Contributor Susi Davies
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Gender Female
Functions Performer
Notes Works with Patch Theatre Company




Ian Moorhead - Actor, Performer, Writer

Bob Weatherly - Production Manager

David Brown - Director

Sarah Dunn - Actor

Chris Petridis - Sound Designer

Matt Vecchio - Sound Composer

Beth Whiting - Stage Manager

Mario Spate - Actor, Writer, Performer

Tim Overton - Actor

Dave Brown - Director, Writer

Geoff Cobham - Lighting Designer, Writer

Sam Lohs - Composer

Gaelle Mellis - Designer

Libby O'Donovan - Performer

Catherine Oates - Composer, Performer

Gillian Rubinstein - Author

Tamsin Sharp - Writer, Video Designer

Emily Smart - Writer, Performer

Ben Snodgrass - Lighting Operator

James Sweeney - Musician

Mel Watson - Composer

Patch Theatre

Playing Australia

Adelaide Festival Centre

Capital E National Theatre for Children

The Darwin Entertainment Centre

Identifier 428350