Contributor Ying Ying Yun
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Gender Female
Functions Assistant Stage Manager, Head Electrician, Technical Manager

Technical Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Head Electrician

Projection Designer

Mikayla Bishop - Lighting Designer, Coordinator, Follow Spot Operator

Jacob Fogarty - Composer, Sound Operator/Engineer, Sound Designer

Ella Gordon - Stage Manager, Costume Co-ordinator, Coordinator

Madison Hirini - Head Mechanist, Coordinator

Melanie Miller - Production Designer, Stage Manager, Designer

Dale Norris - Production Manager, Coordinator, Projection Designer

Isaac Ogilvie - Projection Designer, Sound Designer, Technical Manager

Maddison Penglis - Production Manager, Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager

Aidan Ayunon - Lighting Operator

Yanni Dubler - Producer, Stage Manager

Caitlin Kidney - Mechanist, Projectionist

Tiffany Lane - Coordinator, Production Designer

Brittany McVicar - Set and/or Property Maker, Mechanist

Makayla Purdy - Set and/or Property Maker, Head Electrician

Bethany Scott - Sound Operator/Engineer

Brittany Spooner-Jackson - Production Designer, Assistant Stage Manager

Bobby Alu - Performer

Christine Anu - Performer

Elise Baker - Assistant Stage Manager

Jamie Banko - Head Mechanist

William Barton - Performer

Sandie Bekavac - Stage Manager

David Bell - Director

Scott Boundy - Production Manager

Mitchell Bourke - Actor

Zac Brazenas - Dancer

Chloe Brisk - Actor

Scott Buchanan - Technical Director

Hayley Burke - Production Coordinator

Matthew Burke - Head Mechanist

Margaret Burrows - Assistant Stage Manager

Kate Bush - Composer

Andrew Cohen - Stage Manager

Luther Cora - Performer

Ricki-Lee Coulter - Performer

Charlie Coy - Producer

Sharron Cronin - Stage Manager

Aaron Cupples - Costume Assistant

Emma Dean - Performer

Wesley Enoch - Director

Danielle Evrat - Assistant Choreographer

Simon Fairweather-Phillips - Assistant Choreographer

Nicole Forbes - Assistant Stage Manager

John Foreman - Conductor

Sam Foster - Actor

Jason Fripp - Lighting Operator

Daniel Gabriel - Actor

Sarah Gardiner - Associate Director, Production Designer

Jaimeson Gilders - Designer

Helen Gillespie - Mechanist

Liam Gilliland - Lighting Designer

Jason Glenwright - Lighting Designer

Shannon Gobel - Production Manager

Elizabeth Goodyer - Producer

Kelii Grauer - Assistant Choreographer

Stephanie Grima - Mechanist

Amber Haines - Choreographer

Jennifer Hall - Costume Co-ordinator

Marissa Hilliar - Sound Operator/Engineer

Janet Hine - Costume Designer

Marianne Howard - Assistant Choreographer

Merryn Hughes - Executive Producer

Josh Hyman - Stage Manager

Hayden Jones - Actor

Stephanie Kamasz - Stage Manager

Lucy Kelland - Assistant Stage Manager

Jasmine Kennedy - Coordinator

Samantha Lush - Actor

Don Mackenzie - Production Manager

Callum Mansfield - Choreographer

Ricky Matepi - Head Mechanist

Will Mathews - Head Mechanist

Nerida Matthaei - Assistant Choreographer

Courtney Mayhew - Assistant Stage Manager

Colin McCarlie - Producer

Jessica McCloughan - Production Coordinator

Bridget McCluskey - Production Coordinator

Melanie McDonnell - Technical Manager

Mia McGavin - Costume Assistant

Bailey McIntosh - Floor Electrician

Melissa McVeigh - Production Coordinator

Aleksander Milinkovic - Actor

Ben Mills - Follow Spot Operator

Raymond Milner - Designer

Jane Miskovic - Director

Letila Mitchell - Producer

Martin Moolman - Actor

Perry Mooney - Actor

Daniel Moriarty - Production Manager

Tatum Mottin - Actor

Dennis Murphy - Video Director

Ben Musgrave - Assistant Stage Manager

Alex Neal - Actor

Katie Noonan - Musical Director, Performer

Grace O'Keefe - Set and/or Property Maker

Carly O'Neill - Executive Producer

Scott Opie - Production Coordinator

Sam Ould - Stage Manager

Brooklyn Pace - Projectionist

David Page - Composer

Kyle Page - Director

Stephen Page - Director

Daniel Paine - Production Coordinator

Brendan Perez-Compton - Actor

Troy Philips-Fairweather - Choreographer

Dan Potra - Production Designer

Mau Power - Performer

Kate Ramsey - Stage Manager

John Rayment - Lighting Designer

Annie Reid - Stage Manager

Terri Richards - Production Coordinator

Liam Rorke - Stage Manager

Nicholas Seery - Technician

Jaclyn Seymour - Choreographer

Daniel Sinclair - Stage Manager

Brennan Smith - Production Coordinator

Michael Tan - Musical Arranger

Zoƫ Taylor - Assistant Designer

Brad Tennant - Props Buyer

Jack Thompson - Narrator

Simon Toomer - Production Manager

Toomas Vann - Production Coordinator

Leigh-Anne Vizer - Choreographer

Brad Voss - Head Mechanist

Rebecca Voss - Assistant Stage Manager

Sophie Watkins - Follow Spot Operator

Hugh Whitemore - Playwright

Kate Wormald-Leopold - Choreographer

Nathan Wright - Choreographer

Bern Young - Announcer

David Zolkwer - Production Designer, Artistic Director

QUT Technical Production

Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Brisbane Birralee Voices

Creative Industries: QUT


Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC)

Gold Coast Choir

Gold Coast Youth Orchestra

Jack Morton Worldwide

Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Queensland Youth Orchestra

The Farm

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