Organisation The Arts Council of Australia (Queensland Division)
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Other Names
Queensland Arts Council
Address Brisbane QLD
Functions Grant Body, Presenting Company, Touring Company, [Unknown]
Notes Division of the Arts Council of Australia which was established in Queensland in 1961 as a principal provider of performing arts shows throughout regional Queensland.

Queensland Theatre Company

Q Theatre Company

The Elizabethan Trust Opera Company

Queensland Arts Council

Twelfth Night Story Theatre

Australia Council for the Arts

Karm Productions

Kolobok Dance Company

Queensland Government

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Australian Opera

The Queensland Ballet Company

Queensland, QLD

West End Rialto, West End , QLD

Australia, [Unknown]

Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane, QLD

Mercantile Wharf, New Farm, QLD

The Playhouse, Civic Square, ACT

Townsville Civic Centre, South Townsville, QLD

Michael Boddy - Writer, Playwright

Murray Foy - Playwright, Director, Artistic Supervisor

Carol Burns - Actor

Tony Coyne - Tour Manager

Judith Anderson - Actor

Cynthia Cooper - Actor

Malcolm Cork - Actor

John Durham - Singer

Howard Eynon - Actor

Gregory Gesch - Actor

Stephen Gow - Designer

Ken Hannam - Producer, Set Designer

Robert Keane - Musical Arranger, Musical Director

Tim Mullooly - Actor

Lloyd Nickson - Playwright, Director

Jennifer Nixon - Actor

Nigel Rice - Actor

Cliff Simcox - Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Meg Simpson - Actor

Trevor Smith - Actor

Elizabeth Allen - Singer

Stephan Beinl - Director

Michael Bell - Singer

Margaret Bornhorst - Director

David Clendinning - Actor

Janice Copland - Actor

Susan Day - Actor

Grant Dodwell - Actor

Bob Ellis - Lyricist

Michael Ferguson - Actor

Richard Fotheringham - Actor

Ben Gabriel - Actor

Frank Gallacher - Actor

John Germain - Singer

Jack Glatzer - Violinist

Mary Hayman - Singer

Douglas Hedge - Director, Assistant Stage Manager, Playwright

John Heffernan - Singer

Murray Henderson - Set Designer

Edward Hepple - Actor

Eric Jones - Singer

Ivar Kants - Actor

Ken Kennett - Actor

Allan Lees - Designer

Joe MacColum - Director

Kevin McLaren - Actor

Max Meldrum - Actor

Alexandra Moreno - Dancer

Pat Moynihan - Actor

Beverley Nevin - Choreographer

Roger Newcombe - Actor

Lewis Norman - Actor

Di O'Connor - Actor

Ronald Sinclair - Designer

Walter Sullivan - Actor

Steven Tandy - Actor

Russell Thomson - Actor

Geraldine Turner - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Watson - Lighting Designer

Kate Wilson - Actor

Alan Wylie - Actor

Gwendolene Allen - Singer

Rosemary Allen - Keyboardist

Jean Anouilh - Playwright

Keith Bain - Director

Irving Berlin - Composer

Jennifer Bermingham - Singer

Sally Butterfield - Music and Lyrics, Actor

Ray Cairney - Guitarist

Bradley Campbell - Bassist, Assistant Stage Manager

Ian Campbell - Singer

Hoagy Carmichael - Composer

Geoffrey Cartwright - Actor

Michael Cartwright - Tour Manager

John Champ - Musical Director

Anton Chekhov - Playwright

Pamela Coleman - Singer

Errol Collins - Violinist

Margaret Connor - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

John Dietrich - Playwright

Gaetano Donizetti - Composer

Brian Donovan - Director

Geraldine Doyle - Performer

Rod Dunbar - Actor

Janis Dzelde - Singer

Robert Eddie - Singer

Michael Ellis - Designer

Bob Fillman - Performer

Beryl Furlan - Singer

Robert Gard - Singer

Ira Gershwin - Composer

Caroline Gillmer - Playwright

Stefan Haag - Director

Willis Hall - Playwright

Oscar Hammerstein - Composer

Liz Harris - Director

Mark Hembrow - Creator, Producer, Music and Lyrics, Actor

Jamie Henson - Stage Manager

Ric Herbert - Actor, Music and Lyrics

Libby Higgin - Stage Manager

Alexander Hood - Performer

Gillian Hyde - Actor

Ben Jansen - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer

Graeme Johnston - Costume Designer

Jerome Kern - Composer

Ron Layne - Actor

Nicolae Licaret - Organist

Caroline Lill - Musical Director

Ronald Maconaghie - Singer

Andrew MacTier - Stage Manager, Singer

Toni McCann - Performer

Mike McClellan - Performer

Kevin Mills - Singer

Doreen Morrow - Singer

John Mortimer - Playwright

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Royce Nicholas - Performer

John O'May - Playwright

Moffatt Oxenbould - Stage Director

John Paramor - Actor

Cole Porter - Composer

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

Roy Ramsden - Singer

Adrian Redmond - Drummer

William Reid - Musical Director

Kate Richter - Assistant Stage Manager

Gioacchino Rossini - Composer

Geoffrey Rothwell - Tour Manager

Deidre Rubenstein - Actor

Geoffrey Rush - Actor, Playwright, Director

Donald Shanks - Singer

Joan Shute - Singer

Leonard Teale - Director, Devisor, Actor

Paddy Teuma - Assistant Stage Manager

Pat Thomson - Actor

Georg Tintner - Musical Director

Eddie Trueman - Musical Director, Keyboardist

Judith Turner - Singer

Isabel Veale - Singer

Mark Vickers - Percussionist

Keith Waterhouse - Playwright

Dave Worthington - Scriptwriter

Norman Yemm - Singer

Gheorghe Zamfir - Musician

Organisation Identifier 11077