Contributor Jennie Matthews
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Gender Female
Functions Actor, Musician, Set Designer, Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer



Mask Maker




Scenic Artist

Jim Vile - Playwright, Producer, Director, Set Designer, Actor, Adaptor

Geoff Crowhurst - Actor, Director

Anna Michael - Front of House, Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jean Rigby - Actor

John Edge - Actor, Production Manager, Publicist

Jo Peoples - Actor, Properties Master, Musician, Front of House, Production Manager

Sue Rider - Playwright, Actor, Director, Assistant Director

David Roberts - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Neil Ward - Scenic Artist, Actor, Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager

Melinda Boston - Costume Designer, Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Bill Field - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Graham Nerlich - Director, Actor

Peta Carpenter - Properties Master, Sound Operator/Engineer, Front of House

Tom Dermody - Actor, Production Manager, Photographer

Gwen Hart - Dresser

Phil Steer - Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Designer, Actor

Keith Anderson - Assistant Stage Manager, Properties Master, Set and/or Property Maker

June Barnes - Adaptor, Actor

Paul Kolarovich - Actor

Stephen Measday - Actor, Publicist

Chris Runnel - Actor

Jill Thomas - Production Manager, Front of House

Meme Thorne - Actor, Production Manager

Avis Urlwin - Front of House

Sue Averay - Properties Master, Storyteller, Stage Manager

Brian Coghlan - Actor

Bruce Hastings - Actor

Carolyn Isaachsen - Actor, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Edwin Relf - Actor

Chris Tingley - Set and/or Property Maker

Norman Athersmith - Actor

Rob Averay - Lighting Designer

Cathy Beall - Stage Manager

Jill Brislan - Actor

Rob Brookman - Actor

Danny Caretti - Actor, Production Manager

Daryl Colquhoun - Assistant Producer, Front of House

Ingrid Harm - Actor

Andrew Herczeg - Sound Designer, Lighting Operator

Chris Johnson - Actor

Stan Johnston - Actor

Peter Marchant - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Ursula McGowan - Dramaturg, Publicist

Simon Moncrieff - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer

Mel Price - Costume Maker, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Michael Reardon - Properties Master

Mary-Ann Robinson - Actor, Lighting Operator, Properties Master

Christine Runnel - Actor

Jon Smithies - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Lynne Smythe - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Ray Swift - Production Manager

Barbara Wallbridge - Costume Maker, Properties Master

Corrie Ancone - Photographer

Trevor Barnes - Actor

Andrew Bleby - Actor

Bertolt Brecht - Playwright

Val Brogan - Actor

Liz Campbell - Properties Master

Lisa Colley - Sound Designer, Stage Manager

William Congreve - Playwright

Sharon Connolly - Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager

Piers Duncan - Actor

Dianne Emery - Costume Assistant

Janet Farrell - Properties Master

Alan Holy - Actor

Marion Howes - Actor, Scenic Artist

Jeanne Hurrell - Lighting Operator

Chas Jensen - Set and/or Property Maker

Christine Johnson - Production Manager, Costume Maker

Gwenda Jones - Costume Maker

John Kingsmill - Graphic Designer

Alan Ladagnaus - Lighting Operator

Verity Laughton - Actor

Pete Lindon - Sound Designer

Allina Matthews - Costume Designer, Mask Maker

Colin McKerlie - Actor

Geraldine Moore - Set and/or Property Maker, Scenic Artist

Rob Morris - Actor

Neil Piggott - Musician, Actor, Mask Maker

Anna Pike - Actor

Elizabeth Raupach - Costume Designer

Ella Rigby - Actor

Dave Roberts - Actor

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Louise Thomas - Actor, Properties Master

Sue Tonkin - Costume Maker, Front of House

Chris Tugwell - Actor

Rona Wallace - Lighting Operator

Sue Wallace - Assistant Stage Manager

John Webb - Actor

Michael Yeo - Lighting Operator

Sue Abasa - Publicist, Costume Assistant

Peter Adams - Actor

Aristophanes - Playwright

Carol Backard - Actor

Anne Bannon - Actor

Kieron Barnes - Actor

Peter Barnes - Stage Manager

Robert Barton - Lighting Operator

Olwyn Barwick - Actor

Rob Bath - Actor

Reg Bennett - Lighting Designer

Peter Bevan - Actor

Michael Blackwell - Technician

William Blake - Poet

Marina Boese - Actor

Julia Borosewicz - Actor

Geoff Brittain - Actor

Deborah Brown - Actor

Janice Brown - Properties Master

Jim Browne - Musician

Paul Bulbeck - Actor

Dan Burt - Musician

Graham Caldwell - Actor

Andrew Cameron - Actor, Playwright

Jon Cameron-Hill - Lighting Designer

Chris Carey - Set and/or Property Maker

Nick Carstensen - Actor

  • Macbett, Union Hall, Adelaide, SA, 16 March 1977

John Castle - Actor

Fran Ceravolo - Actor

Maria Chitti - Actor

Daphne Chynoweth - Playwright, Actor, Musician

Deane Clark - Actor

Martin Coghlan - Actor

Rob Coker - Set and/or Property Maker

Vivian Colmer - Set and/or Property Maker

Keith Conlon - Musician

Regina Correll - Actor

Peter Cowen - Actor

Mary Crowhurst - Actor

John Davies - Lighting Operator

Irene Deegan - Actor

Mary Delaney - Costume Assistant

Greg Diamantis - Lighting Operator

John Dick - Director

Kathryn Dineen - Actor

Grahame Dudley - Musician, Playwright

Charles Edelman - Fight Director

John Edmund - Director

Patricia Elix - Actor

Trisha Elix - Actor

  • Macbett, Union Hall, Adelaide, SA, 16 March 1977

Rob Elliott - Actor

Robert Elliott - Musician

Euripides - Playwright

A. Fairs - Musician

Duncan Fairweather - Actor

Margaret Forster - Actor

Kerry Forward - Musician

Malcolm Fox - Musician

John Francis - Actor, Musician

Dennis Freeman - Musician

Des Freeman - Musician

Liz Fudge - Musician

George Galloway - Sound Operator/Engineer

Rennie Gay - Costume Assistant

Jenny Gerlach - Actor

Susan Giles - Actor

Ruth Goble - Actor

Vivienne Golcich - Actor

Carlo Goldoni - Playwright

Kim Goldsworthy - Actor

Karen Gore - Actor, Musician

Kerrie Green - Actor

Phil Grummet - Make-up Artist

Christopher Hampton - Translator

Kate Hanna - Actor

June Hannay - Actor, Musician

Elizabeth Harlock-Lea - Musician

Christine Harris - Musician

Kate Hawkes - Playwright, Actor

Michael Herbert - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jane Hickinbotham - Playwright, Actor

Shirley Hill - Musician

Sharon Holmes - Assistant Stage Manager

Gerard Manley Hopkins - Poet

Sue Hopton - Actor, Musician

Lesley Hough - Actor

Patricia Howes - Set Designer

Corinne Jacker - Playwright

Jane Jacobs - Actor

Ruth Janssan - Actor

Lisa Jinga - Actor

Margaret Johansson - Playwright

Heather Johncock - Actor

Peter Jolly - Actor, Musician

Kirsty Jung - Costume Maker

Martin Jusserand - Actor

Martin Karaffa - Actor

Jamesie Keetley - Costume Assistant

Fran Kelly - Actor

Chau Ai Kian - Sound Composer

Marianne Kicmaniuk - Playwright, Musician

Lena Kowanko - Actor

Irene Krummins - Set and/or Property Maker

Barry Lake - Musician

Kym Lardner - Graphic Designer

Sarah Laurence - Lighting Designer

Bill Lee - Actor

Alison Lewis - Musician

Lesley Lewis - Musical Director

Gundi Lopinka - Set and/or Property Maker

Ivor Louis - Actor

Terry Lucas - Actor

Allen Lyne - Playwright, Actor

Ian Macdonald - Sound Operator/Engineer

Eric Maddern - Actor

  • Macbett, Union Hall, Adelaide, SA, 16 March 1977

Patricia Marks - Actor

Bernard Martin - Set and/or Property Maker

Lois Matthews - Set and/or Property Maker

Michael Maupach - Composer

John McConchie - Actor

Sally McHenry - Assistant Stage Manager

Bruce McKendry - Lighting Designer

Rene Measday - Costume Maker

John Migdale - Set and/or Property Maker

Adrian Miller - Actor

Cathy Miller - Actor

Peter Miller - Costume Designer

Cheryl Mills - Actor

Richard Morecroft - Actor

Pamela Morley - Properties Master

Janet Murphy - Actor

John Murphy - Actor

Jake Newby - Production Manager

Kevin Nicholas - Actor

Nick Nicholas - Actor

Peter Nixon - Actor

Paul Nursey-Bray - Actor

Ann Nuske - Actor

Shirley O'Driscoll - Publicist

Raymond Omodei - Director

Roman Orszanski - Sound Operator/Engineer

Carol Packard - Actor

Barbara Pedler - Playwright

Amanda Pile - Actor

Harold Pinter - Playwright

Sheryn Pitman - Musician

Chrissy Plummer - Front of House

Martin Portus - Actor

Tim Potter - Musician

Rosalind Powrie - Actor

Elisabeth Prosser - Scenic Artist

Pam Ramos - Set and/or Property Maker

Jenny Rankine - Actor

Barbara Richards - Actor

Shaun Rigby - Actor

Paul Rix - Set and/or Property Maker

Vaughan Robert - Actor

Ron Roberts - Repetiteur

Tim Roden - Musician

Peter Rogers - Set and/or Property Maker

Margaret Rose - Publicist

Kay Ross - Actor

Wendy Rother - Musician

Philip Rounsevell - Lighting Operator

Amanda Russell - Assistant Producer

Janet Russell - Stage Manager

Tom Sankey - Actor

Joe Schulter - Set and/or Property Maker

Joe Scullion - Actor

Karin Seja - Scenic Artist

Tracy Selway - Actor

Ewart Shaw - Costume Assistant

Helen Shaw - Playwright

Lincoln Siliakus - Actor

Helen Smith - Properties Master

John Smith - Graphic Designer

Claudio Sossi - Scenic Artist

Ann Marie Southcott - Musician

Jane Southcott - Musician

Marge Steele - Assistant Stage Manager

Suzanne Szabo - Actor

Andrew Tanner - Musician

J. Terry - Musician

Catherine Thiem - Costume Maker

Ray Thomas - Set and/or Property Maker

Mime Thorpe - Actor

  • Macbett, Union Hall, Adelaide, SA, 16 March 1977

John Thurston - Set and/or Property Maker

Clare Tizard - Flautist

Angela Tolley - Actor

Maree Tomasetti - Actor

Peter Tonkin - Set and/or Property Maker

Simon Tonkin - Actor

Betty Treloar - Musician

Paul Tresnan - Set and/or Property Maker

John Trigg - Actor

Rob Urlwin - Front of House

Martha Verschoor - Actor

Susan Vile - Production Designer

Odon von Horvath - Playwright

Neil Waller - Set and/or Property Maker

Eve Ward - Costume Maker

Tony Ward - Guitarist

Michael Watson - Set Designer

Pam Watts - Set Designer

Kathy Webb - Assistant Stage Manager

Irene Wettenhall - Playwright, Musician, Actor

Rosemary Williams - Sound Operator/Engineer

Gilly Wood - Musician, Actor

Peter Wood - Actor

Peter Woods - Actor

Herb Ypma - Actor

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Adelaide University Theatre Guild Writers' Ensemble

Drama I Students of the University of Adelaide

The Acting Company

University of Adelaide Drama Students

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