Organisation New Opera South Australia
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Address SA Australia
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company

Arts Council of South Australia

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

New Opera Chorus

South Australian Symphony Orchestra

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Adelaide Festival Centre

Australia Council for the Arts

Flinders University Drama Centre

South Australian Government

The Space, Adelaide, SA

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

South Australia, SA

Theatre 62, Hilton, SA

Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, SA

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

Union Hall, Adelaide, SA

Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Royalty Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Scott Theatre, Adelaide, SA

David Brennan - Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor

Axel Bartz - Designer

Norma Knight - Actor and Singer, Singer, Contralto, Actor

Judith Henley - Singer, Soprano, Actor and Singer, Actor

Margaret Macpherson - Soprano, Actor and Singer, Singer

Don Byrne - Lighting Designer

Myer Fredman - Conductor, Musical Director

Judith James - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Eric Maddison - Actor and Singer, Singer

Dennis O'Neill - Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor

Dean Patterson - Singer, Actor and Singer, Director, Bass

Lyndon Piddington - Actor and Singer, Singer, Chorus

Chris Winzar - Director

Gwenyth Annear - Singer, Actor and Singer, Singing Group, Actor

Bertolt Brecht - Librettist, Playwright

Robyn Archer - Actor and Singer, Actor

Paul Ferris - Actor and Singer, Singer, Tenor

Daphne Harris - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

Amanda Hughes-Jones - Actor and Singer, Singer

Justin McDonnell - Designer, Director

Brian Messner - Actor and Singer, Singer

Roger Pahl - Mime, Actor and Singer, Singer

Kurt Weill - Composer, Playwright, Set and/or Property Maker

Tessa Bremner - Mime, Choreographer, Dancer

Brian Chatterton - Conductor, Musical Director

Wal Cherry - Director

Robert Dawe - Singer, Actor and Singer

Ronald Dowd - Tenor, Actor and Singer

Lyn Fenney - Assistant Stage Manager, Assistant to the Director

Alan Horsfield - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Simon Jenkins - Designer, Lighting Designer

Michael Parfoot - Actor and Singer

Martin Redpath - Actor and Singer, Singer

Elizabeth Silsbury - Musical Director, Assistant Musical Director, Repetiteur

Lyndon Terracini - Actor and Singer, Singer

Keith Wallen - Tour Manager

John Wood - Actor and Singer, Actor

John Wood - Singer, Actor and Singer

John Wood - Actor and Singer, Actor

Anthony Besch - Director

Benjamin Britten - Composer

Rae Cocking - Singer, Actor and Singer

Alan Crooks - Actor and Singer

Sam Cunningham - Actor and Singer

Lorenzo Da Ponte - Librettist

Richard Divall - Conductor, Musical Director

Thomas Edmonds - Singer, Actor and Singer

Ailene Fischer - Soprano, Actor and Singer

Janine Friedrichs - Actor and Singer

Barry Golding - Musical Director

Peter Grunberg - Choir Master/Mistress, Singer

Stefan Haag - Director

Patsy Hemingway - Actor, Actor and Singer

Norma Hunter - Actor and Singer

Beverly Ingram - Contralto, Actor and Singer

Leoš Janáček - Composer

Nicholas Lyons - Singer, Musician

Jason MacDermid - Actor and Singer, Chorus

Mark MacDermid - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Gaye MacFarlane - Actor and Singer

Belinda Matonti - Actor and Singer

John McKenzie - Actor and Singer

John Milson - Director

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Deborah Pfeiffer - Actor and Singer

John Stoddart - Designer

John Tasker - Director

Lucy Taylor - Actor and Singer, Chorus

John Willett - Translator

Ross Anderson - Designer

Ross Anderson - Costume Designer

Robert Angove - Actor and Singer

Lorraine Archibald - Actor and Singer

W. H. Auden - Translator

Adriano Banchieri - Composer

Linda Bates - Stage Manager

Harrison Birtwistle - Composer

Kitty Black - Translator

Lawrence E Blake - Designer

Rosanne Brooks - Dancer

Ian Brown - Designer

Jeff Carroll - Composer

Jane Carter - Actor and Singer

Svatopluk Cech - Librettist

Emmanuel Chabrier - Composer

Lin Clayton - Actor and Singer

Tom Considine - Actor and Singer

James Coogan - Set Designer

Peter Cooke - Designer

Melanie Daiken - Composer

Richard Davey - Librettist

Gregory Dempsey - Singer

Gaetano Donizetti - Composer

George Dreyfus - Composer

Grahame Dudley - Conductor

V Dyk - Librettist

John Edmund - Director

Katharine England - Chorus

Silver Harris Ewell - Designer

Alan Farwell - Chorus

David Farwell - Actor and Singer

Kevin Fisher - Actor and Singer

Michael Flanders - Translator

Peter Ford - Mechanist

Kristian Fredrikson - Designer

Patrick Frost - Actor and Singer

Mark Furneaux - Director

John Gaden - Actor

David Galliver - Actor and Singer

Douglas Gautier - Actor and Singer

John Gay - Composer

John Green - Chorus

Kath Green - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Shaun Gurton - Actor and Singer

Silver Harris - Designer

William Harrison - Actor and Singer

Gwen Harwood - Librettist

Tony Haslam - Actor and Singer

Elisabeth Hauptmann - Collaborator

Keith Hempton - Actor

Richard Hibbard - Actor and Singer

Shirley Hicks - Repetiteur

Miriam Hughes - Chorus

Jacques Ibert - Composer

Tony Jaegar - Actor and Singer

Cynthia Jones - Set Designer

Chester Kallman - Translator

Moshe Kedem - Choreographer

Kaye Kenefick - Dancer

David King - Conductor, Accompanist

Rudyard Kipling - Writer

Rodney Kirk - Actor and Singer

Michael Lewis - Actor and Singer

Noreen Lower - Actor and Singer

Pamela MacDermid - Chorus

Ralph Manheim - Translator

Ruth Martin - Translator

Thomas Martin - Translator

Belinda Matoni - Actor and Singer

Prue McBeath - Stage Manager

Tess McGair - Actor and Singer

John McKenzie Low - Actor and Singer

Margaret McPherson - Actor and Singer

David McSkimming - Accompanist

Phylis Mead - Translator

Brian Messenger - Actor and Singer

Claudio Monteverdi - Composer

Peter Narroway - Musical Director

Michael Nyman - Librettist

Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski - Set Designer

David Pender - Choreographer

Myfanwy Piper - Librettist

Lazlo Pito - Singer

Angela Polomka - Actor and Singer

Patricia Price - Actor and Singer

F S Prochazka - Librettist

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

  • Count Ory, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, SA, 15 September 1973

Henry Purcell - Composer

Michael Quinto - Actor and Singer

Ezra Rachlin - Translator

C.F. Ramuz - Librettist

Christopher Rawlinson - Chorus

Rex Reid - Choreographer

Marilyn Richardson - Singer

Noel Robbins - Singer

Tim Robertson - Librettist

Gioacchino Rossini - Composer

Giovanni Ruffini - Librettist

Henry Salter - Director

Larry Sitsky - Composer

Avis Smith - Actor and Singer

Howard Spicer - Actor

John Stecker - Actor and Singer

Kathleen Steele-Scott - Actor and Singer

Genty Stevens - Actor and Singer

Gary Stonehouse - Assistant Director

Igor Stravinsky - Composer

George Szewcow - Actor and Singer

Patrick Thomas - Musical Director

Georg Tintner - Musical Director

Gayle Trengove - Dancer

Norman Tucker - Translator

Fiona Turner - Actor and Singer

Stephen Walter - Accompanist

Paul Weingott - Actor and Singer

Patrick Whelan - Stage Manager

Amanda White - Actor and Singer

Colin Williams - Designer

Christopher Winzar - Director

Gillian Wood - Actor and Singer

Margie Wright - Actor and Singer

Norman Yemm - Actor and Singer

Organisation Identifier 30333