Organisation Marionette Theatre of Australia
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Address Sydney NSW
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company, Touring Company
Notes Founded in 1965 by Peter Scriven with Arts Council as division of Australian Elizabethan Theatre trust. Ceased performance 1988.

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Festival of Sydney

Queensland Arts Council

Australia Council for the Arts

Playbox Theatre Company

The Arts Council of Australia

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

National Theatre Inc.

The Arts Council of Australia (New South Wales Division)

The Australian Council for the Arts

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

Victorian Arts Council

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Australia 75 Festival of Creative Arts and Sciences


Cannon Hill Theatre Company

Festival of Perth

Goethe Institut

Handspan Theatre

Hoopla Theatre Foundation

Little Patch Theatre

Magpie Theatre Company

New South Wales Government

New Theatre (Sydney, N.S.W.)

  • Shadow Puppets, New Theatre, Sydney (1973-), Newtown, NSW, 7 January 1974

Phillip Productions Pty Limited

Puk Puppet Theatre

Sydney Opera House Trust

Tasmanian Puppet Festival

Tasmanian Puppet Theatre

The Arts Council of Australia (South Australian Division)

  • Tintookies, Piccadilly Theatre, North Adelaide, SA, 12 March 1966

The Cleves

The Fukien Puppet Theatre of China

The South Australian Theatre Company Inc.

The Tintookies

  • The Explorers, Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 26 August 1968

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

New South Wales, NSW

Alexander Theatre, Clayton, VIC

Australia, [Unknown]

Sydney, Sydney, NSW



Music Room (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW


The Playhouse, Civic Square, ACT

The Rocks Theatre, The Rocks, NSW


Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD


Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC


Playbox Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Princess Theatre (1886- ), Melbourne, VIC

SGIO Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

ANU Arts Centre, Acton, ACT

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA




Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT


Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Hong Kong

Korea, Korea



New Delhi

Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW

Orange, Orange, NSW

Perth Concert Hall, Perth, WA

Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Sailors' Home Theatre, The Rocks, NSW

Seymour Centre, Chippendale, NSW


Space Theatre , Adelaide, SA

Sutherland Entertainment Centre, Sutherland, NSW

Tasmania, TAS


The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

The Space, Adelaide, SA

Townsville, Townsville, QLD

Victoria, VIC

Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, SA


Albany, Albany, WA


Busselton, Busselton, WA

Cairns, Cairns, QLD

Canberra, Canberra, ACT

Elizabethan Theatre, Newtown, NSW

Everest Theatre, Chippendale, NSW

Geraldton, Geraldton, WA

Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW


Ku-ring-gai Chase Wildflower Garden, St Ives, NSW

Mittagong, Mittagong, NSW

Moora, Moora, WA

New Theatre, Sydney (1973-), Newtown, NSW

Newcastle Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Orange Civic Theatre, Orange, NSW

Parade Theatre (1969-1999), Kensington, NSW

Perth, Perth, WA

Phillip Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Piccadilly Theatre, North Adelaide, SA

Prince Alfred College Hall, Kent Town, SA

Queensland, QLD

Reception Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Regal Theatre, Subiaco, WA

Rockhampton, Rockhampton, QLD

Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Shopfront Theatre, Carlton, NSW

Sri Lanka

Stables Theatre, Darlinghurst, NSW

Sydney Girls' High School, Surry Hills, NSW

Sydney Showgrounds, Homebush, NSW

Teater Terbuka, Pekanbaru, Riau, Jakarta

The Amphitheatre, Adelaide, SA

Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

Tivoli Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

Townsville Civic Theatre, South Townsville, QLD

Wangaratta, Wangaratta , VIC

Richard Bradshaw - Director, Playwright, Adaptor, Performer, Devisor, Actor, Presenter, Set and/or Property Maker, Puppeteer, Puppet Designer, Designer

Peter Scriven - Director, Producer, Writer, Playwright, Puppeteer, Devisor

Ross Hill - Puppet Designer, Puppet Maker, Assistant Director, Puppeteer, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Allan Highfield - Puppeteer, Performer

Eleanor Witcombe - Adaptor

Timothy Gow - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Norman Lindsay - Author, Costume Designer, Writer

Ross Browning - Puppeteer, Musical Director, Actor

Russell Emerson - Set Designer, Puppet Maker

Jude Kuring - Performer, Voice Over Artist, Puppeteer, Actor

Kim Royle - Puppet Designer, Puppet Maker, Puppeteer, Costume Designer

Marguerite Pepper - Movement Director, Choreographer

Michael Creighton - Puppeteer, Director

James Condon - Voice Over Artist, Actor

John Derum - Voice Over Artist, Actor

Ronald Falk - Voice Over Artist, Actor

Max Gillies - Voice Over Artist, Actor

Norman Hetherington - Designer, Actor, Performer, Puppet Designer

Louis McManus - Musician, Musical Director, Composer

Robin Ramsay - Voice Over Artist, Actor

Peter Seaborn - Puppeteer

Maeve Vella - Puppeteer

Barbara Frawley - Actor, Voice Over Artist

Ross Higgins - Actor, Voice Over Artist

Ines Judd - Puppeteer

Hal Saunders - Book and Lyrics, Music and Lyrics

Linda Raymond - Puppeteer, Performer

Sue Winter - Puppeteer

Beverley Campbell Jackson - Actor, Puppet Maker, Set Designer, Puppet Designer

Kurt Herweg - Composer

V. Lifschitz - Playwright

Judy Bailey - Actor, Composer

Steve Hansen - Devisor, Director, Puppeteer

Guillermo Keys-Arenas - Actor, Choreographer

J Kichanova - Playwright

Graeme Mathieson - Puppeteer

Patrick Cook - Writer, Designer

Penny Hall - Puppeteer, Narrator, Actor

Eric Rasdall - Composer, Lyricist, Music and Lyrics

Michael Agzarian - Puppeteer

Lewis Carroll - Writer

Hal Evans - Composer, Musical Arranger, Musical Director, Conductor

Joe Gladwin - Performer, Puppeteer, Director

James Ridewood - Puppeteer

Peter Batey - Director, Lighting Designer

Robert Dein - Set Designer

Quentin Hole - Set Designer

Igor Hyczka - Puppeteer, Devisor

Geoff Kelso - Performer, Puppeteer, Devisor

Roy McNeill - Puppeteer

Roger Pulvers - Playwright

Kevin Scanlon - Puppet Maker, Puppet Designer

Neil Simpson - Lighting Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Richard Tulloch - Playwright, Adaptor, Director

Miroslav Vomela - Puppeteer

Robyn Archer - Composer

John Black - Puppeteer, Actor

Patrick Cook - Designer

  • Smiles Away, The Space, Adelaide, SA, 5 January 1989
  • Smiles Away, Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 31 August 1981

Jane Davies - Puppet Maker, Puppet Designer

  • Smiles Away, The Space, Adelaide, SA, 5 January 1989
  • Smiles Away, Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 31 August 1981

Phillip Edmiston - Playwright, Puppeteer

Colin Garland - Designer

Richard Godden - Stage Manager, Puppeteer

Anne Harvey - Writer, Director, Playwright

Gary Kliger - Performer

Sam Kummli - Puppeteer

Peter Morris - Puppeteer

Peter Oldham - Puppeteer

Barry Paget - Puppeteer

John Shortis - Composer

Maddy Slabacu - Puppeteer

Susan Winter - Puppeteer

Janine Agzarian - Puppeteer

Marilyn Allen - Actor

Janet Ashelford - Puppet Maker

Wilfred Asplin - Designer

  • The Explorers, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 3 January 1969

Michael Atherton - Composer

  • Kakadu, The Rocks Theatre, The Rocks, NSW, 4 June 1988

Axel Bartz - Designer

Charles Blackman - Set Designer

Dacha Blahova - Assistant Director

Diana Blom - Composer

Alexander Bonnet - Mime

Rae Bonnet - Puppeteer

Katy Bowman - Puppeteer

Jan Bussell - Adaptor

  • The Water Babies, Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW, 29 August 1972

Jane Campbell - Actor

Roger Chapman - Director

Penny Chater - Dramaturg

David Collins - Puppet Maker

Will Conyers - Puppeteer

Peter Cowan - Actor

Eamon D'Arcy - Designer

  • Megalomania, Stables Theatre, Darlinghurst, NSW, 8 September 1981

Leslie Dayman - Actor

Peter Deane-Butcher - Musician

Mac Dick - Scenic Artist

Kevin Duncan - Composer

  • Kakadu, The Rocks Theatre, The Rocks, NSW, 4 June 1988

Joy Economos - Puppeteer

  • The Explorers, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 3 January 1969

James Ede - Puppeteer

Anthony Everingham - Stage Director

Peter Farago - Actor

Benjamin Franklin - Actor

Michael Fuller - Movement Director

Daphne Grey - Actor

Eric Gross - Composer

Anne Hogarth - Adaptor

  • The Water Babies, Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW, 29 August 1972

Lisa Hopman - Assistant Stage Manager

Max Hurley - Designer

  • The Explorers, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 3 January 1969

Walter Jaeger - Puppeteer

Des James - Actor

Wayne Jelly - Stage Manager

Michael Johnson - Actor

  • Kakadu, The Rocks Theatre, The Rocks, NSW, 4 June 1988

Bonna King - Puppeteer

Bonna Knazovicha - Puppeteer

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

Valentina Levkowicz - Actor

Susan Lintern-Coward - Puppeteer

Christopher Luscombe - Stage Manager

Graham Maclean - Designer

Diana Manson - Musician

Michael Manuell - Stage Manager

Rob Matson - Puppeteer

Matt Maurer - Puppet Maker

  • Smiles Away, Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 31 August 1981

Peter McGill - Stage Manager

Denis Moore - Actor

Donna Morris - Puppeteer

  • Kakadu, The Rocks Theatre, The Rocks, NSW, 4 June 1988

Bill Neidjie - Writer

  • Kakadu, The Rocks Theatre, The Rocks, NSW, 4 June 1988

Kay Nichols - Puppeteer

Glen Pearson - Puppeteer

Robert Peet - Producer

Frank Phillips - Set and/or Property Maker

Jacqy Phillips - Actor

Hugh Powell - Stage Director

Joanna Priest - Director

Helen Rickards - Puppeteer

Kenneth Rowell - Designer

Ian Rowland - Puppeteer

Gary Shearston - Puppeteer

John Sheills - Puppeteer

Bronwyn Stenhouse - Puppeteer

Tony Strachan - Movement Director, Actor

Richard Strzelecki - Puppet Designer, Stage Director

Janet Symonds - Assistant Stage Manager

Greg Temple - Performer

John Terry - Puppeteer

Donald Walker - Puppeteer

Vivian Walker - Director, Playwright

  • Kakadu, The Rocks Theatre, The Rocks, NSW, 4 June 1988

David Wilson - Photographer

Peter J Wilson - Puppeteer

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