Contributor Vaczadenjo Wharton Thomas
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Gender Unknown
Functions Performer


Elizabeth Adams - Translator

Liam Barton - Performer

Alex Ben-Mayor - Producer

Amiel Courtin-Wilson - Video Artist

Etson Da Costa Caminha - Performer

Gareth Davies - Performer

Melchior Dias Fernandes - Performer

Osme Goncalves - Performer

Thomas Henning - Performer

Agivedo Laka - Performer

Erica McCalman - Stage Manager

Emily O'Brien - Production Manager

Govin Ruben - Lighting Designer

Thomas Wright - Designer, Director

Arts House

Australia Council for the Arts

Black Lung

Brisbane Festival

Darwin Festival


Liurai Fo'er

Stealth Agency

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Adelaide City Council


Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

Whaling Firm

Identifier 468077