Work The Taming of the Shrew
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J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Sport for Jove Theatre Co.

Australia Council for the Arts

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Medieval Players

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Australian Shakespeare Company

Eric Edgley

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

New South Wales Government

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School of Theatre, Film and Dance

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Star Dramatic Company

State Theatre Company of South Australia

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Trust

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

Sydney Shakespeare Festival

Sydney Theatre Company

The Australian Ballet Club

The Australian Ballet Development Committee

The Australian Dramatic Art & Education Guild

The Benson and Hedges Company

The Commonwealth Savings/Trading Bank of Australia

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

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The Independent Theatre

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Thin Air Productions

University of Southern Queensland

University of Western Australia


Victoria College Rusden Campus Drama

Watermill Theatre

Wilton's Music Hall Trust

Wollongong Workshop Theatre

William Shakespeare - Playwright, Writer

Scott Witt - Fight Director

John Bell - Director, Actor

Beth Aubrey - Actor

Emily Brennan - Actor

Jeanette Cronin - Actor

Vanessa Downing - Actor

Judi Farr - Actor

Sandy Gore - Actor

Luisa Hastings Edge - Actor

Anna Houston - Actor

Paul Jackson - Lighting Designer

Ksenja Logos - Actor

Max Lyandvert - Sound Designer

Marion Potts - Director

Lotte St Clair - Actor

Wendy Strehlow - Actor

Brett Graham - Lighting Designer

James Hagan - Actor

Joan MacArthur - Actor

John Murphy - Actor

Sean O'Shea - Actor

Ross Sharp - Actor

Camilla Ah Kin - Actor

Simon Arlidge - Actor

Michael Benthall - Producer, Director

Gary Cooper - Actor

Stephen Curtis - Costume Designer

Essie Davis - Actor

Darren Gilshenan - Actor

David King - Composer

Michael Scott-Mitchell - Set Designer, Designer

Julie Shearer - Actor

Christopher Stollery - Actor

Duncan Wass - Actor

Robert Helpmann - Actor

Katharine Hepburn - Actor

Anthony Johnsen - Actor

Robin Bailey - Actor

Christine Bennett - Stage Manager

George Benson - Actor

Christopher Burgess - Actor

Tom Criddle - Actor

Michael Cullen - Actor

David Dodimead - Actor

Barry French - Actor

Shay Gorman - Actor

Ernest Hare - Actor

Basil Hoskins - Actor

Ernest Irving - Composer, Lyricist

Terry Karabelas - Actor

Danielle King - Actor

Dinsdale Landen - Actor

Andrew Leigh - Actor

Emrys Leyshon - Actor

James Lugton - Actor

James Ottaway - Actor

Timothy Parkes - Actor

Don Pascoe - Actor

Peter Rice - Set Designer, Costume Designer

John Roberts - Actor

Damien Ryan - Director, Actor

Leon Ryan - Actor

Lizzie Schebesta - Actor, Acrobat

Christopher Stalley - Actor

Christopher Tomkinson - Actor

Rosemary Webster - Actor

Eloise Winestock - Actor

Oscar Asche - Actor, Producer

Lily Brayton - Actor

Joanna Brookes - Actor

Graham Christopher - Actor

John Cranko - Choreographer

Elizabeth Dalton - Costume Designer, Set Designer, Designer

Mark Heap - Actor

Ginny Humphries - Designer

Madeleine Inglehearn - Choreographer

Charles Marowitz - Adaptor, Playwright

Dick McCaw - Director

Clive Mendus - Actor, Actor and Singer

Mark Saban - Actor

Bridget Thornborrow - Actor

Roy Weskin - Actor

Warwick Armstrong - Set Designer

Bruce Barry - Actor

Eric Beecroft - Actor

Alan Dent - Adaptor

John Derum - Actor

Nicholas Eadie - Actor

Matthew Edgerton - Actor

Glenn Elston - Director, Producer

Kristian Fredrikson - Costume Designer

Helen Harper - Actor

Alton Harvey - Actor

Sam Hulston - Actor

Rosalind Iden - Actor

Des James - Director

Edmund Lembke-Hogan - Actor

Bella Macdiarmid - Actor

Amy Mathews - Actor

Keith Michell - Actor

Malcolm Phillips - Actor

Amanda Stephens-Lee - Actor

Jeannette Sterke - Actor

Damien Strouthos - Actor

Raymond Westwell - Actor, Director

Googie Withers - Actor

Donald Wolfit - Actor

William Akers - Lighting Designer, Production Manager

Robert Alexander - Actor

Tom Allum - Sound Designer

Christine Amor - Actor

Reid Anderson - Dance Director, Producer

Mark Annear - Dancer

David Ashmole - Dancer

Rita Aslin - Actor

Vicki Attard - Dancer

Bronte Axam - Stage Manager

Helmut Bakaitis - Actor

Dale Baker - Dancer

George Banders - Actor

Allan Barry - Dancer

Charles Barry - Actor

Angela Bauer - Actor

Stephen Baynes - Dancer

Jayne Beddoe - Dancer

Steen Bejarc - Lighting Designer

Walter Bentley - Actor

A Bird - Actor

Andrew Blackman - Actor

Lisa Bolte - Dancer

Jane Bourne - Assistant Producer, Teacher

Gary Bowles - Dancer

Don Bridges - Actor

Mark Brinkley - Dancer

Joady Chambers - Dancer

Miranda Coney - Dancer

Anthony Conolan - Concert Master

Robyn Corby - Dancer

Serena Cundari - Dancer

Michael Curry - Dancer

Peta Davidson - Dancer

Anna de Cardi - Dancer

Paul de Masson - Dancer

Ryan Devlin - Technical Director

Merridy Eastman - Actor

Tim Eliott - Actor

Susan Elston - Dancer

Tom Farley - Actor

Michael Forde - Actor

Anne Fraser - Designer

Michael Fry - Actor

Anna Gardiner - Designer

Nadine Garner - Actor

Maina Gielgud - Artistic Director

Christopher Goldsworthy - Dancer

Michele Goullet - Dancer

Heather Gourley - Dancer

Ernie Gray - Actor

Kim Hanna - Director

Delia Harrington - Dancer

Steven Heathcote - Dancer

Douglas Hedge - Actor

Ian Hewitson - Actor

Edwin Hodgeman - Actor

Katherine Holmes - Assistant Stage Manager

Lauren Holmes - Assistant Stage Manager

Kevin Hopkins - Actor

Bob Hornery - Actor

Greg Horsman - Dancer

Simon Hughes - Actor

Margaret Illmann - Dancer

Jane Inglis - Dancer

Brent Iwanoczko - Dancer

Sian James-Holland - Lighting Designer

Michael Juliff - Dancer

George Kemp - Actor

Larry Kohne-Drube - Dancer

Evelyn Krape - Actor

Robin Lovejoy - Director

Barbara Lowing - Actor

Leanne Lynch - Dancer

Andrew Lyons - Dancer

Ulrike Lytton - Dancer

Donald Mackay - Actor

Adam Marchant - Dancer

Lesley Marller - Actor

Robert Marshall - Dancer

David McAllister - Dancer

Lachlan McGowan - Actor

Sandra McKenzie - Compere

Joanne Michel - Dancer

George Mikell - Actor

Justine Miles - Dancer

Petal Miller Ashmole - Artistic Director, Assistant Director

Brett Morgan - Dancer

Stephen Morgante - Dancer

Sandra Morrison - Dancer

Daniel Moynihan - Actor

W Newton - Actor

Mark Pace - Dancer

Lisa Pavane - Dancer

Colin Peasley - Dancer

Terese Power - Dancer

David Prudham - Dancer

Jaime Redfern - Dancer

Kathleen Reid - Dancer

Tanya Rhodes - Dancer

Sue Rider - Director

Annabelle Shanahan - Dancer

Elizabeth Sharland - Actor

Helene Shields - Dancer

Noel Smith - Musical Director, Conductor

David Stalley - Filmmaker

- Steen - Director

Sian Stokes - Dancer

Kurt-Heinz Stolze - Composer

Michael Todd - Dancer

Fiona Tonkin - Dancer

Elizabeth Toohey - Dancer

Tony Tripp - Designer

Amy Usherwood - Actor

C Wakefield - Actor

Christine Walsh - Dancer

James Wardlaw - Actor

Allan Wilkie - Actor-manager, Producer, Actor

Roy Wilson - Dancer

Steven Woodgate - Dancer

Barry Wordsworth - Conductor

Samantha Young - Assistant Director

Jocelyn Abbott - Actor

Charles Aitken - Actor

Alexandra Aldrich - Actor

Jane Allen - Actor

  • The Shrew, Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC, 31 July 1985

Miranda Allen - Actor

Sophie Alstergren - Actor

  • The Shrew, Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA, 18 July 1985

F Anderson - Actor

Gillian Anstey - Actor

Pasqualino Arcuri - Actor

Jane Arden - Actor

Heidi Arena - Actor

Victoria Arthur - Actor

Bruce Auld - Designer

Bill Austin - Actor

Nick Backstrom - Actor

Ross Balbuziente - Actor

Catherine Ball - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Actor

Andrew Barker - Stage Manager

June Barnes - Director

Bob Barrett - Actor

Clare Barrett - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Vicky Barrett - Actor

Octavia Barron-Martin - Actor

Michael Bates - Actor

Jason Baughan - Actor

Julie Baz - Producer, Director

James Beattie - Actor

Bethanie Beavis - Singer

Tony Bell - Actor

Liam Bellman-Sharpe - Actor

Susan Benfer - Assistant Stage Manager

Bonnie Bergin - Actor

Diane Berryman - Actor

Peter Bertoni - Actor

Owen Bevan - Actor

Hannah Bird - Actor

Margaret Bird - Actor

Kate Bishop - Actor

Paul Bishop - Actor

Georges Bizet - Composer

Alexandra Black - Actor

Paul Blackwell - Actor

Fiona Blair - Director

Kyle Blanshard - Actor

Kevin Blond - Actor

Holly Bohmer - Actor

Lauren Bok - Assistant Producer, Actor

Nicholas Bolonkin - Director, Actor

Carl Bonn - Set Designer

Colin Borgonon - Actor

Bohdan Borys Maciburko - Actor

  • The Shrew, Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA, 18 July 1985

Margaret Bourke - Stage Manager

Robynne Bourne - Actor

Virginia Boyle - Director

Stephen Bracken - Actor

Henry Braden - Actor

David Bradley - Actor

Margaret Braine - Costume Designer, Producer

Peter Bramhill - Actor

Emily Branford - Actor

Geof Branton - Lighting Designer, Graphic Designer

Peter Brenton-Coward - Actor

Philip Brisebois - Assistant Designer

Margaret Broomhall - Set Designer

Bille Brown - Musical Arranger

Charlotte Brown - Actor

David Brown - Actor

Dugald Bruce-Lockhardt - Actor

Andrew Buchanan - Actor

Kieran Bullock - Actor

Sophie Buntine - Assistant Stage Manager

Daniel Bunton - Actor

John Michael Burdon - Actor, Fight Director

Amelia Burke - Actor

Kathleen Burleigh - Actor

Glen Burns - Actor

Dan Butler - Actor

Leticia Caceres - Director

Rene Callaghan - Dancer

Reg Cameron - Actor

Bil Campbell - Actor

Stuart Campbell - Actor

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

Paul Carnell - Assistant Producer, Actor

Lauren Carnes - Stage Manager

Sarah Carradine - Director

Guy Carrison - Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Carroll - Actor

Geoffrey Cartwright - Producer

Genevieve Cassin - Actor

Shaun Castles - Actor

Remy Chadwick - Assistant Lighting Designer

Ruth Chambers - Actor, Publicist

Naomi Chester - Actor

Jane Chisholm - Actor and Singer

Oliver Chris - Actor

Diane Cilento - Actor

Barbara Clegg - Actor

Cathie Clelland - Costume Designer

Rosalba Clemente - Actor

Jennifer Cluff - Actor

Jack Cocks - Actor

Michael Cole - Actor

Phillip Colledge - Actor

Dan Collins - Stage Manager

Mark Conaghan - Director

Bill Conn - Actor

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

John Conroy - Actor

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Warwick Cooper - Director

Sheridan Cornell - Actor

Graham Corry - Director

Madeline Costa - Actor

Julie Cotterell - Actor

Adam Couper - Actor

Alasdair Craig - Actor

Drew Crawford - Composer

E Cris - Actor

Francis Croese - Stage Director

Polly Croke - Actor

  • The Shrew, Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC, 31 July 1985

Ted Crosby - Actor

Cass Cumerford - Actor

Michael Cummings - Actor

Peter Cummins - Actor

Lochlan Cupit - Actor

Ewa Czajor - Director

  • The Shrew, Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC, 31 July 1985

Kate Dalling - Actor

Paul Daneman - Actor

H Davis - Actor

Jenny Davis - Actor

Julia Davis - Actor

Robert Davis - Actor

Mons. Julien de Willimoff - Actor

Joseph Denby - Stage Manager

Roger Di Lernia - Actor

Patrick Dickson - Actor

Graham Dixon - Director

Stacey Dixon - Assistant Stage Manager

Tim Dixon - Lighting Operator

Matilda Dixon-Smith - Dramaturg

Agnes Dobson - Director

John Dommett - Actor

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

Doug Donaldson - Lighting Operator

Harry Douglas - Actor

Penny Downie - Actor

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

Raymond Duparc - Actor

Antonin Dvořák - Composer

Phillip Edgley - Actor

John Edmund - Actor

Alan Edwards - Director

Derek Edwards - Actor

Elwyn Edwards - Actor

Orrena Elder - Choreographer, Actor

Emily Elise - Actor

Stefan Elliott - Actor

Paul English - Actor

F Esmelton - Actor

Bianca Esther - Set Designer

Martin Estridge - Actor

Brant Eustice - Actor

Christina Falsone - Actor

Shannon Feenane - Actor

Bek Ferris - Actor

Matthew Filkins - Actor

Reg Firns - Actor

Catherine Fitzgerald - Actor

Alan Fletcher - Actor

Joe Flynn - Actor

Kellie Flynn - Designer

D'Arcy Foley-Dawson - Actor

John Forbes - Actor

Monique Fortanier - Actor

E Foster - Actor

Thomas E Foster - Stage Director, Actor

Arthur Frame - Production Manager

Marie Fraser - Actor

Ronald Fraser - Actor

Patrick Frost - Actor

Christopher Fry - Writer

Carrillo Gantner - Actor

Adam Garden - Actor

Jonathan Gavin - Actor

Aram Geleris - Actor

Gregory Gesch - Actor

Barbara Gething - Singer

Max Giles - Scenic Artist

Leigh Gleeson - Actor

Don Goldsmith - Actor

Amanda Goode - Actor

Daniel Goode - Actor

Rachel Gordon - Actor

Jim Gosden - Actor

Annie Gosney - Designer

Tamara Gourley - Actor

Peter Grace - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Barbara Gravenall - Dance Director

Andrew Green - Lighting Operator

  • The Shrew, Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA, 18 July 1985

Peter Green - Actor

Steve Greig - Actor

Thomas Grigg - Conductor

Shirley Gully - Actor

Michael Habib - Actor

Cliff Hadley - Director

Vivien Haley - Set and/or Property Maker

Damien Hall - Actor

Edward Hall - Director

Grace Hamilton - Actor

Jared Hansen - Actor

Julia Harari - Actor

Louise Harding - Actor

Michael Harris - Actor

Rolf Harris - Singer, Actor

John Harrison - Actor

Doreen Harrop - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Actor

Allen Harvey - Actor

Vic Hawkins - Actor

Bruce Hay Chapman - Actor

  • The Shrew, Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC, 31 July 1985

H Hazell - Actor

Carl Heap - Artistic Director

Sheila Helpmann - Actor

Pat Henderson - Choreographer, Dance Director

Jamie Henson - Lighting Designer

Siobhán Hewlett - Actor

Harry Hill - Actor

Richard Hilliar - Actor

Dean Hills - Designer

Gerald Hitchcock - Actor

Glen Hitchcock - Actor

Bill Hobbs - Actor

William Hobbs - Actor

Roger Hodgman - Director

Bob Holden - Director

Philip Holder - Actor

Gustav Holst - Composer

Alan Holy - Director

Lyn Hopkins - Actor

Matilda Houlihan - Producer

Veronica Housen - Actor

Michelle Howard - Actor

Mark Howland - Lighting Designer

Hazel Howson - Actor

Elaine Hudson - Actor

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

Geo Hughes - Actor

Darryl Hukins - Actor

Carly Hulls - Production Manager, Actor

Frediswyde Hunter-Watts - Actor

Nick Hutchison - Director

Greg Hyslop - Actor

Craig Ilott - Actor

Rob Irwin - Lighting Designer

Norma Ivankovich - Singer

Darren Jakobsson - Actor

Michael Jeans - Actor

Barbara Jefford - Actor

David Jeffrey - Actor, Designer

Ryan Jemmeson - Actor

Glen Jessop - Actor

Anthony Johnson - Actor

Katie Johnson - Director

Richard Johnson - Actor

Carlisle Jones - Actor

Matt Jones - Actor

Pelagia Jordon - Actor

Kate Joseph - Composer

Josh Judson - Actor

Bruce Kane - Actor

Christopher Keen - Composer

Mark Kenfield - Actor

Ken Kennett - Actor

Penelope Kerr - Actor

Russell Kiefel - Actor

Ivan King - Actor

Martin Kirby - Actor

Ricky Klein - Actor

Sophie Kneebone - Actor

Lauraine Knight - Costume Designer

David Knijnenburg - Actor

Jacek Koman - Actor

Peter Kowitz - Actor

Mischa Kubancik - Stage Manager

  • The Shrew, Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA, 18 July 1985

Michael Kumnick - Designer

Peter Lamb - Actor

John Langmaid - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

James Lanyon - Actor

Ina Lawrence - Actor

Aleksandra Lebedeva - Dancer

Caroline Lee - Actor

  • The Shrew, Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC, 31 July 1985

Stephen Lee - Director

Jai Leeworthy - Lighting Designer

Gladys Leigh - Actor

Ernest Leitch - Actor, Stage Manager

Genevieve Lemon - Actor

Andrew Leonard - Actor

Nicholas Lever - Actor

Beverley Levine - Actor

Giles Lewin - Musical Director

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Mervyn Lewis - Actor

Dale Lingwood - Composer

Kathy Lister - Actor

Margaret Lloyd - Assistant Stage Manager

Gillian Lomberg - Actor

Victoria Longley - Actor

Nanette Lorimer - Actor

A Lucas - Actor

Nicolas Lyon - Actor

Kathryn Lyster - Actor

Stuart MacDonnell - Actor

Edward MacDowell - Composer

David Finlayson MacSwan - Director

Bonnie-Fay Madigan - Actor

Haydn Madigan - Actor

Clare Madsen - Actor

Deborah Mailman - Actor

Mario Majeroni - Actor

Anne Manchester - Actor

Peter Mann - Choreographer, Dancer

Pat Markham - Actor

Christopher Marlowe - Writer

Kathryn Marquet - Actor

Diana Marr - Actor

B Marschel - Actor

Barry Marschell - Actor

Kathryn Marshall - Costume Designer

  • The Shrew, Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA, 18 July 1985

E Martin - Actor

Paul Mason - Actor

Max Mastrosavas - Set Designer

Scott Mathewson - Assistant Designer

David Matters - Actor

Fiona Matthias - Stage Manager

Eric Maxon - Actor

Jeremy Mayhew - Actor

Rosie Mayhew - Costume Assistant

Ayu Maylinda - Set Designer

Emma McCulloch - Lighting Operator

Lewis McDonald - Actor

Rachel McDonald - Director

Rikki McDonald - Actor

Roxanne McDonald - Actor

Tom McDonald - Actor

Andrea McEwan - Actor

Andrew McEwan - Actor

Melissa McEwen - Stage Manager

  • The Shrew, Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA, 18 July 1985

David McGillivray - Actor

Ciaran Mcintyre - Actor

Chris McKay - Actor

Andrew McKenna - Actor

  • The Shrew, Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC, 31 July 1985

Jack McMahon - Actor

Anew McMaster - Producer, Actor

Christopher McMaster - Actor

Marjorie McMaster - Costume Designer

Jenny McNae - Director

Caroline Mealor - Actor

Aubrey Mellor - Director

Alex Menglet - Actor

Steven Menteith - Actor

Carolyn Mesecke - Actor

Edgar Metcalfe - Actor

Arky Michael - Actor

Scott Middleton - Actor

Caroline Mignone - Actor

Michael Mills - Actor

Veronica Milsom - Actor

Jessica Mogford-Moore - Actor

Mary F. Moir - Producer

Paul Monaghan - Actor

  • The Shrew, Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC, 31 July 1985

Chenier Moore - Actor

Sarah Moore - Actor

Lana Morgan - Actor

David Morrell - Actor

Phil Moye - Actor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Declan Mulcahy - Assistant Director

Stephanie Munn - Lighting Designer

Daniel Murphy - Actor

Liam Murphy - Actor

Shannon Murphy - Assistant Director

Betty Murray - Actor

Madeleine Murtagh - Production Manager

  • The Shrew, Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA, 18 July 1985

David Mustafa - Actor

Chris Myles - Actor

Veronica Neave - Actor

Aarne Neeme - Director

Regina Nengerman - Actor

Augustus Neville - Actor

Fred Newsom - Lighting Operator

Tony Newton - Actor

Lloyd Nickson - Designer

Juliet Nicolle - Actor

Angela Nocera - Actor

John Norman - Actor

Earle Nowotny - Conductor

Judy Nunn - Actor

Andrew O'Connell - Actor

Barry O'Connor - Teacher, Director

Colm O'Doherty - Actor

Sophie O'Halloran - Front of House

Sam O'Mahony-Adams - Actor

Aine O'Neill - Actor

Brian O'Shaughnessy - Actor

Peter O'Shaughnessy - Actor

Barry O'Sullivan - Actor

Duncan Ord - Lighting Designer

Ben Ormerod - Lighting Designer

Stephen Paese - Actor

John Page - Production Manager

Bridie Pamment - Actor

Damien Parker - Actor

Bruce Parr - Actor

Fiona Parrey - Director, Producer

Jonathan Parsons - Actor

  • The Shrew, Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC, 31 July 1985

LeRoy Parsons - Actor

Matthew Passmore - Actor

Michael Pavelka - Designer

David Peake - Actor

Will Pende - Musician

Caitlin Pentecost - Actor

Geoff Perks - Actor

Marie Perry-Watson - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jordan Peters - Actor

Anthony Phelan - Actor

Bill Phillips - Actor

Robin Phillips - Set Designer

Tony Poli - Actor

Caleb Porter - Actor

Cole Porter - Lyricist, Composer

Cherilyn Price - Actor

Roland Price - Dancer

Lloyd Prider - Producer

Michael Priest - Actor

Sam Priestly - Actor

Nicola Primaro - Actor

  • The Shrew, Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA, 18 July 1985

Pamela Rabe - Actor

Robin Ramsay - Actor

Christine Randall - Stage Manager

Jo Raphael - Actor

Neil Redfern - Actor

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

Mark Reed - Actor

George Relph - Actor

Afton Rentz - Actor

Geoff Revell - Actor

Lance Reynolds - Actor

Nigel Rice - Actor

Keith Richards - Actor

  • The Shrew, Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA, 18 July 1985

Tim Richards - Actor

Brian L. Richardson - Choreographer, Designer, Director

James Ridewood - Designer

Ian Rigney - Actor

H R Roberts - Actor

Phil Roberts - Actor

Helen Robinson - Director

Keith Robinson - Actor

Andy Roestenberg - Actor

Cate Rogers - Director

Paul Rogers - Actor

Miranda Rose - Actor

Stephen Ross - Actor

Kenneth Rowell - Designer

Kyle Rowling - Producer, Director

Patricia Rowling - Producer

Jillian Russ - Actor

E B Russell - Actor

Sue Russell - Costume Designer

Tony Russell - Set Designer

Gerard Ryan - Director

Laurence Sach - Production Manager

Thomas Salisbury - Lighting Designer

Jason Sarti - Actor

Kerry Saxby - Sound Designer

Lesley Scadding - Singer

Simon Scardifield - Actor

Domenico Scarlatti - Composer

Adrian Schiller - Actor

Ginny Schiller - Casting Director

Hansjörg Schmidt - Lighting Designer

Colin Schumacher - Director

Matthew Scott - Lighting Designer

Barry Screaigh - Actor

Vincent Scully - Actor

Philip Scutt - Actor

A M Seaton - Actor

Joachim Seilo - Actor

George Bernard Shaw - Writer

Oscar Shaw - Actor

Harold Short - Actor

Tricia Simmons - Costume Co-ordinator

Meg Simpson - Actor

Ron Sisson - Musical Director

Julian Slade - Composer

Daphne Slater - Actor

Malcolm Smale - Lighting Designer

Christopher Smith - Designer

Emily Smith - Actor

John Smith - Actor

Lee Smith - Actor

Roger Adam Smith - Actor, Sound Designer

Sunday Sommerfeld - Production Manager

Bella Spewack - Writer

Sam Spewack - Writer

Fiona Spitzkowsky - Director

Walter B. Spong - Scenic Artist

Beverley St Vaughan - Actor

J Stark - Actor

Paul Stephenson - Actor

Matthew Stewart - Actor

Rachael Stirling - Actor

H Stoneham - Actor

Harry Stoneham - Actor

Igor Stravinsky - Composer

Emilia Stubbs Grigoriou - Actor

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Phil Summer - Actor

Phil Sumner - Actor

Sarah Surridge - Costume Co-ordinator

Denise Sutherland - Actor

Stefanie Swan - Assistant Director

Bridget Sweeney - Actor

David Symons - Actor

  • The Shrew, Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC, 31 July 1985

Gregory Sze - Actor

Serge Tampalini - Designer

Leon Tanner - Actor

Jack Tarlton - Actor

Devon Taylor - Actor

Emily Taylor - Director, Adaptor

Pat Taylor - Singer

Jacob Thomas - Actor

Matthew Thomas - Actor, Musical Director

Mark Thompson - Designer

Helen Thomson - Actor

Frank Thring - Actor

Dominic Tighe - Actor

Yoshi Tosa - Designer

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

Frances Towers - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jon Trenchard - Actor

James Tresise - Assistant Producer, Actor

John Trutwin - Assistant Director, Actor

Gina Tsikouras - Director

Alexandra Turnbull - Actor

John Turner - Actor

Ian Tweedie - Actor

Jeana Tweedie - Producer

Matthew van Buuren - Actor

Michael Van Schoor - Actor

Virgie Vivienne - Actor

Anna Volska - Actor

Philip Voss - Actor

Richard Wagner - Composer

Leigh Walker - Actor

Rory Walker - Actor

Ella Walmsley - Actor

David Walters - Lighting Designer

Greg Walters - Actor

Robyn Walton - Playwright

Felicia Warde - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Asher Warren - Actor, Properties Master / Mistress

Ruth Watson - Actor

Steph Watson - Actor

Andrew Watts - Musical Director

Lachlan Watts - Actor

Frederic Weatherly - Composer

Hugo Weaving - Actor

Darren Weller - Actor

Sean Wellsmore - Actor

Luke Western - Actor

Dorothy Wheatley - Actor

Scott Whitters - Actor

Alison Whyte - Actor

Lilla Wilde - Actor

Oscar Wilde - Writer

Ross Williams - Actor

Tam Williams - Actor

Jack Willis - Actor

Adam Wilson - Actor

Kate Wilson - Producer

Renata Wilson - Assistant to the Director

Nicole Wineberg - Actor

Nicole Winkler - Actor

John Wood - Actor

Kim Woods - Designer

Leslie Wright - Actor

Brian Young - Director

  • The Shrew, Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW, 12 April 1976

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Regent Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC

Balmoral Beach Band Rotunda, Mosman, NSW

Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

New Fortune Theatre, Crawley, WA

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW

La Boite Theatre (June 1972 - 2003), Milton, QLD

Guild Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC

Little Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly, NSW

Balmoral Beach Band Rotunda, Mosman, NSW

Victoria Theatre (1870-1871), Newcastle, NSW

Regatta Park, Emu Plains, NSW

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

New Fortune Theatre, Crawley, WA

New South Wales, NSW

Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Wollongong Workshop Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

Little Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Wollongong Workshop Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

Carrick Hill, Springfield, SA

Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide, SA

New Palace Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Grand Opera House (1916-1932), Sydney, NSW

The Arcadians Miners Lamp Theatre, Corrimal, NSW

Nangiloc, Nangiloc, VIC

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, NSW

Playhouse (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Nautilus Theatre, Port Lincoln, SA

Middleback Theatre, Whyalla, SA

Northern Festival Centre, Port Pirie, SA

Barossa Arts and Convention Centre, Tanunda, SA

Chaffey Theatre, Renmark, SA

Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, Mount Gambier, SA

Lismore City Hall, Lismore, NSW

Albury Convention and Performing Arts Centre, Albury, NSW

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, Bathurst, NSW

Princess Theatre, Launceston, TAS

Regal Theatre, Subiaco, WA

Footbridge Theatre, University of Sydney, NSW

Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Newcastle Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Burnside Ballroom, Burnside, SA

University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, United States of America

Princess Theatre (1886- ), Melbourne, VIC

Assembly Hall, Perth, WA

Harold Park Hotel, Glebe, NSW

1.28 Phoenix Theatre, Blg P, Deakin University, Burwood, VIC

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Kent Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Winthrop Hall, Crawley, WA

Sydney Street Theatre, New Farm, QLD

Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Parade Theatre (1969-1999), Kensington, NSW

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach, NSW

Queensland, QLD

SGIO Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

QUT Gardens Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Suncorp Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Criterion Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Io Myers Studio, Kensington, NSW

Seymour Centre, Chippendale, NSW

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, NSW

Norman Lindsay Gallery, Faulconbridge, NSW

Everglades Gardens, Leura, NSW

Bella Vista Farm, Bella Vista, NSW

Wilton's Music Hall, London, England

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

Opera Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Bicentennial Park, Glebe, NSW

Wharf 2 Theatre, Sydney, NSW

The Old Vic Theatre, London, England

The State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

St Martins Theatre, South Yarra, VIC

Perth, Perth, WA

Darwin, Darwin, NT

His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Currong Courtyard, Braddon, ACT

Royalty Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Adelaide University Union Bistro, Adelaide, SA

Recording Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Tuggeranong, ACT

Queens Park Toowoomba, Toowoomba, QLD

Victoria College Rusden Campus, Clayton, VIC

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