Contributor David Visentin
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Gender Male
Functions Actor and Singer

Actor and Singer

Set and/or Property Maker

Peter Brayshaw - Actor and Singer, Assistant Stage Manager

Grant Doyle - Actor and Singer

Gisele Blanchard - Actor and Singer

Lindsey Day - Actor and Singer

Robert England - Actor and Singer

Emma Foster - Actor and Singer, Chorus

Deidre Gepp - Chorus, Choreographer

George Heap - Stage Manager, Actor and Singer

Deborah Johnson - Actor and Singer

Lara Joy - Set and/or Property Maker, Chorus

Russell Larkin - Conductor, Assistant Musical Director

Kevin Miller - Director

Katrina Picozzi - Actor and Singer

Kim Spargo - Set and/or Property Maker, Chorus

Andrew Young - Actor and Singer

Eun-Hwa - Chorus

Deidre Allyson - Actor and Singer

Catriona Barr - Chorus

Vanessa Benger - Actor and Singer

Melinda Boston - Production Manager

Tasso Bouyessis - Actor and Singer

Rhett Brown - Actor and Singer

Adam Buckley - Clarinetist

Suzanne Carroll - Oboist

Mardi Chillingworth - Bassist

Claris Chin - Chorus

Jim Coogan - Artistic Supervisor

Rosina Coppola - Costume Assistant

Christina Costigan - Actor and Singer

Lindy Cottle - Chorus

Doug Craig - Director

Martin Crisp - Set and/or Property Maker

Karen De Nardi - Violist

Luke Dollman - Violinist

Gai Dudley - Scenic Artist

Grahame Dudley - Musical Director

Heribert Esser - Conductor

Jacqueline Forster - Actor and Singer

David Gauci - Chorus

Michelle Glovitch - Hornist

Miriam Gordon - Chorister

Wayne Hancock - Repetiteur

Belinda Hanek - Chorus

Adam Hardcastle - Chorus

Lee Harrison - Chorus

Paul Hayes - Set and/or Property Maker

William Hennessy - Conductor

Michael Hillyard - Set and/or Property Maker

Le-Anne Hoad - Costume Assistant

Rosanne Hoskings - Chorus

Timothy Ide - Designer

Greg John - Actor and Singer

Debby Johnson - Assistant Stage Manager

Rollo Kiek - Lighting Designer

Ruth Kilpatrick - Chorus

Teresa La Rocca - Prompt

Teresa La Rocca - Choreographer

Sara Lambert - Actor and Singer

Mark Lawrence - Hornist

You-Shim Lee - Chorus

Fiona Manley - Set and/or Property Maker

Kenneth Marshall - Chorus

Cecily Maxwell - Chorus

Lisa McGowran - Cellist

Rosi McGowran - Violist

Joanna McWaters - Actor and Singer

Carolyn Minney - Chorister

Paul Monaghan - Trumpeter

Eunice Neale - Costume Assistant

Louise Nowland - Clarinetist

Andrea Olsen - Chorus

Rebecca Parker - Chorus

Alexander Permezel - Violinist

Tom Pugh - Flautist

Heloise Pyne - Violinist

Trent Reiners - Stage Manager

Becky Rogers - Bassoonist

Samantha Rogers - Chorus

Imogen Roose - Actor and Singer

Sophie Rowell - Violinist

Kym Rungie - Set and/or Property Maker

Amara Seabrook - Chorus

Katrina Shandon - Chorus

Kathryn Sharp - Flautist

Aye-Sun Sim - Chorus

Hye-Won Sim - Chorus

Stephanie Speck - Chorus

Kate Stevens - Pianist

Margaret Stone - Cellist

Kevin Tuck - Percussionist

Andrew Turner - Chorus

Jodie Vandepeer - Actor and Singer

Brian Wallwork - Violinist

Jo Wallwork - Violinist

Craig Weatherill - Actor and Singer

Kathryn Zerk - Actor and Singer

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

Adelaide Youth Chamber Orchestra

Adelaide Youth Orchestra

Elder Conservatorium Opera Orchestra

Friends of the State Opera of South Australia

Lithuanian State Theatre

State Theatre Company of South Australia

The State Opera of South Australia

The University of Adelaide

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