Contributor Paul Harrold
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Gender Male
Functions Assistant Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Technician

Assistant Lighting Designer

Stage Manager


Susan Street - Production Coordinator, Choreographer

David Whitworth - Lighting Designer

Susan Caulfield-Leclercq - Production Coordinator, Costume Co-ordinator

Harold Collins - Choreographer

Alison Kirkpatrick - Assistant Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager

Marlene Lind - Costume Maker

Stafford Mortensen - Production Manager

John Utans - Choreographer

Sandie Bekavac - Assistant Stage Manager

Cindy Bryzak - Assistant Stage Manager

Andrew Cable - Lighting Operator

Kim Clark - Designer

Rosetta Cook - Choreographer

Madeline Crowe - Assistant Lighting Designer

Cara Cuddy - Sound Operator/Engineer

Joanne Curry - Assistant Stage Manager

Alison Dwyer - Lighting Operator

Amy Forman - Assistant Stage Manager

Monica Girard - Assistant Stage Manager

Eloise Grace - Assistant Stage Manager

David Joel - Sound Operator/Engineer

Shaun Kelly - Flyman

Lisa McCluskey - Stage Manager

Chantal O'Brien - Deputy Stage Manager

Sam Parisi - Mechanist

Marcus Pugh - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jason Raft - Lighting Operator

Peter Simpson - Flyman

Gabby Stephenson - Flyman

Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco - Choreographer

Amanda Tye - Stage Manager

Leigh Warren - Choreographer

Graeme Watson - Choreographer

Natalie Weir - Choreographer

Tim Whale - Assistant Stage Manager

Brendan Wright - Set and/or Property Maker

QUT Academy of the Arts

Identifier 499796