Venue Theatre Royal
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Other Names The Theatre Royal
Address 29 Campbell Street
Hobart TAS 7000
Notes Opened as New Theatre Royal or New Theatre 6 March 1837, seating 500 - 600. Later called Royal Victoria Theatre for a time. Auditorium rebuilt as three tiers seating about 800 in 1856. Renamed Theatre Royal. Damaged by fire in 1984. Reopened 6 March 1987.
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Zephyr Quartet

William Shakespeare - Playwright, Writer, Poet

Sonny Jose - Dancer, Choreographer, Director, Actor

Robert Jarman - Actor, Director, Designer, Artistic Supervisor, Performer, Adaptor, Assistant Director

Noreen Le Mottee - Actor, Actor and Singer, Dancer, Mezzo-Soprano, Singer, Performer

Jon Bowling - Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Set Designer, Production Designer

Gwyneth Dixon - Musical Director, Conductor, Publicist, Actor and Singer, Actor, Associate Conductor

John Bell - Actor, Director, Adaptor, Artistic Director

Nell Dobson - Assistant to the Director, Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

John Unicomb - Director, Various, Actor, Administrator, Performer, Actor and Singer

John Xintavelonis - Actor, Dancer, Producer, Actor and Singer

George Coleman - Actor, Chorus, Performer, Actor and Singer

Colin Dean - Actor, Singer, Actor and Singer, Performer

Jean Bartlett - Performer, Actor and Singer, Actor

Barry Davies - Actor, Chorus, Actor and Singer, Performer

Chris Hamley - Singer, Actor, Actor and Singer, Assistant Director

Sonia Johnson - Actor, Actor and Singer, Chorus, Director, Devisor, Performer

Phillip Scott - Musical Director, Performer, Actor, Composer, Writer, Creator, Devisor, Lyricist

Craig Wellington - Producer, Actor, Director, Designer, Writer

Christine Bailey - Singer, Production Manager, Producer

Petr Divis - Conductor, Repetiteur, Producer, Musical Director, Actor, Chorus, Director

Don Gay - Director, Writer, Designer, Actor, Singer, Performer, Production Designer

Lynn Luttrell - Chorus, Actor and Singer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Performer

Ken Short - Actor and Singer, Actor, Repetiteur, Pianist

Janet Achurch - Actor

Mandy Cashion - Choreographer, Actor

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist, Book and Lyrics, Playwright

Roger Hodgman - Director, Stage Manager

Tony Murrell - Chorus, Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Michael Slad - Scenic Artist, Actor, Performer

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Dallas Ayers - Actor, Dancer, Chorus, Performer

Debra Dean - Costume Assistant, Costume Designer, Costume Maker, Costume Co-ordinator

Bob Dickason - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer, Set Designer

Elizabeth Eden - Repetiteur, Musical Director, Costume Co-ordinator, Orchestra, Properties Master / Mistress, Pianist

Edward Granville - Technician, Stage Manager, Actor, Technical Director, Director

Jeff Keogh - Actor, Actor and Singer

Reg O'Neill - Actor, Actor and Singer, Chorus, Performer

Sean O'Shea - Actor

Aaron Powell - Musical Director, Actor, Producer, Repetiteur

Christopher Stollery - Actor

Jeni Ayers - Performer, Actor and Singer, Dancer, Chorus

Jonathan Biggins - Composer, Creator, Writer, Performer, Devisor, Actor, Director

Mappie Bootsman - Actor and Singer, Stage Director, Chorus, Assistant to the Director, Stage Manager

Mavis Brinckman - Soprano, Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Jenny Brown - Coordinator, Dancer, Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor, Chorister

Helen Cronin - Actor, Properties Master / Mistress

Silver Harris - Designer, Costume Designer, Scenic Artist

Mandy Lowrie - Choreographer, Actor

Graeme Murphy - Set Designer, Choreographer, Director, Artistic Director, Designer, Costume Designer

Di Richards - Actor, Performer, Singer

Robin Short - Orchestra, Chorus, Coordinator, Actor, Repetiteur, Musical Director

Paul Willing - Actor, Actor and Singer, Dancer, Chorus

Charles Charrington - Actor, Director

Ruth Cooper - Properties Master / Mistress, Chorus, Actor and Singer

Bruce Cornelius - Repetiteur, Consultant, Actor, Costume Co-ordinator

Bill Dowd - Designer, Set Designer, Scenic Artist, Costume Designer

Christopher Eden - Actor and Singer, Actor, Tour Manager

Helen Edwards - Singer, Actor, Costume Assistant, Costume Maker, Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer

Damian Fuller - Lighting Designer

Oscar Hammerstein - Book and Lyrics, Lyricist

Gillian Hunter - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Jennifer Irwin - Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator

Dorothy Issell - Chorus

Matthew Ives - Band, Band Leader, Musical Director, Orchestra

Les Johnston - Orchestral Leader, Musical Director, Orchestra

Karen Kluss - Graphic Designer, Producer, Actor, Director, Chorus

Margot Lampkin - Musical Director, Chorus Master/Mistress, Performer, Actor

Sandie McKay - Properties Master / Mistress, Assistant Stage Manager, Dresser, Costume Assistant

Mark Morgan - Actor, Chorus, Dancer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Larainne Robertson - Front of House, Actor, Coordinator, Choreographer, Dresser

Michael Scott-Mitchell - Set Designer, Designer

Nicole Simms - Actor, Actor and Singer

Christopher Thomas - Actor, Actor and Singer

Guy Webster - Sound Designer

Hazel Alger - Chorus, Actor, Actor and Singer

Alan Bacon - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Ross Balbuziente - Director, Actor, Creator

Stephan Beinl - Director, Designer

Lyall Beven - Performer, Actor and Singer, Baritone

Dave Brown - Director

Chelle Burtt - Actor and Singer, Actor, Choreographer

Geoff Cobham - Lighting Designer, Designer, Set Designer

Franco Cortese - Chorus, Actor and Singer, Actor

Jen Cramer - Stage Manager

Richard Davey - Designer, Actor, Director

Betty Davidson - Performer, Actor and Singer, Editor, Actor

John Davidson - Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer, Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Joe Delahunty - Electrician, Head Electrician, Lighting Operator

Joan Dempster - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Andrea Downes - Dresser, Properties Master / Mistress, Costume Maker, Costume Assistant

Jenny Edwards - Chorus, Performer, Actor

Scott Farrow - Actor

Herbert Flemming - Actor

Drew Forsythe - Performer, Actor, Devisor, Creator, Writer

Neville Gaffney - Actor and Singer, Publicist, Actor

Ingrid Ganley - Actor, Costume Assistant, Director, Actor and Singer

Jason Glenwright - Lighting Designer

Joan Green - Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer, Chorus

Allen Harvey - Director, Devisor, Actor

Frediswyde Hunter-Watts - Actor

Karen Joyce - Chorus, Actor

Gareth Kays - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Michael Kregor - Actor, Chorus, Singer

Nelle Lee - Actor, Adaptor, Creator, Writer

Paul Levett - Actor, Actor and Singer

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Alice May - Actor

Joshua McIntosh - Set Designer, Designer

Rosalind McIntyre - Actor and Singer, Chorus, Assistant to the Director

Suzen Parnell - Graphic Designer, Designer, Production Designer

Bernard Pidd - Actor, Actor and Singer

Nigel Poulton - Movement Director, Fight Director, Associate Director

Dorothy Sherry - Designer, Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Nick Skubij - Adaptor, Creator, Actor, Director

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Vera Turner - Chorus, Actor and Singer, Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Pip Tyrrell - Actor, Production Manager, Dresser

Janet Vernon - Dancer, Artistic Director, Assistant Choreographer

Bob Weatherly - Technician, Production Manager

Dulcie White - Chorus, Actor and Singer, Actor

Allan Wilkie - Producer, Actor, Director

Doris Williams - Chorus, Performer

Ian Williams - Director, Musical Director, Chorus Master/Mistress

David Williamson - Playwright

John X - Singer, Performer, Actor

Cassie Xintavelonis - Actor, Production Manager, Choreographer, Producer

John Adam - Actor

Simon Arlidge - Actor

Des Berry - Chorus, Actor

Christine Bowling - Business Manager, Properties Master / Mistress, Production Manager, Graphic Designer

Martin Brown - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer, Stage Manager

Noeline Brown - Actor

Andrew Colrain - Singer, Actor

Damien Cooper - Lighting Designer

Keitha Cruickshank - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Stage Director

Marion Davidson - Actor, Actor and Singer, Chorus

Lynette Dean - Actor and Singer, Performer, Costume Assistant, Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Eva Di Cesare - Adaptor, Director, Writer, Creator

Sandra Eldridge - Adaptor, Writer, Creator

Jon Finlayson - Writer, Director, Actor

Gail Friswell - Actor, Singer

Kate Gaul - Stage Manager, Director, Costume Designer

Joyce Gilbert - Chorus, Performer, Actor

Darren Gilshenan - Actor

Nancye Hayes - Choreographer, Performer, Actor

Vince Hodgman - Actor, Actor and Singer, Chorus

Don Hopkins - Sound Designer

Reuben Hopkins - Lighting Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer, Production Manager, Sound Designer

Michelle Howell - Actor, Dancer, Choreographer

Paul Jackson - Lighting Designer

Adam Jose - Choreographer, Actor, Dancer

Murray Keidge - Sound Designer

Judith Ker - Choreographer, Actor, Dancer

Anna Kidd - Actor, Actor and Singer

Rachel Larkins - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Cassie Le Fevre - Actor, Chorus

Nic Lorraine - Performer, Actor, Chorus, Set and/or Property Maker

Brian Marks - Chorus, Performer, Chorister, Actor

Tim McGarry - Adaptor, Writer, Creator, Director

Tony McKendrick - Photographer

Mary McMenamin - Actor, Director

Jeff Michel - Actor, Assistant Director, Performer

Peter Middleton - Chorus, Set and/or Property Maker, Performer, Actor and Singer

Leiz Moore - Producer, Choreographer, Actor, Director, Production Manager

Elaine O'Neill - Costume Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Chorus

Stephen Page - Choreographer, Dancer, Artistic Director, Director

Iestyn Parry - Orchestra, Repetiteur, Band

Stuart Pearce - Actor

Sue Peate - Chorus

John Phelps - Narrator, Actor, Actor and Singer

David Pidd - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

Katie Powell - Chorus, Dancer, Actor

Harry Power - Actor

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

Peter Reardon - Editor, Actor

Richard Rodgers - Composer

Graeme Round - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Gary Rowley - Chorus, Actor, Performer

Darren Sangwell - Actor and Singer, Actor

Kerry Saxby - Sound Designer

Douglas Sayer - Dancer, Chorus, Actor, Actor and Singer

Judith Shaw - Actor, Performer, Properties Master / Mistress, Chorus

Andrew Short - Actor and Singer, Actor, Chorus

Ronald Sinclair - Designer

Kevin Stanford - Dancer, Chorus, Actor, Actor and Singer

David Stanway - Chorus, Performer

Christina Steshic - Actor, Chorister, Performer, Dancer

Jennie Tate - Designer

Brian Thomson - Designer, Set Designer, Production Designer

Michael Tyack - Musical Director, Musical Advisor, Conductor

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

James Wardlaw - Actor

Susan Williams - Stage Manager, Designer, Director, Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Mark Wojcik - Producer, Actor, Performer, Production Manager, Assistant Director

Geoffrey Arnold - Conductor

Dennis Barry - Actor

Keith Bates - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager, Director

Christine Bennett - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Gary Bennett - Actor and Singer, Actor

Alice Bolton - Actor

Lindsay Broughton - Actor, Performer

Stephen Burton - Circus Style Performer, Director, Performer, Artistic Supervisor

Bonnie Cashion - Actor, Actor and Singer, Dancer

Marco Chiappi - Actor

David Clements - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Judith Cobb - Designer, Design Consultant, Costume Designer

Dean Cocker - Actor, Actor and Singer

Shaun Cousins - Actor

Stephen Curtis - Designer, Costume Designer

Trudy Dalgleish - Lighting Designer

Jane Davies - Actor and Singer, Chorus, Actor

Fiona Dobson - Chorus, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Actor, Assistant Producer

William Dowd - Set and/or Property Maker, Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Maker, Designer

Bryan Duhig - Actor

Raymond Duparc - Actor, Actor and Singer

Peter Eades - Sound Designer

Rod Ewell - Mechanist, Head Mechanist

Rhonwen Farrar - Performer, Actor, Chorus

Sue Forage - Assistant Stage Manager, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Singer

David Foster - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Athol Fugard - Director, Playwright, Original Director

Kent Furmage - Repetiteur, Publicist

Philippe Genty - Devisor, Director, Creator, Writer

Max Gillies - Actor

Brett Graham - Lighting Designer

David Green - Lighting Designer

Derek Grice - Orchestra, Band

Shaun Gurton - Designer, Set Designer

Eddie Halton - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Wayne Harrison - Director

Bridget Hayde - Actor, Chorus, Performer

Andrew Hickman - Actor

Dean Hills - Designer

Yuleen Jacobson - Choreographer, Dancer, Chorus, Actor

Russell Jeffrey - Actor

Alan John - Composer

Caroline Joughin - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Constantine Koukias - Composer, Designer, Artistic Director

Finegan Kruckemeyer - Playwright, Lyricist

Michael Lanchbery - Actor, Administrator, Director

Bronwyn Lawrence - Singer, Chorus, Actor, Properties Master / Mistress

Kerry Laws - Performer, Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Genevieve Lemon - Performer, Actor

Danielle Lipscombe - Dancer, Chorus

Max Lyandvert - Composer, Sound Designer

Kellijayne Lynch - Stage Manager

Andrew MacDonald - Lighting Designer

Christina Macha - Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor

Graham Maclean - Designer, Set Designer

Paul Mercurio - Dancer, Choreographer

Nicola Moles - Actor, Stage Manager

Deirdre Monk - Performer, Chorus

Tim Munro - Lighting Designer

John Murphy - Actor

John O'May - Actor, Director, Writer

Grace Ovens - Chorus, Actor

David Page - Composer, Musician

Jean Phelps - Stage Manager, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Assistant Stage Manager

Lauren Phillips - Actor, Chorus

Jean Pidd - Chorus, Actor, Actor and Singer

Rosemary Potter - Stage Manager, Singer, Assistant Stage Manager, Chorus

Ken Reeve - Performer, Chorus, Actor

Tenneale Rogers - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Damien Ryan - Director, Actor

Philip Sabine - Actor, Actor and Singer

Milton Sands - Actor

Shirley Schlesinger - Actor

Matt Scott - Lighting Designer

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Nicole Simms-Farrow - Actor, Singer

Matt Skinner - Actor, Actor and Singer, Chorus

Betty Smith - Performer, Chorus

Charles Spiegel - Chorus, Actor

Trenna Squires - Chorus, Actor

Helen Stuart - Chorus

Styne - Actor

Greg Thompson - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Head Mechanist

Ben Van Tienen - Repetiteur, Conductor

Anna Volska - Actor

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Composer

Rhonwen Weldrick - Chorus

Susie Weldrick - Performer, Actor

Scott Witt - Fight Director, Consultant

Norman Yemm - Actor, Director, Actor and Singer

John Young - Producer, Director, Actor

David Abbott - Performer, Actor

Matthew Aberline - Costume Designer

Floeur Alder - Dancer

Robert Alexander - Actor

Rod Anderson - Writer, Director, Projection Designer

Katherine Arnold-Lindley - Dancer

Patricia Ashcroft - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Valerie Bader - Actor, Performer

Alan Bardsley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jennifer Barry - Dancer

Gina Bashford - Actor

Bernd Benthaak - Director

Marian Bisset - Orchestra, Repetiteur

Ron Blair - Playwright

Alain Boublil - Librettist, Book and Lyrics

Grant Bowler - Actor

Geordie Brookman - Director, Associate Director

Jenny Broomhall - Actor, Chorus

Rogan Brown - Actor, Publicist, Set and/or Property Maker

Brett Budgeon - Actor

Heath Burdock - Actor

Brandon Burke - Actor, Choreographer, Fight Director

Georgia Burke - Chorus, Actor

Rachel Burke - Lighting Designer

Ella Burns - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

Kristian Byrne - Actor

Brett Cabot - Composer, Video Designer

Leon Cain - Actor

John Cairns - Actor

Peter Carroll - Actor

Andrew Casey - Actor, Director

Alan Cato - Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor

Jess Chambers - Voice Coach

Kate Champion - Director

Rosemary Charlston - Chorus, Actor, Performer

Frank D. Clewlow - Producer, Actor

Anne Colbourn - Singer, Chorus, Actor

Tim Coldwell - Executive Producer, Circus Style Performer, Performer

Hugh Colman - Set Designer, Costume Designer, Designer

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Noel Coward - Playwright, Lyricist, Composer

Ted Craig - Director

Peter Curtin - Actor

Cathy Dadd - Stage Manager

John Dalton - Singer, Chorus, Actor

Sam Dean - Actor, Chorus

Kellie Deayton - Actor

Bibiana Devlin - Stage Manager, Dancer, Actor

Charles Dickens - Author, Writer

Patrick Dickson - Actor

Desmond Digby - Designer, Costume Designer

Gaetano Donizetti - Composer

Suzi Dougherty - Actor

Carol Driver - Actor, Chorus

Yanni Dubler - Stage Manager

Beverley Dunn - Actor, Playwright

Maurice Duquere - Actor, Performer

Marian Dworakowski - Actor

Larry Eastwood - Designer

Michael Edwards - Actor

Mike Edwards - Actor

Paul Elliott - Producer, Director

Peter England - Set Designer

Peter Evans - Director

Fiona Evershed - Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator

Allison Farrow - Actor, Soprano, Chorus

Mark Fitzpatrick - Actor

Lorna Forbes - Actor

Leon Ford - Actor

Lea Francis - Dancer

Anne Fraser - Designer

Myer Fredman - Artistic Director, Conductor

Kristian Fredrikson - Set Designer, Costume Designer, Designer

John Gaden - Actor

Hayes Gordon - Director

Sandy Gore - Actor

Michael Gow - Playwright, Adaptor, Director

Katie Green - Actor

David Greenwood - Actor, Chorus

Stefan Haag - Director

Penne Hackforth-Jones - Actor

John Hannan - Actor

Benedict Hardie - Actor, Director, Dramaturg, Playwright

Amanda Harper - Musical Director

Christine Harris - Producer, Tour Manager

Cathy Healy - Stage Manager

Stuart Heathorn - Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Operator/Engineer, Publicist, Production Manager

Gordon Henry - Actor, Chorus

Roz Hervey - Performer, Dancer, Associate Director

Bernard Hill - Chorus, Actor

Amanda Hodder - Repetiteur

Judith Hoddinott - Designer, Costume Designer

Jeffrey Horsley - Musical Director, Repetiteur

Mark Hulsman - Musical Director, Composer, Actor, Writer

Henrik Ibsen - Playwright

Frank Ingram - Actor, Chorus, Set and/or Property Maker

Melanie Irons - Actor

Keith A. Jarvis - Stage Manager, Actor, Producer

Allan Jeffrey - Producer, Director

Glenn Jeffrey - Stage Manager, Actor

June Johnstone - Actor and Singer, Actor

Arthur Keane - Actor

Terry Kelly - Chorus, Actor

Tonia Kelly - Dancer

Sarah Kernot - Tour Manager

Mel King - Performer, Actor

Gerald Krug - Conductor

Iain Lang - Actor

Diana Large - Director

Alan Jay Lerner - Book and Lyrics

Frank Lilley - Technician

Frederick Loewe - Composer

Tonino Longo - Chorus

Don Mackay - Director

Matthew Marshall - Lighting Designer

John McCallum - Director, Actor

Ian McGrath - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Julie McInnes - Composer, Performer, Musical Director

Todd McKenney - Performer, Actor, Dancer

Bruce McKinven - Designer, Costume Designer

Edward McLean - Dancer

Jean McShane - Chorus

Robert Meldrum - Actor

Karena Menzie - Chorus, Performer

Nick Monk - Actor

Andrea Moody - Actor

Nicholas Morgan - Actor, Acrobat

Tara Morice - Actor

Wilton Morley - Executive Producer, Producer

Adela Morton - Actor and Singer, Costume Designer, Performer

Barrie Muir - Actor

David Murray - Electrician, Lighting Designer

Glen Murray - Dancer

Peter Neufeld - Lighting Designer

Robyn Nevin - Director, Actor

Frank Newman - Director

Peter Nichols - Playwright

Nathan O'Keefe - Actor, Performer

Nicole Ottrey - Costume Maker, Associate Designer, Designer, Costume Co-ordinator

Luiz Pampolha - Lighting Designer

Lewis Payne - Electrician, Lighting Operator, Head Electrician

Bill Pearson - Actor

Roz Pearson - Hair Stylist, Chorus

Bill Pengelly - Dancer

Anne Phelan - Actor

Ross Philip - Dancer

Francoise Philipbert - Dancer

Jan Pinkerton - Dancer

David Pross - Set and/or Property Maker, Production Manager, Actor

David Prudham - Dancer

Jim Psiropoulos - Actor

Julie Raphael - Costume Assistant, Actor and Singer, Coordinator

David Ravenswood - Actor, Actor and Singer

Hannie Rayson - Playwright

Vera Read - Chorus

David Reynolds - Actor, Dancer

Robin Rheinberger - Various, Actor and Singer, Dresser

Tim Rice - Lyricist, Book and Lyrics

Peter Richman - Orchestra, Publicist

Frances Rings - Choreographer

Richard Roberts - Designer

Lisa Roberts-Scott - Musical Director, Singer, Actor

Daniel Robertson - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Performer

Kenneth Rowell - Designer

Gillian Rubinstein - Author, Writer, Playwright

Sue Russell - Designer

Kelly Ryall - Composer, Sound Designer

Claude-Michel Schonberg - Composer

Winsome Scott - Performer, Chorus

Vincent Scully - Actor

Ira Seidenstein - Actor, Mime Consultant

Timothy Sexton - Composer

Judi Shaw - Actor and Singer, Chorus

Beth Shelton - Choreographer

Brian Sibson - Fight Director, Actor

Anita Simeoni - Costume Maker, Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer

Neil Simon - Playwright, Author

Stephen Sondheim - Music and Lyrics, Lyricist, Composer

Kathy Spencer - Actor

Chris Spiegel - Chorus, Actor

George Sutherland - Head Mechanist, Mechanist, Set and/or Property Maker

Richard Sydenham - Actor

Edward Talbot - Chorus Master/Mistress, Conductor

Anna Tregloan - Designer, Set Designer

Tony Tripp - Designer

Richard Tulloch - Writer, Director, Devisor, Designer, Adaptor, Playwright

Justin Turner - Actor

Walter van Nieuwkuyk - Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Michael Wahr - Actor

Julie Warn - Stage Manager

Duncan Wass - Actor

Christopher Waterhouse - Actor

Richard Watson - Chorus

Jacki Weaver - Actor

Natalie Weir - Choreographer

Garth Welch - Dancer, Choreographer

Dylan Wells - Actor, Performer

Angela Westbury - Performer, Actor and Singer, Choreographer

Caroline Whamond - Graphic Designer

Ali White - Dancer, Actor

David Whitney - Actor

Lucy Wilkins - Hair Stylist, Costume Designer, Wig Stylist

Claire Williams - Actor

Les Winspear - Tour Manager, Actor

Googie Withers - Actor

Emma Wolfe - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Jethro Woodward - Composer, Sound Designer, Musician

Roz Wren - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer, Scenic Artist

Brian Young - Actor

Peter Adams - Actor

John Adkins - Lyricist, Writer, Actor and Singer, Composer

Miss Agnes - Dancer

Camilla Ah Kin - Actor

William Akers - Lighting Designer

Edward Albee - Playwright

Alan Alder - Dancer

Pamela Allen - Author

Bethany Allie - Dancer

Christine Amor - Actor, Sound Designer

Kirsty Anderton - Dancer

Rebecca Andrews - Chorus, Actor

John Angus - Stage Manager, Performer

Sally Angus - Chorus, Actor

Carla Aquilia - Actor

Garry Armstrong - Actor and Singer, Director

Bryan Ashbridge - Assistant Director

Frederick Ashton - Choreographer

Stephen Ashton - Actor

Alan Ayckbourn - Playwright

Bill Balmforth - Head Mechanist

Frank Bansel - Actor

Don Barker - Actor

Susan Barling - Dancer

Frank Barnard - Orchestra

Elyse Barnes - Actor

Naarah Barnes - Actor

Mel Barnett - Chorus, Actor

Roger Barratt - Lighting Designer

Stuart Barron - Actor, Dancer

John Barton - Devisor, Director, Playwright

Tony Bartuccio - Choreographer, Consultant

Axel Bartz - Designer

Adrian Batchelor - Dancer

Fayssal Bazzi - Performer, Actor

Sue Becker - Compere, Actor

John Beckett - Set Designer, Lighting Designer

Samuel Beckett - Playwright

Chris Beechey - Actor, Chorus

David Bell - Chorus, Actor

Alan Bennett - Playwright

Roger Bennett - Dancer

Tony Berwick - Actor

Jo-Ellen Bird - Actor

Paul Blackwell - Actor, Director

Keith Blaxhall - Actor

Michael Boddy - Writer

Olive Bodill - Actor

James Bourke - Performer, Actor

Sarah Bourke - Dancer, Performer

Iris Boyle - Chorus

Campbell Braithwaite - Actor, Performer

Glenn Braithwaite - Director

Caroline Brazier - Actor

Wiggy Brennan - Costume Designer

David Brewer - Actor

Samantha Brewer - Dancer, Actor

Bill Briggs - Actor

David Brinson - Designer

Melinda Briton - Actor, Chorus

Matthew Broadhurst - Actor and Singer, Actor

Sue Broadway - Assistant Designer, Artistic Director

Rick Browning - Assistant Stage Manager

Leigh Buchanan - Costume Designer

Rick Burchall - Actor

Phyllis Burford - Actor

Olivia Burke - Actor, Performer

Helena Bury - Actor and Singer, Actor

Barbara Button - Actor

Samson Cameron - Actor

Sandy Campbell - Mechanist

Frederick Campton - Set and/or Property Maker

Claire Candy - Actor, Actor and Singer

Michael Carman - Actor

Meagan Carmichael - Dancer

Richard Causby - Technician, Head Mechanist

Vanco Cavdarski - Conductor

Kristina Chan - Performer, Dancer

William Chappell - Designer

Paul Charlier - Composer, Sound Designer

Julie Chenery - Actor

Dulcie Cherry - Actor

Anna Chilcott - Repetiteur

Francesca Chilcott - Actor, Choreographer, Actor and Singer

Therese Chilcott - Costume Co-ordinator, Dresser

Scott Chiverton - Technician, Lighting Operator

Frederic Chopin - Composer

John Clark - Director

Robert Clarkson - Performer, Actor

Kalo Cocker - Actor

Kelvin Coe - Dancer

Harvey Coghlan - Chorus, Performer

Chelsea Cohen - Dancer

Ian Colbourn - Set and/or Property Maker

Paul Colgrave - Set and/or Property Maker

David Collins - Comedian

Wilkie Collins - Playwright

Syd Conabere - Actor

Chris Connelly - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Emily Conway - Actor, Make-up Artist

Alvin Cooke - Dancer, Chorus

Beth Coombe - Actor, Actor and Singer

Gary Cooper - Actor

Rodney Cooper - Actor

Sarah Coppleman - Actor

Daniel Cosgrove - Actor and Singer, Actor

Martyn Coutts - Dramaturg, Chorus

Matt Cox - Lighting Designer

Rex Cramphorn - Director, Actor

Guy Cresswell - Actor, Chorus

Francis Croese - Lighting Designer

Ben Cronin - Assistant Stage Manager

Francis Cronin - Mechanist, Technician

Jeanette Cronin - Actor

Linda Cropper - Actor

Ian Cugley - Composer

Robin Cuming - Director, Actor

Elaine Cusick - Actor

Eamon D'Arcy - Designer

Nathan DaCunha - Lighting Operator

Brett Daffy - Dancer

Roald Dahl - Author

Rob Dallas - Stage Manager

Elizabeth Dalman - Choreographer, Dancer

Michaela Darlington - Chorus, Actor

Tim Dashwood - Actor

Anni Davey - Assistant Director, Performer

David Davies - Actor

Shayne Davies - Choreographer

Essie Davis - Actor

Genevieve Dawkins - Actor

Stuart Day - Composer, Musician

Harry de Vries - Chorus, Actor

Ivano Del Pio - Actor

Rory Dempster - Lighting Designer

Nara Dennis - Orchestra, Band

Ronald Denson - Director

Lucy Devine - Actor

Sue Dixon - Performer, Chorus

Michelle Doake - Actor

Geoff Dobson - Actor and Singer, Actor

Philip Dodd - Actor

Wendy Doelle - Performer, Chorus

Ariel Dorfman - Playwright

William Douglas Home - Playwright

Louise Dowling - Dancer

Gary Down - Director, Writer

Penny Downie - Actor and Singer, Actor

Alexandre Dumas fils - Playwright

Shane Dundas - Comedian

Trisha Dunn - Dancer

Natalie Dyball - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Bobbie Dyer - Actor, Chorister

Paul Eastway - Actor

Laurence Eastwood - Designer, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Alicia Edwards - Actor, Chorus

Charlea Edwards - Actor

Sybil Edwards - Actor, Chorus

Paul English - Actor

Chloe Evans - Performer, Actor

Don Everington - Actor, Chorus

Jon Ewing - Actor

John Faassen - Actor

Karen Fahey - Front of House, Costume Assistant

Ronald Falk - Actor

Matthew Fargher - Composer

Tom Farley - Actor

Judi Farr - Actor

Barbara Farrell - Actor

Dale Ferguson - Designer

Sue Field - Costume Designer

Elaine Fifield - Dancer

Bill Fisher - Actor

Jennifer Flowers - Dramaturg, Actor

Mark Ford - Lighting Designer

Laurel Frank - Costume Designer

Jo-Anne Franklin - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Dobbs Franks - Conductor

David Franzke - Sound Designer, Composer

Sonia Fraser - Writer, Director, Devisor

Bernard Freeman - Actor

Jackie French - Author

Michael Futcher - Director, Dramaturg

Christopher Gabardi - Actor

Gina Galgalas - Actor

Trevor Gallagher - Actor

Julian Garner - Actor

Gina Gascoigne - Lighting Designer

Belinda Gehlert - Musician, Performer

Susan Giles - Actor, Adaptor

Eugene Gilfedder - Actor

Laura Gilkes - Chorus

Kenneth Gillespie - Choreographer, Dancer

Caroline Gillmer - Actor, Writer

Cathy Godbold - Actor

Ryk Goddard - Dramaturg, MC

Stephen Goddard - Designer

George Goerss - Sound Operator/Engineer

Geoff Goscombe - Chorus, Performer

Neole Goss - Stage Manager

Lucy Gott - Actor, Actor and Singer

Claire Gough - Dancer

Richard Grace - Chorus, Actor and Singer

Victor Gralak - Actor

Rod Gray - Chorus, Actor

Jason Green - Mechanist, Chorus

Jillian Green - Dancer, Actor

Peter Green - Front of House

Tony Green - Chorus, Actor

Diana Greentree - Actor

Annie Greig - Artistic Director

Carolyn Griffiths - Chorus, Actor

Brothers Grimm - Writer

A. R. Gurney - Playwright

Jodi Gustas - Actor, Chorus

James Hagan - Actor

Judy Hainsworth - Actor

John Hale - Actor

Eli Halliwell - Actor, Chorus

Gavin Hamilton - Actor

Seraya Hamley - Actor

Michael Hankin - Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Tess Hansen - Actor

Martin Harris - Actor

Rowan Harris - Actor

Patrick Harrison - Actor

Anne Harvey - Director, Actor

Yvonne Hassler - Chorus

Luisa Hastings Edge - Actor

Anne Hatch - Actor, Chorus

Vic Hawkins - Actor

David Heinrich - Sound Designer, Performer, Composer

Stephen Lloyd Helper - Director

Robert Helpmann - Artistic Director, Choreographer

Patsy Hemingway - Actor

Michael Hennessy - Dancer

Greg Hocking - Producer, Conductor

Mark Hodge - Chorus, Choreographer

W. Holland - Actor

Beatrice Holloway - Actor

Charles Holloway - Entrepreneur

Tom Holloway - Playwright, Actor

Maria Honey - Actor

William Honey - Playwright

Guy Hooper - Performer, Actor

Alan Hopgood - Playwright

Ros Horin - Director

Peter Houghton - Playwright, Actor

Hamish Houston - Band, Orchestra

Kevin Howard - Actor

Rosalie Howard - Actor

Marg Howell - Designer

Victor Hugo - Author

Philip Humphrey - Actor

Barry Humphries - Creator, Performer, Director, Writer

Matt Hunt - Actor

Sam Hunt - Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist, Actor

Jassy Husk - Actor

John Hutchison - Actor, Performer

Jane Irvine - Actor and Singer, Dancer

Ellis Irving - Actor

Andrea Jackson - Actor, Performer

Derek Jacobi - Actor

Jason James - Lighting Designer

Maggie James - Actor, Performer

Madeleine Jeffrey-Moore - Actor

Nescha Jelk - Director, Assistant Director

Denise Jenkins - Actor, Performer

Anthony Johnsen - Actor

Graham Johnson - Set Designer, Performer

Lesley Johnson - Chorus

Rhys Johnson - Actor, Chorus

Phillip Johnston - Composer

Heather Jones - Actor and Singer, Chorus

Marilyn Jones - Dancer

Sarah Jones - Actor and Singer, Actor

Sue Jones - Actor

Carol Joughin - Actor and Singer, Dancer

John Kani - Actor

Rosalind Keene - Actor and Singer, Actor

Robert Kemp - Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Patricia Kennedy - Actor

Robert Kennedy - Director

Angus King - Actor

Jennifer King - Actor, Chorus

Martin Kinnane - Lighting Designer

Janet Kitcher - Actor

Tim Knight - Chorus, Actor

Richard Kowaluk - Set and/or Property Maker, Chorus

Graham Lake - Actor

Max Lambert - Musical Director, Composer

Martin Langthorne - Lighting Designer, Production Manager

David Latham - Associate Director, Director

Nico Lathouris - Actor

Kristy Lawrence - Properties Master / Mistress

Matthew Lawrence - Dancer

Louise Le Mottee - Actor and Singer, Singer

Stefan Le Mottee - Animateur

Sarah Leech - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Zachary Lennon - Actor

Gerald Lepkowski - Actor

Lee Lewis - Director

Michael Ling - Circus Style Performer

Tom Lingwood - Designer, Director

Andreas Litras - Performer, Creator, Adaptor

William Lockhart - Actor

Jane Longhurst - Actor

Alice Lowenthal - Actor

Emma Lowry - Actor, Choreographer

Gail Lyndon - Performer, Chorus

Ashley Lyons - Actor

Leslye MacArthur - Performer

John Main - Singer, Actor and Singer

Elizabeth Man - Actor and Singer, Actor

Linda Manaena - Publicist

Faye Manson - Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Miriam Margolyes - Performer, Devisor, Writer, Actor

Jennifer Marten-Smith - Repetiteur, Pianist

John Martin - Pianist

Jeremy Matcham - Actor

Stuart Maunder - Original Director, Stage Manager

Garry McDonald - Actor, MC

Pat McDonald - Actor

Eva McKay - Chorus

Huw McKinnon - Actor

Colin McLennan - Entrepreneur, Producer, Executive Producer

Malcolm McMillan - Dancer

Karen McMullen - Actor, Chorus

Jean McQuarrie - Musical Director, Musical Supervisor

Amelia McQueen - Dancer

Josephine Meagher - Dancer

Gaelle Mellis - Designer, Costume Designer

Aubrey Mellor - Director

Herman Melville - Writer, Author

Arky Michael - Actor

Mark Middleton - Production Manager

Kevin Miles - Actor

John Miller - Actor

Tony Miller - Sound Designer

A. A. Milne - Author, Writer

Jean-Baptiste Moliere - Playwright

Heather Monk - Actor

Pip Monk - Chorus, Actor

Imogen Moore - Actor

Anne Morgan - Repetiteur, Musical Director

Genevieve Morris - Actor

Sarah Morrisby - Actor

Sarah Morrison - Actor, Dancer

Helen Morse - Actor

Jeremy Morse - Set and/or Property Maker, Chorus, Actor

Tayla Moschogianis - Performer, Dancer

Marieka Moutsatsos - Actor

Barbara Muir - Chorus

Jill Munro - Assistant Stage Manager, Dresser

Peta Murray - Playwright

Kristy Murtagh - Actor

Bruce Myles - Director

Jacob Nash - Set Designer, Designer

Harold Newton - Actor, Chorus

Andrew Nicholls - Follow Spot Operator, Mechanist

Tony Nicholls - Actor

Lucy Nichols - Performer, Actor

John Norman - Actor

Jack Norris - Actor

Jason Northam - Dancer

Ivor Novello - Composer, Lyricist

Winston Ntshona - Actor

Cate O'Brien - Choreographer, Dancer

Terence O'Connell - Director, Actor

Patrick O'Halloran - Actor, Actor and Singer

Roger Oakley - Actor

George Ogilvie - Director

Gillian Owen - Director

Jonathon Oxlade - Designer

Yalin Ozucelik - Actor

Graeme Paine - Director

Niklas Pajanti - Lighting Designer

Trina Parker - Designer

Ric Paterson - Actor and Singer, Actor

Daryl Peebles - Actor, Dancer

Mark Pegler - Actor

Valerie Pennefather - Soprano

Mark Pennington - Lighting Designer

Chris Petridis - Audiovisual Sequencer, Assistant Lighting Designer, Lighting Designer

Michelle Pettigrove - Actor

Danny Pettingill - Lighting Designer

Sarah Phillips - Assistant Stage Manager

Genevieve Picot - Actor

Astrid Pill - Performer

Harold Pinter - Playwright

Richard Piper - Actor

Joseph Post - Musical Director

Marion Potts - Assistant Director, Director

Ray Powell - Choreographer, Ballet Master/Mistress

Sharon Prero - Performer, Actor and Singer

Angela Punch - Actor

Iain Pyper - Actor, Performer

Helen Quilty - Scenic Artist, Costume Designer

Celeste Quinn - Musical Director

Pamela Rabe - Actor

Scott Rankin - Writer, Director

Fred Rawlings - Conductor, Musician

John Rayment - Lighting Designer

Don Reid - Actor

Jack Rheinberger - Stage Manager, Actor

Ken Rhodes - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Brian Richardson - Actor, Chorus

Steven Richardson - Performer, Circus Style Performer

Gina Richman - Production Manager, Actor

Carol Riley - Chorus, Performer

Dale Ringland - Musical Director, Musician, Assistant Conductor

Arlene Roberts - Chorus, Performer

Penny Roberts - Stage Manager

Malcolm Robertson - Director, Actor

Rebekah Robertson - Actor

Steve Rodgers - Playwright, Director, Actor

Brett Rogers - Actor

Robert Rosen - Musical Director

Imogen Ross - Set Designer, Costume Designer, Production Designer

Lyndel Rowe - Actor

Neil Rowe - Actor, Chorus

Peter Rowley - Actor

Robyn Roylance - Director

Kim Royle - Properties Master / Mistress, Costume Designer

Pip Runciman - Designer

Jake Sanger - Set and/or Property Maker

Sophie Sangwell - Actor, Performer

Harris Sari - Chorus, Actor

John Saunders - Director, Actor and Singer

Imara Savage - Director, Assistant Director

Anita Schleebs - Orchestra

Glenn Schultz - Orchestra

Stephen Schwartz - Music and Lyrics

Joseph Scoglio - Choreographer, Dancer, Designer

Wendy Seale - Chorus, Performer

Edward Selwyn - Actor, Chorus

Alan Seymour - Playwright

Jennifer Shaddock - Actor

Peter Shaffer - Playwright

James Shannon - Dancer

Ross Sharp - Actor

Julie Shearer - Actor

Mark Shelton - Lighting Designer

Catherine Shepherd - Playwright

Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Playwright

Taylah Shirley - Actor, Performer

James Shuvus - Performer, Actor

Neil Simpson - Stage Manager

Diana Sinclaire - Chorus

Barry Sinden - Actor

Ross Skiffington - Actor, Consultant

Robert Sloan - Actor, Chorus

Laurie Smallhorn - Actor, Chorus

Ben Smith - Actor

Gifford Smith - Actor

Maddie Rose Smith - Scenic Artist, Costume Maker, Hair Stylist

Christina Sonnemann - Assistant Director, Actor

Sheila Spargo - Chorus

Steve J Spears - Playwright, Actor

Suzanne Steele - Actor and Singer, Actor

Megan Stein - Assistant Stage Manager, Technician

Mark Stephenson - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Michael Stewart - Writer, Actor

Walter Stiansy - Conductor

Walter Stiasny - Musical Director

Cheryl Stock - Dancer, Choreographer

Gailene Stock - Director, Dancer

Gabrielle Stone - Actor, Singer

Tom Stoppard - Playwright

Johann Strauss - Composer

Damien Strouthos - Actor

Hamish Stuart - Musician, Drummer

Jack Swann - Actor, Chorus

Gavan Swift - Lighting Designer

Eric Sykes - Actor

Meryl Tankard - Choreographer, Director, Designer

Carmen Tanti - Actor

John Tasker - Director

Nick Tate - Actor

Ian Taylor - Playwright

Thomas Taylor - Actor

Victoria Taylor - Dancer

Catherine Terracini - Actor

Hayley Tew - Actor

Nicolyn Thickens - Actor

Fleur Thiemeyer - Costume Designer

Katherine Thomson - Playwright

Rebecca Thomson - Actor

Joan Thurley - Actor, Chorus

Charles Bud Tingwell - Actor

Alistair Toogood - Actor

Michael Topfer - Chorus, Actor

Peita Toppano - Actor

Steve Toulmin - Composer, Sound Designer

Ethel Sybil Turner - Author

Sophie Tyrrell - Actor

Mary Underwood - Director, Choreographer

Amira Vaatstra - Chorus

Cameron Van Der Steege - Technician, Mechanist

Peggy van Praagh - Artistic Director

Leah Venettacci - Actor

Nina Veretennikova - Dancer

Susan Vince - Actor and Singer, Performer

Stuart Wagstaff - Actor

Nick Wales - Composer

Kim Walker - Dancer

Rory Walker - Actor

Daryl Wallis - Composer, Sound Operator/Engineer

David Walters - Lighting Designer

Rhett Walton - Actor

Tim Walton - Designer, Set Designer

Terry Ward - Chorus

Narelle Warmbrunn - Actor

Jacob Warner - Actor

Neil Warren-Smith - Singer, Actor

Jack Webster - Ballet Master/Mistress, Director, Actor

Philip Webster - Actor, Chorus

Duncan C. Weldon - Producer

Susan Weldrick - Actor and Singer, Chorus

Carol Wellman-Kelly - Director

Nigel Westlake - Composer

Bruce Whatley - Author

Anthony Wheeler - Actor

Richard Wherrett - Director

Mr Wigan - Singer

Linden Wilkinson - Actor, Playwright

Alfred Williams - Dancer

Carole Williams - Actor

Jonathan Williams - Actor, Chorus

Peter Williams - Director

Peter Williamson - Mechanist

Keith Willie - Actor, Actor and Singer

Darren Willmott - Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Tour Manager

Olive Wilton - Director

Benjamin Winspear - Director, Actor

Eliza Withers - Actor and Singer, Actor

Craig Wood - Actor, Assistant Musical Director

John Wood - Actor

Greg Woodward - Orchestra

Ray Wright - Chorus

Anton - Dancer

Maria Winzil - Dancer

Peter Aanensen - Actor

George Abbott - Writer

Stephen Abbott - Comedian

Daniel Abineri - Actor

Anthony Ackroyd - Actor

Neil Adams - Choreographer

Peter J Adams - Devisor

Phillip Adams - Choreographer, Set Designer, Performer

Georgia Adamson - Actor

Peter Adcock - Actor

Jan Adele - Actor

Matthew Adey - Lighting Designer

Lorna Adler - Costume Designer

Richard Adler - Music and Lyrics

Keith Agius - Actor

David Agnew - Assistant Musical Director

Owen Ainley - Actor

Linda Aitken - Production Manager

JoAnne Akalaitis - Actor, Director, Designer, Adaptor

Kelly Akers - Chorus

Noran Alam - Stage Manager

Lucette Aldous - Dancer

Alexandra Aldrich - Actor

Claudia Alessi - Dancer

Elizabeth Alexander - Actor

Jess Alexander - Performer

Richard Alfieri - Playwright

Oscar Aliendi - Actor

Scott Allan - Lighting Designer

Hugo Allison - Actor

Amanda Skye Allman - Actor and Singer

David Allshorn - Actor

Derrick Amanatidis - Dancer

Lisa Ames - Dancer

Lynne Amor - Actor

Hans Christian Andersen - Writer

Bryony Anderson - Puppet Maker, Puppet Designer

Gladys Anderson - Actor and Singer

Glen Anderson - Technical Director

Judith Anderson - Actor

Mark Anderson - Lighting Designer

Michelle Robin Anderson - Puppeteer

Natasha Anderson - Sound Designer

Roslyn Anderson - Dance Director

Wil Anderson - Performer

Beck Andrews - Assistant Producer, Actor

Gabriel Andrews - Actor

Gwenyth Annear - Actor

Bridget Anning - Actor and Singer

Matthew Anning - Actor

M. M. Ansell - Librettist

Jennifer Ansic - Costume Designer

David Anthony - Actor

Chrissie Antoniadis - Actor

Alison Appleyard - Actor

Ena Appleyard - Repetiteur

Greg Apps - Actor

  • Da, 7 October 1976

Ida Archer - Performer

Julie Archer - Set and/or Property Maker

Robyn Archer - Performer, Writer

William Archer - Translator

Tal Ardell - Actor

Albert Arlen - Music and Lyrics

Neil Armfield - Director

Ben Armitage - Production Manager, Producer

Fran Armstrong - Repetiteur

Kerry Armstrong - Actor

Richard Armstrong - Musician

Edda Arnljótsdóttir - Actor

John Aron - Choreographer

Zuraida Arrifin - Dancer

Denis Arundell - Director

Wakako Asano - Dancer

Pauline Ashleigh - Actor

Howard Ashman - Lyricist

David Ashton - Lighting Designer

Styne Ashton - Fight Director

Les Ashworth - Actor

Muriel Ashworth - Director

Michael Askill - Musician

Michael Atallah - Actor

Dean Atkinson - Actor

Beth Aubrey - Actor

Rene Aubry - Composer

W. H. Auden - Writer

Jacques Audoux - Actor

Vivienne Awosoga - Actor

Lindy Ayers - Actor and Singer

Alan Babbage - Director

Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Matthew Backer - Actor

Barbara Baddiley - Costume Maker

Bert Bailey - Playwright

James Bailey - Actor

Judy Bailey - Actor

Phyl Bailey - Actor

Elaine Baillie - Actor

Keith Bain - Dance Director

Bob Baines - Actor

Sharon Baird - Dresser

Joan Baixas - Director

Dale Baker - Ballet Master/Mistress, Choreographer

Lionel Baker - Actor

Steven Baker - Musical Director

Vilma Baker - Chorus

W E Baker - Actor

Caitlin Bakes - Chorus

Johnny Balbuziente - Actor

Brian Balding - Chorus

Lindsay Baldock - Actor

John Baldwin - Actor

Roy Baldwin - Actor

Sally Balfour - Dancer

Danny Ball - Actor

Trevor Ball - Stage Manager

Vincent Ball - Actor

Katrina Ballan - Actor

Elspeth Ballantyne - Actor

Lucie Balsamo - Stage Manager

William Bamford - Actor and Singer

Alex Bannerman - Actor

Alex Bannister - Band

Fifi Banvard - Producer

Robert Barbaro - Tenor

Samuel Barber - Composer

Katharine Barbieri - Properties Master / Mistress

Lyndall Barbour - Actor

Cameron Barclay - Tenor

Dawn Barcza - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Nadia Barentin - Actor

William Bargo - Circus Style Performer

Rebecca Barker - Actor

Angela Barnard - Chorus

John Barnard - Actor

Alan Barnes - Properties Master / Mistress

Beth Barnes - Actor

Brian Barnes - Stage Manager

Penny Baron - Movement Director

Lee Barren - Chorus

Kym Barrett - Costume Designer

Ray Barrett - Actor

Carl Barron - Comedian

Amanda Barry - Chorus

Jacob Barry - Actor

Max Barry - Impersonator

Lionel Bart - Book and Lyrics

Tony Bart - Actor

Delia Bartle - Orchestra

Bill Batchelor - Dancer

John Batchelor - Actor

Wendy Batchelor - Actor and Singer

Sandra Bates - Director

Peter Batey - Playwright

Mark Batten - Stage Manager

Debra Iris Batton - Director

Kate Batts - Associate Director

Shauntaii Batzke - Singer

Bruce Bauer - Actor

Sammy Dallas Bayes - Director

Nadine Baylis - Costume Designer

Lorraine Bayly - Actor

Anthony Bazell - Actor

Sue Beal - Stage Manager

Ryan Beard - Performer

Cecil Beaton - Costume Designer, Set Designer

James Beattie - Actor

Norma Beattie - Soubrette

James Beaumont - Actor

Robert Beaumont - Actor

Perry Bedden - Actor

Bianca Beetson - Visual Artist

Briony Behets - Actor

Harry Belafonte - Composer

Eileen Beldon - Actor

David Bell - Set Designer

David Bell - Performer

Eric Bell - Chorus

Toby Bell - Dancer

Andrew Bellchambers - Designer

Ralph Benatzky - Composer

Susan Benfer - Stage Manager

Betty Benfield - Actor

Marlo Benjamin - Performer

Jack Bennett - Actor

Marissa Bennett - Actor

Stephen Bennett - Singer

Alexander Benois - Designer

Arthur Benton - Tour Manager

- Benzo - Designer

Kathy Berberian - Composer

J Beresford Fowler - Actor, Producer

Beverley Bergen - Actor and Singer

Dana Bergstrom - Writer, Producer

Luciano Berio - Composer

Priscilla Berkery - Set Designer

Steven Berkoff - Playwright, Actor, Adaptor, Director

David Bermingham - Stage Manager

Leonard Bernstein - Composer

Paschal Berry - Dramaturg

Giovanni Bertati - Librettist

Bob Bertles - Saxophonist

Paul Berton - Musician

Blazey Best - Actor

Chris Betts - Actor

Dick Betts - Set and/or Property Maker

Angela Betzien - Playwright

Peter Bevan - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Tahara Bey - Hypnotist

Richard Beynon - Actor, Playwright

Melissa Bickerton - Actor

Ron Biggs - Actor

Jeanette Bigwood - Actor

Shirley Billing - Composer

Maria Bilska - Ballet Master/Mistress

Alissa Bilyk - Actor

Andria Bingham - Actor

John Bird - Chorus

Lucy Birkinshaw - Lighting Designer

Amanda Bishop - Performer

Simon Bishop - Assistant Stage Manager

T. Bishop - Actor

Richard Bissell - Writer

Sheryl Black - Vocalist

Wendy Black - Set Designer

Mark Blackwell - Sound Designer

Patrick Blackwell - Actor

Max Bladel - Performer

Douglas Blaikie - Actor

Julia Blaikie - Dancer

Wayne Blair - Director

Leila Blake - Actor

Theresa Blake - Circus Style Performer

Annick Blancheteau - Actor

Edith Blande - Actor

Sue Blane - Costume Designer

John Blankenship - Sound Designer, Stage Manager

Sophie Bleach - Actor and Singer

Brenda Blethyn - Actor

Dorothy Blewett - Playwright

Friedrich Bliem - Set Designer

Aaron Bloomfield - Performer

Ray Bluett - Actor

Graeme Blundell - Actor

John Blundell - Director

Anne Blythe-Cooper - Actor

John Boden - Actor

Norman Boland - Actor

Shaun Boland - Designer

David Bolger - Choreographer

Lisa Bolte - Dancer

Heather Bolton - Actor

John Bolton - Director, Creator

Joe Bolza - Mime Consultant

Rafael Bonachela - Choreographer

Tim Bond - Actor

Alexander Bondarev - Performer, Creator

Jeames Bone - Chorus

Hilton Bonner - Director

Catrina Boon - Actor

Adam Booth - Actor

Robin Booth - Chorus

Margie Bootsman - Chorus

Stevan Borejevic - Sound Operator/Engineer

Anna Borghesi - Designer

H Boswell - Actor

Felicity Bott - Artistic Director

Gregory Botts - Photographer

Conway Bourke - Actor

Stephen Bourke - Chorus

Robynne Bourne - Actor

Andrew Bovell - Playwright

Leslie Bowden - Lighting Designer

Harriet Bowdler - Stage Director

Rebecca Bower - Actor

Robin Bowering - Actor

James H. Bowles - Actor

William Bowling - Actor

Richard Bowman - Dancer

Berta Box - Actor

Kate Box - Actor

Don Boyce - Designer

Raymond Boyce - Designer

Tracey Boyd - Chorus

Ed Boyle - Circus Style Performer

Nathan Boyle - Performer

Rosemary Boyle - Actor

Richard Bradshaw - Actor, Director, Adaptor

Barbara Brady - Chorus

Matthew Brady - Chorus

Roy Brady - Chorus

Terry Brady - Actor

Mark Bramble - Actor

Patrick Brammall - Actor

Lauren Brandt - Actor

Alison Brazier - Dancer

Christopher Breckwoldt - Associate Designer

Susan Breen - Actor

Emily Brennan - Actor

Samuel Brent - Performer

Leanne Bresnehan - Chorus

Lee Breuer - Artistic Director

Glennis Bricknell - Chorus

Janet Bridgland - Costume Designer

David Bridie - Composer

Graham Brinckman - Actor

Mark Brinkley - Ballet Master/Mistress

Andrea Briody - Dancer

Syd Brisbane - Actor

Janine Britain - Actor

Benjamin Britten - Composer

Aileen Britton - Actor

Len Britton - Actor

Andrew Broadbent - Actor

Lisa Broadby - Actor

Jane Brodribb - Chorus

Margaret Brodrick - Dancer

Mark Bromilow - Actor

June Bronhill - Performer, Devisor

Emily Bronte - Author

Julia Brook - Chorus

Bunney Brooke - Actor

Kit Brookman - Actor

Rob Brookman - Producer

Lyall Brooks - Actor

Peter Brooks - Performer

Ron Brooks - Writer

  • Fox, 5 August 2010

Allan Brown - Musician

Bille Brown - Performer, Actor

Charles Brown - Actor

Chelsea Brown - Actor

Darcy Brown - Actor

David Brown - Director

Derrin Brown - Stage Manager

Glenn Brown - Actor and Singer

Josef Brown - Dancer

June Brown - Actor

Laura Brown - Dancer

Lesley Brown - Properties Master / Mistress

Mr Brown - Composer

Nancy Brown - Book and Lyrics

William F. Brown - Playwright

Davis Browne - Costume Designer

James Browne - Set Designer

Noel Browne - Designer

Anne Browning - Director

Harry Brownless - Actor

Brenda Bruce - Actor

Cameron Bruce - Musician, Performer

Christopher Bruce - Choreographer

Elizabeth Brumby - Chorus

Rodney Brunsdon - Costume Designer

John Brunton - Scenic Artist

Danielle Brustman - Properties Master, Set Designer

Lillie Bryer - Actor

Isobel Buchanan - Actor

Christopher Buckingham - Producer

Martin Thomas Buckingham - Producer, Actor, Director

David Buckley - Actor

  • Fox, 5 August 2010

Pamela Buckman - Dancer

Tom Buckmaster - Actor

Colin Budd - Sound Designer

Rocco Bufano - Costume Designer

Paul Bugden - Actor

George Buller - Administrator

Steve Bumford - Band

Caroline Burbury - Actor

Pearl Burbury - Actor

David Burch - Dancer

Liz Burch - Actor

Robert Burge - Actor

Casey Burgess - Actor

Christopher Burgess - Stage Manager

Deda Burgess - Scenic Artist

Max Burgess - Set and/or Property Maker

Sofie Burgoyne - Dancer

Jacquie Burke - Actor

Simon Burke - Actor

Michael Burkett - Actor

David Burn - Playwright

Mrs. Alan Burn - Actor

Adrian Burnett - Choreographer

Richard Burnett - Pianist

Carol Burns - Actor

Louise Burns - Choreographer

Scott Burns - Actor

Dale Burridge - Actor

Stephanie Burridge - Choreographer, Dancer

Abe Burrows - Writer

Tina Bursill - Actor

Alison Burton - Chorus

Wendy Burton - Chorus

Jon Burtt - Dancer

Emmah Burtt Stone - Chorus

Simon Burvill-Holmes - Actor

Catherine Bushby - Scenic Artist

Katherine Bushby - Scenic Artist

Algis Butavicius - Stage Manager

Mitchell Butel - Actor

Elenor Butler - Actor

Kelly Butler - Actor

David Butterfield - Actor

Malory Butters - Actor

Deb Butterworth - Choreographer

Mariel Butterworth - Dancer

Ryan Butterworth - Actor and Singer

Philip Button - Properties Master / Mistress

Vera Button - Actor

Jack Buzelin - Properties Master / Mistress

Alexander Buzo - Playwright

Reg Byers - Performer

Donn Byrnes - Lighting Designer

Annie Byron - Performer

Antoinette Byron - Actor

Leticia Caceres - Director

David Cafe - Sound Designer

Brian Cahill - Actor

Junette Cahill - Chorus

Elizabeth Caiacob - Actor

Dave Callan - Comedian

Jak Callick - Choreographer

Paul Calverley - Band

Cordelia Cameron - Actor and Singer

John Cameron - Orchestrator

John Cameron - Actor

Salvadore Cammarano - Librettist

Denise Campbell - Chorus

Garey Campbell - Musical Director

Justine Campbell - Creator, Actor

Michael Campbell - Choreographer

Mikaela Campbell - Actor

Nancy Campbell - Voice Over Artist

Thomas Campbell - Actor

Beverley Campbell Jackson - Actor

Peter Canavan - Producer

Reginald Canderle - Assistant Director

Geraldine Cannell - Chorus

Joseph Canteloube - Composer

Stephanie Cantrell - Assistant Stage Manager

Michaela Cantwell - Performer

Naomi Cappelli - Actor

Elena Carapetis - Actor

Carmela Care - Dancer

Annette Carless - Dancer

Michael Carmody - Video Designer

Caitlin Carnaby - Actor

Bernard Carr - Actor

Marjorie Carr - Actor

Theresa Carreno - Composer

Margo Carrigan - Actor

Tracey Carrodus - Dancer

Greg Carroll - Director

Kim Carroll - Costume Co-ordinator

Shana Carroll - Dancer

Stephen Carroll - Actor

Jennifer Carseldine - Designer

Christian Carson - Actor and Singer

Andrew Carter - Set Designer

Finn Carter - Performer

Ian Carter - Chorus

Madelyn Carver - Dancer

Falkland Cary - Playwright

Antoine Casanova - Director

Scott Cashion - Band

Godfrey Cass - Actor

Emma Castelli - Actor

Ian Castenetto - Dancer

Andrew Castles - Orchestra

Septimus Caton - Actor

Sally Cattell - Director

Shirley Cattunar - Actor

Tanya Cavanagh - Performer

Nick Cave - Composer

Jo Cavell - Actor

Sam Cawthorn - Actor

Peter Cazalet - Designer

Ron Challinor - Actor

Shannon Challis - Graphic Designer

Michael Chamberlin - Comedian

Charles Haddon Chambers - Playwright

Kai Tai Chan - Choreographer

Katherine Chan - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Li-Ping Chang - Musician

Angela Chaplin - Playwright, Director

John Chapman - Playwright

Kate Chapman - Assistant Stage Manager

Kath Chapman - Stage Manager

Michael Chapman - Actor

Mike Chapman - Actor

Nancy Chapman - Actor

Matthew Charleston - Actor

Samantha Charlton - Actor

Phillipe Charluet - Video Designer

Martin Charnin - Lyricist

Gordon Chater - Actor

Bradley Chatfield - Dancer

Valda Chatterton - Chorus

Anton Chekhov - Playwright

Kate Cherry - Director

Adrian Cherubin - Production Manager

David Chesworth - Composer

Greg Chiffey - Actor

Brandon Chilcott - Performer

Jenny Chilcott - Repetiteur

Adrienne Chisholm - Designer

Ray Chong Nee - Actor

Margaret Christensen - Actor

  • Da, 7 October 1976

Rebecca Christensen - Assistant Lighting Designer

Josef Christianson - Dancer

Agatha Christie - Writer

Janelle Christie - Actor

Dru-Ann Chukram - Costume Designer

Ben Chuter - Mechanist

Geoffrey Cichero - Dancer

Domenico Cimarosa - Composer

Benjamin Cisterne - Lighting Designer

Ben Clark - Tenor

Brian Clark - Playwright

Liddy Clark - Actor

Lucy Clark - Actor

Prue Clark - Director

Alan Clarke - Actor

Alan Clarke - Circus Style Performer

Esther Clarke - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Greg Clarke - Designer

Nava Clauscen - Assistant Producer

Rose Clavering - Actor

Jennie Clayton - Dancer

Kristy Cleary - Actor

Alain Clement - Performer

Rosalba Clemente - Director

Alicia Clements - Designer

Pat Clements - Stage Director

Ellie Close - Actor

Lewis Cloudsdale - Actor and Singer

David Clyde - Saxophonist

Dennis Coard - Actor

Ben Cobham - Designer

Tilda Cobham Hervey - Performer

Vincent Colagiuri - Pianist

Paul Colegrave - Set and/or Property Maker

Curtis Coleman - Actor

Cy Coleman - Composer

- Colette - Writer

Marie Collier - Performer

Peter Collingwood - Actor

Clyde Collins - Composer

Geoffrey Collins - Flautist

Luke Collins - Actor

Terrence Collins - Stage Manager

Kevin Colson - Actor

Denise Colvin - Actor

John Colvin - Production Manager

John Comeadow - Production Manager

Sydney Conabere - Actor

Stephen Conan-Davies - Chorus

Miranda Coney - Dancer

Jessica Connell - Performer

Anthony Conolan - Concert Master

Rosa Conroy - Actor

Daniel Convery - Dancer

Courtney Conway - Actor

Lin Conway - Dresser

Adam Cook - Director

Jill Cook - Designer

Maree Cook - Actor

Peter Cook - Writer, Comedian

Simon Cook - Technician

Malcolm C. Cooke - Producer

Peter Cooke - Designer

Joan Coombe - Acrobat

Marcus Cooney - Writer

Ray Cooney - Playwright

Bradley Cooper - Actor

Diana Cooper - Orchestra

George Cooper - Actor

Ian Cooper - Sound Operator/Engineer

James Cooper - Chorus

Jane Cooper - Actor

Len Cooper - Chorus

Melody Cooper - Costume Maker

Michael Cooper - Actor

Miriam Cooper - Actor

Sara Cooper - Actor

Steve Copeland - Tour Manager

Scott Copeman - Actor

Kay Coppleman - Actor

Clark Corby - Production Manager

Michael Cordeiro - Actor

Anne Cordiner - Actor

Anna Cordingley - Designer

Desiree Cordwell - Chorus

Mr Corlesse - Actor

Junee Cornell - Actor

Matthew Cornell - Composer

Chris Cornish - Actor

Joel Corpuz - Dancer

Graham Corry - Director

Paul Cosentino - Magician

Dan Cosgrove - Chorus

J Cosgrove - Actor

Brenton Cosier - Actor

Trevor Cosker - Production Manager

Allan Cossey - Stage Manager

Georges Coste - Actor

Julie Costello - Actor

Justin Stewart Cotta - Actor

Katherine Cotton - Dancer

Richard Cottrell - Director

Cecilia Coucke - Actor

Brian Coughran - Choreographer

Kate Court - Actor

Lachlan Court - Band

Bridget Cousens - Actor and Singer

Greg Cousins - Writer

Ian Cousins - Actor

Pierre Coustere - Actor

Paul Cowley - Production Manager

Tiani Cox - Actor

Laurence Coy - Actor

Karen Craft - Actor

Michael Craig - Actor

Paul Craig - Actor

Brody Crane - Chorus

Olivia Cranwell - Actor

Aimee Crawford - Actor

Andrew Crawford - Sound Designer

Rayna Creagh - Chorus

Ray Creek - Chorus

Michael Creighton - Puppeteer

Keith Crellin - Conductor

Alison Crew - Singing Group

Barry Creyton - Actor, Playwright

Reg Cribb - Playwright

Seraya Cribben - Actor

Kate Crichton - Choreographer

Daniel Crisp - Performer

David Croft - Playwright

Tamika Crosbie - Musical Director

Matthew Crosby - Actor

Max Cross - Set and/or Property Maker

Brian Crossley - Devisor, Director

Julian Crotti - Dancer

Vincent Crowley - Performer

Robert Cruickshank - Stage Manager

Keith Cruikshank - Stage Manager

Laura Cruise - Actor

Hope Csutoros - Musician

Louise Cullen - Actor

Max Cullen - Actor

Michael Cullen - Performer

Spot Cullen - Actor

Gaylene Cummerfield - Dancer

Bobbie Cundell - Costume Designer

Mary Cunneen - Dancer

Dan Cunningham - Actor

Russell Cunningham - Dancer

Tess Cunningham - Dancer

Li Cunxin - Author

Bob Cure - Actor

Lorinda Curnow - Stage Manager

Nigel Curtain-Smith - Production Manager

Brian Curtis - Photographer

Peter Curtis - Chorus

Peter Cushing - Actor

Brianne Cuthbert - Adaptor

Sinead Cuthbert - Costume Designer

Sabrina D'Angelo - Performer

Fionnuala D'Arcy - Video Designer

Chris D'Arienzo - Writer

Stewart D'Arrietta - Musician

H J D'Emden - Playwright

Hannah Dahlenburg - Actor

Jennifer Dakers - Actor

Doreen Dakin - Actor

Grant Dale - Actor

Michael Dale - Set and/or Property Maker

Walter Dalgleish - Actor

Sharon Dalla-Costa - Dancer

Peter Dalwood - Chorus

Beth Daly - Actor

Erin Daly - Stage Manager

Pam Damon - Actor

Pam Daniels - Stage Manager

Clarence Dany - Assistant Director

Jared Daperis - Actor

Leslie Darbon - Playwright

Hayden Dare - Band

Nicholas Dare - Set Designer

Eileen Darley - Performer

Jason Darnell - Actor

June Daunt - Xylophone

William Davenant - Adaptor

Jessica Davenport-Hortle - Actor

Belinda Davey - Actor

Kiah Davey - Stage Manager

Maude Davey - Actor

Albert David - Dancer

Scott Davie - Pianist

Catherine Davies - Actor

Geoffrey Davies - Actor

Gordon Daviot - Playwright

Benny Davis - Composer

Bill C Davis - Playwright

Greg Davis - Production Manager

Julia Davis - Actor

Luther Davis - Writer

Paul Davis - Dancer

Robert Davis - Actor

Tony Davy - Actor

Daniel Daw - Performer

Clem Dawe - Actor-manager

Christopher Dawes - Actor and Singer

Janet Dawson - Designer

April De Angelis - Playwright

Celia de Burgh - Actor

Selena de Carvalho - Designer

  • Love, 16 September 2011

Lucas de Jong - Actor

Sarah de Jong - Composer

Jean de Rigault - Presenter

Kevin de Zilva - Assistant Stage Manager

Beth Dean - Choreographer

Emily Dean - Actor

Trent Bryson Dean - Musician

Nick Dear - Playwright