Contributor Janet Seidel
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Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Functions Actor, Composer, Impersonator, Singer



Assistant Musical Director



  • Doris and Me, Glen Street Theatre, Frenchs Forest, NSW, 29 November 2001



David Seidel - Musician

Chuck Morgan - Musician

Peter Marchant - Set and/or Property Maker

Martin Portus - Actor

Keith Arnoldter - Actor

Sue Averay - Stage Manager

Fred Baker - Lighting Designer

Tony Bardolph - Set and/or Property Maker

Mandy Barton - Technician

Robert Barton - Lighting Designer

Geoff Beinke - Actor

Andrew Bleby - Director

Patti Bowe - Actor

James Boyd - Assistant Lighting Designer

Lois Brimblecombe - Actor

Phillip Broderick - Actor

Rob Brookman - Director

Penny Burns - Lighting Operator

Desnee Butler - Technician

Chris Capper - Assistant Stage Manager

Vivian Colmer - Lighting Operator

Anita Coombes - Front of House

Sarah Dinning - Publicist

Joanna Fairs - Set and/or Property Maker

Mathew Fargher - Actor

Bill Field - Set and/or Property Maker

Sarah Forbes - Producer

Sarah Fotheringham - Sound Operator/Engineer

John Francis - Musician

Chris Gent - Actor

Penny Gent - Actor

Jenny Gerlach - Assistant Stage Manager

Don Goldsmith - Actor

Kym Goldsworthy - Actor

Annette Green - Actor

Ben Harris - Actor

Jill Harris - Assistant Director

Kate Hawkes - Actor

Shirley Hill - Actor

Leigh Hobba - Musician

Di Hogg - Sound Operator/Engineer

Mark Hughes - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jeanne Hurrell - Actor

Bob Jeffery - Musician

Martin Karaffa - Actor

Gabe Kelly - Actor

Susan Kesting - Actor

John Kingsmill - Designer

Vinetta Lagzdins - Musician

Paul Leadbetter - Actor

Jamie Leckie - Actor

Pete Lindon - Sound Designer

Peter Matej - Actor

Gerry McArdle - Director

Tory McBride - Actor

Ian McConchie - Lighting Operator

Simon Moncrieff - Lighting Designer

Jo Moore - Actor

Richard Morecroft - Actor

Rob Morris - Actor

Anita Murphy - Set and/or Property Maker

John Murphy - Publicist

Noel Nayley - Musician

Fiona O'Loughlin - Comedian

Catherine Pakpoy - Actor

Les Peters - Technician, Set and/or Property Maker

Nicholas Pyne - Set and/or Property Maker

Elizabeth Raupach - Costume Designer

Sue Roberts - Actor

Andrew Robertson - Actor

Dave Robertson - Musical Director

Erla Ronan - Lighting Operator

Bill Ross - Musician

M Schmoe - Musician

Geoff Schrader - Actor

Joe Scullion - Production Manager

Ned Secker - Actor

Diarmuid Shaw - Assistant Lighting Designer

Ewart Shaw - Actor

Angela Sidey - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jeremy Slater - Stage Manager

Angela Smith - Composer

Jon Smithies - Set Designer

Dave Stagg - Set Designer

Ray Swift - Actor

Rachel Teasdale - Technician

Jem Thompson - Technician

Larry Todd - Musician

Steve Todd - Musician

Paul Tuul - Technician

Tommy Tycho - Conductor

Kurt Vandermann - Photographer

Bill Veitch - Photographer

Anna Veretennikova - Choreographer

Elaine Waddell - Publicist

Pam Watts - Scenic Artist

Ray Weatherspoon - Actor

Tseng Lao Weng - Actor

Bernadette White - Set and/or Property Maker

Jack White - Actor

Nick Zwan - Actor

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