Organisation The Australian Play Company
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Address Adelaide SA
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company
Notes Formed in 1964 - the first professional company based in South Australia.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Stow Hall, Adelaide, SA

Stow Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Carmel Millhouse - Actor

Terry Stapleton - Actor, Director

Peter Brinkworth - Actor

Roger Cardwell - Actor

Iris Hart - Director

John Hepworth - Playwright

James Hind - Actor

Alan Lane - Actor

Harry Lawrence - Actor

Sue Lawrence - Actor

Jean Marshall - Producer

Ian Mooney - Set Designer

Anne E Morgan - Actor

Dennis O'Grady - Actor

John Rosenberg - Actor

Alan Seymour - Playwright

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Heather Steen - Actor

Desmond White - Stage Director

Organisation Identifier 30354