Organisation Royal Ballerinas
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Address SA Australia
Functions Presenting Company
Related Organisations

Williamson and Musgrove

Bonhair Brothers

Franks and Marion

J. C. Williamson [sole entrepreneur]

Pollard's Opera Company

Walhalla Brothers

Williamson, Garner and Co.

Williamson, Garner and Musgrove

Her Majesty's Theatre (1887-1933), Sydney, NSW

Princess Theatre (1886- ), Melbourne, VIC

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Theatre Royal, Melbourne, VIC

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

John Brunton - Scenic Artist

Leon Caron - Musical Director, Composer, Musical Arranger

Emily Nathan - Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Designer, Costume Maker

Mary Weir - Actor, Dancer

James Cassius Williamson - Scriptwriter, Producer, Lessee, Author

Florence Young - Actor and Singer, Actor

John Gordon - Scenic Artist

Gus Gregory - Actor, Acrobat

George Lauri - Actor and Singer

May Pollard - Actor and Singer

William Salisbury - Set and/or Property Maker, Mechanist

Violet Varley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Howard Vernon - Actor and Singer

P B Bathurst - Actor and Singer

W Beaumont - Actor and Singer

Linda Bergin - Actor and Singer

Algernon Blake - Scenic Artist

Lila Clifton - Actor and Singer

Lucy Cobb - Actor and Singer

Annie Cubitt - Actor and Singer

H Diederichsen - Musical Arranger, Composer

Fred England - Actor and Singer

Mr England - Actor and Singer

Ernest Fitts - Actor and Singer

George Gordon - Scenic Artist

Flora Graupner - Actor and Singer

Newton Griffiths - Actor and Singer

Little Gulliver - Actor and Singer

William A Hassan - Properties Master

Laura Healy - Actor

Kitty Hehir - Actor and Singer

Thomas Hilhouse Taylor - Playwright

Harry Jones - Lighting Designer

Jennie Lee - Actor

Carrie Moore - Actor and Singer

Marietta Nash - Actor and Singer

C Neild - Scenic Artist

George F Pack - Musical Arranger

James Peake - Scenic Artist

Rosalie Phillipini - Choreographer

Walter Raynham - Choreographer, Director

Mary Reddall - Choreographer

George Ridgeway - Director

E W Royce - Actor, Playwright, Director, Producer

Bert Royle - Scriptwriter

Maie Saqui - Actor and Singer

Little Ivy Scott - Actor and Singer

Miss Scott - Actor and Singer

Edie Smith - Actor and Singer

Howard Smith - Actor and Singer

Madge Torrance - Actor and Singer

Alma Vaughan - Actor and Singer

George Walton - Actor

G F Williams - Properties Master

Juliet Wray - Actor and Singer

Millie Young - Actor and Singer

Mr Adolph - Actor

Stuart Allan - Costume Designer

Madame Beamer - Costume Designer

Maud Beatty - Actor and Singer

Little Benham - Actor

Mr H Bennam - Actor

Madame Bima - Costume Designer

Henry Bracy - Actor and Singer, Stage Director

Charles Brown - Actor

James Burns - Properties Master

Gerard Coventry - Stage Director

Daisy Cremar - Actor

Fred Dark - Actor

George Darrell - Administrator

Sydney Deane - Actor and Singer

George Dixon - Scenic Artist

Lizzie Donnelly - Actor

Bernard Espinasse - Author

Minnie Everett - Choreographer

W Ford - Actor

Arthur Garner - Lessee

A Gonzalez - Actor

Mr H Gribben - Actor

Thomas Grundy - Actor and Singer

Douglas Hamilton - Lighting Designer

Sophie Harris - Actor

Ada Lee - Actor

Miriam Lewis - Actor

G. Massey - Properties Master

Frank Milne - Lighting Designer

Major Milne - Mechanist

Albert Moynham - Properties Master

A Olive - Actor

Nina Osborne - Actor and Singer

Vera Patey - Actor

Mr Patterson - Actor

W. S. Percy - Actor and Singer

Mr R Phillips - Actor

Rock Phillips - Properties Master

Professor Pinkiert - Performer

John Povah - Lighting Designer

Mr A Riddle - Actor

Alfred Robinson - Properties Master

William Rosevear - Actor and Singer

Charles Ryley - Actor and Singer

Henry Shine - Actor

Murray Slade - Actor

H. D. Smith - Lighting Designer

Joseph Tapley - Actor and Singer

Clara Thompson - Actor and Singer

Mildred Trigge - Actor

James Turner - Mechanist

John Wallace - Producer

Mr S. W. Wallace - Actor

Mr Watson - Actor

Frank Watts - Lighting Designer

Fred W Weierter - Composer

Organisation Identifier 31450