Venue Princess Theatre (1886- )
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Other Names Princess' Theatre
Address 163 Spring Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
First Date 18 December 1886
Notes Opened as Astley's Amphitheatre 11 September 1854. Renamed Royal Amphitheatre 1856. Reopened as Princess's Theatre and Opera House in 1857. Also know as The People's Theatre 1857-1885. Demolished 1886. Replaced by Princess Theatre, opened December 1886.
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William Schwenck Gilbert - Book and Lyrics, Librettist, Playwright

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

John Copley - Director, Original Director

William Reid - Conductor, Musical Director

Carlo Felice Cillario - Conductor

Dres Hardingham - Set Designer, Costume Designer, Scenic Artist, Designer

Stefan Haag - Producer, Actor, Director, Performer, Executive Producer, Actor and Singer, Company Director

Robert Gard - Singer, Actor and Singer, Devisor, Actor, Designer

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

Harry Starling - Stage Director, Actor, Stage Manager, Production Supervisor

John Pringle - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

Neil Warren-Smith - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

William P. Carr - Producer, Production Manager, Director, Actor

William Shakespeare - Playwright

James Cassius Williamson - Entrepreneur, Scriptwriter, Producer, Writer, Director

Stephen Hall - Director, Stage Manager, Original Director, Actor, Lighting Designer

Michael Stennett - Costume Designer

Robert Allman - Actor, Singer

Desmond Digby - Designer, Costume Designer

Tom Lingwood - Director, Designer, Scenic Artist

Ronald Maconaghie - Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor

Nellie Stewart - Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor

George Gordon - Scenic Artist

Charles Warner - Actor-manager

Richard Divall - Conductor, Musical Director

Graeme Ewer - Actor and Singer, Devisor, Actor, Singer, Designer

Cynthia Johnston - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Malcolm Phillips - Actor, Director, Stage Manager

Rosina Raisbeck - Actor, Devisor, Singer, Designer

Gordon Wilcock - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

Barbara Wilson - Actor

Dennis Olsen - Actor

Jennifer Bermingham - Actor, Singer, Actor and Singer, Designer, Devisor

Elizabeth Fretwell - Actor

Darcy Kelway - Actor, Performer

John Shaw - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

Henry Bardon - Set Designer

Glenys Fowles - Actor and Singer, Actor

Kristian Fredrikson - Designer, Costume Designer

Maureen Howard - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

Robin Lovejoy - Director, Producer

Kenneth Rowell - Costume Designer, Designer

Donald Smith - Actor

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Philip A'vard - Actor, Stage Manager, Stage Director

Bernd Benthaak - Director, Producer

W R Coleman - Designer, Scenic Artist, Set Designer

June Collis - Actor

Ian Cousins - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Robert Eddie - Actor, Actor and Singer

Anne Fraser - Set Designer, Designer, Costume Designer

Harry Hall - Producer, Choreographer, Director

Frank Lloyd - Actor

Lily Moore - Actor

Keith Neilson - Actor and Singer, Actor

Frank Thring - Actor

William Akers - Lighting Designer, Director

Anson Austin - Actor, Singer

Joan Carden - Actor, Singer

Eric Clapham - Musical Director, Conductor

June Clyne - Actor

Hugh Colman - Costume Designer, Set Designer, Designer

Ronald Dowd - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Paul Ferris - Actor, Actor and Singer

Neville Grave - Chorus, Actor, Performer

Allan Lees - Set Designer, Designer

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer, Electrician, Education Officer, Lighting Operator

Kathleen Moore - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jacques Offenbach - Composer

Donald Shanks - Actor, Singer

Janice Taylor - Actor

John Truscott - Costume Designer, Set Designer, Designer, Actor

Pieter van der Stolk - Actor, Actor and Singer

Gregory Yurisich - Actor, Actor and Singer

Alan Alder - Dancer

Frederick Ashton - Choreographer

Heather Begg - Actor, Actor and Singer

Kenneth Brampton - Actor

Benjamin Britten - Composer

June Bronhill - Actor, Performer

Patricia Cox - Dancer, Actor

Lorna Forbes - Actor

John Germain - Actor, Actor and Singer

Reg Gillam - Actor

Philip W Goatcher - Scenic Artist, Set and/or Property Maker

Rosemary Gunn - Actor, Actor and Singer

Elwyn Harvey - Actor

Robert Helpmann - Artistic Director, Devisor, Choreographer

Frediswyde Hunter-Watts - Actor

Louis Kahan - Costume Designer, Designer, Set Designer

George Musgrove - Entrepreneur, Director, Producer

Lorenzo Nolan - Actor

Robert Olup - Dancer

Frederick Parslow - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ray Powell - Ballet Master/Mistress, Dancer, Choreographer

Eric Reiman - Actor, Stage Manager, Director

Gioacchino Rossini - Composer

Marilyn Rowe - Dancer

Herman Schildberger - Musical Director, Conductor

Robert Simmons - Actor, Actor and Singer

Barry Skelton - Actor, Chorus, Singer, Actor and Singer

Noel Tovey - Actor

Peggy van Praagh - Artistic Director, Choreographer

Garth Welch - Dancer

Allan Wilkie - Director, Actor, Producer

George Willoughby - Actor, Producer, Animateur

Geoffrey Arnold - Conductor

Keith Bain - Choreographer

Alan Barker - Musical Director, Musical Arranger, Assistant Conductor, Conductor

Roger Barratt - Lighting Designer

J. M. Barrie - Playwright

Stephan Beinl - Director, Producer

Georges Bizet - Composer, Lyricist

Jennie Brenan - Choreographer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Kelvin Coe - Dancer

Frederick Collier - Actor

William Desmond - Actor

Robin Donald - Actor, Singer

Gaetano Donizetti - Composer

James Doone - Actor, Stage Manager, Singer

Edward Downes - Conductor

Herbert Flemming - Actor, Entrepreneur

Beryl Furlan - Actor

John Gordon - Scenic Artist

Charles Gounod - Composer

Joyce Graeme - Dancer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Lola Graham - Musician

Nancy Grant - Actor

Oscar Hammerstein - Lyricist, Book and Lyrics, Librettist

Quentin Hole - Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Mary Lawrey - Actor, Chorus, Singer

John Lee - Actor

Alan Light - Actor, Singer

Gladys Moncrieff - Actor

Colin Peasley - Dancer

Keith Petersen - Performer, Actor, Comedian, Singer

Marius Petipa - Choreographer

Peter Robinson - Conductor

Richard Rodgers - Composer

Judith Saliba - Actor, Actor and Singer

Paul Saliba - Dancer

Suzanne Steele - Singer, Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Lesley Stender - Actor

John Stoddart - Director, Designer, Adaptor

Georg Tintner - Conductor

Janet Vernon - Dancer, Assistant Choreographer

Richard Wagner - Composer

John Wallace - Producer, Choreographer, Director

Anthony Warlow - Actor, Actor and Singer

Wilma Whitney - Actor, Singer, Performer, Actor and Singer

Verdon Williams - Musical Director

John Wood - Actor and Singer, Actor

Janet Achurch - Actor

Mons Alias - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer

Peter Allen - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Wilson Barrett - Actor, Adaptor, Playwright

Dennis Barry - Actor

May Beatty - Actor

Hugh Buckler - Actor

Ivan Caryll - Composer

Alfred Cellier - Composer, Conductor

Stuart Challender - Conductor

Annette Chappell - Dancer

Harry Cordwell - Dancer, Set Designer, Designer, Costume Designer

Francis Croese - Dancer

Lloyd Cunnington - Actor

Julie Day - Actor

Reg Dell - Actor

William Elton - Actor, Actor-manager

Jon Finlayson - Actor, Director

Dobbs Franks - Musical Director, Director

Betty Fretwell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Sally Gilmour - Dancer

John Gilpin - Dancer

Rosemary Gordon - Actor

Walter Gore - Choreographer, Dancer, Narrator

Katherine Grey - Actor

Brenda Hamlyn - Dancer

Lionel Harris - Director, Actor

Paula Hinton - Dancer

John Hoskin - Actor

Jenny Howard - Actor, Performer

Harry Jacobs - Composer, Musical Director, Musical Arranger, Conductor

Joseph Janusaitis - Dancer

Maud Jeffries - Actor

Harry Jones - Lighting Designer

Marilyn Jones - Dancer

Leon Kellaway - Choreographer, Dancer

George Kenyon - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Julius Knight - Actor-manager, Producer, Actor

David Kram - Conductor

Ernest Leitch - Actor, Stage Manager

Sara Luzita - Dancer

Heather Macrae - Dancer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Noel Mangin - Actor, Actor and Singer

Pietro Mascagni - Composer

Rex McNeill - Dancer

Gloden Mercer - Actor, Singer

Nellie Mortyne - Actor

Graeme Murphy - Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Halina Nieckarz - Actor, Actor and Singer

Gary Norman - Dancer

George Ogilvie - Director

Ernest Parham - Choreographer, Actor

Rosalie Phillipini - Choreographer

Joseph Post - Conductor

Marina Prior - Actor

Marie Rambert - Dance Director, Director

Carolyn Rappel - Dancer

Terence Rattigan - Playwright

John Rayment - Lighting Designer

Adrian Ross - Lyricist, Librettist

Leigh Rowles - Dancer

Bert Royle - Writer, Playwright, Administrator, Scriptwriter

Milton Sands - Actor

P. V. Scully - Actor

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright, Writer

Frank Staff - Dancer, Choreographer

Ludwig van Beethoven - Composer

Byrl Walkley - Performer, Actor

George Stevenson Wallace - Actor, Lyricist, Comedian

Tim Walton - Designer, Set Designer

William Walton - Composer

Anthony Ward - Actor, Stage Manager

Richard Webb - Actor, Stage Manager

James Wilson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Daphne Winslow - Actor

Belinda Wright - Dancer

Norman Yemm - Actor

Robyn Arthur - Actor, Resident Director

Sergei Baigildin - Actor, Actor and Singer

Barry Balmer - Actor

Judy Banks - Actor

Cecil Bates - Dancer

Ronald Bekker - Dancer

Maria Bjornson - Designer, Costume Designer

Helen Borthwick - Chorus, Actor

June Brown - Actor

Christopher Bruce - Choreographer, Set Designer

Rhonda Bruce - Actor, Singer

Jean Brunning - Singer, Actor, Performer

Heath Burdock - Actor

Harry Burgess - Actor

Reginald Byers - Actor

Lewis Casson - Actor

Barbara Chambers - Dancer

Leigh Chambers - Dancer, Choreographer

Anne Charleston - Actor

Alida Chase - Dancer

Henri Chivot - Librettist

Frederic Chopin - Composer

Marie Collier - Actor, Singer

James Condon - Actor

Burt Cooper - Actor

John Cox - Director

Peter Cox - Actor, Singer, Chorus, Actor and Singer

Julie da Costa - Dancer

Dorothea Deegan - Actor, Actor and Singer

Angela Denning - Actor

Ian Dickson - Singer, Chorus, Actor

John Dudley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Michael Duffield - Actor

Alfred Duru - Librettist

Thomas Edmonds - Actor, Actor and Singer

Robert Essex - Actor

Jon Ewing - Actor

Victoria Feitscher - Designer

Noel Ferrier - Actor, Producer

Elaine Fifield - Dancer

Mikhail Fokine - Choreographer

Meriel Forbes - Actor

Ronald Frazer - Actor

John Fulford - Actor, Actor and Singer

Lamberto Furlan - Actor

Kathleen Geldard - Dancer

Bert Gilbert - Actor and Singer

Jimmy Godden - Actor

Clifford Grant - Actor

Barbara Grimes - Dancer

Joseph Grunfelder - Actor, Chorus

Joan Harris - Actor, Costume Designer

Gary Hill - Dancer

Horace Hodges - Actor

Basil Hood - Librettist, Writer, Adaptor

Bob Hornery - Actor

Andrée Howard - Choreographer

David Hunt - Dancer

Rita Hunter - Actor, Singer

June Jago - Actor

Brian James - Actor

Ashton Jarry - Actor

Keith Johns - Actor, Stage Manager, Stage Director

Leslie King - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Percy King - Stage Manager, Book and Lyrics, Producer, Writer

Michela Kirkaldie - Dancer

John Lanchbery - Musical Director, Music Adaptor

Charles (Chas.) Lawrence - Actor

John Lawrey - Singer, Actor, Chorus

Ruggero Leoncavallo - Composer

Reg Livermore - Devisor, Actor, Designer, Writer

Muriel Luyk - Actor

Gillian Lynne - Associate Director, Choreographer, Stage Director

Cheryl Mallinson - Dancer

J. S. Mann - Scenic Artist, Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Stuart Maunder - Resident Director, Director

Lisa McCune - Actor

Anne-Maree McDonald - Actor and Singer, Actor

John Meehan - Dancer

Irene Mitchell - Producer, Director, Actor

Charlton Morton - Actor

Wendy Moyle - Dancer

Raymond Myers - Actor

Emily Nathan - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Maker

Trevor Nunn - Director, Adaptor

Moffatt Oxenbould - Director

George F Pack - Musical Arranger, Musical Director

Stanley Page - Actor

John Paget - Dancer

Violet Paget - Actor

Jennie Pollock - Actor

Betty Pounder - Ballet Master/Mistress, Choreographer, Director

Elsie Prince - Actor

John Proper - Stage Manager, Actor

Fred Quintrell - Musical Director

Margaret Reid - Actor

Frank Reis - Actor, Stage Manager

Dellas Rennie - Actor, Choreographer

Justine Rettick - Actor

Ralph Richardson - Actor

John Rowell - Designer

Ariel Saltmarsh - Actor, Chorus, Singer

Margaret Scott - Dancer

Russell Scott - Actor

Lucyna Sevitsky - Dancer

Peter Seymour - Chorus Master/Mistress, Conductor

Norman Shepherd - Actor

Maurice Stead - Concert Master

Roy Steyne - Stage Manager

Gailene Stock - Dancer

John Sumner - Producer, Director

Derek Taylor - Actor, Performer

Jonathan Taylor - Choreographer

Emma Temple - Actor

Jock Thompson - Actor

Sybil Thorndike - Actor

John Tsakiris - Actor, Dancer

Howard Vernon - Actor and Singer, Actor

Lou Vernon - Actor

Harold Vike - Set Designer

Pamela Vincent - Dancer

Wendy Walker - Dancer

Graeme Wall - Actor, Actor and Singer

Eileen Ward - Dancer

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Composer, Writer, Orchestrator

T Wigney Percyval - Actor

Frank Wilson - Actor

Frank Wilson - Lighting Designer, Set Designer

Frank Wilson - Actor

Frank Wilson - Lighting Designer, Set Designer

Margaret Wilson - Dancer, Choreographer

Ronald Wilson - Designer

Angus Winneke - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Harry Wren - Producer, Devisor, Director, Presenter

Evan Zachariah - Actor, Singer

'Valentine' - Playwright, Lyricist, Book and Lyrics

Lucette Aldous - Dancer

Nanette Allen - Singer, Actor

Ina Alston - Actor

Gladys Anderson - Performer, Actor

Rod Anderson - Actor

Ronne Arnold - Actor, Dancer, Assistant Choreographer

Pauline Ashleigh - Actor

Edmond Audran - Composer

William Austin - Actor

Norman Ayrton - Adaptor, Director

Erik Badcock - Actor

James Bailey - Actor

Phyllis Baker - Actor

Patricia Ball - Singer, Actor

William Bamford - Actor, Chorus, Chorus Master/Mistress

Peter Batey - Director, Lighting Designer

Jean Battye - Actor

Madame Beaumont - Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator

Robert Beaumont - Actor

Eileen Beldon - Actor

Daisy Belmore - Actor

Anton Berezin - Actor

Nicolette Bernard - Actor

Anthony Besch - Producer, Adaptor, Director

Carl Bleazby - Actor

Friedrich Bliem - Set Designer, Designer

Richard Bonynge - Musical Arranger, Conductor, Adaptor

John Bowles - Performer, Actor

Raymond Boyce - Designer, Director, Set Designer

Sheila Bradley - Actor

Frank Bren - Actor

Sylvia Briar - Dancer

Andrew Bridge - Lighting Designer

Mark Brinkley - Concert Master, Dancer

Lisa Brionda - Actor, Choreographer

Len Britton - Actor, Singer

Robert Brough - Entrepreneur, Actor

Blake Brown - Dancer

Minnie Tittell Brune - Actor

John Brunton - Scenic Artist

Pamela Buckman - Dancer

David Burch - Dancer

Roger Butlin - Designer, Set Designer

Donn Byrnes - Lighting Designer

Irving Caesar - Lyricist

John Cameron - Actor

Leon Caron - Musical Arranger

Chester Carone - Actor, Performer

James Carter-Edwards - Actor

Peter Casey - Conductor, Musical Director

Charles Charrington - Actor, Director

Ernest Chausson - Composer

Robert Chisholm - Actor

Frank D. Clewlow - Actor

Mel Clifford - Actor and Singer, Actor, Costume Designer

James Convery - Stage Director

George Cooper - Actor

Joan Corbett - Actor

Julia Cotton - Dancer

John Cousins - Actor

Noel Coward - Playwright

Hector Cremieux - Lyricist, Librettist

Marshall Crosby - Actor

Brian Crossley - Director

Bernadette Cullen - Actor

Dan Cunningham - Actor

Peter Cushing - Actor

Bryan da Silva - Stage Manager, Actor

Susan Dains - Dancer

Winifred Dale - Actor

George Dance - Adaptor, Librettist, Playwright

Alfred Davidson - Actor

Halinka De Tarczynska - Actor, Actor and Singer

Claude Debussy - Composer

Mark Dickinson - Actor

John Dobbie - Actor

Marie Therese Driscoll - Chorus, Actor

Geoffrey Dunn - Adaptor, Translator

Blair Edgar - Stage Director, Actor, Choreographer

Mark Elder - Conductor

Lauris Elms - Actor

Josephine Anne Endicott - Dancer

Constance Evans - Actor, Dancer

John Faassen - Actor

Carolyn Fairley - Stage Manager, Stage Director

Gail Ferguson - Dancer

Ian Field - Actor, Performer

Doris Fitton - Director, Actor

Claude Flemming - Actor, Director

Elaine Foster - Actor

Percy Foster - Actor

Gordon French - Set Designer

Renzo Frusca - Director

Pauline Garrick - Chorus, Performer, Actor

Tony Gavin - Actor

Linda Gay - Dancer

Tony Geappen - Actor

Bruce George - Musical Arranger, Composer, Musician, Actor

Lola Gibney - Actor, Singer

Helen Gifford - Composer

Phyllis Glen - Actor

Gordon Glenwright - Actor, Stage Manager

Hayes Gordon - Actor, Actor and Singer

Flora Graupner - Actor, Actor and Singer

David Gray - Actor, Performer

Richard Greager - Actor, Actor and Singer

Winifred Green - Actor

Diana Greentree - Choreographer, Actor

Brothers Grimm - Writer

Joy Grisold - Actor

Ada Guildford - Actor

John Hackett - Actor, Performer

Mort Hall - Actor

Owen Hall - Librettist, Playwright

Paul Hammond - Choreographer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Martin Handley - Chorus Master/Mistress

Peter Hannah - Actor, Singer

Eilene Hannan - Actor, Singer

Otto Harbach - Book and Lyrics, Lyricist, Writer

Mary Hardy - Actor

Howard Harrison - Lighting Designer

Charles Hart - Lyricist

William A Hassan - Actor, Properties Master

Thomas Heathcote - Actor

Harry Hermann - Playwright

Charles Hickman - Director

Collins Hilton - Actor

Steven Hoggett - Movement Director

Michelle Horkings - Dancer

Eleanor Houston - Actor, Actor and Singer

Noel Howlett - Actor

Michael Howley - Actor

Graeme Hudson - Dancer

Oliver Hunter - Actor

W R Hunter - Actor

John Huson - Actor

Igor Hyczka - Puppeteer, Devisor, Technical Director

Harold Ingram - Musical Director, Conductor, Composer

Alain Israel - Dancer

Lev Ivanov - Choreographer

Leoš Janáček - Composer

George Jennings - Actor

Cindy John - Actor, Singer

Darlene Johnson - Actor

Edward Jones - Composer

Madeleine Jones - Actor

Wim Jonker - Actor

Peter Jordan - Director

Yvonne Kenny - Actor

John Kingley - Actor

Beverley Kirk - Actor

Roger Kirk - Costume Designer

Denise Lansell - Singer, Actor

June Lansell - Stage Manager, Lyricist

Norman Lee - Producer, Actor

Vivien Leigh - Actor

Arno Leinas - Lighting Designer

Martin Levan - Sound Designer

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Wilhelm Loibner - Conductor, Musical Director

Laurie Lott - Actor and Singer, Actor

Martin Lowe - Musical Supervisor, Orchestrator

Peter Lowrey - Actor

Al Mack - Actor

Peter Maitland - Actor

Ambrose Manning - Actor

Bruce Martin - Actor

Guido Martin - Actor, Chorus

John Marum - Actor, Singer

Meg Maxwell - Actor

Hugh McDermott - Actor

Pat McDonald - Actor

Rosalind McInnes - Actor, Singer

Todd McKenney - Actor

Oliver McLennan - Actor

Jock McLeod - Lyricist

Harry Meade - Actor

Bernard Merefield - Actor

Noel Mitchell - Performer, Actor

Frank Mithen - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ethel Moar - Costume Designer

Lionel Monckton - Composer

Varney Monk - Composer, Music and Lyrics, Lyricist

Cle Morgan - Actor

Terence Morgan - Actor

John Moulton - Stage Manager

Suzanne Musitz - Dancer, Choreographer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Luise Napier - Actor, Actor and Singer

Elke Neidhardt - Producer, Director

Bert Newton - Actor

Daphne Newton - Actor

Shirley Nicholls - Actor

Gerda Nicolson - Actor

John Nobbs - Dancer

Peter North - Actor, Performer

Lisa O'Dea - Assistant Choreographer, Actor

John O'May - Actor

Hellen O'Rourke - Actor, Actor and Singer

Peter O'Shaughnessy - Actor, Producer

Laurence Olivier - Producer, Actor

David Outtrim - Actor

Enid Owen - Dancer

Pamela Page - Actor

Betty Patrick - Actor

Desmond Patterson - Actor

Queenie Paul - Actor, Producer, Performer, Singer

Phillip Peake - Actor

Michael Pearce - Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Darryl Phillips - Dancer

David Phillips - Actor

Rodney Phillips - Actor, Singer

Etela Piha - Actor

John Preston - Actor

Malcolm Pride - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Harold Prince - Director

Richard Prins - Set Designer

Simon Pryce - Actor

Walter Pym - Actor

Eric Rasdall - Lyricist, Actor, Composer

David Ravenswood - Actor

Walter Raynham - Choreographer, Producer, Director

Ada Reeve - Actor and Singer

George Relph - Actor

Christopher Renshaw - Director

Thern Reynolds - Actor, Dancer

Ron Riley - Actor

Jerome Robbins - Original Director, Choreographer

Reg Robins - Scenic Artist

Kathleen Robinson - Actor

Roland Rocchiccioli - Stage Manager

Lewis Rowe - Actor

Paul Rubens - Composer, Librettist

Mabel Russell - Actor

Mary Ryan - Actor, Singer

Ray Savoula - Actor

John Scandrett - Sound Designer

Elizabeth Schooling - Dancer

Peter Scriven - Director, Playwright, Writer, Adaptor

Ethel Selwyn - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ross Sharp - Actor

Tony Sheldon - Writer, Actor

Joyce Simmons - Actor

Peggy Simpson - Actor

Walter A Slaughter - Composer

Donald Solomon - Actor, Chorus

Stephen Sondheim - Composer, Lyricist

Roger Sprawson - Actor

Philip Stainton - Actor

Ron Stevens - Actor

Hugh Stevenson - Designer, Costume Designer

Hugh Stewart - Actor

Walter Stiansy - Conductor

Greg Stone - Actor

Claire Stonier - Dancer

Johann Strauss - Composer

Richard Strauss - Composer

Troy Sussman - Actor

Mercia Swinburne - Actor

Howard Talbot - Composer

Olga Tamara - Dancer

John Taylor - Actor, Stage Manager

Leonie Taylor - Actor, Singer

Lyndon Terracini - Singer, Actor

Claude Thomas - Actor

Wendy Thompson - Dancer

David Thomson - Stage Manager, Actor

F. W. Thring - Entrepreneur, Producer

George S Titheradge - Actor, Actor-manager

Frances Towers - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Antony Tudor - Choreographer

Michael Tyack - Musical Director, Assistant Musical Director, Conductor, Musician

George Upward - Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Jessica Vickers - Actor

Patricia Vivian - Actor

Olive Wallace - Choreographer

Christine Walsh - Dancer

Michael Weight - Designer

Karl Welander - Dancer

Tony Westwood - Dancer

Madge White - Actor

Henri Wilden - Actor, Actor and Singer

Neville Wilkie - Actor

Maud Williamson - Actor

Stanley Willis-Croft - Director, Producer

Bruce Wishart - Actor

Margaret Wolfit - Actor

Lionel Wood - Actor, Singer

Eve Wynne - Actor

Sylvia Yamada - Dancer

Florence Young - Actor and Singer, Actor

Bill Yule - Actor, Choreographer

Hans Zander - Producer, Conductor

Myrna - Comic Singer, Performer

H. Foster Clark - Conductor

Kelley Abbey - Actor

John Allen - Actor

Kenyon Ames - Actor, Performer

Benny Andersson - Composer, Lyricist

Billy Andros - Actor, Magician

Harry Angers - Actor

Robin Archer - Designer

John Armstrong - Costume Designer, Designer

Julie Armstrong - Designer, Set Designer

Hartney J. Arthur - Director

Paula Arundell - Actor

Harry Ashford - Performer, Actor

Don Asker - Dancer

David Atkins - Choreographer, Actor, Director

Winifred Atwell - Performer, Pianist

Neil Austin - Lighting Designer

Iopu Auva'a - Actor

Damien Avery - Actor

Mai Bacon - Actor

Julian Bailey - Singer, Actor

Frederick Baker - Actor and Singer

John Baker - Actor, Performer

Brett Banakis - Scenic Artist

Granville Bantock - Musical Director

Leedham Bantock - Actor

Gabor Baraker - Actor

William Bargo - Actor

Ray Barrett - Actor

Brian Barrie - Actor

Diana Barrymore - Actor

Edith Barstow - Actor

P B Bathurst - Actor and Singer

Jeanne Battye - Actor

Rosemary Beattie - Stage Manager

Michael Beauchamp - Resident Director, Restager

Rachael Beck - Actor

Gary Beestone - Technical Director

David Belasco - Playwright

Diane Benjamin - Executive Producer

Beverley Bergen - Actor and Singer, Actor

Leonard Bernstein - Composer

Margaret Berry - Assistant Choreographer

Neil Bettles - Movement Director

Richard Beynon - Actor

Robert Bickerstaff - Actor

Lesley Billing - Dancer

Pauline Bindley - Producer

Mike Bishop - Actor

Julia Blaikie - Dancer, Choreographer

Robert Blake - Choreographer, Producer

Jerry Bock - Composer

Guy Bolton - Librettist, Adaptor

Thomas Bolton - Actor

Carl Bonn - Designer, Set Designer

Theresa Borg - Performer, Actor

Alain Boublil - Librettist, Writer

Blake Bowden - Actor

Carolle Boyce - Actor

Gordon Boyd - Actor

Rosemary Boyle - Actor, Singer

W Louis Bradfield - Actor

Frank Bradley - Actor

Bertolt Brecht - Playwright, Librettist

Tessa Bremner - Restager

Lennox Brewer - Producer, Actor

John Brice - Dancer

Cyril Brinkley - Actor, Conductor

David Brinson - Designer

Charles Bristow - Lighting Designer

Andrew Broadbent - Actor

Kenn Brodziak - Producer, Director

Mrs Robert Brough - Actor

Charles Brown - Actor

Guus Brox - Actor, Comic Instrumentalist

Joan Bruce - Actor

June Brunell - Actor

Dorothy Brunton - Actor

Lillie Bryer - Actor

Mrs Edouin Bryer - Actor

Isobel Buchanan - Actor

Ross Buchanan - Actor

Ethel Buckley - Actor

Teresa Bull - Actor, Singer

Edward Bulwer-Lytton - Playwright

Rick Burchall - Actor

Rhonda Burchmore - Actor

Robert Burgoyne - Actor

George Burnett - Actor

Bob Burnham - Actor

Dale Burridge - Actor

Tina Bursill - Actor

Matthew Burton - Actor

David Butler - Actor

Debbie Byrne - Performer, Actor

David Caddick - Musical Supervisor

Deborah Caddy - Actor

John Cairns - Actor

Judy Callaghan - Dancer, Actor

Colin Callender - Producer

Lisa Callingham - Actor

Jean Cameron - Actor, Dancer

Tom Campbell - Musician

Donald Cant - Actor

Tito Capobianco - Director, Original Director

George Carden - Director, Choreographer

Patrick Cargill - Director

Jim Carnahan - Casting Director

Garnet Carroll - Actor, Presenter

John Carroll - Stage Manager, Actor, Director, Lyricist

Mr Carter-Pickford - Actor

Michael Cassel - Executive Producer

Vanco Cavdarski - Conductor

Emmanuel Chabrier - Composer

Jennifer Chalmers - Actor

Simon Chandler - Actor

John Chapman - Writer, Playwright

William Chappell - Costume Designer, Designer

Marjorie Chard - Performer, Actor

Gordon Chater - Actor

Julie Chenery - Actor

Paul Cheyne - Actor

Clare Chihambakwe - Actor

Simon Chilvers - Actor

Chris Christensen - Actor

Agatha Christie - Playwright

Jennifer Claire - Actor

John Clark - Musician

Kylie Clarke - Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist, Wig Stylist

Marie Clavering - Actor

Jean Cocteau - Playwright

Ray Collier - Actor

Reg Collins - Actor

Patricia Conolly - Actor

Con Conrad - Composer

William Constable - Set Designer, Designer

Sienna Conti - Actor

Peter Cooke - Set Designer, Designer

Ray Cooney - Writer, Playwright

Robert Coote - Actor

Campbell Copelin - Actor

Louis Corbett - Actor

Margot Cory - Actor and Singer, Actor

Gillian Cosgriff - Actor

J Cosgrove - Actor

John Courtney - Musician

A Cowan - Administrator

Ruth Cracknell - Actor

Stan Craig - Actor

Ted Craig - Director

Martin Croft - Performer, Actor

Geoffrey Crook - Actor, Chorus

Chris Cross - Ventriloquist

Russel Crouse - Adaptor, Writer, Playwright

Bob Crowley - Designer, Set Designer, Costume Designer

Stewart Crowley - Performer, Actor

Marie Cumisky - Choreographer, Actor

Ireland Cutter - Actor

Cristina D'Agostino - Actor

Eamon D'Arcy - Set Designer

Lorenzo Da Ponte - Librettist

Ena Dale - Actor

James Henry Darnley - Playwright

Manali Datar - Actor

John Howard Davies - Stage Manager, Actor, Stage Director

Carl Davis - Composer

Shirley Davis - Actor

Stringer Davis - Actor

Christopher Dawes - Actor, Actor and Singer

Gloria Dawn - Actor

Beatrice Day - Actor

Warren de Maria - Dancer

Beverley Dean - Dancer

Leonard Delaney - Actor

Natalie Delbridge - Actor

Gregory Dempsey - Actor

Mary Desmond - Actor

John Detering - Actor, Chorus

Kellie Dickerson - Assistant Musical Director, Musical Director

Grant Dickson - Actor

Wendy Dickson - Designer, Set Designer

Marlene Dietrich - Actor

Doris Dodd - Actor

Judy Donovan - Dancer

Terry Donovan - Stage Manager, Actor

Mary Duchesne - Dancer, Choreographer

Roy Dudley - Actor

Ashley Dukes - Adaptor, Playwright

Ronald Duncan - Adaptor

Evan Dunstan - Actor

Raymond Duparc - Actor

John Durham - Chorus, Actor

Jenifer Eddy - Actor

John Edmund - Actor

Eddie Edwards - Actor

Gale Edwards - Director, Associate Director

Naomi Edwards - Associate Director

Roma Egan - Dancer

Kay Eklund - Actor

Margreta Elkins - Actor

Sophie Elliott - Actor

Judith Eltham - Performer

Hal Evans - Composer, Conductor, Musical Director

Ian Fairley - Actor, Dancer

Alexander Faris - Musical Arranger, Conductor, Musical Director

Frederick Farley - Director

Barbara Farrell - Actor

Fred Faust - Producer

Sophie Fedorovitch - Designer, Set Designer

Robert Feist - Conductor

Stuart Finch - Actor

Chris Fisher - Illusionist, Magician

Jillian FitzGerald - Dancer, Actor

Neil Fitzpatrick - Actor

Barrett Fleming - Actor

Claude Fleming - Director, Producer

Cameron Flint - Technical Director

Sheila Florance - Actor

John Forde - Actor

Gordon Foulds - Actor

Felicia Francis - Actor

Helen Franklyn - Actor

Ann Fraser - Dancer

Winifred Fraser - Actor

Burry Fredrik - Director

Gareth Fry - Sound Designer

John Gaden - Actor

Kate Gair - Actor

Douglas Gamley - Musical Arranger, Orchestrator, Musician

Stewart Garner - Actor

Jim Gerald - Comedian

George Gershwin - Composer

Ira Gershwin - Lyricist

Douglas Gilchrist - Dancer

Yvonne Gilchrist - Dancer

Gordon Girdwood - Musician, Actor

Olive Godwin - Actor, Actor and Singer

Lucy Goleby - Actor

Diana Goller - Actor

Kathleen Goodall - Actor and Singer, Actor

Bruce Gordon - Magician, Actor

Kathleen Gorham - Dancer, Actor

Dale Gower - Actor

Clarice Graham - Actor

Ron Graham - Actor

Lyndall Grant - Actor

Olive Grant - Actor

Stanley Grant - Business Manager, Circus Style Performer

Gyton Grantley - Actor

John Gray - Actor

Peter Gray - Actor

Pamela Greenall - Actor

Harry Greenbank - Adaptor, Lyricist

Peter Grubb - Sound Designer

Rob Guest - Actor

Andrew Guild - Actor

Thomas Stuart Gurr - Librettist, Lyricist

Tyrone Guthrie - Director

Ludovic Halévy - Librettist

Ruby Hall - Actor

Antony Hamilton - Dancer

Joan Hammond - Singer

Carole Hancock - Make-up Artist

John Hannan - Actor

Patricia Hardie - Actor

Brian Harding - Chorus, Performer

Lawrence Hardinge - Actor

Elma Hardman - Actor

Sheldon Harnick - Lyricist

Edith Harrhy - Musician, Lyricist, Composer

Clifford Harris - Book and Lyrics, Lyricist

Jamie Harrison - Magician

W. H. Harrison - Musical Arranger

Frank Harvey - Producer, Actor

Myles Hastings - Actor

Mary Hayman - Singer

Imogen Heap - Composer

Douglas Hedge - Chorus, Actor

Anne-Patricia Hemingway - Actor, Actor and Singer

George Henare - Actor

David Hersey - Lighting Designer

Helene Hetherington - Dancer

Margaret Hill - Dancer

Winifred Hindle - Actor

Lou Hirsch - Composer

Maud Hobson - Actor

Roger Hodgman - Director

Jeffrey Hodgson - Actor

Tom Hodgson - Movement Director

Frances Hodgson Burnett - Playwright, Writer

Gina Hogan - Actor

Diane Holmes - Performer

Bland Holt - Actor, Actor-manager

Arthur Hope - Actor

Cecil Hope - Actor

Margaret Horsley - Actor, Singer

Jacqui Howard - Actor

Rosalie Howard - Actor

William Howard - Actor and Singer, Actor

Edward Howell - Actor

Alfie Hughes - Actor

Wendy Hughes - Actor

Victor Hugo - Writer

Bernard Hull - Actor

Walter Hunt - Actor

Florence Hunter - Actor

Sam Hunter - Production Supervisor

Arthur Hynes - Stage Manager, Technical Director

Henrik Ibsen - Playwright

Robert Inman - Actor

Harrie Ireland - Actor

Ursula Irving - Actor, Musician

Edward Irwin - Actor

Scott Irwin - Actor

Charmian Jacka - Actor

Lewis Jacob - Dancer, Actor

Helene Jacoby - Actor

Walter Jaeger - Puppeteer

Melissa Jaffer - Actor

Ralton R. James - Producer

Josephine Jason - Dancer

Eddie Jaye - Actor

Soren Jensen - Actor

Maree Johnson - Actor

Hamish Johnston - Actor

Christine Jones - Set Designer

Henry Arthur Jones - Playwright

Sidney Jones - Composer

Sophie Jones - Properties Master / Mistress

Heath Joyce - Actor, Director

Ezra Justin - Actor

Dimitris Kalivokas - Actor

Rena Kambaladou - Choreographer, Performer

Dina Karzi - Actor

George Katsimbris - Performer

Natasha Katz - Lighting Designer

Fred Kaye - Actor

Arthur Keane - Actor

Laura Kearney - Actor

Charles Keegan - Actor

John Kendall - Actor, Dancer

Des Kennedy - Associate Director

Patricia Kennedy - Actor

Wayne Scott Kermond - Actor

Paul Kester - Playwright

David King - Musical Director, Composer

Geoffrey King - Actor

John Kingsmill - Actor

Thomas Kingston - Actor

Helen Kinnaird - Actor

Charles Klein - Playwright

Nadia Komazec - Actor

Lone Koppel Winther - Actor

Lina Krassa - Actor

Herbert Kretzmer - Lyricist

Helena Kritis - Actor

Thelma Kurtzman - Dancer, Actor

Bert La Bonte - Actor

Amanda LaBonte - Actor

Pearl Ladd - Actor, Performer

Tom Lake - Actor

Max Lambert - Musical Arranger, Pianist, Musical Supervisor

John Langmaid - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Brian Langsworth - Actor

Arthur Laurents - Writer

Justin Lavender - Actor

Debra Lawrance - Actor

Bryan Lawrence - Dancer

Lionel Lawson - Pianist, Violinist

Stefanos Lazaridis - Designer

Leonie Leahy - Dancer

Charles Lecocq - Composer

Denis Lehrer - Actor

Herbert Leigh - Actor

Claire Leighton - Actor

Audine Leith - Stage Manager, Actor

Sabine Lemaitre - Costume Designer, Costume Associate

Roger Lemke - Performer

Philip Leslie - Actor

Edwin Lester - Actor, Stage Manager

Heather Leviston - Actor

Keith Lewis - Actor

Howard Lindsay - Adaptor, Writer, Playwright

Katrina Lindsay - Costume Designer

Norman Lindsay - Costume Designer, Author, Writer

Jack Little - Actor

Keith Little - Choreographer, Actor

Florence Lloyd - Actor

Hugh Lloyd - Actor

Frank Loesser - Composer, Music and Lyrics, Book and Lyrics

Jude Loxley - Costume Associate

Anne Lucas - Actor

Judith Lucy - Comedian

Eddie Lynn - Musician, Performer

Milton Lyon - Director

Peter MacDonald - Stage Director, Actor

Graeme Macfarlane - Actor

Cyril Mackay - Actor

Adam Mada - Magician, Illusionist

Florence Madden - Actor

Mitchell Mahony - Actor

Bessie Major - Actor

Pete Malkin - Associate Sound Designer

J A E Malone - General Manager

Frank Mandel - Book and Lyrics, Writer

Peter Mander - Chorus, Actor

Frank Manzie - Mechanist

Kuda Mapeza - Actor

Kirsty Marillier - Actor

Ana Marina - Actor

Natalie Marsland - Actor

David N. Martin - Presenter

Virginia Mason - Choreographer

Blanche Massey - Actor

Graeme Mathieson - Puppeteer

Arnold Matters - Director

Les Matthews - Actor

Margaret Matuschka - Performer, Actor

Chris Maver - Assistant Stage Manager

Lillah McCarthy - Actor

Paul McDermott - MC, Actor

Beth McDonald - Actor

Gloria McDonall - Actor, Actor and Singer

Anne McGrath - Actor

William McKenna - Actor

Leo McKern - Actor

Rod McLennan - Actor

Craig McLeod - Performer

Anew McMaster - Producer, Actor

Thomas Meehan - Writer

Beryl Meekin - Actor, Performer

Frederick Melville - Playwright

Natalie Mendoza - Performer

Gian Carlo Menotti - Book and Lyrics

Daisy Merritt - Actor, Performer

Derek Metzger - Actor

Costis Michaelides - Director

David Miller - Stage Manager

Kevin Miller - Actor, Performer

Carmel Millhouse - Actor

Kevin Mills - Actor

Geoffrey Milne - Electrician, Lighting Designer

Austin Milroy - Actor

Tim Minchin - Comedian, Composer, Lyricist

Joy Mitchell - Actor

Robert Mitchell - Actor, Chorus

Robyn Moase - Director, Choreographer

Clifford Mollison - Actor

Harry Monkhouse - Actor

Claudio Monteverdi - Composer

Carrie Moore - Actor and Singer

Decima Moore - Actor

Elsie Morison - Singer

Robert Morley - Playwright, Writer, Actor

Norman Morrice - Choreographer

Jack Morrison - Actor

Geraldene Morrow - Actor

Harold Moschetti - Composer, Musical Director

Adam Murphy - Actor

Shaun Murphy - Actor, Singer

Roger Myers - Dancer

Linda Nagle - Actor

John Napier - Designer

Myron Natwick - Actor

Frank Neil - Producer

Keith Nelson - Actor

Vincenzo Nesci - Actor, Chorus

Suzanne Neumann - Dancer

Russell Newman - Actor

Mary Ellen Nicholas - Actor

Phyllis Nicholson - Actor

Nicos Nicolaou - Designer, Set Designer, Costume Designer

Horace Nightingale - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Jessica Noad - Actor

Sidney Nolan - Designer

Helen Noonan - Actor

Paul Noonan - Assistant Musical Director, Musician

Charles Norman - Performer, Actor

Peter Norton - Actor

Tony O'Brien - Actor

James O'Connell - Actor

Caroline O'Connor - Actor

Dot O'Dea - Dancer, Choreographer, Performer

David O'Doherty - Comedian

J. P. O'Neill - Actor

Meredith O'Reilly - Actor

John Orcsik - Actor

Madeleine Orr - Actor

Michael Outhwaite - Lighting Designer

Silvie Paladino - Actor, Performer

Grace Palotta - Actor

Costakis Papanicolaou - Performer

Alice Parkes - Assistant Choreographer, Choreographer

Elsie Parkes - Actor

Richard Parry - Producer, Actor

Ron Parry - Actor, Comedian

Christopher Parson - Actor

David Ross Paterson - Actor

Les Pearce - Actor

Bill Pearson - Actor, Chorus

Glen Pearson - Puppeteer

Robert Peet - Puppeteer

Dale Pengelly - Actor

Derrick Penley - Actor

Jill Perryman - Actor

Kerry Peters - Actor

Mrs Edmund Phelps - Actor

Alistair Phiddian - Stage Manager, Actor

Hans Phillips - Actor

Lovell Phillips - Conductor, Composer

Nat Phillips - Actor, Book and Lyrics, Director, Writer, Performer, Producer

Phil Phillips - Actor, Choreographer

Lance Phoenix - Musical Director

David Piper - Assistant Musical Director, Musician

Grant Piro - Actor

Archie Pitcher - Actor

Robert Planquette - Composer

Paul Plunket - Actor, Librettist

Betna Pontini - Actor, Actor and Singer

Mr J. Poulton - Actor

Polly Power - Actor

J. B. Priestley - Playwright

Sergei Prokofiev - Composer

Wendy Lee Purdy - Performer, Actor

Robert Quentin - Producer

Rodney Rackham - Actor

Orestis Raftopoulos - Actor

Zakaria Rahhali - Actor

Nancy Rasmussen - Actor

Maurice Ravel - Composer

Patricia Raye - Actor

Dorothy Rea - Singer, Actor

Kathie Reed - Actor

Jackie Rees - Actor

Sean Rees-Wemyss - Actor

Wybert Reeve - Administrator, Lessee

Gareth Reeves - Actor

Rex Reid - Choreographer, Choir Master/Mistress

Roy Rene - Performer, Actor

Dorothy Reynolds - Book and Lyrics

Tim Rice - Lyricist

Monique Richard - Dancer

Marilyn Richardson - Actor

John Rickard - Actor

George Ridgeway - Director

Edwin Roberts - Actor, Singer

Reginald Roberts - Actor

Richard Roberts - Set Designer

John Robertson - Executive Producer

Toby Robertson - Director

Barbara Robinson - Actor

Geoff Robinson - Musician

Jo-Anne Robinson - Resident Director, Choreographer

Antonio Rodrigues - Dancer, Actor

Peter Roehlen - Technical Director, Production Manager

David Rogers-Smith - Actor

Robert Rosen - Musical Director

Finn Ross - Video Designer

Jean Ross - Actor

Madge Rossell - Dancer, Actor

Edmond Rostand - Playwright

Tom Rothfield - Producer

Joanne Rowling - Writer

Deidre Rubenstein - Actor

Paul Rutenis - Performer

Margaret Rutherford - Actor

Charles Ryley - Actor

William Salisbury - Mechanist

June Salter - Actor

Leonard Salzedo - Composer

Leslie Sands - Playwright, Producer, Actor

Edward Sass - Actor

Dr R. Schildberger - Conductor

Claude-Michel Schonberg - Composer, Writer

Joseph Scoglio - Dancer

Hutchinson Scott - Designer

Phillip Scott - Actor, Musical Director

Melinda Sharmen - Actor

Ray Sharp - Musician, Musical Director

John Shearman - Actor

Chris Shepherd - Actor

Guy Sheppard - Designer

Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Playwright

Andrew Shiner - Actor, Assistant Choreographer

Jane Shirley - Actor

Gerard Sibbritt - Dancer

Maurits Sillem - Conductor

David Simes - Actor

Neil Simon - Playwright

Ronald Sinclair - Designer

Pam Skinner - Executive Producer

Julian Slade - Book and Lyrics, Composer

Gustav Slapoffski - Musical Director, Composer

Daphne Slater - Actor

Bedřich Smetana - Composer

Alwyn Smith - Actor

Douglas Smith - Set Designer, Designer

H. D. Smith - Lighting Designer

Harry B. Smith - Librettist

Ian Smith - Performer, Actor

Margaret Smith - Dancer

Rodney Smith - Dancer

Sydney Smith - Actor

Janine Snape - Casting Director

Edward Solomon - Composer

Nick Solyom - Associate Lighting Designer

Hayden Spencer - Actor

Ian Spink - Dancer

Brian Stacey - Musical Director

John Stanton - Actor

Lita Stathis - Actor

Reginald Stead - Violinist, Concert Master

Joseph Stein - Writer

B C Stephenson - Librettist, Playwright

Paul Stephenson - Actor

Richard Stilgoe - Writer, Lyricist

Leonard Stone - Actor, Comedian

George Stratighakis - Performer

Oscar Straus - Composer

Igor Stravinsky - Composer

James Stryker - Actor

Richard Strzelecki - Stage Director

Koka Styllianou - Actor

Slone Sudiro - Actor

Berkeley Sutcliffe - Set Designer, Designer