Venue Australia
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Address Australia

Australian Contemporary Dance Company

The Australian Ballet

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

Australia Council for the Arts

Frontier Touring Company

Michael Edgley International

Marionette Theatre of Australia

DVA Theatre Company

The Queensland Ballet Company

Danza Viva

Handspan Theatre

HotHouse Theatre

Popular Theatre Troupe

Queensland Theatre Company

The Arts Council of Australia

The Ida Newton Players

Ashton's Circus

Bell Shakespeare Company

Born in a Taxi Company

Bullen Bros

Circus Royale

Dennis Smith Entertainment Organisation

Desperate Measures Inc

Edgley and Dawe Attractions Pty Ltd

Freewheels Theatre Company


J.J. and Company

Jigsaw Theatre Company

Kerridge Odeon Corporation

Kevin Jacobsen Productions

Magick Circus

Magpie Theatre Company

Murray River Performing Group

Novelty Theatre

Peter Davis

Skylark Puppet and Mask Theatre

Sole Brothers Pty. Limited

Tasmanian Theatre Company

The Elizabethan Trust Opera Company

The Flying Karolys

The Great Moscow Circus

The Olympians

The Space Angels

Weave Movement Theatre

Williamson, Garner and Musgrove

Wilton Morley

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

AGC Paradine Entertainments

Airlie Backpackers Backups

Alberto's Circus

Alliance Francaise de Perth

Armidale Keynote Singers

Arts Victoria

Australian and New Zealand Theatres Limited

Australian Ballet Foundation

Australian Bicentennial Authority

Australian Shakespeare Company

Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP)

Australian Theatre of the Deaf

Aztec Services Pty Ltd

Ballarat Sing Australia

Ballet Rambert

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Bathurst Sing Australia

Belmont Sing Australia

Benalla Community Singers

Bendigo Sing Australia

Beyond the Square


Cameron Mackintosh

Carina-Brisbane Sing Australia


Circus Quirkus

Coffs City Choir

Col W. de Basil's Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo

Come Out Youth Arts Festival

Covent Garden Russian Ballet

Currency Press

Dance Integrated Australia

Dandenong Ranges Sing Australia

Darwin Festival

Davis Morley Pty Ltd

Discovery Productions

Duo Carlos

Duo Dobritch

Duo Manualitas

Duo Michelles

Eden Brothers' Circus

Esso Australia Ltd

Expressions Dance Company

Feast Festival

Filiki Players

Footsteps in th Custard

Force Majeure

Fusion Theatre

Giddy Goanna Pty Ltd

Hall and Oates

Harold Raymond and his Merrymakers

Harvest Theatre Company

Hastings Choristers Cantorus Choir

Hocking & Vigo

Home Hill Choral Society

Illawarra Choral Society

Imagination Theatre

J. and N. Tait

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

John Reid Entertainment

John White Promotions

Kam Tai Sisters

Kim and Lee Byrnes

Lane Cove Dramatic Society Inc

Laughing Stock Productions

Leider Theatre

Lennon Brothers' Circus

Literature Board of the Australia Council

Luisillo and his Spanish Dance Theatre

Mackay 50 and Better Singers

Marrugeku Company

Maryborough Youth Choir

Melbourne Workers Theatre

Moiseyev's Dance Company of Russia

Monte Carlo Circus

Nambour Sing Australia

New South Wales Government

New South Wales University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

Newcastle Repertory Theatre

Nimrod Theatre Company

Northern Territory Government

Nowra Players

Orange Conservatorium Symphonic Choir

Orpheus Singers

Oxford University Revue

Oz Opera

Pan Pacific Productions

Pat Gregory Productions Ltd

Paul Dainty Productions Pty Ltd

Playgoers' Co-operative Theatres Limited

Pole Depot Theatre for Young People

Queensland Arts Council


Really Useful Productions

Red Stitch Actors Theatre

Regency Artists Pty. Ltd.

Restless Dance Theatre

Robert Luff

Rockhampton Musical Union Choir

Rough Magic Theatre

Round Earth Company

Royal Shakespeare Company


Rudas Organisation

Rugby Union Male Choir

Russian Ministry of Culture

Salamanca Theatre Company

Saxafone Productions

shake & stir theatre co


Sidetrack Performance Group

Sidetrack Theatre Company

Silver's Circus

South Australian Youth Arts Board

St. Pauls College Mummers

stArts with D Performance Ensemble

Sydney Dance Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Tamworth Jazz Choir

Tasmanian Song Company

The Alice Reyes Dance Company

The Anatoli Kalinin Group

The Arts Council of Australia (New South Wales Division)

The Arts Council of Australia (Queensland Division)

The Australia-China Council

The Australian Choreographic Centre

The Blind Entertainers

The Brucksons

The Canestrelli Family

The Carnellis

The Cowra Vocal Ensemble

The Cure

The Delltones

The Dilellos

The Elizabethan Trust Melbourne Orchestra

The Eotvos Family of Clowns

The Eotvos Precision Bar Acrobats

The Faligan Trio

The Farrell Brothers

The Fawcett Chimps

The Flying Gaonas

The Flying Lennons

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

The Gibadullin Troupe

The Happy Wanderers

The Independent Theatre Ltd

The Joannides

The Lotahs

The Narkevich Troupe

The O'Neill Organisation Pty. Ltd.

The Old Tote Theatre Company

The Police

The Principal Complex

The Romantics

The Shakhnin Family

The Shemshur Family

The Silagis Troupe

The Stage One Company

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

The Urbans

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

The Vienna Boys' Choir

The Wee Gets

The West Leapers

The West Troupe

The Wynyard Choral Society

Theatre Board of the Australia Council

Theatre Nepean

Toowoomba Sing Australia

Trade Union Training Authority

Trios Darix

Twentieth Century Fox

UK Squeeze

Upper Hume Community Health Service

Vox Harmony

WA Fringe Festival

Wagga Wagga Sing Australia

West Brothers' Circus

Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

Wheel Women

World Music Choir

Allan Anderson - Lighting Designer

Ronald Bekker - Dancer, Lighting Designer, Choreographer, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Designer

Frederick Ashton - Choreographer

Lucyna Sevitsky - Designer, Dancer

Don Asker - Lighting Designer, Musical Arranger, Costume Designer, Choreographer, Composer, Designer

Graeme Murphy - Choreographer, Dancer, Composer, Lighting Designer

William Akers - Director, Lighting Designer

Helen Booth - Dancer

Richard Bradshaw - Director, Playwright

Jeana Harper - Dancer

Robert Helpmann - Director, Artistic Director

Jacqueline Kay - Dancer

John Lanchbery - Musical Arranger

Lone Mansson - Dancer

Robert McNamara - Dancer

Tibor Pelsoczy - Dancer

Melinda Smith - Performer

Dianne Storer - Dancer

Victoria Swann - Dancer

Andris Toppe - Choreographer, Dancer

Peggy van Praagh - Stage Director, Adaptor, Artistic Director

Alan Alder - Dancer

Wiggy Brennan - Artistic Director, Costume Designer, Designer

David Burch - Dancer

Kathy Chard - Dancer

Kelvin Coe - Dancer

Harold Collins - Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Garry Doherty - Dancer

Michael Edgley - Producer, Tour Manager

Katrine Gabb - Puppeteer, Director

Paul Galbraith - Dancer

Valera Griffin - Actor, Director

Chris Jannides - Composer, Choreographer, Dancer, Musical Arranger, Designer

Joseph Janusaitis - Dancer

Josephine Jason - Dancer

Doron Kipen - Lighting Designer, Composer

Robin Lovejoy - Director, Producer

Donald Macleod - Dancer

Wayne Martin - Dancer

William Mather - Actor

Rex McNeill - Dancer

Ida Newton - Producer, Actor

Nicholas Parsons - Playwright, Director

Marius Petipa - Choreographer

Ray Powell - Choreographer, Adaptor, Ballet Master/Mistress

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Ian Spink - Dancer, Lighting Designer, Choreographer

Laura Tomei - Mask Maker, Designer

John Tsakiris - Dancer

Derek Watkins - Lighting Designer

Gina Wright - Dancer

Abu - Animal Performer

Bento - Circus Style Performer

Tanya - Animal Performer

Adolphe Adam - Composer

Michael Agzarian - Puppeteer

Owen Anderson - Dancer

Roslyn Anderson - Dancer

Wayne Anthoney - Clown, Performer

John Armstrong - Costume Designer, Designer

Doug Ashton - Proprietor

Phyllis Ashton - Proprietor

Richard Beynon - Playwright

Deanna Blacher - Designer, Choreographer

Paul Brown - Playwright

Mandy Browne - Actor

Tim Budas - Actor

Donn Byrnes - Lighting Designer

Barbara Chambers - Dancer

William Chappell - Costume Designer, Designer

Alida Chase - Dancer

Janine Claire - Dancer

Therese Collie - Actor

Rosetta Cook - Dancer

Paul Coppens - Composer

Che Cosgrave - Lighting Designer

P. P. Cranney - Playwright

Francis Croese - Dancer

John Croyston - Playwright

Julie da Costa - Dancer

Susan Dains - Dancer

Christopher Dean - Ice Skater, Choreographer

Léo Delibes - Composer

Judy Donovan - Dancer

Kathleen Dorahy - Dancer

Noni Dunstone - Actor

Larry Eastwood - Designer

Russell Emerson - Puppet Maker, Set Designer

Wesley Enoch - Writer, Playwright

Janice Florence - Performer, Producer

Mikhail Fokine - Choreographer

Bill Fontana - Composer

Ann Fraser - Dancer

Garry Fry - Director

Frank Gasser - Circus Style Performer, Proprietor

Manuella Gasser - Circus Style Performer, Proprietor

Kathleen Geldard - Dancer

Tanya Gerstle - Actor, Administrator

Trevor Green - Dancer

Michael Gurr - Playwright

Norman Hall - Costume Designer, Choreographer

Nanette Hassall - Choreographer, Designer

Ferdinand Herold - Composer

Robert Hewett - Playwright

Ross Hill - Puppet Designer, Puppet Maker

Jean Hopcraft - Designer

Peta Howley - Dancer

Jan Hoyer - Regisseur, Dancer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Graeme Hudson - Dancer

Tarnie James - Performer, Clown

Julie Janson - Playwright

Marilyn Jones - Dancer

Tomi Kalinski - Musical Director

Christine Kennedy - Playwright

Sarah Kennedy - Performer

Pat Laughren - Researcher

Jinx Lootens - Actor, Clown

Chino Lopez - Circus Style Performer

Kenneth MacLeod - Actor, Songwriter

Don Mamouney - Designer, Director

Tracy Mann - Actor

Richard Meale - Composer

David Megarrity - Writer, Director

Ludwig Minkus - Composer

Joni Mitchell - Lyricist, Singer

Patsy Molloy - Actor

Doreen Morrow - Performer, Singer

Wendy Moyle - Dancer

Rebecca Murphy - Performer

Mervyn Nairn - Circus Style Performer

Phyllis Nairn - Circus Style Performer

Suzanne Neumann - Dancer

Gary Norman - Dancer

Errol O'Neill - Writer, Director

Robert Okell - Dancer

Jillian Orr - Set Designer, Designer

William Pepper - Dancer

Louise Permezel - Director

Jules Perrot - Choreographer

Natalie Playford - Actor

Oleg Popov - Clown, Artistic Director

Kathryn Porrill - Actor

Carolyn Rappel - Dancer

Maurice Ravel - Composer

Dianne Reid - Performer, Choreographer

Derek Rencher - Costume Designer, Set Designer, Designer

Monique Richard - Dancer

Sean Riley - Playwright, Writer

Anne Robinson - Actor

Roger Rosser - Actor

Gioacchino Rossini - Composer

Marilyn Rowe - Dancer

Leigh Rowles - Dancer

Paul Saliba - Dancer

Megan Shapcott - Actor and Singer, Performer

Mandy Smith - Actor

James Steele - Actor, Clown

Gailene Stock - Dancer

Johann Strauss - Composer

Ross Stretton - Dancer

Kate Sulan - Director

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Tamara Tchinarova - Dancer

Jayne Torvill - Ice Skater, Choreographer

Richard Vabre - Lighting Designer

Christopher Walker - Actor

Wendy Walker - Dancer

William Walton - Composer

Leigh Warren - Designer, Choreographer

Karl Welander - Dancer

Frederic Werner - Dancer

Jennifer West - Actor, Director

Celia White - Actor

Susan Winter - Puppeteer

Bruce Wolfe - Designer

Carol Woodrow - Director

Paul Wright - Dancer

Ahmed - Circus Style Performer

Arna - Animal Performer

Audrella - Circus Style Performer

Bambi - Animal Performer

Clarence - Animal Performer

Gilda - Animal Performer

Maximiliano - Choreographer, Costume Designer

Monkey Suzy - Animal Performer

Mustard - Animal Performer

Pony Patches - Animal Performer

Tarzan - Animal Performer

Eddie Abd - Video Artist

Kira Abricossova - Dancer

Janet Achurch - Actor

Janine Agzarian - Puppeteer

Camilla Ah Kin - Director

Jane Ahlquist - Composer, Actor

Margaret Akerman - Dancer

Lucette Aldous - Dancer

Grisha Alexandroff - Dancer

Harcourt Algeranoff - Dancer

Roger Allen - Actor

Alberto Alonso - Dancer

Johannes Ambrose - Playwright

Lorand Andahazy - Dancer

Dawn Anderson - Actor

Greg Anderson - Performer

Tammy Anderson - Actor

Savva Andreieff - Dancer

Robyn Archer - Lyricist, Singer

Emily Ardley - Performer

Ari - Performer

Helen Arkinson-Wood - Performer

Martin Armstead - Performer

Louis Armstrong - Trumpeter

Irvin Arthur - Administrator

Bryan Ashbridge - Choreographer

Mervyn Ashton - Circus Style Performer

Nikki Ashton - Circus Style Performer

David Atfield - Director, Playwright

Daniel Auber - Composer

Sarah Austin - Director

Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Harold Badger - Musical Arranger

Trent Baker - Actor

Leon Bakst - Scenic Artist

Ross Balbuziente - Actor, Creator

Elvin Bale - Circus Style Performer

Alan Barker - Conductor

Robert Barlow - Dancer

Irina Baronova - Dancer

Zoe Barrie - Sound Designer

Birger Bartholin - Dancer

Bela Bartok - Composer

Debra Iris Batton - Actor

Detlef Bauer - Stage Manager

Charly Baumann - Circus Style Performer

Nadine Baylis - Costume Designer

Jane Beckett - Choreographer

Melanie Beddie - Director

Stephan Beinl - Producer

Alida Belair - Dancer

Maria Belen - Dancer

David Bell - Devisor

Diana Bell - Actor

Michael Bell - Performer

Rose Belli - Tight-rope Walker

Rudi Belli - Circus Style Performer

Boris Belsky - Dancer

Roger Bennett - Playwright

Alexander Benois - Scenic Artist

Nadia Benois - Designer

Lu Beranek - Actor

Christian Berard - Scenic Artist

Paul Bertram - Actor

Luigi Bezano - Circus Style Performer

Robby Billinghurst - Costume Designer

Veronika Birina - Circus Style Performer

Reg Black - Organist

Ann Blackall - Actor

Mathew Blackstock - Actor

Ron Blair - Playwright

Theresa Blake - Devisor

Dorothy Blewett - Playwright

Brett Blewitt - Director

Valentina Blinova - Dancer

Ernest Bloch - Designer

Graeme Blundell - Director

Michael Boddy - Writer

Nadine Boisaubert - Dancer

John Bolton - Director

Rafael Bonachela - Choreographer

Irina Bondireva - Dancer

Justin Booker - Performer

Edouard Borovansky - Dancer

Serge Bousloff - Dancer

Sarah Bowden - Performer

Harriet Bowdler - Stage Director

Ian Bowie - Sound Operator/Engineer

James H. Bowles - Actor

Gordon Boyd - Presenter

Larry Boyd - Director

Wilfrid Brambell - Actor

Natallie Branitska - Dancer

Carl Bren - Circus Style Performer

Ana Brianso - Dancer

John Brice - Choreographer

Andrew Bridge - Lighting Designer

Don Bridges - Actor, Choir

Robyn Brinklley - Actor

Syd Brisbane - Actor

Benjamin Britten - Composer

Ken Broadbent - Actor

Johnny Broadway - Circus Style Performer

John Brosnan - Performer

Alastair Brown - Actor

Jewel Brown - Singer

Walter Brown - Actor

Ross Browning - Puppeteer

John Bryan - Actor

Geoff Bullen - Presenter

Ken Bullen - Presenter

Deirdre Burges - Designer

Carol Burns - Actor

Gordon Burns - Set Designer

Alexander Buzo - Playwright

Jackie Buzza - Actor

April Byatt - Actor

Annie Byron - Actor

Jak Callick - Dancer

Emily Cammelle - Actor

Duncan Campbell - Actor

Beverley Campbell Jackson - Set Designer, Puppet Designer

Antonio Candela - Dancer

Janice Carroll - Performer

Buck Carson - Circus Style Performer

Susan Carson - Actor

Peter Casey - Musical Advisor

Jimmy Castano - Circus Style Performer

Jana Castillo - Performance Artist

Lesly Caust - Actor

Enrico Cecchetti - Choreographer

Emmanuel Chabrier - Composer

Philip Channells - Director

Gordon Chater - Actor

Ernest Chausson - Composer

Galina Cheezova - Circus Style Performer

Kirsty Child - Actor

Ray Chong Nee - Actor

Danny Choo - Circus Style Performer

Anne Church - Costume Designer

Joe Church - Comedian

Cigarette - Performer

Benjamin Cisterne - Lighting Designer

Chris Clark - Composer

Rosalba Clemente - Director

David Clendinning - Actor

Amanda Clerke - Dancer

Mel Clifford - Costume Designer

Jo-Ann Close - Writer

Patrina Coates - Dancer

Josephine Cohan - Actor

Kenn Coldicutt - Dancer

Elizabeth Coleman - Playwright

Jillian Collinson - Dancer

Laurence Collinson - Playwright

Lorna Colquhoun - Ice Skater

Pam Conder - Costume Designer

Peter Condon - Stage Manager

Barry Conyngham - Composer

Rita Coolidge - Singer

Zoe Coombs Marr - Writer

Damien Cooper - Lighting Designer

Giles Cooper - Playwright

Gildardo Copete - Dancer

Jean Coralli - Choreographer

Harry H Corbett - Actor

Harry Cordwell - Designer

Caron Core - Actor

Fiona Corke - Actor

Stephanie Cosgrove - Actor

Billy Cowper - Performer

Patricia Cox - Dancer

Steven Cox - Set Designer

John Cranko - Choreographer

Romano Crivici - Composer

Robert Crompton - Actor

Paloma Cruz - Dancer

Jennifer Cullen - Actor

Max Cullen - Actor

Eleanor Curran - Producer

Robert Cusenza - Actor

Bryan Cutts - Actor

Carl Czerny - Composer

Stewart D'Arrietta - Producer

Rob Dallas - Actor

Gabrielle Dalton - Director

Annemaree Dalziel - Costume Designer

John Dankworth - Musician

Jason Darnell - Actor

Nigel Davenport - Actor

Kiah Davey - Production Manager

Richard Davey - Playwright, Director

Carol Davis - Choreographer

Margaret Davis - Assistant Director

Nicholas Day - Production Manager

Susan Day - Actor

Colonel W. de Basil - Entrepreneur

Count Etienne de Beaumont - Scenic Artist

Jose de Los Rios - Dancer

Warren de Maria - Dancer

Paul de Masson - Dancer

Ninette de Valois - Choreographer

Beverley Dean - Dancer

Peter Dease - Actor

Angus Deayton - Performer

Hilary Debden - Dancer

Campion Decent - Playwright

Shelagh Delaney - Playwright

Emma Delmenico - Performer

Les Dempsey - Musical Director

Isobel Denholm - Director

Boris Denisov - Circus Style Performer

Alexandra Denisova - Dancer

Terry Denton - Author

Andre Derain - Scenic Artist

Bryce Dessner - Composer

Rafael Diaz - Dancer

Mark Dickinson - Performer

Wendy Dickson - Set Designer

Mira Dimina - Dancer

Cara Dinley - Performer

Peter Doley - Playwright

Anton Dolin - Dancer

Dee Donovan - Ice Skater

Antal Dorati - Conductor

David Downer - Actor

Peta Downes - Director

Hal Downey - Producer, Director, Lighting Designer

Jozef Drewniak - Singer

George Dreyfus - Composer

Joseph Dubinsky - Director

Larry Dunlap - Musician

Trevor Dunn - Performer

John Durham - Performer

Fille Dusseljee - Actor

Russell Dykstra - Devisor

Eduard Dzikowsky - Dancer

Neil Easton - Singer

Laurence Eastwood - Set Designer

Daisy Ebatarinja - Performer

Simon Eddy - Musical Director

T. S. Eliot - Poet

Ron Elisha - Playwright

Hilary Elliott - Performer

Glenn Elston - Director

Kerreen Ely-Harper - Director

Nikolai Emeliukov - Acrobat

Josephine Anne Endicott - Dancer

Fritz Engel - Composer

Kevin English - Performer

Joseph Eroni - Circus Style Performer

James Evans - Performer

Jeff Evans - Composer

Ken Evans - Designer

Louis Falco - Choreographer

Tom Farley - Actor

Peter Farmer - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Sophie Fedorovitch - Designer

Mary-Lynne Fennell - Musical Director

Michael Ferguson - Actor

Marie-Martine Ferrari - Puppeteer, Director

Danny Fine - Composer

Adam-Jon Fiorentino - Performer

Simone Flanagan - Stage Manager

David Fleischer - Designer

Ah Fong - Juggler

David Forster - Creator, Performer

Colin Foster - Actor

Richard Fotheringham - Director, Playwright

Murray Foy - Director

Richard Frankland - Writer

Benjamin Franklin - Actor

Heath Franklin - Comedian

Anne Fraser - Costume Designer

Nicola Fraser - Performer

Tim Freeman - Circus Style Performer

Anna French - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Brian Friel - Playwright

Valentin Froman - Dancer

Michael Fuller - Choreographer

Michael Futcher - Director

Anthony Gabriele - Musical Director

Markham Gannon - Performer

Robert Gard - Performer

Christian Garros - Percussionist

Pilar Garzon - Dancer

Anton Gasser - Proprietor

Carolos Gasser - Aerialist

Valentine Geglovsky - Dancer

David E R George - Playwright

Mick Gerace - Impersonator

John Germain - Singer

George Gevini - Actor

Petrea Gibbins - Dancer

William Schwenck Gilbert - Playwright

Janet Gillam - Actor

Brian Gillespie - Performer

Alexander Glazunov - Composer

Jason Glenwright - Lighting Designer

Pearl Gluick - Circus Style Performer

Peter Goers - Director

Carlo Goldoni - Playwright

Josechu Gomez - Dancer

Nathalie Gontcharova - Costume Designer

Bill Goodwin - Costume Designer

Walter Gore - Choreographer

Josh Gourlay - Actor

Timothy Gow - Set and/or Property Maker

Ron Graham - Actor

Garry Grant - Circus Style Performer

Marty Grant - Circus Style Performer

Tammy Grant - Circus Style Performer

Tanya Grant - Circus Style Performer

Tommy Grant - Circus Style Performer

Steven Gration - Playwright, Director

Nick Gray - Playwright

Oriel Gray - Playwright

Deidre Green - Actor

Peter Green - Actor

Francis Greenslade - Actor

Pat Gregory - Director, Choreographer, Ice Skater

John Griffith - Actor

Andy Griffiths - Author

Serge Grigorieff - Regisseur

Tamara Grigorieva - Dancer

Noel Grivas - Stage Manager

Olga Gross - Dancer

Vanda Grossen - Dancer

Robin Grove - Choreographer, Designer

Peter Grubb - Sound Designer

Antje Guenther - Actor

Roland Guerard - Dancer

Andrew Guild - Executive Producer

Bryan Gun - Performer

Jennifer Hagan - Director

Stephen Hall - Actor

Richard Hames - Composer

Verity Hampson - Lighting Designer

Chrisjohn Hancock - Director

Delia Hannah - Performer

Max Hanson - Dancer

Eve Hardwick - Actor

Peter Hardy - Actor

Carl Bren Harrison - Circus Style Performer

Stephanie Harrison - Composer

Susan Marie Harrison - Circus Style Performer

Anne Harvey - Director, Writer

Arnold Haskell - Author

David Haughton - Writer

Jimmy Haughton-James - Designer

Michael Havir - Sound Designer

Ronald Hay - Choreographer

Janys Hayes - Actor

Desmond Heeley - Designer

John Heffernan - Performer

Regina Heilmann - Performer

Sandra Heland - Actor

Catherine Hill - Director

Gary Hill - Dancer

Frank Hinder - Designer

Glen Hogstrom - Performer

Thomas Holesgrove - Actor

Trevor Holland - Performer

Gustav Holst - Composer

Arthur Honegger - Composer

Andrea Hood - Costume Maker

Rosalea Hood - Costume Maker

Alan Hopgood - Playwright

Bob Hornery - Actor

Lisa Houghton - Dancer

Andrée Howard - Costume Designer, Choreographer, Designer

Cameron Rolfe Howlett - Actor

Raymond Huessy - Scenic Artist

Jean Hugo - Scenic Artist

Barry Humphries - Actor

Max Humphries - Musician

Zoe Hunter - Performer

Philip Hutch - Dancer

Ronald Hynd - Choreographer

Henrik Ibsen - Playwright

Tony Ingersent - Actor

Geoffrey Ingram - Scenario

Serge Ismailoff - Dancer

Lev Ivanov - Choreographer

Mikhail Ivanov - Animal Wrangler

Juan Jackson - Performer

Ronal Jackson - Singer

Helene Jacoby - Actor

Hunter Jacques - Performer

Andrea James - Devisor, Actor

Des James - Associate Director

Robert Jarman - Consultant

Ladislav Jasek - Concert Master

Roman Jasinsky - Dancer

Fransisco Javier - Dancer

Ken Jeacle - Producer, Director

Aleisa Jelbart - Costume Designer

Jess Jimenez - Dancer

Gary Johns - Designer

Kevan Johnston - Actor

Alex Jones - Performance Artist

Courtney Jones - Costume Designer

Eric Jones - Performer

Steven Jones - Actor

Brian Joyce - Director, Playwright

Charo Joyce - Performer

Louis Kahan - Costume Designer

Michael Kamen - Composer

Garson Kanin - Playwright

Evdokia Katahanas - Actor

Harishma Katakarinja - Performer

Rene Kathriner - Circus Style Performer

William Katz - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Eloise Keary - Actor

Stuart Keech - Performer

Daniel Keene - Playwright

Rosalind Keene - Singer

Graham Kelleher - Actor

Roger Kemp - Choreographer, Designer

Peter Kenna - Actor

Peter Kennard - Sound Designer

Robert Kennedy - Director

Sheila Kennelly - Actor

Melissa Kerl - Performer, Assistant Stage Manager

Bruce Kerr - Actor

Hank Kerr - Actor

Aram Khachaturian - Composer

Aldo King - Actor

Martin Kinnane - Lighting Designer

Michela Kirkaldie - Dancer

Helene Kirsova - Dancer

Alison Kirwan - Actor

Frederick Knott - Playwright

Marina Kordoban - Circus Style Performer

Constantin Korovine - Scenic Artist

Barrie Kosky - Director

Irina Kosmovska - Dancer

Raissa Kousnetzova - Dancer

Stefan Kracjik - Circus Style Performer

Kris Kristofferson - Singer

Gerald Krug - Musical Director

John Krummel - Director

Casey Kurtti - Playwright

Michael Kyriakakis - Composer

Fifi L'Amour - Performer

Neil LaBute - Playwright

Marian Ladre - Dancer

Cleo Laine - Singer

Osbert Lancaster - Designer

John Lane - Actor

Melanie Lane - Choreographer

Sam Lane - Choreographer

John Langmaid - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

M Larionow - Scenic Artist

Verity Laughton - Playwright

Ellery Lawless - Stage Manager

Lee Lawrence - Tenor

John Laws - Presenter

Richard Lawton - Director

Yurek Lazowsky - Dancer

Tony Le Nguyen - Playwright

Leonie Leahy - Dancer

Jack Lee - Ice Skater

Nelle Lee - Actor, Creator, Adaptor

Peggy Lee - Performer

Franz Lehar - Composer

Lindsay Lennon - Circus Style Performer, Proprietor

Mike Lennon - Circus Style Performer

Philip Lennon - Proprietor, Circus Style Performer

Sharee Lennon - Circus Style Performer

Nikolai Leontiev - Acrobat

Lina Lerina - Dancer

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Jeannie Lewis - Singer

David Lichine - Choreographer

Jenny Lind - Actor

Michael Linnit - Producer

Kim Liotta - Actor

Franz Liszt - Composer

Andreas Litras - Writer

Markeeta Little Wolf - Performer

Robert Lloyd - Designer

Ray Loeckle - Musician

Trini Lopez - Musician

Jacques Loussier - Pianist

Kim Love - Dancer

James Loveday - Performer

Graham Lowndes - Composer

Virginia Loxton - Actor

George Lucas - Director

Baz Luhrmann - Director

Luisillo - Choreographer, Artistic Director, Dancer

Valentine Lunego - Circus Style Performer

Valeri Lunego - Circus Style Performer

Shelley Lush - Stage Manager

Ludmilla Lvova - Dancer

Reginald Lye - Actor

Gillian Lynne - Associate Director, Assistant Choreographer

Tes Lyssiotis - Playwright, Director

John MacDonnell - Proprietor

Jenine Mackay - Production Manager

Ronald Maconaghie - Performer

Heather Macrae - Dancer

Terence Madden - Actor

Gustav Mahler - Composer

Sarah Mainwaring - Performer

Cheryl Mallinson - Dancer

Boris Mamleyev - Compere

Lynette Mann - Dancer

Linda Marie Walker - Playwright

David Marr - Actor

Andre Masson - Scenic Artist

Max Mastrosavas - Playwright

Stan Mathews - Baritone

Michael Matou - Performer, Creator

Narzis Matouchevsky - Dancer

Chris Maver - Lighting Designer

Renata Mazzei - Actor

Noel McCabe - Singer

Ken McCaffrey - Set Designer

Dermid McDermott - Set Designer

Hugh McDermott - Actor

Garry McDonald - Actor

Roxanne McDonald - Writer

Shelly McDonald - Playwright, Director, Puppeteer

Brendon McDonall - Director

Andrew McFarlane - Actor

Kath McGrath - Musician

Jai McHenry - Performer

Bruce McKendry - Production Manager

Clare McKenna - Actor

Graham McKenzie - Set Designer

Russell Medcraft - Playwright

John Meehan - Dancer

John Meillon - Actor

Paco Mellado - Composer, Musician

Jan Melvin - Dancer

Felix Mendelssohn - Composer

Hephzibah Menuhin - Pianist

Yehudi Menuhin - Violinist

Reg Meuross - Writer

Roberto Micali - Actor

Joanne Michel - Dancer

Pierre Michelot - Bassist

Danielle Micich - Director

Louisa Mignone - Actor

Rodney Milgate - Actor

Allen Miller - Lighting Designer

David Miller - Company Manager

Edward Miller - Choreographer

Harry M. Miller - Producer

Kevin Mills - Performer

Frank Millward - Composer

Charles Mingus - Composer

Danny Mitchell - Writer, Actor

Norma Mitchell - Playwright

Alexandr Mlokit - Director

Igor Moiseyev - Artistic Director

Julia Moody - Actor

Malcolm Moore - Director

Oliver Jason Moore - Performer

Genevieve Mooy - Actor

Jose Morata - Dancer

Barry Moreland - Choreographer

Faye Morgan - Costume Designer

Isla Morgan - Actor

Sally Morgan - Writer

Tony Morgan - Performer

Stephen Morgante - Performer

Wilton Morley - Producer

Paul Morris - Actor

Rick Mourant - Actor

Greg Muir - Performer

Luis Munoz - Tight-rope Walker

Geoff Murray - Actor

Kate Mutsaers - Sound Operator/Engineer

Rosemary Myers - Playwright

Bruce Myles - Director

Renald Navarro - Director

Vera Nelidova - Dancer

Peter Neufeld - Lighting Designer

Ryan New - Performer

Jim Newton - Actor

Caitlin Newton-Broad - Playwright

Fred Niblo - Actor

Miriam Nicholls - Performer, Assistant Designer

Victoria Nicolls - Actor

Tolia Nikiprowetzky - Composer

Andre Nikolaev - Clown

Barbara Nimmo - Choreographer

Sidney Nolan - Designer

Gary Numan - Performer

Trevor Nunn - Director

Rudolf Nureyev - Choreographer

Julianne O'Brien - Playwright

Richard O'Brien - Performer

Mike O'Connell - Proprietor

Anna O'Connor - Actor

Kerryn O'Donnell - Performer

Gerard O'Dwyer - Performance Artist

Lyle O'Hara - Actor

Marcus O'Loughlin - Actor

Julie O'Reilly - Performer

Max Oldaker - Actor

Alan Oldfield - Designer

Arthur Oldham - Musical Arranger, Composer

Robert Olup - Dancer

Ljubov Orlova - Circus Style Performer

William Orr - Producer

George Orwell - Author

Sono Osato - Dancer

Ian Owens - Performer

Richard Pacholski - Assistant Lighting Designer

Stephen Page - Choreographer

Jann Pahl - Designer

Liz Pain - Lighting Designer

Devona Palmer - Performer

Marnie Palomares - Performance Artist

Oscar Panizza - Writer

Nita Pannell - Actor

Valeri Panushkin - Aerialist

Anna Pappas - Costume Designer

Pedro Pardo - Dancer

Georgie Parker - Actor

Patricia Parker - Actor

Sarah Parker - Performer

Charles Parkinson - Artistic Director

Jessica Parraga - Performer

Chrissie Parrott - Costume Designer, Choreographer

Theo Patrikareas - Playwright

Janet Patterson - Costume Designer

Colin Peasley - Dancer

Lisa Peers - Actor

James Pegler - Performer

Mark Pegler - Actor

Mark Penman - Teacher

Henri Penn - Musical Director

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi - Composer

Geoffrey Perkins - Performer

Albert Perry - Proprietor, Circus Style Performer

Darryl Perry - Circus Style Performer

Denise Perry - Circus Style Performer

Ellen Perry - Circus Style Performer

Jean Perry - Circus Style Performer

Joe Perry - Proprietor, Circus Style Performer

Lindsay Perry - Circus Style Performer

Mathew Perry - Composer

Matthew Perry - Designer

Robert Perry - Proprietor, Circus Style Performer

Susan Marie Perry - Circus Style Performer

Jill Perryman - Actor

Roland Pertwee - Playwright

Marcel Peters - Circus Style Performer

Joshua Pether - Director

Paul Petroff - Dancer

Craig Phillips - Dancer

Jacqy Phillips - Actor

Graham Pitts - Playwright

Vladimir Polunin - Scenic Artist

Wendy Pomroy - Repetiteur

Claire Poole - Chorus Master/Mistress

Philip Pope - Performer

Hal Porter - Composer

Mary Portesi - Actor

Francis Poulenc - Composer

Tim Priest - Actor

Bryan Probets - Actor

Sergei Prokofiev - Composer

Larissa Pryce - Performer

Cesare Pugni - Composer

Angela Punch McGregor - Actor

Barry Quin - Actor

David Rabe - Playwright

Daniel Rabin - Circus Style Performer

Igor Radigen - Designer

Nina Raievska - Dancer

Martin Raistrick - Dancer

Rolando Ramos - Performer

Ian Rannard - Dancer

Martin Raphael - Composer

Julia Ravicki - Dancer

Colette Rayment - Director

Galina Razoumova - Dancer

Martin Redpath - Actor

Marjorie Redvers - Ice Skater, Choreographer

Gerard Reed - Actor

Kingsley Reeve - Sound Designer

Melissa Reeves - Writer

Paul Reichstein - Actor

Rex Reid - Choreographer

Ron Reid - Designer

Warwick Reid - Performer

Simon Reptile - Performer

Geoff Revell - Actor

Dorothy Reynolds - Book and Lyrics

Tatiana Riabouchinska - Dancer

Lynn Rich - Musical Arranger

Tim Richards - Actor

Antony Riddell - Performer

James Ridewood - Designer

Frances Rings - Choreographer

Valmai Roberts - Dancer

Clare Robertson - Designer

Barbara Robinson - Actor

Jo-Anne Robinson - Adaptor

Jennifer Roby - Circus Style Performer

Keith Roby - Circus Style Performer

Les Roby - Circus Style Performer

Joaquin Rodrigo - Composer

Antonio Rodriguez - Choreographer

Jan Rodriguez - Circus Style Performer

Brazil Rodroguez - Circus Style Performer

Des Rolfe - Actor

Robert Rosen - Conductor

Brendan Ross - Director

Nina Rossini - Actor

Dimitri Rostoff - Dancer

Lelia Roussova - Dancer

Lyndel Rowe - Actor

Kenneth Rowell - Costume Designer

Anna Roy - Dancer

Evie Rudas - Actor

Geof Rumney - Performer

Borislav Runanine - Dancer

Mariette Rups-Donnelly - Actor

John Rusden - Actor

Rhonda Russell - Dancer

Camille Saint-Saens - Composer

Frank Salter - Stage Director

Leonard Salzedo - Composer

Louise Sanders - Actor

Mandy Sandilands - Actor

Maria Sanina - Dancer

Jo Sapir - Deputy Stage Manager

Igor Sas - Actor

Erik Satie - Composer

Luciana Saul - Actor

Galina Savelieva - Aerialist

Johann Hermann Schein - Composer

Prince A Schervachidze - Scenic Artist

Nick Schlieper - Lighting Designer

Franz Schubert - Composer

Bethany Scott - Actor

Jill Scott - Actor

Keith Scott - Performer

Lisa Scott-Murphy - Director

Caj Selling - Dancer

John Senczuk - Playwright, Designer

Lisa Serova - Dancer

Isabel Serrano - Dancer

Wolfgang Seyd - Tour Manager

George Shaevsky - Dancer

Valeri Shaevsky - Dancer

Donald Shanks - Performer

Ludmilla Sharkovi - Acrobat

Victor Sharkovi - Acrobat

Jim Sharman - Director

Lucinda Sharp - Dancer

Fiona Shaw - Performer

Joseph Shearer - Designer

Stephen Sheehan - Actor

Kate Sheil - Actor

John Sheills - Puppeteer

Jane Shelton - Dancer

Bernard Shine - Actor

John Shortis - Composer

Yuri Shubin - Acrobat

Joan Shute - Performer

Gerard Sibbritt - Dancer

Jean Sibelius - Composer

Ah Siew - Juggler

Neil Simon - Playwright

Guy Simpson - Musical Supervisor

Ronald Sinclair - Designer

Ritchie Singer - Actor

John Singleton - Presenter

Nick Skubij - Creator, Adaptor, Actor

Patrick Skuse - Singer

Julian Slade - Book and Lyrics, Composer

Thadee Slavinsky - Dancer

Donald Smith - Singer

Robert Smith - Dancer

Rod Smith - Actor

Edouard Sobichevsky - Dancer

Natasha Sobinova - Dancer

Dimitry Sokolov - Musical Director

Lindsay Sole - Circus Style Performer

Juliette Solley - Dancer

Paul Sommer - Actor

Steve J Spears - Playwright

Kathryn Sproul - Designer

Bob St Claire - Musical Director

Monique St John - Performer

Brian Stacey - Musical Arranger

Frank Staff - Choreographer

Judith Staff - Singer

Maeliosa Stafford - Director

Anna Steen - Actor

Pamela Stephenson - Actor

Patricia Stephenson - Performer

Craig Sterling - Dancer

Michael Stevens - Performer

Hugh Stevenson - Designer

Brett Stewart - Stage Director

Christopher Stollery - Director

Hardy Stow - Clown

Kira Strakhova - Dancer

Eric Stratton - Clown

Tod Strike - Performer

Suzy Strout - Costume Assistant

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Jan Sullivan - Actor

Rebecca Sutherland - Performer

Rachael Swain - Playwright

Eve Swinstead-Smith - Designer

Brooke Synnott - Performer

Yuri Talin - Circus Style Performer

Serge Tampalini - Director

Ian Tasker - Producer

La Tati - Dancer

Boris Tatishvili - Musical Director

John Taylor - Actor

Juliet Taylor - Set Designer

Lucy Taylor - Actor

Sean Taylor - Director

Sonia Taylor - Actor

Gabrielle Therese - Singer

Tony Thexton - Clown

Debbie Thomas - Costume Designer

Mark Thompson - Design Consultant

Tom Thompson - Writer

Katherine Thomson - Playwright

Russell Thomson - Actor

Meme Thorne - Performer

Kenneth Tillson - Dancer

Georg Tintner - Musical Director

Amber Todd - Actor

Laura Toledo - Dancer

Yoshi Tosa - Designer

Oliver Toth - Performer

Andrea Toy - Dancer

Kim Traynor - Dancer

John Trenaman - Actor

Edna Tresahar - Dancer

Isaac Trew - Performer

John Trigg - Devisor

Simone Troy - Producer, Choreographer, Performer

Yensoon Tsai - Translator

Stelios Tsiolas - Composer

Antony Tudor - Choreographer

Richard Tulloch - Adaptor

Oleg Tupine - Dancer

Sandy Turner - Actor

Alexei Tvelenov - Acrobat

Tommy Tycho - Conductor

Fran Tylie - Clown

Serge Unguer - Dancer

Michelle Urban - Circus Style Performer

Tanya Uren - Actor

Vladimir Uspenski - Circus Style Performer

Maurice Valency - Playwright

Renee Valent - Dancer

Wayne Van Heekeren - Actor

Karen Veldhuizen - Performer

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

Janet Vernon - Dancer

Ariel Verona - Performer

Jim Vile - Writer

Anna Volkova - Dancer

Anna Volska - Actor

John Walker - Actor

Michael Wallace - Performer

Peter Waller - Circus Style Performer

Christine Walsh - Dancer

Glen Walsh - Actor

Helen Walsh - Performer

Janet Walsh - Dancer

Doreen Warburton - Director, Actor

Jon Ward - Musician

Neil Warren-Smith - Singer

Irina Wassilieva - Dancer

Ann Watt - Actor

Jacki Weaver - Actor

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Composer

Edward Ross Webster - Actor

Guy Webster - Sound Designer

Sandra Weiner - Dancer

Owen Weingott - Actor

Garth Welch - Dancer

Stanton Welch - Dancer

Peter Wells - Sound Designer

Arnold Wesker - Playwright

Linda West - Circus Style Performer

Natalie West - Circus Style Performer

Ron West - Actor

Victor West - Proprietor, Circus Style Performer

Richard Wherrett - Director

Fiona White - Costume Designer

David Whitney - Actor

Pauline Whyman - Actor

Ken Wilby - Designer, Costume Designer

Robert Wilkie - Actor

Teresa Wilkinson - Actor

Brandon Williams - Performer

Fred Williams - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Glyn Williams - Set Designer

Ken Williams - Costume Designer

Malcolm Williamson - Composer

Stanley Willis-Croft - Director

Ann Wilson - Dancer

Matt Wilson - Actor

Ray Wilson - Costume Designer

Ronald Wilson - Designer

Rose Wilson - Various

Sharyn Winney - Performer

Eleanor Witcombe - Playwright

Karen Witt - Actor

Dan Witton - Devisor

Léon Woizikowsky - Dancer

Betty Wolska - Dancer

Matt Woodham - Video Artist

Estelle Woods - Actor

Patricia Wooldridge - Singer

Kat Worth - Director, Set Designer

Roz Wren - Designer

Tim Wright - Performer

Barbara Wyndon - Actor

Farid Yakubov - Animal Wrangler

William Yang - Writer

David Yarrow - Actor

Chris Yates - Company Manager

Anatoli Yegorov - Circus Style Performer

Mikhail Yegorov - Circus Style Performer

Peter Yeldham - Playwright

Norman Yemm - Performer

Ranko Yokoyama - Dancer, Assistant Choreographer

Nina Youchkevitch - Dancer

Tony Youlden - Lighting Designer

Bill Young - Actor

Patricia Young - Actor

Bryce Youngman - Performer

Igor Youskevitch - Dancer

Phillip Zaccini - Circus Style Performer

Nikos Zakardis - Actor

Gino Zancanaro - Singer

Matt Zeremes - Actor

Zero - Performer

Jim Zimmerman - Musician

Venue Identifier 386