Contributor Ken Jeacle
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Gender Male
Functions Director, Producer





Roy Barbour - Actor, Performer

Judyth Barron - Actor and Singer, Singer

John Bluthal - Actor

Margaret Boyle - Choreographer

Johnny Broadway - Circus Style Performer

Ivor Bromley - Actor

Margaret Brown - Dancer, Actor

Joe Church - Comedian

Nina Cooke - Singer, Actor

Les Dempsey - Musical Director

David Eadie - Actor, Performer

Albert Fisher - Musical Director

Tony Fontane - Singer, Actor

Tim Freeman - Circus Style Performer

Arthur Gorman - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Maureen Helman - Singer, Actor and Singer

Ralton R. James - Assistant Producer

Joseph Karell - Actor and Singer, Singer

Lee Lawrence - Tenor

Emile Littler - Producer, Director

David N. Martin - Producer, Presenter

Eric Maschwitz - Book and Lyrics

Stan Mathews - Baritone

Claire Poole - Chorus Master/Mistress

George Posford - Composer

John Redmond - Assistant Producer

Debroy Somers - Orchestrator, Composer

Julian Somers - Actor

Brett Stewart - Stage Director

Gabrielle Therese - Singer

Andris Toppe - Choreographer

Kerry Vaughn - Actor

Frank Ward - Actor, Performer

Jack Baker - Dancer

John Baker - Dancer

Max Blake - Performer

Brenda Charles - Performer

Betty Cohen - Actor and Singer

Danny Davey - Dancer

Charles Dorning - Assistant Producer

Ian Field - Actor and Singer

Ronald Hay - Choreographer

Sonny Hosey - Dancer

Betty Linke - Singer

Margaret Lloyd - Singer

Leo McKernan - Actor and Singer

Kevin Regan - Dancer

Shirley Regan - Dancer

Noel Rooney - Singer

Frank Sheldon - Performer

Jim Stewart - Singer

Regency Artists Pty. Ltd.

Robert Luff

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Orchestra

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