Contributor Ann Donald
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Gender Female
Functions Actor and Singer


Actor and Singer

Frank Martin - Actor, Actor and Singer

Carl Randall - Actor, Director, Choreographer, Producer, Actor and Singer

Charles Crawford - Actor and Singer, Actor

Evie Hayes - Actor, Actor and Singer

Irving Berlin - Composer, Lyricist, Music and Lyrics

Marie La Varre - Actor and Singer, Actor

Leo Packer - Musical Director, Conductor

Rob Curtis - Actor and Singer, Actor

Dorothy Fields - Book and Lyrics, Writer

Herbert Fields - Composer, Writer

Reginald Newson - Actor

Everald Norton - Dancer, Actor

Shirley Bushelle - Actor

John L. Clugston - Stage Director, Lighting Designer

Earl Covert - Actor

Beth Dean - Actor, Dancer, Actor and Singer

Claude Flemming - Actor, Actor and Singer

Alton Harvey - Actor

Sydney John Kay - Orchestrator, Musical Director

Clement Kennedy - Set Designer

Donald Kirk - Actor

Dorothy Marchant - Costume Designer

Ted Mullet - Actor

Charles Norman - Actor

Edmond Samuels - Writer, Composer, Lyricist

Nellie Stewart - Actor, Actor and Singer

Sidney Wheeler - Actor and Singer, Actor

Deede Armstrong - Actor, Actor and Singer

Graeme Bent - Actor and Singer, Actor

Victor Carell - Actor and Singer

John Casson - Producer

John Edmund - Actor

Peter French - Actor and Singer

Elizabeth Gaye - Actor and Singer

Hayes Gordon - Actor

Robert Harvey - Dancer, Actor and Singer

Tod Hilton - Actor

Vic Hough - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Roy Howell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Laurie Jones - Actor and Singer, Actor

Alec Kellaway - Actor

J Alan Kenyon - Scenic Artist

Billy Kershaw - Actor and Singer

Gerald Kirby - Dialect Coach

Betty Meddings - Actor and Singer, Actor

Cecil Newman - Scenic Artist

Beth Nicol - Actor

Betty Pounder - Dance Director

Harvey Roland - Dancer

Leonie Scarlett - Actor and Singer

Lillian Scarlett - Costume Designer

Dawn Spry - Actor, Dancer

Wilfred Stevens - Dancer, Actor

Frank S. Tait - Administrator

J. Nevin Tait - Administrator

John H Tait - Administrator

Webb Tilton - Actor, Actor and Singer

George Upward - Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Pam Walter - Actor and Singer

Noel Wotherspoon - Actor and Singer, Actor

'Henry' of JCW Modes - Costume Designer

Dorothy Atholwood - Costume Maker

Louis Barnett - Wigmaker

Brian Barrie - Assistant Stage Manager

Constance Bates - Actor and Singer

John Bean - Dancer

Richard Bradshaw - Actor

Joy Brewer - Actor and Singer

Roland Brierley - Assistant Stage Manager

Herbert Browne - Actor

Ralph Burchell - Dancer

Joan Burge - Actor and Singer

Robert Burns - Actor

Alan Chapman - Producer

Al Clarke - Dancer

John Conroy - Actor and Singer

Garrie Covert - Actor

Shirley Cramer - Dancer

Douglas Cribb - Actor

Ray Dandy - Actor

Anthony Davey - Actor and Singer

Pamela Evans - Actor and Singer

Dave Finkelstein - Properties Master

Patricia Firman - Actor

Harold Fraser-Simson - Composer

Ernest Gifford - Actor

Eric Gormley - Actor

Harry Graham - Lyricist

Marshall Greig - Administrator

Oscar Hammerstein - Composer

Frank Clifford Harris - Lyricist

Trudy Hulse - Actor and Singer

Allan Jacobson - Actor and Singer

June Johnson - Actor and Singer

Graham Jones - Actor

Reg Jones - Lighting Designer

Pat Keating - Actor

Olive Kingette - Actor

Norman H Lane - Stage Manager

Norman Lee - Stage Manager

Al Lockyer - Dancer

Frederick Lonsdale - Writer

Minnie Love - Actor

Gloria Lynch - Actor

Bobby Mack - Actor

Lloyd Martin - Actor

Percy Martin - Actor

Denise Maxwell - Dancer

John McCallum - Actor

June McCrae - Actor

Hazel Meldrum - Choreographer

Boyd Michele - Dancer

Jock Miller - Costume Designer

T H Mitchell - Administrator

T. H. Mitchell - Business Manager

Gladys Moncrieff - Actor

Shirley Murphy - Actor

Fred Murray - Actor

Pat Nicholson - Dancer

Don Nicol - Actor

C. T. Norden - Administrator

Alton Pertzell - Actor and Singer

Betty Preston - Actor

Eve Priestly - Actor and Singer

William P. Robinson - Dancer

Richard Rodgers - Composer

Eve Schafer - Dancer

Wendy Sellover - Actor and Singer

Wendy Selover - Actor

Beryl Seton - Actor

Frank Smith - Dancer

Claude Solomon - Musical Director

Shirley Sonners - Dancer

Betty Sparks - Actor

Ralphine Sprague - Actor

Betty Stewart - Publicist

E. J. Tait - Administrator

James William Tate - Lyricist

Vaughan Tracey - Actor

Janice Turner - Actor

- Valentine - Lyricist

Pam Walters - Dancer

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Australian Musical Productions Pty Ltd

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Regal Players of Australia Pty. Ltd.

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