Organisation J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited
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Other Names
J. C. Williamson's Theatres
J. C. Williamson Theatres Ltd
J. C. Williamson Theatres
Address Melbourne VIC
Functions Investor, Other, Presenting Company, Production Company, Sponsor, Touring Company, [Unknown]
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Radio 2GB

  • It's a Wise Child, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 30 November 1944
  • Love in a Mist, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 11 October 1944
  • The Squall, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 31 August 1944
  • Lady in Danger, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 14 March 1944
  • The Patsy, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 1 February 1944
  • Smilin' Thru, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 21 December 1943
  • Ten Minute Alibi, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 23 November 1943
  • While Parents Sleep, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 23 October 1943
  • White Cargo, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 28 September 1943
  • The Patsy, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 1 February 1943

Borovansky Ballet Orchestra

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The Kiwis Revue Company

  • Medley, Empire Theatre (1927-1960), Sydney, NSW, 1952
  • Benghazi, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 28 November 1951
  • Benghazi, Empire Theatre (1927-1960), Sydney, NSW, 18 November 1949
  • Tripoli, Empire Theatre (1927-1960), Sydney, NSW, 1949
  • Benghazi, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 10 January 1948
  • Tripoli, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 16 August 1947
  • The Kiwis, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 21 December 1946
  • Alamein, His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD, April 1946

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  • Just a Show, His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA, 12 October 1968
  • Just a Show, Canberra, Canberra, ACT, 30 September 1968
  • Just a Show, Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW, 19 August 1968
  • Just a Show, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 15 July 1968

Donmar Productions Ltd

  • Oliver!, Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT, 10 December 1966
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  • A Severed head, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 25 August 1965
  • Oliver!, Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 23 September 1961

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  • Rose Marie, Muswellbrook Town Hall, Muswellbrook, NSW, 23 March 1963
  • Rose Marie, Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, NSW, 18 March 1963
  • Brigadoon, Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, NSW, 19 April 1960
  • Paint Your Wagon, Newcastle Stadium Theatre, Newcastle, NSW, 23 October 1957

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The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of South Australia

  • Iolanthe, Port Pirie, Port Pirie, SA, 7 November 1959
  • Iolanthe, Clare Valley, Clare, SA, 6 November 1959
  • Iolanthe, The Australia, Adelaide, SA, 23 September 1959

The Metropolitan Operetta Society of New South Wales

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The Royal Ballet Covent Garden

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Berioska Dance Company

Cheryl Crawford

  • Paint Your Wagon, His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD, 9 August 1955
  • Brigadoon, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 15 December 1951

D. D. O'Connor Pty Ltd

Dancing Debs

Feuer and Martin

  • Can-Can, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 31 March 1956
  • Can-Can, Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 29 October 1955

Grand Ballet Classique de France

H. M. Tennent Ltd.

James Laurie of London Pty Ltd

John Neary Pty Limited

Ken Harper

  • The Wiz, Her Majesty's Theatre (1973-2001), Sydney, NSW, 1 May 1976
  • The Wiz, Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 7 February 1976

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  • Corroboree, Empire Theatre (1927-1960), Sydney, NSW, 3 July 1950
  • Indra Vijayam, Empire Theatre (1927-1960), Sydney, NSW, 20 June 1950

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Paradine Paterson Pty Ltd

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  • Ages of Man, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 9 December 1963
  • Ages of Man, Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 8 November 1963

The Arts Council of Australia

The Arts Council of Great Britain

The Australian Council for the Arts

The Australian Musical Foundation

  • Swan Lake, Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, February 1963
  • Swan Lake, Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 11 January 1963

The Clark Brothers

The Cultual Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Cupidette Sextette

The Elizabethan Trust Orchestra

The Flat Tops

The Gay Dogs

The Independent Theatre

  • The Women, Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW, 4 June 1969
  • The Women, Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW, 22 March 1961

The National Theatre Movement of Australia

The New Christy Minstrels

The New Zealand Players Theatre Trust

The Trio Hoganas

The University of Adelaide

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Theatre 62

Theatre Royal Orchestra

Tivoli Celebrity Singers

Tivoli Orchestra

TVW Channel 7 (Perth)

  • Mame, His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA, 16 November 1968
  • Fiddler on the Roof, His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA, 6 July 1968

Wasta and Rina Dahl

Williams and Shand

Winnetou and his White Squaw

2 de Kims

23rd Productions

  • Opera '69, Various Locations, Various SA Locations, SA, 8 February 1969

Adelaide Repertory Theatre Incorporated

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Alexander H. Cohen

Allan Davis Ltd

Arts Council Ballet Limited

Astley and Jenny

  • Take a Bow, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 16 April 1949

Audrey Parsons Dancing School

Australian Broadcasting Commission, Sydney

Australian Dance Theatre

Australian National Theatre Ltd.

Bert Duke Trio

Boddy Associates Pty. Ltd.

Bouna Continental Contortionist

Bowery Honky Tonk Four

Broken Hill Theatres Pty Ltd

  • Odd Man In, Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, NSW, 16 September 1960

Canberra Theatre Trust

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  • Hellzapoppin, Empire Theatre (1927-1960), Sydney, NSW, 10 April 1950


Dagenham Girl Pipers

David Land

  • Evita, Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD, October 1983

Entertainment Corporation of Australia Pty. Ltd.

Frances Scully School of Ballet

Ganjou Brothers

  • Take a Bow, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 16 April 1949

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  • Aladdin, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 26 December 1952

H. J. Barlow

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Harold Fielding Productions

  • Sail Away, Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 24 May 1963

Hearty Lovelies

  • Take a Bow, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 16 April 1949

Herman Levin

Highlights of the Footlights Committee

International Ice Attractions Pty Ltd

J. C. Williamson's New English Comedy Company

  • Banana Ridge, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 16 November 1940

Jenie Brenan Academy

John Alden Company

Kerroy Productions

Krista and Kristel

  • Take a Bow, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 16 April 1949

Latona, Graham and Chadel

Lemuel Ayres

  • Kiss Me, Kate, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 2 August 1952

Les Danseuses

Les Existentialists

Les Modeles

Los Briellos

Lusillo's Spanish Dance Theatre

Lyndhurst School

Madame Babicheva Ballet School

Mayne Lynton

Mermaid Theatre (London)

  • Hadrian VII, Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 12 April 1969

Michael Medwin

Moscow State Puppet Theatre

Nancy de Paull's Young Lady Acrobats

National Theatre

National Theatre Inc.

New South Wales Government

New Theatre (Sydney, N.S.W.)

New York City Ballet

Noda London Ltd

Olde Kings Music Hall Restaurant

Pan Yue Jen

Paul Dainty

  • Chicago, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 5 September 1981

Playbox Theatres Pty Limited

Playgoers' Co-operative Theatres Limited

Presbyterian Girls' College

Ray Cooney

Regal Players of Australia Pty. Ltd.

Rey Overbury and Suzette

Robert Stigwood

  • Evita, Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD, October 1983

Ronald Fortt Productions

Ross Buchanan Company

Rudor Productions

Saint Subber

  • Kiss Me, Kate, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 2 August 1952

Sir Oswald Stoll

St. Mary's District Club Band

  • Rose Marie, St Marys Memorial Hall, St Marys, NSW, 30 August 1962

Stanley McKay

Starry Nights Rhumba Band

Stewart Macpherson

  • Evita, Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD, October 1983

Sydney Journalists' Club

Sydney Theatre Company

  • Chicago, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 5 September 1981

The Andrea Dancers

The Australian Light Opera Company

The Beatles Live

The Bolshoi Theatre Music Ensemble

The Bradley Sisters

The Bridges Trio

The Cracajacks

The Dancing Men

The Dandy Bros.

The Duo Perrards

The Elwardos

  • Take a Bow, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 16 April 1949

The Great Moscow Circus

The Hanby Trio

The Hartnells

The Hi-Fi's

The Independent Theatre Ltd

The Juvelys

The Kempinskis

The Laconas

  • Let 'er Go, His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD, 28 May 1945

The Lane Brothers

The Leningrad Conservatorium and Variety Theatre

The Marcella Trio

The Maxwells

The Mayfair Light Opera Society Inc.

  • Sally, Unley Town Hall, Unley, SA, 26 October 1961

The Mermaid Theatre Trust

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company

The Mistin Juniors

The Models

The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra

The Moscow Stanislavsky Theatre Opera Company

The Moscow Variety and State Circus

The Moscow Variety Theatre

The National Theatre and Fine Arts Society

The Nichigeki Rockettes

The Novosibrsk State Theatre

The Rivieras

The Royal Ballet

The Show Girls

The Skating Merenos

The South Australian National Opera Company Incorporated

The Tashkent State Ballet

The Tbilsky State Opera

The Three Lazanders

  • Let 'er Go, His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD, 28 May 1945

The Tivolovlies

The Two Randows

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

The Ural Choir Dance Group

The Uzbec Philharmonic Orchestra

The Wheeling Brittons

Tivoli Adorables

Tivoli Showgirls

Tomsk State Circus and Philharmonic Group

Tony Azzi

Trio Fayes

Trio of Bandour Players and Singers

Walton and Dorraine

  • Let 'er Go, His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD, 28 May 1945

William Liebling

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Empire Theatre (1927-1960), Sydney, NSW

Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

His Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Her Majesty's Theatre (1960-1970), Sydney, NSW

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

Elizabethan Theatre, Newtown, NSW

Her Majesty's Theatre (1973-2001), Sydney, NSW

Victoria Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Minerva Theatre, Kings Cross, NSW

Princess Theatre (1886- ), Melbourne, VIC

Theatre Royal (1976- ), Sydney, NSW

Australia, [Unknown]

His Majesty's Theatre, Auckland

New South Wales Conservatorium of Music, Sydney, NSW

Palais Theatre, St Kilda, VIC

Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Grand Opera House, Wellington

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Capitol Theatre, Perth, WA

Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

South Australia, SA

Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Canberra, Canberra, ACT

Empire Church Theatre, Toowoomba, QLD

Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, NSW

Palace Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Richbrooke Theatre, Sydney, NSW

St Marys Memorial Hall, St Marys, NSW

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

Theatre 62, Hilton, SA

Tivoli Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide, SA

Albert Hall, Yarralumla, ACT

Albury, Albury, NSW

Auckland, Auckland

Ballarat Civic Hall, Ballarat, VIC

Bendigo, Bendigo, VIC

Bonython Park, Adelaide, SA

Bundaberg Wintergarden Theatre, Bundaberg, QLD

Canberra Theatre Centre, Canberra, ACT

Christchurch Theatre Royal, Christchurch

Clare Valley, Clare, SA

Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, NSW

Geelong Theatre, Geelong, VIC

HMAS Sydney , Sydney, NSW

Hobart, Hobart, TAS

Hunter Theatre, The Junction, NSW

Innisfail Shire Hall, Innisfail, QLD

Ipswich, Ipswich, QLD

Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, WA

Launceston, Launceston, TAS

Masonic Hall, Bathurst, NSW

Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC

Mildura, Mildura, VIC

Monarch Theatre, Wellington, NSW

Montgomery Pavilion War Veterans' Home, Narrabeen, NSW

Muswellbrook Town Hall, Muswellbrook, NSW

National Theatre, Launceston, TAS

New Victoria Theatre, Woking

New Zealand

Newcastle Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle Stadium Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Old Tote Theatre, Kensington, NSW

Phillip Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Playbox Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Playbox Theatre (Phillip Street), Sydney, NSW

Port Pirie, Port Pirie, SA

Princess Theatre, Launceston, TAS

Protestant Hall, Parkes, NSW

Rockhampton Wintergarden Theatre, Rockhampton, QLD

Roxy Theatre, Hamilton, NSW

Savoy Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

Shepparton, Shepparton, VIC

St James' Theatre , Wellington

St James' Theatre, Auckland

The Australia, Adelaide, SA

Theatre Royal , Mackay, QLD

Theatre Royal, Dubbo, NSW

Thebarton Theatre, Torrensville, SA

Town Hall, Forbes, NSW

Tropical Theatre, Cairns, QLD

Unley Town Hall, Unley, SA

Various Locations, Various SA Locations, SA

Wangaratta, Wangaratta , VIC

Warner Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Western Australia, WA

Wintergarden Theatre, Townsville, QLD

Edouard Borovansky - Artistic Director, Unknown, Choreographer, Assistant Director, Dancer, Production Supervisor , Director, Producer, Artistic Supervisor

Kathleen Gorham - Dancer

Betty Pounder - Director, Dance Director, Choreographer, Actor, Ballet Master/Mistress, Actor and Singer, Assistant Director, Assistant Producer, Dancer

Kurt Herweg - Conductor, Musical Director, Pianist, Dancer

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist, Playwright, Lyricist

J Alan Kenyon - Scenic Artist, Set Designer, Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

J. Nevin Tait - Entrepreneur, Administrator, Director

William Constable - Designer, Set Designer, Artistic Director, Scenic Artist, Costume Designer

Peggy Sager - Dancer

Paul Grinwis - Choreographer, Dancer, Producer

William Akers - Assistant Stage Manager, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Director, Producer, Actor, Stage Director

John Auld - Dancer, Choreographer

Serge Bousloff - Dancer

Ron Paul - Dancer

Garth Welch - Dancer, Performer, Choreographer

Frank S. Tait - Administrator, Director

Noel Smith - Musical Director, Assistant Conductor, Associate Conductor, Conductor

Evelyn Gardiner - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

Marius Petipa - Choreographer

Joan Potter - Dancer

Dudley Simpson - Conductor, Musical Director, Musical Arranger

Cecil Newman - Scenic Artist, Special Effects, Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Designer

Vassilie Trunoff - Dancer, Choreographer, Actor

Leon Kellaway - Dancer, Ballet Master/Mistress

John H Tait - Administrator

Gabriel Joffe - Musical Director, Conductor, Music Adaptor

Ivan Menzies - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

George Upward - Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Andrew MacCunn - Musical Director, Musical Supervisor

Colleen Gough - Stage Director, Stage Manager, Dancer, Assistant Stage Manager

Marilyn Jones - Dancer, Performer

Eve King - Dancer, Actor

Max Oldaker - Actor, Performer

Peggy van Praagh - Artistic Director, Choreographer

Edna Busse - Performer, Dancer, Actor

Googie Withers - Actor

Leo Packer - Musical Director, Conductor

Dorothy Stevenson - Dancer, Choreographer

Bettina Welch - Actor, Performer

Letty Craydon - Actor, Actor and Singer

Fred Hebert - Director

Robert Helpmann - Dancer, Artistic Director, Actor, Choreographer, Director

Luisillo - Choreographer, Lighting Designer, Dancer, Artistic Director, Flamenco Artist

Kiril Vassilkovsky - Dancer, Choreographer

Kelvin Coe - Dancer, Performer

Paul Hammond - Dancer

John McCallum - Director, Actor, Performer, Producer, Designer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Miro Zloch - Dancer, Choreographer, Director

Helene Ffrance - Dancer, Actor

Oscar Hammerstein - Book and Lyrics, Lyricist, Writer, Composer

Eric Reiman - Actor, Director, Performer, Dancer

Frank Salter - Assistant Stage Manager, Dancer

Carmen Aracena - Dancer

Alan Chapman - Producer

Jose Ruiz de Azagra - Musical Director, Composer

Barbara Chambers - Dancer