Contributor Barbara Frawley
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Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Functions Actor


Voice Over Artist

Actor and Singer

Richard Bradshaw - Director, Actor, Adaptor

Michael Creighton - Puppeteer

Ross Higgins - Actor, Voice Over Artist

Allan Highfield - Puppeteer

Ross Hill - Puppet Maker, Actor, Puppeteer

Ines Judd - Puppeteer

Richard Wordsworth - Director, Actor, Performer

Judy Bailey - Composer, Actor

Beverley Campbell Jackson - Actor, Puppet Maker

Timothy Gow - Stage Manager, Actor

Norman Hetherington - Designer, Actor

Guillermo Keys-Arenas - Actor, Choreographer

J Kichanova - Playwright

V. Lifschitz - Playwright

Linda Raymond - Puppeteer

Judy Banks - Actor and Singer, Actor

Carl Bleazby - Actor, Actor and Singer

Bob Burns - Actor, Actor and Singer

Evan Dunstan - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor, Actor and Singer

Marie Fidock - Actor

Jon Finlayson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Robert Gard - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Benita Harvey - Actor

Hy Hazell - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Fred Hebert - Director

Michael Laurence - Actor

Eric Reiman - Actor

Harry Starling - Actor, Actor and Singer

Samuel Taylor - Playwright

Gordon Wilcock - Actor and Singer, Actor

Googie Withers - Actor

Lionel Bart - Lyricist

Carolyn Fairley - Stage Director, Stage Manager

Henry Fielding - Writer

Dobbs Franks - Musical Director

Dres Hardingham - Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Laurie Johnson - Composer

J Alan Kenyon - Set and/or Property Maker

Ernest Leitch - Actor, Actor and Singer

Al Mack - Actor, Actor and Singer, Assistant Stage Manager

Bernard Miles - Adaptor

Malcolm Phillips - Actor

Bruce Wishart - Actor and Singer, Actor

Peter Adams - Actor and Singer, Actor

Michael Agzarian - Puppeteer

Eric Conway - Actor

David Copping - Actor, Designer

Paul Hammond - Choreographer

Ivan King - Actor, Actor and Singer

Lorraine Morrison - Actor, Actor and Singer

Stanley Walsh - Director, Writer, Actor

Philippa Baker - Actor

Rick Billinghurst - Stage Manager

Beryl Cheers - Actor

Anton Chekhov - Playwright

Reg Collins - Actor

June Collis - Actor

James Condon - Actor

Earle Cross - Actor

Graham Dixon - Actor

Tom Farley - Actor

Brian Fitzsimmons - Actor

John Gordon - Composer

Winifred Green - Actor

Sandra Griffin - Actor

David Griggs - Actor

Douglas Hall - Actor

John Hamblin - Actor

Alton Harvey - Actor

Robin Hoskins - Actor

Maureen Howard - Actor

Gerry Hyman - Actor

Kenneth Laird - Actor

Frank Lloyd - Actor

Zoe Maree - Actor

Kirrily Nolan - Actor

Desmond Patterson - Actor

Harry Phillips - Actor and Singer

Robert Quentin - Director

Ronald Reid - Designer

John Rodgers - Stage Manager

Desmond Rolfe - Actor

Saviour Sammut - Actor

Alister Smart - Actor

Bob Tasman-Smith - Actor

Robert Tasman-Smith - Actor and Singer

Martin Vaughan - Actor

Verdon Williams - Conductor

Christopher Winzar - Actor

Mr Wordsworth - Director

Lyn Wright - Actor

Marionette Theatre of Australia

The London Company (International Plays) Limited

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Queensland Arts Council

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

Mermaid Theatre (London)

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

Festival of Sydney

George Miller

J. C. Williamson Theatres (1939-1943)

The Old Tote Theatre Company

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

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