Venue Arts Theatre
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Other Names Arts Theatre, corner of Angas St and Moore St.
The Arts Theatre
Address 53 Angas Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Latitude | Longitude -34.930383 | 138.602978

Adelaide Repertory Theatre Incorporated

The Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Marie Clark Musical Theatre

The South Australian National Ballet Company Incorporated

The Mayfair Light Opera Society Inc.

Matt Byrne Media

Theatre Association of South Australia

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of South Australia

Mary Tobin Presents

The Government of South Australia

The Metropolitan Light Opera Company of South Australia Inc

The South Australian Theatre Company Inc.

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

Australia Council for the Arts

The Australian Council for the Arts

Arts Theatre

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Revue Society

Chappell and Company Limited

Cottage Theatre Company

A-List Entertainment

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Melbourne Theatre Company

Adelaide City Council

Adelaide Youth Theatre

Arts SA

Australian Dance Theatre

Channel 7 (Adelaide)

Compagnie Philippe Genty

Die Brucke Drama Company

Festival of Perth


Jimmy Zoole Presents

Kay Cranwell Ballet

Marionette Theatre of Australia

Mayfair Theatre Company

Melbourne City Council

Prospect Productions

SA FM Radio

The Arts Council of Australia (South Australian Division)

The Beatles

The Bunyip Children's Theatre of SA

The Friends of The Anzacs

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

William Snell Productions

Adrian Bohm Presents

Andrew Taylor Management

Arena Theatre Company

Arts South Australia

Australian Bicentennial Authority

Australian Drama Festival

Australian Performing Group

Aztec Services Pty Ltd

Balloon Dubloon

Black Swan Theatre Company

Bob Lott

BP Australia

Broccoli Productions

Carclew Youth Arts Centre

Centre for the Performing Arts

Channel 9

Christies Community Players

City of Kensington & Norwood City Orchestra

Claire Leahy Promotions

Come Out Youth Arts Festival

Creative Souls Theatre

Dalman Modern Ballet School

David Spicer Productions

Desme White's Heritage Dancers

Dominie PTY LTD

Dominie Pty Ltd

Doug Anthony Allstars

Eric Dare

Ethni Comedy Productions

Ford O'Connell Entertainment

Glynn Nicholas Group

Handspan Theatre

Harry M. Miller

HLA Management Pty Ltd

Independent Theatre

Intimate Opera Group

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Joanne Priest's School

Kalakshetra of Madras

Last Laugh Theatre Restaurant

Laughing Stock Productions

Living Health

London Theatre Group

M & L

Mabou Mines

Magpie Theatre Company

Margaret and Her Tap Dancers

Masquerade Productions

Menza Testa

Michael Codron

Michael Edgley International

Moral Re-armament

Mr. Briscoe's Troupe

Nimrod Theatre Company

Noarlunga Theatre Company

Northern Light Theatre Company

Oakapple Day

Patch Theatre

Pelican Productions

Phillip Emanuel Productions

PJ Productions

Plaza School of Dance and Drama

Pool Productions

Red Shed Company

RMIT Union

Silk Stockings Enterprises

South Australian Country Arts Trust (SACAT)

St Martin's Theatre Company

St. Ignatius Choir

St. Jude's Players

Sue Ingleton

Sydney Theatre Company

Teatro dell'Angolo

Thalia Theatre Company

The Australian Drama Festival

The Australian Play Company

The Black Theatre Of Prague

The Canada Council

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

The Government of India

The Heartache and Sorrow Theatre Company

The Kransky Sisters

The Royal Court Theatre

The Shakespearian Drama Group

The South Australian Ballet Company

The Stage Company

The Thargoh School of Ballet

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Theatre 62

Theatre De La Marmeille

Theatre Mandragore


Token Events

Token Productions

Tokyo Shock Boys

Total Image Dance Company

Twenty To One

Union Theatre Repertory Company

Utah Foundation

Warner / Chappell Music

Youth for Christ Players

Charles Sherry - Set and/or Property Maker, Mechanist, Various, Assistant Stage Manager, Set Designer

Peter Goerecke - Set Designer, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Scenic Artist, Designer, Various

Peter Drake - Lighting Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Operator, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Director, Various, Sound Designer

Ian Rigney - Actor, Director, Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Set Designer, Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer

Mimi Mattin - Costume Maker, Costume Designer, Producer, Director, Actor, Costume Co-ordinator, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Loriel Smart - Director, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer, Actor, Performer, Set Designer

Kevin Roberts - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Various, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Musical Director, Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Director

Harry Driver - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Special Effects, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Designer, Stage Manager

Leonie Osborn - Director, Actor, Costume Co-ordinator, Choreographer, Set Designer, Costume Designer

Hermonn - Set Designer, Scenic Artist, Costume Designer, Director, Actor, Costume Co-ordinator, Designer

Norman Caddick - Director, Photographer, Set Designer, Actor, Scenic Artist

Graham Walsh - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Musical Director, Various

Barnaby Cundell - Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Manager, Set Designer, Various, Assistant Stage Manager, Properties Master, Lighting Operator, Actor, Sound Designer

Frank Dougal - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Sound Designer, Various

Bunny Aust - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Actor

Carmel Vistoli - Choreographer, Costume Co-ordinator

Malcolm Elliott - Actor, Director, Stage Manager, Assistant Director, Assistant Stage Manager

Barry Hill - Actor, Director, Pianist, Musical Director, Accompanist, Designer

Graham Duckett - Actor, Director, Assistant Producer, Set Designer, Assistant Director

Justin Clark - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Operator, Sound Designer, Sound Composer, Lighting Designer

Murray George - Director, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Producer, Stage Director, Actor

Michael Heffernan - Lighting Operator, Set and/or Property Maker, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Assistant Stage Manager, Production Manager, Various, Sound Operator/Engineer

Don Quin - Actor, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Assistant Stage Manager

Geoffrey Ashton - Actor, Set Designer, Singer, Administrator, Properties Master

Malcolm Benger - Special Effects, Stage Manager, Musical Director, Sound Designer, Actor, Musical Arranger

Stephen Dean - Set and/or Property Maker, Production Manager, Lighting Operator, Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Set Designer

June Ball - Actor, Director

Geoff Smith - Stage Manager, Set Designer, Designer, Assistant Stage Manager, Properties Master, Lighting Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Musical Director

Vivienne Cundell - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Maker, Actor

John Hocking - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Assistant Producer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Barbara Saunders - Actor, Director, Producer

Delma Cannon - Actor

Barbara Crompton - Actor, Costume Assistant, Director

John Hockley - Actor, Performer, Singer

Joe Mezzino - Actor, Properties Master, Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Carl Menz - Stage Manager, Production Manager, Various, Sound Designer, Actor, Assistant Producer, Set Designer, Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Technical Director, Production Supervisor

Melanie George - Choreographer, Actor, Actor and Singer, Director, Assistant Director

Judy Menz - Actor, Director, Costume Maker, Assistant Set Designer, Assistant Producer, Costume Designer, Properties Master, Costume Assistant

Julie Quick - Actor, Front of House

Sue Wylie - Director, Actor, Dance Director, Costume Co-ordinator

Trevor Davis - Dancer, Choreographer, Actor

Michael Noblet - Actor, Director, Writer, Set Designer, Producer

Brian Knott - Director, Actor

Paul Linkson - Director, Actor, Producer, Various, Set Designer, Assistant Stage Manager

Bill Ramsay - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Assistant Director

Nancy Thorpe - Actor

Geoff Brittain - Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Actor, Director, Assistant Stage Manager

Phyllis Burford - Director, Actor, Set Designer

Oscar Hammerstein - Lyricist, Book and Lyrics, Playwright, Writer, Librettist, Music and Lyrics, Composer

Tony Haslam - Actor, Various

Pam O'Grady - Actor, Director

Adrian Shirley - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Various, Stage Manager

Jean Walker - Actor

Geoff Ford - Choreographer, Actor, Choir Master/Mistress

Leo Heffernan - Actor, Director, Writer, Assistant Stage Manager

Vivienne Oldfield - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Actor, Costume Assistant, Director, Costume Maker, Costume Co-ordinator

Ronald Peterson - Actor, Director, Producer, Writer

Lyn Pike - Actor

Cecil T Reed - Director, Producer

Neil Simon - Playwright

Peter Waddell - Actor

Mark DeLaine - Musical Director, Actor, Performer, Conductor

Greg Hart - Actor, Director, Assistant Director

Jude Hines - Director, Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jo Hunt - Actor, Musical Director

Barbara Nutchey - Actor, Dancer

Richard Rodgers - Composer, Playwright, Musician, Lyricist, Musical Arranger

Julia Whittle - Actor, Assistant Director

Jim Burfield - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Noel Coward - Playwright, Adaptor, Composer

Angela Drewer - Actor, Prompt, Assistant Director

Bill Everett - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Trevor Johnson - Actor, Director

Lindy LeCornu - Actor

David Sinclair - Actor, Director

Harry Slaghekke - Graphic Designer, Actor

Kerrin White - Director, Set Designer

Max Birch - Actor

Agatha Christie - Writer, Playwright, Author

Harvey Collins - Dancer, Choreographer, Costume Designer, Artistic Director

Shirley Gully - Actor, Director

Glen Jessop - Actor

Jacinta Vistoli - Actor

Kaye Hamlyn - Actor, Performer, Dancer

Christopher Leech - Actor

Christine Lord - Costume Assistant, Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager, Scenic Artist, Lighting Operator, Designer

Ian Maitland - Actor, Various, Director

Sonia McCarron - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Actor, Costume Assistant, Properties Master

Roseleen Ralph - Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager, Set Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager

John Schubert - Various, Actor, Properties Master, Singer, Set and/or Property Maker

Cathryn Short - Choreographer, Dancer, Artistic Director, Ballet Master/Mistress

Sue Williams - Sound Designer, Actor, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Special Effects

Gordon Combes - Musical Director, Actor, Musical Supervisor, Orchestral Leader

Barbara Dickeson - Ballet Master/Mistress, Dancer, Choreographer

Irving Johnston - Set Designer, Stage Director, Director, Producer, Stage Manager

Richard Lane - Actor, Director

Harold Minear - Director, Devisor, Writer, Producer, Actor

Robert Perry - Producer, Director, Actor, Stage Manager

John Russo - Stage Director, Actor, Technical Director

Angus Smith - Actor

Carmel Turner - Actor, Dancer, Costume Designer

Sue Bell - Chorus, Actor, Dancer

Jude Brennan - Actor, Properties Master

Matt Byrne - Producer, Director, Set Designer, Designer, Actor

Margaret Drake - Sound Designer, Actor, Properties Master, Stage Manager, Projectionist

Nicholas Ely - Actor, Director

Don Goldsmith - Actor, Director

Roy Grubb - Director, Set Designer, Actor, Producer, Stage Director

Kevin Kennedy - Actor

John Koch - Actor, Performer

Jack Lapidge - Lighting Designer

Mervyn Maynard - Performer, Actor, Stage Manager

Eric Offler - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer, Actor, Properties Master

Cole Porter - Composer, Lyricist, Music and Lyrics

Kerry Searle - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Fay Skinner - Actor, Actor and Singer

Richard Trevaskis - Director, Actor, Performer

Michael Whitmee - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Technical Director

Brenton Whittle - Dancer, Actor, Director

Bill Youde - Producer, Book and Lyrics, Actor, Director, Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Heidi Abbey - Actor, Chorus, Performer, Actor and Singer

Lorraine Armstrong - Actor

Alan Ayckbourn - Playwright

Celeste Barone - Actor, Choreographer, Dancer

Mike Crook - Properties Master, Actor, Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Daniel Fleming - Actor

John Hills - Actor

Rodney Hrvatin - Conductor, Musical Director, Pianist, Actor

Leanne Marsland - Actor

Christopher Meegan - Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Dermot O'Boyle - Actor

Lynette Old - Actor

Margaret Phillips - Stage Manager, Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager

Neville Phillis - Actor

Max Rayner - Director, Actor, Puppeteer

Ben Saunders - Musical Director, Director

Jenny Scarce-Tolley - Actor, Performer

Ritchard Schmutsch - Director, Actor

Emily Schwab - Actor

Sheridan Weber - Dancer

Rita Wilson - Assistant Stage Manager, Special Effects, Musical Director, Properties Master, Assistant Musical Director

Glenys Betterman - Choreographer, Actor, Dancer

Gary Bishop - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Les Buckley - Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Kim Clark - Actor, Musical Director, Assistant Musical Director

Kay Cranwell - Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, Chorister

Andrew Crayford - Actor, Director

Michael Croome - Director, Actor

Megan Dansie - Actor, Director

Virginia Drew - Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer, Properties Master

Fred Duffy - Actor, Actor and Singer

Tony Findlay - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Penni Hamilton-Smith - Production Manager, Actor

Laura Harrison - Sound Designer, Musical Director, Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Alan Jay Lerner - Lyricist, Book and Lyrics

Frederick Loewe - Composer, Musical Arranger

Carolyn Mesecke - Actor

Helen Noblet - Actor, Properties Master, Assistant Producer, Sound Designer, Assistant Stage Manager

Bruce Osborne - Actor

Wayne Pelgrave - Sound Designer, Various, Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer

David Rapkin - Actor, Performer

Terence Rattigan - Playwright

Robert Reid - Choreographer, Producer, Actor, Director, Choir Master/Mistress

Brian Richardson - Choreographer, Director, Producer, Actor, Stage Manager, Set Designer

Dorothy Simpson - Adaptor, Artistic Director, Choreographer

Meg Skuce - Actor, Various

Mary Taylor - Actor

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Geanette Benger - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Johanna Bradshaw - Properties Master

Keith Brokensha - Actor

Katy Campbell - Actor

Judith Chambers - Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Set Designer

Yvonne Coker - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ray Cooney - Playwright, Writer

Peter Davies - Actor

Penelope Docker - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager, Various

Rhonda Grill - Actor

Bill Harmer - Stage Manager, Set Designer, Stage Director

James Hind - Actor

Greg Janzow - Actor

Carolyn Lockett - Actor

Ric Marshall - Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Adaptor

Myfanwy May - Actor, Composer

Harry Munn - Actor

Donald Noblet - Actor, Stage Director, Musical Director

Enid Parrington - Actor, Chorus Master/Mistress

Sandra Patching - Dancer

David Pender - Dancer

Kel Quinn - Actor

Ronald Robinson - Set Designer, Director, Actor, Producer

Paul Rodda - Actor

John Rosen - Actor, Performer

Amanda Rowe - Stage Manager, Properties Master / Mistress, Director, Actor

Allison Scharber - Actor

Susie Small - Actor

Peter Smith - Actor

Trish Spence - Actor, Director, Musical Director

Charmaine Spencer - Dancer

Leone Bellchambers - Actor, Dancer, Choreographer

Kenneth Berris - Musical Director

Douglas Black - Musical Director, Special Effects

Beverley Blinman - Choir Master/Mistress, Actor

Katharine Chase - Actor, Dancer

John Copeland - Actor

Stuart Darby - Actor

Cheryl Denton - Dancer

Valmai Denton - Various, Lighting Operator

Colin Ewings - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Designer

Rhona Gaughan - Actor

Robert Glastonbury - Actor

Peter Goers - Director, Actor, Set Designer

Maxine Grubel - Actor

Kaye Gumley - Actor

Igor Horenko - Set Designer, Designer

Kaye Kenefick - Dancer

Janet Langham - Choreographer, Actor

Stuart Lowry - Actor, Singer

Bronwyn Mayne - Actor

Robert Muir - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Stage Director, Lighting Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Bronwyn Nicholas - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Properties Master, Assistant Set Designer

John Norris - Actor

Geoffrey Peters - Director, Actor

Sue Pole - Actor, Choreographer

Colin Price - Actor, Actor and Singer

Nicole Rutty - Actor

Stephen Sondheim - Lyricist, Composer, Music and Lyrics, Writer

Cliff Spencer - Front of House, Stage Director, Various, Actor

Jill Stephens - Stage Manager, Properties Master, Production Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

David Summers - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Patsy Thomas - Set Designer, Stage Manager, Director

Stanley Tuck - Actor, Technician, Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Adam Tuominen - Actor

Rory Willett - Actor

Keith Wilson - Set and/or Property Maker, Producer, Stage Manager

Anna Winter - Dancer

Ken Withers - Actor, Chorus

Nadine Wood - Actor, Director

Cherie Wyld - Actor

Mark Zeitz - Actor

Christine Babinskas - Dancer

Najwa Basheer - Actor

Joy Bishop - Actor

Eddie Bruce - Actor, Director, Stage Manager

Tony Busch - Actor

Antonio Cirocco - Actor

Buddy Dawson - Actor

John Dean - Actor

Fred Dobbin - Actor, Director

Teena Duck - Actor, Properties Master, Sound Designer, Projectionist

Kay Duffy - Actor

Katherine Earle - Actor, Performer

Chris Eaton - Actor

Eryl Evans - Actor

Ian Foster - Actor, Various

Marie Gehan - Actor

Beverley George - Costume Designer, Scenic Artist, Actor, Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Maker

Don Gilham - Actor

Susan Grubb - Various, Sound Operator/Engineer, Properties Master

Peta Gurr - Properties Master, Actor, Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Sound Designer

Kristen Heanes - Actor

Tricia Holman-O'Boyle - Actor

Steven Hughes - Actor

Hugh Hunkin - Sound Designer, Production Manager, Stage Manager

Paquita Ifould - Dancer

Lev Ivanov - Dancer, Choreographer

Linda Lawson - Choreographer, Actor

Barry Lenny - Actor, Chorus

Barbara Leyson - Actor

Judith Lloyd - Dancer

Denise Lovick - Lighting Designer

Janet Matthews - Actor

Meta McCaffrey - Actor

Bob McKell - Actor, Costume Designer

Stella Morgan - Actor

Jim Morrissey - Actor

Szittya Nagy - Dancer

John Oster - Actor

Julie Pallot - Dancer

Joanna Patrick - Actor, Musical Director

Kenneth Robertson - Actor, Producer, Director, Circus Style Performer

David Salter - Actor

Rebecca Schembri - Costume Designer, Stage Manager, Choreographer, Actor, Director

Robin Schmelzkopf - Actor

Patrick Sharp - Set Designer, Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

John Simmons - Actor

Dave Simms - Director, Set Designer, Actor, Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Heather Smith - Properties Master, Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Helen Smith - Actor, Dancer

Michael Speers - Actor, Set Designer

Nick Spottiswoode - Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Joanne St. Clair - Actor

Ben Stefanoff - Musical Director, Director

Christopher Strain - Actor

Susan Taylor - Dancer

Gordon Warhurst - Musical Director, Assistant Director, Actor, Conductor

Flo Watson - Actor

Helen Watson - Dancer

Brian Wenzel - Actor, Director, Singer

Laraine Wheeler - Set Designer, Lighting Designer

Charles Whitehead - Actor

Ole Wiebkin - Set Designer, Designer

Sybil Woollard - Properties Master, Unknown

Gary Anderson - Director, Set Designer, Actor

Graham Andrew - Actor

Robert Aust - Various, Lighting Designer

Cecil Bates - Adaptor, Choreographer, Dancer

John Birks - Actor, Chorus

Jeff Booth - Actor

Janet Bradley - Dancer

Jean Brown - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Abe Burrows - Librettist, Writer, Playwright, Book and Lyrics

Adrienne Carvell - Actor, Director

Frank Caspers - Actor

Joshua Coldwell - Actor

Linda Collis - Director, Actor, Set Designer

Julie Dawson - Actor, Properties Master

Leslie Dayman - Actor, Circus Style Performer

Marguerite Dougal - Dancer

Rachel Dow - Actor, Choreographer

John Drake - Accompanist, Musical Director

Lindsay Dunn - Actor

Wayne Eckert - Actor

Georges Feydeau - Playwright, Writer

Monique Fortanier - Actor, Performer

Frank Gargro - Actor, Director

Helen Geoffreys - Actor

Colin George - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Noel Gully - Actor

Richard Harris - Playwright, Writer

Kaye Harry - Dancer

Noel Herriman - Actor

Andrew Horwood - Actor

Shirley Lang - Actor

Ruby Litchfield - Director, Producer

Claire Liverpool - Actor

Jennifer Long - Dancer

Wilma Mani - Properties Master, Sound Designer

Christine Marchant - Dancer, Properties Master

Louise Marquis - Actor, Properties Master

Steve Marvanek - Actor

Bill Mathews - Properties Master, Actor

Richard Mau - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Robert McCarthy - Musical Director, Actor, Director

Debra McEvoy - Dancer

Angela Moore - Stage Manager, Assistant Producer, Visual Director

Kerry Neagle - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Rosemary Nursey-Bray - Director, Choreographer

Richard Parkhill - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Monica Pole - Actor

Shirley Polglase - Actor

Ron Polkinghorne - Costume Designer, Actor

Gordon Poole - Actor

Betty Quin - Actor, Playwright, Producer, Director, Writer, Vocalist

Matthew Randell - Actor

Clarice Redhead - Dancer

Brian L. Richardson - Director, Choreographer, Producer, Designer

Keith Rosenthal - Musician, Drummer

Tom Ruff - Musical Director, Conductor

Julianne Ryan - Properties Master, Actor, Assistant Stage Manager, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jason Sarti - Actor, Performer

Maria Schreiner - Assistant Stage Manager, Properties Master, Associate Director

William Shakespeare - Playwright, Writer

Margaret Smith - Actor

Neville Smith - Actor

Harold Soulsby - Actor, Set Designer

John Stecker - Actor, Actor and Singer

Barbara Stephens - Actor

Rosemary Sumner - Dancer

Brian Taylor - Actor

Peter Taylor - Musical Director

Arthur Thomas - Actor

Susan Thurgood - Dancer

Arthur Turner - Actor

Ushmo - Properties Master, Stage Manager

Bob Vale - Actor

Njal Venning - Actor

Selena Vistoli - Actor

Myra Waddell - Actor

Neil Weber - Musical Director

Tony Allison - Actor

Ross Anderson - Designer, Set Designer

Wayne Anthoney - Actor

Vicki Arnold - Actor, Editor

Rosaleen Aust - Producer, Stage Manager, Director

Bernie Bassett - Stage Manager, Front of House

Clarrie Battle - Musical Director

Chauvel Bawden - Actor

Doreen Bell - Actor

Irving Berlin - Composer, Lyricist, Music and Lyrics

Roxy Byrne - Actor

Gordon Campbell - Stage Manager

Mary Canny - Actor

Frederic Chopin - Composer

John Cleary - Sound Designer, Lighting Designer

Harold Coggins - Actor, Performer

Peter Commander - Dancer

Lee Cook - Actor

Brendan Cooney - Actor, Director

Paul Coulson - Actor

Heather Crawford - Actor

Ken Daniel - Designer

Don Davies - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Properties Master

Deane de Laine - Actor

Dudley Denton - Stage Manager, Stage Director, Lighting Operator

Kevin Denton - Lighting Operator

Anne Doherty - Actor

Graham Dow - Actor

Andrew Dudek - Actor

Warren Durdin - Various, Properties Master, Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Linda Ellis - Actor, Performer

Peter Emery - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Hayette Erickson - Actor

Helen Fisher - Actor

Alan Fitzpatrick - Actor

Elizabeth Fletcher - Actor

Mikhail Fokine - Choreographer, Composer

David Gauci - Actor

Leonie Graske - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Dramaturg, Various

John Leigh Gray - Actor

Jennifer Greathead - Actor, Dancer

Hazel Green - Actor, Performer, Director

Sue Guerin - Actor

Susan Guerin - Actor

Jillian Gulliver - Musical Director, Voice Coach

Kerry Hailstone - Actor, Producer, Assistant Director, Director

Otto Harbach - Book and Lyrics, Lyricist

Richard Harrison - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Dorothy Heffernan - Actor, Actor and Singer

Barbara Henshaw - Actor, Performer

Megan Humphries - Actor

Rodney Hutton - Actor

Nathan Illes - Actor

Darren Jakobsson - Sound Operator/Engineer, Actor, Scenic Artist

Alisa James - Actor

Bronwen James - Actor

Jill Kennedy - Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Designer, Researcher

Brenda King - Actor

Gerry Kuusk - Sound Operator/Engineer, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Assistant Stage Manager

David Lampard - Set Designer, Director, Actor

Barry Linthorne - Actor, Dancer

Frank Loesser - Lyricist, Composer, Music and Lyrics

Beryl Lovegrove - Actor

Dianne Lovell - Actor

Ken Ludwig - Playwright, Writer

Robert MacKrell - Actor

Villis Marshall - Costume Assistant, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Bradley Martin - Actor

Todd Martin - Actor

Howard Matthews - Actor

Ross Mayne - Pianist, Actor, Composer

Rosa McKeon - Dancer

Rosemary Mignone - Stage Manager, Properties Master, Actor

Linda Mitton - Choreographer, Actor

Rosemary Nairn - Musical Director

Harvey Neal - Set and/or Property Maker

Julie Noblet - Actor, Assistant Producer, Properties Master

Mike Norman - Actor

Kylie O'Donohue - Actor

Christina Page - Actor, Properties Master

Susan Pegler - Dancer, Choreographer

Cec Polglase - Producer, Director

Avis Pollitt - Dancer, Properties Master

Terry Porter - Actor, Singer, Actor and Singer

Lindsay Prodea - Actor

Geoff Pullan - Actor, Director

Muriel Rendell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Scott Reynolds - Actor

Doris Ridgway - Actor

Peter Riley - Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Lighting Operator

Jessica Rossiter - Actor

Sylvia Rundle - Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Beverly Scarce - Chorus, Actor

Glen Schulz - Musical Director

Helga Seymour - Actor

George Bernard Shaw - Author, Playwright, Writer

Robyn Shephard - Actor

Cynthia Snow - Choreographer

Glenys Stokes - Actor, Dancer

Bill Thompson - Lighting Designer

Betty Thurgood - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Dresser

Gayle Tiver - Properties Master, Actor

Maxwell Trengove - Actor, Choreographer

Ray Trowbridge - Stage Manager, Sound Designer

Joanna Tsalikis - Actor

Rosemary Verrall - Actor

Alan Walden - Actor

Barbara Warburton - Dancer, Choreographer

Ken Watkins - Actor, Chorus

Frances Wauchope - Actor

Oscar Wilde - Playwright, Writer, Author

Michael Williams - Actor, Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Michael Williams - Actor

Michael Williams - Actor, Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Michael Williams - Actor

Tom Williams - Actor

Heather Winter - Chorus, Actor and Singer, Actor

Vivienne Winter - Dancer

Jamie Wright - Actor

Bryan Young - Actor, Musical Director

Les Zetlein - Actor, Sound Operator/Engineer

Judith Adams - Properties Master, Actor, Sound Operator/Engineer

Andy Ahrens - Actor

Fiona Aitken - Actor

Mick Allnut - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

James Antonas - Actor

Laura Antoniazzi - Actor, Publicist

Len Ashby - Actor

Kenneth Badenoch - Actor

Penny Baker - Properties Master, Actor

Arj Barker - Comedian, Presenter, Performer

Philip Barry - Playwright

Michael Bates - Actor

Heather Beasley - Actor, Costume Co-ordinator, Dresser

Robert Bell - Actor

Tamara Bennetts - Actor

Harold Berrett - Actor, Actor and Singer

Beverly Berry - Actor

Georges Bizet - Composer

Guy Bolton - Writer, Playwright

Carmel Booker - Actor, Chorus

Allison Bourke - Actor

Marion Bowers - Stage Director, Actor

Judy Brennan - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Musical Director

Rosanne Brooks - Dancer

Frank Bryan - Costume Designer

Sophia Bubner - Actor, Dancer

Pamela Buckman - Dancer

Chris Buhagiar - Performer, Actor

Miffy Burden - Actor

Tom Carney - Actor

Diane Chamberlain - Actor, Performer

Lynda Cheesman - Dancer

Claire Chittleborough - Musical Director, Pianist

Errol Chugg - Actor

Patrick Clements - Actor

Rae Cocking - Soprano, Actor, Actor and Singer

Jessie Collins - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Fred Cox - Stage Manager, Technical Director

Andrew Crispe - Actor

David Croft - Playwright

Russel Crouse - Writer, Adaptor, Lyricist

Leslie Darbon - Adaptor, Playwright, Writer

Claire Davidson - Actor

Megan Doherty - Actor