Contributor George F Pack
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Gender Male
Functions Musical Director

Musical Arranger

Musical Director


Musical Advisor

John Gordon - Scenic Artist

Emily Nathan - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer

Leon Caron - Musical Arranger

George Gordon - Scenic Artist

James Cassius Williamson - Writer, Scriptwriter, Producer, Entrepreneur

Rosalie Phillipini - Choreographer

Bert Royle - Writer, Scriptwriter

Philip W Goatcher - Scenic Artist

William Salisbury - Mechanist

James Turner - Mechanist

George Walton - Actor, Properties Master, Director, Stage Director

Mary Weir - Actor, Dancer, Actor and Singer

Florence Young - Actor and Singer, Actor

William A Hassan - Properties Master

John Hennings - Scenic Artist

Harry Jones - Lighting Designer

Carrie Moore - Actor, Actor and Singer

William Richards - Properties Master

George Ridgeway - Director

H. D. Smith - Lighting Designer

John Wallace - Director, Choreographer

J B Watson - Director, Choreographer

G F Williams - Properties Master

Mons Alias - Costume Co-ordinator

P B Bathurst - Actor and Singer

W Beaumont - Actor and Singer

Linda Bergin - Actor and Singer

Algernon Blake - Scenic Artist

John Brunton - Scenic Artist

James Burns - Properties Master

George Campbell - Scenic Artist

George Chalmers - Actor

Lila Clifton - Actor and Singer

Lucy Cobb - Actor and Singer

Annie Cubitt - Actor and Singer

Fred England - Actor and Singer

Mr England - Actor and Singer

Minnie Everett - Choreographer

Ernest Fitts - Actor and Singer

Bert Gilbert - Actor and Singer

John Gourlay - Singer, Actor

Flora Graupner - Actor and Singer

Gus Gregory - Acrobat

Newton Griffiths - Actor and Singer

Little Gulliver - Actor and Singer

Fred Gunther - Entrepreneur

Eveline Harte - Singer, Actor

Kitty Hehir - Actor and Singer

Scot Inglis - Actor

Syria Lamont - Actor, Singer

George Lauri - Actor and Singer

Georgie Leighford - Actor

John Little - Scenic Artist

J H Martin - Actor, Stage Manager

Emilia Pasta Moore - Choreographer

Marietta Nash - Actor and Singer

C Neild - Scenic Artist

Harry Paulton - Scriptwriter, Adaptor

May Pollard - Actor and Singer

Walter Raynham - Director, Choreographer

Ada Reeve - Actor and Singer

Maie Saqui - Actor and Singer

Little Ivy Scott - Actor and Singer

Miss Scott - Actor and Singer

Henry Shine - Actor, Singer

Edie Smith - Actor and Singer

Howard Smith - Actor and Singer

Walter B. Spong - Scenic Artist

Madge Torrance - Actor and Singer

Alma Vaughan - Actor and Singer

Howard Vernon - Actor and Singer

Frank Watts - Lighting Designer

Juliet Wray - Actor and Singer

Millie Young - Actor and Singer

Arthur H. Adams - Playwright

Mr Allison - Properties Master

Charles Arnold - Administrator, Actor

Edna Arnold - Actor

Frank Barnes - Business Manager

Inez Bensusan - Actor

Sallie Booth - Actor

Henry Bracy - Performer, Producer

Mrs. H. Bracy - Performer

George Broadhurst - Playwright

Patti Browne - Actor

Lillie Car - Performer

John Coleman - Actor

George Coppin - Entrepreneur

A Cowan - Administrator

Will Crackles - Actor

  • Sinbad the Sailor, Her Majesty's Theatre (1887-1933), Sydney, NSW, 24 December 1896

Mabelle Darley - Performer

Frank H Denton - Actor

George Dixon - Scenic Artist

Stella Elsdale - Actor

  • Sinbad the Sailor, Her Majesty's Theatre (1887-1933), Sydney, NSW, 24 December 1896

R Evans - Actor

Mr Farron - Mechanist

John Forde - Performer

Dot Frederic - Actor

Richard Genee - Librettist

F Hastings - Actor

Flora Hastings - Singer

Alfred Hill - Musical Arranger

W Kinchela - Scenic Artist

William Kinchella - Scenic Artist

Agnes Knights - Actor

Ada Lee - Actor

Edwin Lester - Actor

Edwin Lester - Stage Manager

Wm Lewis - Actor

F J Lindsell - Musician

Lilly Linton - Actor

L J Lohr - Administrator

Celia Mavis - Performer

Hope Mayne - Actor

Carl Millocker - Composer

Major Milne - Mechanist

A Norton - Actor

Mr Osborne - Mechanist

  • Sinbad the Sailor, Her Majesty's Theatre (1887-1933), Sydney, NSW, 24 December 1896

Nina Osborne - Performer

A Osmond - Actor

Addie Place - Performer

Tom Pollard - Producer

W H Pullford - Actor

Sydney Ralfe - Performer

William Rosevear - Performer

Cyril Sandham - Adaptor

Frederick B Sharp - Actor

Richard Stewart - Producer

A H Tasman - Actor

E W Thomas - Actor

Alf Tidy - Lighting Designer

Edward Vaughan - Scenic Artist

W. C. Wall - Mechanist

  • Sinbad the Sailor, Her Majesty's Theatre (1887-1933), Sydney, NSW, 24 December 1896

Mrs G Walton - Costume Co-ordinator

Camillo Walzel - Librettist

Fred. Wentworth - Performer

George Willoughby - Actor

Mrs Wisby - Costume Co-ordinator

Fred Wright Jnr - Playwright

Williamson and Musgrove

Musical Comedy Company

Royal Ballerinas

Bracy's Opera Company

Charles Arnold's English Comedy Company

J. C. Williamson [sole entrepreneur]

Jones & Lawrence's Vaudeville Company

Opera Band

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