Contributor Geraldine Moore
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Gender Female
Functions Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Set and/or Property Maker


Scenic Artist


Sound Designer

Melinda Boston - Costume Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Front of House

John Edge - Actor, Publicist

Bill Field - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Jo Peoples - Actor, Front of House, Properties Master

Corrie Ancone - Photographer

Liz Campbell - Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager

Anna Pike - Actor

Margaret Rose - Publicist

Ray Swift - Production Manager, Producer

Peter Bevan - Actor

Malcolm Calder - Actor

Peta Carpenter - Sound Operator/Engineer, Front of House

Maria Coffey - Actor, Continuity

Julianne English - Properties Master, Actor

George Galloway - Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer

Digby Gifford - Sound Operator/Engineer

Sarah Laurence - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Colin Mann - Stage Manager

Jennie Matthews - Scenic Artist, Graphic Designer

Anna Michael - Actor, Front of House

Helen Moore - Set and/or Property Maker

Edwin Relf - Front of House, Actor

Jean Rigby - Actor

Marjorie Swift - Costume Assistant

Jill Thomas - Front of House

Chris Tingley - Set and/or Property Maker

Rosemary Verrall - Actor

Neil Ward - Assistant Stage Manager, Scenic Artist

Peter Wood - Front of House, Actor

David Addams - Actor

John Anderson - Stage Manager

Keith Anderson - Assistant Stage Manager

David Ashton - Actor

June Barnes - Actor

Judith Barrowcliff - Actor

Peter Bevan - Front of House

Lola Blachowicz - Actor

Bob Boxall - Lighting Operator

Janice Brown - Properties Master

Graham Caldwell - Actor

Suzanne Callen - Actor

Danny Caretti - Actor

Frank Caspers - Actor

Miki Caspers - Costume Co-ordinator

Derek Clark - Actor

Brian Coghlan - Actor

William Congreve - Playwright

David Crosby - Lighting Designer

Tom Dermody - Actor

Greg Diamantis - Set and/or Property Maker

Martin Doley - Singer

Peter Doley - Singer

Patricia Doyle - Actor

Graham Duckett - Set and/or Property Maker

Piers Duncan - Actor

Alison Dunn - Assistant Stage Manager

Jann Duval - Lighting Operator

Joan Edge - Costume Assistant

John Edmund - Director

Vincent Eustace - Stage Manager

Rainer Werner Fassbinder - Playwright

Anne Flaherty - Actor

Leslie Fowler - Assistant Stage Manager

Sue Giles - Actor

Susan Giles - Actor

Margaret Glastonbury - Various

Carlo Goldoni - Playwright

Edna Grove - Costume Assistant

Phil Grummet - Special Effects

Geoffrey Hall - Actor

Chris Hanna - Actor

Gwen Hart - Dresser

Jane Henderson - Actor

Andrew Herczeg - Lighting Operator

Lesley Hough - Actor

Frances Hutton - Front of House

Carolyn Isaachsen - Stage Manager

Chris Johnson - Actor

Ruth Johnston - Actor

Stan Johnston - Actor

Rosemary Kendrick - Actor

Michelle Koerner - Actor

Paul Kolarovich - Actor

Gerald Laurence - Photographer

Bruce Lawson - Various

Penelope Leach - Actor

Frances Leahy - Properties Master

Pete Lindon - Sound Designer

Sandy Lloyd - Set and/or Property Maker

Federico Garcia Lorca - Playwright

Ann Lyons - Actor

Chris Maas - Publicist

Dennis MacKay - Set and/or Property Maker

Patricia Marks - Actor

Caroline Marquis - Lighting Operator

Stephen Matthew - Actor

Meta McCaffrey - Actor

Esme McGovern - Costume Assistant

Colin McKerlie - Actor

Anne McLeod - Sound Operator/Engineer

Shane McNeil - Lighting Operator

Gillian Minervini - Assistant Stage Manager

Rob Morris - Actor

Paula Morrissey - Actor

Graham Nerlich - Director

Jake Newby - Production Manager

Kevin Nicholas - Actor

Nick Nicholas - Actor

Stephen Nolan - Actor

Raymond Omodei - Director

David Pascoe - Stage Director

Philip Pike - Graphic Designer

Janette Pitcher - Director

Mel Price - Costume Maker

Rick Pullman - Front of House

Noel Purdon - Director

John Raimondo - Front of House

Elizabeth Raupach - Costume Assistant

Michael Reardon - Properties Master

Frank Richards - Set and/or Property Maker

Sue Rider - Actor

Pamela Ridge - Actor

David Roberts - Actor

Amanda Rogers - Actor

Peter Rogers - Set and/or Property Maker

Philip Rounsevell - Lighting Operator

Janet Russell - Stage Manager

Jenny Sexton - Actor

Luise Sexton - Actor

Peter Shaffer - Playwright

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Geraldine Smedley - Actor

John Smith - Graphic Designer

Jon Smithies - Set Designer

Michael Snelling - Actor

Michael Speck - Actor

Valerie Spencer - Actor

Marge Steele - Assistant Stage Manager

Michael Steer - Actor

Phil Steer - Set and/or Property Maker

Christa Szabo - Properties Master

Ray Thomas - Set and/or Property Maker

Ann Thomson - Actor

Craig Tidswell - Actor

Clare Tizard - Flautist

Betty Treloar - Musician

Simon Trumble - Actor

Chris Tugwell - Actor

Angela Turner - Front of House

Lincoln Tyner - Actor

Theo van der Sman - Singer

Paul van Ruth - Set and/or Property Maker

Jim Vile - Actor

Brenda Wakefield - Costume Assistant

Louise Wakefield - Costume Designer

Tony Ward - Guitarist

Peter Wilkins - Director

Peter Woods - Actor

Michael Yeo - Lighting Operator

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

The Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

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