Venue Theatre Royal (1875-1972)
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Address Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
First Date December 1875
Last Date 1972
Related Venues
Latitude | Longitude -33.86892 | 151.209475

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

J. C. Williamson Theatres (1939-1943)

Williamson, Garner and Musgrove

George Musgrove [sole entrepreneur]

Borovansky Ballet Company

Royal Comic Opera Company

George Musgrove's Grand Opera Company

Aztec Services Pty Ltd

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company

J. C. Williamson [sole entrepreneur]

Lyster's Royal Italian and English Opera Company

New Comic Opera Company

Samuel Lazar [sole entrepreneur]

Borovansky Ballet Orchestra

Colonel W. de Basil's Monte Carlo Russian Ballet

Covent Garden Russian Ballet

Radio 2GB

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

J. C. Williamson's New English Musical Comedy Company

Australian and New Zealand Theatres Limited

J. C. Williamson and Co [with Tallis and Ramaciotti]

Lewis Waller / Madge Titheradge Company

Brough Comedy Company

Oscar Asche / Lily Brayton Company

Phillip Productions Pty Limited

Alan Wilkie Company

Bert Bailey Company

Cherniavsky Bureau

Dion Boucicault's London Company

J. and N. Tait

Bland Holt

J. C. Williamson Modes

J. C. Williamson's Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company

J. C. Williamson's Opera Company

Old Vic Trust Limited

The Arts Council of Great Britain

The Old Vic Company

Williamson Grand Opera Company

Allen Doone Company

B J Simmons & Co Ltd

George Musgrove's London Opera Comique Company

Messrs Morris Angel and Co

Old Vic Ensemble

R. D'Oyly Carte

The National Theatre Movement of Australia

Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty Ltd

Celebrity Circuit Pty Ltd

J. C. Williamson Shakespeare Company

Mayne Lynton Productions Pty Ltd

Original Ballet Russe Ltd.

The Arts Council of Australia (New South Wales Division)

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet

William Anderson's New Dramatic Organisation

Williamson-Edgley Theatres Limited

Arco Concert Management

Beaumont Smith's Enterprises Limited

Beaumont Smith-Louis Meyer English Dramatic Company

Bernard Delfont Ltd

Buckley and Nunn Ltd

David N. Martin Pty Ltd

E. J. Carroll

Edgley and Dawe Attractions Pty Ltd

Harry M. Miller

J. C. Williamson's Gilbert & Sullivan Repertoire Company

J. C. Williamson's New English Comedy Company

Julius Knight / Irene Browne Company

Lewola Brothers

Luisillo and his Spanish Dance Theatre

Matthews Family

Messrs Rignold and Allison

New Royal Comic Opera Company

Prospect Theatre Company

R. J. Kerridge

Royal Shakespeare Company

The Cansinos

The Flat Tops

The Independent Theatre

The Metropolitan Operetta Society of New South Wales

The Peter Scriven Puppets

Alexander H. Cohen

Allan Davis Ltd

Australasian Films Limited

Australian Pacific Agencies

Australian Plays Limited

Australian Red Cross

Australian War Memorial

Bayanihan Folk Arts Center

Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company

Bland Holt's Own Specially Organised Company

Bland Holt's Popular Dramatic Organisation

Bonhair Brothers

Carne & Kelleway

Cheryl Crawford

Clint Bros.

Colonel W. de Basil's Ballet Company

David Jones Ltd.

Eric Edgley

Farmer's Ltd.

Frances Scully School of Ballet

Garnet H. Carroll

Gordon, Little and Board

Gran Ballet Espanol

Guilford Productions

H. M. Tennent Ltd.

Harold Fielding Productions

Harris Sisters

Harry Rickards' New Tivoli Minstrel & Specialty Company

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Harry Wren

Highlights of the Footlights Committee

Hilo Duo

Hugh J. Ward Theatres Pty Ltd

Hugo Baruch & Co

Impressionist Theatre

Italian Opera Company

J. C. Williamson Films Limited

Jack Waller

June and Cuddles

Lemuel Ayres

Linnet and Dunfee Ltd

London Theatre Workshop

Lyster and Garner's London Comedy Company

Marionette Theatre of Australia

Marquartsteiner Tyrolese Dancers

Marquis and Family

Mayne Lynton

McCathie's Ltd

Metropolitan Players

Mia Films

Michael Medwin

Moffatt Company of Scottish Players

Monte Carlo Russian Ballet

Montego and Partner

Musgrove's Royal Comic Opera Company

Nellie Stewart Opera Company

Noda London Ltd

Oswald Anderson

Philip Lytton's Dramatic Company

Planet Productions, Sydney

Pugliese Enterprises

Purple Band

Ray Cooney

Richard White and Eric Edgley

Rignolds Dramatic Company

Royal Ballerinas

Royal Burlesque Company

Royal Comic Opera Chorus

Saint Subber

Sir Oswald Stoll

Southern Cross Feature Film Company

St Martin's Theatre Company

Stagg & Mantle

Sydney Journalists' Club

Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS)

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Australian Council for the Arts

The Black Theatre Of Prague

The Bradford Singers

The Diablos

The Glad Eye Comedians

The Glenns

The Hi Fi's

The Lashmans

The Mermaid Theatre Trust

The New Christy Minstrels

The New English Comedy Company

The Nicoli Bros.

The Pan Yen Troupe

The Patterson Singers

The Smith Sisters

The Tivoli Models

The Trio Hoganas

The Victorian Symphony Orchestra

Tivoli Ballet

Tivoli Celebrity Singers

Tivoli Lovelies

Tivoli Orchestra

Tivoli Showgirls

Toho Company Ltd

Tony Azzi

Violette, Rosita and Alexander

Wasta and Rina Dahl

William Anderson Company

William Schwenck Gilbert - Playwright, Book and Lyrics, Librettist, Composer, Lyricist

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer, Librettist

Andrew MacCunn - Musical Director, Conductor

Ivan Menzies - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer, Singer

Evelyn Gardiner - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer, Singer

Max Oldaker - Actor, Performer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Bland Holt - Actor-manager, Presenter, Actor, Director, Entrepreneur, Producer, Sub-Lessee

James Cassius Williamson - Entrepreneur, Adaptor, Actor-manager, Actor, Director, Presenter, Producer, Lessee

Serge Bousloff - Dancer

Mikhail Fokine - Choreographer, Scenic Artist, Author

George Upward - Scenic Artist, Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Edouard Borovansky - Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer

George Gordon - Scenic Artist, Designer

Julius Knight - Actor-manager, Producer, Actor

Gladys Moncrieff - Actor, Performer, Singer, Actor and Singer

Leslie Victor - Actor, Playwright, Performer

Viola Wilson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Otto Harbach - Writer, Lyricist, Playwright, Book and Lyrics

Samuel Lazar - Entrepreneur, Lessee, Stage Manager

Frank Tait - Administrator, Director

George Musgrove - Producer, Entrepreneur, Presenter, Lessee, Administrator

Don Nicol - Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

John Tait - Director, Administrator

Armes Beaumont - Tenor, Actor and Singer

Charles Brown - Actor

Edna Busse - Dancer

John Hennings - Scenic Artist

P Kennedy - Dancer

Emily Nathan - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Joan Potter - Dancer

Nellie Stewart - Actor and Singer, Costume Designer, Actor

Nevin Tait - Administrator, Director

Minnie Everett - Choreographer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Producer

Cyril Ritchard - Actor, Dancer, Producer, Director, Choreographer

Richard Watson - Singer, Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

Frank Bradley - Actor

Alan Chapman - Producer, Actor

George A. Highland - Producer, Original Director

J Alan Kenyon - Scenic Artist, Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer

Marie La Varre - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

Maggie Moore - Actor, Actor and Singer

Marius Petipa - Choreographer

William Rees - Actor, Producer, Performer, Assistant Producer, Director, Assistant Director

Charles Zoli - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

Frederick Blackman - Producer

Gus Bluett - Actor, Performer

Aileen Britton - Actor, Performer

Letty Craydon - Actor

Frederick Lonsdale - Playwright, Writer, Adaptor, Librettist

Gregory Stroud - Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor, Performer

Vassilie Trunoff - Dancer

Bettina Welch - Actor

John Alden - Producer, Director, Actor

John Brunton - Scenic Artist

William Constable - Designer, Set Designer, Costume Designer

Harry Graham - Lyricist, Book and Lyrics, Adaptor

Mrs Bland Holt - Actor

Mayne Lynton - Actor, Director, Producer

John McCallum - Director, Actor, Producer, Performer

Tatiana Riabouchinska - Dancer

Adrian Ross - Lyricist, Adaptor

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Signor Verdi - Baritone, Actor

Googie Withers - Actor

Leslie Board - Designer, Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Scenic Artist

John Fernside - Actor

Len Gotting - Actor, Actor and Singer, Stage Director, Performer

Tamara Grigorieva - Dancer, Dance Group

Frank Harvey - Actor, Playwright, Librettist

Rose Hersee - Contralto

Gerald Kirby - Director, Actor, Producer

Winifred Lawson - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

Hazel Meldrum - Choreographer, Ballet Master/Mistress, Actor

Albert Norman - Actor

Paul Petroff - Dancer

Betty Pounder - Choreographer, Dance Director

Prince A Schervachidze - Scenic Artist

Oscar Asche - Playwright, Lyricist, Actor, Entrepreneur, Producer, Director, Actor-manager, Writer, Set Designer

Dion Boucicault Jnr - Actor, Producer, Director

Noel Coward - Playwright

Antal Dorati - Conductor, Dancer

Leon Gordon - Actor, Producer, Playwright

Oscar Hammerstein - Book and Lyrics, Writer, Creator

Roman Jasinsky - Dancer, Dance Group

Alfred Ross - Dancer

Borislav Runanine - Dancer, Dance Group

Anna Volkova - Dancer

Marie Bremner - Actor, Performer

Herbert Browne - Actor, Singer, Actor and Singer

Madge Elliott - Actor

Field Fisher - Actor

Kathleen Gorham - Dancer

Minnie Hooper - Choreographer

Henry Arthur Jones - Playwright

Marian Ladre - Dancer, Dance Group

Bernard Manning - Actor, Singer, Performer, Actor and Singer

Sono Osato - Dancer, Dance Group

Eric Reiman - Actor, Director

Walter Rice - Musical Arranger, Musical Director, Conductor, Orchestral Leader, Music Adaptor

Dimitri Rostoff - Dancer

Dick Shortland - Stage Manager, Assistant Director, Producer

Tamara Tchinarova - Dancer

Leon Bakst - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Elva Blair - Actor, Performer

Leonard Bullen - Actor

James Burns - Properties Master

Leo Franklyn - Actor

B N Jones - Actor, Producer, Business Manager, Stage Manager

Cecil Kellaway - Actor, Performer

Herbert Leigh - Actor

David Lichine - Choreographer, Dancer

Cecil Newman - Scenic Artist, Designer, Set Designer

Gustav Slapoffski - Composer, Musical Director, Conductor

Thadee Slavinsky - Choreographer, Dancer

Arthur Stigant - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

Godfrey Stirling - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer, Performer

Edward (Ted) Tait - Administrator, Director

Ronald Ward - Actor

Charles Wheeler - Actor, Stage Manager

Strella Wilson - Performer, Actor

Harcourt Algeranoff - Dancer

Mrs Robert Brough - Actor

Harry B. Burcher - Producer, Actor

Marie Burke - Actor

John D'Arcy - Actor

Harry Evans - Lighting Designer

Arthur Greenaway - Actor, Director

Alfred Harford - Actor

Fred Hebert - Director

Robert Helpmann - Director, Producer, Dancer, Actor

Serge Ismailoff - Dancer, Dance Group

Lloyd Lamble - Actor

Yura Lazovsky - Dance Group, Dancer

Frank Leighton - Actor

Leonide Massine - Cinematographer, Choreographer, Writer

Reginald Newson - Actor, Performer

Solange Novaro - Actor

Lara Obidenna - Dancer

George D. Parker - Producer

John Ralston - Actor, Actor and Singer

George Rignold - Actor, Producer

Frances Ross - Actor

Peggy Shea - Actor, Performer

Arthur Styan - Actor

Vaughan Tracey - Actor

Henry H. Vincent - Mechanist, Producer, Director, Adaptor, Actor, General Manager

Charles Walenn - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Wallace - Actor, Director, Actor and Singer, Stage Director, Producer, Stage Manager

Tilly Andrews - Actor

R Banks - Dancer

Irina Baronova - Dancer

Roger Barry - Actor

Boris Belsky - Dancer

Guy Bolton - Writer, Playwright, Lyricist

Lily Brayton - Actor

Robert Brough - Actor, Actor-manager, Director, Entrepreneur

Judith Burgess - Dancer

Lewis Casson - Actor, Producer

Ivan Clayton - Conductor

Max Collis - Dancer

Alfred Dampier - Actor, Playwright, Director

Alexandra Denisova - Dancer

H Diederichsen - Conductor, Composer, Musical Director, Musical Arranger

Anton Dolin - Dancer

Claude Flemming - Actor, Director, Circus Style Performer

Harold Fraser-Simson - Composer

Rudolf Friml - Composer

John Fullard - Actor, Actor and Singer

Arthur Garner - Business Manager, Entrepreneur, Actor, Producer

Philip W Goatcher - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Joan Halliday - Dancer

S Hancock - Dancer

W. H. Harrison - Actor, Musical Arranger, Conductor

James Hay - Actor, Actor and Singer

William Hodge - Actor, Producer, Director

W. J. Holloway - Actor

Jan Hoyer - Dancer, Artistic Director

Harrie Ireland - Actor

Eileen Kelly - Singer, Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

B. N. Lewin - Actor

Corrie Lodders - Dancer

Laurel Martyn - Dancer, Choreographer

Narcisse Matouchak - Dancer

Winifred McDonnell - Pianist

Grace McLean - Dancer

Noel Murray - Dancer

H. C. Nightingale - Stage Manager, Director, Producer

Mara North - Dancer

James Peake - Scenic Artist, Assistant Set Designer

Harry Ratcliffe - Actor, Actor and Singer

Galina Razoumova - Dancer

Rowena Ronald - Actor

Martin Rubinstein - Dancer

Zell Sanders - Dancer

L Sexton - Dancer

K Sincock - Dancer

Dorothy Stevenson - Dancer, Choreographer

Sybil Thorndike - Actor

Edna Tresahar - Dancer, Author

E. Vinson - Properties Master

Lewis Waller - Actor-manager, Actor, Producer

Charles A. Wenman - Producer, Administrator

Janet Wilkie - Dancer

Pamela Wyatt - Dancer

Mons Alias - Costume Maker, Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator

Alberto Alonso - Dancer

William Andrews - Actor

Queenie Ashton - Actor

W E Baker - Actor

Walter E. Baker - Actor

Alexander Benois - Costume Designer, Writer

Georges Bizet - Composer

Irina Bondireva - Dancer

Dion Boucicault Snr. - Playwright, Producer, Actor-manager

Noel Boyd - Actor

Nathalie Branitzka - Dancer

Henry James Byron - Adaptor, Playwright

John Casson - Producer

Frederic Chopin - Composer

Arthur Clarke - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

Grahame Clifford - Actor

Fay Compton - Actor

Campbell Copelin - Actor

Clifford Cowley - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer, Singer

Roslyn Dunbar - Actor

Jack Dunne - Actor

Millie Engler - Actor

Herbert Flemming - Actor

Ron Folkard - Actor, Stage Manager

Ethel Gabriel - Actor

Gordon Glenwright - Actor, Performer

Nina Golovina - Dancer

Nathalie Gontcharova - Dancer, Scenic Artist

Lois Green - Actor, Performer

Serge Grigorieff - Artistic Director

Roland Guerard - Dancer

Monica Halliday - Dancer

Augustus Harris - Librettist, Playwright, Writer

Henry Richard Harwood - Business Manager, Actor, Comedian, Actor and Singer, General Manager

Harry Hermann - Playwright

Leslie Holland - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jascha Horenstein - Dancer, Conductor

Brian James - Actor

Jerome Kern - Composer

Helene Kirsova - Dancer

Michael Laurence - Actor

W. Little - Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Mary MacGregor - Actor

K McClelland - Dancer

Gregan McMahon - Producer

Lionel Monckton - Composer

Fred Murray - Actor, Performer

Vera Nelidova - Dancer

N Neville - Dancer

Jessica Noad - Actor

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Composer

Richard Rodgers - Music and Lyrics, Composer, Creator

Valeri Shaevsky - Dancer

Daphne Smith - Dancer

Gerald Kay Souper - Actor

Madge Titheradge - Actor

John Unicomb - Actor

George Upwood - Scenic Artist

Richard Wagner - Composer

A Watson - Dancer

Roland Watts Phillips - Actor

Dion Wheeler - Actor, Stage Manager

Sidney Wheeler - Actor, Performer

Allan Wilkie - Actor-manager

Léon Woizikowsky - Choreographer, Dancer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Vincent Youmans - Composer

Florence Young - Actor, Actor and Singer

Brian Aherne - Actor

Grisha Alexandroff - Dancer

Floie Allan - Actor

Flora Anstead - Actor

J. B. Atholwood - Actor

Angela Baddeley - Actor

Bert Bailey - Director, Actor, Artistic Director, Entrepreneur

Bruno Barnabe - Actor

Wilson Barrett - Adaptor, Playwright

J. M. Barrie - Playwright

Bruce Barry - Actor, Performer

Birger Bartholin - Scenic Artist, Dancer

Jeanne Battye - Actor, Performer

John Bedouin - Actor

David Belasco - Playwright, Adaptor

Valentina Blinova - Dancer

George Blunt - Actor

Harald Bowden - General Manager

Henry Bracy - Director, Producer, Actor

Henrietta Cavendish - Actor

Alfred Cellier - Composer

Fred Coape - Actor, Actor and Singer

W R Coleman - Scenic Artist

Alec Coppel - Producer, Playwright, Director

Lloyd Cunnington - Actor, Stage Manager

Harry Daniels - Actor

Peter Dearing - Producer, Designer

David Dodimead - Actor

Edmund Duggan - Actor

Noel Ferrier - Actor

George Gee - Actor, Performer, Comedian

Florence Gleeson - Actor

Percy Greenbank - Lyricist

Clifford Grey - Lyricist

Vanda Grossen - Dancer

Sydney Grundy - Adaptor, Writer, Playwright

Hubert Harben - Actor

Mr Hards - Actor

Alton Harvey - Actor

Guy Hastings - Actor

Charles Hawthorne - Actor, Performer

Frank Hawthorne - Actor

Basil Henson - Actor

Mary Hinton - Actor

Sally Home - Actor

Edward Howell - Actor

Ashton Jarry - Actor

Gabriel Joffe - Musical Director, Musician, Conductor

J. G. Joyce - Actor

Aggie Kelton - Actor, Soubrette

Les King - Actor

Mark Kingston - Actor

Maggie Knight - Actor

Helen Langton - Singer, Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

William H. Leake - Actor

Bert Lee - Adaptor, Librettist

Franz Lehar - Composer

Vivien Leigh - Actor

Tatiana Leskova - Dancer

William Horace Lingard - Actor, Music and Lyrics

Johnny Lockwood - Actor, Comedian

Frank Mandel - Writer, Book and Lyrics

G. Massey - Properties Master

Jack McNaughton - Actor

John Merivale - Actor

Frank Middlemass - Actor

Bruce Montague - Actor

Lily Moore - Performer, Actor

Maurice Moscovitch - Producer, Actor

Maggie Oliver - Actor

Leo Packer - Musical Director, Conductor

Hal Percy - Actor

W. S. Percy - Actor, Actor and Singer

Carolyn Pertwee - Actor

Henry Pettitt - Writer, Playwright

Patricia Raine - Actor

Mary Rigby - Actor

Reginald Roberts - Actor

Gioacchino Rossini - Composer

J. B. Rowe - Actor

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Edmund Sherras - Actor, Actor and Singer

Neil Simon - Playwright, Writer

George Robert Sims - Librettist, Playwright

Brightie Smith - Actor

Noel Smith - Musical Director

Natasha Sobinova - Dancer

Betty Sparks - Actor, Performer

Herbert Stothart - Composer

Carleton Stuart - Actor

Annie Taylor - Actor

Emma Temple - Actor

George S Titheradge - Actor

Katie Towers - Actor

Molly Tyrell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Serge Unger - Dancer

Irene Vanbrugh - Actor

Carl Maria von Weber - Composer

Byrl Walkley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Edgar Wallace - Playwright

Anthony Ward - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Director

Cecil Ward - Actor

Cyril Wender - Actor

Raymond Westwell - Director, Actor

Charles Wheatleigh - Actor

A. M. Willner - Librettist, Playwright

Harry Wotton - Actor and Singer, Actor

Nina Youchkevitch - Dancer

Harvey Adams - Actor

William Akers - Stage Manager, Actor

Lorand Andahazy - Dancer

Savva Andreieff - Dancer

Thomas Armour - Dancer

Michael William Balfe - Composer

Louis Barnett - Wigmaker

Bert Barton - Actor

Anthony Bazell - Actor

Madame Beamer - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer

May Beatty - Actor

Louis Bennison - Actor, Playwright, Actor-manager

Malcolm Billings - Actor

Kate Bishop - Actor

Tui Black - Actor

Kitty Bluett - Actor

Kenneth Brampton - Actor

Edward Brayshaw - Actor

Jennie Brenan - Ballet Master/Mistress, Actor

Walter Brown - Actor

Donald Burr - Actor, Performer

Redge Carey - Actor, Stage Manager

Harold Carr - Actor

Christopher Casson - Actor

Augusta Chambers - Actor

George Chaplin - Actor

Gordon Chater - Actor

Jane Conolly - Actor

John Cousins - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Leslie Crane - Actor, Performer

Annie Croft - Actor

Frederick Culley - Actor

Frederic d'Erlanger - Composer

George Darrell - Actor, Playwright

Andre Derain - Scenic Artist, Dancer, Choreographer

William Desmond - Actor

Leal Douglas - Actor

Catherine Duncan - Actor

Dorothy Dunckley - Actor

Rosalie Duvalli - Choreographer

Fred England - Actor and Singer, Actor

Lance Fairfax - Actor

Doris Fitton - Actor, Producer

Victor Fitzherbert - Actor

John Forde - Actor

Linda Foy - Actor, Performer

Valentin Froman - Dancer, Author

John Gay - Actor

Heather Gell - Producer

Celia Ghiloni - Actor

Augustus Glover - Actor

Eric Gormley - Performer, Actor

Ailsa Grahame - Actor

J. R. Greville - Actor

Stefan Haag - Producer, Actor, Actor and Singer

George Hall - Musical Arranger, Musical Director

Lawrence Hardinge - Actor

Paul Harris - Actor

Lorenz Hart - Music and Lyrics, Lyricist

Evie Hayes - Circus Style Performer, Performer, Actor

Victor Herbert - Composer

Kurt Herweg - Pianist

A Hickey - Actor

Alfred Hill - Composer, Assistant Conductor, Musical Arranger

Leyland Hodgson - Actor

Henry Hodson - Actor

May Hollinworth - Director, Producer, Stage Manager

Charles Holloway - Producer, Actor

Jack Hooker - Actor, Dancer

Roderick Horn - Actor

Walter Howe - Actor

Jan Hoyer - Dancer

Nicolas Ivangine - Dancer

Leopold Jacobson - Lyricist, Librettist

Mrs Jerrams - Costume Maker

Mary Jerrold - Actor

George Kensington - Actor

Paul Kester - Playwright

Charles Klein - Playwright

Irina Kosmovska - Dancer

Raissa Kousnetzova - Dancer

John Lambert - Conductor, Musical Arranger, Music Adaptor, Musical Director

O Larose - Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Hal Lashwood - Actor

Anna Leontieva - Dancer

Edwin Lester - Actor

Miriam Lester - Actor and Singer, Unknown, Performer, Actor

S. Albert Locke - Producer

Billie Lockwood - Actor

Minnie Love - Actor, Actor and Singer

Bobby Mack - Performer, Actor

Giorgio Majeroni - Actor

Marion Marcus Clarke - Actor

Maree Marsden - Actor

Jane Martin - Actor

Annie Mayor - Actor

Hamish McCunn - Conductor

Terry McDermott - Actor

Fred McDonald - Actor

Henry McGee - Actor

Vincent McMurray - Actor and Singer, Actor

Miss Melville - Actor

Frank Milne - Lighting Designer

Emilia Pasta Moore - Choreographer

Genevieve Moulin - Dancer

Leslie Moxon - Actor

Harry Neill - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor and Singer

David Nettheim - Actor

Marie Ney - Actor

Lorenzo Nolan - Actor, Actor and Singer, Tenor

Charles Norman - Performer, Actor

F. S. Norris - Lighting Designer

Stanley Odgers - Actor

Michel Panaieff - Dancer

William Passmore - Actor

Nellie Payne - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jill Perryman - Performer, Actor

Rock Phillips - Actor, Set Designer, Producer, Scenic Artist, Properties Master

Arthur Wing Pinero - Playwright

Emélie Polini - Actor

F. W. Purtell - Costume Maker

Nina Raievska - Dancer

H. Reichert - Librettist

Percy Reid - Designer, Mechanist, Set and/or Property Maker

John Renno - Mechanist

Milos Ristic - Dancer

Nina Robbins - Singer, Actor and Singer

Mrs Robertson - Wigmaker

Steele Rudd - Playwright, Writer

Patti Russell - Actor

Loudon Sainthill - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Alfred Sandor - Actor

John Saul - Actor

Robert Schumann - Composer

W. H. Seagrave - Actor and Singer, Actor

Lisa Serova - Dance Group, Dancer

Norman Shelley - Actor

Arthur Shirley - Playwright, Writer

Anna Skarpa - Dancer

Philip Smith - Actor, Performer

Dudley Stapleton - Musician

Tatiana Stepanova - Dancer

B C Stephenson - Writer, Playwright, Librettist

Nancye Stewart - Actor

Patrick Stewart - Actor

Johann Strauss - Composer

Marina Svetlova - Dancer

James T Tanner - Playwright, Librettist

Grant Taylor - Actor

Fred Thompson - Librettist, Writer, Playwright

Hal Thompson - Actor

Keneth Thornett - Actor

Alan Tobin - Actor

James Turner - Mechanist

Irina Vassilieva - Dancer

Lou Vernon - Actor

Freddy Wallace - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

William Vincent Wallace - Composer

Percy Walshe - Actor

H E Walton - Actor

Michael Wilding - Actor

William John Wilson - Scenic Artist, Lessee

Igor Yousskevitch - Dancer

Kira Abricossova - Dancer, Dance Group

Blake Adams - Actor

Lilias Adeson - Actor

Dan Agar - Performer, Actor

Salvatore Aiello - Dancer

Robert Allman - Actor and Singer, Actor, Baritone

Phyllis Amery - Dancer, Actor

Alfred Andrew - Stage Director, Stage Manager, Actor

Yvette Anning - Actor

H Antonova - Dancer

Louis Arens - Singer

Frederick Ashton - Choreographer

Wilfred Asplin - Designer, Set Designer

Peter Assheton - Actor

Madge Aubrey - Performer, Actor

William Austin - Actor

Teresa Bacall - Dancer

Daphne Bairn - Actor

Morry Barling - Comedian

Winnington Barnes - Actor

Richard Barrett-Lennard - Actor

Patrice Bart - Dancer

Phillip Bartholomae - Writer, Playwright

Guy Bates Post - Actor

Joy Beattie - Actor

Hayley Bell - Actor

Ralph Benatzky - Composer

Irving Berlin - Music and Lyrics

Arthur Bertram - Actor

Alfreda Bevan - Actor

Carl Bleazby - Actor

William Blezard - Accompanist, Pianist

Madeleine Bouchard - Dancer

Walter Bourke - Dancer

Cecil Bradley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Kevin Brennan - Actor

Albert Brennir - Actor, Actor and Singer

Edward Bridger - Mechanist

C Brown - Actor and Singer, Actor

Gwen Brown - Actor

Harold Brumfield - Actor

Brian Buggy - Musical Director

Carmen Burridge - Singer, Actor

Harry Burton - Musical Director

Wolfgang Cardamatis - Dancer

W G Carey - Actor

Freddie Carpenter - Choreographer, Producer, Director

Desmond Carter - Lyricist, Writer

Zillah Carter - Actor

Ivan Caryll - Composer

Amy Castles - Actor and Singer, Actor

Charles Haddon Chambers - Playwright

Mary Charles - Actor

Dulcie Cherry - Actor

Albert Chevalier - Actor

Henri Chivot - Librettist

Eric Clapham - Conductor

Annie Cobb - Actor

Ann Codrington - Actor

Marie Collier - Actor, Actor and Singer, Soprano

May Collins - Actor

Syd Conabere - Actor

Arthur Conan Doyle - Playwright

Ilma Cook - Musician

E C Corlesse - Actor

Arthur Cornell - Actor

J Cosgrove - Actor

John Cosgrove - Actor

Lydia Couprina - Dancer

Margaret Courtenay - Actor

John Craig - Actor

Adele Crane - Actor, Performer

Charles Crawford - Actor

Enriquetta Crichton - Singer

Joseph Cunningham - Actor

Lily Dampier - Actor

Philip Day - Actor

Colonel W. de Basil - Director, Unknown

Count Etienne de Beaumont - Scenic Artist, Costume Designer

Anna Maria de Gorriz - Dancer

Alice Deorwyn - Actor and Singer, Actor

Constance Deorwyn - Actor, Actor and Singer

Charles Dickens - Author, Writer

Phyllis Dickinson - Actor and Singer, Singer

Guy Doleman - Actor

J Dolotine - Dancer

Leslie Donaghy - Actor

Allen Doone - Actor-manager

Dorothy Dorn - Actor, Singer

H A Douglas - Actor

Kathleen Drake - Actor

Willie Driscoll - Actor

Roy Drury - Actor

John Dudley - Actor

Kathleen Duffy - Dancer

Alexandre Dumas fils - Playwright

Jean Duncan - Actor

Alfred Duru - Librettist

Marie Eaton - Performer, Actor

Maria Eglevsky - Dancer

Edward Esau - Actor

Max Eugene - Singer

Edmund Falconer - Librettist, Playwright

Leo Fall - Composer

Maud Fane - Actor

Derek Farr - Actor

Trader Faulkner - Actor

Attila Ficzere - Dancer

Edwin Finn - Actor

Emily Fitzroy - Actor

Atholl Fleming - Actor

Barrett Fleming - Actor

Thomas E Foster - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Fred Francis - Actor

Ken Fraser - Actor

John Frawley - Actor

Betty Fretwell - Soprano, Actor, Actor and Singer

Douglas Furber - Playwright, Lyricist

Gordon Gardner - Actor

M Garina - Dancer

Frank Garoutte - Dancer

Peter Garrick - Dancer

Giuseppe Giacosa - Librettist

Jean Gilbert - Composer

Fernande Glyn - Actor

Olive Godwin - Actor and Singer, Actor

George Goodman - Administrator

Hayes Gordon - Actor

John Gordon - Scenic Artist

Clarice Grahame - Actor

W. F. Grant - Actor

Veronica Graver - Dancer

Joyce Grenfell - Actor, Writer, Performer

Jessie Grey - Actor

Katherine Grey - Actor

George Grossmith - Writer, Book and Lyrics, Adaptor

Alexander Habbe - Devisor, Scenic Artist

Frank Harcourt - Actor

Dres Hardingham - Designer, Scenic Artist

Chester Harris - Actor and Singer, Actor

Peter Hawkins - Production Manager

Wm. F Hawtrey - Stage Director, Actor

Valerie Hay - Performer, Actor

Douglas Herald - Actor

Harry Hill - Actor

Stafford Hilliard - Actor

Frederick Hobbs - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jeffrey Hodgson - Actor

Minnie Hope - Actor and Singer, Actor

James Hughes - Actor

Luigi Illica - Librettist

Vladimir Irman - Dancer

Ellis Irving - Actor

Ursula Jeans - Actor

H S Jerdan - Actor

Louis Kahan - Scenic Artist, Designer, Costume Designer

Gus Kahn - Music and Lyrics

B Karinska - Costume Designer

Albert Kavanagh - Actor, Actor and Singer

Neal Kayan - Musical Director

Percy Kehoe - Orchestral Leader, Conductor

Cyril Keightley - Actor

Maurice F Kemp - Actor

Mr Kemp - Actor

Gustave Kerker - Composer

Donald Kirk - Actor, Performer

Edward Knoblock - Adaptor, Playwright

Boris Kochno - Scenic Artist, Creator, Librettist

Maria Lang - Dancer

Bill Lark - Dancer

Vladimir Launitz - Assistant Conductor, Dancer

Pattie Laverne - Actor, Actor and Singer

Kenneth Lawrence - Actor

Rosie Le Varde - Actor and Singer, Actor

Alwyn Leckie - Actor

Charles Lecocq - Composer

Jennie Lee - Actor, Actor and Singer

Margo Lee - Actor, Performer

Marston Leigh - Actor

George Leitch - Comedian, Playwright

Jack Lennon - Actor

Robert Levis - Actor

V Lipska - Dancer

Roger Livesey - Actor, Circus Style Performer, Producer

Cecile Lorraine - Singer

Barry Lovett - Actor

Ludmilla Lvova - Dancer

Fred Macdonald - Actor

Sheila Mackinnon - Dancer