Venue Lismore City Hall
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Address 1 Bounty Street
Lismore NSW 2480
Notes Regional
Latitude | Longitude -28.812862 | 153.275019


Playing Australia

Australia Council for the Arts

Arts NSW

Bell Shakespeare Company

Performing Lines Ltd

Arts on Tour New South Wales

Circus Oz

HIT Productions

Road Work

Accessible Arts

Arts Victoria

Christine Dunstan Productions

Company B Belvoir

Force Majeure

La Boite Theatre Company

Legs on the Wall

Patch Theatre

Queensland Theatre Company

The Studio

Tralala Blip

Urban Theatre Projects

Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Andrew Kay and Associates


Arts Queensland

Australian Art Orchestra

Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP)

Australian Theatre of the Deaf

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Bay Street Productions


Blak Lines

Brisbane Festival

Buzz Dance Theatre


Ceol Chiarrai Productions


Circus Australia Ltd

Circus Oz Band

Coda Audio Services


David Atkins Enterprises

Deckchair Theatre

Ellis Productions

Ensemble Theatre Pty Ltd

Farrelly Productions Pty Ltd

Full Tilt

Garry Ginivan Attractions

Grand International Concerts

John Manford and Associates

Kim Carpenter's Theatre of Image

Lab Kelpie

Leigh Warren and Dancers

Lucy Guerin Inc

Malcolm C Cooke and Associates Pty Ltd

Melbourne Theatre Company

Mobile States

Monkey Baa Productions

Moscow Ballet "La Classique"

New England Opera Chorus

Northern Rivers Performing Arts

NSW Ministry for the Arts

Queensland Orchestra

Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Queensland Theatre Orchestra

Red Chair

Rock 'n' Roll Circus

Russian National Ballet

Scared Weird Little Guys

Shaun Parker & Company

Skin Deep

Soft Targets Co-operative

Straight Jacket Productions

Sydney Theatre Company


The Arts Council of Australia (New South Wales Division)

The Australian Opera

The Danger Ensemble

The Queensland Youth Ballet

The Tap Brothers

The Topp Twins

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

Version 1.0

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Matt Scott - Lighting Designer

Robert Alexander - Actor

Janis Balodis - Playwright, Librettist

Eamon D'Arcy - Set Designer, Designer

Max Gillies - Actor

Elena Kats-Chernin - Composer

Julian Louis - Director, Assistant Director

David Page - Playwright, Composer, Actor, Creator, Director

Carl Polke - Composer, Circus Style Performer

Lyndon Terracini - Adaptor, Singer, Director, Actor

Camilla Ah Kin - Dramaturg, Actor

Bridget Barker - Costume Designer

Debra Iris Batton - Director, Circus Style Performer

John Bell - Director

Wiggy Brennan - Costume Designer

Stephen Burton - Director, Artistic Supervisor

Kate Champion - Director

Geoff Cobham - Lighting Designer, Designer

Tim Coldwell - Executive Producer, Circus Style Performer

Damien Cooper - Lighting Designer

Reg Cribb - Playwright

Trudy Dalgleish - Lighting Designer

Mathew Daymond - Actor

Rosie Dennis - Director, Writer

Michelle Doake - Actor

Phil Downing - Production Manager

Lydian Dunbar - Actor

Lawrence English - Sound Designer

Steve Francis - Sound Designer, Composer

Laurel Frank - Costume Designer

Claudie Frock - Actor

Gina Gascoigne - Lighting Designer

Jennifer Hagan - Director

David Hynes - Actor

Samuel James - Video Designer, Sound Designer

Phillip Johnston - Composer

Martin Langthorne - Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Chris Lewis - Circus Style Performer, Musical Director, Musician, Composer

Yaron Lifschitz - Creator, Director, Artistic Director

Julie McInnes - Circus Style Performer, Composer, Musical Director

Bruce McKinven - Designer, Costume Designer

Sean Mee - Director

Zac Misfud - Actor

Bruce Myles - Director

Jacob Nash - Set Designer, Designer

Luiz Pampolha - Lighting Designer

Byron Perry - Performer, Associate Director

Randolf Reimann - Actor

Steve Rodgers - Playwright, Director, Actor

Simone Romaniuk - Designer

Phoebe Rose - Costume Designer, Actor

Damien Ryan - Director, Actor

Jeremy Silver - Sound Designer

Richard Sydenham - Actor

Bernie Tan - Lighting Designer

Joshua Thomson - Dancer

Anna Tregloan - Set Designer, Designer

Timothy Walter - Actor

Bob Weatherly - Production Manager

Jack Webster - Choreographer, Dancer

Per Westman - Circus Style Performer

Scott Witt - Fight Director, Movement Director

Claudia Alessi - Circus Style Performer

Dane Alexander - Composer, Sound Designer

Kirk Alexander - Actor

Ben Anderson - Set Designer

Glen Anderson - Technical Director

Alice Ansara - Actor

Danielle Antaki - Performer, Devisor

Drew Anthony - Assistant Producer, Dancer

Neil Armfield - Director

Fabian Astore - Animator

David Atkins - Choreographer, Director, Creator

Matthew Backer - Actor

Sean Bacon - Video Artist, Devisor

Murray Ball - Creator

Michala Banas - Actor

Tom Bannerman - Designer

Jim Barber - Lighting Designer

Craig Barry - Dancer

Romy Bartz - Actor

John Batchelor - Actor

Sandra Bates - Director

Fayssal Bazzi - Performer

Christopher Beckey - Actor

Marlo Benjamin - Performer

Steven Berkoff - Playwright

Rusty Berther - Comedian

Mark Blackwell - Sound Designer

Wayne Blair - Writer

Hilton Bonner - Actor

Anna Borghesi - Designer

Nathan Boyle - Performer

Pat Brennan - Circus Style Performer

Samuel Brent - Performer

Sue Broadway - Artistic Director

Sarah Brokensha - Presenter

Lyall Brooks - Actor

Darcy Brown - Actor

Dave Brown - Director

David Brown - Director

Trevor Brown - Actor

Margi Brown-Ash - Actor

Rohan Browne - Dancer

Rhonda Bruce - Actor

Tom Burlinson - Performer

Larry Buttrose - Playwright

Annie Byron - Performer

Leon Cain - Actor

Adriano Cappelletta - Actor

Kim Carpenter - Director, Designer

Kerry Casey - Circus Style Performer

Jana Castillo - Dancer

Paul Charlier - Sound Designer

Sam Chester - Choreographer

Liam Christian - Dancer

Tamara Anna Cislowska - Musician

Brenda Clarke - Actor

Hayley Anne Clarke - Actor

Ian Clemworth - Artistic Director

Ben Cobham - Lighting Designer

Tilda Cobham Hervey - Performer

Harold Collins - Choreographer, Performer

Carlo Collodi - Writer

Caroline Conlon - Performer, Playwright

Jessica Connell - Performer

Chris Connelly - Actor

Will Conyers - Musical Director

Malcolm C. Cooke - Producer

Rachael Coopes - Writer

Fraser Corfield - Director

Julia Cotton - Choreographer

Robert Cousins - Set Designer

Michaela Coventry - Producer

Barry Creyton - Playwright

Daniel Crisp - Performer

Linda Cropper - Actor

Dean Cross - Dancer

Vincent Crowley - Performer

Hope Csutoros - Musician

Jo Currey - Lighting Designer

Stephen Curtis - Designer

Erin Daly - Stage Manager

Rhys Daniell - Actor

Anni Davey - Assistant Director

Susi Davies - Actor

Daniel Daw - Performer

Celia de Burgh - Actor

Nick Dear - Playwright

Brian Debnam - Director

Karen DeNardi - Musician

Terry Denton - Author

Toby Derrick - Dancer

Jarred Dewey - Performer

Alexander Dick - Technician

Sebastian Dickins - Circus Style Performer

Grant Dickson - Actor

Philip Dodd - Actor

Robin Donald - Actor

Gaetano Donizetti - Composer

Josh Doyle - Dancer

Isaac Drandich - Creator, Performer

Beverley Dunn - Actor

Sarah Dunn - Actor

Caroline Dunphy - Actor

Paul Dwyer - Dramaturg

Robert Eastcott - Composer

Matthew Edgerton - Actor

Kate Ellis - Circus Style Performer

Peter England - Set Designer

Wesley Enoch - Director

Christopher Essex - Costume Designer

Peter Evans - Director

Robert Faggetter - Actor

Gabriel Fancourt - Actor

Sue Farrelly - Producer

Adam Fawcett - Producer

Mike Finch - Artistic Director

Katie Fitchett - Actor

Maggie Fitzpatrick - Actor

John Flaus - Actor

John Fleming - Comedian

Alan Flower - Performer

Amy Forman - Stage Manager

William Forsythe - Choreographer

Lexi Freeman - Actor

Lucy Freeman - Director

Kevin Fregon - Production Manager

Jodie Fried - Costume Designer

Peter Furness - Dancer

Jeffrey Gane - Actor

Charlie Garber - Actor

Anna Gardiner - Designer

Adam Gardnir - Designer

Julian Garner - Actor

Jonathan Gavin - Actor

Robert Gavin - Musical Director

Belinda Gehlert - Musician

Belinda Giblin - Actor

John Gibson - Dancer

Michael Gilders - Production Manager

Jason Glenwright - Lighting Designer

Sofya Gollan - Performer, Playwright

Cameron Goodall - Performer

Rachel Gordon - Actor

Julie Goss - Actor

Neole Goss - Stage Manager

Louise Gough - Dramaturg

Paul Grabowsky - Composer, Performer

Brett Graham - Lighting Designer

A. K. Grant - Lyricist

Ben Grant - Composer, Actor

Scott Grayland - Circus Style Performer

Blair Greenberg - Musical Director, Performer

Andy Griffiths - Author

Lucy Guerin - Choreographer, Director

Carmel Hakendorf - Orchestral Leader

Roger Hall - Writer

Jon Halpin - Director

Antony Hamilton - Dancer

Benjamin Hancock - Dancer

Mark Handley - Actor

John Hannan - Actor

Kate Harman - Dancer

Kevin Harrington - Actor

Christine Harris - Producer

Alexandra Harrison - Circus Style Performer

Brian Harrison - Performer

Leeroy Hart - Circus Style Performer

Tony Harvey - Actor

Deon Hastie - Dancer

Glenn Hazeldine - Actor

Cathy Healy - Stage Manager

Crystal Hegedis - Actor

Michael Hennessy - Dancer, Choreographer

Andrew Henry - Actor

Jamie Henson - Production Manager

Roz Hervey - Performer

Nicholas Higgins - Lighting Designer, Audiovisual Sequencer

Nick Higgins - Lighting Designer

Graham Hilgendorf - Performer

Cecil Hill - Chorus Master/Mistress

Alice Hinde - Dancer

Gerald Hitchcock - Actor

Basil Hogios - Lighting Designer, Composer

Vincent Hooper - Actor

Alan Hopgood - Playwright

Anna Houston - Actor

Mark Howett - Lighting Designer

Ben Hughes - Lighting Designer

Glenn Hughes - Lighting Designer

Ruby Hunter - Composer, Singer

Thomas Hutchins - Actor

Jules Hutchison - Actor

Masae Ikegawa - Performer

Jennifer Irwin - Costume Designer

Emma Jackson - Performer

Des James - Director

Sian James-Holland - Lighting Designer

Neil Jensen - Audiovisual Sequencer

Alan John - Composer

Daryll John - Circus Style Performer

Samuel Johnson - Actor

Scott Johnson - Actor

Andrew Johnston - Actor

Lee Jones - Actor

Marie Jones - Playwright

Kerryn Joyce - Performer

Hsin Ju Chiu - Dancer

Guy Kable - Actor

Tamara Kalocsai - Stage Manager

Gail Kelly - Director

Geoff Kelso - Creator, Performer

Thomas Keneally - Playwright

Todd Kilby - Performer

Mark Kilmurry - Director

Angus King - Actor

Danielle King - Actor

Mel King - Performer

Stephen Michael King - Author

Ingrid Kleinig - Circus Style Performer

Stephen Klinder - Devisor

Ben Knapton - Associate Director

Peter Lamb - Actor

Max Lambert - Musical Supervisor, Creator

Lucy-Ann Langkilde - Actor

Ruby Langton-Batty - Costume Designer

Thomas Larkin - Actor

Riley Lee - Performer

Joshua Lemon - Lighting Designer

Tanya Lester - Circus Style Performer

Wei Han Liao - Sound Designer

Matthew Lilley - Actor

Michael Ling - Circus Style Performer

Tom Lingwood - Director, Designer

Drew Livingston - Actor, Composer

Anton Lock - Performer

Eliza Logan - Actor

Sam Longley - Performer, Creator

Max Lyandvert - Composer

Taylor Mac - Performer, Creator

Graham Maclean - Designer

Frank Mainoo - Stage Manager

Kevin Man - Performer

Rowan Marchingo - Circus Style Performer

Georgia Martin - Dancer

Steve Martin - Adaptor

Prue McBeath - Stage Manager

Kirstie McCracken - Performer

Glen McCurley - Dancer

Terry McDermott - Actor

Garry McDonald - Director

Andrew McDonell - Actor

Libby McDonnell - Costume Designer

Rennie McDougall - Dancer

Juz McGuire - Lighting Designer

Joshua McIntosh - Designer

Huw McKinnon - Actor

Brian Meegan - Actor

Elik Melikov - Artistic Director

Maxine Mellor - Adaptor

Tony Melov - Audiovisual Sequencer

Arky Michael - Devisor

Danielle Micich - Assistant Director

Linda Mickleborough - Administrator

John Misto - Playwright

Dan Mitchell - Director

Steven Mitchell Wright - Director

David Montgomery - Composer, Sound Designer

Libby Montilla - Dancer

Andrea Moor - Assistant Director

Dennis Moore - Actor

Ian Moorhead - Actor

Richard Morecroft - Voice Over Artist

Josh Mu - Dancer

Ekrem Mulayim - Sound Designer

Sean Mulligan - Dancer

Rod Mullinar - Actor

Aidan Munn - Dancer

Fiona Munroe - Choreographer

Alice Muntz - Performer

Frank Nannup - Performer, Creator

Sophia Ndaba - Dancer

Veronica Neave - Performer

Sean Newton - Mechanist

Costa Nicholas - Dancer

Jane Nolan - Actor

Philip Norman - Composer

Karen Norris - Lighting Designer

Louis Nowra - Playwright

Simone O'Brien - Circus Style Performer

John O'Hagan - Musician

Sean O'Shea - Actor

Kareena Oates - Circus Style Performer

Tim Ohl - Dancer

Dennis Olsen - Actor

Jason Organ - Lighting Designer

Tim Overton - Actor

Kirk Page - Circus Style Performer

Kyle Page - Dancer

Leonie Page - Dancer

Stephen Page - Director

Marnie Palomares - Dancer

Christopher Parker - Actor

Shaun Parker - Choreographer

Christian Patterson - Dancer

Sarah Peace - Dancer

Kelton Pell - Performer, Creator

Andrew Pendlebury - Composer

Dein Perry - Choreographer

Chris Petridis - Sound Designer

Jane Phegan - Performer, Devisor

Stephen Phillips - Actor

Deborah Pollard - Devisor, Dramaturg

Brittanie Portelli - Performer

Nigel Poulton - Fight Director

Gail Priest - Sound Artist

Jan Rae - Designer

Lewis Rankin - Dancer

Scott Rankin - Adaptor

Jesse Rasmussen - Dancer

John Rayment - Lighting Designer

Hannie Rayson - Playwright

Michael Rebetzke - Actor

Jaime Redfern - Choreographer

Rupert Reid - Actor

Trish Renneberg - Actor

Kathryn Riding - Playwright

Deborah Riley - Designer

Leanne Ringelstein - Dancer

Frances Rings - Choreographer

Sara Ritchie - Circus Style Performer

Archie Roach - Singer, Composer

Jo Roads - Dancer

Richard Roberts - Designer

Alan Robertson - Designer

Gavin Robins - Movement Director

Keith Robinson - Actor

Karen Rodgers - Producer

Imogen Ross - Designer

Michael Ross - Actor

Alyssa Rothwell - Animator

Tom Royce-Hampton - Performer

Christopher Ryan - Devisor, Dramaturg

Michelle Ryan - Assistant Director

Teresa Ryan - Stage Manager

Polly Sara - Actor

John Saunders - Director

Nick Schlieper - Lighting Designer

Phillip Scott - Composer

Telford Scully - Circus Style Performer

James Shannon - Dancer

Michael Sheasby - Actor

Mary Shelley - Author

Anna Shelper - Circus Style Performer

Oonagh Sherrard - Composer

Gerald Sibleyras - Playwright

Gareth Simmonds - Production Manager

Neil Simon - Playwright

Joseph Simons - Dancer

Neil Simpson - Lighting Designer

Rebecca Smee - Actor

Luke Smiles - Sound Designer

Mike Smith - Actor

Saskia Smith - Actor

Toni Smith - Circus Style Performer

Kathryn Sproul - Designer

Olivia Stambouliah - Actor

Jeremy Stanford - Actor

Felicity Steel - Fight Director

Diane Stern - Producer

Carl Sternheim - Playwright

Michelle Stevens - Stage Manager

Greg Stone - Actor

Tom Stoppard - Translator

Tony Strachan - Director

Heather Stratfold - Musician

Johann Strauss - Composer

Damien Strouthos - Actor

Ildiko Susany - Actor

Peter Sutherland - Stage Manager

Gavan Swift - Lighting Designer

Valerie Tamblyn-Mills - Actor

Jennie Tate - Designer

Lucy Taylor - Actor

Yana Taylor - Dramaturg, Devisor

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Louise Teteris - Production Manager

Mark Thompson - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Phillip Thompson - Performer, Creator

Charles Bud Tingwell - Actor

Georg Tintner - Conductor

Michael Tuahine - Actor

Richard Tulloch - Adaptor

Gabriela Tylesova - Designer

Bree Van Reyk - Composer

Casey Van Sebille - Set Designer

Matt Vecchio - Sound Composer

Irine Vela - Composer

Kym Vercoe - Performer, Devisor

Anna Volska - Director

Ingrid Voorendt - Associate Director

Darren Waide - Stage Manager, Production Manager

Nick Wales - Musical Director, Composer

Rowena Wallace - Actor

Katy Warner - Playwright, Director

Leigh Warren - Choreographer

Jacki Weaver - Actor

Gavin Webber - Choreographer, Director

Guy Webster - Sound Designer

Ingrid Weisfelt - Performer

Beth Whiting - Stage Manager

David Whitney - Actor

Matthew Whittet - Actor

Ed Wightman - Actor

Nicci Wilks - Stage Manager

David Williams - Performer, Devisor

Julie Williams - Actor

Kate Williams - Stage Manager

David Williamson - Playwright

Simon Wilton - Actor

Eloise Winestock - Actor

Louise Withers - Actor

John Wood - Actor

Sarah Woods - Actor

Holly Woollard - Production Manager

Nathan Wright - Dancer

William Yang - Photographer

Charmene Yap - Dancer

Gregory Yurisich - Actor

Venue Identifier 611