Venue Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969)
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Other Names Adelphi Theatre (1911-1916)
Grand Opera House (1916-1932)
New Tivoli Theatre (1932-1966)
Address 329 Castlereagh Street, between Campbell Street and Hay Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Notes Located at the southern end of Castlereagh Street, between Campbell and Hay Streets. Opened 5 April 1911 as Adelphi Theatre. Renamed Grand Opera House 28 August 1916. Renamed New Tivoli Theatre 1932, later known as the Tivoli Theatre. Closed March 1966. Demolished 1969. National Library of Austalia
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Whitehall Productions

Wicki & Dana

Wiki and Dana

Winnetou and his White Squaw

Wong Toy Sun and Co

Angus Winneke - Set Designer, Designer, Scenic Artist, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer, Production Coordinator, Technical Director, Associate Producer, Set and/or Property Maker

David N. Martin - Director, Producer, Presenter, Entrepreneur

Ronnie Hay - Choreographer

Hal Vincer - Musical Director, Conductor, Concert Master, Stage Manager

Ralton R. James - Producer, Presenter, Assistant Producer, Production Manager, Director, Stage Director, Stage Manager

Wallace Parnell - Producer

Fred Parsons - Comedian, Writer, Stage Manager

Harold Moschetti - Musical Arranger, Conductor, Composer, Actor, Musician, Musical Director, Music and Lyrics

Madame Nixon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer

Albert Fisher - Musical Director, Musical Arranger, Composer, Conductor

Frank Neil - Presenter, Director, Magician, Producer, General Manager

Dudley Cantrell - Musical Arranger, Conductor, Composer, Orchestrator, Musical Director

Mavis Nixon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Maker

Terry Scanlon - Actor, Comedian, Actor and Singer, Performer, Compere

Winnie Gill - Costume Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Maker

Jenny Howard - Performer, Comedian, Comic Singer, Singer

Charles Norman - Actor and Singer, Comedian, Actor, Performer, Compere, Comic Singer

Morry Barling - Comedian, Performer, Actor

Lynne Golding - Dancer, Performer, Choreographer, Actor

Gloria Dawn - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer, Performance Artist, Singer, Dancer

Buster Fiddes - Comedian, Performer

Alec Kellaway - Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor, Producer, Singer, Production Manager, Comedian

George Stevenson Wallace - Lyricist, Actor, Performer, Writer, Comedian

Molly Duval - Soubrette, Actor, Singer, Performer

Jim Gerald - Director, Performer, Comedian, Actor and Singer

George Nichols - Actor, Impersonator, Illusionist, Performer, Comedian, Actor and Singer

Roy Rene - Comedian, Actor

Lily Coburn - Soubrette, Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

Marie Doran - Singer, Actor, Performer, Dancer

Les Ritchie - Actor and Singer, Actor, Dancer, Comic Singer, Performer

Mavis Ritchie - Choreographer, Actor and Singer, Dancer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Sheila Cruze - Choreographer

Ormonde Douglas - Singer, Performer, Actor and Singer, Baritone, Actor

Dres Hardingham - Set Designer, Designer, Scenic Artist, Set and/or Property Maker

Ronny Hay - Producer, Choreographer

Len James - Musical Director, Conductor, Accompanist

Joe Lawman - Actor and Singer, Comedian, Compere, Dancer, Performer

Eddie Gordon - Comedian, Circus Style Performer, Actor

Clifford Guest - Impersonator, Ventriloquist, Singer, Performer

George Hurd - Circus Style Performer, Comedian, Performer, Juggler

Barbara Mackay - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Joy Nichols - Actor, Comedian, Impersonator, Actor and Singer, Performer

Johnny O'Connor - Singer, Performer, Actor and Singer

Joy Waltho - Performer, Actor and Singer, Dancer, Singer

Frank Ward - Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor, Dancer

Stanley Willis-Croft - Devisor, Producer, Director, Adaptor

Joan Ashton - Performer, Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Raymond Baird - Saxophonist, Musician, Comedian

Kathryn Crawford - Actor and Singer, Performer, Dancer, Singer

Colin Croft - Actor, Performer, Acrobat, Comedian

Clem Dawe - Comedian, Presenter, Actor, Actor and Singer

Maurice Diamond - Stage Manager, Choreographer

Alan Eddy - Singer, Bass Baritone, Actor, Baritone

Margaret Fitzgibbon - Performer, Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor

June Holm - Singer, Comic Singer, Performer, Actor and Singer

Billy Kershaw - Performer, Dancer, Actor and Singer

Betty Linke - Actor and Singer, Singer, Performer, Actor

Will Mahoney - Comedian, Performer, Producer

Magda Neeld - Singer, Actor and Singer, Dancer

Rebla - Comedian, Circus Style Performer, Performer

Harold Vincer - Conductor, Musical Director

Syd Beck - Comedian, Actor

John Dobbie - Actor and Singer, Comedian, Actor

Bill French - Singer, Performer, Actor, Compere

Sadie Gale - Performer, Comedian, Actor

Pat Gregory - Actor, Performer, Ice Skater

Esme Guest - Costume Maker, Milliner

Sandra Johnstone - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Eddie Marcel - Compere, Actor and Singer

George Marlow - General Director, Executive Producer, Proprietor, Entrepreneur

Victor Moore - Performer, Baritone, Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

John Northcote - Scenic Artist, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Set Designer

William Perryman - Performer, Actor

Anthony Quayle - Actor, Director

Joy Robins - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

Iris Shand - Performer, Actor, Dancer

Alban Whitehead - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer, Dancer

Bubby Allen - Comedian, Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer, Soubrette

Eric Cameron - Comedian, Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor

George Carden - Choreographer, Producer

Garnet Carroll - Presenter, Director

Iris Cattach - Soubrette

Brenda Charles - Dancer, Soubrette, Actor and Singer, Performer

Mike Connors - Compere, Actor, Comedian

Tom Dale - Performer, Actor

Wim de Jong - Performer, Ice Skater

Bob Dyer - Comedian

Eric Edgley - Presenter, Actor, Comedian, Actor and Singer, Producer

Gracie Emmerson - Dancer, Actor and Singer, Comedian

Muriel Gardner - Dancer, Choreographer, Performer

Knox Godfrey - Producer, Choreographer

Ailsa Green - Singer, Performer, Actor and Singer

Evie Hayes - Actor and Singer, Performer, Singer

Sylvia Kellaway - Performer, Comedian, Singer

Joe Latona - Actor, Dancer, Choreographer

Johnny Lockwood - Performer, Actor, Comedian

Daphne Lowe - Singer, Soprano, Vocalist, Actor

Ralph Mace - Musical Director, Conductor, Vocal Arranger, Associate Conductor

John O'Dowd - Comedian, Performer, Actor and Singer

Mascotte Powell - Soubrette, Impersonator, Actor and Singer

Mavis Reed - Actor, Dancer, Performer

Tommy Trinder - Comedian

Inky Williams - Performer, Actor, Comedian

Barbara Angell - Actor, Dancer, Performer, Soprano

John Antill - Composer, Singer

Michael Benthall - Actor, Producer, Director

John Bluthal - Actor and Singer, Actor

Frieda Bohning - Performer

Kenn Brodziak - Associate Producer, Company Director, Assistant Producer, Director

Fred Brown - Circus Style Performer, Actor

Guus Brox - Clown, Performer, Comedian

Thelma Bryce - Performer

Robert Butt - Performer, Actor

Maurice Colleano - Circus Style Performer, Acrobat

William Constable - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Nina Cooke - Soprano, Singer, Performer, Dancer

Lou Cottam - Performer

Les Donaghey - Stage Manager, Actor

Ronald Dowd - Singer, Actor and Singer

Tuppy Downs - Choreographer

Thelma Duff - Performer

Evan Dunstan - Actor and Singer, Actor

Neil Easton - Singer, Actor and Singer

Robert Eddie - Singer, Performer

William Flynn - Musical Arranger, Musical Director

Bob Geraghty - Actor and Singer, Comedian, Actor, Producer

Jess Gillam - Performer

John Gilpin - Dancer

Joyce Graeme - Dancer

Barbara Grimes - Dancer

Douglas Hall - Actor and Singer, Actor

Howard Hall - Performer

David Hamilton - Choreographer, Performer

Oscar Hammerstein - Book and Lyrics, Librettist, Lyricist

Reg Hawthorne - Performer

Robert Helpmann - Actor

Katharine Hepburn - Actor

Charles Hickman - Director

Paula Hinton - Dancer

Elizabeth Hurley - Dancer

Ted James - Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Arthur Jandy - Comedian, Clown, Comic Instrumentalist

Keith Johns - Stage Manager, Stage Director

Heather Jones - Performer

Edit Juhasz - Dancer, Performer

Marvin Kane - Compere, Dancer

Vilma Kaye - Performer

Ivan King - Stage Manager, Actor and Singer, Actor

Percy King - Comedian, Writer, Producer

Gerald Krug - Conductor

Alwyn Leckie - Performer, Singer

William Little - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Robin Lovejoy - Costume Designer, Singer

Edna Luscombe - Actor, Comedian

Babs MacKinnon - Actor and Singer, Performer

Thelma McLeod - Choreographer

Merope Mills - Costume Designer

Rae Morgan - Performer

Peggy Mortimer - Composer, Singer, Performer

Harry Mossfield - Baritone, Performer

Don Pascoe - Actor

Betty Prentice - Performer, Singer

Jean Rai - Choreographer, Dancer

Marie Rambert - Dance Director

Billy Rayes - Performer, Comedian

Max Reddy - Actor, Comedian

Shirley Regan - Actor, Performer, Dancer

Robert Roberts - Actor

Tibor Rudas - Choreographer, Producer

Pearl Schweig - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Cecil Scott - Actor, Actor and Singer

Olga Varona - Circus Style Performer, Tight-rope Walker

Bill Yule - Dancer, Performer, Actor, Choreographer

Harry Abdy - Impersonator, Actor, Performer

Bubby Allan - Comedian, Soubrette

Gladys Anderson - Actor and Singer

Avril Angers - Performer

Beatrice Aston - Actor and Singer, Actor

Rosalind Atkinson - Actor

Ronald Austron - Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

James Bailey - Actor

Robin Bailey - Actor

Freddie Bamberger - Performer, Writer

Alan Barker - Musical Director

June Barton - Singer, Performer

Michael Bates - Actor

Robert Beaumont - Actor

Eileen Beldon - Actor

Arthur Benjamin - Composer

George Benson - Actor

Michelene Bernardini - Performer

Mr Bouna - Contortionist, Actor, Acrobat

Lorraine Bransgrove - Singer, Soprano, Actor and Singer

Jennie Brenan - Choreographer

June Bronhill - Performer, Actor

Margaret Brown - Performer, Dancer

Christopher Burgess - Actor

Rosemary Butler - Performer, Actor and Singer

Jean Cameron - Actor, Dancer, Performer

Bruce Carroll - Actor, Musician

Annette Chappell - Dancer

Albert Chappelle - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

Geoffrey Chard - Singer

John L. Clugston - Stage Manager

Keith Connolly - Performer, Actor

Celestine Connors - Choreographer, Performer, Actor

George Cooper - Actor

Tom Criddle - Actor

Marshall Crosby - Actor

Dan Cunningham - Actor

Lloyd Cunnington - Actor

Peter Cushing - Actor

Bebe De Roland - Dancer, Performer, Actor

Dorothy Dee - Performer, Ice Skater

Gene Detroy - Performer, Actor

David Dodimead - Actor

Elimar - Circus Style Performer

Edna Emmett - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Adrienne Erdos - Ice Skater

Robert Feist - Conductor

Tony Fontane - Singer, Performer

John Fraser - Actor, Actor and Singer, Baritone

Tony Gavin - Actor

Tony Geappen - Actor and Singer, Actor

Mercia George - Choreographer

Edith Georges - Dancer

Sally Gilmour - Dancer

Walter Gore - Dancer, Narrator

Arthur Gorman - Actor and Singer, Actor

Shay Gorman - Actor

Barney Grant - Performer

Joyce Gration - Actor and Singer, Singer

Philip Guard - Actor

Peggy Haigh - Performer

Beryl Hardy - Singer

Ernest Hare - Actor

Thomas Heathcote - Actor

Maureen Helman - Singer, Performer

Ian Hewitson - Actor

Basil Hoskins - Actor

Barbara Howe - Ice Skater, Ballet Master/Mistress, Performer

Oliver Hunter - Actor

Jack Hylton - Entrepreneur

Harold Ingram - Musical Director, Conductor

Lewis Jacob - Dancer, Performer, Actor and Singer

Harry Jacobson - Performer, Pianist

Barbara Jefford - Actor

Gladys Jennings - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Maker

Disley Jones - Set Designer

Jacques Jordane - Singer

Yusef Kayrooz - Singer

Leslie Kellaway - Performer

Coral Kelly - Actor

Margaret Kelly - Singer, Actor

George Kenyon - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Dorene Kilmer - Dancer

Doug Kingsman - Actor, Performer

Annette Klooger - Singer

June Kuester - Actor and Singer, Performer, Dancer

Betty Lambert - Soubrette, Dancer

Toni Lamond - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Dinsdale Landen - Actor

John Larsen - Performer, Tenor, Actor

Andrew Leigh - Actor

Vivien Leigh - Actor

Emrys Leyshon - Actor

Alan Light - Singer, Actor and Singer

Bobby Limb - Performer, Comedian

Frank Lisle - Singer

Ernest Llewellyn - Concert Master

Betty Lyons - Dancer, Singer

Barbara Mackey - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Maker

John Mansfield - Actor

Anita Martell - Circus Style Performer, Comedian

Lloyd Martin - Singer, Performer

Meg Maxwell - Actor

Lennie McDermott - Singer

Beryl Meekin - Singer, Performer, Actor

Bernard Merefield - Actor

George Mikell - Actor

Kevin Miles - Actor

Gladys Miller - Singer

Kevin Mills - Actor and Singer, Performer

Terence Morgan - Actor

Daniel Moynihan - Actor

Jack Murray - Performer

Rob Murray - Circus Style Performer, Juggler

Peter North - Actor, Actor and Singer

D. D. O'Connor - Presenter, Director

Robert O'Donnell - Singer, Performer

Terry O'Neill - Performer

Laurence Olivier - Actor, Producer

James Ottaway - Actor

Athena Pallas - Magician, Performer

Ernest Parham - Actor, Choreographer

Timothy Parkes - Actor

Ron Parry - Performer

Betty Pasco - Circus Style Performer

Queenie Paul - Ballet Master/Mistress, Singer

Armand Perren - Producer, Ice Skater

Lance Phoenix - Conductor, Musical Director

Billie Ponds - Actor, Performer

Joey Porter - Comedian, Performer

Walter Pym - Actor

Bert Ralph - Actor, Performer

Alan Randall - Xylophone

Raphael - Milliner

George Relph - Actor

Len Rich - Actor, Comedian

Walter Richards - Actor

John Roberts - Actor

Tibby Roberts - Comedian

William P. Robinson - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Dancer

Richard Rodgers - Composer

Anna Rudas - Choreographer

Leon Ryan - Actor

Margaret Scott - Dancer

Ernest Shand - Performer, Actor and Singer, Actor

Elizabeth Sharland - Actor

Frank Sheldon - Dancer, Performer

Madame Sheringham - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Sherringham - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Ella Shields - Impersonator, Singer, Gender Cross-dresser

Peggy Simpson - Actor

Marilyn Smith - Actor and Singer, Actor, Dancer

Harry Starling - Actor, Stage Director

Elsa Stenning - Singer, Comedian

Hugh Stewart - Actor

Jack Stocks - Performer, Comedian

Douglas Stuchberry - Performer

Edwin Styles - Compere, Comedian, Actor

Mercia Swinburne - Actor

Jacqueline Talbot - Singer

Jandy The Musical Clown - Performer, Clown

Al Thomas - Impersonator, Compere, Actor

Frank Thring - Actor

John Truscott - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Kerry Vaughn - Actor, Performer

Pamela Vincent - Dancer

George Leonard Wallace - Comedian

Eileen Ward - Dancer

Rosemary Webster - Actor

Bunny Westney - Dancer, Singer, Actor

Cherry Wheatley - Dancer, Actor

Joe Whitehouse - Performer, Ice Skater

Gordon Wilcock - Actor and Singer, Performer

Don Williams - Actor, Dancer

Cecil Winter - Actor

Harry Wren - Producer, Presenter

Diana Wynyard - Actor

Bob Young - Musical Director, Musical Arranger, Composer

Doreen - Performer

Esme - Milliner

Myrna - Comic Instrumentalist

Larry Adler - Musician, Musical Arranger

Gillian Anstey - Actor

Rih Aruso - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Goldie Ashton - Drummer, Comedian

Arthur Askey - Actor

Percy Athos - Producer, Stage Director

Gerry Atkins - Dancer

Winifred Atwell - Pianist

Bill Austin - Director, Stage Director

Valda Bagnall - Actor, Singer

Berni Baia - Actor and Singer, Choreographer

Jack Baker - Actor and Singer, Performer

John Baker - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Julie Ballew - Singer, Comedian

Barry Balmer - Actor

Mary Banfield - Actor and Singer, Singer

Billy Banks - Performer, Singer

Roy Barbour - Performer

Jack Barker - Performer, Pianist

John Barnard - Actor

Bob Barre - Producer, Director

Brian Barrie - Performer, Actor

Timothy Bateson - Actor

Noeleen Batley - Actor

Billy Baxter - Performer

Anthony Bazell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Stephan Beinl - Director

Michael Bentine - Comedian, Performer

Dick Bentley - Comedian, Compere

Frank Berry - Comedian

Margaret Berry - Assistant Choreographer

Anny Berryer - Performer

The Great Bertini - Musician, Violinist

Irene Bevans - Actor and Singer

Gerd Bjornstad - Ice Skater

Max Blake - Dancer, Performer

Ben Blue - Performer, Comedian

Wally Boag - Comedian

Michael Boddy - Actor

Joe Brennan - Actor

Colin Briggs - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jim Brooks - Actor

Fred Brown - Actor, Circus Style Performer

Joan Brown - Actor, Dancer

Nancy Brown - Performer, Actor

Bubbles - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Maker

Robert Burns - Actor

Marylin Burr - Dancer

Victor Carell - Stage Manager

Chester Carone - Actor, Actor and Singer

Alex Carr - Actor

Jacques Cartaux - Ice Skater

Michael Charnley - Choreographer

Gordon Chater - Performer, Actor

Robert Chisholm - Actor

Joe Chisolm - Actor and Singer

Mr Chribi - Ice Skater

Bill Christopher - Ice Skater

Joe Church - Performer

Eric Clapham - Musical Director

Jean Clarke - Performer

Moira Claux - Dancer

Barbara Clegg - Actor

Nelson Clifford - Pianist, Comedian

Joy Clyde - Dancer

W R Coleman - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

George Colleano - Acrobat, Circus Style Performer

Joyce Colleano - Circus Style Performer, Acrobat

Lyn Colleano - Comedian, Acrobat

Reg Collins - Actor

Peter Colville - Performer, Comedian

Charlie Connell - Set and/or Property Maker

Cliff Cook - Actor, Performer

Graeme Coombs - Actor, Performer

Campbell Copelin - Actor

Harry Cordwell - Set Designer, Dancer

Pierre Courret - Performer

Peter Crago - Performer

David Crann - Actor and Singer, Actor

Alex Crethar - Dancer

Phyllis Culbert - Choreographer

Geoffrey Curtis - Actor

Edith Dahl - Performer

Henry Danton - Dancer

Alexander Davion - Actor

Joan Davis - Producer

Lee Davis - Performer

Rex Dawe - Performer, Comedian

Julie Day - Actor

Valda de Oliver - Actor, Actor and Singer

Halinka De Tarczynska - Actor, Performer

Beth Dean - Choreographer

Peter Dease - Actor, Performer

Chung Doo - Comedian, Singer

John Dunbar - Actor

Netta Dunsmore - Ice Skater

David Eadie - Actor, Performer

Brian Easdale - Composer, Lyricist

Jean Eddy - Dancer

Jimmy Elder - Ice Skater

Beryl Ellis - Choreographer

Cid Ellwood - Director, Producer

Grace Emerson - Singer, Actor and Singer

Eric Evans - Actor

Ray Evans - Dancer

John Faassen - Performer, Actor

Alexander Faris - Musical Arranger, Musical Director

Doris Faye - Performer

Helene Ffrance - Dancer

Arvid Fibigs - Dancer

Alec Finlay - Performer

Colin Fitzgerald - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Andrew Flanagan - Magician

Claude Fleming - Producer, Actor, Director

Stan Foley - Actor, Comedian

Kevin Foote - Actor and Singer, Actor

Banner Forbutt - Circus Style Performer, Actor

Frank Forde - Baritone, Actor

Jean Fox - Actor

Robert Fraser - Actor

John Frazer - Actor

Ruth Galene - Dancer

Dimo Galiungi - Conductor

Robert Gard - Actor, Actor and Singer

Pauline Garrick - Actor and Singer, Actor

John Gay - Actor

John Gilbert - Actor

Margo Glancy - Performer, Stripper

Phyllis Glen - Actor

John Godfrey - Actor, Performer

Vic Gordon - Performer, Comedian

Pauline Grant - Choreographer

Jodie Gray - Marimba

Deidre Green - Performer, Actor

H. F. Green - Performer

Andrew Guild - Actor

Stefan Haag - Director

Brenda Hamlyn - Dancer

Paul Hansard - Actor

Millie Hansen - Singer

Millie Hanson - Actor and Singer

Robin Hardiman - Stage Manager, Actor

Howard Hardin - Juggler, Comic

Paul Hardwick - Actor

Robert Hardy - Actor

Wilma Harrison - Actor

Kevin Hartis - Actor, Singer

Bruno Harvey - Dancer

Eileen Hattam - Actor and Singer

Bernard Heinze - Conductor

Marghuerita Helios - Performer

Pat Henning - Performer, Actor and Singer

Steven Henty - Director, Ice Skater

Margaret Hill - Dancer

Tod Hilton - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Connie Hobbs - Performer

William Hobbs - Actor

Joan Holcombe - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Adrian Holland - Musical Advisor

Anthony Holland - Costume Designer, Designer

Judi Hooke - Actor and Singer, Actor

Elsie Hosking - Comedian, Soubrette

Andrée Howard - Choreographer

Bert Howell - Performer, Musician

David Hunt - Dancer

Jean Hunter - Actor

Doreen Hurd - Juggler, Performer

Ernest Irving - Composer

Barbara James - Singer

Flo James - Actor

Ashton Jarry - Actor

Audrey Jeans - Actor

Joe Jenkins - Dancer

Ray Johnson - Actor

Carlisle Jones - Actor

Harold Kasket - Actor

Dave Kaye - Pianist

Valerie Kaye - Dancer

Ernest Kelroy - Performer

Darcy Kelway - Actor

John Kendall - Dancer

Pat Kenny - Performer, Musician

Geoffrey King - Actor

Leslie King - Assistant Stage Manager

Renita Kramer - Performer

Ronnie Lacona - Tight-rope Walker

Johnny Ladd - Ice Skater, Scriptwriter

Dawn Lake - Actor and Singer, Performer

Eric Lander - Actor

Norman Lawrence - Performer

Leonard Lee - Actor and Singer

Franz Lehar - Composer, Book and Lyrics

Denis Lehrer - Actor

Vladislavs Leonaitis - Dancer

Beverley Levine - Performer, Actor

Emile Littler - Producer

Marjorie Lou - Dancer, Announcer

Len Lowe - Actor and Singer, Comedian

Sara Luzita - Dancer

Launa Lynton - Actor, Performer

David Lytton - Actor

Joan MacArthur - Actor

Patricia MacDonald - Dancer

Bobby Mack - Actor

Dolly Mack - Actor, Actor and Singer

Donald Mackay - Actor

Ken Mackey - Actor and Singer

Graeme Madison - Actor

Laurie Main - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jack Manuel - Choreographer, Actor

Durham Marcel - Stage Director, Stage Manager

Ermino Marchetti - Musical Director

Marie Marion - Comedian, Singer

Herbie Marks - Actor and Singer, Musician

Jon Marten - Dancer

Joe Martin - Comedian

John Matthews - Actor

Gladys Mawson - Singer

Ernest Maxin - Actor

Gloria May - Singer, Performer

Thomas Mayer - Conductor

- Mayumi - Dancer

Clement McCallin - Actor

Gerald McErlean - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Anne McGrath - Actor

Peggy McGuire - Actor, Performer

Betty Meddings - Ballet Master/Mistress, Choreographer

Fay Melody - Singer

Freddie Meredith - Performer, Dancer

Norman Mitchell - Actor

Gladys Moncrieff - Actor

John Money - Actor

Rita Moreno - Performer

Harry Moreny - Performer

Ivor Moreton - Pianist

Freddie Morgan - Performer

James Moss - Actor

Penelope Munday - Actor

Dorothy Neal - Performer

Rachel Neale - Singer

Bettina Nelson - Actor, Dancer

Guy Nelson - Performer

Harry Nesbitt - Singer, Comedian

Max Nesbitt - Singer, Comedian

Paul Newton - Performer

Arundel Nixon - Actor

Jack O'Dowd - Performer

Peter Oliver - Actor

Enid Owen - Dancer

John Paget - Dancer

Albin Pahernik - Actor

Reg Park - Performer

Bob Parrish - Performer, Singer

Laurence Payne - Actor

Phillip Peake - Actor

Derrick Penley - Actor

Roy Pickard - Xylophone

Malcolm Pride - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Mary Priestman - Pianist

Fred Quintrell - Musical Director

Frank Radcliffe - Musician, Performer

Natalie Raine - Actor, Dancer

Rosina Raisbeck - Singer, Actor

Carl Randall - Lyricist, Choreographer

Dick Randolph - Actor

Dot Rankin - Actor, Actor and Singer

Shirley Reagan - Dancer

Aina Reega - Dancer

Allan Reid - Actor

Rex Reid - Dancer, Choreographer

Ron Reid - Costume Designer, Designer

Dellas Rennie - Actor

Ron Riley - Actor

Joan Roberts - Performer

Victor Roberts - Writer

Charles Rolfe - Actor

Rolly Rolls - Comedian

Abe Romain - Conductor

Ronnie Ronalde - Singer

Jack Rooklyn - Presenter

Noel Rooney - Actor, Singer

George Rose - Actor

Adrian Ross - Lyricist, Adaptor, Librettist

Brenda Rowe - Performer

Royston - Ventriloquist

Roy Royston - Actor

Martin Rubinstein - Dancer

Barry Rugless - Performer

Marika Saary - Ice Skater

David Sale - Actor

June Salter - Actor, Singer

Billy Samuels - Comedian

Vivian Sanderson - Performer, Actor

Barry Sandford - Actor, Musician

Pat Sandys - Actor

Fred Santos - Performer, Singer

Ray Sauvola - Actor

Marion Schuh - Actor

Russell Scott - Actor

Ron Shand - Actor, Actor and Singer

Robert Shaw - Actor

Norman Shepherd - Actor

Jane Shirley - Actor

Ethel Smith - Actor and Singer

Sheila Smith - Performer

Charles Snowman - Performer, Singer

Julian Somers - Actor

Lea Sonia - Impersonator, Gender Cross-dresser

Marlene Starr - Dancer

John Statton - Performer

Hugh Stevenson - Designer

Darryl Stewart - Singer

Pauline Stewart - Choreographer, Performer

Roy Steyne - Stage Manager

Leo Stirling - Actor, Musician

Susan Swinford - Actor, Actor and Singer

Valerie Tandy - Actor

Philip Tappin - Ice Skater

Tais Taras - Singer

Charles Taylor - Musical Director

Dalvern Thom - Performer

Athol Thompson - Visual Artist

Jock Thompson - Actor

Lyla Thompson - Actor and Singer

Vivian Thompson - Singer, Actor

Kenneth Tillson - Choreographer

Doris Tindall - Actor and Singer

Tom Toby - Singer

Enso Toppano - Actor, Musical Director

Kitty Tracey - Musician, Performer

Cissy Trenholm - Ice Skater

Marie Tysoe - Actor and Singer, Singer

Elaine Vallance - Dancer

Norman Vaughan - Performer, Comedian

Rosemary Vercoe - Actor

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

Miss Priscilla Verne - Compere, Actor and Singer

Edgar Vernon - Dancer, Magician

Vija Vetra - Dancer

Peggy Waddington - Choreographer, Dancer

Oliver Wakefield - Performer, Comedian

Ted Waldman - Comic Singer

Byrl Walkley - Actor

Jimmy Wallace - Circus Style Performer

Felicia Warde - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Actor

Les Warren - Actor, Actor and Singer

Peggy Watson - Ballet Master/Mistress, Choreographer

Harvey Weber - Ice Skater, Comic

Wilbur Wheeler - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Lorna Whitehouse - Actor

Terry Wilkinson - Musician, Composer, Musical Arranger

Gloria Williams - Dancer, Actor

Enid Wilson - Ice Skater

Frank Wilson - Actor

Belinda Wright - Dancer

Norman Yemm - Performer, Actor

Archie - Unknown

Desiree - Fan Dancer

Dolores - Dancer

Dorienne - Performer

Dorothea - Contortionist

June - Circus Style Performer

Little Robert - Performer

Marion - Performer

Maureen - Performer

Peter - Contortionist

Priscilla - Comedian

Snodgrass - Ventriloquist Doll

Violette - Performer

Philip A'vard - Actor

Adolphe Adam - Composer

Peter Adams - Actor

Yoji Agata - Choreographer

Vanoye Aikens - Dancer

Alvin Ailey - Artistic Director

Aimee - Comedian

Nilza Alarcao - Dancer

Mark Albiston - Actor

Jo-Anne Alder - Performer

Alma Aldous - Actor and Singer

Jean Alexander - Choreographer

Nanette Allen - Performer

Ivan Almeida - Dance Director

Eve Alwyn - Actor

Kenji Amai - Dancer

Graeme Anderson - Dancer

Rod Anderson - Actor

Rita Andre - Performer

Jule Andres - Set Designer

Mariano Andreu - Costume Designer, Scenic Artist

Archie Andrews - Ventriloquist Doll

Bob Andrews - Performer

Sally Ann - Performer

Annette - Circus Style Performer

Francisco Aquabella - Actor

Angelina Arena - Actor and Singer

Ernest Arnley - Performer

Leo Arnol - Singer

Chic Arnold - Actor

Ronne Arnold - Actor

Arty Ash - Writer

Bryan Ashbridge - Dancer

Ted Ashton - Actor

Miecio Askanasy - Producer

Lex Atana - Actor and Singer

Maree Austin - Actor

Dina Autunes - Dancer

Ricardo Avalos - Dancer

Pixie Bailey - Dancer

Peter Baillie - Actor

Brian Baker - Performer

Don Baker - Actor

Kay Baker - Actor

Phyllis Baker - Actor

Joe Balangue - Musician, Comic Instrumentalist

Noelee Baldock - Performer

Barry Ball - Actor and Singer

Judy Banks - Actor

Barbarina - Performer

Daphne Barker - Performer

Maurice Barling - Actor and Singer

Robert Barlow - Actor and Singer

Daphne Barnes - Actor and Singer

Deryck Barnes - Actor

Jack Barnes - Actor and Singer

Ernie Baron - Compere

Judyth Barron - Singer

Linda Barry - Singer

Roger Barry - Actor

Lionel Bart - Writer

Dianne Barton - Actor

Mary Bassano - Actor and Singer

Shirley Bassey - Singer

Leo Bassi - Circus Style Performer

Cecil Bates - Dancer

Jean Battye - Actor and Singer

Jeanne Battye - Actor and Singer

Johnny Bean - Performer

Cecil Beaton - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Helen Beck - Actor

Thelma Beck - Performer

Dave Beecham - Singer

Launa Beldon - Singer

Lorna Beldon - Dancer

Billy Bell - Dancer

Betty Benfield - Singer

Joe Bennett - Actor

Nadia Benois - Designer

Glenda Benten - Actor

Dino Bento - Dancer

Pinto Bento - Dancer

Lili Berde - Producer

Alphonse Berge - Dresser

Ben Beri - Magician

Leonard Bernstein - Composer

H. Berte - Musical Arranger

Rudolf Besier - Playwright

H Birbeck - Mechanist

Laurence Bishop - Dancer

Addie Black - Actor

Frederick Blackman - Producer

George Blackshaw - Comedian

David Blair - Dancer

Ethel Blair - Comedian

Billy Blake - Trumpeter

Robert Blake - Choreographer, Producer

Max Bleach - Singer

Friedrich Bliem - Set Designer

Laurie Bloom - Lighting Designer, Stage Director

John Blythe - Performer

Helen Bobinina - Actor and Singer

Gertrud Bodenwieser - Artistic Director, Actor, Choreographer

Beverley Bohan - Actor and Singer

Helen Boice - Actor and Singer

Guy Bolton - Playwright, Adaptor

Carl Bonner - Singer

Leone Bonner - Singer

Arnaud Bonnet - Actor

Ernie Bourne - Actor and Singer

Billy Bovis - Actor and Singer

Sybil Bowan - Comedian

Elsie Bower - Performer

Jack Bowkett - Performer

Raymond Boyce - Designer

Charles Boyd - Dancer

Gordon Boyd - Actor

Gracie Boyd - Performer

Noel Boyd - Actor

J J Boyle - Entrepreneur

Margaret Boyle - Choreographer

Frank Bradley - Actor

Joan Brandon - Illusionist

John Brayden - Set Designer

Janice Breen - Performer

Kenny Brenna - Comedian

Freddie Bretherton - Lyricist

Sylvia Briar - Dancer

Leslie Bridgewater - Composer

Lisa Brionda - Choreographer

June Brisbane - Dancer

Charles Bristow - Lighting Designer

Wilfred Briton - Performer

Benjamin Britten - Musical Arranger

Johnny Broadway - Performer

Alice Broenimann - Contortionist

Bob Bromley - Puppeteer

Ivor Bromley - Actor

Geoff Brooke - Singer

Frank Brooks - Choreographer

Lawrence Brooks - Singer

Lola Brooks - Actor

Vic Brooks - Comedian

Peter Brough - Ventriloquist

Rupert Brown - Scenic Artist

Ada Browne - Singer

Jacqueline Browning - Actor and Singer

Jean Brunning - Actor

Johnny Bryant - Musician

Stuffy Bryant - Performer

Vera Buck - Musician

Madge Buckley - Actor and Singer

Maggie Buckley - Actor and Singer

Leonard Bullen - Actor

Ralph Burns - Orchestrator

Wendy Burr - Actor

John Burrell - Producer

Ray Bushby - Performer

Edna Busse - Dancer

Will Butland - Conductor

Lola Butler - Acrobat

Ann Butt - Dancer

Max Bygraves - Performer

Elliott Cairnes - Actor

Christine Calcutt - Actor

Judy Callaghan - Actor

Joe Calvan - Director

John Calvert - Magician

Robert Campbell - Actor

Georges Campo - Comedian

Susanne Cansino - Dancer

Reg Cantwell - Performer

Joanne Capilli - Singer

Norman Carbuhn - Singer

Carl Carlisle - Performer

Micky Carolan - Actor

Mickey Carolyn - Performer

Neva Carr Glyn - Comedian

Edward Carrick - Scenic Artist, Costume Designer

Cynthia Carroll - Actor

Lewis Carroll - Writer

Neil Case - Stage Manager

Adriana Caselotti - Singer

Pat Catton - Dancer

Dez Cavallarro - Performer

John Cawood - Actor

Connie Chalmers - Actor and Singer

Judith Champ - Actor and Singer

George Chanti - Dancer

Alan Chapman - Actor

Micky Chapman - Performer

Suzanne Charney - Actor

Brian Chase - Actor

Chaz Chase - Comedian

Cheer - Performance Group

Beryl Cheers - Actor

Claudine Cheret - Performer

Ronald Chesney - Musician

Che Chung Chong - Circus Style Performer

Chris Christensen - Actor

Camilla Christenson - Actor

Floyd Christy - Comedian

Marie Claire - Singer

Ted Claire - Compere

Jimmy Clark - Actor and Singer

Martin Clark - Performer

Jessie Clarke - Performer

Joan Clarke - Actor

Frank Cleary - Performer

Elmer Cleve - Xylophone

John Clifford - Actor

Mel Clifford - Costume Designer

Nat Clifford - Performer

Dennis Clinton - Actor and Singer

Helen Clubb - Actor and Singer

George Howard Clutsam - Musical Arranger

Sammy Cohen - Comedian

Clyde Coleman - Actor

Ross Coleman - Actor and Singer

Con Colleano - Circus Style Performer

Marie Collier - Actor and Singer

Clyde Collins - Musical Director

Janice Collins - Ice Skater

Larry Collins - Comic Instrumentalist

Betty Comden - Lyricist

Fausta Conceicao - Dancer

James Condon - Actor

Marjorie Conley - Singer

Nada Conrad - Actor

Frankie Conville - Comedian

Frank Cook - Performer

Ray Cook - Dancer

Judy Cooper - Ice Skater

Phillida Cooper - Performer

Kenneth Cope - Dancer

David Copping - Actor

Jean Coralli - Choreographer

Sonya Corbeau - Performer

Joan Corbett - Actor

Dick Cordon - Performer

Ann Cornell - Singer

Daniel Cortesi - Performer

Dorothy Costello - Dancer

Graham Cottrell - Performer

Paula Coutts - Performer

Patricia Cox - Dancer

Barbara Coyne - Dancer

Joel Craig - Actor

Johnny Craig - Comic

Stan Craig - Actor and Singer

Ruth Craven - Dancer

Katherine Crawford - Actor and Singer

Kay Crawford - Dancer

Letty Craydon - Actor

Creighton - Juggler

Helen Crighton - Actor

Barry Crocker - Singer

Edith Crocker - Performer

Pat Crosby - Actor

Chris Cross - Performer

Russel Crouse - Writer

Marie Cumisky - Dancer

Len Cundy - Set and/or Property Maker

Bill Currie - Ice Skater

Harry Currie - Performer, Chorus Master/Mistress

Lorenzo Da Ponte - Librettist

Bryan da Silva - Actor

Olivia Dale - Performer

Sunny Dale - Comedian

Alice Darby - Singer

Joy Dare - Performer

Horrie Dargie - Musician

Molly Darrell - Comedian

Rupert Darrell - Comedian

Julia Darvas - Dancer

Nicolas Darvas - Dancer

June Darwent - Actor and Singer

Danny Davey - Dancer

Frankie Davidson - Performer

Jim Davidson - Producer

Daniel Davies - Performer

Donald Davies - Actor

John Howard Davies - Actor, Stage Director

Marion Davies - Ice Skater

Buster Davis - Vocal Arranger

Edward O. Davis - Actor

M Davis - Dancer

Michael Davis - Dancer

Shirley Davis - Dancer

Albert Dawking - Performer

Slim De Grey - Performer

Helen de Paul - Actor

Jacquie de Paul - Performer

B J De Simone - Actor

Fred Deal - Actor

Danny Dean - Comedian

Ike Delavale - Actor

Bernard Delfont - Producer

Maria Delores - Performer

Alice Delysia - Actor

Nick Demuth - Pianist

Lina Denison - Contralto

Bobby Dennis - Performer

Paul Derval - Producer

June Derwent - Performer

Florence Desmond - Impersonator

Toni Deverin - Ice Skater

Ron Devine - Dancer

Joy Dexter - Actor and Singer

Alain Diagora - Juggler

William Diamond - Singer

Wendy Dickson - Designer

Ivan Dietrich - Performer

George Dixon - Actor

Kevin Doherty - Actor and Singer

James Donald - Actor and Singer

Shirley May Donald - Actor and Singer

Gaetano Donizetti - Composer

Lee Donn - Pianist

Frank Donnellan - Performer

Dorothy Donnelly - Writer

Dolly Donohue - Choreographer, Actor

Bobby Donovan - Performer

Terry Donovan - Actor

Antal Dorati - Musical Arranger

Frederick Dore - Actor and Singer

Daniele Dorice - Performer

Harding Dorn - Choreographer

Milton Douglas - Comedian

Norman Dowd - Singer

George Downey - Performer

May Downs - Choreographer

Peter Drake - Actor

Gerry Dreyer - Singer

Betty Driver - Actor and Singer

Evelyn Du Fresne - Actor

L du Garde Peach - Playwright

Maria Duchesne - Dancer

John Dudley - Stage Manager

John Dudley - Director

Will Duffy - Performer

Audrey Duggan - Actor and Singer

Bert Duke - Dancer

Russell Dumas - Actor

Arthur Duncan - Dancer

Deirdre Duncan - Dancer

Katherine Dunham - Dancer, Producer, Choreographer, Director

Axie Dunlap - Comedian

Geoffrey Dunn - Translator

Eileen Dunne - Singer

Ruth Durell - Singer

Duval - Magician

Earl Earle - Dancer

Otto Eason - Circus Style Performer

Jean Eckart - Set Designer

William Eckart - Set Designer

Wyn Edgerton - Actor

Phillip Edgley - Performer

John Edmund - Actor

Eddie Edwards - Comedian

Jimmy Edwards - Actor

Peter Edwards - Actor

Ron Edwards - Actor

Winnie Egerton - Actor

Graham Elder - Actor

Lynda Elder - Actor

Mercedes Ellington - Actor

Lucille Ellis - Dancer

Ray Ellis - Orchestrator

Judith Eltham - Actor and Singer

Ronald Emblen - Dancer

Lois Empey - Actor

Millie Engler - Actor

Erikson - Illusionist

Gail Esler - Actor

Kath Esler - Actor

Nair Eugenia - Dance Director

Wilfred Evans - Performer

Robert Everingham - Singer

Graeme Ewer - Actor

Frank Eyton - Lyricist

John Faasen - Singer

Pierre Fanchini - Technical Director

Maude Fanning - Actor and Singer

Frederick Farley - Producer

Hilda Farmilo - Vocalist

Pamela Fasso - Actor and Singer

Gabriel Fauré - Composer

John Fearnley - Producer

Joanne Felce - Dancer

Nelson Ferraz - Performer

Elsa Ferrett - Performer

F Ffrench - Dancer

Bill Finch - Performer

Lew Fine - Comedian

Reuben Fineberg - Musical Director

Jon Finlayson - Actor

Bert Fisher - Conductor

Herbert Fisher - Musical Director

Jillian FitzGerald - Actor

Victor Flattery - Actor and Singer

Barrett Fleming - Actor

June Florenz - Dancer

Mikhail Fokine - Choreographer

Paul Foley - Director

Ron Folkard - Stage Manager

Margot Fonteyn - Dancer

Reg Forde - Stage Manager

Lionel Forge - Ice Skater

George Formby - Comedian

Dorothy Foster - Actor

Vincent Foster - Actor and Singer

Hubert Foster-Clark - Conductor

Helen Frame - Costume Designer

Jeanne Frances - Performer

Alex Francis Smith - Actor

Dobbs Franks - Musical Director

Laurie Franks - Actor

Anne Fraser - Costume Designer

Gordon French - Set Designer

Norman French - Actor

Pamela French - Actor

Peter French - Actor

Michael Friedman - Dancer

John Fryatt - Singer

Teruko Fujii - Actor

Tonosuke Fujima - Choreographer

Roger Furse - Set Designer

Ethel Gabriel - Actor

Yolanda Gaffne - Dancer

Don Galvan - Singer

Ken Gambrill - Dancer

Igo Garrido - Performer

Paul Gavin - Singer

Gina Gavinha - Dancer

Judy Gay - Actor and Singer

Noel Gay - Composer

Heather Gayle - Performer

Albert Gaze - Actor

Robert Gerard - Performer

John Germain - Actor and Singer

Rosemary Gerrette - Actor

Leslie Gibbs - Lyricist

William Gibbs - Actor

John Gielgud - Director

Henry Gilbert - Musical Advisor

D Gilchrist - Dancer

Chris Gill - Singer

William Gill - Actor

Jannette Gilmore - Performer

Joan Gilmour - Dancer

Alan Girdwood - Musician

Tex Glanville - Performer

Dudley Glass - Composer

Bonnie Glew - Dancer

Russ Glover - Lighting Designer

Neva Glynn - Actor and Singer

Howell Glynne - Performer

Tom Godfrey - Performer

Wayne Godfrey - Actor

Jack Goldie - Performer

Bobby Gonzales - Performer, Vocalist

Kenneth Goodlet - Actor

Isador Goodman - Musical Director

Ken Goodman - Scenic Artist

Billy Goodwin - Singer

Eugene Goossens - Conductor

Barbara Gordon - Lyricist

Jock Gordon - Performer

Larry Gordon - Choreographer

Rosemary Gordon - Actor and Singer

Kathleen Gorham - Actor

Eric Gormley - Actor and Singer

Jock Gormley - Singer

Lionel Gorrick - Organist

Harry Gould - Comedian

Connie Graham - Comedian

Kay Grahame - Dancer

Ron Grainer - Musical Arranger, Composer

Neville Grave - Actor and Singer

Peter Graves - Actor

Darryl Gray - Actor

Neville Greave - Actor and Singer

Grecos - Circus Style Performer

Adolph Green - Lyricist

Billy Greenley - Musician

Sandra Greentree - Actor and Singer

Hubert Gregg - Lyricist

Diana Gregory - Ice Skater

Keith Gregory - Lighting Designer

Janet Grey - Dancer

Jerry Grey - Performance Artist

May Grey - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jean Grieve - Singer

Colin Griffith - Actor

Bill Griffiths - Actor

Jackie Griffiths - Chorus

Thelma Grigg - Actor

Margaret Grimshaw - Singer

Larry Griswold - Comedian

Harry Grunden - Performer

Alfred Grunwald - Writer

Renee Guerin - Actor

Val Guest - Composer

Fred Gulliford - Musical Director

Jack Gunn - Comic Instrumentalist

Eleanor Gunter - Performer

Thomas Stuart Gurr - Librettist, Lyricist

Michel Gyarmathy - Costume Maker

R. Haddock - Dancer

Anne Haddy - Actor

Jimmy Hadreas - Dancer

Alan Haig - Actor and Singer

Robin Haig - Dancer

Jimmy Haines - Actor

Phyllis Haines - Dancer

Joan Halcombe - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Dorothy Hall - Performer

Lorne Hall - Actor

Marnie Hall - Accompanist

Mort Hall - Actor

Nora Halliday - Actor

Edna Hamilton - Actor

Ganichi Hamma - Composer

Paul Hammond - Ballet Master/Mistress

Vikki Hammond - Performer

Tokusen Hanayagi - Choreographer

Dres Hardiman - Set Designer

Leslie Harnley - Conductor, Musical Director

Wendy Harpur - Performer

Donald Harris - Stage Manager

Ron Harris - Performer

Max Harrison - Comedian

Syd Harrison - Comedian

Ted Harrison - Orchestrator

Janice Hart - Comic Singer

Ray Hartley - Performer

Arne Hartman - Musician

Diana Hartt - Dancer

Alton Harvey - Actor

Frank Harvey - Producer

Sylvia Harvey - Dancer

William Harvey - Dancer

Al Harvie - Dancer

Christopher Hassall - Translator, Adaptor

Masaichi Hatori - Choreographer

Jean Hatton - Actor and Singer

Ian Hay - Playwright

Ronald Hay - Choreographer

Hajima Hayashi - Composer

Hap Hazard - Comedian

Robert Healey - Actor

Richard Hearne - Comedian

Strelsa Heckelman - Dancer

Madi Hedd - Actor

Carl Heiner - Actor and Singer

Patsy Hemingway - Actor

Ian Henderson - Dancer

Bruce Henries - Dancer

Maurice Henry - Actor and Singer

Bobby "Uke" Henshaw - Comic

Lois Henty - Ice Skater

A. P. Herbert - Writer

Kathleen Herbert - Singer

Victor Herbert - Singer

Joe Heritage - Performer

Joyce Hexter - Actor and Singer

Christopher Hill - Actor

Norman Hillard - Actor and Singer

Loveday Hills - Actor

Collins Hilton - Actor

Bill Hobbs - Actor

Laurie Hodge - Performer

Elijah Hodges - Actor and Singer

Stanfield Holliday - Organist

Marie Hollis - Dancer

Diane Holmes - Actor and Singer

George Holmes - Performer

Kurt Hommel - Director

Helen Honan - Impersonator

Arthur Honegger - Composer

Stanley Hooker - Performer

Antony Hopkins - Composer

Rudy Horn - Performer

Joy Horsburgh - Dancer

Margaret Horsley - Actor

Sonny Hosey - Dancer

Hitomi Hoshi - Dancer

Ruth Hough - Actor and Singer

Michael Hourihan - Performer

Alan Howard - Actor and Singer

Maureen Howard - Actor and Singer

William Howard - Actor and Singer

Howdy Howe - Dancer

Frank Howes - Performer

Jeff Hudson - Performer

Joe Hudson - Actor and Singer

Maureen Hudson - Dancer

Franklyn Hughes - Set Designer

Barry Humphries - Actor

Gordon Humphris - Performer

Dick Hurran - Producer

Leslie Hurry - Set Designer, Costume Designer

John Huson - Actor

Leslie Hutchinson - Singer

Ross Hutchinson - Actor and Singer

Vic Hyde - Performer

Linda Hyland - Actor

Vassili Ilster - Musician

Adele Inge - Skater

Janice Ingles - Actor

Anne Inglis - Performer

Lance Ingram - Performer

George Inns - Director, Devisor

Ursula Irving - Musician

Barrie Irwin - Dancer

Kousuke Ito - Producer

Lev Ivanov - Choreographer

Nat Jackley - Performer

Paul Jacklin - Assistant Producer

Harry Jacobs - Composer

Lew Jacobs - Actor

June Jago - Actor

Cyril James - Actor

Janetski - Xylophone

Charles Jarrett - Clown

Ken Jeacle - Performer

Susan Jeans - Performer

Jimmy Jeff - Performer

Val Jellay - Dancer

Joseph Jenkins - Actor

Gene Jimae - Musician

Erica Johns - Singer

Gil Johnson - Actor

Bill Johnston - Set and/or Property Maker

Valmai Johnston - Actor

William Johnston - Set Designer

Alan Jones - Actor

Allan Jones - Performer

John Jones - Dancer

Russell Jordan - Actor

Big Jorge - Performer

Sunny Josey - Dancer

Heath Joyce - Director

Jackie Joyner - Choreographer

Georgina Jumel - Actor

Vlado Juras - Dancer

Harry Kahne - Magician

Michael Kalentos - Actor and Singer

Misao Kamijo - Dancer

Joseph Karell - Singer

Patricia Kaw - Actor

Billy Kay - Performer

Robert Keers - Musical Director

Leon Kellaway - Dancer

Marilyn Keller - Performance Artist

Iris Kells - Singer

Nell Kelly - Comedian

Ivy Kelroy - Circus Style Performer

Roy Kemp - Actor

Peter Kenna - Actor

Clement Kennedy - Set Designer

Jerome Kern - Composer

Patricia Kerr - Actor and Singer

Morris Kestleman - Set Designer

Johnny Kiado - Musician

Kwaso Kineya - Composer

Mickey King - Acrobat

Steve King - Actor and Singer

Tod Kingman - Set and/or Property Maker

Donald Kingston - Actor and Singer

Barry Kitcher - Dancer

Irene Knight - Comedian

Doreen Knudsen - Singer

Yasuo Kobayashi - Set Designer

Bob Kole - Actor

Nellie Kolle - Gender Cross-dresser

Mana Koon - Circus Style Performer

Thelma Kurtzman - Dancer

La Fayette - Acrobat, Dancer

La Frankie - Dancer

Marion La Mar - Performer

Anita La Piere - Singer

La Verne - Acrobat, Dancer

Franklin Lacey - Writer

Ruby Lacey - Dancer

Tommy Ladd - Actor and Singer

Wesley Ladd - Performer

Albert Laguerre - Drummer

Katherine Lamb - Dancer

Kenny Lamb - Performer

Stella Lamond - Actor

Robert Lamouret - Ventriloquist

Lampini - Illusionist

Margaret Landon - Writer

Cy Landry - Dancer

Anne Lane - Performer

Desmond Lane - Performer

Maryon Lane - Dancer

Phil Lane - Dancer

Dorothy Lang - Dancer

Chris Langshaw - Actor

June Lansell - Stage Director

Alfred Latell - Actor

Michael Laurence - Actor

Owen Laurence - Dancer

Arthur Laurents - Writer

Gale Law - Actor

Sheila Lawrence - Actor and Singer

Jessie Laws - Costume Designer

Shirley Lawson - Actor

Jerry Lawton - Comedian

Johnny Laycock - Performer

Leonora Laye - Performer

Allan Laza - Dance Group

Bobby Le Brun - Comedian

Ward Lear - Actor and Singer

Ted Leary - Comedian

Lorna Leckie - Skater

Alison Lee - Dancer

Joe Lee - Comedian

John Lee - Actor

Keith Leggett - Chorus

Kim Lenthen - Actor

Monda Lenz - Soprano

Jerry Lester - Performer

The Great Levante - Magician

Babs Lewis - Dancer

Barry Lewis - Ice Skater

Janette Liddell - Dancer

Lloyd Lindroth - Singer

Howard Lindsay - Writer

Judith Lingard - Actor

Vernon Lisle - Actor and Singer

Keith Little - Actor

Ken Littlewood - Magician

Reg Livermore - Actor

Barbara Llewellyn - Actor

Margaret Lloyd - Singer

Lennard London - Singer

Phil Lopaz - Juggler

Laurie Lott - Tenor

Marita Lowdon - Dancer

Alta Lowe - Singer

Dick Luby - Juggler

Nick Lucas - Singer

Tarcisco Lucas - Dancer

Violette Luckins - Vocalist

Cecil Lyle - Illusionist

Gloria Lynch - Performer

Lois Lynette - Dancer

Milton Lyon - Director

George Lyons - Harpist

Eddie MacDonald - General Manager

Coral Macer - Performer

Al Mack - Actor and Singer

Johnny Mack - Dancer

Mary Mackay - Actor and Singer

Ronald Maconaghie - Actor and Singer

Isobelle Mahon - Dancer

Jack Major - Singer

Mona Malcolm - Singer

Keith Maling - Singer

Paul Maloney - Actor

Tappei Manami - Cartoonist

Hastings Mann - Writer, Composer

Seiji Mano - Costume Designer

Ken Mansfield - Actor

Josephine March - Actor

Johnny Marco - Singer

Durham Mareel - Actor

Mareski - Violinist

Mallee Marini - Actor and Singer

Gregory Marinos - Actor

Frank Marlowe - Comedian

Vic Marlowe - Compere

Diana Marquez - Performer

Austin Marriott - Performer

Rosemary Marriott - Actor

Kevin Marsh - Actor and Singer

Fredye Marshall - Singer

George Martin - Performer

George Andre Martin - Performer

Jane Martin - Actor

Marvel Martin - Dancer

Max Martin - Scenic Artist

Laurel Martyn - Choreographer

Lina Marvell - Comedian

Johnny Marvin - Vocalist

Chico Marx - Comedian

Eric Maschwitz - Book and Lyrics

Ossie Massey - Musician

Wayne Mathews - Actor

Gwen Matthews - Actor

Jessie Matthews - Actor

William Somerset Maugham - Author

Max Maxwell - Actor

Peter Maxwell - Pianist

Flo Mayo - Acrobat

Bernard McCaffrey - Actor and Singer

Charles McCallum - Actor

Craig McCloud - Actor

Josephine McCormack - Soubrette

Beth McDonald - Actor

Pat McDonald - Actor

Roy McDonnell - Actor

Charlotte McGuire - Performer

Alistair McHarg - Performer

Grant McIntyre - Actor and Singer

Gwen McIvor - Actor

June McKenzie - Dancer

Gerald McKerline - Choreographer

Babs MCkinnon - Actor and Singer

Rene McKinnon - Actor and Singer

Sharon McKitrick - Actor

Craig McLeod - Actor and Singer

Jock McLeod - Lyricist

Billy McMahon - Comedian

Garth Meade - Actor

Harry Meade - Actor

Beryl Meakin - Comic Singer

Rhana Medlin - Singer

Valerie Melrose - Actor

Joe Melvin - Magician

Julio Mendez - Percussionist

Dorothy Mendoza - Musical Director, Composer

Eddie Mendoza - Performer

Herbert Menges - Composer

Desiree Meredith - Actor

Shane Meredith - Actor

Billy Merrin - Musical Director

Gus Merzi - Singer

June Michaelson - Ballet Master/Mistress

Mignone - Dancer

Joan Milford - Actor

Michael Millan - Dancer

Ray Milland - Actor

Frank Millane - Set and/or Property Maker

Ronald Millar - Lyricist, Writer

Claire Miller - Choreographer

E Miller - Dancer

Kevin Miller - Singer

Norma Miller - Dancer

Robin Miller - Actor

Will Miller - Actor

John Mineo - Actor

Carmen Miranda - Dancer

George Mitchell - Vocal Arranger

Irene Mitchell - Producer

Noel Mitchell - Actor and Singer

George Molnar - Designer

Simone Monin - Performer

Varney Monk - Composer, Lyricist

Jackie Monnier - Dancer

Dave Monohan - Xylophone

Margaret Monsoon - Performer

Lela Moore - Dancer

Lily Moore - Singer

Red Moore - Performer

Eric Morecambe - Comedian

Cynthia Morey - Singer

Jack Morgan - Scenic Artist

Diane Morley - Actor and Singer

Sharen Morley - Performer

Jay Morris - Actor

Lenwood Morris - Dancer, Band Master

Peter Morris - Actor

Doreen Morrow - Actor and Singer

Geraldene Morrow - Actor and Singer

Jack Mortimer - Comic Instrumentalist

Sawong Mougom - Boxer

Tony Moynihan - Performer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Lesley Munro - Actor

Neville Munro - Dancer

Murphy - Comedian

Reg Murphy - Performer

Lloyd Nairn - Performer

Jack Neary - Singer

Ronald Neill - Actor and Singer

Fred Neilson - Performer

Billy Nelson - Compere

Ida Newton - Actor

Mary Ellen Nicholas - Stage Manager

Elena Nicholidakis - Singer

Penny Nicholls - Performer

Jeffa Nicholson - Ballet Master/Mistress

Robert Nicholson - Actor and Singer

Raymond Nilsson - Performer

Jessica Noad - Actor

Buster Noble - Actor

Tommy Noonan - Impersonator

Gloria Nord - Ice Skater

Estrada Noriega - Choreographer

Gagliano Noriega - Choreographer

Paddy Norman - Choreographer

Fedora Nuremberg - Ice Skater

Frank O'Brian - Comedian

Josephine O'Brien - Actor

Eileen O'Connor - Singer

Eileen O'Dare - Dancer

Sunnie O'Dea - Actor

Eris O'Dell - Accompanist

Charles O'Donnell - Comedian

Rory O'Donoghue - Actor

Frank O'Dowd - Actor

Cora O'Farrell - Singer

Patrick O'Hagan - Performer

Cliff O'Keefe - Comic Singer

Dennis O'Keefe - Actor and Singer

Karyn O'Neill - Actor

Michael O'Reilly - Actor and Singer

Ochita - Dancer

Jacques Offenbach - Composer

Max Oldaker - Actor

Dennis Olsen - Actor

Fred Ommundsen - Singer

Madeleine Orr - Actor

William Orr - Director, Adaptor

Marie Osborne - Performer

Annette Page - Dancer

Lucille Page - Dancer

Alex Palermo - Choreographer, Director

Gaston Palmer - Performer

Virginia Paris - Singer

Alex Parish - Actor and Singer

Charles Parker - Dancer

Mary Parker - Actor

Jimmy Parkinson - Performer

Kym Parry - Performer

Angela Parselles - Comedian

Jean Parsons - Actor

Gogia Pasha - Performer

Judith Patterson - Dancer

Arlene Pattison - Actor

Anna Paul - Actor

Rex Payne - Actor

Bill Pearson - Actor

Al Pelligrini - Musical Director

James Penberthy - Conductor

Jules Perrot - Choreographer

Jack Perry - Performer

Vic Perry - Actor

Billy Petch - Choreographer, Director

Sue Peters - Actor

Joe Petersen - Performer

Keith Peterson - Performer

Wally Peterson - Musician

Marius Petipa - Choreographer

Thea Philips - Performer

David Phillips - Actor

Gerard Phillips - Actor

Malcolm Phillips - Actor

Paul Phillips - Actor

Peggy Phillips - Dancer

Sonya Phillips - Performer

Don Philps - Actor

Cora Pickering - Ice Skater

Gwen Plumb - Performer

Sid Plummer - Xylophone

John Pooley - Actor

Virgnia Pope - Dancer

Stan Porter - Musical Director

George Posford - Composer

Joseph Post - Conductor

Frederick Potter - Actor and Singer

Joan Potter - Dancer

Robert Potter - Costume Designer

Jack Powell - Performer

Rosemary Powell - Soubrette

Hose Prates - Choreographer, Composer

John Pratt - Costume Designer

Joanne Priest - Choreographer

Eve Priestly - Actor and Singer

Reg Priestman - Dancer

Sergei Prokofiev - Composer

Thavil Promtong - Boxer

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

Osvaldo Pugliese - Choreographer

Vic Puree - Actor

Olga Purves - Performer

Elizabeth Pusey - Actor

Denis Quilley - Actor

J Quin - Dancer

Lorraine Quinn - Actor and Singer

Maxine Quinn - Soubrette

Lorna Rae - Dancer

Rex Ramer - Performer

Jane Ramos - Dancer

Stella Ranger - Actor and Singer

Alan Rankin - Actor

Maurice Raphael - Actor

Eric Rasdall - Lyricist, Composer

Nance Rasmussen - Actor

Keith Rathel - Singer

Terence Rattigan - Playwright

Lita Ray - Performer

Peter Ray - Dancer

Roger Ray - Performer

Betty Raye - Actor and Singer

Alec Rayne - Actor

Marcella Reale - Actor and Singer

Ronald Reay - Dancer

Reg Redcliffe - Performer, Xylophone, Ice Skater

John Redmond - Assistant Producer

Patricia Redmond - Dancer

John Reed - Performer

Alec Regan - Producer

Kevin Regan - Dancer

Paul Regan - Impersonator

H Reichart - Librettist

George Reid - Singer

Margaret Reid - Actor

William Reid - Musical Director

Eric Reiman - Actor

Justine Rettick - Actor and Singer

Ethel Revnell - Performer

Iris Rhodes - Performer

Peter Rice - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Hedda Rich - Performer

B Richards - Dancer

Beverley Richards - Dancer

Chuck Richards - Baritone

Dick Richards - Comedian

Sally Richardson - Ice Skater

John Rickard - Actor and Singer

Dorrie Ricketts - Performer

Shirley Riddell - Dancer

Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Composer

Ruby Ring - Acrobat

Diana Rivera - Actor

Gita Rivera - Singer

Ivan Rixon - Conductor

Hal Roach - Performer

Marjorie Roach - Actor

Wendy Roach - Performer

Archie Robbins - Comedian

Elsie Robbins - Actor

Jerome Robbins - Creator

A Robins - Circus Style Performer

Nina Robins - Actor

Phyllis Robins - Singer

Harry Robinson - Performer

Mr Rockley - Race Cross-dresser

Antonio Rodrigues - Dancer

Yolanda Rodrigues - Performer

Jack Roffey - Playwright

Stan Rogers - Singer

Les Rohmer - Performer

Des Rolfe - Actor

Romayne - Dancer

Stephen Rooke - Actor

Maurice Rooklyn - Magician

Eddie Rose - Performer

Evelyn Rose - Magician

Irving Rosenthal - Conductor

Jean Rosenthal - Lighting Designer

Keith Rosenthal - Xylophone

Alfred Ross - Actor

Frank Ross - Singer

Scotty Ross - Dancer

Stephen Ross - Actor

Gioacchino Rossini - Composer

Alan Rowe - Performer

Kenneth Rowell - Costume Designer

Cherril Rowston - Actor

Al Roxy - Dancer

Marvyn Roy - Performer

Roland Roy - Performer

Royston - Actor

Jan Rubini - Violinist

Suga Rudas - Choreographer

Walter Ruffe - Ice Skater

Billy Russell - Comedian

Jack Russell - Comedian

Warwick Russell - Actor

Paul Ruteris - Actor and Singer

Irene Ryan - Singer

Kathleen Ryan - Actor and Singer

Peggy Ryan - Actor

Sabrina - Performer

David Sadler - Actor

Jorge Saenz - Dancer

Loudon Sainthill - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Freddie Sales - Comedian

Scott Sanders - Comedian

John Sanger - Actor

Johnny Sanna - Performer

Marika Sarry - Ice Skater

Don Saunders - Clown

Mario Savieri - Set and/or Property Maker

Anthony Scarcella - Actor

Neville Scelly - Actor and Singer

Tessa Schell - Singer

Herman Schildberger - Musical Director

Herb Schreiner - Musician

Bram Schrever - Actor and Singer

Franz Schubert - Composer

Gloria Scott - Actor

Norma Scott - Actor and Singer

Ted Scott - Actor

Thelma Scott - Actor

Peter Scriven - Writer, Director

Sylvia Selfton - Performer

David Selig - Singer

Monica Selig - Singer

Lesley Sexton - Dancer

Mildred Seymour - Pianist

Ronnie Shand - Actor

Donald Shanks - Actor and Singer

Ted Shapiro - Pianist

Jim Sharman - Set Designer, Director

Brian Shaw - Dancer

Dorothy Shaw - Actor

Gladys Shaw - Actor

Monica Sheargold - Performer

Chris Sheil - Actor

Mina Shelley - Director

Guy Sheppard - Designer

Margo Sheridan - Accompanist

Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Playwright

Manning Sherwin - Composer

Eric Shilling - Singer

Alathea Siddons - Actor

J Sidoli - Properties Master

Hank Sieman - Performer

Helio Silva - Dancer

Michael Silva - Performer

Dudley Simpson - Musical Director

Francis Sinclair - Performer

Sirdani - Magician

Neville Skelly - Actor

David Sloan - Actor

Shirley Sloss - Performer

Lorna Smart - Dancer

C. Ray Smith - Puppeteer

Canfield Smith - Ventriloquist

Ian Smith - Actor

Joseph Smith - Actor

Oliver Smith - Set Designer

Patricia Smith - Singer

Shirley Smythe - Actor

Amor Solar - Performer

Don Soliano - Singer

Vic Solidad - Singer

Debroy Somers - Composer

Stephen Sondheim - Lyricist

George Sorlie - Performer

Hedda Sorrenson - Comic Singer

Maisie Sparkes - Actor and Singer

Roy Sparks - Baritone

Norman Speary - Singer

Dorothy Speights - Actor and Singer

Nancy Spiers - Performer

Dawn Spry - Performer

Elleanor St. Ann - Dancer

Frank Staff - Choreographer

Eric Starling - Singer

Hal Stead - Performer

Suzanne Steele - Singer

Tommy Steele - Comedian

David Sterle - Performer

Candy Stevens - Comedian

Wilfred Stevens - Dancer

Daryl Stewart - Performer

Jim Stewart - Singer

Kaye Stockbridge - Actor and Singer

Oscar Straus - Composer

Joe Stringer - Performer

Bill Stuart - Actor and Singer

Charlie Stuart - Comedian

Maggie Stuart - Performer

Veronica Stuart - Actor

Jule Styne - Choreographer

John Sullivan - Lighting Designer