Contributor Gerald Haddad
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Gender Male
Functions Assistant Stage Manager

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Mick Mykyta - Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Director, Stage Manager

June Ball - Actor

Pat Bruer - Technician, Sound Operator/Engineer

Wal Cherry - Director

Janyce Crosby - Assistant Stage Manager

Laurie Davies - Actor

Margaret Day - Assistant Director, Stage Manager

David Grieve - Set and/or Property Maker

Pat Grummet - Make-up Artist

Phil Grummet - Make-up Artist

Robert Kemp - Lighting Designer, Technician

Betty Martin - Costume Assistant, Actor

Gordon McDougall - Actor, Resident Director

Harry Medlin - Executive Producer, Stage Director

Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer, Set Designer

Harold Rodda - Set and/or Property Maker, Production Manager

Audrie Stern - Actor

John Trinder - Actor

Geoffrey Ward - Lighting Designer

Paul Aamodt - Publicist

Pat Abbott - Costume Assistant

John Antrobus - Playwright

Roy Bates - Set and/or Property Maker

Lola Beames - Front of House

Reg Bennett - Technician

Mike Bruer - Set and/or Property Maker

Murray Butler - Production Manager

Sid Cole - Lighting Designer

Lorel Coombs - Assistant Stage Manager

John Copeland - Actor

Maureen Davis - Costume Assistant

John Derum - Actor

Mary Dodgson - Production Manager

Grahame Dudley - Musical Supervisor

Stephen Dulieu - Stage Manager

June Eaden - Assistant Stage Manager

Kerry Elliott - Scenic Artist

Patricia Elliott - Costume Assistant

John Ellis - Technician

George Farquhar - Playwright

Margaret Forte - Properties Master

Heather Freeman - Scenic Artist

Philip French - Set and/or Property Maker

Alexandra Fricker - Actor

Giaconda Furlani - Scenic Artist

Jean Genet - Playwright

Tom Georgeson - Actor

Tony Georgeson - Actor

John Goode - Actor

Heather Greenslade - Costume Assistant

Andrina Gwyn-Jones - Actor

Graeme Hall - Actor

Tony Haslam - Actor

Paul Haynes - Assistant Stage Manager

Max Height - Actor

Josephine Heysen - Actor

Craig Hill - Stage Manager

Margaret Jackman - Front of House

Rosalind Jeffs - Set and/or Property Maker

Colin Jenner - Set and/or Property Maker

Keith Johnson - Stage Manager

Laurel Johnson - Actor

Robert Johnson - Actor

Bill Kay - Set and/or Property Maker

Norma Kent - Publicist

Harry Lawrence - Actor

Penelope Leach - Actor

Elaine Lee - Actor

Barry Lovett - Actor

Wendy Madigan - Costume Assistant

Betty Marcus - Production Manager

Anne McLeod - Stage Director

Victor Mednis - Scenic Artist

Peter Meredith - Actor

Ralph Middenway - Production Manager

Peter Miles - Production Manager

Elizabeth Moore - Assistant Stage Manager

Judith Mullens - Publicist

Aarne Neeme - Actor

Gerda Nicolson - Actor

John Norman - Actor

Dennis O'Grady - Actor

Peter O'Shaughnessy - Director

Maria Osadnik - Costume Maker

Stanley Page - Actor

Kathleen Parker - Stage Manager

John Paton - Actor

Colin Penney - Assistant Stage Manager

Bert Rackliff - Set and/or Property Maker

John Reid - Lighting Designer

Val Richards - Costume Assistant

Clive Richardson - Scenic Artist

Ann Robertson - Costume Maker

Claire Robertson - Scenic Artist

Jo Robinson - Technician

Ron Robinson - Actor

John Sabine - Actor

Ruby Saunders - Costume Maker

Ern Schilbock - Set and/or Property Maker

Elizabeth Silsbury - Technician

Dennis Smith - Set and/or Property Maker

Margaret Smith - Stage Manager

Peter Smith - Actor

Shea Smith - Front of House

Shirley Smith - Actor

David Somers - Actor

Heather Steen - Actor

Barbara Stevens - Actor

Oscar Sukys - Set and/or Property Maker

Renata Sukys - Costume Co-ordinator

Roger Taylor - Actor

Sandy Taylor - Scenic Artist

Albert Tester - Actor

Malise Thiersch - Production Manager

Lee Torop - Lighting Designer

Leonie Waye - Costume Designer

Owen Weingott - Supervising Director

Brian Wenzel - Actor

Mark Weston - Technician

George Whaley - Actor

Laraine Wheeler - Assistant Stage Manager

Leon White - Violinist

Sue Wilcocks - Technician

Elizabeth Williams - Costume Assistant

Bill Wood - Front of House

Desmond Wyatt - Set and/or Property Maker

John Young - Actor

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Adelaide University Union

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Emerald Hill Theatre Company

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