Contributor Harry George Musgrove
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Gender Male
Date of Birth 1884
Date of Death 1951
Functions Administrator
Notes 1919 Company Manager for JC Williamson

General Director





Robert Keers - Musical Director, Conductor

Will Quintrell - Conductor, Musical Director

Fred Aydon - General Manager

Percy F Crawford - Business Manager

Maurice Nodin - Stage Manager

J. Grant - Stage Manager

Leo Stirling - Actor and Singer, Singer

Reginald Wykeham - Producer, General Manager

Arthur Argent - Baritone

Gene Gerrard - Comedian

Dulcie Hall - Comedian

Laurence Harding - Comedian

Ethel Hook - Contralto

Adele Inman - Comedian

J S Rendall - Business Manager

Madeline Rossiter - Dancer

Harry Whaite - Scenic Artist

Wee Georgie Wood - Comedian, Actor

Abbott - Singer, Performer

Stuart Barnes - Narrator

Fred Bluett - Comedian

George Edwards - Actor

Stanley Fields - Comedian

Maggie Foster - Violinist

Eric Godley - Baritone

Harko - Cartoonist

Billy Maloney - Actor, Performer

Edith Page - Accompanist, Pianist

Louis J Seymour - Comedian

Clay Smith - Singer

Jack Thompson - Baritone

Lee White - Singer

Verna Bain - Dancer

Nellie Barnes - Actor

Nello Barontini - Actor and Singer

Franklyn Barrett - Producer, Director

Spencer Barry - Producer

Vera Bedford - Actor and Singer

Chas Beetham - Actor

The Great Bertini - Violinist

Birtini - Violinist

Tom Blacklock - Comedian

Leslie Board - Designer

Marcia Boulais - Singer

Charles Bradley - Actor and Singer

Anna Brady - Performer

Jack Bridges - Costume Designer

Brooklyn - Circus Style Performer

William Burr - Actor

Salvadore Cammarano - Librettist

George Carney - Comedian

Eileen Castles - Actor and Singer

Ada Cerito - Comedian

Louis Christiansen - Actor

Frederick Collier - Actor and Singer

Will Collinson - Performer

Arthur Cornell - Comedian

Nell Crane - Singer

Zoha D'Arcy - Singer

Keith Desmond - Actor

Dolinda - Aerialist

Laurie Dunn - Performer

Roy Dunn - Actor and Singer

Leslie Elliot - Pianist

Ralph Errole - Actor and Singer

Minnie Everett - Choreographer

Maud Fane - Actor

Count Filippini - Actor and Singer

Jas Finlay - Acrobat

Ed Ford - Contortionist

Carl Formes - Actor and Singer

Isla Gamble - Actor and Singer

Giuseppe Giacosa - Librettist

Bert Gilbert - Comedian

Gerald Harcourt - Producer, Actor

Dolly Harmer - Comedian

Dorothy Hawtree - Dancer

Kelso Henderson - Dancer

Leyland Hodgson - Singer

Daphne Hope - Actor

Hugh Huntley - Actor

Luigi Illica - Librettist

Barbara James - Xylophone

Gertrude Johnson - Actor and Singer

Horace Jones - Actor

Annette Kellerman - Actor

Herbert Lamartine - Dancer

Carrie Lanceley - Singer

Alf J. Lawrence - Pianist

Nellie Leach - Actor and Singer

R Levy - Actor and Singer

Rob Loder - Actor and Singer

Vittorio Lois - Actor and Singer

Monte Luke - Actor

Percy Mackay - Singer

George Marlow - Producer

Percy Marmont - Actor

Gelao Martinelli - Actor and Singer

Hugh D. McIntosh - General Director

Decima McLean - Dancer

Eddie McLean - Dancer

Frederick Melville - Playwright

Charles Mettam - Actor and Singer

Tom Minogue - Actor and Singer

George Moon - Singer

Browning Mummery - Actor and Singer

Leah Myers - Actor and Singer

Hector Napier - Contortionist

Leonard Nelson - Comedian

Talbot O'Farrell - Actor and Singer

William Perryman - Actor and Singer

Rock Phillips - Set Designer

Pinto - Contortionist

Harry Plimmer - Actor

Giacomo Puccini - Composer

Harrington Reynolds - Actor

Harry Rickards - Producer

Frank Rigo - Stage Director

Alma Rock-Phillips - Actor

Patti Russell - Actor and Singer

Teddy Sherry - Dancer

Ella Shields - Impersonator, Singer

Dick Shortland - Stage Manager

Gustav Slapoffski - Musical Director

Sam Stern - Comedian

Maurice Sterndale - Violinist

Donald Stewart - Comedian

J Stuart - Actor and Singer

James Sullivan - Director

Elsie Treweek - Actor and Singer

Alfredo Valenti - Actor and Singer

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

Ethel Walker - Singer

Walter Wheatley - Actor and Singer

Strella Wilson - Actor and Singer

George Young - Actor

Charles Zoli - Comedian

Harry Rickards' Tivoli Theatres Ltd

Musgrove Theatres Ltd

Tivoli Orchestra

Alma and Roy

Eclair Bros

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

The Winskills

Apdale's Zoological Circus

Australian Famous Feature Company

Carne & Kelleway

Davis and Lea

Doody and Wright

Edna and Paul

First National Symphony Orchestra


Geaiks and Geaiks

Girton College Girls

Hunter and Bob

Lloyd and Raymond

Max and Ray

Musical Shirleys

Preston & Perrin

Raynor and Roy

Sparkling Mozelles

The Annesley Brothers

The Darwinians

The Gladiators

The Klentos

The Monks of St. Bernard

The Two DD

The Two Rascals

Tilton and West

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