Contributor Deidre Gepp
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Gender Female
Functions Choreographer



Gisele Blanchard - Actor and Singer

Peter Brayshaw - Actor and Singer

Grant Doyle - Actor and Singer

Lara Joy - Chorus, Set and/or Property Maker

Russell Larkin - Conductor, Assistant Musical Director

Kim Spargo - Set and/or Property Maker, Chorus

David Visentin - Actor and Singer, Set and/or Property Maker

Eun-Hwa - Chorus

Deidre Allyson - Actor and Singer

Catriona Barr - Chorus

Vanessa Benger - Actor and Singer

Melinda Boston - Production Manager

Rhett Brown - Actor and Singer

Adam Buckley - Clarinetist

Suzanne Carroll - Oboist

Mardi Chillingworth - Bassist

Claris Chin - Chorus

Rosina Coppola - Costume Assistant

Christina Costigan - Actor and Singer

Lindy Cottle - Chorus

Doug Craig - Director

Martin Crisp - Set and/or Property Maker

Lindsey Day - Actor and Singer

Karen De Nardi - Violist

Luke Dollman - Violinist

Gai Dudley - Scenic Artist

Grahame Dudley - Musical Director

Robert England - Actor and Singer

Jacqueline Forster - Actor and Singer

Emma Foster - Chorus

David Gauci - Chorus

Michelle Glovitch - Hornist

Miriam Gordon - Chorister

Belinda Hanek - Chorus

Adam Hardcastle - Chorus

Lee Harrison - Chorus

Paul Hayes - Set and/or Property Maker

George Heap - Actor and Singer, Stage Manager

Michael Hillyard - Set and/or Property Maker

Le-Anne Hoad - Costume Assistant

Rosanne Hoskings - Chorus

Timothy Ide - Designer

Greg John - Actor and Singer

Debby Johnson - Assistant Stage Manager

Deborah Johnson - Actor and Singer

Ruth Kilpatrick - Chorus

Teresa La Rocca - Choreographer

Sara Lambert - Actor and Singer

Mark Lawrence - Hornist

You-Shim Lee - Chorus

Fiona Manley - Set and/or Property Maker

Kenneth Marshall - Chorus

Cecily Maxwell - Chorus

Lisa McGowran - Cellist

Rosi McGowran - Violist

Joanna McWaters - Actor and Singer

Kevin Miller - Director

Carolyn Minney - Chorister

Paul Monaghan - Trumpeter

Louise Nowland - Clarinetist

Andrea Olsen - Chorus

Rebecca Parker - Chorus

Alexander Permezel - Violinist

Katrina Picozzi - Actor and Singer

Tom Pugh - Flautist

Heloise Pyne - Violinist

Trent Reiners - Stage Manager

Becky Rogers - Bassoonist

Samantha Rogers - Chorus

Imogen Roose - Actor and Singer

Sophie Rowell - Violinist

Kym Rungie - Set and/or Property Maker

Amara Seabrook - Chorus

Katrina Shandon - Chorus

Kathryn Sharp - Flautist

Aye-Sun Sim - Chorus

Hye-Won Sim - Chorus

Stephanie Speck - Chorus

Kate Stevens - Pianist

Margaret Stone - Cellist

Kevin Tuck - Percussionist

Andrew Turner - Chorus

Jodie Vandepeer - Actor and Singer

Brian Wallwork - Violinist

Jo Wallwork - Violinist

Craig Weatherill - Actor and Singer

Andrew Young - Actor and Singer

Kathryn Zerk - Actor and Singer

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

Elder Conservatorium Opera Orchestra

The University of Adelaide

Identifier 498234