Contributor Derek Robinson
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Gender Male
Nationality American
Functions Actor, Performer, Photographer


Actor and Singer


Heidi Abbey - Actor and Singer, Performer

Diane Chamberlain - Performer, Actor

Angus Davidson - Performer, Actor

Julie Dawson Daniels - Playwright

Linda Ellis - Actor, Performer

Ron Hughes - Actor, Performer

John Koch - Performer, Actor

Christopher Meegan - Actor and Singer, Performer

David Rapkin - Actor, Performer

Ian Rigney - Director

Jenny Scarce-Tolley - Actor, Performer

Peter Taylor - Musical Director

Kathy Ali - Actor

Ross Anderson - Set Designer

Ross Anderson - Set Designer

Daniel Badger - Actor

Karin Barker - Actor

Peter Bleby - Actor

Allison Bourke - Actor

Kim Clark - Actor

Sarah Clark - Actor

Malcolm Day - Musical Director

Michele Dickson - Actor

Melanie George - Choreographer, Assistant Director

Rosemary Nursey-Bray - Director, Choreographer

Catherine Oldfield - Actor

Sarah Palmer - Actor

Joanna Patrick - Actor

Neville Phillis - Actor

Bernard J. Taylor - Composer, Lyricist

Merici Thompson - Actor

Njal Venning - Actor

The Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

Marie Clark Musical Theatre

Identifier 251397