Contributor Clifford Mollison
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Gender Male
Nationality English
Date of Birth 1896
Date of Death 1986
Functions Actor, Director, Producer
Notes Died in Cyprus.




Circus Style Performer


June Clyne - Actor

Richard Webb - Actor, Stage Manager

Avril Wheatley - Actor

John Edmund - Actor

June Jago - Actor

Hugh Neville - Actor, Stage Manager

Freddie Carpenter - Director

Jack Collins - Actor, Performer

Michael Duffield - Actor

Helen Franklyn - Actor

Pauline Garrick - Actor, Performer

Larry Gelbart - Librettist, Book and Lyrics

Bob Hornery - Actor, Performer

Will Mahoney - Performer, Actor

Max Martin - Set Designer

Don McManus - Performer, Actor

Lily Moore - Actor

Geraldene Morrow - Actor, Performer

Max Phipps - Performer, Actor

Betty Pounder - Choreographer

Burt Shevelove - Librettist, Book and Lyrics

Stephen Sondheim - Music and Lyrics, Composer

E. V. Tidmarsh - Playwright

Richard Walker - Performer, Actor

Tony Walton - Designer, Set Designer

Barbara Brandon - Actor

Paul Brent - Actor

Eric Evans - Actor

Ronald Fortt - Actor, Producer

Jack Gardner - Actor

Sacha Guitry - Playwright

Dres Hardingham - Set Designer

Avery Hopwood - Playwright

Neil Hunsley - Actor

Betty Leggo - Actor

Leo Marks - Playwright

Kathleen Minahan - Set Designer

Noel Mitchell - Actor

Titus Maccius Plautus - Playwright

Judith Roberts - Performer

Joan Ross - Actor

Buster Skeggs - Performer

Noel Smith - Musical Director

David Spurling - Actor

Robert Stirling - Actor

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Sir Benjamin Fuller Productions

Identifier 233535