Work The Sentimental Bloke
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  • Australia
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C. J. Dennis - Poet, Author, Playwright, Lyricist, Writer

Nancy Brown - Writer, Lyricist, Book and Lyrics, Adaptor, Producer, Actor

Lloyd Thomson - Adaptor, Lyricist, Writer, Librettist, Book and Lyrics

Albert Arlen - Lyricist, Musical Director, Composer, Writer, Director, Pianist, Music and Lyrics, Adaptor

Edwin Ride - Actor

Cedric Flower - Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Bert Bailey - Adaptor, Producer, Actor

Edward Landor - Actor

John Young - Director

Alfreda Bevan - Actor

Barney Egan - Actor

Leslie Gordon - Stage Manager, Actor

Alton Harvey - Actor

Patsy Hemingway - Actor

Stella Payter - Actor

Betty Pounder - Choreographer

Frank Ward - Actor

Eileen Alexander - Actor

Jeanne Battye - Actor

Graeme Blundell - Writer, Playwright, Lyricist, Director

Fred Brown - Actor

Barry Collins - Actor

Walter Cornock - Actor

Letty Craydon - Actor

Iza Crossley - Actor

Anthony Dare - Actor

Gloria Dawn - Actor

George Dreyfus - Composer

Tom Fairlie - Actor

Lulla Fanning - Actor

Maggi Gray - Actor

Robert Healey - Actor

Robert Levis - Actor

Alexandra McArthur - Actor

Peter McCredie - Actor

Frank Nicol - Actor

Tal Ordell - Actor

Rita Rider - Actor

Judith Roberts - Actor

Ron Shand - Actor

Arthur Shirley - Actor

Jack Souter - Actor

Nevil Thurgood - Actor

Alice Walton - Actor

Herbert C. Walton - Actor

Paul Wright - Actor

Dallas Ayers - Actor, Actor and Singer

Robina Beard - Actor

Ann Becher - Actor

Frank Cleary - Actor

George Coleman - Actor, Actor and Singer

Carole Collins - Actor

Peter Condon - Actor

Nell Dobson - Actor, Director

Sonny Jose - Actor, Choreographer

Connel Miles - Actor

William Akers - Lighting Designer

Des Berry - Actor

Jenny Broomhall - Actor

Rosemary Butler - Actor

Dulcie Cherry - Actor

Miranda Coney - Dancer

Ewan Donald - Actor

Angela Drewer - Actor

Maisie Fulton - Actor

Noel Godfrey - Actor

Anne Hardman - Actor

Patrick Harrison - Actor

Anne Harvey - Actor

Steven Heathcote - Dancer

Rosina Himing - Actor

Jillian Hough - Actor

Gillian Hunter - Actor

Keith A. Jarvis - Actor

Judith Ker - Actor, Choreographer

Stephen Lane - Actor

Hazel Maddox - Actor

Hugh McIndoe - Actor

Janice McQueeney - Actor

Don Quin - Actor, Set Designer

Fred Rawlings - Musician

Robert Ray - Choreographer

Graeme Round - Actor

Gordon Shaw - Director, Actor

Judith Shaw - Actor

Robert Sloan - Actor

Loriel Smart - Director

Brian Stanborough - Musician, Musical Director

David Telford - Actor

Nicolyn Thickens - Actor

Irene Thomas - Actor

Beverley Tongue - Actor

Doreen Warburton - Director

Denise Webb - Actor

Hermonn - Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Mary Acres - Actor

Lois Adamson - Director

John Agnew - Musical Director

Julie Allen - Actor

Justine Anderson - Actor

Mark Annear - Dancer

James Antonas - Actor

John Armstrong - Director

Lorraine Armstrong - Actor

Ken Arnall - Actor

Jenna Arnold - Actor

Robyn Arthur - Actor

David Ashmole - Dancer

Marilyn Attard - Actor

Vicki Attard - Dancer

Michael Auckland - Stage Manager

Jeni Ayers - Actor and Singer

George Balanchine - Choreographer

Tom Baldwin - Actor

Andrew Barker - Assistant Stage Manager

John Barrett - Actor

Jill Batcheler - Actor

Ronald Bates - Lighting Designer

Stephen Baynes - Choreographer

James Bean - Actor

Rutland Beckett - Actor

Jayne Beddoe - Dancer

Faye Bendrups - Assistant Director, Actor

Bill Binks - Actor

Michael Bishop - Actor

Warwick Blakemore - Actor

Peter Bodnar - Actor

Jason Bokenkamp - Actor

Lisa Bolte - Dancer

Mappie Bootsman - Follow Spot Operator

Ken Boucher - Director

Gary Bowles - Dancer

Sandy Bowman - Assistant Stage Manager

Cathryn Bray - Actor

Penny Braybrook - Properties Master

Ken Brearley - Lighting Designer

Don Bridges - Actor

Ted Briggs - Actor, Choreographer

Mark Brinkley - Dancer

Shirley Broadway - Actor

June Bronhill - Actor

Helen Brooks - Actor

Hugh Brophy - Actor

Chris Brown - Actor

Jenny Brown - Actor and Singer

Michael Brown - Actor

Catherine Bryant - Actor

Brad Buckingham - Actor

Les Buckley - Lighting Operator

Adrian Burnett - Dancer

Robert Burns - Musician

Simon Burvill-Holmes - Actor

Chris Butler - Stage Manager

William Cade - Musical Director

Robyn Caffrey - Actor

Ken Canham - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer

Justin Cannock - Actor

Rod Carlson - Actor

Patricia Carnie - Actor

Andrew Carter - Designer

Marc Cassidy - Dancer

Jennifer Chard - Actor

Jillian Chard - Actor

Claire Chittleborough - Pianist

Frederic Chopin - Composer

Josef Christianson - Dancer

Antonio Cirocco - Actor

Elva Clarke - Actor

Cathy Cleary - Actor

Paul Cleveland - Designer

W R Coleman - Set Designer

Adrian Collette - Actor

David Collins - Actor

Maxwell Collis - Dancer

Brendon Collits - Actor

Les Cook - Actor

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Ed Cooley - Assistant Stage Manager

Miriam Cooper - Actor and Singer

Ruth Cooper - Actor and Singer

Peter Cousens - Actor

Richard Cowling - Director

Jon Coyte - Actor

Pat Craigie - Actor

Leanne Cramond - Stage Manager

Karen Crone - Choreographer

Len Crook - Director

Noel Crutchett - Pianist

Serena Cundari - Dancer

Li Cunxin - Dancer

Patricia Currell - Actor and Singer

Michael Curry - Dancer

Helen Dalton - Actor

Peta Davidson - Dancer

Margaret Davis - Director

Susan Davis - Actor

Deborah Dawkings - Actor

Myra de Groot - Actor

Paul de Masson - Dancer

Mark DeLaine - Musical Director

Paul Dellit - Actor

John Denham - Actor and Singer

Bill Dewar - Actor and Singer

Arthur Dicks - Director

Brad Dixon - Actor

Agnes Dobson - Actor

Fiona Dobson - Stage Manager

Penelope Docker - Various

Grant Dodwell - Actor

Bill Douglas - Actor

Clive Douglas - Conductor

Anthony Dowell - Costume Designer

Vin Downey - Actor and Singer

Mervyn Drake - Actor

Peter Drake - Lighting Operator

Glen Dun - Actor

Maxine Dunbrill - Actor

Nicholas Eadie - Actor

Elizabeth Eden - Musical Director

Edna Edgley - Dancer

Camille Edwards - Choreographer

Claire Edwards - Various

George Edwards - Drummer

Trevor Edwards - Various

Edith Elen - Actor

Sam Ellerton - Actor

Susan Elston - Dancer

Ros Engledow - Actor

Michael Evans - Actor

Moya Ewin - Properties Master

Colin Ewings - Scenic Artist

Lindsay Fairman - Stage Manager

Kathryn Favelle - Actor

Ellice Fisher - Pianist

William Fitzwater - Producer, Director

Daniel Fleming - Actor

Alan Fletcher - Actor

Mike Flynn - Actor

Susannah Fowle - Actor

Beresford Fowler - Actor

Les Foxcroft - Actor

Lorraine Francis - Make-up Artist

Anna French - Costume Designer

Susie French - Actor

Michael Fuller - Choreographer

Stephen Gamba - Actor

Doreen Garlick - Costume Designer, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Doug Gehrke - Director

Melanie George - Actor

Gregory Gesch - Director

Maina Gielgud - Artistic Director

Richard Gill - Musical Director

Paul Gleeson - Actor

Don Glover - Director

Dick Goldberg - Actor

Peta Goldburg - Director

Christopher Goldsworthy - Dancer

Leanne Goodes - Actor

Kenneth Goodlet - Actor

Andy Gough - Actor

Michele Goullet - Dancer

Heather Gourley - Dancer

Sue Grainger - Actor and Singer

Eileen Gray - Actor

Joan Green - Actor and Singer

Harry Grist - Set Designer

Maxine Gudgeon - Actor

Kaye Gumley - Actor

Dennis Gutteridge - Director

Murray Haines - Set Designer

Don Halbert - Actor

Rod Hall - Actor

Paul Hamilton - Dancer

Kaye Hamlyn - Actor

Derrick Hammon - Actor

Olive Hammon - Actor

Dian Harbulot - Actor

Elaine Hardy - Actor

Delia Harrington - Dancer

Glen Harris - Dancer

Jakki Harris - Choreographer

John Harris - Actor

Carolyn Harrison - Dancer

Tony Haslam - Actor

Ian Hayward - Various, Actor

Bernard Heron - Technical Manager

Marie Heydon - Pianist

Kevin Hides - Actor

Paul Hindemith - Composer

Chris Hingee - Actor

Gerald Hitchcock - Actor

Annie Hopkins - Actor

Greg Horsman - Dancer

Mathew Howell - Actor

Darryl Hukins - Actor

Margaret Illmann - Dancer

Brent Iwanoczko - Dancer

John Jackson - Actor

John Jarratt - Actor

Marie Jensen - Costume Designer

Richard Jeziorny - Designer

Sonia Johnson - Actor and Singer

Kevan Johnston - Choreographer, Actor

Trudy Johnston - Actor

Albert Jones - Actor

Anne Jones - Actor

Sarah Jones - Actor

Thora Anne Karras - Actor and Singer

Margherita Keane - Actor

Jonathan Kelly - Dancer

Paul Kelly - Choreographer

Kevin Kennedy - Actor

Rhyl Kennell - Dancer

Stewart Kershaw - Conductor

David Kerslake - Actor

Marie Kilsby - Actor

Bob Kimber - Actor

David King - Musical Director

Greta Knudsen - Director

Jean Korchma - Actor

Geraldine Kusk - Choreographer, Actor

Sven Kusk - Sound Designer

Liz Lancaster - Actor

John Lanchbery - Musical Arranger

Richard Lane - Actor

Noreen Le Mottee - Actor and Singer

Francesca Lejeune - Actor

Sara Leland - Ballet Master/Mistress

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

John Lewis - Lighting Designer

Frank Lind - Director

Ross Lindeman - Actor

Paul Linkson - Various

Claire Liverpool - Director

David Longmuir - Lighting Designer

Bill Lord - Actor

Nic Lorraine - Actor and Singer

Lyn Lovett - Actor

Lynn Luttrell - Actor and Singer

James P. Lynch - Actor

Leanne Lynch - Dancer

Ulrike Lytton - Dancer

Fred Macdonald - Actor

Margaret Mackay - Actor

Stuart Macklin - Pianist

Anastasia Malinoff - Adaptor

Jack Manuel - Dancer

Adam Marchant - Dancer

Robert Marshall - Dancer

Brian Martin - Choreographer

Laurel Martyn - Choreographer

Bill Mathews - Actor

Graeme Mathieson - Actor

Mimi Mattin - Costume Co-ordinator

Richard Mau - Actor

David McAllister - Dancer

Kirsty McCahon - Musician

Genevieve McCunn - Actor

Fred McDonald - Actor

Tim McGarry - Actor

Tony McGill - Musical Director

Kath McGrath - Pianist

Julie McGregor - Actor

Grant McIntyre - Stage Director, Actor

Sally McKenzie - Actor

Teena McKenzie - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Barbara McKinstry - Actor

Kay McLachlan - Producer

Janetta McRae - Actor, Costume Designer

Doreen McTye - Actor

Phoebe McWilliams - Actor

Judy Menz - Actor

David Menzies - Actor

Carolyn Mesecke - Actor

Joe Mezzino - Actor

Joanne Michel - Dancer

Justine Miles - Dancer

David Miller - Stage Manager

John Milson - Director

Harold Minear - Producer

Colin Mitchell - Designer

Neville Mitchell - Actor

Linda Mitton - Choreographer

Andrew Moon - Assistant Stage Manager

Sharon Moore - Actor

Brett Morgan - Dancer

Stephen Morgante - Dancer

Sandra Morrison - Dancer

Stewart Morritt - Adaptor

Regina Mrowka - Actor

Jennie Muir - Designer

Robert Muir - Stage Manager

Julie Mullins - Actor

Bill Munro - Actor

Phillip Nash - Actor

Lynette Neate - Actor

Peter Noble - Actor

Julie Noblet - Actor

Michael Noblet - Actor

Steve Nolan - Costume Designer, Set Designer

John Norris - Actor

Linda Norris - Actor

Barbara Nutchey - Actor

John O'Connell - Choreographer

Jack O'Hagan - Composer

Reg O'Neill - Actor and Singer

Mark Oakeshott - Actor

Lynette Old - Actor

Sharon Olde - Actor

Duncan Ord - Lighting Designer

Barry Orr - Actor

Helen Orr - Actor

Leonie Osborn - Set Designer, Costume Co-ordinator

Mark Pace - Dancer

Daniela Pantea - Dancer

Anthony Papp - Assistant Stage Manager

Patricia Parker - Director

Floyd Paterson - Lighting Designer

Lisa Pavane - Dancer

Colin Peasley - Dancer

Leith Pederick - Musical Director

Phil Perman - Actor

Norm Petering - Actor

Catherine Phelan - Dancer

Michael Phillips - Lighting Designer

Shane Placentino - Dancer

Hugh Powell - Stage Manager

Margaret Powell - Choreographer

Terese Power - Dancer

Tony Preece - Choreographer, Actor

Fiona Press - Actor

Mary Price - Actor

David Prudham - Dancer

Iain Pyper - Actor and Singer

Betty Quin - Actor

Ian Rae - Actor

Lola Rae - Actor

Stephen Rae - Actor

Kenneth Rayner - Lighting Designer

Bev Read - Actor

Caroline Reddel - Actor

Jaime Redfern - Dancer

Kathleen Reid - Dancer

Lexie Renalson - Actor

Charles Renton - Actor

Ken Rhodes - Actor and Singer

Nicole Rhodes - Dancer

Tanya Rhodes - Dancer

Ian Rigney - Actor

Norma Roach - Costume Designer

Jerome Robbins - Choreographer

Kevin Roberts - Lighting Operator

Wynn Roberts - Actor

Malcolm Robinson - Actor

Fiona Roden - Actor

James Roden - Actor

Keith Rosenthal - Drummer

Philip Rowe - Actor

Kenneth Rowell - Costume Designer

Victoria Rowell - Costume Assistant

Mariette Rups-Donnelly - Actor

Ron Russell - Musical Director

Leeanne Rutherford - Dancer

Sylvia Sala - Actor

Gary Samolin - Actor

Kathleen Sams - Dancer

Leith Sargent - Various

Barbara Saunders - Actor

John Saunders - Actor

Douglas Sayer - Actor and Singer

Peter Schwarz - Actor

Jason Scott-Watkins - Actor

Kerry Searle - Costume Co-ordinator

Les Selkirk - Actor

Martin Sharman - Actor

Bert Shaw - Assistant Choreographer

Steve Shaw - Actor

Charles Sherry - Set and/or Property Maker

Ethel Shippen - Actor

Victoria Simon - Ballet Master/Mistress

Thomas Skelton - Lighting Designer

Douglas Skinner - Actor

Phyl Skinner - Actor

Colin Slater - Actor

Geoff Smith - Designer

Noel Smith - Musical Director

Valerie Smithers - Properties Master

Bruna Springolo - Actor

Linda Stainton - Actor

Michael Stanley - Musical Director

Maurice Stead - Concert Master

Christina Steshic - Actor and Singer

John Stevens - Actor

Bill Stevenson - Actor

Don Stevenson - Musician

Christopher Stewart - Lighting Designer

Sian Stokes - Dancer

Richard Stone - Properties Master

Carolyn Storr - Assistant Stage Manager

Alfred Strauks - Actor, Musician

April Stuart - Actor

Brian Sudding - Set Designer

Barbara Sullivan - Actor

Simon Sullivan - Actor

Justine Summers - Dancer

Peter Sweeney - Actor

Lizz Talbot - Actor

John Tallis - Composer

Neil Tapner - Designer

John Tasker - Director

Geoffrey Temby - Actor

Melanie Thomas - Choreographer

John Thomson - Stage Manager

Tony Thornton - Actor and Singer

Michael Todd - Dancer

Fiona Tonkin - Dancer

Angela Toohey - Actor

Elizabeth Toohey - Dancer

Jim Tregonning - Assistant Stage Manager

John Turnbull - Actor

Kate Turner - Actor

Art van der Byl - Various

Geon Van Der Wyst - Dancer

Terry Vaughan - Orchestrator

Constance Vayne - Actor

Laurel Veitch - Actor

Carmel Vistoli - Choreographer

Jacinta Vistoli - Actor

David Wade - Lighting Designer

Robert Wagner - Actor

Carole Walker - Actor

Kim Walker - Actor

Christine Walsh - Dancer

Graham Walsh - Lighting Operator

David Walters - Lighting Designer

Graham Walters - Various

Denise Warren - Scenic Artist, Actor

Stanton Welch - Choreographer

Nicki Wendt - Actor

Brian Wenzel - Actor

Linda Wenzel - Prompt

Jennifer West - Actor

Don Whitbread - Musical Director

Dulcie White - Actor and Singer

Laura White - Actor

David Whitney - Actor

Doug Wiggins - Actor

Hartley Williams - Musical Director

Jill Williams - Actor and Singer

Elisa Wilson - Actor

Jan Wilson - Actor

Roy Wilson - Dancer

Lola Wiper - Actor

Steven Woodgate - Dancer

Jenny Woods - Actor

Michele Wotton - Actor

Rebecca Yates - Dancer

Judi Yeoman - Stage Manager

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Palace Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Q Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Albert Hall, Yarralumla, ACT

Q Theatre, Penrith, NSW

Banyo High School, Banyo, QLD

Bowman Hall, Blacktown, NSW

Blackwood Memorial Hall, Blackwood, SA

Arts Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

The Playhouse, Broken Hill, NSW

Collingwood Education Centre, VIC

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Seymour Centre, Chippendale, NSW

Chatswood Town Hall, Chatswood, NSW

Chisholm Institute of Technology, Frankston , VIC

King's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Grand Opera House (1916-1932), Sydney, NSW

New South Wales, NSW

Music Auditorium, Clayton, VIC

St Ignatius Hall, Toowong, QLD

His Majesty's Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Tivoli Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Matraville High School Auditorium, Chifley, NSW

Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC

Waterside Workers' Federation Hall, Sydney, NSW

Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW

Roxy Theatre, Hamilton, NSW

Nunawading High School, Melbourne, VIC

Kelvin Grove College of Advanced Education, Kelvin Grove, QLD

Parramatta Cultural Centre, Parramatta, NSW

Gasworks Main Theatre, Albert Park, VIC

Queanbeyan Bicentennial Function Centre, Queanbeyan, NSW

Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Rockdale Town Hall, Rockdale, NSW

Suncorp Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Argyle Theatre, Ryde, NSW

Saint Peter's College, Riverview, QLD

Darwin Performing Arts Centre, Darwin, NT

Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne, VIC

National Theatre, Launceston, TAS

Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Stirling Community Theatre, Stirling, SA

The Playhouse Theatre, Hobart, TAS

Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS

Edward Street Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

ABC Television, Melbourne - Ripponlea studios, Elsternwick, VIC

Guild Theatre, Carlton, VIC

Townsville Civic Theatre, South Townsville, QLD

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

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