Organisation Intimate Opera Group
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Address Adelaide SA
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Cecilian Singers

Intimate Opera Group Chamber Orchestra

SA Repertory Ballet

Mead Hall, Adelaide, SA

AMP Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Australia Hall, Adelaide, SA

Union Hall, Adelaide, SA

Willard Hall, Adelaide, SA

Barbara Howard - Producer, Actor and Singer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski - Set Designer

Jacqueline Talbot - Actor and Singer, Actor

William Harrison - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Worthley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Benjamin Britten - Composer, Playwright

Thomas Edmonds - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

Powell Harrison - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Alison Holder - Repetiteur, Accompanist, Pianist

Gian Carlo Menotti - Composer

Trevor Rodger - Actor, Actor and Singer, Assistant Stage Manager

Kathleen Steele-Scott - Producer

Marie Bates - Actor

Geoffrey Bush - Composer

Mel Clifford - Costume Designer

Rae Cocking - Actor, Actor and Singer

Prudence Coffey - Publicist

Hedley Cullen - Producer, Photographer

Manuel de Falla - Composer

David Gallasch - Composer, Repetiteur

Joan Gill - Actor and Singer

Neville Hicks - Actor, Actor and Singer

Antony Hopkins - Playwright

Mary McMahon - Actor, Actor and Singer

Dorothy Oldham - Repetiteur, Accompanist

Dean Patterson - Singer, Actor

Clare Robertson - Set Designer

Shirley Sawtell - Pianist, Repetiteur

Kathleen Scott - Actor, Actor and Singer

Seymour Barab - Composer

Ruth Barratt - Librettist

Cecil Bates - Choreographer

Arthur Benjamin - Composer

Earl Bennett - Producer

Lennox Berkeley - Composer

Brenda Bice - Actor and Singer

Malcolm Blight - Actor

David Boyns - Stage Manager

Julie Brokensha - Actor and Singer

Margie Brown - Make-up Artist

John Carlini - Actor and Singer

John Chapman - Accompanist

Geoffrey Chaucer - Author

Anton Chekhov - Writer

Bill Cleland - Set and/or Property Maker

Jean Cocteau - Librettist

Helen Covernton - Publicist

Eric Crozier - Adaptor

Norman Dewhurst - Designer

Gaetano Donizetti - Composer

C B Douglas - Stage Manager

Harry Duncan - Librettist

Leslie Dutton - Actor and Singer

John Edmund - Producer

Kevin Fisher - Actor

Michael Flanders - Librettist

J Gale - Stage Manager

Wendy Gallasch - Pianist

Ian Giles - Actor

Peggy Glanville-Hicks - Composer

Shirley Godfrey - Actor and Singer

Enza Gorges - Stage Manager

Andre Gretry - Composer

Daphne Harris - Singer

Sonia Hartmann - Accompanist

Ralph Hatcher - Actor

Mervyn Hatherley - Lighting Designer

Janice Hearn - Actor and Singer

Janice Hearne - Actor

Barry Heywood - Set and/or Property Maker

Christine Hoffman - Properties Master

Lee Hoiby - Composer

Gustav Holst - Composer

Anthony Hopkins - Composer

Joseph Horowitz - Composer

Andrée Howard - Choreographer

Richard Johnson - Lighting Designer

Janet Lasscock - Actor

Terry Lee - Actor and Singer

Joan Lennie - Actor and Singer

Noreen Lower - Singer

Arnold Matters - Producer

Thomas Matthews - Conductor

Wendy McMurtrie - Actor

Michael Moran - Actor

David Murphy - Lighting Designer

Neil Murrie - Actor and Singer

Anthony Neck - Actor and Singer

Kingsley Payne - Actor and Singer

Max Pearce - Actor and Singer

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi - Composer

J V Peters - Conductor

J. V. Peters - Actor and Singer

Myfanwy Piper - Adaptor

Francis Poulenc - Composer

Neville Quigley - Assistant Stage Manager

Jean-Phillipe Rameau - Composer

Maurice Ravel - Composer

Roma Roll - Costume Designer

Dan Russell - Designer

Alex Sadlo - Set Designer

Franz Schubert - Composer

Lillian Siggs - Actor and Singer

Jim Silsbury - Stage Director

Tom Steel - Designer

Margaret Taverner - Director

Stephen Thomas - Actor

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Composer

Eira West - Pianist

Stephen Wilson - Lighting Designer

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari - Composer

Sybil Woollard - Assistant Stage Manager

Geoffrey Young - Actor

Organisation Identifier 12030