Venue QUT Gardens Theatre
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Address 2 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4001
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Latitude | Longitude -27.477326 | 153.030071
Elevation 17 metres

Creative Industries: QUT

QUT Cultural Precinct

HIT Productions

Playing Australia

Gardens Theatre

QUT Academy of the Arts

Christine Dunstan Productions

Patch Theatre

The Queensland Ballet Company

Brisbane Festival

Monkey Baa Productions

Perth Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Australia Council for the Arts

Barking Gecko Theatre Company

Chunky Move Dance Company

Company B Belvoir

Critical Stages

Harvest Rain Theatre Company


Queensland Theatre Company

Queensland University of Technology

Albedo Theatre


Arts NSW

Arts Queensland

Arts Victoria

Arts WA

Blackbird Productions

CDP Theatre Productions

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Country Arts South Australia


Ensemble Theatre Pty Ltd

His Majesty's Theatre

HotHouse Theatre

Ilbijerri Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Theatre Coop

Jally Entertainment

Jigsaw Theatre Company

Lab Kelpie

Mabou Mines

Malthouse Theatre

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Polyglot Theatre

Queensland Biennial Festival of Music

Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra

Raw Dance Company

Shakespeare and Co

Siren Theatre Company

STC's Wharf Revue

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Follies Company P/L

TML Entertainment

Susan Caulfield-Leclercq - Production Coordinator, Costume Co-ordinator, Production Manager

Shaaron Boughen - Costume Designer, Choreographer, Cinematographer

Jason Organ - Lighting Designer

Rosa Hirakata - Costume Designer, Costume Maker, Costume Assistant, Costume Co-ordinator

Csaba Buday - Choreographer

Natalie Weir - Choreographer

Glenn Hughes - Lighting Designer

Thomas Edmiston - Stage Manager, Production Coordinator, Deputy Stage Manager

Christine Harris - Producer

Harold Collins - Choreographer

John Utans - Choreographer

Ben Hughes - Lighting Designer

Bob Weatherly - Production Manager, Lighting Operator

Dave Brown - Director

Tracey Carrodus - Research Director, Production Coordinator

Jason Freeman - Sound Operator/Engineer, Technician, Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager

Hannah Gartside - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Shaun Gurton - Designer, Set Designer

Keith Hawley - Choreographer

Avril Huddy - Production Coordinator

Elise May - Dancer, Choreographer

Riannon McLean - Choreographer, Dancer

Francis Pyper - Costume Maker, Costume Assistant

Jeff Warnick - Production Coordinator, Technician, Projectionist

David Whitworth - Lighting Designer

Aidan Ayunon - Technician, Sound Operator/Engineer, Head Electrician, Lighting Operator

Carla Binotto - Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Bianca Bully - Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Matthew Burke - Mechanist, Head Electrician, Sound Operator/Engineer

Natalie Callaghan - Deputy Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Kieran Cerato - Head Flyman, Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer

Adrienne Chisholm - Costume Designer, Designer

Clark Corby - Floor Electrician, Associate Lighting Designer, Head Electrician

Chris Ford - Floor Electrician, Flyman, Sound Operator/Engineer, Technician

Nicholas Higgins - Lighting Designer, Audiovisual Sequencer

Dianna Laska-Moore - Choreographer

Marlene Lind - Costume Maker

Crystal MacFarlane - Technician, Sound Operator/Engineer, Head Mechanist

Daniel Maddison - Production Coordinator, Projectionist, Production Manager

Vanessa Mafe-Keane - Choreographer

Jon Penn - Head Electrician, Flyman, Projectionist, Technician

Christopher Sommers - Actor

Anthony Spinaze - Floor Electrician, Costume Designer, Designer, Deputy Stage Manager

Susan Street - Choreographer, Production Coordinator

Sammie Williams - Choreographer

Brendan Wright - Set and/or Property Maker

Mikayla Bishop - Follow Spot Operator, Floor Electrician, Head Electrician

Daniel Black - Head Electrician, Projectionist, Technician

Jason Boshler - Sound Operator/Engineer, Technician

Ashleigh Boulden - Deputy Stage Manager, Technician, Stage Manager

Margaret Burrows - Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Matthew Byles - Sound Designer, Technician

Neil Cairns - Sound Operator/Engineer, Flyman

Luke Campbell - Production Coordinator, Sound Operator/Engineer, Projectionist

Richard Causer - Choreographer

Chris Conway - Head Mechanist, Floor Electrician

Rosetta Cook - Choreographer

Louise Daley - Technician, Flyman, Sound Designer

Stephanie Dobson - Assistant Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Technician

Christian Douglas - Projection Designer, Technician, Assistant Stage Manager

Lisa Eddy - Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer, Head Electrician

Kane Ernst - Mechanist, Head Flyman, Sound Operator/Engineer, Technician

Jacob Fogarty - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer, Technician

Amy Forman - Technician, Deputy Stage Manager

Jennie Glover - Technician, Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager

Ella Gordon - Deputy Stage Manager, Costume Co-ordinator, Mechanist

David Green - Lighting Designer

Jennifer Hagan - Director, Actor

Ben Hamley - Production Coordinator, Technician, Lighting Operator

Simon Hardy - Projectionist, Head Electrician, Sound Designer

Darren Hawkins - Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer, Floor Electrician

Sarah Kennedy - Sound Operator/Engineer, Stage Manager, Flyman

David Kiorgaard - Technician, Flyman, Lighting Operator

Liesel Koerbin - Flyman, Sound Operator/Engineer, Technician

Shane Kumar - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Sound Designer

Bec Li - Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Technician

Skye Lilliss - Lighting Operator, Head Electrician, Deputy Stage Manager

Joshua Lloyd - Assistant Stage Manager, Technician, Sound Operator/Engineer

Harley Mann - Sound Designer, Deputy Stage Manager, Technician

Ryan Marks - Technician, Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Designer

Tim McGarry - Adaptor, Writer, Director, Actor

Grant McLay - Choreographer

Mark Middleton - Production Coordinator, Head Electrician

Denis Moore - Director

Kyle Morey - Head Electrician, Flyman, Sound Operator/Engineer

Stafford Mortensen - Production Manager, Coordinator

Graeme Murphy - Choreographer

Zoe Naylor - Actor

Nicole Neil - Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Floor Electrician

Ben Neucom - Head Flyman, Head Electrician, Stage Manager

Peter Nielson - Projection Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer, Projectionist

John O'Hare - Director

Andrew Pendlebury - Composer

Jane Pirani - Choreographer

Mia Schack - Stage Manager, Technician, Lighting Operator

Vince Scuderi - Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Annette Silva - Technician

Jason Smith - Technician, Assistant Lighting Designer

Kelly Spice - Stage Manager, Technician, Deputy Stage Manager

Andrew Stephens - Head Flyman, Lighting Operator, Projectionist

Matthew Strachan - Head Electrician, Lighting Operator, Sound Designer

Mark Thompson - Set Designer, Costume Designer, Designer

Leigh Warren - Choreographer

Brittany Whiting - Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Projectionist

Lisa Wilson - Choreographer

Margaret Adam - Costume Maker

Jack Alcock - Sound Designer, Head Flyman

Tiina Alinen - Choreographer

Pamela Allen - Author

Julie Amos - Technician

Daniel Anderson - Deputy Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Kristy Ayre - Dancer

Valerie Bader - Actor

Liesel Badorrek - Director

Zoe Bailey - Stage Manager, Technician

Scott Barton - Head Electrician, Projection Designer

Alan Becher - Director

Gareth Belling - Choreographer

Jonathan Biggins - Actor, Performer, Creator, Writer

Maggie Blinco - Actor

Anna Borghesi - Designer

Jason Bovaird - Lighting Designer

Yolande Brown - Choreographer

Tony Brumpton - Sound Designer, Technician

Kiara Bulley - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Rachel Burke - Lighting Designer

Siobhan Callanan - Technician, Deputy Stage Manager

Fiona Cameron - Dancer

Lewis Carney - Sound Designer, Flyman

Annie Cavanagh - Lighting Operator, Deputy Stage Manager

Eyrum Charles - Technician, Lighting Operator

Anton Chekhov - Playwright

Sue-Ellen Chester-MacCarthy - Choreographer

Scott Chiverton - Sound Designer, Lighting Operator

Kim Clark - Sound Operator/Engineer, Designer

Greg Clarke - Designer

Travis Clarke - Head Electrician, Technician

Geoff Cobham - Lighting Designer

Ryan Colbran - Technician, Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Mitch Cooley - Set and/or Property Maker, Deputy Stage Manager

Robert Cousins - Set Designer

Reg Cribb - Playwright, Writer

Aaron Cupples - Costume Assistant

Sophia Dalton - Technician, Stage Manager

Nick Dear - Playwright

Terry Denton - Author

Eva Di Cesare - Adaptor, Writer

Yanni Dubler - Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager

Heather Dugdale - Technician

Paula Dunlop - Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Dianne Eden - Director

Whitney Eglington - Lighting Operator, Head Electrician

Sandra Eldridge - Adaptor, Writer

Kirby Elmsly - Deputy Stage Manager

Kristen Emery - Technician, Head Electrician

Wesley Enoch - Director

Jo Evans - Technician, Flyman

David Fairless - Technician, Head Electrician

Christine Felmingham - Deputy Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer

Drew Forsythe - Performer, Actor, Creator

Jodie Fried - Costume Designer

Emily Frost - Technician, Sound Operator/Engineer

Andrew Gable - Technician, Floor Electrician

Grahame Gavin - Director, Adaptor

Belinda Gehlert - Performer, Musician

Luke George - Dancer

Chris Gifford - Creator

Michael Gilders - Tour Manager, Production Manager

Michael Gill - Technician, Flyman

Guy Gimpel - Technician

Monica Girard - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Cameron Goodall - Performer

Neole Goss - Stage Manager

Shane Green - Technician, Floor Electrician

Carli Griffin - Projectionist, Sound Operator/Engineer

Andy Griffiths - Author

Lisa Griffiths - Choreographer

Michelle Hair - Sound Designer, Dresser

Antony Hamilton - Dancer

Erin Handford - Sound Operator/Engineer, Deputy Stage Manager

Paul Harrold - Technician, Assistant Lighting Designer

Amy Hauser - Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Emma Healy - Head Electrician, Stage Manager

Michelle Heaven - Dancer

Nick Heinemann - Technician, Lighting Operator

Tim Hickey - Technician, Flyman

Marissa Hilliar - Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer

Dean Hills - Designer

Madison Hirini - Head Mechanist, Head Flyman

Kelly Hollett - Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Stephanie Holley - Sound Operator/Engineer, Assistant Stage Manager

Mark Howett - Lighting Designer

Chris Hubbard - Sound Designer

Katie Hurst - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Operator

Alicia Jenkins - Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Lucas Jervies - Choreographer

Nicholas Johnson - Projectionist, Technician

Ross Johnston - Sound Designer

Imogen Keen - Set Designer, Designer

Alison Kirkpatrick - Deputy Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Francois Klaus - Choreographer

Ming-Shen Ku - Choreographer

Rac Lau - Floor Electrician, Head Electrician

Peter Lavery - Director

Matthew Lawrence - Choreographer

Les Livesey - Choreographer

Keegan Long - Technician

Pip Loth - Deputy Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer

Julian Louis - Director, Artistic Director

Kate Lowah - Technician

Linda Lucas - Technician, Costume Assistant

Vanessa Mafe - Choreographer

Tessa Marinelli-Clarke - Lighting Operator, Head Mechanist

Matthew Marshall - Lighting Designer

Justin Marshman - Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager

James McAllan - Projectionist, Technician

Mia McGavin - Assistant Stage Manager, Costume Assistant

Fiona McKeon - Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Brittany McVicar - Set and/or Property Maker, Sound Designer

Graham Menzies - Production Manager

James Merryman - Deputy Stage Manager, Technician

Julian Messer - Technician, Projectionist, Sound Designer

Tamara Meyer - Costume Maker, Costume Assistant

Melanie Miller - Sound Operator/Engineer, Stage Manager

Ben Mills - Follow Spot Operator, Projectionist

Samantha Mitchell - Choreographer

Ian Moorhead - Performer, Actor

Julia Morwood - Deputy Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer

David Murray - Lighting Designer

Bruce Myles - Director

Dale Norris - Deputy Stage Manager, Projection Designer

Carly O'Neill - Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager

Gideon Obarzanek - Choreographer, Artistic Director

Isaac Ogilvie - Stage Manager, Sound Designer

Brooklyn Pace - Projectionist, Projection Designer

Luiz Pampolha - Lighting Designer

Maddison Penglis - Deputy Stage Manager, Flyman

Dominique Prince - Technician, Deputy Stage Manager

Kyla Quill - Deputy Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer

Jessie Rasmussen - Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Rebecca Rees - Deputy Stage Manager, Technician

Ian Rendell - Flyman, Projectionist

Michael Richardson - Sound Designer, Head Electrician

Felicity Roberts-Thomson - Sound Designer, Lighting Operator

Jennifer Roche - Choreographer

Jodie Roche - Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager

Michael Rogerson - Technician, Head Electrician

Justin Rutzou - Choreographer

Phillip Scott - Musical Director, Actor, Creator, Performer

Nicholas Seery - Lighting Operator

Carla Sernia - Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Timothy Sexton - Composer

Ben Shaw - Assistant Stage Manager, Technician

Olivia Shearman - Deputy Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Ben Siebuhr - Technician, Flyman

Brenton Slattery - Head Flyman, Sound Operator/Engineer

Tessa Smallhorn - Technician, Sound Designer

Chris Smeed - Lighting Operator, Technician

Tim Snartt - Head Electrician, Lighting Designer

Ben Snodgrass - Technician, Technical Director

Maeliosa Stafford - Director

Meg Stephens - Sound Designer, Technician

Isaac Stevenson - Projection Designer

Katherine Stewart - Technician, Flyman

Helene Stillaway - Head Mechanist, Lighting Operator

Kym Stokes - Choreographer

Elizabeth Suess - Lighting Operator

Ryan Sweet - Mechanist, Head Electrician

Henri Szeps - Actor, Writer

Zoë Taylor - Head Mechanist, Assistant Designer

Jonathan Thomson - Head Flyman, Projectionist

Rachel Tilbury - Costume Maker

Nick Toll - Lighting Operator, Sound Operator/Engineer

Richard Tulloch - Adaptor, Playwright

Amanda Tye - Technician, Stage Manager

Bronte Van Der Hoorn - Lighting Operator, Head Mechanist

Janet Vernon - Choreographer

Zaimon Vilmanis - Choreographer

Daryl Wallis - Composer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Sophie Watkins - Follow Spot Operator, Stage Manager

Jacki Weaver - Actor

Gavin Webber - Choreographer

Eddie Welsh - Head Electrician, Technician

Lou Westbury - Designer

Beth Whiting - Stage Manager

Andrew Whittaker - Lighting Operator, Sound Designer

Victoria Widmer - Assistant Stage Manager, Technician

David Williamson - Playwright

John Wood - Actor

Anton - Choreographer

Matthew Aberline - Costume Designer

Hamish Absolon - Assistant Stage Manager

Adolphe Adam - Composer

Callum Adams - Sound Operator/Engineer

Neil Adams - Choreographer

Peter J Adams - Director

Georgia Adamson - Actor

Garry Alcorn - Assistant Stage Manager

Johanna Allen - Performer

Hans Christian Andersen - Writer

Stephen Anderson - Actor

Ilene Angel - Composer

Louis Arman - Technician

Neil Armfield - Director

Zoe Atkinson - Designer

Jessica Audsley - Stage Manager

Tristian Ayton - Technician

Chris Baglot - Technician

Trent Baker - Actor

Robert Ballingall - Lighting Operator

Louisa Banner - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Shanon Barclay - Associate Lighting Designer

Trent Barclay - Projectionist

Charlotte Barrett - Deputy Stage Manager

Tony Bartuccio - Choreographer

Jacob Battista - Designer

Paul Bearne - Technician

Emma Beaurepaire - Stage Manager

Eve Beglarian - Composer

Sandie Bekavac - Assistant Stage Manager

David Bell - Director

Penny Bell - Costume Assistant

Ana Maria Belo - Actor

Susan Benfer - Coordinator

Lou Bennett - Composer, Musical Director

- Benzo - Designer

Julia Billington - Actor

Amanda Bishop - Performer

Paul Blackwell - Performer

Ron Blair - Playwright

Rachelle Bliss - Dancer

Jon Bode - Performer

Kevin Bolt - Head Electrician

Mitchell Bourke - Actor

Paul Boyd - Choreographer

Helena Boyle - Stage Manager

Peter Boyle - Technician

Terri Brabon - Actor

Joshua Braithwaite - Sound Operator/Engineer

Chandel Brandimarti - Actor

Bertolt Brecht - Writer

Wiggy Brennan - Costume Designer

Lee Breuer - Creator, Director

Amy Briggs - Assistant Stage Manager

Kiralee Brill - Head Flyman

Chloe Brisk - Actor

Sarah Brokensha - Presenter

Lyall Brooks - Actor

Ron Brooks - Writer

Anne Brooksbank - Playwright

Craig Brown - Actor

David Brown - Director

David Brown - Technician

Mary Rachel Brown - Playwright

Noeline Brown - Actor

Cindy Bryzak - Assistant Stage Manager

Andrew Buchanan - Director

Liz Buchanan - Actor

David Buckley - Actor

Peta Bull - Dancer

Cassandra Burge - Floor Electrician

Brandon Burke - Actor

Dan Burke - Technician

Carol Burns - Actor

Gordon Burns - Set Designer

Jon Buswell - Lighting Designer

Siobhan Byrne - Costume Designer

Annie Byron - Actor

Jamie Caldwell - Actor

Megan Cameron - Puppeteer

Justine Campbell - Actor

Sarah Campbell - Costume Maker

Rose Carbon - Deputy Stage Manager

Michele Catargio - Technician

Jack Chambers - Choreographer

Ben Chapman - Choreographer

Kate Cherry - Director

Kirsty Child - Actor

Tony Childs - Technician

Brian Chow - Floor Electrician

Amelia Christo - Actor

Patrick Chun Wo Lou - Floor Electrician

Richard Clarke - Assistant Lighting Designer

Nava Clauscen - Assistant Producer

Maria Cleary - Designer

Tia-Hanee Cleary - Sound Designer

Debbie Clements - Dramaturg

Ziggy Clements - Actor

Jamie Clennett - Designer

Judith Cobb - Designer

Graeme Collins - Choreographer

Simone Collins - Flyman

Stephen Colyer - Associate Director

Chris Connelly - Actor

Darcy Cook - Technician

Jake Cook - Lighting Operator

Emma Cooke - Assistant Stage Manager

Joel Corpuz - Dancer

Justin Stewart Cotta - Actor

Peter Cottrell - Actor

Patrick Courtney - Deputy Stage Manager

Greg Cousins - Writer

Serina Craker - Technician

Rosalind Crisp - Choreographer

Lachlan Cross - Assistant Lighting Designer

Theresa Cumming - Technician

Li Cunxin - Author

Christopher Curtis - Technician

Julian Curtis - Actor

Trudy Dalgleish - Lighting Designer

George Landen Dann - Playwright

Nicholas Dare - Set Designer

Eileen Darley - Performer

Susi Davies - Actor

Jenny Davis - Actor

Lizy Dawson - Deputy Stage Manager

Campion Decent - Playwright

Louise Deleur - Choreographer

Karen DeNardi - Musician

Kim Denman - Actor

Alexander Dick - Technician

Chris Dickey - Technician

Julia Donaldson - Author

Susanna Dowling - Director

Gary Down - Director

Sarah Dunn - Actor

Susan Dunn - Performer

Alison Dwyer - Lighting Operator

Clare Dyson - Choreographer

Guy Edmonds - Actor

Lauren Edwards - Deputy Stage Manager

George Eliot - Writer

Sandra Elphinston - Costume Assistant

Carolyn Emerson - Head Electrician

Matt Erskine - Sound Designer

Anne Etchells - Actor

Sue Fabisch - Writer

Daniela Farinacci - Actor

Peter Farnan - Sound Designer

Tim Farrar - Choreographer

Eamonn Farrel - Choreographer

Tony Farrell - Actor

Adam Fawcett - Producer

Nell Feeney - Actor

Aidan Fennessy - Director

Frank Ferrante - Playwright, Actor

Jon Fiber - Composer

Corinne Fish - Technician

Katie Fitchett - Actor

Lindsey Fletcher - Electrician

Alan Flower - Actor

Bill Flowerree - Composer

Michelle Fornasier - Actor

William Forsythe - Choreographer

Heather Frahn - Performer

Steve Francis - Composer, Sound Designer

Marian Frizelle - Actor

Samara Frye - Costume Assistant

Amy Furman - Technician

Peter Furness - Choreographer

Daniel Gabriel - Actor

Jay Gallagher - Actor

Adam Gardnir - Set Designer

Vivienne Garrett - Actor

Katrina Gaskell - Designer

Kate Gaul - Director

Tim Gawne - Assistant Stage Manager

Virginia Gay - Actor

May Gibbs - Author

Belinda Gibson - Stage Manager

Jaimeson Gilders - Deputy Stage Manager

Sue Giles - Writer, Puppetry Consultant

David Gilfillan - Sound Designer

Max Gillies - Actor

Jason Glenwright - Lighting Designer

Isaac Goessling - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jesse Goldberg - Composer

Steven Golding - Dancer

Leonard Goulds - Actor

Michael Gow - Playwright

Ben Grant - Sound Designer

Ashley Greig - Composer

Elise Greig - Actor

Robert Griffin - Choreographer

Stephanie Grima - Deputy Stage Manager

Mic Gruchy - Video Designer

Dominic Guilfoyle - Sound Operator/Engineer

David Gulpilil - Actor, Writer

Donald Hall - Musical Director

Stuart Halusz - Actor

Stephen Hamacek - Actor

David Hare - Playwright

Robert Harling - Playwright

Amy Harris - Tour Manager, Production Manager

James Harrison - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jimmy Harrison - Flyman

Jon Harrison - Flyman

Prue Harrison - Technician

Wayne Harrison - Director

Christine Hartley - Floor Electrician

Patrick Harvey - Actor

Leanne Hassed - Technician

Bill Haycock - Costume Designer

Michael Hedges - Sound Designer

Trudy Hellier - Actor

Stephen Lloyd Helper - Director

Gary Henderson - Playwright

Monique Hennessy - Technician

Andrew Henry - Actor

Jamie Henson - Production Manager

Jack Hibberd - Playwright

Nick Higgins - Lighting Designer

Jennifer Hind - Deputy Stage Manager

Alice Hinde - Choreographer

Ashlee Hints - Deputy Stage Manager

Leigh Hobbs - Writer

Noel Hodda - Actor

Mark Hodge - Choreographer

Ryan Hodge - Technician

Monika Holgar - Costume Maker

Thomas Holsworth - Technician

Craig Hood - Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Houghton - Actor, Playwright

Sarah-Jayne Howard - Choreographer

Rosemary Howell - Technician

Jacqui Hoy - Actor

Julie Hudspeth - Actor

Kynan Hughes - Dancer

Wil Hughes - Musical Director

Emily Hunt - Actor

Stephanie Hutchinson - Choreographer

Henrik Ibsen - Playwright

Craig Ilott - Director

Daniel Jaber - Choreographer

Helen Jacobs - Lighting Operator

Olivia Jacobs - Director

Vicki Jacobs - Musical Director

Keir James - Floor Electrician

John Jarratt - Actor

Alexander Jenkins - Actor

Nat Jobe - Actor

David Joel - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jack Johnson - Head Electrician

Simon Johnson - Lighting Operator

Andrew Johnston - Actor

Nicole Johnston - Dancer

Jodie Jones - Technician

Lee Jones - Actor

Sarah Jones - Actor

Guy Kable - Actor

Jamie Kable - Actor

Tamara Kalocsai - Stage Manager

Elena Kats-Chernin - Composer

Mark Keevers - Stage Manager

Atalanta Kellaway - Technician

Matt Kelly - Actor

Shaun Kelly - Flyman

Deborah Kennedy - Actor

Jasmine Kennedy - Lighting Operator

Mike Kenny - Playwright

Caitlin Kidney - Projectionist

Mark Kilmurry - Director

Stephen Michael King - Author

Martin Kinnane - Lighting Designer

Carla Kissane - Actor

Jason Klarwein - Director

Scott Klupfel - Head Electrician

Allan Knee - Playwright

Julia Krohn - Technician

Norman Kupke - Lighting Designer

Isabelle Lacombe - Costume Maker

Stephanie Lake - Dancer

Caro Lakos - Floor Electrician

Tiffany Lane - Stage Manager

Mai-Ling Lang - Technician

Annie Last - Actor

Debra Lawrance - Actor

Denny Lawrence - Director

Andrew Lawson - Actor

Ian Lawson - Director

Tim Lawson - Producer

John Leary - Actor

Donna Lee - Actor

Ruth Lee - Assistant Stage Manager

Jane Leicester - Writer

Jasmin Leung - Composer

Xing Liang - Choreographer

Matthew Lilley - Actor

Rebecca Lindsay - Actor

Jack Lister - Choreographer

Persia Littlewood - Deputy Stage Manager

Ong-Yong Lock - Choreographer

Damon Lockwood - Actor

Eliza Logan - Actor

Matt Logan - Sound Designer

Sam Lohs - Composer

Liz Lotocki - Lighting Operator

Brian Lucas - Choreographer

Angus Lugsdin - Choreographer

Samantha Lush - Actor

Tan Ly Vern - Assistant Stage Manager

Erin Lynch - Technician

Ashley Lyons - Actor

Debra MacAuslane - Director

Susan MacGillicuddy - Actor

James Maclean - Designer

Ingrid Maganov - Puppetry Consultant

Sam Maher - Technician

Ryan Mahony - Floor Electrician

Lewis Major - Choreographer

Natalia Makarova - Choreographer

Lauren Makin - Deputy Stage Manager

Fiona Malone - Choreographer

Tracy Mann - Actor

Darren Mapes - Performer, Writer

Patrick Marber - Playwright

Vicki Martin - Costume Maker

Maryam Master - Playwright

Raymond Mather - Choreographer

Rachel Mathews - Production Coordinator

Courtney Mayhew - Lighting Operator

Anthony McCarten - Playwright

Mark McCarthy - Actor

Lisa McCluskey - Stage Manager

Christine McCombe - Composer

Horace McCoy - Writer

Ian McDonald - Composer

Andrew McDonell - Actor

Libby McDonnell - Costume Designer

James McEwam - Actor

Courtnie McGrath-Kerr - Sound Operator/Engineer

Bailey McIntosh - Floor Electrician

Matt McKendry - Production Manager

Jake McLarnon - Choreographer

Graeme McRae - Actor

Andrew Meadows - Lighting Designer

Brian Meegan - Actor

George Meijer - Lighting Designer

Gaelle Mellis - Designer

Carlee Mellow - Dancer

Nick Merrylees - Lighting Designer

Alex Miles - Technician

Aleksander Milinkovic - Actor

Dion Mills - Actor

Raymond Milner - Designer

Maude Mitchell - Actor

Renee Moehead - Technician

Martin Moolman - Actor

Dennis Moore - Actor

Rebecca Moore - Actor

Samantha Morrison - Deputy Stage Manager

Helen Morse - Actor

Tatum Mottin - Actor

Troy Mundy - Choreographer

Peta Murray - Playwright

Joanna Murray-Smith - Playwright

Linda Nagle - Director, Writer

Woody Naismith - Actor

Alex Neal - Actor

Bob Newman - Actor

Sean Newton - Mechanist

Annabel-Lee Nichols - Deputy Stage Manager

Henry Nixon - Actor

Angela Nolan - Technician

Steve Nolan - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Hannah Norris - Actor

Sam North - Actor

Louis Nowra - Writer

Michelle Nussey - Actor

Ariana O'Brien - Deputy Stage Manager

Liam O'Byrne - Actor

Terence O'Connell - Director

Libby O'Donovan - Performer

Lara O'Gorman - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Kathryn O'Halloran - Assistant Stage Manager

Grace O'Keefe - Set and/or Property Maker

Keegan O'Neil - Technician

Catherine Oates - Composer, Performer

Katina Olsen - Choreographer

Nadine Ormiston - Floor Electrician

Tim Overton - Actor

Natalie Oxenham - Lighting Operator

Harriet Oxley - Costume Designer

David Page - Writer, Actor

Jillian Page - Dancer

Kirk Page - Actor

Stephen Page - Director

Jason Paige - Assistant Stage Manager

Geoff Paine - Director

Bec Paling - Lighting Operator

Emma Palmer - Actor

John Papadimos - Technician

Sam Parisi - Mechanist

Christopher Parker - Actor

Robbie Parkin - Director

Chrissie Parrott - Choreographer

Tani Parry - Sound Operator/Engineer

LeRoy Parsons - Actor

Samuel Peacock - Actor

Michael Pearce - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Mark Pegler - Actor

Hui-Chun Peng - Choreographer

Dale Pengelly - Actor

Brendan Perez-Compton - Actor

Chris Petridis - Sound Designer

Jane Phegan - Actor

Warrick Phillips - Set and/or Property Maker

Genevieve Picot - Actor

Astrid Pill - Performer

Heath Plumb - Technician

Jenny Poh - Stage Manager

Sarah Ponturo - Floor Electrician

Alli Pope - Actor

Tim Potter - Actor

Emma Price - Costume Maker

Gabrielle Price - Floor Electrician

Andrew Pronger - Choreographer

Marcus Pugh - Sound Operator/Engineer

Makayla Purdy - Set and/or Property Maker

Mark Radvan - Director

Jason Raft - Lighting Operator

Michael Rebetzke - Actor

Joel Redding - Technician

Jaime Redfern - Choreographer

Claire Redmond - Technician

Don Reid - Playwright

Jon Rettke - Stage Manager

Andre Reynaud - Designer

Melodie Reynolds - Actor

Peter Rhoades - Sound Operator/Engineer

Tim Rice - Playwright

Shannon Richards - Sound Operator/Engineer

Daniel Riley - Choreographer

Frances Rings - Choreographer

Jason Robert - Choreographer

Karen Roberts - Actor

Sarah Robertson - Technician

John Rodgers - Composer

Callie Roebuck - Sound Operator/Engineer

Tenneale Rogers - Floor Electrician

Simone Romaniuk - Designer

Imogen Ross - Production Designer

Jessica Ross - Technician

Michael Ross - Actor

Sarah Rotolone - Floor Electrician

Gillian Rubinstein - Author

Matthew Samways - Technician

Allanah Sarafian - Costume Maker

Roderick Saunders - Playwright

Deborah Saxon - Choreographer

John Sayles - Actor

Courtney Scheu - Choreographer

Axel Schleffer - Author

Matt Scott - Lighting Designer

Doug Scroope - Actor

Samuel Seagrott - Lighting Operator

Isla Shaw - Designer

Kate Shearer - Director

Liv Shearman - Stage Manager

Chris Sheehan - Head Flyman

Stephen Sheehan - Actor

Mary Shelley - Author

Sue Ellen Shook - Choreographer

Alex Sideratos - Actor

Maggi Sietsma - Choreographer

Jeremy Silver - Sound Designer

Neil Simon - Playwright

Peter Simpson - Flyman

Daniel Sinclair - Stage Manager

Stephen Sinclair - Playwright

Christie Sistrunk - Actor

Joshua Skipp - Technician

Michael Smalley - Assistant Stage Manager

Alison Smith - Technician

Anna Smith - Choreographer

Kate Smith - Actor

Russell Smith - Actor

Brittany Spooner-Jackson - Assistant Stage Manager

Ben Stadtmiller - Technician

Olivia Stambouliah - Actor

Melanie Stanton - Technician, Lighting Operator

Gabby Stephenson - Flyman

Rachel Sterner - Stage Manager

David Stevens - Playwright

Cheryl Stock - Choreographer

Suzannah Stock - Actor

Christopher Stollery - Actor

Heather Stratfold - Musician

Micheala Sturgess - Head Flyman

Jane Summers-Eve - Costume Designer

James Sweeney - Technician

Steven Tandy - Actor

David Terry - Actor

Katherine Thomson - Playwright

Lina/Ju Ting Hsu - Sound Operator/Engineer

Imogen Titmarsh - Flyman

Christopher Tomkinson - Actor

David Tredinnick - Actor

Tom Treloar - Technician

Patrick Trumper - Actor

Sioban Tuke - Director

Geraldine Turner - Actor

Gabriela Tylesova - Designer

Richard Vabre - Lighting Designer

Billy-Jo Van Dam - Performer

Glenn van Oosterom - Actor

Shirley Van Sanden - Playwright

Matt Vecchio - Sound Composer

Darrin Verhagen - Sound Designer

Jim Vile - Director

Marton Volep - Technician

Ingrid Voorendt - Associate Director

Brianna-Lee Wade - Assistant Stage Manager

Donovan Wagner - Lighting Operator

Jacob Wall - Head Electrician

Graham Walne - Lighting Designer

Chris Ward - Composer

Jacob Warner - Actor

Katy Warner - Playwright, Director

Roger Waters - Composer

Graeme Watson - Choreographer

Mel Watson - Composer

Nick Watts - Head Electrician

Sean Weatherly - Technician

David Webb - Actor

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Composer

Benn Welford - Actor

Archie Weller - Author

Emma Wenlock - Technician

Tim Whale - Assistant Stage Manager

Brenton Whitaker - Technician

Patrick White - Playwright

Paul White - Choreographer

Hugh Whitemore - Playwright

Margaret Wild - Writer

Linden Wilkinson - Actor

Craig Williams - Actor, Composer

Sean Wilson - Sound Designer

Simon Wilton - Actor

Scott Witt - Actor

Ling Woo - Stage Manager

Sophie Woodcock - Dresser

Vincent Woods - Playwright

Sophie Woodward - Costume Co-ordinator

Brittany Wright - Lighting Operator

Darren R. Yap - Director

Stephanie Yau - Costume Co-ordinator

Shannon Yendall - Electrician

Ying Ying Yun - Head Electrician

Jason Zadkovich - Musical Director

Kairui Zhang - Sound Operator/Engineer

Paul Zivkovich - Choreographer

Venue Identifier 1103