Contributor Janyce Crosby
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Gender Female
Functions Actor, Assistant Stage Manager


Assistant Stage Manager


Jenny Binks - Properties Master, Actor, Publicist

David Grieve - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Wayne Anthoney - Actor, Assistant Producer

Reg Bennett - Technician, Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Greg Branson - Actor, Assistant Producer

Laurie Freeman - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Wendy Macphee - Actor, Costume Designer

Carolyn Sherwin - Actor, Choreographer

Roger Taylor - Actor, Publicist

June Ball - Actor

Laurie Davies - Actor

Margaret Day - Assistant Director, Stage Manager

Patricia Elliott - Costume Designer, Costume Assistant

Maureen Ferris - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Alexandra Fricker - Actor

Tony Georgeson - Actor

Joan Gilbert - Actor, Assistant Producer

Pat Grummet - Make-up Artist

Phil Grummet - Make-up Artist

Gerald Haddad - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Betsy Holt - Costume Designer, Properties Master, Actor

Laurel Johnson - Actor

Robert Kemp - Technician, Lighting Designer

Alex Kirk - Actor

Betty Martin - Costume Assistant, Actor

Gordon McDougall - Actor, Resident Director

Harry Medlin - Executive Producer, Stage Director

Peter Meredith - Actor

Lyn Murray - Costume Maker, Actor

Mick Mykyta - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer, Set Designer

Elynore Robbins - Prompt, Actor

Harold Rodda - Production Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Mick Rodger - Actor, Producer

Audrie Stern - Actor

Judith Sykes - Costume Maker, Publicist

John Trinder - Actor

Barry Warren - Mask Maker, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Paul Aamodt - Publicist

Pat Abbott - Costume Assistant

John Adams - Actor

Edward Albee - Playwright

Rod Andrew - Actor

Bob Andrews - Actor

Mary Andrews - Costume Maker

Jean Anouilh - Playwright

Mrs. A Anthony - Costume Maker

Robert Antill - Actor

Bunny Aust - Lighting Designer

Kenneth Badenoch - Actor

Alec Bailey - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Frank Bailey - Producer

Lee Barnard - Actor

Roy Bates - Set and/or Property Maker

Timothy Beal - Actor

Lola Beames - Front of House

Geanette Benger - Actor

Michael Best - Actor

Jim Bettison - Lighting Designer

Laima Biezaitis - Actor

Douglas Black - Musical Director

Jeff Booth - Stage Manager, Set Designer

Barry Bowden - Musician

Julie Brooks - Actor

Kevin Brooks - Set and/or Property Maker

R. A. Browne - Stage Manager

Mike Bruer - Set and/or Property Maker

Pat Bruer - Technician

Eglis Burtmanis - Actor

Bobbie Butler - Actor

Murray Butler - Production Manager

Jocelyn Cairns - Musician

Melvyn Cann - Composer

Melvyn Canns - Musician

Lewis Carroll - Author

John Chapman - Musician

Wal Cherry - Director

Sandy Clark - Actor

Brian Clausen - Actor

Les Clutterbuck - Actor

S Cohen - Set and/or Property Maker

Sid Cole - Lighting Designer

Lorel Coombs - Assistant Stage Manager

John Copeland - Actor

Graham Craig - Properties Master, Actor

Hedley Cullen - Producer

Nancy Cullen - Actor

Stuart Darby - Actor

Jim Davies - Lighting Designer

Maureen Davis - Costume Assistant

Mac Dick - Set Designer

Malcolm Dick - Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Manager

Mary Dodgson - Production Manager

Christopher Dorman - Actor

Stephen Druce - Lighting Designer

Grahame Dudley - Musical Supervisor

Stephen Dulieu - Stage Manager

June Eaden - Assistant Stage Manager

Ron Eckers - Lighting Designer

Brian Elliott - Producer

Kerry Elliott - Scenic Artist

Ralph Elliott - Producer

John Ellis - Technician

George Farquhar - Playwright

Bill Fielding - Stage Manager

Suzanne Fleming - Actor

Margaret Forte - Properties Master

Heather Freeman - Scenic Artist

Joylene Freeman - Costume Maker

Philip French - Set and/or Property Maker

Max Frisch - Playwright

Giaconda Furlani - Scenic Artist

David Gallasch - Musician

Chris Gardner - Playwright

Frank Gargro - Producer

Ellice Garrett - Costume Maker

Helen Gene - Actor

Jean Genet - Playwright

Tom Georgeson - Actor

Dieter Gerken - Actor

Tony Gibbs - Producer

Don Gilham - Actor

Shirley Godfrey - Accompanist

John Goode - Actor

Meredith Graham - Actor

Marilyn Grange - Musician

Heather Greenslade - Costume Assistant

Richard Grove - Actor

Andrina Gwyn-Jones - Actor

Hiroko Hall - Assistant Producer

Meredith Hall - Musician

Tony Haslam - Actor

Albert Havard - Actor

Paul Haynes - Assistant Stage Manager

Max Height - Actor

Ann Heithersay - Costume Maker

Joan Heuzenroeder - Actor

Josephine Heysen - Actor

Craig Hill - Stage Manager

Lucienne Hill - Adaptor

John Hirst - Actor

Briony Hodge - Actor

Anne Honey - Actor

Ralph Humphries - Actor

Margaret Jackman - Front of House

Lovena James - Costume Maker

Rosalind Jeffs - Set and/or Property Maker

Colin Jenner - Set and/or Property Maker

Keith Johnson - Stage Manager

Rob Johnson - Actor

Robert Johnson - Actor

Andrejs Kalnins - Actor

Bill Kay - Set and/or Property Maker

Helen Kay - Actor

Norma Kent - Publicist

Jan Langsford - Actor

Jack Lapidge - Lighting Designer

Harry Lawrence - Actor

John Lawton - Musician

Penelope Leach - Actor

Wendy Leader - Actor

Elaine Lee - Actor

Pat LeMessurier - Producer

Juliette Levy - Actor, Musician

Barry Lovett - Actor

Wendy Madigan - Costume Assistant

Jill Manson - Properties Master, Actor

Betty Marcus - Production Manager

Tim Mares - Producer

Jean Marshall - Producer

David Matison - Actor

Don McCoy - Sound Designer

Carson McCullers - Playwright

Tom McEntee - Publicist

Margaret McLachlan - Actor

Sandy McLeay - Set and/or Property Maker

Anne McLeod - Stage Director

Victor Mednis - Scenic Artist

Christian Meyer - Sound Operator/Engineer

Ralph Middenway - Production Manager

Peter Miles - Production Manager

Julian Mincham - Composer

Jean-Baptiste Moliere - Playwright

Elizabeth Moore - Assistant Stage Manager

Judith Mullens - Publicist

Ann Mulliner - Actor

Nerissa Nankervis - Actor

Stephen Nolan - Actor

John Norman - Actor

Margaret O'Donnell - Actor

Dennis O'Grady - Actor

Peter O'Shaughnessy - Director

Maria Osadnik - Costume Maker

Els Over - Actor

John Paisley - Actor

Kathleen Parker - Stage Manager

Colin Penney - Assistant Stage Manager

Robert Perry - Producer

Phyllis Pilton - Mask Maker

Harold Pinter - Playwright

Helen Pope - Costume Maker

Jan Priestly - Actor

Isa Rac - Assistant Stage Manager

Bert Rackliff - Set and/or Property Maker

Geoff Radford - Conductor

Jill Rainsford - Actor

Colin Raison - Publicist, Set and/or Property Maker

John Reid - Lighting Designer

Val Richards - Costume Assistant

Clive Richardson - Scenic Artist

Ann Robertson - Costume Maker

Claire Robertson - Scenic Artist

Jo Robinson - Technician

Ron Robinson - Actor

Des Roman - Actor

John Sabine - Actor

Arthur Sadler - Author

Ruby Saunders - Costume Maker

Ern Schilbock - Set and/or Property Maker

Jeffrey Scott - Set and/or Property Maker

Charles Sherry - Set and/or Property Maker

Fay Sidey - Actor

Meredith Siggs - Musician

Elizabeth Silsbury - Technician

Jan Sincock - Actor

Dennis Smith - Set and/or Property Maker

John W Smith - Lighting Designer

Margaret Smith - Stage Manager

Peter Smith - Actor

Shea Smith - Front of House

Shirley Smith - Actor

David Somers - Actor

James Stapleton - Set Designer

Heather Steen - Actor

Barbara Stevens - Actor

Athalie Stone - Actor

Oscar Sukys - Set and/or Property Maker

Renata Sukys - Costume Co-ordinator

Sandy Taylor - Scenic Artist

Graham Terry - Musician

Albert Tester - Actor

Malise Thiersch - Production Manager

Margaret Tidemann - Actor

Lee Torop - Lighting Designer

John Tucker - Actor

Henry Tuckwell - Actor

Derek Verrall - Stage Director

Boris Vian - Playwright

Wieland von Behrens - Actor

Valerie Walsh - Actor

Geoffrey Ward - Lighting Designer

Simon Watson-Taylor - Translator

Bill Watt - Producer

Leonie Waye - Costume Designer

Elizabeth Webb - Actor

Owen Weingott - Supervising Director

Brian Wenzel - Actor

Jeremy Wesley-Smith - Actor

Mark Weston - Technician

Laraine Wheeler - Assistant Stage Manager

Ray Wheeler - Actor

Christopher White - Actor

Desmond White - Lighting Designer

Heather White - Actor

Leon White - Violinist

Sue Wilcocks - Technician

Elizabeth Williams - Costume Assistant

Rita Wilson - Musical Director

Bill Wood - Front of House

Pat Woods - Actor

David Wyatt - Assistant Producer

Desmond Wyatt - Set and/or Property Maker

Christabel Young - Actor

John Young - Actor

Adelaide University Dramatic Society

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Adelaide University Masquers Dramatic Society

Adelaide Repertory Theatre Incorporated

Adelaide University Union

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The University of Adelaide

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