Venue Everest Theatre
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Other Names Seymour Centre
Address Corner of Cleveland Street and City Road
Chippendale NSW 2008
First Date 1975
Notes Mid sized end stage theatre probably more suitable for music performance as limited backstage space.
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Latitude | Longitude -33.888404 | 151.193453

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Rex Cramphorn - Director

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Michael Pearce - Set Designer, Designer, Costume Designer

Kerry Walker - Actor

Don Asker - Choreographer, Designer, Dancer, Director

Isla Blair - Actor

Kai Tai Chan - Choreographer, Artistic Director, Dancer, Director, Performer

Ruth Cracknell - Actor

Arthur Dignam - Actor

John Gaden - Actor

Julian Glover - Actor

Ron Haddrick - Actor

Jennifer Hagan - Actor

John Howard - Actor

Julie-Anne Long - Performer, Dancer, Actor

Tony Mack - Actor

Jane McCulloch - Writer, Playwright

Robert Menzies - Actor

Colin Mitchell - Designer

Jane Mortiss - Dancer

Toby Robertson - Director

Michael Tyack - Musical Advisor, Musical Director

James Waites - Researcher

Wendy Wallace - Dancer

Timothy West - Actor

Ilene Angel - Composer

Valerie Bader - Performer, Actor

Jason Bovaird - Lighting Designer

Donn Byrnes - Lighting Designer

Kim Carpenter - Designer, Director

Adrienne Chisholm - Costume Designer

Amelia Christo - Actor

Timothy Clark - Stage Manager, Designer

Ziggy Clements - Actor

Geoff Cobham - Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Eamon D'Arcy - Designer

Trudy Dalgleish - Lighting Designer

Lindy Davies - Actor, Assistant Director

C. J. Dennis - Author

John Derum - Adaptor, Actor

Gary Down - Director, Lyricist, Composer

Merridy Eastman - Writer, Actor

Phillip Edmiston - Playwright, Puppeteer, Director

Sue Fabisch - Writer

Bill Flowerree - Composer

Drew Forsythe - Actor

Philippe Genty - Playwright, Creator, Director

Jesse Goldberg - Composer

Blair Greenberg - Composer

Eric Gross - Composer, Conductor

Shaun Gurton - Designer

Roger Hall - Playwright

Chris Harriott - Composer, Playwright

Christine Harris - Producer

Jim Holt - Actor

Mark Howett - Lighting Designer

Jacqui Hoy - Actor

Derek Jacobi - Actor

Vicki Jacobs - Musical Director

Aku Kadogo - Choreographer

Peter Kennard - Composer, Musical Director

Peter Kingston - Director

Carla Kissane - Actor

Peter Maxwell Davies - Composer

Rebecca Moore - Actor

Terence O'Connell - Director

Miki Oikawa - Dancer, Performer

Gavin Quinn - Director

John Rodgers - Composer

Geoffrey Rush - Director, Actor

Hal Saunders - Book and Lyrics

Sue Ellen Shook - Choreographer

Stephen Sondheim - Music and Lyrics, Composer

Cheryl Stock - Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer

Tony Strachan - Dancer, Designer, Choreographer, Musician

Angela Toohey - Actor

Mary Underwood - Choreographer

Dennis Watkins - Playwright, Book and Lyrics

Anthony Wong - Actor, Dancer

Jack Abbott - Playwright

Victoria Abbott - Actor

Matthew Aberline - Costume Designer

Gary Abrahams - Director

Jon Achilles - Dancer

Suzanne Adair - Dancer

Aeschylus - Playwright

William Akers - Lighting Designer

Toni Allayliss - Actor

David Allen - Playwright

Ushio Amagatsu - Artistic Director

Christine Amor - Actor

Anandavalli - Artistic Director

Adele Anderson - Performer

Alexander Andrews - Director

Maria Angelico - Actor

Isabelle Angotti - Performer

Nathan Annert - Actor

Aristophanes - Playwright

John Aron - Choreographer

Taylor Ashton - Actor

Michael Aspinall - Soprano

Fabian Astore - Animator

Charles Atlas - Designer

Rene Aubry - Composer

Rudolphe Aute - Performer

Alan Ayckbourn - Playwright

Anthony Babicci - Puppet Designer, Set Designer, Costume Designer

J. C. Bancks - Cartoonist

Simon Barley - Designer

Roger Barratt - Lighting Designer

Ray Barrett - Actor

Jennifer Barry - Director

Clare Bartholomew - Devisor, Performer

Tom Basden - Writer

Colin Batrouney - Actor

Jacob Battista - Set Designer

Robert Beauregard - Lighting Designer

John Beck - Actor

Marc Beland - Dancer

John Bell - Director

Michael Bell - Actor

Andrew Bennett - Actor

Brad Bennett - Dancer

Stuart Bennett - Dancer

Yossi Berg - Performer

Steven Berkoff - Adaptor

Anders Berndtsson - Dancer

Alain Bertrand - Musician

Roy Binstead - Trumpeter

Mike Birbiglia - Comedian

Jarnie Birmingham - Singer

Tony Bishop - Actor

Pascale Blaison - Mime, Puppeteer

Raymond Blanco - Choreographer, Artistic Director

Scott Blick - Performer

Betty Bobbitt - Actor

John Paul Bolton - Actor

Robynne Bourne - Actor

Leigh Bowery - Designer

Ed Boyle - Actor

Richard Bradshaw - Director, Adaptor

Terry Brady - Actor

Phillip Breen - Director

Ian Breitner - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Alan Brel - Actor

Benjamin Britten - Composer

Lola Brooks - Actor

Bruce Brown - Lyricist, Composer

James Browne - Set Designer

Christopher Bruce - Set Designer, Choreographer

Georg Buchner - Playwright

Csaba Buday - Dancer

Anthony Buddle - Hornist

Liz Burch - Actor

Deirdre Burges - Designer

Anna Burgess - Actor

Brandon Burke - Actor

Christopher Burke - Adaptor, Director

Rupert Burns - Actor

Don Burrows - Flautist

Billy Burton - Trumpeter

Jon Burtt - Dancer

Mitchell Butel - Actor

Adam Buxton - Performance Artist

Sylvie Cabel - Actor

Jo-Anne Cahill - Actor

Simon Calton - Dancer

Margaret Cameron - Actor

Robert Canning - Dancer

Paul Capsis - Performer

Amanda Card - Dancer

Zoe Carides - Actor

Christian Carrignon - Mime, Puppeteer

Peter Carroll - Narrator

Andrew Carter - Set Designer

Gwynneth Carter - Violinist

Geoffrey Cartwright - Actor

Gabriel Castillo - Tour Manager

Robert Caux - Musician, Musical Director

Stuart Challender - Conductor

Brett Chamberlain - Costume Designer

Kate Champion - Assistant to the Director

Victoria Chaplin - Creator, Circus Style Performer

Paul Charlier - Composer

Russell Cheek - Dancer

Nick Chelton - Lighting Designer

Djami Chene - Actor

Wal Cherry - Director

David Chiem - Dancer

Beatrix Christian - Playwright

Jacki Clark - Costume Designer

Michael Clark - Choreographer

Alain Clement - Performer

Laurence Clifford - Actor, Dancer

Simone Clifford - Dancer

Roger Climpson - Actor

Maika Cobo - Dancer

Eddy Cockman - Violinist

Frank Coe - Violist

Michael Coe - Designer

Katherine Cogill - Dancer

Vincent Colagiuri - Pianist

Christopher Cole - Dancer

Robert Coleby - Actor

Eugenio Monti Colla - Producer

Carlo Colla III - Puppeteer

David Collins - Puppet Maker

Terrence Collins - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager

Melvin Conder - Lighting Designer

Alyssa Jane Cook - Actor

Jeremy Cook - Actor

Penny Cook - Actor

Ray Cook - Choreographer

Melody Cooper - Costume Designer

Michael Cordeiro - Actor

Paul Cordeiro - Actor, Dancer

Simon Corfield - Actor

Matthew Cornell - Dancer

Aedín Cosgrove - Lighting Designer, Set Designer

Jim Cotter - Composer

Callum Cowell - Dancer

Amanda Coyle - Costume Designer

Kate Coyne - Performer

Timothy Crack - Lighting Designer

Ted Craig - Production Supervisor

Luke Cresswell - Dancer, Creator, Director

Barry Creyton - Director

Anna Crilly - Actor

Romano Crivici - Composer

Stephen Crocker - Actor

Alison Croggon - Librettist

Dean Cross - Dancer

Peter Cummins - Actor

James Cunningham - Performer

Marilyn Cutts - Performer

Elizabeth Dalman - Choreographer, Dancer

Mark Daly - Actor, Choreographer

Else Danielsen - Dancer

Albert David - Dancer

Kevin Davidson - Sound Designer

Des Davis - Director

Robert Davis - Actor

Maria de Marco - Actor

Julia de Plater - Musical Director

Eric De Sarria - Puppeteer, Mime

Katy De Ville - Puppeteer, Mime

Astad Deboo - Choreographer, Dancer

Susie Dee - Director

Guy Detot - Dancer

Arthur Dicks - Director

John Dicks - Actor

Michel Dieuade - Actor, Director

Grant Dodwell - Actor

Dave Donovan - Guitarist

Terence Donovan - Actor

Philippe Dormoy - Actor

Phil Downing - Sound Designer

Brittany Doyle - Choreographer

Ken Dray - Production Manager

Phelim Drew - Actor

Simone Dubas - Actor

Dolores Dunbar - Choreographer

Robyne Dunn - Actor

Nick Dwyer - Dancer

Thomas E Kelly - Dancer

Jimmy Eadie - Sound Designer

Patrick Edgeworth - Playwright

Darren Edwards - Dancer

Jo Elliott - Technical Director

Dave Ellis - Sound Designer

David Ellis - Bassist

Helen Ellis - Executive Producer

Rose English - Writer, Performance Artist

Brian Eno - Composer

Anny Evason - Designer

Ramsay Everingham - Actor

Deborah Leigh Fairleigh - Dancer

Sue Farrelly - Producer

Catherine Finnis - Cellist

Roberta Flack - Songwriter

Fionnula Flanagan - Actor

Carl Fleischer - Sound Designer

Alan Fletcher - Actor

Dan John Fox - Dancer

Carl Franklin - Actor

Myer Fredman - Conductor

Kristian Fredrikson - Designer

Dave Freeman - Playwright

Emma Freeman - Director, Playwright

Martin Friedel - Composer

Garth Frost - Puppet Designer

Christian J. Fry - Choreographer

Victoria Fry - Choreographer

Athol Fugard - Playwright

Michael Fuller - Choreographer

Joanne Gabbe - Actor

Laura Gabriel - Actor

Elizabeth Gajewska - Violinist

Deborah Galanos - Actor

Tim Galvin - Dancer

Robert Gard - Actor

Adam Gardnir - Designer

Helen Garner - Writer

Vivienne Garrett - Actor

Gary Gartside - Actor

Kate Gaul - Director

Jonathan Gavin - Writer

Linda Gay - Dancer

Ghenoa Gela - Dancer

Hans George - Cellist

Theseus Gerard - Dancer

Maina Gielgud - Devisor

Les Gilbert - Composer

Reg Gillam - Actor

Carlos Gimenz - Director

Richard Glover - Writer

Dan Goggin - Playwright

Lawrence Goldhuber - Performer

Neil Gooding - Producer

David Gordon - Choreographer

Mark Gould - Dancer

Jim Graham - Writer, Lyricist

Charles Grant - Choreographer, Dancer, Director

Richard Gravel - Technical Director

Robert Grubb - Actor

Gabriel Guimard - Puppeteer, Performer

Jay Hackett - Actor

Ron Hackett - Actor

Kim Hales - Dancer

Christopher Hall - Dancer

Deidre Hall - Flautist

Paulette Hallich - Performer

Conrad Hamill - Musical Director

George Frideric Handel - Composer

John Hannan - Actor

Jane Harders - Actor

Patrick Harding-Irmer - Actor, Dancer

Frank Hardy - Playwright

Kate Harman - Dancer

Wendy Harmer - Writer

Joshua Harmon - Playwright

Chris Harris - Director

David Harris - Performer

Joyce Harris - Costume Maker

Silver Harris - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Wayne Harrison - Director

Nanette Hassall - Choreographer

Frank Hauser - Director

Michael Havir - Composer

Joseph Haydn - Composer

Nancye Hayes - Actor

Sue Healey - Choreographer

Tom Healey - Director

Stephen Lloyd Helper - Director

Kelsey Henderson - Costume Designer

Kerryn Henderson - Actor

Patrick Henniquau - Performer

Jamie Henson - Stage Manager

Roz Hervey - Performer

Dorothy Hewett - Playwright

Kim Hilas - Actor, Dancer

Ian Hill - Composer

Ross Hill - Properties Master / Mistress

John Hoenig - Lighting Designer

Mini Hogan - Designer

David Holah - Dancer

Billie Holiday - Singer

Nick Holland - Actor

David Holman - Playwright

Bruce Hopkins - Dancer

Brian Howard - Creator

Jacqui Howard - Choreographer

John Francis Howard - Actor

Lynn Howard - Dancer

Martin Hughes - Performer

Tony Ingersent - Actor

Derek Ives-Plunkett - Devisor, Performer

Toru Iwashita - Dancer

Geoffrey Jenkins - Actor, Choreographer

Sheridan Jobbins - Writer

Alan John - Actor, Composer

Bartholomew John - Actor

Karen Johnson Mortimer - Choreographer

Caroline Jones - Designer

Gillian Jones - Actor

James Joyce - Writer

Melita Jurisic - Actor

Stefan Kaegi - Director

Michael Kantor - Director

John Kavanagh - Actor

Eddie Kay - Performer

Dillie Keane - Performer

John Keightley - Actor

Malcolm Keith - Director

Lisa Kelly - Actor

Tim Key - Actor

Russell Kiefel - Actor

Llew Kiek - Musical Director

Mara Kiek - Singer, Musical Director

Paul Kieve - Illusionist

Denis King - Composer

Melissa King - Actor

Denise Kirby - Actor

Rae Kissick - Set and/or Property Maker

Robin Klein - Writer

Ryan Knight - Costume Designer

Alan Knoepfler - Actor

Hiroshi Koike - Artistic Director

Clara Korda - Violinist

Dan Kotlowitz - Lighting Designer

Stan Kouros - Actor

Evgeny Kozlov - Performer, Director

Irina Kozlova - Performer

Carlton Lamb - Actor

Toni Lamond - Writer, Performer

Laine Lamont - Actor

Simon Lampton - Lighting Designer

Gary Lang - Collaborator

Gary Lang - Dancer, Choreographer

Jason Langley - Director

Eric Languet - Performer

Regis Lansac - Lighting Designer

Louise Lecavalier - Dancer

Larry Lefebre - Performer

Jacob Lehrer - Performer

Robert Lepage - Writer, Performer, Director

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

Francine Liboiron - Dancer

Alan Light - Actor

Shelley Linden - Costume Designer

Mary Lindsay - Actor

Christos Linou - Dancer

Jeannie Lister - Set and/or Property Maker

Reg Livermore - Playwright, Actor, Devisor

Robert Lloyd - Performer

Edouard Lock - Choreographer

Cecil Longhurst - Percussionist

John Longhurst - Percussionist

June Lonie - Harpist

Anne Looby - Producer, Performer

Indra Lorentzen - Choreographer, Director

Jenny Lovell - Actor

Jon Lucien - Composer

John Lyle - Violinist

Nicolas Lyon - Composer

James MacDonald - Playwright

Don Mackay - Director

Caroline Mackie - Properties Master / Mistress

Ronald Maconaghie - Actor

Kim Maeja - Artistic Director

Kasaya Manulevu - Actor

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Writer

Harro Maskow - Performer

Varste MathEussen-Berndtsson - Dancer

Stuart McCreery - Actor

Terry McDermott - Actor

Helen McDonald - Actor

Andy McDonell - Designer

Scott McGregor - Actor

William McInnes - Actor

Bob McIvor - Trombonist

Arnie McKenna - Actor

Graham McKenzie - Designer

Leo McKern - Actor

Rose McLelland - Producer

Brian McLeod - Production Manager

Amanda McNamara - Costume Designer

Steve McNicholas - Director

Ken McSwain - Lighting Designer

Maria Mercedes - Actor

Gus Merci - Musician

Áine Ní Mhuirí - Actor

James Millar - Writer

Marilyn Miller - Dancer, Choreographer

Grayson Millwood - Director, Dancer

Di Misirdjieff - Stage Manager

Denis Moore - Actor

Michael Moore - Actor

Keiji Morita - Dancer

Jason Morphett - Bassoonist

Fraser Morrison - Dancer

Geraldene Morrow - Actor

Josh Mu - Dancer

Breee-an Munns - Dancer

James Murdoch - Producer

Paula Rokotuiveikau Nabuta - Dancer

Josef Nadj - Director, Choreographer

Gabrielle Nankivell - Dancer

Nina Nawalowalo - Actor, Director

Veronica Neave - Dramaturg

Agnes Neel - Performer

Peter Neufeld - Lighting Designer

Hartley Newnham - Performer

Lloyd Newson - Designer, Creator, Director

Linda Newton - Actor

Peter Nichols - Playwright

Dujon Niue - Choreographer, Dancer

Tommy Noonan - Dancer

Casey Norton - Stage Manager

Louis Nowra - Director

Anna Nuka Olsen - Costume Designer

Terry O'Brien - Actor

Robbie O'Connor - Actor

Errol O'Neill - Director

Joey O'Sullivan - Actor

Kareena Oates - Performer

Gideon Obarzanek - Director, Choreographer

Atsushi Ogata - Dancer

Paul Old - Dancer

David Olrod - Dancer

Katina Olsen - Dancer

Henri Osinski - Actor

Debra Oswald - Writer

Lois Owens - Dancer

Marnie Palomares - Dancer

Luiz Pampolha - Lighting Designer

Tony Papps - Electrician

Brian Parker - Performer

Shaun Parker - Choreographer

Charles Parkinson - Assistant Director

Simone Parrott - Producer

Robin Patterson - Performer

Diana Payne-Myers - Performer

Mal Pearce - Hornist

David Pearse - Actor

Adrian Pecknold - Performer

Steven Peroulis - Actor

Byron Perry - Performer

H. C. Petersen - Devisor

Anne Phelan - Actor

Jacqy Phillips - Actor

Lyn Pierse - Actor

Cheryl Pike - Costume Designer

Rachel Pinto-Nadanachandran - Dancer

Pat Pitney - Actor

Emmanuel Plassard - Performer

Adrian Plaut - Lighting Designer

Chelsea Plumley - Performer

Tony Poli - Actor, Dancer

Eleo Pomare - Choreographer

Lemi Ponifasio - Choreographer

Daniel Pouthier - Actor

Elvis Presley - Songwriter

Doreen Price - Violist

Narelle Procter - Dancer

Tia Propocz - Dancer

Nicholas Pyrros - Designer

Philippe Quesne - Director, Designer, Creator

Cleo Quesne Esturgie - Performer

Barry Quin - Actor

Nola Rae - Performer

Stephen Rae - Actor

Robin Ramsay - Actor

John Rayment - Lighting Designer

Daniel Reardon - Actor

Anthony Redaeilli - Actor, Dancer

Timothy Redaeilli - Actor, Dancer

Little Richard - Songwriter

Matthew Ridout - Designer

Dale Ringland - Musical Director

Harriet Ritchie - Dancer

Margaret Roadknight - Singer

Andrew Robinson - Actor

David Roche - Playwright

Judith Roddy - Actor

James Roe - Technical Director

Inoke Rokotuinamata - Dancer

Andrew Ross - Musical Director

Imogen Ross - Designer

Tony Rossiter - Stage Manager

Delwyn Rouse - Choreographer

Lyn Rowland - Scenic Artist

Peta Rutter - Actor

Guy Ryan - Dancer

Michelle Ryan - Dancer

June Salter - Actor

Sidney Saltner - Dancer

Caleena Sansbury - Dancer

Taree Sansbury - Dancer

Erik Satie - Composer

Garth Saville - Actor

George Sayas - Dancer

Belinda Scarlett - Costume Designer

Gretel Scarlett - Performer

Michael Schell - Lighting Designer

Arnold Schoenberg - Composer

Inga Schonlau - Dramaturg

Timothy Schwerdt - Actor

Phillip Scott - Actor, Musical Director

Tina Scott - Actor

Doug Scroope - Actor

John Senczuk - Designer

Terry Serio - Actor

Alan Shain - Playwright

Ruby Shang - Set Designer, Choreographer, Costume Designer

Jim Sharman - Director

Andrea Sharp - Dancer

Leone Sharp - Designer, Properties Master / Mistress

Tony Sheldon - Writer, Director

Christian Shepard - Stage Manager

Dmitri Shostakovich - Composer

Moya Simpson - Singer

Maarten Sims - Director

Steve Sims - Associate Producer

John Sinatore - Dancer

David Sinclair - Actor

Carole Skinner - Actor

Milan Sladek - Mime

Michael Smetanin - Composer

Luke Smiles - Sound Designer

Carl Smith - Dancer

Clytie Smith - Lighting Designer

Diane Smith - Actor

Francesca Smith - Director

Reuben Solomon - Clarinetist, Saxophonist

Sophocles - Playwright

Joelle Souptes - Actor

Rob Sowinski - Lighting Designer

David Sparrow - Production Manager

Peter Sperlich - Dancer

Jiri Srnec - Director, Creator

Liam Steel - Designer

Fred Steele - Actor

Igor Stravinsky - Composer

Richard Stuart - Lighting Designer

John Studholme - Designer

Robert Suhas - Composer

Alison Summers - Director

Jacqueline Summers - Actor

Victoria Swann - Dancer

Jonny Sweet - Actor

Roc Ta-Peng Lei - Dancer

Sho Takeuchi - Dancer

Meryl Tankard - Director, Designer, Choreographer

Robert Tannion - Performer

Ulaiasi Taoi - Dancer

Alexander Tarrant - Actor

Tony Taylor - Actor

Yana Taylor - Choreographer

Jacques Tchong - Costume Designer

Marc Teitler - Composer

Waiata Telfer - Dancer

Bert Terborgh - Dancer

Francois Testory - Performer

Glen Tetley - Choreographer

Jean-Baptiste Thierree - Creator, Circus Style Performer

Rene Thomas - Actor, Dancer

Evan Thompson - Associate Producer

Jack Thompson - Lighting Designer

Joshua Thomson - Dancer

Rowan Thorpe - Performer

Robyn Thredgold - Dancer

Sonia Todd - Actor

David Toole - Performer

Anna Tregloan - Set Designer

Chris Trusswell - Actor

John Tsakiris - Dancer

Iris Tsang - Dancer

Keith Tucker - Lighting Designer

Richard Tulloch - Adaptor

Andy Turner - Lighting Designer

Kate Turner - Actor

Tony Twigg - Designer

Peter Tyers - Designer

Gabriela Tylesova - Design Consultant

Marie Tysoe - Actor

Pieter-Dirk Uys - Comedian

Vicki Van Hout - Choreographer, Director

Bree Van Reyk - Composer

Ellen van Schuylenburch - Dancer

Marco Vanderfelt - Set and/or Property Maker

Aleksandar Vass - Producer

Anna Veretennikova - Dancer

Jules Verne - Author

- Veshnu - Dancer

Desire Vincent - Actor

Gaetan Vourc'h - Performer

Jenny Vuletic - Actor

Mesake Vuniwai - Dancer

Gary Wade - Designer

Mark Wager - Properties Master / Mistress

Nick Wales - Musical Director, Composer

Mike Walsh - Executive Producer

David Walters - Set and/or Property Maker

Michael Waters - Sound Designer

Jenen Watson - Actor

Mark Watson - Dancer

Gavin Webber - Director, Dancer

Donald Weikert - Dancer

Peter Wells - Composer

Jadie Welsh - Actor

Peter Wetzler - Composer

George Whaley - Director

Miranda Wheen - Dancer

Aoife White - Producer

Jennifer White - Dancer

Patrick White - Playwright

Paul White - Dancer

Debbie Whitford - Costume Designer

Peter Whitford - Actor

Matthew Whitty - Actor

Ken Wilby - Designer

Jamie Wilcox - Dancer

Fiona Wilkes - Dancer

Nicci Wilks - Devisor, Performer

Jeff Willey - Conductor

Peter Williams - Director

Nancy Wills - Playwright

Andrew Wilson - Composer

Lee Wilson - Actor

Margaret Wilson - Dancer

Andrew Windsor - Actor

Katy Wix - Actor

Andrew Wood - Actor

John Wood - Actor

Nici Wood - Director

Vivien Wood - Performer

Robert Woodruff - Director

Della Woods - Violinist

Jethro Woodward - Sound Designer

Joe Woodward - Dramaturg

Douglas Wright - Director, Choreographer

Nathan Wright - Choreographer

Eric Wurtz - Composer

Maurice Yendt - Playwright, Director

Jack Youens - Actor

Eric Young - Actor

Ian Young-Landel - Set and/or Property Maker

Tony Zeane - Actor

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  • Report:  Steven Hopley, Sydney Theatre Report 2015, Steven Hopley, Sydney NSW, January 2016
Venue Identifier 86