Contributor Joanne Mason
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Gender Female
Functions Actor
Notes child actor


Actor and Singer

Philip Carter - Actor

John Edge - Actor

Dawson Hann - Actor, Hair Stylist

John Healey - Producer, Actor

Rosemary Kenny - Actor

Bruce King - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Lambert - Actor, Stage Manager

Richard Madelaine - Playwright, Producer, Actor

Peter Meredith - Actor

Chris Pollnitz - Actor

Allan Pride - Actor

Lee Adams - Lyricist

David Allshorn - Actor

Richard Askew - Actor

Douglas Atrill - Assistant Stage Manager

Bill Aukett - Stage Manager

Helen Badman - Properties Master / Mistress

Peter E. Barnes - Actor

Axel Bartz - Designer

Lola Blachowicz - Actor

Mary Boston - Actor and Singer

Shirley Box - Producer

Maria Boyes - Actor

Gaynor Burkett - Actor

Helen Bussenschutt - Actor and Singer

John Clarke - Actor

Charmaine Collett - Actor and Singer

John Cook - Actor

David Cottrell - Actor and Singer

Barry Couzner - Actor and Singer

Jayne Craig - Actor

Lisa Crittendon - Actor

Bronwen Cummings - Actor

  • The Surprise, Lecture Theatre V Napier Building, Adelaide, SA, 2 May 1969

John Davis - Actor and Singer

Grant Elliott - Actor

Michael Ford - Actor and Singer

Frank Fremantle - Set and/or Property Maker

Keith Gallasch - Actor

Ashley Gordon - Actor

Kath Gordon - Actor

Chris Gray - Actor

Ian Gray - Actor

Jeff Hall - Actor and Singer

Richard Hodge - Actor and Singer

Jeffrey Hodgson - Actor

Yvonne Howell - Choreographer

Irene Inescort - Actor

Joseph Kesselring - Playwright

David King - Musical Director

Robert Korosy - Actor

Ronald Korosy - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Phil Liddicoat - Lighting Designer

Danee Lindsay - Actor

Jennifer Lonegan - Actor and Singer

Sandra MacGregor - Actor

Michael Manuell - Lighting Operator

Tim Mares - Actor

  • The Surprise, Lecture Theatre V Napier Building, Adelaide, SA, 2 May 1969

Glynis McCrae - Actor and Singer

Robert McCullough - Actor

Terry McDermott - Actor

Louise McEvoy - Actor and Singer

Cheryl Mills - Actor and Singer

Sue Monks - Properties Master / Mistress

Amanda Morriss - Actor and Singer

Cheryl Murray - Actor and Singer

Pam O'Grady - Actor and Singer

John Potter - Actor

Lindy Powell - Actor

Valma Pratt - Actor

Richard Prins - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Graham Purcell - Director

Eva Rebane - Actor and Singer

Dayle Redden - Actor

Ian Reid - Actor

John Richardson - Properties Master / Mistress

Malcolm Robertson - Director

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Clinton Savory - Actor

Ted Schwerdt - Actor

Chris Smith - Actor and Singer

Geoff Smith - Designer

Judy Smith - Actor and Singer

Roger Adam Smith - Actor

Michael Stewart - Writer

Tom Stoppard - Playwright

Malcolm Strathey - Actor and Singer

Charles Strouse - Composer

Cristin Thomas - Actor

  • The Surprise, Lecture Theatre V Napier Building, Adelaide, SA, 2 May 1969

Mervyn Trim - Stage Manager

Graham Tulloch - Actor

Arwed Turon - Actor

Geoffrey Usher - Actor

Richard Venus - Actor

Alan Walker - Actor

Jamie Wallace - Actor

Margaret Wallace - Actor and Singer

Peter Watson - Actor

Peter Westhorp - Actor and Singer

Peter Wilkins - Director

Haydn Williams - Actor

Tennessee Williams - Playwright

Graham Zanker - Actor

  • The Surprise, Lecture Theatre V Napier Building, Adelaide, SA, 2 May 1969

The Adelaide University Literary Society

Adelaide Teachers' College Drama Society

Adelaide Teachers' College Music Club

Adelaide University Dramatic Society

Australia Council for the Arts

Chappell and Company Limited

Melbourne City Council

Melbourne Theatre Company

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

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