Contributor Hugh Morton
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Gender Male
Functions Librettist



Gustave Kerker - Composer

Jean Allerding - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ron Anderson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Roy Baxter - Actor, Actor and Singer

F J Bonner - Actor, Actor and Singer

Edmund Butterworth - Actor, Actor and Singer

Nada Conrad - Actor, Actor and Singer

Lilian Crisp - Actor, Actor and Singer

Vera Dearsley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Les Donaghey - Actor and Singer, Actor

Eleanor Douglas - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ida Dunn - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jack Dunne - Actor and Singer, Actor

Minnie Everett - Choreographer

David Grahame - Actor, Actor and Singer

Robert Helpmann - Dancer

Connie Hobbs - Actor, Actor and Singer

Leah Miller - Dancer

Fred G Moore - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ernest Oram - Musical Director

John Pauley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ellie Percival - Actor, Actor and Singer

Eileen Pollard - Actor and Singer, Actor

Amy Rochelle - Actor, Actor and Singer

Fred Smith - Actor, Actor and Singer

Phil Smith - Actor and Singer, Actor

Vera Spaull - Actor and Singer, Actor

Victor Tatnall - Producer

Hori Thomas - Actor, Actor and Singer

George Willoughby - Actor, Actor and Singer

Charles Zoli - Actor, Actor and Singer

Dion Nicol - Actor

Frank Duncan - Musical Director

Min Duncan - Actor

Mrs Arthur Hunter - Producer

Trevor Johnson - Chorister, Director

Roger Minns - Actor

Harry Morris - Actor

Leah Morris - Conductor, Actor

Enid Rowthorne - Actor

Alice Sawyer - Ballet Master/Mistress

Doreen Bailey - Actor

Doreen Bell - Actor and Singer

Sue Bell - Actor

Kenneth Berris - Musical Director

Colin Bourne - Chorister

John Brice - Pianist

Ian Brown - Musical Director

Walter Carter - Actor

Adrienne Carvell - Actor

Charlie Cauchi - Chorister

Tommie Commander - Chorus

Alan Crooks - Actor

Trevor Davis - Actor

Del de Glorion - Actor

Paul Doherty - Actor

Jennifer Drader - Chorister

Angela Drewer - Actor

Heather Dunk - Chorister

Dick Edmonds - Actor and Singer

Celine Egar - Actor

Linda Fletcher - Actor

Margaret Forbes - Actor

Geoff Ford - Choreographer

John Fournier - Actor

Rhona Gaughan - Actor

Trevor Glenn - Chorister

Peter Goerecke - Actor

Peter Goers - Actor

Hazel Green - Actor

Les Griffiths - Dancer

Shirley Gulley - Chorister

Dawn Harris - Chorister

Freda Hayward - Chorister

John Hockley - Actor

Eileen Hogarth - Choreographer

Lynn Hooper - Actor

Steven Hughes - Actor

Lance James - Chorister

Kathy Jervois - Actor

Colin Kavanaugh - Chorister

Ken Keegan - Actor

Deborah Kelly - Choreographer

Malcolm Kirby - Actor and Singer

Michael Kirby - Actor and Singer

Jennifer Klenner - Chorister

Melville Koch - Actor and Singer

John Laman - Stage Manager

Lorraine Lovegrove - Chorister

Stuart Lowry - Actor and Singer

Bob MacKrell - Actor

Anne Maloney - Chorister

Helen Manson - Actor and Singer

Doug Martin - Actor and Singer

Barry McKay - Chorister

Miriam Neilson - Chorister

Don Nicol - Actor and Singer

David Norris - Actor

Enid Parrington - Chorister

Doug Pedder - Actor and Singer

Edith Pennock - Chorister

Cec Polglase - Producer

Shirley Polglase - Actor and Singer

Dean Pudney - Actor and Singer

Marlene Pudney - Chorister

Paul Raby - Actor

Melba Randall - Actor and Singer

Gordon Rennie - Actor and Singer

Darrel Ridley - Actor

Ingrid Schubit - Chorister

Phyllis Schulz - Actor

Edward Smith - Actor

Geoff Solomon - Actor

Harold Soulsby - Chorister

Gordon Specht - Actor and Singer

Margaret Stevens - Actor and Singer

Mabel Syme - Actor

Grace Tainsh - Chorister

Ernie Thorne - Stage Manager

Peter Thornton - Continuity

Richard Trevaskis - Actor

Jennifer Tucker - Chorister

Beverley Wadrop - Chorister

Clem Walker - Actor and Singer

Vera Walker - Chorister

Jean Webb - Chorister

James Whipper - Actor

George Williams - Lighting Operator

Tom Willis - Actor and Singer

Brian Wortley - Actor and Singer

Valerie Wortley - Chorister

Margaret Zimmerman - Actor and Singer

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Newcastle Civic Choral Society

Royal Comic Opera Company

The Metropolitan Light Opera Company of South Australia Inc

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company

The Thargoh School of Ballet

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