Venue Adelaide Festival Centre
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Address King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000
First Date 1973
Notes Contains several venues - Festival Theatre, Dunstan Playhouse (prev. known as TXU Playhouse), The Space, the Amphitheatre, the Piano Bar.
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Latitude | Longitude -34.919666 | 138.59813

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Adelaide Festival Centre

State Opera Chorus

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Australia Council for the Arts

Australian Broadcasting Commission, Adelaide

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Christine Dunstan Productions

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Colin McLennan and Associates



Department of Education and Children's Services

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Equal Opportunities Unit of T.A.F.E.

Feast Festival

Footsbarn Travelling Theatre

Friends of the State Opera of South Australia

G & J Productions

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High Performance Company

Holiday on Ice International


International Federation of Film Producers' Associations

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

James Hardie Industries Limited

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Kaurna Elders Inc.

Kevin Jacobsen Productions

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Sydney Opera House

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The Bolshoi Ballet

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The Friends of the Australian Ballet

The Good Neighbour Council of SA Inc

The Government of South Australia

The Keir Foundation

The Lighthouse Acting Company

The Sidney Myer Fund

Theatre des Bouffes du Nord


Vitalstatistix Theatre Company

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Timothy Sexton - Musical Director, Conductor, Associate Conductor, Assistant Conductor, Actor and Singer, Chorus Master/Mistress

Karen Frost - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Brian Gilbertson - Actor and Singer

Donn Byrnes - Lighting Designer

Douglas McNicol - Actor and Singer

Florin Radulescu - Chorus Master/Mistress, Associate Conductor, Choir Master/Mistress

Prudence Dunstone - Actor and Singer

Mandy Farmer - Stage Manager

Adam Goodburn - Actor and Singer, Singer

Victoria Lamb - Assistant Stage Manager

Jeremy Tatchell - Actor and Singer, Singer

Andrew Turner - Singer, Actor and Singer

Pelham Andrews - Actor and Singer

Deborah Caddy - Singer, Actor and Singer

Richard Bonynge - Accompanist, Conductor

Tasso Bouyessis - Actor and Singer

Marie Docking - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Andrew Georg - Repetiteur

David Hibbard - Actor and Singer

Wendy Hopkins - Actor and Singer

Kate Ladner - Actor and Singer

David McLean - Production Manager

Gideon Obarzanek - Artistic Director

James Orange - Actor and Singer

Patrick Power - Actor and Singer

Nicolas Reveles - Musician

Joshua Rowe - Singer, Actor and Singer

Andrew Sinclair - Saxophonist, Director

Ian Vayne - Actor and Singer

Penny Arcade - Comedian

Mikhail Baryshnikov - Dancer

Shelley Bourke - Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Brook - Director

Don Byrne - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Nicholas Cannon - Associate Director, Singer

Geoff Cobham - Lighting Designer

John Copley - Director

Peter Deane - Actor and Singer

Robert England - Actor and Singer

Margaret Fischer - Playwright, Artistic Director, Actor

Desiree Frahn - Actor and Singer, Singer

Shaun Gurton - Director, Designer

Geoffrey Harris - Actor and Singer

Naomi Hede - Actor and Singer

Judith Henley - Actor and Singer

Judith Hoddinott - Designer

Norbert Hohl - Actor and Singer, Singer

Bernard Hull - Actor and Singer

Nic Hurcombe - Performer, Actor

Karen Kohler - Director, Actor

Regis Lansac - Designer, Set Designer

Russell Larkin - Associate Conductor, Assistant Conductor

Franz Lehar - Composer

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

Robert Lloyd - Actor, Composer

Paul McCarthy - Director, Actor

Paul McDermott - Performer, Comedian

Gaelle Mellis - Set Designer, Designer

Mary Moore - Designer, Set Designer

John O'May - Actor, Director

Mark Oates - Singer, Actor and Singer

David Perry - Actor and Singer

Marilyn Richardson - Director

Dale Ringland - Repetiteur, Conductor

Christine Rothauser - Lecturer

Kenneth Rowell - Designer

Leigh Rowles - Choreographer, Dancer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Ladislav Slovak - Conductor

Luke Smiles - Sound Designer, Performer

David Stanhope - Conductor

Michael Stennett - Costume Designer

Meryl Tankard - Choreographer, Costume Designer, Director

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Mark Thompson - Costume Designer, Designer, Set Designer

Dirk Weiler - Actor

Graham Abbott - Conductor

Matthew Aberline - Costume Designer

Adolphe Adam - Music Adaptor

Georgia Adamson - Actor

Bevan Addinsell - Actor

William Akers - Lighting Designer

Lucette Aldous - Dancer

Melanie Anderson - Assistant Stage Manager

Christine Andreas - Actor and Singer, Director

Winston Appleyard - Actor

Robyn Archer - Director

David Argue - Actor

Harold Arlen - Music and Lyrics

Linda Aronson - Playwright

Frederick Ashton - Choreographer

Richard Back - Set and/or Property Maker

Liesel Badorrek - Director

Peter Baillie - Actor and Singer

Mikhail Bank - Conductor

Matthew Barclay - Choreographer

Henry Bardon - Set Designer

Stephen Barlow - Conductor

Catriona Barr - Actor and Singer

Clare Bartholomew - Performer

Tony Bartuccio - Choreographer

Frank L. Baum - Writer

John Beckett - Lighting Designer

Heather Begg - Actor and Singer

Mario Bellanova - Actor and Singer

Vanessa Benger - Actor and Singer

Kathy Bennett - Dancer

Steven Berkoff - Devisor, Performer, Playwright

Michel Beroff - Pianist

Natalia Bessmertnova - Dancer

Melissa Bickerton - Actor

Margarete Biereye - Actor

Jonathan Biggins - Performer, Writer

Laurence Bishop - Ballet Master/Mistress

Georges Bizet - Composer

Ollie Black - Playwright, Actor

Wayne Blair - Director

Michael Blakemore - Director

Jan Blanch - Dancer

Michael Bogdanov - Assistant Director

Edmund Bohan - Actor and Singer

John Bolton - Actor and Singer

John Bolton Wood - Actor and Singer

Walter Bourke - Dancer

Sally Bourne - Singer

John Bowen - Pianist

Katy Bowman - Actor

Greta Bradman - Singer

Richard Bradshaw - Puppeteer, Performer, Devisor

Nicholas Braithwaite - Conductor

Bertolt Brecht - Composer

Tessa Bremner - Choreographer

Kate Bright - Actor and Singer

Sue Broadway - Circus Style Performer

Alyson Brown - Director

Cameron Bruce - Musician

Robert Bryan - Lighting Designer

Dean Bryant - Writer

Pamela Buckman - Dancer

Michael Burgen - Actor

Dale Burridge - Actor

Bob Burton - Actor

Jon Buswell - Lighting Designer

Frederik Caelen - Performer

Fiona Cameron - Performer

Catherine Campbell - Singer

David Campbell - Artistic Director

Tom Campbell - Performer

Cath Cantlon - Designer

Denis Carey - Actor

Lewis Carroll - Writer

Richard Carroll - Director, Writer

Nicholas Carter - Conductor

Linda Catalano - Playwright, Actor

Katherine Chan - Associate Designer

Kristina Chan - Performer

Philip Channells - Assistant Director

Stewart Charlesworth - Actor

Alida Chase - Dancer

Kate Cherry - Director

Allan Clarke - Actor

Heather Clarke - Assistant Stage Manager

Kelvin Coe - Dancer

Russell Cohen - Set Designer

Sally Collard Gentle - Dancer

Melissa Colley - Assistant Stage Manager

John Colvin - Production Manager

Carolyn Connors - Singer

Chris Theo Cook - Actor

Damien Cooper - Lighting Designer

Robert Cooper - Violinist

Paul Coppens - Musical Director

Paul Cosentino - Magician

Ralph Cotterill - Actor

Tom Coultas - Assistant to the Director

Edward Cowie - Composer

Rex Cramphorn - Director

Matthew Creamer - Assistant Stage Manager

Vincent Crowley - Dancer

Joe Cunningham - Actor

Merce Cunningham - Choreographer

Philip Cusack - Director

Mark Cuthbertson - Set and/or Property Maker

Sheree da Costa - Dancer

Brett Daffy - Performer

Susan Dains - Dancer

Grant Dale - Actor

Bradley Daley - Actor and Singer

Trudy Dalgleish - Lighting Designer

Michael Dalley - Actor, Composer, Playwright

Helen Dallimore - Performer, Writer

Maude Davey - Performer

Perry Davey - Comedian

Peter J Davison - Set Designer

Teresa De Gennaro - Performer

Ben De Wynter - Company Manager

Mark Deans - Devisor

Hilary Debden - Dancer

Constance DeJong - Librettist

John DeMain - Conductor

Habib Dembele - Actor

Ilya Demutsky - Composer

Terry Denton - Author

Eva Di Cesare - Adaptor

Aldo Di Toro - Actor and Singer

Christopher Doig - Actor and Singer

Pat Donnelly - Actor and Singer

Lance Dossor - Pianist

Susanna Dowling - Director

Grant Doyle - Actor and Singer

Mervyn Drake - Actor

Benjamin Dunks - Dancer

Christine Dunstan - Producer, Director

Jacques Dupont - Costume Designer

Nicholas Eadie - Actor

Karen Ebert - Assistant Stage Manager

Daniel Edmonds - Musical Director

Thomas Edmonds - Actor and Singer

Gale Edwards - Director

Rachel Edwards - Assistant Director

Sophie Edwards - Assistant Stage Manager

Sandra Eldridge - Adaptor

Angela Embleton - Stage Manager

Michael England - Musical Director

Peter England - Set Designer

Jon English - Actor

Marie-Helene Estienne - Adaptor

Naomi Eyers - Singer

Elvira Fatykhova - Actor and Singer

Gail Ferguson - Dancer

Marcia Ferguson - Devisor

Tim Ferguson - Performer

Angela Fewster - Playwright

Richard Fidler - Performer

Gary Files - Actor

David Finn - Lighting Designer

Michael Finney - Actor

Moira Finucane - Performer

Kate Fitzpatrick - Actor

Justin Fleming - Translator

Mark Fordham - Lighting Designer

Drew Forsythe - Actor

Pamela Foulkes - Assistant Stage Manager

Yiannis Fragos - Actor and Singer

Mathew Frank - Musical Director

Kristian Fredrikson - Designer

Miranda Freeman - Actor

Pamela French - Choreographer

Athol Fugard - Playwright

Peter Furness - Dancer

David Gadsden - Lighting Designer

Ai-Gul Gaisina - Dancer

Steven Gallop - Actor and Singer

James Galway - Flautist

Carrillo Gantner - Actor

Lisa Gasteen - Soprano

Steven Gates - Director

Julian Gavin - Actor and Singer

Robert Gebert - Stage Manager

Lizzi Gee - Choreographer

May Gibbs - Author

Rebecca Gibbs - Stage Director

Nic Gibney - Actor

William Schwenck Gilbert - Book and Lyrics

Max Gillies - Actor

Bruce Gladwin - Director

Philip Glass - Composer

Mark Glentworth - Composer, Musician

Michael Gluecksmann - Actor and Singer

Daniel Goodburn - Actor and Singer

Andrew Goodwin - Actor and Singer

Miriam Gordon - Actor and Singer

Clem Gorman - Playwright

David Gould - Actor

Michael Gow - Director

Paul Grabowsky - Musician

Jim Graham - Writer

Carol Green - Dancer

Lee Greenaway - Actor

Andy Griffiths - Author

Lisa Griffiths - Performer

Andrew Groch - Assistant Conductor

Marlo Grocke - Actor

Darrelyn Gunzburg - Playwright, Director

Bob Guy - Musical Director

Lesley Hammond - Producer

John Handley - Actor and Singer

Marguerite Hann Syme - Author

E. Y. Harburg - Music and Lyrics

Toby Harding - Lighting Designer

Ruth Hardman - Set and/or Property Maker

Kirsti Harms - Actor and Singer

Emma Harper - Performer

Nanette Hassall - Choreographer

Nancye Hayes - Actor

Patrick Hayter - Actor

Ofra Haza - Composer

Kate Healy - Costume Maker

Mark Henderson - Lighting Designer

Nicholas Higgins - Lighting Designer

Peter Hiland - Tour Manager

Dean Hills - Designer

Rhian Hinkley - Designer, Animator

Kevin Hocking - Musical Director

Nicki Holland - Devisor

Albert Hollander - Composer

Julia Holt - Director

Peter Hopkins - Actor and Singer

Gabrielle Hornhardt - Assistant Stage Manager

Joseph Houston - Actor

Alan Howard - Actor

Engelbert Humperdinck - Performer

Christopher Hurrell - Director

Agim Hushi - Actor and Singer

Dan Ilic - Speaker

Jennifer Irwin - Costume Designer

Daniel Jaber - Devisor, Choreographer, Director, Performer

Sally Jacobs - Designer

Trevor Jamieson - Actor

Lindi Jane - Ventriloquist

Rachel Jenson - Dancer

Lucas Jervies - Dramaturg

Johan Johannsson - Composer

Debby Johnson - Actor and Singer

Terry Johnson - Playwright

Dave Johnston - Actor

Ross Johnston - Sound Designer

Steve Johnston - Actor

Caroline Jones - Designer

Gemma Jones - Actor

Margaret Jones-Dugdale - Musician

Okko Kamu - Conductor

John Kane - Adaptor

John Kani - Playwright

Tim Kay - Dancer

Hugh Keays-Byrne - Actor

Nicola Keene - Stage Manager

Jonathan Kelly - Dancer

Robert Kemp - Designer

Stephen Kent - Circus Style Performer

Simon Kenway - Chorus Master/Mistress

Chrisa Keramidas - Dancer

Amral Khan - Director

Benjamin Kiehne - Musical Director

Roger Kirk - Costume Designer

Michela Kirkaldie - Dancer

Katarzyna Klebba - Actor

Jennifer Kneale - Actor and Singer

Brian Knox - Lighting Designer

Daniel Koerner - Director

Henry Krips - Conductor

Norman Kupke - Lighting Designer

Teresa La Rocca - Actor and Singer

Rosario La Spina - Actor and Singer

Jasek Ladislav - Concert Master

Simon Laherty - Devisor

David Lampard - Assistant Director

John Lanchbery - Conductor

Maria Lang - Dancer

Prue Lang - Dancer

John Langmaid - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Joe Latona - Producer

Pureza Pinto Leite - Actor

Deborah Lerine - Dancer

Philip Lethlean - Lighting Designer, Puppeteer

Alexander Lewis - Singer

Michael Lewis - Actor and Singer

Andrea Licata - Conductor

Patrick Lim - Assistant Director

José Limón - Choreographer

Andrew Livingston - Lighting Designer

John Longmuir - Singer

Julian Louis - Artistic Director

Shane Lowrencev - Actor and Singer

Rodney Macann - Actor and Singer

Robert Macfarlane - Actor and Singer

Graham Maclean - Designer

Sarah Mainwaring - Devisor

Phillip Manikum - Actor

Tracy Mann - Actor

Elizabeth Mansfield - Stage Manager

Miriam Margolyes - Performer

Maeve Marsden - Performer

Kenneth Marshall - Actor and Singer

Ashley Martin-Davis - Designer

Laurel Martyn - Artistic Director

Mia Mason - Dancer

Tama Matheson - Director

Chris Maver - Stage Manager

Phil Mayer - Executive Producer

Lee McAllistair - Singer

David McAllister - Director

Fiona McArdle - Actor and Singer

Melissa McCaig - Singer

Kirstie McCracken - Performer

Tim McGarry - Adaptor

Judith McGrath - Actor

Buck McKenzie - Storyteller, Singer, Songwriter

Colin McLennan - Executive Producer

Rex McNeill - Dancer

David McNicol - Accompanist

Rob McPherson - Assistant Choreographer

Anthony McVey - Musician

John Meehan - Dancer

Aubrey Mellor - Director

Andre Messager - Composer

Derek Metzger - Actor

David Meyer - Actor

Steve Miller - Lighting Designer

Thomas Millhouse - Actor and Singer

Michael Mills - Actor and Singer

Grayson Millwood - Dancer

Tim Minchin - Performer

Noel Mitchell - Actor

Chia Moan - Graphic Designer

Phillip Moll - Pianist

Justin Moore - Actor

Ian Moorhead - Composer

Neil Moors - Actor

Mick Moriarty - Musician

Mark Morris - Choreographer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Mark Muller - Technical Manager

Aidan Munn - Choreographer

Pauline Munro - Actor

Chris Murphy - Actor

Graeme Murphy - Director, Choreographer

John Murphy - Actor

Michael Murray - Lighting Designer

Linda Nagle - Performer, Writer

Gabrielle Nankivell - Performer

Jess Nash - Assistant Stage Manager

Elke Neidhardt - Director

John Neumeier - Choreographer

Bert Newton - Actor

Laura Niculescu - Actor and Singer

Milijana Nikolic - Actor and Singer

Barbara Nimmo - Dancer

Louis Nowra - Director

Winston Ntshona - Playwright

Virginia Nugent - Production Manager

Lisa O'Dea - Actor

Libby O'Donovan - Singer

Robert Olup - Dancer

Debra Oswald - Writer

Shio Otani - Costume Designer

Abdou Ouologuem - Set Designer

Moffatt Oxenbould - Director

Andy Packer - Assistant Director

Dale Page - Actor

Kirk Page - Actor

Stephen Page - Various

John Palmer - Writer, Lyricist

Shaun Parker - Dancer

David Parkin - Actor and Singer

Charles Parkinson - Director

Dianne Parrington - Dancer

Craig Patterson - Choreographer

Sarah Jane Pattichis - Singer

Michael Pearce - Designer

Richard Peaslee - Composer

Valeriy Pecheykin - Librettist

Mark Pennington - Associate Lighting Designer

Byron Perry - Performer

Fiona Perry - Poet

Ross A Perry - Choreographer

Sean Peter - Composer

Marius Petipa - Choreographer

Michelle Pettigrove - Actor

Astrid Pill - Actor

Jane Pirani - Choreographer

Shane Placentino - Assistant Director

Alyce Platt - Actor

Edgar Allan Poe - Author

Manfred Pohlenz - Actor and Singer

Deborah Pope - Circus Style Performer

David Porcelijn - Conductor

Will Poskitt - Pianist

Yuri Possokhov - Choreographer

Marion Potts - Director

Terese Power - Dancer

Shondelle Pratt - Dance Director

Michele Preshaw - Lighting Designer

Scott Price - Devisor

Tom Pye - Designer

Wayne Pygram - Actor

Merlyn Quaife - Soprano

Pamela Rabe - Actor

Scott Rankin - Writer, Director

Martine Redman-Kay - Dancer

David Reeves - Composer, Musical Director

Sasha Regan - Director

Malcolm Rennie - Actor

Andre Reynaud - Designer

Alan Richardson - Actor

James Ridewood - Designer

Leanne Ringelstein - Dancer

Brock Roberts - Assistant Designer

Judith Roberts - Actor

Rachel Roberts - Dancer

Valmai Roberts - Dancer

Jo-Anne Robinson - Choreographer

Peter Robinson - Conductor

Zhivila Roche - Actor

Hal Rogers - Stage Manager

Brian Rooney - Actor

Tuula Roppola - Dancer

Finn Ross - Projection Designer

Imogen Ross - Production Designer

Victoria Rowell - Designer

Guy Rundle - Writer

Michelle Ryan - Dancer

Roger Rynd - Director

Samuel Sakker - Actor and Singer

Paul Saliba - Dancer

Aldo Salvagno - Conductor

Mark Sandon - Repetiteur

Erik Satie - Composer

Michael Saunders - Actor and Singer

Philip Sayer - Actor

Craig Schaefer - Director, Choreographer

Nick Schlieper - Designer

Joachim Schlomer - Choreographer

Matt Scott - Lighting Designer

Matthew Scott - Lighting Designer

Phillip Scott - Performer, Writer, Musical Director

Michael Scott-Mitchell - Set Designer

Fiona Scott-Norman - Performer

Stephen Sculley - Actor

Boris Sekhon - Actor

Roshan Seth - Actor

Elyakum Shapirra - Conductor

Rodney Sharp - Actor

Bev Shean - Actor

Denis Sheridan - Vocalist

Andrew Shore - Actor and Singer

Delia Silvan - Stage Director

Morag Skinner - Assistant Stage Manager

Bedřich Smetana - Composer

Christina Smith - Set Designer

David Spathaky - Circus Style Performer

Phil Spruce - Actor

Michelle Stanley - Actor

Barry Stanton - Actor

Maurice Stead - Concert Master

Anna Steen - Performer, Writer

Noreen Stokes - Pianist

Jennie Stoller - Actor

Rita Streich - Singer

Kate Sulan - Devisor

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Ghillian Sullivan - Actor and Singer

Joan Sutherland - Singer

George Sweeney - Actor

Michelle Sweeny - Director

Terence Taplin - Actor

Fred Thomas - Technical Director

Patrick Thomas - Conductor

Anne Thompson - Dramaturg

Brian Tilley - Devisor

Mark Timberlake - Performer

Geoff Toll - Actor

Christopher Tomkinson - Actor

Andris Toppe - Dancer

Frances Towers - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Nigel Triffitt - Director, Devisor, Designer

Richard Tulloch - Playwright

Ethel Sybil Turner - Author

Michael Tyack - Musical Director

Simon Tye - Lighting Designer

Gabriela Tylesova - Designer

Azaria Universe - Performer

Peter Ustinov - Actor

Micheline Van Hautem - Performer

Daniel Van Nek - Stage Manager

Adam Vaughan - Actor

Velalien - Choreographer

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

Janet Vernon - Associate Director

Philippe Vialatte - Lighting Designer

Yuri Vladimirov - Dancer

Ingrid Voorendt - Choreographer

Hew Wagner - Actor and Singer

Daryl Wallis - Sound Operator/Engineer

Christine Walsh - Dancer

Sarah Ward - Performer

Jacob Warner - Actor

Keith Warner - Director

Leigh Warren - Director

Megan Washington - Singer

Maggie Watkiss - Actor

Graeme Watson - Choreographer

Peter Watson - Assistant Director

Robin Weatherall - Musician

Gavin Webber - Dancer

Kurt Weill - Composer

Karl Welander - Dancer

Garth Welch - Associate Director

Tamsin West - Actor

Christie Whelan-Browne - Performer

David Whitney - Actor

Anthea Williams - Director

Kialea-Nadine Williams - Performer

Christina Wilson - Actor and Singer

David Wilson - Photographer

Robyn Wilson-Owen - Designer

Jenny Wollerman - Actor and Singer

Pitcho Womba Konga - Actor

Kimball Wong - Performer

Libby Wood - Performer

David Woods - Devisor

Netta Yashchin - Director

Rohan Yates - Stage Manager

Peter Yeldham - Writer

Nicole Youl - Actor and Singer

Steev Zane - Dancer

John Zaradin - Musician

Catherine Ziersch - Costume Designer

Lachlan Zilm - Actor and Singer

Marilyn Zschau - Actor and Singer

Dubravka Zubovic - Actor and Singer

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