Contributor Keith W Thomson
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Gender Male
Functions Actor, Producer



Philip Fargher - Actor, Stage Manager

Robert Beeby - Lighting Operator

Hedley Cullen - Actor

Sydney Downie - Actor

Max Height - Actor

Barbara Howard - Costume Maker, Producer

Barry Pree - Actor, Scenic Artist

Mary Robin - Actor

Louisa Scorer - Costume Co-ordinator

Elizabeth Silsbury - Musician, Musical Advisor

John W Smith - Lighting Operator

Iris Thomas - Actor, Producer

Mark Anders - Actor

Elizabeth Arbie - Actor

Keith Barley - Actor

Lola Barritt - Actor

Judith Barrowcliffe - Actor

Thelma Baulderstone - Actor

Reg Bennett - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jim Bettison - Lighting Designer

Michael Bruer - Stage Manager

Elizabeth Campbell - Actor

Walter Carter - Actor

Anton Chekhov - Playwright

Glen Chittleborough - Singer

Glenda Christeson - Actor

Eric Crozier - Translator

Lewis Dawe - Choir Master/Mistress

Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux - Playwright

Ronald Denson - Stage Manager

F. Djorgonoski - Dance Director

Anne Edmonds - Actor

Stan Edmonds - Actor

John Edmund - Actor

Edward Forsyth - Actor

Garie Fotheringham - Actor

Helen Fotheringham - Actor-manager

Henri Gheon - Playwright

Allan Giles - Musical Arranger

Ian Haddy - Set and/or Property Maker

Alexander Hay - Actor

Charles Hazelwood - Playwright

Joan Healey - Actor

John Heuzenroeder - Set Designer

Angus Holmes - Singer

Laurence Housman - Playwright

Michael James - Set Designer

Richard Johnson - Lighting Designer

Helen Jones - Actor

J. M. Klisch - Conductor

Henry Krips - Composer

Noreen Lower - Singer

Jill Manson - Assistant Stage Manager

Pam Masters - Singer

Neil McDermid - Singer

Ian McLauchlan - Lighting Designer

Pat Merritt - Actor

Anthony Monopoli - Singer

Michal Mordvinov - Dance Director

Dobra Olcan - Musical Director

Vivienne Oldfield - Actor

Ethel Rae Perkins - Stage Manager

J. V. Peters - Musical Director

Joanne Priest - Producer

Paul Rutenis - Actor

Laurie Ryan - Actor

Alan Saunders - Actor

Jeffrey Scott - Stage Manager

June Semler - Singer

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Jim Silsbury - Producer

K Svenne - Conductor

Kathleen Tagart - Actor

D Taylor - Actor

J E Thomas - Actor

Judith Thornquest - Actor

Peter Tillett - Pianist

Colin Tilley - Actor

Gordon Troup - Actor

Colin Vaskess - Actor

Mrs Vowles - Costume Co-ordinator

Ray Wheeler - Actor

Elizabeth White - Musical Arranger

Oscar Wilde - Playwright

D. Zivkovic - Dance Director

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Australian Irish Dancers

Austrian Dance Group

Dutch Folk Dance Group

Estonian Dance Group

German Association

German Association Accordion Club "Elite"

Latvian Choir

Latvian Dance Group

Lithuanian Dance Group

Polish Dancing Group

South Australian Ukrainian Dance Group

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Good Neighbour Council of SA Inc

The Royal Caledonian Society of S.A.

The University of Adelaide Bach Choir

Ukrainian Choir

Ukrainian-Australian Ballet of Sydney

Yugoslav Cultural Society of Melbourne/ Dancing Group

Yugoslav Musical Society Obilich of Adelaide

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