Venue Arts House North Melbourne Town Hall
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Other Names Arts House
Melbourne Workers Theatre
Address Cnr of Errol and Queensberry Streets
North Melbourne VIC 3051
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Latitude | Longitude -37.8030530 | 144.9496340

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David Franzke - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer, Designer, Composer

Luke Smiles - Sound Designer

Benjamin Cisterne - Lighting Designer, Designer

Ben Cobham - Lighting Designer, Designer, Devisor, Set Designer

Lucy Guerin - Choreographer, Director

Jennifer Hector - Designer, Realisation

Rhian Hinkley - Video Artist, Video Designer, Media Artist

Raimondo Cortese - Playwright

Paul Dwyer - Actor, Dramaturg, Writer

Paul Lim - Lighting Designer

Carlee Mellow - Performer, Choreographer, Dancer

Harriet Oxley - Costume Designer

Kyle Page - Dancer, Performer

Michelle Ryan - Assistant Director, Assistant Choreographer

Lilian Steiner - Dancer

Joshua Thomson - Dancer, Performer

Gavin Webber - Choreographer, Artistic Director, Director, Dancer

David Williams - Performer, Devisor, Director, Presenter

Sean Bacon - Video Designer, Video Artist

Peter Brundle - Devisor, Video Designer, Designer

Geoff Cobham - Set Designer, Designer

Adriano Cortese - Director

Julian Crotti - Devisor, Actor

Vincent Crowley - Dancer

Jo Currey - Lighting Designer

Jim Daly - Actor

Jo Dunbar - Choreographer, Consultant

Madeleine Flynn - Sound Designer, Composer

Robin Fox - Sound Designer

Shane Grant - Lighting Designer

Emma Hall - Performer, Actor

Kate Harman - Performer, Dancer

Michelle Heaven - Choreographer, Movement Director

Natasha Herbert - Actor

Helen Herbertson - Director, Devisor, Realisation, Movement Director

Alice Hinde - Performer, Dancer

Sarah-Jayne Howard - Dancer, Choreographer

Tim Humphrey - Sound Designer, Composer

Hsin Ju Chiu - Performer, Dancer

Stephen Klinder - Actor, Devisor, Performer

Robyne Latham - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Brian Lipson - Devisor, Performer, Playwright, Actor

Paul Lum - Actor

Alisdair Macindoe - Dancer

Kirstie McCracken - Performer, Dancer

Jens Milbret - Lighting Designer

Margaret Mills - Actor

Patrick Moffatt - Actor

Jodee Mundy - Artistic Director, Writer, Performer

Emily O'Brien - Consultant, Production Manager

Gideon Obarzanek - Choreographer, Performer, Devisor

Jessie Oshodi - Dancer

Niklas Pajanti - Lighting Designer

Lisa Parris - Production Manager

Trevor Patrick - Dancer, Choreographer, Performer, Realisation

Deborah Pollard - Devisor, Director

Gail Priest - Sound Designer

Nick Roux - Visual Artist, Composer

Livia Ruzic - Sound Designer

Elizabeth Ryan - Devisor, Actor, Dancer

Tamara Saulwick - Creator, Writer, Director, Performer

Lee Serle - Performer, Dancer

Anna Seymour - Performer, Dancer

Paul Shea - Actor

Anna Tregloan - Set Designer, Playwright

Richard Vabre - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Emma Valente - Designer, Lighting Designer, Creator

Annette Vieusseux - Producer

Dan Walls - Director, Actor

Willoh S. Weiland - Devisor, Creator

Lee Wilson - Creator, Dancer

Simon Wise - Video Designer, Lighting Designer

Charmene Yap - Dancer, Performer

Assad Abdi - Video Designer

Taran Ablitt - Technical Manager

Gorkem Acaroglu - Director

Elizabeth Adams - Translator

Phillip Adams - Performer, Set Designer, Choreographer

Peter Allan - Costume Designer

Steph Allen - Producer

Datu Arellano - Puppeteer

Robin Arthur - Performer

Jim Atkins - Sound Operator/Engineer

Eric Avery - Performer

Kristy Ayre - Dancer

Emily Barrie - Costume Designer

Doyle Barrow - Costume Designer

Liam Barton - Performer

Craig Bary - Performer

James Batchelor - Performer

John Baylis - Dramaturg

Andy Baylor - Musician

Kylie Belling - Director

Alex Ben-Mayor - Producer

Lou Bennett - Actor

Nick Bennett - Actor

Paschal Berry - Playwright

Valerie Berry - Actor

Kristina Bidenko - Actor

Olivia Bishop - Stage Manager

Tim Blake - Musician

Paul Blenheim - Actor

Alex Blias - Actor

Richard Bligh - Actor

Jacob Boehme - Performer, Writer

Mark Bolotin - Director, Writer

Heather Bolton - Actor

John Bolton - Consultant

Jorge Borges - Writer

Peter Born - Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Director

Shannon Bott - Choreographer

Claire Bradley Duke - Assistant Producer

Joel Bray - Creator, Performer

Don Bridges - Actor

Syd Brisbane - Actor

Keith Brockett - Actor

David Brown - Production Manager

Jo Buchan - Sound Designer

Beth Buchanan - Actor

Sascha Budimski - Sound Designer

Fiona Cameron - Movement Director

Margaret Cameron - Dramaturg

Elena Carapetis - Actor, Writer

Merophie Carr - Director

Michael Carter - Performer

Richard Cartwright - Actor

Adam Cass - Writer, Director

Jana Castillo - Dancer

Paulo Castro - Dramaturg, Actor, Playwright

Kate Champion - Director

Suzanne Chaundy - Director

Adrienne Chisholm - Costume Designer

Prue Clark - Actor

Graham Clayton-Chance - Devisor, Video Designer

Stephen Clements - Actor

Curtis Cole - Actor

Sophie cole - Actor

Matthew Cornell - Dancer

Amiel Courtin-Wilson - Video Artist

Robert Cousins - Set Designer

Martyn Coutts - Creator

Michaela Coventry - Producer

Hugh Covill - Composer, Sound Designer

Lindsay Cox - Actor

Charlotte Crompton - Actor

Matthew Crosby - Actor

Dean Cross - Dancer

Jason Cross - Adaptor, Director

Pretty Boy Crossover - Sound Designer

Andrew Cruz - Puppeteer

Nick Curnow - Actor

Natalie Cursio - Devisor

Maryrose Cuskelly - Actor

Mark Cuthbertson - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer

Etson Da Costa Caminha - Performer

Nicole da Silva - Actor

Robert Daoud - Director

Kevin Davidson - Sound Designer

Gareth Davies - Performer

Kate Davis - Creator, Designer

Ana Deak - Designer

Susie Dee - Director

Martin del Amo - Dancer

Rosie Dennis - Writer, Performer

Tom Dent - Actor

John Deprielle - Actor

Keith Deverell - Video Artist

Benito Di Fonzo - Musician, Composer

Melchior Dias Fernandes - Performer

Kerensa Diball - Performer

Tra Mi Dinh - Dancer

Richard Dinnen - Technical Director

Mark Distin - Lighting Designer

Mia Donnet-Jones - Assistant Stage Manager

Leah Donovan - Performer

Dori Dragon - Technical Director

Isaac Drandich - Director

Nikola Dubois - Actor

  • Bash, 26 September 2003

Glenn Dulihanty - Production Manager

Elizabeth Dunn - Creator

Penny DʻAloia - Costume Designer

Thomas E Kelly - Dancer

Kutcha Edwards - Songwriter, Singer, Performer

Russell Emerson - Technical Director

Lawrence English - Sound Designer

Eve Ensler - Writer

Shona Erskine - Performer

Claudia Escobar - Devisor, Dancer

Tim Etchells - Director

Amelia Evans - Writer

Peter Evans - Director

Lindsay Farris - Actor

Erwin Fenis - Dancer, Devisor

Aidan Fennessy - Director

Rose Fieber - Stage Manager

Alice Fleming - Stage Manager

Deanna Fleysher - Director

Isabelle Ford - Actor

Justin Foster - Actor

Jeffrey Jay Fowler - Writer, Director

Richard Frankland - Writer

Peter Fraser - Dancer

Viviana Frediani-Massara - Designer

Simone French - Director, Performer, Creator

Ross Ganf - Director

David Gardette - Actor

Adam Gardnir - Designer

Bill Garner - Playwright

Siobain Geaney - Lighting Designer

Ghenoa Gela - Dancer

Luke George - Performer

Chloe Gestier - Production Manager

Nate Gilkes - Performer

Andrea Gillies - Playwright

Rinske Ginsberg - Consultant

Dan Giovannoni - Associate Artist

Tammi Gissell - Dancer

Bruce Gladwin - Director, Designer, Creator

Phillip Gleeson - Choreographer

Rachel Glendevon - Actor

Angela Goh - Dancer, Devisor

Russell Goldsmith - Sound Artist

Osme Goncalves - Performer

Roanna Gonsalves - Playwright

Scott Gooding - Director, Devisor

Judy Gordon - Assistant Director

Sue Gore - Playwright

Katy Green - Performer

Will Greenway - Performer, Creator

Lisa Griffiths - Performer

Mandy Grinblat - Administrator

Shaun Gurton - Designer

Jessica Hackett - Actor

Tom Halls - Performer, Creator

Judith Hamann - Performer

Antony Hamilton - Dancer

Anthony Hampton - Creator, Voice Over Artist, Sound Designer

Benjamin Hancock - Dancer

Lawrence Harvey - Adaptor

Luisa Hastings Edge - Performer

Adam Hatzimanolis - Writer

Fritz Hauser - Devisor

Vanessa Hawkins - Designer

Richard Haynes - Performer

Sue Healey - Choreographer

Graham Henderson - Writer

Thomas Henning - Performer

James Henry - Sound Designer

Roz Hervey - Assistant Director

Nikki Heywood - Actor, Devisor

Angela Hicks - Stage Manager

Luke Hockley - Choreographer

Tom Hogan - Sound Designer

Marg Horwell - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Mark Howett - Lighting Designer

Adrian Huge - Performer

Cathy Hunt - Director

Adam Ibrahim - Performer, Creator

Kerry Ireland - Lighting Designer

Daniel Jaber - Performer

Martyn Jacques - Composer, Performer

Andrea James - Dramaturg, Director

Natasha James - Stage Manager

Samuel James - Director

Michael Jankie - Production Manager

Bboy Jay - Disc Jockey, Devisor

Daniel Jenatsch - Composer

Rebecca Jensen - Dancer

Jackson Juliani - Performer

Maya Jupiter - Dancer, Devisor

Ali Kadhim - Dancer, Devisor

Lina Kastoumis - Writer

Evdokia Katahanas - Writer

Daniel Keene - Playwright

Jenny Kemp - Playwright, Director

Bruce Kerr - Actor

Georgia King - Performer

Peter Knight - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer, Composer

Isobel Knowles - Visual Artist

Catherine Kohlen - Actor

  • Bash, 26 September 2003

Bill Kokkaris - Writer

Nadja Kostich - Director, Devisor

Mik La Vage - Sound Designer

Neil LaBute - Playwright

  • Bash, 26 September 2003

Genevieve Lacey - Musician, Composer, Devisor

Agivedo Laka - Performer

Stephanie Lake - Dancer

Elvin Lam - Dancer

Thomas Lambert - Sound Designer

Ben Landau - Creator

Melanie Lane - Dancer

Gary Lang - Cultural Group

Kathryn Langshaw - Music and Lyrics

Heather Lawson - Performer

Jim Lawson - Actor, Creator

Liz Lea - Choreographer

Paea Leach - Dancer

Rachel Leary - Creator, Performer

Jason Lehane - Lighting Designer

Jacob Lehrer - Dancer

Jo Leishman - Stage Manager

Matthew Lennox - Actor

Amanda Lever - Dancer

Paula Levis - Costume Designer

James Lew - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Morgan Lewis - Director, Songwriter, Devisor

Sarah Lewis - Deputy Stage Manager

Suzie Lewis - Actor, Writer, Producer

Lina Limosani - Choreographer

Dean Linguey - Sound Designer

Sue Liolio - Costume Designer

Andreas Litras - Actor

Andrew Livingston - Lighting Designer

Jo Lloyd - Choreographer

Robert Lloyd - Performer, Devisor

Sandra Long - Dramaturg

Jane Longhurst - Actor

Jason Longstaff - Lighting Designer

Briarna Longville - Dancer

Linda Luke - Dancer

Max Lyandvert - Composer, Sound Designer

Todd MacDonald - Performer

Bridget Mackey - Performer

Chris Mahoney - Actor

Don Mamouney - Designer, Sound Designer, Writer, Director

Bart Mangan - Lighting Designer

Glenn Manton - Actor, Creator

Natasha Marich - Stage Manager

Frances Marrington - Actor

Claire Marshall - Performer

Paige Marshall - Creator, Director

Toni Maticevski - Costume Designer

Wire MC - Guitarist, MC, Devisor

Erica McCalman - Stage Manager

Rennie McDougall - Performer

Anna McFarlane - Costume Designer

Rebecca McIntosh - Actor, Devisor, Director

Marjorie McKee - Performer

Jane McKernan - Devisor, Actor

Chris Mead - Dramaturg

Natalie Medlock - Writer, Performer

Tristan Meecham - Creator

Silvia Mercuriali - Creator, Voice Over Artist

Nick Merrylees - Lighting Designer

Damien Millar - Playwright

Grayson Millwood - Dancer, Choreographer

Erin Milne - Producer

Nic Mollison - Video Designer

Denis Moore - Director

Mem Morrison - Director, Playwright, Actor

Oliver Morse - Designer

Josh Mu - Dancer

Richard Murphet - Dramaturg, Voice Over Artist

David Murray - Lighting Operator

Peta Murray - Playwright

Dan Musgrove - Writer, Performer

Rosemary Myers - Director, Devisor

Georgina Naidu - Actor

Gabrielle Nankivell - Performer, Choreographer, Writer

Mike Nanning - Disc Jockey

Sista Nature - Devisor, Singer

Antony Neate - Actor

Veronica Neave - Dramaturg

Nicholas Ng - Composer

Alan Nguyen - Sound Designer

Phaedra Nicolaidis - Actor

Stephen Nicolazzo - Collaborator

SJ Norman - Dramaturg

Richard Nylon - Costume Designer

Julie O'Reilly - Director

  • Bash, 26 September 2003

Marissa O'Reilly - Actor

Okwui Okpokwasili - Songwriter, Performer, Composer, Writer

Stefi Orazi - Designer

Marnie Palomares - Dancer

Luiz Pampolha - Lighting Designer

Dan Pardy - Performer

Hew Parham - Actor

Shaun Parker - Choreographer

LeRoy Parsons - Actor

Frog Peck - Designer

Rachel Perks - Performer

Byron Perry - Choreographer, Director

Chris Petridis - Lighting Designer

Sara Pheasant - Assistant Director

Jane Phegan - Devisor, Actor

Costa Pinakis - Writer

Andy Pink - Composer, Sound Designer

David Pledger - Director

Bagryana Popov - Dramaturg

Charles Purcell - Performer, Actor

Geraldine Quinn - Performer

Mariaa Randall - Choreographer

Lewis Rankin - Actor

Sam Rankin - Music and Lyrics

Ahilan Ratnamohan - Dancer, Devisor

Georgie Read - Dancer

Melissa Reeves - Playwright

Stella Reid - Performer

Cameron Reynolds - Sound Designer

Robin Rimbaud - Composer

Sophie Roberts - Director

Alan Robertson - Set and/or Property Maker

Sarah Rodigari - Writer, Creator

Tamil Rogeon - Musician

Alejandro Rolandi - Movement Director

Andrew Ross - Dramaturg

Peter Rotumah - Musician, Vocalist

Melita Rowston - Director, Writer

Govin Ruben - Lighting Designer

Anna-Lea Russo - Actor

Sam Russo - Performer, Creator

Kelly Ryall - Composer, Musician

Christopher Ryan - Devisor, Actor

Vidya Sai - Performer

Kim Salmon - Composer, Musician

Emma Saunders - Devisor, Actor

Lucy Schnall - Producer

Andrew Schneider - Performer, Creator

Ruth Schoenheimer - Actor

Bernadette Schwerdt - Actor

Zoe Scoglio - Sound Designer

Ian Scott - Actor

Niharika Senapati - Collaborator

Katie Sfetkidis - Lighting Designer, Video Designer

Bosco Shaw - Lighting Designer

Nikki Shiels - Actor

Marc Silver - Devisor, Filmmaker

Neil Simpson - Lighting Designer, Production Manager

Xavier Sisquella - Actor

Ingrid Sivertsen - Performer

Steven Smith - Actor

Vicki Smith - Actor

Nick Sommerville - Performer, Realisation

Inhsung Song - Performer

Efterpi Soropos - Audiovisual Sequencer

Matt Spencer - Production Manager

Brooke Stamp - Performer

Michelle Stevens - Performer

Jo Stone - Creator, Director, Actor

Mark Storen - Performer

Adrian Stout - Performer

Claire Sung - Producer

Ben Sutton - Performer, Devisor

Jason Sweeney - Sound Artist

Michelle Tabone - Producer

Alicia Talbot - Director

Yana Taylor - Assistant Director

Lydia Teychenne - Producer

Maria Theodorakis - Actor

Costas Theodossopoulos - Composer

Lara Thoms - Creator

Lizzie Thomson - Dancer

Noella Thomson - Costume Designer

Drew Tingwell - Actor

Wendy Todd - Set Designer

Kellie Tori - Director

Craig Tracy - Sound Designer

Nadia Tracy - Actor

Kat Traill - Stage Manager

Andrew Treloar - Costume Designer

Sarah Trevorrow - Sound Designer

Abbie Trott - Stage Manager

Joshua Tyler - Dancer

Hirofumi Uchino - Sound Artist

Greg Ulfan - Actor

Dario VaCirca - Actor

Romy Vager - Performer

Gerard Van Dyck - Choreographer

Bree Van Reyk - Composer

Irine Vela - Musical Director

Melanie Velissaris - Producer

Kym Vercoe - Performer

Darrin Verhagen - Sound Composer

Luigi Vescio - Dancer

Nalina Wait - Performer

Nick Wales - Musical Director, Composer

Alex Walker - Creator

Louise Wallwein - Playwright

Ben Walsh - Composer

Ingrid Weisfelt - Dancer

Vaczadenjo Wharton Thomas - Performer

Miranda Wheen - Dancer

Joanne White - Performer

Richard Whitehouse - Lighting Designer

Matthew Whittet - Dramaturg

Sarah Wilkinson - Performer, Devisor

Naretha Williams - Composer, Sound Designer

Tristram Williams - Performer

Shiralee Williams-Hood - Actor

Peter Wilson - Performer

Peter Wilson - Performer

Josh Wodak - Video Director

Melanie Jame Wolf - Performance Artist, Devisor

Sang Won Seo - Performer

Matilda Woodroofe - Costume Designer

Mirabelle Wouters - Creator

Chris Wren - Actor

Joe Wright - Performer

Josh Wright - Producer

Thomas Wright - Director, Designer

William Yang - Actor, Writer

Jane Yonge - Director

David Young - Adaptor

Dirk Zimmerman - Designer

Venue Identifier 11362