Venue Carriageworks
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Other Names Carriage Works
Address 245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh NSW 2015
Notes Resident companies: Stalker Performance Projects and Marrugeku; Erth; Performance Space; PlayWriting Australia.
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Latitude | Longitude -33.894188 | 151.189309

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  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

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Clare Britton - Creator, Designer, Costume Designer, Performer, Design Consultant, Visual Artist, Devisor, Set Designer, Animator

Lara Thoms - Coordinator, Devisor, Curator, Performer, Creator, Speaker

Bec Dean - Producer, Curator, Speaker

Rosie Dennis - Performer, Director, Coordinator, Curator, Creator

Samuel James - Video Artist, Filmmaker, Performer, Visual Artist, Unknown, Video Designer, Director

Gail Priest - Musician, Sound Composer, Sound Artist, Sound Designer, Composer, Creator, Curator, Actor

Tess de Quincey - Performer, Teacher, Choreographer, Dancer, Artistic Director

Martin del Amo - Performer, Dancer, Creator, Choreographer, Contributing Artist

Victoria Hunt - Creator, Speaker, Dancer, Performer, Choreographer, Director, Dramaturg, Technician

Jeff Khan - Speaker, Curator

Natalie Randall - Director, Performer, Curator, Scriptwriter, Speaker, Creator

Justin Shoulder - Performer, Creator, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Speaker

Clytie Smith - Production Designer, Lighting Designer, Creator, Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer

Mirabelle Wouters - Lighting Designer, Collaborator, Set Designer, Designer, Creator, Visual Artist

Martyn Coutts - Devisor, Performer, Video Designer, Video Artist, Dramaturg, Creator, Speaker

Julie-Anne Long - Performer, Dancer, Speaker, Creator, Choreographer

Linda Luke - Dancer, Performer, Assistant to the Director

Emma Price - Performer, Visual Artist, Curator, Dramaturg

Annette Tesoriero - Dramaturg, Artistic Supervisor, Performer

Lizzie Thomson - Performer, Dancer, Choreographer

Frances Barrett - Performer, Speaker, Performance Artist, Creator, Director, Devisor

Agatha Gothe-Snape - Performer, Visual Artist, Set Designer, Speaker, Director

Travis Hodgson - Lighting Designer

Heidrun Lohr - Photographer, Visual Artist, Creator, Performer

Katia Molino - Performer, Writer, Various, Creator

Jess Olivieri - Curator, Visual Artist, Performer, Speaker, Collaborator

Tulleah Pearce - Curator, Various, Speaker

Teik Kim Pok - Performer

Deborah Pollard - Devisor, Director, Various, Outside Eye, Dramaturg, Performer, Contributing Artist

Matt Prest - Set Designer, Performer, Animator, Creator

Georgie Read - Performer, Dancer, Creator

Vicki Van Hout - Choreographer, Performer, Creator, Speaker, Director

Malcolm Whittaker - Performer

Sean Bacon - Video Designer, Filmmaker, Actor, Video Artist, Performer

Kate Blackmore - Performer, Production Coordinator, Speaker, Performance Artist, Devisor, Video Artist, Creator, Director

James Brown - Photographer, Sound Designer, Technician, Sound Composer, Sound Operator/Engineer, Animator

Tang Fu Kuen - Dramaturg, Speaker, Technical Manager, Producer

Brian Fuata - Performer

Sue Healey - Choreographer, Director, Filmmaker

Deborah Kelly - Curator, Visual Artist, Performer

Jane McKernan - Dancer, Performer, Creator, Choreographer

Simone O'Brien - Director, Performer

Sarah Rodigari - Performance Artist, Speaker, Performer, Dramaturg

Jon Rose - Performer, Speaker, Visual Artist, Musician

Bob Scott - Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound Artist, Composer, Unknown

Yap Seok Hui - Technical Director, Producer, Technical Manager

Neil Simpson - Various, Lighting Designer, Designer

Nalina Wait - Dancer, Performer, Choreographer

Lee Wilson - Collaborator, Performer, Director, Dramaturg, Creator

Stereogamous - Performer, Sound Artist

Kristina Chan - Choreographer, Speaker, Creator, Performer, Dancer

Benjamin Cisterne - Lighting Designer, Designer

Aaron Clarke - Technical Manager, Technician

Zoe Coombs Marr - Performer, Writer, MC

Phil Downing - Composer, Collaborator, Sound Designer, Technician

Peter Fraser - Performer, Dancer

Regina Heilmann - Performer, Director, Devisor

Eisa Jocson - Creator, Choreographer, Performer, Speaker

Nigel Kellaway - Composer, Performer, Director, Creator, Actor

Halcyon Macleod - Writer, Director, Devisor, Creator

Frank Mainoo - Performer, Lighting Designer, Production Manager

Emma Saunders - Dancer, Performer, Visual Artist, Outside Eye

Diana Smith - Devisor, Performance Artist, Creator, Director, Performer, Publicist, Curator

Victoria Spence - Performer, Consultant

Matthew Stegh - Performer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Amanda Stewart - Vocalist, Performer, Writer, Playwright

Bree Van Reyk - Performer, Sound Artist

Dean Walsh - Director, Performer, Choreographer, Creator

Willoh S. Weiland - Creator, Writer, Performer, Devisor, Speaker

Fiona Winning - Performer, Speaker, Producer

Simon Wise - Production Manager, Lighting Designer

John A Douglas - Performance Artist, Creator, Filmmaker, Performer

Virginia Baxter - Writer, Playwright, Various, Speaker

Emma Bedford - Production Manager

Narelle Benjamin - Dancer, Performer

Lauren Brincat - Visual Artist, Sound Artist, Performer

Trevor Brown - Coordinator

Kate Champion - Unknown, Director, Consultant, Creative Director

Choy Fai - Creator, Director, Speaker, Visual Artist

Ghenoa Gela - Dancer, Choreographer, Performer

Dara Gill - Sound Operator/Engineer, Performer

E.O. Gill - Video Director, Performer, Speaker, Creator

Clare Grant - Outside Eye, Narrator, Director, Performer

Nicola Gunn - Performer, Creator, Director, Choreographer

Jennifer Hector - Designer, Unknown

Richard Manner - Performer, Technical Manager, Unknown, Production Manager

Wade Marynowsky - Visual Artist, Sound Artist, Speaker

Vic McEwan - Sound Designer, Composer, Production Manager, Technician

Anna McMahon - Visual Artist, Performer, Set Designer

Sarah-Jane Norman - Performance Artist, Creator, Performer, Visual Artist

Marnie Palomares - Devisor, Dancer, Performer, Performance Artist

Gideon Payten-Griffiths - Performer, Assistant Producer, Production Supervisor

Sam Routledge - Performer, Devisor, Creator, Puppet Designer

Christopher Ryan - Dramaturg, Actor

Adam Synnott - Video Designer, Lighting Designer, Dancer, Choreographer, Performer

Latai Taumoepeau - Performer, Performance Artist

Karen Therese - Creator, Performer

Yumi Umiumare - Performer, Creator, Choreographer, Narrator

Kym Vercoe - Performer, Actor

Darrin Verhagen - Sound Artist, Composer, Sound Designer

WART - Performer, Performance Group

Lucas Abela - Curator, Performer

Chris Abrahams - Sound Artist, Composer, Sound Designer

Bryony Anderson - Puppet Maker, Puppeteer, Puppet Designer

Natasha Anderson - Sound Composer, Sound Artist, Composer

Henrietta Baird - Dancer, Performer

Valerie Berry - Performer, Actor

Anna Breckon - Video Designer, Director, Video Director, Speaker, Scriptwriter

Philip Brophy - Visual Artist

Fausto Brusamolino - Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Barbara Campbell - Performer

Philip Channells - Director

Katherine Cogill - Performer

Annemaree Dalziel - Costume Designer

Alex Davies - Visual Artist, Sound Artist, Performer

Julian Day - Sound Artist, Performer

Matthew Day - Performer, Dancer

Keg de Souza - Visual Artist, Curator, Performer

Dallas Dellaforce - Performer

Kelly Doley - Creator, Director, Devisor, Performer, Performance Artist

Tanja Farman - Producer

Ryuichi Fujimura - Performer, Dancer

Paul Gazzola - Curator, Creator, Performer

Carlos Gomes - Writer, Director, Performer

Lisa Griffiths - Dancer, Choreographer

Mish Grigor - Performer, Writer

Jane Grimley - Assistant Stage Manager, Performer

Benjamin Hancock - Performer, Dancer

Alexandra Harrison - Creator, Performer, Devisor

Nathan Harrison - Creator, Performer

Mark Haslam - Production Manager, Production Coordinator

Tina Havelock Stevens - Visual Artist, Drummer, Performer

Nikki Heywood - Performer, Dramaturg

Rachelle Hickson - Dancer

Brigid Jackson - Performer, Creator

Sam James - Audiovisual Sequencer, Video Artist, Set Designer, Projectionist

Jonathan Jones - Visual Artist, Speaker

Joseph Mercurio - Lighting Designer

Danielle Micich - Director, Dancer

Phillip Mills - Performer

Mark Mitchell - Technician, Set Designer, Lighting Designer

Richard Montgomery - Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Technical Director, Creator

Andrew Morrish - Set Designer, Sound Designer, Various, Dancer

Jade Muratore - Performer, Creator

Stephen Page - Choreographer, Artistic Director

Mike Parr - Speaker, Performer

Marguerite Pepper - Producer

Jane Phegan - Performer, Actor

Kathryn Puie - Performer, Dancer

Rachel Roberts - Creator, Performer

Alejandro Rolandi - Set Designer, Visual Artist, Various, Costume Designer

Viv Rosman - Producer

Elizabeth Ryan - Dancer, Performer

Luke Smiles - Sound Designer

Josephine Starrs - Visual Artist, Media Artist, Speaker

Catherine Tabrett - Musician, Cellist

Yana Taylor - Performer, Dramaturg, Actor, Devisor, Director

Christian Thompson - Speaker, Director, Performer, Visual Artist

Melinda Tyquin - Dancer, Performer

Pia van Gelder - Performer, Visual Artist

Trash Vaudeville - Performer

Caroline Wake - Speaker, Performer

Richard Whitehouse - Technician, Lighting Operator

David Williams - Contributing Artist, Performer, Director

Josephine Wilson - Writer, Dramaturg, Playwright

Nick Wishart - Performer, Various, Sound Designer

William Yang - Writer, Performer, Actor, Devisor

Simon Yates - Performer, Circus Style Performer, Visual Artist

Applespiel - Performance Group

Frumpus - Performance Group, Performer

Rianto - Performer, Choreographer

Taran Ablitt - Technical Manager

Rasa Alksnyte - Various, Dramaturg

Datu Arellano - Performer, Puppeteer

Tully Arnot - Performer, Visual Artist

Justin Ashworth - Composer, Performer, Sound Artist

Robbie Avenaim - Musician

Cigdem Aydemir - Visual Artist, Performer

John Baylis - Performer, Dramaturg

Denis Beaubois - Video Artist

Michael Bell - Musician

James Berlyn - Performer, Creator, Dancer

Paschal Berry - Playwright, Dramaturg

Sydney Bouhaniche - Lighting Designer

Erin Brannigan - Speaker, Curator

Sally Breen - Curator, Associate Director

Kaleena Briggs - Creator, Performer, Speaker

James Brown - Sound Designer, Performer

Samuel Bruce - Performer, Sound Artist

Kieran Bryant - Performer

David Buckley - Creator, Performer

Chris Caines - Performer, Video Artist

Koco Carey - Performer

Jana Castillo - Performance Artist

Benjamin Cittadini - Performer

Gavin Clarke - Dancer, Choreographer

David Clarkson - Director, Creator

Leon Cmielewski - Visual Artist, Media Artist

Ben Cobham - Designer, Lighting Designer

Geoff Cobham - Designer, Lighting Designer

Sarah Coconis - Performer

Helen Cole - Speaker, Curator

Rebecca Conroy - Curator

Blaine Cooper - Performer

Sean Cordeiro - Visual Artist

Imogen Cranna - Dancer, Performer

Rosalind Crisp - Set Designer, Dancer, Choreographer, Creator

Brenda Croft - Visual Artist, Performer

Andrew Cruz - Performer, Puppeteer

Alison Currie - Choreographer, Dancer

Celia Curtis - Performer

Stephen Curtis - Costume Designer, Set Designer, Projectionist

Mark Cuthbertson - Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Designer

Sarah Davies - Sound Operator/Engineer

Kate Davis - Unknown, Director, Designer

Marley Dawson - Performer, Visual Artist

Jim Denley - Musician, Performer

Beth Dillon - Performer

Nadeena Dixon - Performer, Designer, Singer

Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor - Performer, Devisor

Bridget Dolan - Design Consultant, Designer

Matt Downey - Technician

Caroline Downs - Director, Various

Kelli Jean Drinkwater - Performer, Associate Director

Jon Drummond - Sound Operator/Engineer, Various

Elizabeth Dunn - Devisor, Creator

Lz Dunn - Creator, Speaker

Paul Dwyer - Actor, Performer

Danny Egger - Performer, Creator, Set Designer, Technician

Ari Ehrlich - Performer

Atlanta Eke - Dancer, Performer

Russell Emerson - Performer, Production Manager

Lawrence English - Director, Sound Designer

Claudia Escobar - Performance Artist, Devisor, Performer

Richard Eton - Performer

Rick Everett - Performer

Simon Ferenci - Trumpeter, Musician

Madeleine Flynn - Composer

Hayley Forward - Performer

Robin Fox - Performer

David Franzke - Sound Designer, Performer

Caroline Garcia - Performer, Choreographer

Janie Gibson - Performer

Bruce Gladwin - Creator, Director, Designer

Sarah Goffman - Performer, Visual Artist

Angela Goh - Performer, Creator, Video Artist

Sofya Gollan - Consultant, Coordinator

Andree Greenwell - Composer, Vocalist

Irving Gregory - Performer, Devisor

Mic Gruchy - Video Artist, Video Designer

Betty Grumble - Performer

Lucy Guerin - Artistic Supervisor, Choreographer

David Haines - Visual Artist

Melanie Hamilton - Dramaturg, Speaker

Zi Han - Choreographer, Sound Designer, Speaker, Performer

Raghav Handa - Performer

Mark Harvey - Performance Artist, Speaker

Shane Haseman - Performer

Claire Healy - Visual Artist

Helen Herbertson - Designer, Performer

Lachlan Herd - Performer

Claire Hicks - Speaker

Rhian Hinkley - Video Artist

Joyce Hinterding - Visual Artist

Cat Hope - Composer, Sound Artist

Mat Hornby - Performer

Margaret Howard - Musician, Violinist

Tim Humphrey - Composer

Corine Ileto - Composer

Luke Jaaniste - Sound Artist, Performer

Jen Jamieson - Performance Artist, Speaker

Geumhyung Jeong - Performance Artist

Soda Jerk - Performer, Performance Group

Alex Jones - Performance Artist

Xiao Ke - Speaker, Performer, Choreographer

Declan Kelly - Sound Designer

Nikki Kennedy - Creator, Performer

Liberty Kerr - Guitarist, Musician

Karl Khoe - Performer, Speaker, Creator

Sime Knezevic - Performer

Garth Knight - Set and/or Property Maker, Visual Artist

Renny Kodgers - Performer

Charles Koroneho - Various

Derek Kreckler - Performer

Loren Kronemyer - Performance Artist, Creator

Ashley Kurrle - Creator, Musician

Stephen Kwek - Production Manager

Martin Langthorne - Producer, Production Manager

Tim Lathouris - Technician, Sound Operator/Engineer

David Lawrey - Visual Artist

Heather Lawson - Performer

Ruark Lewis - Sound Artist, Visual Artist

Andy Lim - Lighting Designer

Annabel Lines - Performer

Brian Lipson - Performer, Devisor, Director

Jo Lloyd - Performer, Creator, Choreographer, Director

Lian Loke - Performer, Designer

Alisdair Macindoe - Sound Composer, Choreographer, Director, Performer, Sound Designer

Jason Maling - Speaker, Performer

Aaron Manhattan - Performer

Ross Manning - Visual Artist, Speaker

Rowan Marchingo - Performer, Dancer

Paul Matthews - Designer, Set Designer

Norrie May-Welby - Performer

Ross McCormack - Director, Speaker, Designer

Fiona McGregor - Performer

Jai McHenry - Writer, Playwright

Emma McManus - Creator, Performer

Kate McMillan - Visual Artist, Speaker

Georgie Meagher - Curator

Margie Medlin - Set Designer, Creator, Visual Artist, Lighting Designer, Projection Designer

Tristan Meecham - Devisor, Creator

Angelica Mesiti - Video Artist, Visual Artist

Steve Meyer - Creator, Musician

Arky Michael - Performer

Sarah Miller - Speaker, Performer

Tracey Moffatt - Visual Artist

Lizzie Muller - Curator, Designer

Luke Mullins - Playwright, Performer

Jodee Mundy - Artistic Director, Director, Translator

Djakapurra Munyarryun - Choreographer, Performer

Kate Murphy - Performer, Video Artist

Alison Murphy-Oates - Various, Production Manager, Stage Manager

Mara Nedelcu - Tour Manager

Peter Newman - Sound Artist

Caitlin Newton-Broad - Coordinator

Alan Nguyen - Sound Designer

Techa Noble - Performer, Visual Artist

Karen Norris - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Gerard O'Dwyer - Performance Artist

Michelle Outram - Sound Operator/Engineer, Performer, Stage Manager

Robert Pacitti - Performer, Director

Kirsten Packham - Dancer

Cindy Pastel - Drag Artist, Performer

Byron Perry - Dancer, Choreographer

Margot Politis - Director

Jack Prest - Sound Designer

Mickie Quick - Technician, Collaborator

Bhenji Ra - Performer

Emma Ramsey - Designer, Curator

Nicholas Rayment - Lighting Designer

Kingsley Reeve - Sound Designer

Grant Richards - Technician

Kate Richards - Performer, Visual Artist

Rosalind Richards - Producer

Damien Ricketson - Composer, Musical Director

Mark Rogers - Creator, Performer

Julie Rrap - Visual Artist, Speaker

Joey Ruigrok van der Werven - Designer, Director

Keren Ruki - Speaker, Various

Livia Ruzic - Sound Designer

Kelly Ryall - Composer, Sound Designer

John Salisbury - Unknown

Pluto Savage - Performer

Alan Schacher - Performer, Choreographer, Director

Tony Schwensen - Speaker, Performer

Eddie Sharp - Curator, Performer

Kate Sherman - Performer, Devisor

Nardi Simpson - Creator, Performer, Speaker

Sam Smith - Visual Artist, Performer

Duncan Speakman - Performance Artist

Joel Stern - Sound Artist, Performer

Michelle Stevens - Performer

Kate Sulan - Dramaturg

Jack Symonds - Composer, Musical Director

Eugyeene Teh - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Joshua Thomson - Choreographer, Dancer

John Tonkin - Media Artist, Video Artist

Bryoni Trezise - Dramaturg

Keith Tucker - Lighting Designer

Teta Tulay - Performer, Video Artist

Jessica Tyrell - Performer, Video Artist

Catherine Upex - Musician, Creator

Julie Vulcan - Performer

Daryl Wallis - Composer

Gavin Webber - Choreographer, Dancer, Artistic Director

Marco Wehrspann - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Technical Manager, Set Designer

Marcus Whale - Vocalist, Performer

Alex White - Curator, Sound Artist

Michael Wickens - Sound Operator/Engineer

Brett Wilbe - Technician

AñA Wojak - Performer

Holly Woollard - Technician, Lighting Operator

Yiorgos Zafiriou - Performer

Tessa Zettel - Performer, Speaker, Creator

Liesel Zink - Choreographer, Speaker, Director

Anino Shadowplay Collective - Performer

Arahmaiani - Speaker

Asuna - Sound Artist

Aywin - Musician

Buggirl - Performer

Cahwati - Vocalist

Cubs - Performer

Dameela - Musician

Dazastah - Composer

Jesswar - Musician

Justin - Accompanist

LabAnino - Speaker

Mozes - Circus Style Performer

Ms&Mr - Visual Artist

Nell - Visual Artist

POETRIBE - Performance Group

r e a - Speaker

Rea - Visual Artist

Sawatohwasi - Visual Artist

Teddy-Ann - Performer

Travis - Performer

Wandjina - Costume Designer

Ricky Abbonizio - Performer

Marian Abboud - Performer

Fadia Aboud - Editor

Marina Abramovic - Visual Artist

Heather Ackroyd - Speaker

Emily Adams - Dancer

Matthew Adey - Lighting Designer

Barbra Adjei - Dancer

Jala Adolphus - Producer

Anthony Ahern - Actor

Mohammed Ahmad - Performer

Safdar Ahmed - Speaker

Zoe Alderton - Speaker

Christopher Allen - Speaker

Peter Allott - Technician

Eugenio Ampudia - Visual Artist

Yiorgos Anastasia - Performer

Benedict Anderson - Unknown

David Anderson - Costume Designer

Graham Anderson - Speaker

James Andrews - Performer

Carlie Angel - Dancer

Danielle Antaki - Performer

Jeremy Apthorp - Visual Artist

John Arcaro - Percussionist

Scott Arford - Sound Artist

Luluk Ari Prasetyo - Performer

Kay Armstrong - Performer

Mirelle Astore - Photographer

Benjamin Au - Creator

Kristy Ayre - Dancer

Boris Baberkoff - Composer

Robyn Backen - Visual Artist

Boris Bagatinni - Video Artist

Boris Bagattini - Video Designer, Lighting Designer

Tiffany Bakker - Performer

Michael Ball - Pianist

Yason Banal - Performer

Nicole Barakat - Performer

Ella Barclay - Performer

Michele Barker - Video Artist

Philipa Barr - Performer

Bradley Barrack - Production Coordinator

Tim Barrass - Musician, Composer

Lloyd Barrett - Sound Artist

Craig Barry - Choreographer

Christina Barton - Speaker

Cesar Bassi - Voice Over Artist

Natasha Bates - Director

Debra Iris Batton - Director

Taryn Beatty - Dancer

Katherine Beckett - Voice Over Artist

Kate Beckingham - Performer

Zanny Begg - Curator

Hilary Bell - Dramaturg

Guy Ben-Ary - Performer

Guy Ben-Ner - Visual Artist

Shauntelle Benjamin - Actor

Lou Bennett - Writer, Performer

Liam Benson - Visual Artist

Penelope Benton - Performer

Cordelia Beresford - Video Artist

Thomas Berghuis - Speaker

Stephen Bergman - Playwright

Alexander Berlage - Lighting Designer

Vanessa Berry - Performer

Kerrie-Anne Bezzina - Performer

Julia Billington - Actor

Sermsah Bin Saad - Performer

Viktoria-Helena Binger - Designer

  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

Simon Binns - Creator, Performer

Tim Bishop - Performer

Jenn Blake - Production Manager

Michelle Blakeney - Video Artist

Genevieve Blanchett - Designer

Malcolm Blaylock - Director

B Boy Blond - Performer

Jacob Boehme - Speaker

Diego Bonetto - Voice Over Artist

Roxzan Bowes - Stage Manager

Cake Boy - Performer

Daniel Boyd - Visual Artist

Virginia Boyle - Costume Designer

Adam Brace - Voice Over Artist

Priscilla Bracks - Visual Artist

Garry Bradbury - Sound Artist

Jyll Bradley - Speaker

Adam Bratt - Chef

Eric Bridgeman - Visual Artist

Hannah Bronte - Director, Creator

Dave Brown - Sound Artist

Nina Brown - Performer

Yolande Brown - Associate Director

Vicky Browne - Sound Artist

Cameron Bruce - Musical Director

Paul Bryant - Performer

Andrew Buchanan - Visual Artist

Roderick Buchanan - Visual Artist

Justin Buchta - Performer

Steve Bull - Performer

Clothilde Bullen - Speaker

June Bum Park - Visual Artist

Brogan Bunt - Performer

Rebecca Burdon - Speaker

Julian Burnside - Speaker

Benjamin Byrne - Director

John Byrne - Technician

Densil Cabrera - Sound Artist

Alice Cage - Performer

Boni Cairncross - Performer

Margaret Cameron - Director

Grace Campbell - Performer

Julieanne Campbell - Speaker

David Capra - Visual Artist

Paul Capsis - Performer

Eugene Carchesio - Visual Artist

Kira Carden - Performer

Benjamin Carey - Sound Designer

Sandra Carluccio - Performer

Lauren Carr - Dancer

Michael Carr - Production Manager

Lachlan Carrick - Sound Operator/Engineer

Nick Carroll - Sound Operator/Engineer

Lauren Carroll Harris - Speaker

Jackson Castiglione - Speaker

Jackson Castiglioni - Performer

Oron Catts - Researcher

Fabio Cavadini - Filmmaker

Kathryn Chamney - Technician

Jasmine Chan - Writer

Rainbow Chan - Vocalist

Chiu Chao-Tsai - Set Designer, Visual Artist

Angela Chaplin - Director

Olivia Charalambous - Actor

Jack Charles - Performer

Marco Cher-Gibard - Sound Designer

Bruce Cherry - Performer

Samantha Chester - Director

Liao Chi-Yu - Set Designer, Visual Artist

Holly Childs - Writer

Goh Ching Lee - Technician

  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

Sam Chisholm - Filmmaker

Victoria Chiu - Dancer

Natasha Chivers - Lighting Designer

Eugene Choi - Vocalist

Chloe Chotrani - Performer

  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

Frances Chow - Various

Aurora Christie - Performer

Pleiades Christie - Performer

Timothy Chung - Musician

Peta Clancy - Visual Artist

Alexandra Clapham - Performer

Alan Clarke - Performer, Devisor

Sam Clarkson - Visual Artist

Megan Clune - Musical Director

Lorrae Coffin - Composer

Susan Cohn - Visual Artist

Tim Cole - Sound Designer

Brett Collery - Sound Designer

Ian Colless - Performer

Phil Collings - Drummer

Victoria Colombus - Various

Caitlin Comerford - Dancer

Gabriel Comerford - Dancer

Caz Comino - Visual Artist

Darren Compton - Dancer

Donna Conlon - Visual Artist

Elias Constanopedos - Performer

Courtney Coombs - Visual Artist

Alice Cooper - Actor

Rodney Cooper - Performer

David Corbet - Performer

Ben Corbett - Performer

Jacqueline Cornforth - Dancer

Jorey Corson - Performer

Justin Stewart Cotta - Actor

Serge Coulibaly - Choreographer

Steve Couri - Video Artist

Patrick Coy - Technician

Nick Coyle - Performer

Lillian Crombie - Actor

Daniel Crooks - Visual Artist

David Cross - Visual Artist

Dean Cross - Dancer

Felix Cross - Director

Jason Cross - Dramaturg

Marlene Cummins - Performer

Matt Cuneo - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jo Currey - Lighting Designer

Devon Currie - Actor

Julian Curtis - Actor

Nadia Cusimano - Dancer

Michael Cutrupi - Dancer

Pascale Daantos Berry - Outside Eye, Performer

Maude Davey - Performer

Jackson Davies - Performer

Michaela Davies - Sound Artist

Tom Davies - Performer

Anna Davis - Speaker

M Davis - Sound Designer

Daniel Daw - Dancer, Creator

Travis de Jonk - Performer

Thierry de Mey - Filmmaker

Toon de Zoeten - Filmmaker

Mark Deans - Performer, Devisor

Miss Death - Speaker

Celine Debyser - Dancer, Creator

Richard DeDomenici - Visual Artist

Sherre Delys - Performer

Alyx Denison - Vocalist

Michael Denkha - Performer

Kane Dennelly - Guitarist

Alexis Destoop - Video Artist

Rakini Devi - Performer

Nathalie Devilliers - Technician

Leen Dewilde - Devisor, Performer

Gotz Dihlmann - Technical Director

Rhonda Dixon-Grosvenor - Performer, Devisor

Antonia Djiagween - Performer

Hannah Donnelly - Visual Artist

Mia Donnet-Jones - Assistant Stage Manager

Emma Donovan - Performer

Nic Dorward - Various

Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Author

Chris Drummond - Director, Devisor

Deborah Dubois - Performer

Alastair Duff-Forbes - Musician

Bronwyn Dunston - Stage Manager

Thomas E Kelly - Performer

Claire Edwardes - Musician

Claire Edwards - Musician

Natasha Edwards - Performer

Jerome Ehlers - Actor

John Elleden - Performer

Michele Elliot - Costume Designer

Matthew Ellis - Performer

Simon Ellis - Performer

Tristan Ellis-Windsor - Production Manager

Joshua Emanuel - Production Manager

Joshua Emmanuel - Lighting Designer

Tomislav English - Performer

Wesley Enoch - Writer, Director

Miklos Erhardt - Visual Artist

Shona Erskine - Performer

Rose Ertler - Performer

Jodi Essery - Performer

Rebecca Etchell - Performer

FAFSWAG - Performer

Shane Fahey - Sound Operator/Engineer

Drew Fairley - Performer

Mila Faranov - Costume Designer

Catherine Fargher - Performer

Mathew Fargher - Musical Director

Daniel Fenech - Performer

Erwin Fenis - Performer, Devisor

David Ferguson - Various

Anne Ferran - Photographer, Costume Designer

David Finnigan - Performer

Moira Finucane - Collaborator

Peter Fischli - Visual Artist

Joanna Fishman - Producer

Tom Fitzgerald - Musical Director

Louis Fitzpatrick - Performer

Robert Flehr - Dancer

David Fleischer - Set Designer

Alan Flower - Actor

Fiona Foley - Designer

Matt Format - Performer

Benjamin Forster - Visual Artist

Julie Fortier - Visual Artist

Max Fossati - Creator, Dancer

Cameron Foster - Sound Artist

Ofa Fotu - Performer

Esteban Fourmi - Artistic Director

Cloé Fournier - Choreographer

Hayden Fowler - Visual Artist

Martin Fox - Filmmaker

Maxinne Foxx - Performer

Heath Franco - Sound Designer, Video Artist

Jenny Fraser - Visual Artist, Curator

Angela French - Dancer

Blair French - Speaker

Michaela French - Designer

Amanda Fromell - Dramaturg

Trevor Fry - Visual Artist

Ryoya Fudetani - Lighting Designer

Cor Fuhler - Musician

Seiichi Furuya - Visual Artist

David Gacs - Performer

Andrew Gadow - Sound Artist

Keith Gallasch - Speaker

Mathieu Gallois - Visual Artist

Ross Ganf - Director

Alice Gate-Eastley - Bass

Kate Gaul - Director

DJ Gemma - Performer

Sheila Ghelani - Performer

Emma Maye Gibson - Performer

Emma-Maye Gibson - Performer

Ross Gibson - Visual Artist

Joey Gier - Performer

Margaux Gilbert - Designer

  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

Katrina Gill - Devisor

Tarryn Gill - Visual Artist

John Gilles - Performer

Harriet Gillies - Performer

Isabelle Ginot - Writer

Tammi Gissell - Performer

Shaun Gladwell - Visual Artist

Lucia Glass - Assistant Choreographer

Michaela Gleave - Visual Artist

Lucinda Gleeson - Performer

Chaz Glover - Performer

Sally Golding - Video Artist

Lucy Goleby - Actor

Carlos Gomez - Performer

Paul Gonzalez - Performer

Jane Goodall - Scriptwriter

Julia Gove - Various

Helen Grace - Author

Kraig Grady - Sound Artist

Ross Graham - Lighting Designer

Justin Gray - Composer

Rowan Gray - Musician

Daniel Green - Sound Artist

Donna Green - Speaker

Katy Green - Stage Manager

Syd Green - Musical Director, Percussionist, Drummer

Katy Green Loughrey - Producer

Sarah Greentree - Producer

Genevieve Grieves - Visual Artist

Leeke Griffin - Dancer

Elliot Griggs - Lighting Designer

Peter Gringold - Speaker

Marley Grovenor - Musician

Tim Gruchy - Set Designer

Hazel Guitierrez - Performer

Hamish Gullick - Musician

Kristian Haggblom - Various

Ian Haig - Visual Artist

Jennifer Hamilton - Devisor

Tom Hancock - Performer

Katja Handt - Costume Designer

Christopher Hanrahan - Performer

Patrick Hansen - Technician

Guy Harding - Performer

Josh Harle - Designer

Kate Harman - Dancer

James Harney - Performer

Martin Harper - Actor

Dave Harris - Sound Designer

Stephanie Hart - Performer

Margaret Harvey - Actor

David Hawkes - Designer

David Hay - Set and/or Property Maker

Jasmin Hay - Stage Manager

Robert Hayden - Performer

Rachel Haynes - Visual Artist

Steve Hayter - Visual Artist

Chris Haywood - Actor

Paul Healy - Sound Designer

Daniel Heckenberg - Various

Jenny Hector - Lighting Designer

Anita Heiss - Writer

Erica Heller-Wagner - Assistant Stage Manager

Roslyn Helper - Performer

Nigel Helyer - Sound Artist

Anne Henderson Sellars - Speaker

Michelle Hennessey - Performer

Robert Hennessey - Performer

Amrita Hepi - Performer

Riccarda Herre - Production Manager

Donna Hewitt - Vocalist

Lily Hibbard - Performer

Adam Hill - Performer

Gary Hillberg - Visual Artist

Alice Hinde - Dancer

Adam Hinshaw - Various

Guy Hoare - Lighting Designer

Madeleine Hodge - Performer

Tom Hogan - Musician

Basil Hogios - Composer

Julia Holderness - Performer

Daniel Holdsworth - Musician

Glory Hole - Performer

Gwendolyna Holmberg-Gilchrist - Performer

Sonya Holowell - Vocalist

JiaXuan Hon - Producer

Petera Hone - Performer

Troy Honeysett - Actor

Hip Hop Hoe - Performer

Eddie Hopely - Performer

Matthew Hopkins - Performer

Horomona Horo - Sound Artist

Sarah-Jayne Howard - Dancer, Choreographer

Mark Howett - Lighting Designer

Kittu Hoyne - Performer

James Hudson - Various

Chang Huei-Ming - Set Designer, Visual Artist

Ali Hughes - Vocalist

Christa Hughes - Singer

Elliot Hughes - Sound Designer

Marcus Hughes - Speaker

Natalya Hughes - Visual Artist

Craig Hull - Performer

Jamie Hume - Singer

Dave Hunt - Sound Operator/Engineer

Melissa Hunt - Performer

Vanessa Hutchins - Stage Manager

Sophie Hyde - Choreographer

Mathew Ibanez - Technician

Matt Ibenez - Technician

Irene Iborra - Visual Artist

Sergio Iglesias - Performer

Lucas Ihlein - Speaker

Shihoko Iida - Curator

Roza Ilgen - Performer

Tim Ingram - Devisor, Performer

Sex Intents - Performer

Bababa International - Performance Group

Kerry Ireland - Lighting Designer

Jennifer Irwin - Costume Designer

Lollipop Jackson - Performer

Sally Jackson - Visual Artist

Samuel Jackson - Stage Manager

Adena Jacobs - Director

Annamarie Jagose - Speaker

Jakob Jakobsen - Visual Artist

Tristan Jalleh - Video Artist

Daniel Jameison - Editor

Andrea James - Playwright

Natasha James - Lighting Designer

Nick James - Performer

Sian James-Holland - Producer, Lighting Designer

Trevor Jamieson - Performer

Julie Janson - Playwright

Will Jarrett - Musician

Anneke Jaspers - Speaker

Marty Jay - Performer

Diana Jefferies - Speaker

Kiri Jenssen - Performer

Anna John - Performer

Darlene Johnson - Speaker

Andrew Johnston - Visual Artist

Vicky Jones - Dramaturg, Director, Voice Over Artist

Rosemary Joy - Musician

Hsin Ju Chiu - Dancer

Elizabeth Jurd - Executive Producer

Stephen Jurd - Producer

Anthony Kable - Trombonist

Oliver Kadel - Sound Designer

Ali Kadhim - Devisor, Performer

Sophie Kahn - Visual Artist

Sarah Kaka - Performer

Rita Kalnejais - Performer

Mayu Kanamori - Narrator, Creator

Zubin Kanga - Musician

Lina Kastoumis - Performer

Jay Katz - Speaker

Ash Keating - Speaker

Lisa Kelly - Visual Artist

Henry Kember - Performer

Ong Keng Sen - Speaker

Peter Kennard - Composer

Fenella Kernebone - Speaker

Alex Kershaw - Visual Artist

Nick Keys - Performer

Imran Khan - Various

George Poonkhin Khut - Visual Artist

Matthew Kiem - Various

Shigeyuki Kihara - Visual Artist, Curator

Colin Kinchela - Performer

Amanda King - Filmmaker

Willurei Kirkbright Burney - Speaker

Ian Kitney - Sound Designer

Stephen Klinder - Actor

Paul Knight - Visual Artist

Peter Knight - Sound Designer, Sound Composer

Julian Knowles - Sound Designer

Thomas Knox Arnold - Sound Artist

Daniel Kok - Creator, Choreographer, Performer

  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

Thomas Koner - Sound Artist

Kyle Kremerskothen - Dancer

Elma Kris - Choreographer

Hoo Kuan Cien - Technician

  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

Skye Kunstelj - Producer

Joan La Barbara - Performer

Radha La Bia - Performer

Annie Laerkesen - Production Manager

Simon Laherty - Performer, Devisor

Melissa Laing - Performer

Stephanie Lake - Choreographer

Adnan Lalani - Animator

Rosie Lalevich - Performer

Jo Lancaster - Circus Style Performer

Alice Lang - Visual Artist

Somaya Langley - Sound Artist

Ruby Langton-Batty - Associate Designer

Lina Lapelyte - Sound Composer

Romany Latham - Performer, Devisor

Jo Law - Visual Artist

Shian Law - Performer

Sharon Lee - Dancer

Stephen Leek - Performer

Thomas Lehman - Presenter, Choreographer

Thomas Lehmen - Choreographer, Dancer, Writer

Deborah Leiser-Moore - Performer

Jo Leishman - Stage Manager

John Levey - Set Designer

Inga Liljestrom - Composer

River Lin - Performance Artist

Yen-Ching Lin - Performer

Serena Lindeman - Costume Designer

Lee-Ann Litton - Performer

Andrew Livingston - Lighting Designer

Michael Longbottom - Performer

Kee Low - Speaker

Lenny Ann Low - Performer

Brian Lucas - Creator, Performer

Jacqueline Lucey - Costume Designer

David Luff - Producer

Nakkiah Lui - Performer

Bridie Lunney - Performer

Tobin Lush - Filmmaker

Paul Mac - Songwriter

Jan Maertens - Lighting Designer

Owen Maher - Performer

Zulkifle Mahmod - Sound Designer

Michelle Mahrer - Filmmaker

Said Mahrouf - Filmmaker

Sarah Mainwaring - Performer, Devisor

Jossie Malis - Visual Artist

Paddy Mann - Singer, Performer, Songwriter

Tim Mansfield - Designer

Sarah Mares - Speaker

Jade Markham - Filmmaker

Tony Mason-Cox - Sound Artist

Pilar Mata Dupont - Visual Artist

Chie Matsui - Visual Artist

Amy Mauvan - Dancer

Rachael Maza Long - Director

Charlotte McBrearty - Voice Over Artist

Owen McCarthy - Set and/or Property Maker

Kelli McCluskey - Performer

Andrew McClymont - Video Designer

Kristie McCracken - Dancer

Shannon McDonell - Visual Artist

Joanne McEwan - Speaker

Tim McGaw - Set Designer

Siobhan McHugh - Performer

Una McIlvenna - Speaker

Anya McKee - Dancer

Betty McKew - Performer

Catherine McNamara - Dancer

Natasha McNamara - Voice Coach

Rebecca McNamara - Speaker

Billy McPherson - Performer

Angela McSherry - Speaker

John Meade - Visual Artist

Andrew Meadows - Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Stage Manager

Nick Meenahan - Actor

Rachel Melky - Performer

Abby Mellick Lopes - Various

Nicholas Meredith - Guitarist

Eva Meyer-Keller - Dancer, Choreographer

Jacki Middleton - Visual Artist

Jaki Middleton - Visual Artist

Paul Millar - Technician

Lucy Miller - Actor

Venettia Miller - Dancer

Grayson Millwood - Dancer, Choreographer

Dana Miltins - Performer

Song Ming Ang - Sound Artist

Emily Moffat - Technician

Mahdi Mohammadi - Speaker

Francesca Moody - Producer

Perry Mooney - Performer

Cheryle Moore - Performer

Laura Moore - Creator

Madison Moore - Performer

Kenneth Moraleda - Performer

Yasuhiro Morinaga - Sound Designer

Yasuaki Morita - Dancer

Duane Morrison - Sound Composer, Sound Designer

Helen Mountfort - Creator, Musical Director

Janice Muller - Director

Mike Mullins - Speaker

Karli Munn - Performer

Toni Munoz - Performer

Lorna Munro - Performer

Anna Munster - Video Artist

Chris Murphy - Artistic Supervisor

Siobhan Murphy - Dancer, Choreographer

Clinton Nain - Visual Artist

Aoi Nakamura - Artistic Director

Gabrielle Nankivell - Performer, Choreographer, Writer

Mike Nanning - Performer

Ben Nash - Electrician

Rod Nash - Performer

Rodney Nash - Performer

Sophia Ndaba - Dancer

Aimee Neeme - Production Coordinator

Moana Nepia - Visual Artist

Nick Nestorovski - Performer

Nicholas Ng - Composer

Alasdair Nicol - Technician

Jason Noble - Musician

Patrick Nolan - Director

Anne Norman - Musician

Ben Northmore - Sound Operator/Engineer

Adam Norton - Visual Artist

Garin Nugroho - Dramaturg

Bambang Nurcahyadi - Media Artist

Emily O'Brien - Production Manager

Scarlett O'Claire - Performer

Vincent O'Connor - Performer

Tom O'Halloran - Keyboardist

Shannon O'Neill - Director

Daniel O'Shea - Technician

Roslyn Oades - Director, Writer

Lena Obergfell - Various

Satsuki Odamura - Musician

Ensemble Offspring - Performer

Naoyuki Oguri - Performer

Tim Ohl - Performer

Timothy Ohl - Choreographer

Naomi Oliver - Sound Designer, Performer

Katina Olsen - Dancer

Ann Onymous - Sound Artist

Garth Oriander - Photographer

Atilla Oriel - Speaker

Alice Osborne - Performer, Devisor

Tony Osborne - Performer

Naomi Ota - Various

Shio Otani - Costume Designer

Judd Overton - Various

Jonathon Oxlade - Designer

Harriet Oxley - Costume Designer

Christopher Page - Technician

David Page - Composer

Kyle Page - Dancer

Rosalind Page - Composer

Garth Paine - Performer

Melanie Palomares - Dancer

Luiz Pampolha - Lighting Designer

Danang Pamungkas - Performer

Amy Pan - Dancer

Nicholas Papademetriou - Actor

Katrina Papallo - Musician

Lucy Parakhina - Photographer

George Paramananthan - Performer

Dan Pardy - Technician

Luke Parker - Visual Artist

Joseph Parro - Creator, Performer

LeRoy Parsons - Performer, Devisor

Emily Parsons-Lord - Visual Artist

Jiva Parthipan - Speaker

Marian Pastor-Roces - Author

Gideon Paten - Technician

Vonne Patiag - Performer

Jacob Patterson - Performer

Kenzee Patterson - Performer

Luke Paulding - Performer

Craig Darryl Peade - Performer

Justine Pearson - Performer

Rosealee Pearson - Performer

Aaron Pederson - Performer

Lauren Pegus - Actor

Stephen Pekar - Speaker

Eric Pellet - Video Artist

Stephen Penn - Media Artist

Bob Perrin - Technician

PES - Visual Artist

Chris Petkovic - Performer

Lucy Phelan - Various

Dave Phillips - Sound Artist

Lachlan Philpott - Playwright

Karen Pickering - Performer

David Pidd - Director

Michael Piggot - Unknown

Holly Pigott - Designer, Voice Over Artist

Dalisa Pigram - Performer, Choreographer

Emily Pincock - Performer

Dana Pinkham - Costume Designer

Jason Pitt - Performer

Emma Plant - Performer

Nick Pledge - Set Designer

David Pledger - Dramaturg

Alison Plevey - Dancer

Carl Polke - Composer

Emily Polson - Technician

Morteza Poorvadi - Speaker

Sussi Porsborg - Visual Artist

Dan Potra - Designer

Nick Power - Choreographer

Tim Powles - Drummer

Putri Pramesti Wigaringtyas - Production Coordinator

Paul Prestipino - Devisor

Katie Price - Visual Artist

Scott Price - Performer, Devisor

Emmanuela Prigioni - Video Artist

Helen Prynor - Visual Artist

Anna Puolakka - Performer

Henry Purcell - Performer

Heloise Pyne - Musician

Naomi Radom - Violinist

Michael Rakowitz - Visual Artist

Rolando Ramos - Designer

Emma Ramsay - Curator

Natalie Randal - Performer

Mary Rapp - Musician

Eugenia Raskopoulos - Video Artist

Ahilan Ratnamohan - Devisor, Performer

Paige Rattray - Director

Arone Raymond Meeks - Visual Artist

Wilma Reading - Performer

Sruli Recht - Costume Designer

Dominic Redfern - Video Artist

Narinda Reeders - Visual Artist

Marc Rees - Consultant

Melissa Reeves - Dramaturg

Bernadette Regan - Visual Artist

Kali Reid - Unknown

Kate Reid - Performer

Troy Reid - Creator, Performer

Julia Reidy - Musician

Arco Renz - Dramaturg

Berthalia Reuben - Dancer

Guillaume Reymond - Visual Artist

Maddie Rice - Actor

Alexander Richardson - Performer

Ellen Rijs - Dancer

Steve Rimmer - Performer

Lina Ritchie - Dancer

Sophie Roberts - Make-up Artist, Hair Stylist

Dick Robertson - Speaker

Toni Robertson - Designer

Jay Robinson - Performer

Matte Rochford - Performer

Steve Rodgers - Dramaturg

Susan Rogers - Writer, Devisor

Marc Rogerson - Sound Artist

Patrick Ronald - Visual Artist

George Root - Performer

Calvin Rore - Composer

Natalie Rose - Performer

David Rosetzky - Visual Artist

Justin Rosniak - Performer

Andrew Ross - Dramaturg

Joan Ross - Performer

Travers Ross - Performer

Nick Roux - Technician, Sound Operator/Engineer

Sarah Rowbottom - Producer

Tayla Rubin - Creator, Performer

Christian Rubino - Visual Artist

Melanie Ryan - Various

Michelle Ryan - Assistant Choreographer

Joanne Saad - Video Artist

Nicola Sabatino - Choreographer

Hassan Sabbagh - Speaker

Gavin Sade - Visual Artist

Toshi Sakamoto - Musician

Roddy Salinas - Performer

Phil Samartzis - Sound Artist

Sangeeta Sandrasegar - Visual Artist

Fabio Santos - Speaker

Claudine Sartain - Visual Artist

Olivia Satchell - Performer

Tamara Saulwick - Performer, Writer, Creator

James Saunders - Playwright, Actor

Richard Savvy - Performer

Matthias Schack-Arnott - Percussionist

Edward Scheer - Speaker

Courtney Scheu - Dancer

Nick Schlieper - Lighting Designer

Jacquie Schofield - Set Designer

Anna Schoo - Production Manager

Maggie Scott - Performer

Byron Scullin - Sound Designer

Tamara Searle - Dramaturg

Tim Seconi - Technician

Jayden Selvakumaraswamy - Performer

Paul Selwyn Norton - Choreographer

Lee Serle - Performer

Stephen Sewell - Writer

Aaron Seymour - Designer

Jonny Seymour - Songwriter

Rully Shabara - Musician

Andrei Shabunov - Sound Designer

Rajni Shah - Performer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Jane Sheldon - Performer

Hallie Shellam - Creator, Director

Lieko Shiga - Visual Artist

Miho Shimizu - Visual Artist, Designer

  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

John Shrimpton - Performer

Roman Signer - Visual Artist

Amber Silk - Lighting Designer

Vic Simms - Speaker

Joseph Simons - Dancer

Lucy Simpson - Designer

Sven Simulacrum - Performer

Ian Sinclair - Creator, Performance Artist

Sumugan Sivenesan - Performer

Steve Slater - Producer

Jane Smith - Producer

Mike Smith - Lighting Designer

Alan Smithee - Technical Manager

Sezzo Snot - Musician

Mr Snow - Various

Yuji Sone - Performer

Jim Soshin - Performer

Grounded Sound - Technician

Alister Spence - Musician

Honey Spence - Performer

Phil Spencer - Performer

Ben Speth - Cinematographer

Kiruna Stamell - Dancer

Brooke Stamp - Performer

Giselle Stanborough - Performer

Eleanor Stankiewicz - Actor

Jennifer Stanley - Performer

David Starr - Photographer

Lillian Starr - Performer

Jeff Stein - Performer

Stelarc - Visual Artist

Ian Stevenson - Sound Designer

Adam Stewart - Set and/or Property Maker

Bjorn Stewart - Speaker

Garry Stewart - Choreographer

Andre Stitt - Speaker

Gemma Stocks - Costume Designer

Wendy Strehlow - Actor

Jasper Streit - Sound Artist

Harley Stumm - Producer

Trent Suidgeest - Lighting Designer

Kaine Sultan-Babij - Choreographer

Glitta Supernova - Performer

Glitter Supernova - Performer

Janet Surrey - Playwright

Wukir Suryadi - Musician

DJ Sveta - Sound Designer

Rachael Swain - Director

Kieran Swann - Designer

Bernadette Sweeney - Production Coordinator

Berni Sweeney - Production Manager

Jason Sweeney - Performer

Liza-Mare Syron - Director

Hester Tammes - Filmmaker

Ryan Taplin - Circus Style Performer, Production Manager

Karla Tatterson - Various

Dee Taueki - Dancer

Dan Taulapapa McMullin - Visual Artist

Salote Tawale - Visual Artist

James Tay - Technician

  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

Hollis Taylor - Musician

Jacques Tchong - Costume Designer

David Teh - Speaker

Franc Tetaz - Sound Designer

Ken Thaiday - Choreographer, Visual Artist

Athena Thebus - Performer

Clayton Thomas - Musician

Jo Thomas - Producer

Solomon Thomas - Technical Director

Anne Thompson - Collaborator

Warwick Thornton - Cinematographer

Creatrix Tiara - Speaker

Paul Tilly - Sound Designer

Leah Tilney - Performer

Robert Tinning - Dancer

Tmema - Visual Artist

Mirra Todd - Playwright

Michael Toisuta - Composer

Stella Topaz - Performer

Katrina Torenbeek - Producer

Alex Torney - Technician

NIck Toth - Disc Jockey

Margaret Trail - Dramaturg

Anna Tregloan - Performer

Becky-Dee Trevenen - Costume Designer

MC Trey - Vocalist

DJ Trip - Sound Designer

Vesna Trobec - Visual Artist

Abbie Trott - Stage Manager

Zane Trow - Performer

Nick Tsoutas - Speaker

Kuang-Yu Tsui - Visual Artist

Niwhai Tupaea - Visual Artist

Astrid Twenebowa Larssen - Designer

Chris Twyman - Lighting Designer

Karol Tyminski - Performer

  • Xhe, 19 October 2018

Hirofumi Uchino - Sound Artist

Tetsuya Umeda - Performer, Sound Artist, Visual Artist

Jared Underwood - Drummer

Gerrit Valckenaers - Composer

Emma Valente - Lighting Designer

Alana Valentine - Playwright

Hans Van den Broeck - Director

Beryl Van Oploo - Consultant

Jasmin Vardimon - Unknown

Harry Vatiliotis - Performer

Simon Vaughan - Creator

Erkki Veltheim - Musician

Kris Verdonck - Visual Artist

John Versace - Production Supervisor

Matias Viegener - Author

Tanya Visosevic - Performer

David Vo - Performer

Tanya Voges - Choreographer

Anika Volcano - Performer

James Vu Anh Pham - Dancer

Eleanore Vuong - Musician

Paul Walker - Performer

Charlie Walker-Wise - Voice Over Artist

Holcombe Waller - Performer

Isobel Waller-Bridge - Composer, Sound Designer

Phoebe Waller-Bridge - Playwright

Teresa Waller-Bridge - Voice Over Artist

Bernadette Walong - Choreographer, Dancer

Ben Walsh - Performer

Ros Warby - Costume Designer, Creator, Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Frazer Ward - Author

Felix Warmuth - Sound Operator/Engineer

Luke Waterlow - Performer

Freya Waterson - Producer

Sarah Waterson - Visual Artist

Dean Watson - Choreographer

Leighton Watts - Actor

Anthony Weir - Actor

Su Wen-Chi - Creator, Choreographer

Mole Wetherell - Writer, Devisor, Performer

Jodie Whalen - Performer

Miranda Wheen - Performer

Jan Whitcroft - Costume Designer

Greg White - Sound Designer

Maria White - Performer

Tony White - Author

Pierce Wilcox - Librettist

Kate Wild - Speaker

Nikki Wilkes - Performer

Alice Williams - Performer

Bryden Williams - Technician

David Williams - Performer

David Williams - Actor

Holly Williams - Curator

Jane Williams - Cellist

Mike Willmett - Sound Artist

Adrian Wills - Visual Artist

Chris Wilson - Video Designer

Chris Wilson - Performer

Pat Wilson - Dancer

Benjamin Winckle - Actor

Shauna Winram - Performer

Annie Winter - Technician

Nicholas Wishart - Sound Designer

Sylvie Woodhouse - Performer

David Woods - Dramaturg

Irma Woods - Actor

Luke Woolley - Lighting Designer

Kate Worsley - Actor

Philip Worthington - Visual Artist

Daisy Wouters - Various

Jason Wright - Sound Designer

Tom Wright - Lighting Designer

Angharad Wynne-Jones - Speaker

Noam Yaffe - Musician

Frank Yamma - Performer

Charmene Yap - Dancer

Tony Yap - Performer

Aroha Yates-Smith - Various

Justice Yeldham - Performer

Cheng Moy Yeow - Performer

Amity Yore - Performer

Carly Young - Performer

David Young - Composer

Liz Young - Production Manager

Matt Young - Dancer

Seok-Hyun Yu - Visual Artist

Louise Zhang - Visual Artist

Ionat Zurr - Researcher

Jonathan Zwartz - Bass

Venue Identifier 10032