heywood - Set and/or Property Maker

Christine Hoffman - Properties Master

Barbara Howard - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Roger Howell - Actor

Simon Jenkins - Lighting Designer

Richard Johnson - Lighting Designer

Andrew Justo - Singer

Danielle Kellie - Stage Manager

Terry Lee - Actor and Singer

Roger Lemke - Singer

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

Thomas Mann - Writer

Michael Martin - Singer

Gregory Massingham - Singer

Belinda Matonti - Actor and Singer

Thomas Matthews - Conductor

Tom McDonnell - Actor

John McKenzie - Actor

Kate Miller-Heidke - Singer

Laurinda Montague - Actor

Gaynor Morgan - Singer

Stephen Morgante - Actor

Elijah Moshinsky - Director

David Murphy - Lighting Designer

Judy Oliver - Actor

Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski - Set Designer

Roger Pahl - Actor

Bill Paton - Actor

Katrina Pickering - Actor

Roger Press - Director

Neville Quigley - Assistant Stage Manager

Alison Rae Jones - Actor and Singer

Mark Reily - Actor

Trevor Rodger - Assistant Stage Manager

Heather Ross - Actor

Stephen Rowe - Dancer

Carol Rowlands - Actor and Singer

Alex Sadlo - Set Designer

Michael Seifried - Actor

Jim Sharman - Producer

Jim Silsbury - Stage Director

Alan Smith - Concert Master

Ian Spink - Choreographer

David Stanhope - Conductor

Steven Suggitt - Actor

Gerry Symonds - Actor

Jacqueline Talbot - Actor and Singer

John Tasker - Director

Amanda Thane - Actor

Brian Thomson - Set Designer

Jamie Tilly - Actor

Louise Tilly - Actor

Isabel Veale - Actor

Jennifer Walter - Actor

Irene Waugh - Singer

Tony Westwood - Actor

Andrew Whitmore - Singer

Ian Wilkinson - Actor

Stephen Wilson - Lighting Designer

Glenn Winslade - Actor

Sybil Woollard - Assistant Stage Manager

Willy Young - Actor

Adelaide Festival Opera Orchestra

Australian Ballet School

Broomhill Opera

Intimate Opera Group

Intimate Opera Group Chamber Orchestra

New Opera South Australia

Opera Queensland

Queensland Orchestra

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Peter Stuyvesant Trust of Australia

The State Opera of South Australia

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