Organisation Rudas Organisation
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Address Melbourne VIC
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company, [Unknown]

Clem Dirago and Partners Pty. Ltd.

Kawashima Dancers

Ricmand Duo

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Duo Sylvanos

Fabulous Rudas Dancers

Blue Squire Trio

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Walt Disney Productions

The Coquettes

The Dandinis

The Diors

The Taboris

Tivoli Girls and Boys

Ulk and Maor

Ballet Cavalcade

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Orchestra

Edgley and Dawe Attractions Pty Ltd

International Attractions Pty Ltd

  • Cinderella, Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT, 29 August 1983

Northern Amusements Corporation

Tasmanian Theatre Company

The Flying Michelles

The Marble Statues

Townsville City Council

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA

Regent Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

Albury, Albury, NSW

Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Australia, [Unknown]

Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, NSW

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat, VIC

National Theatre, Launceston, TAS

New South Wales, NSW

Newcastle Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Queensland, QLD

Royal Princess Theatre, Bendigo, VIC

Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Townsville Civic Centre, South Townsville, QLD

Victoria, VIC

Victoria Theatre (1891-), Newcastle, NSW

Wagga Wagga, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Wangaratta, Wangaratta , VIC

Anna Rudas - Director, Choreographer

Tibor Rudas - Producer, Director, Choreographer

Dudley Cantrell - Orchestrator, Musical Arranger, Conductor

Clyde Collins - Composer, Orchestrator, Musical Director

Angus Winneke - Designer, Scenic Artist, Assistant Director, Assistant Producer

Winnie Gill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Frank L. Baum - Author

Robina Beard - Director, Adaptor, Lyricist

Che Chung Chong - Circus Style Performer, Juggler

Louise Cullen - Actor

Dale Grant - Actor

Mana Koon - Circus Style Performer

Stephen Leeder - Actor

Karlene Meenahan - Actor

Gary O'Brien - Tour Manager

Greg Ohlbach - Musician

Lindsay Partridge - Musical Arranger, Composer, Musical Director

Fred Santos - Singer, Actor, Performer

Michael Schell - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer

Craig Scott - Musician

David Stone - Assistant Stage Manager

Geoffrey Williams - Actor

Rosalind Woolf - Actor

Joe Balangue - Performer, Musician, Comic Instrumentalist

Vic Solidad - Singer

Bruce Bauer - Actor

Holly Butler - Musical Director, Musician

Albert Fisher - Musical Director, Composer

Rosetta Jeannes - Actor

Billy McMahon - Comedian, Performer

Iris Shand - Actor, Stage Manager

Scott Smith - Actor

Allen Terrie - Actor

Caron Core - Dancer, Actor

Robert Dallas - Actor

Frank Lloyd - Actor

Motley - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Billy Rayes - Performer, Comedian

Don Soliano - Singer

Sandy Turner - Dancer, Actor

Geoff Broadfield - Head Mechanist

Greg Brown - Stage Manager

Stephen Brown - Actor

Ray Burgess - Actor

Annette Calphy - Dancer

Kenneth Gordon-Wickins - Actor

Jenny Grayson - Actor

Peter James - Actor

Sybilla Kizmik - Actor

Will Mahoney - Comedian

Bob Mansbridge - Actor

Sawong Mougom - Boxer

Thavil Promtong - Boxer

Patricia Sinclair - Dancer

Bubbles - Costume Maker, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Rosemary Butler - Performer, Singer

Peter Crago - Performer

Edith Dahl - Performer

Jason Darnell - Actor

Lee Davis - Performer

Tony Deary - Actor

Barney Grant - Performer

Brothers Grimm - Writer

Billy Kay - Actor

Beverley Levine - Performer

Frank Lloyd - Actor

Johnny Lockwood - Comedian

Rita Moreno - Performer

Mavis Nixon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Hazel Phillips - Performer

Evelyn Rose - Magician

Freddie Sales - Comedian

Samuel Tong - General Manager

James Vaughan - Singer

Lorna Adler - Costume Designer

Jill Alder - Dancer

Arthur Benton - Tour Manager

Janine Britain - Actor

Marie Claire - Singer

Charlie Connell - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Sadie Corre - Actor

Ken Cox - Musician, Musical Director

Margaret Cox - Administrator

Karen Craft - Actor

Coral Davies - Dancer

Roland Everard - Actor

Marty Fields - Musical Director

Judy Gay - Singer

Ismut Hassan - Actor

Joanne James - Dancer

Bryan Jones - Actor

Roman Kiev - Actor

Johnny McCall - Actor

Tommy McKay - Musician

Frank Millane - Set and/or Property Maker

Dean O'Connor - Technician

Yvonne Phillips - Actor

Doug Raymond - Actor

John Robertson - Stage Director

Terry Russell - Dancer

Mario Savieri - Set and/or Property Maker

Carl Shafto - Musician

Peita Toppano - Actor

Anna Wade - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Michael Wansbrough - Stage Manager

Tom Wayland - Mechanist

Iris Williams - Assistant Director

Sharron Williamson - Dancer

Peter Appleton - Actor

Linda Ashby - Dancer

Cornelio Balangue - Comic Instrumentalist

Reg Black - Organist

Coralie Bradshaw - Actor

  • Cinderella, Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT, 29 August 1983

Robert Charles - Actor

Mikey Collier - Dancer

Kenneth Cox - Conductor

Beverley Cullins - Dancer

Gary Daniels - Actor

  • Cinderella, Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT, 29 August 1983

Roy Eagleton - Properties Master

Eddie Edwards - Comedian

George Gevini - Actor

Russ Glover - Lighting Designer

Sandra Heland - Actor

Coral Hudson - Dancer

Evelyn Jago - Dancer

Janice Kingham - Dancer

Johnny Ladd - Scriptwriter

Donna Lee - Actor

Angelo Muscat - Actor

John Northcote - Set Designer

Eileen O'Connor - Singer

Ray O'Connor - Stage Manager, Various

Martin O'Leary - Actor

Keith Petersen - Actor

Noeline Race - Dancer

Max Reddy - Comedian

Evie Rudas - Actor

Patricia Smith - Singer

Paul Szigety - General Manager

Herbert Turner - Actor

Glen Walsh - Actor

Robert Wilkie - Actor

Organisation Identifier 8749