Contributor Liz Sexton
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Gender Female
Functions Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Manager, Assistant to the Director

Stage Manager


Alex Boyle - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer

Bunny Debelle - Actor

John Eastman - Actor

Matthew Hawkins - Various, Actor

Rachel Healy - Actor

Stephen Horan - Set Designer, Director

Steve Jackson - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Tim Kildea - Lighting Operator, Set and/or Property Maker

Timothy McKeough - Actor

Tom Russell - Lighting Operator, Set and/or Property Maker

Henry Silvester - Various, Actor

Michael Spargo - Actor

Damien Storer - Actor

Jenny Zerk - Actor, Costume Maker

Jane Adcock - Various

Luke Anderson - Various

Danny Borg - Photographer

Joseph Carney - Set and/or Property Maker

Kate Cawley - Actor

Alex Champion - Set and/or Property Maker

Louisa Condous - Actor

Phil Crowe - Photographer

Chloe Fox - Actor

Francis Greenslade - Actor

Rob Greenslade - Set and/or Property Maker

Geoff Griffiths - Actor

Mary-Anne Haddad - Actor

Marissa Han - Set and/or Property Maker

Tim Heffernan - Producer

Antra Hood - Various

Lauran R. Huefner - Musician

Darryn Kemp - Photographer

Mia Kossiavelos - Actor

Nicholas Manetta - Actor

Therese Manson - Actor

Tim McGrath - Various

David Meegan - Various

Michelle Meegan - Various

Shaun Micallef - Actor

Paul Pettitt - Make-up Artist

Ilke Priebe - Various

Bill Reid - Lighting Operator

Ewart Shaw - Set Designer

Peter Sibenaler - Set and/or Property Maker

Baden Smith - Designer

Caroline Smith - Set and/or Property Maker

Karim Soetratma - Actor

Rachael Spencer - Costume Maker

Tom Stoppard - Playwright

Chris Symes - Actor

Vivienne Taberner - Musician

Zachariah Tableleg - Set and/or Property Maker

Stephen Thomas - Various

Alex Ward - Actor

Penny Welford - Actor

Rosie White - Various

Gavin Wood - Technical Director

Kathryn Zerk - Costume Maker

Adelaide University Footlights Club

Identifier 436087