Venue The Playhouse Theatre
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Other Names The Playhouse
Address 106 Bathurst Street
Hobart TAS 7000
Notes Currently home to the Hobart Repertory Theatre Society Inc. The Playhouse Theatre is owned by the Hobart Repertory Theatre Society, and has been known as the Playhouse since 1938.
Latitude | Longitude -42.8815 | 147.325207

The Hobart Repertory Theatre Society

Ten Days on the Island Limited

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Tasmania

Bijou Creative

Mainstage Theatre Company

Old Nick Company Inc.

Musical Theatre Crew

Arts Tasmania

Australia Council for the Arts

Exit Left Productions

Geilston Little Theatre

Graeme Paine

Hobart Harmony


John X

John X and Graeme Paine

Larrikan Productions

Launceston Players

Meryl Tankard Company

Taiko Drum (Tasmania University Union Taiko Society)

Terrapin Puppet Theatre

The Australian Council for the Arts

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Marlowe Society

The Mercury

The Theatre Royal Light Opera Company

Theatre Newfoundland Labrador

Yew Tree Theatre Company

Caroline Whamond - Graphic Designer, Designer, Production Manager

Matthew Andrewartha - Set and/or Property Maker, Sound Operator/Engineer, Special Effects, Lighting Designer, Consultant, Sound Designer

Noreen Le Mottee - Actor, Actor and Singer, Stage Manager

Adela Morton - Chorus, Costume Designer, Coordinator, Costume Co-ordinator, Editor, Actor

Pip Tyrrell - Actor, Front of House

Peter West - Lighting Designer, Actor, Consultant, Lighting Operator, Publicist

Reg Byers - Director, Set and/or Property Maker, Designer, Actor, Stage Manager, Mechanist

Moya Deigan - Editor, Production Manager, Coordinator, Set and/or Property Maker, Publicist

Karen Fahey - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor, Assistant Stage Manager, Costume Maintenance, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Costume Assistant

Karen Kluss - Graphic Designer, Director, Producer, Actor, Designer, Set Designer

Julie Raphael - Costume Maintenance, Chorus, Lighting Operator, Graphic Designer, Costume Assistant, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Actor, Costume Maker

Helen Cronin - Properties Master / Mistress, Set and/or Property Maker, Costume Co-ordinator

Debra Dean - Costume Maker, Costume Co-ordinator, Costume Maintenance, Costume Assistant

Nell Dobson - Publicist, Actor, Set Designer, Director, Costume Assistant

Ingrid Ganley - Production Manager, Director, Assistant Producer, Costume Co-ordinator, Lighting Operator

Scott Hunt - Actor, Sound Designer, Set Designer, Director, Set and/or Property Maker, Designer

Jeff Keogh - Actor, Puppeteer, Actor and Singer

Doreen McTye - Actor, Director, Lighting Operator, Stage Manager

Peter Middleton - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Daryl Peebles - Publicist, Performer, Director, Playwright, Actor, Set Designer

Wayne Wagg - Photographer

Roger Chevalier - Director, Actor

Fiona Dobson - Stage Manager, Assistant to the Director, Director, Actor, Costume Assistant, Assistant Director

Ian McQueen - Actor, Performer

Vern McTye - Set and/or Property Maker, Mechanist, Designer

Mark Morgan - Production Manager, Actor, Actor and Singer, Publicist

Bernard Pidd - Actor, Director

Cheryl Sward - Lighting Operator, Sound Operator/Engineer, Follow Spot Operator

John Boden - Designer, Actor

George Coleman - Actor, Chorus, Actor and Singer

Colin Dean - Actor

Petr Divis - Director, Musical Advisor, Actor and Singer, Designer, Musical Director, Set and/or Property Maker, Sound Designer, Production Manager

Elizabeth Eden - Musician, Musical Director, Musical Advisor, Pianist

Rosemary Hunter - Front of House, Actor, Assistant Stage Manager, Scenic Artist

Robert Jarman - Director, Actor, Designer

Richard Kowaluk - Actor, Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Designer, Director, Technician

Jack Rheinberger - Actor, Production Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Louise Stubs - Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Designer, Make-up Artist, Actor, Scenic Artist, Sound Operator/Engineer

Tony Thornton - Actor, Director, Lighting Operator, Actor and Singer

Jon Bowling - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Bill Briggs - Actor

Charles Calvert - Graphic Designer, Designer

Bernard Carr - Actor, Producer

Philip Crouch - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker, Scenic Artist, Technician

Christopher Hall - Graphic Designer, Director, Publicist, Scenic Artist, Set Designer, Designer, Lighting Designer

Gillian Hunt - Actor, Properties Master / Mistress

Steven Jones - Actor

Jacob Kean - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Assistant Stage Manager, Production Manager

Jon Lenthall - Actor, Scenic Artist

Liz Lewinski - Properties Master / Mistress, Stage Manager, Production Manager

Lynn Luttrell - Properties Master / Mistress, Chorus, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Production Manager, Actor, Actor and Singer, Various

Leiz Moore - Choreographer, Lighting Designer, Actor and Singer, Set Designer, Producer, Scenic Artist, Actor, Director, Voice Coach

Win Newport - Creator, Producer, Director

Sarah Phillips - Actor, Costume Co-ordinator

Ian Pidd - Various, Actor, Technician

Robin Rheinberger - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Blake Talbot - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Ian Williams - Musical Director, Producer, Director, Singer, Associate Director, Associate Conductor, Actor, Pianist

Jean Adams - Costume Co-ordinator, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Ben Armitage - Properties Master / Mistress, Director, Actor, Follow Spot Operator, Producer

Dallas Ayers - Actor, Actor and Singer

Mappie Bootsman - Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Follow Spot Operator, Chorus, Costume Assistant, Prompt, Actor

CJ Bowers - Graphic Designer, Actor, Director

Chris Brown - Actor

Chelle Burtt - Singer, Actor, Director, Choreographer

Barbara Button - Actor, Properties Master / Mistress, Chorus, Front of House

Philip Button - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer, Lighting Operator, Mechanist

James Casey - Actor

Agatha Christie - Playwright

Nicholas Conomy - Actor

Graham Corry - Director, Actor

Noel Coward - Playwright

Helen Edwards - Actor, Costume Assistant

Chris Hamley - Actor, Director, Actor and Singer

Sam Hunt - Hair Stylist, Actor, Costume Designer, Make-up Artist

Sonia Johnson - Director, Actor, Actor and Singer

Thora Anne Karras - Stage Manager, Actor, Actor and Singer

Bob Linacre - Photographer

Christopher Oakley - Set Designer, Lighting Operator, Follow Spot Operator, Set and/or Property Maker, Scenic Artist, Assistant Stage Manager

Jean Pidd - Actor

Peter Reardon - Actor

Jake Sanger - Set and/or Property Maker

Shirley Schlesinger - Actor

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Stephen Sondheim - Music and Lyrics

John Xintavelonis - Actor, Producer

David Abbott - Actor

Damien Brockie - Director, Actor

Jenny Brown - Actor, Actor and Singer, Dancer

Andrew Casey - Fight Director, Performer, Director, Actor, Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

Ruth Cooper - Stage Manager, Actor and Singer, Properties Master / Mistress

Betty Davidson - Singer, Actor

John Davidson - Set and/or Property Maker, Graphic Designer, Publicist, Scenic Artist

William Dowd - Set Designer, Costume Maker, Costume Designer, Scenic Artist, Designer

Leigh Faulkner - Actor

Trevor Gallagher - Actor

Don Gay - Director, Actor, Designer

Laura Gilkes - Actor

Eddie Halton - Stage Manager, Production Manager, Lighting Operator

Allan Jeffrey - Director, Producer, Actor

Sonny Jose - Choreographer

Anna Kidd - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jan Kuplis - Actor, Adaptor, Choreographer

Judy McDavitt - Actor, Production Manager

John Moore - Actor, Producer

Reg O'Neill - Actor and Singer, Actor

Iestyn Parry - Repetiteur, Musician

Jeremy Pyefinch - Actor

Mappie Pyper - Follow Spot Operator, Costume Assistant, Consultant, Lighting Operator

Ken Rhodes - Actor and Singer, Actor, Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Larainne Robertson - Front of House

Douglas Sayer - Actor, Actor and Singer

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Janet Smith - Actor, Properties Master / Mistress, Assistant Stage Manager, Costume Co-ordinator, Technician, Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Manager, Scenic Artist

Kathy Spencer - Actor

Lois Thornton - Costume Co-ordinator, Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Assistant

Kath Uziallo - Publicist, Actor

Leah Venettacci - Director, Costume Designer, Costume Maker, Costume Co-ordinator, Choreographer

Aron Webb - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Lachlan West - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Tiv Williams - Actor, Designer, Assistant Stage Manager

Jenny Willing - Actor, Scenic Artist

Cassie Xintavelonis - Choreographer, Director

Brian Andrews - Actor

John Andrews - Actor and Singer, Actor

Fran Armstrong - Musical Director, Designer

Jeni Ayers - Actor, Actor and Singer

Alan Bacon - Actor

Rosalie Bester - Actor, Sound Operator/Engineer

Ron Biggs - Actor, Designer

Marian Bisset - Movement Director, Musician, Orchestra, Repetiteur

Melinda Briton - Actor and Singer, Actor, Singer

Rogan Brown - Set Designer, Designer, Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Designer

Scott Burns - Actor, Set and/or Property Maker

Jack Bushby - Actor, Producer

Kristian Byrne - Actor, Sound Designer, Singer

Tara Carroll - Actor

David Clements - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker

Pat Clements - Playwright, Actor

Jacquie Coad - Photographer, Choreographer

Desmond Cooper - Actor

Bruce Cornelius - Director, Designer, Conductor, Actor, Repetiteur

Greg Cracknell - Sound Operator/Engineer

Ben Cronin - Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Stage Manager

Tamika Crosbie - Actor, Musical Director, Singer

Lynette Dean - Actor

Sam Dean - Actor

John Denham - Actor, Actor and Singer

Geoff Dobson - Actor, Mechanist

Mike Edwards - Actor

Chloe Evans - Actor

Bryony Geeves - Actor, Consultant, Puppeteer

David Gilkes - Actor and Singer, Actor

Katie Green - Actor

Jenna Grosvenor - Actor, Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer, Set Designer

John Hale - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Michael Hanlon - Actor

Joan Harrison - Producer, Actor

Pat Harrison - Actor, Director

Cameron Hartley - Actor, Publicist

David Hickey - Actor, Technician

Andrew Hickman - Actor and Singer, Actor

Martine Holliday - Actor and Singer, Actor

Andrea Jackson - Actor

Samantha James-Radford - Actor

Maree Jones - Actor

Michael Kregor - Actor

Paul Levett - Actor

Veronica Lewinski - Actor, Properties Master / Mistress

Tom Lewis - Actor, Musician

Tommy Maddock - Actor

Tony McKendrick - Photographer

Cecily McKinley - Actor, Producer

Lillie McNamara - Actor

Meredith McQueen - Costume Maintenance, Actor

Derek Menzie - Actor, Production Manager, Publicist

Dennis Miller - Actor

Jaime Mollineaux-Herbert - Actor

Tony Murrell - Actor, Chorus

Alex O'Brien - Video Director, Graphic Designer, Video Designer

Braeden Oakley - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Designer, Various, Lighting Operator

Chris Oakley - Lighting Operator, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Scenic Artist, Set and/or Property Maker

David Orpin - Technician, Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Operator

Meriilyn Orpin - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Publicist

Peter Orpin - Stage Manager, Special Effects, Set and/or Property Maker, Director, Set Designer

Graeme Paine - Stage Manager, Producer, Performer

Peter Pinne - Composer, Lyricist

Rosemary Potter - Follow Spot Operator, Properties Master / Mistress, Actor

Iain Pyper - Actor and Singer, Follow Spot Operator, Lighting Operator

Adelaide Reisz - Publicist

Peter Richman - Musical Director, Organist

Ellen Roe - Actor, Director, Properties Master / Mistress

John Saunders - Actor, Director

Judi Shaw - Actor

Judith Shaw - Actor, Director, Assistant to the Director

Nicole Simms-Farrow - Actor

Virginia Smith - Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Mick Thornton - Publicist

Justin Turner - Technician, Stage Manager, Actor

David Walch - Set Designer, Director, Actor, Lighting Operator

Shauna-Lee Ward - Production Manager

Philip Webster - Actor

Craig Wellington - Actor, Scenic Artist, Director

Jill Williams - Actor, Actor and Singer

John X - Actor, Performer

Jamin - Scenic Artist, Set and/or Property Maker

Anne Maree Aherne - Performer, Chorus

Connor Anderson - Technician, Lighting Operator

Danni Ashton - Director, Set and/or Property Maker, Assistant Director, Stage Manager

Nick Atwell - Set and/or Property Maker

Jane Austen - Author, Writer

Alan Ayckbourn - Playwright

Christine Bailey - Assistant Producer, Actor

Adrian Barber - Actor

Fiona Barber - Actor

Pam Barber - Actor, Sound Operator/Engineer

Elyse Barnes - Actor

Jacob Barry - Chorus, Actor

Cliff Barwick - Actor, Producer

Don Battye - Lyricist, Writer

Fiona Beattie - Actor

Shirley Bennison - Actor

Sally Beven - Actor

Michael Bishop - Properties Master / Mistress, Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager

Keith Blaxhall - Actor

Pasquale Bocchino - Actor

Jeames Bone - Actor and Singer

James Bourke - Conductor, Musical Director, Actor

Andrew Bovell - Playwright

Bertolt Brecht - Librettist, Playwright

Stanley Burbury - Producer, Actor

Olive Burn - Producer

Scott Cashion - Orchestra, Musician

Andrew Castles - Orchestra, Drummer

Michael Chapman - Actor

Mike Chapman - Actor

Anton Chekhov - Playwright

Andrew Colrain - Actor

Ann Connor - Actor, Properties Master / Mistress

Sara Cooper - Actor

Anne Cordiner - Actor

Rex Cox - Producer, Actor

Caleb Crack - Actor

David Croft - Playwright

Francis Cronin - Sound Operator/Engineer, Assistant Stage Manager

Walter Dann - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Mandy Davey - Actor

Arin Dean - Actor

Ivano Del Pio - Actor

Bill Dewar - Actor and Singer, Actor

Pat Donnelly - Actor

Andrea Downes - Various

Wilfred Dowsett - Actor

Garry Dureau - Actor

Charlea Edwards - Costume Co-ordinator, Actor

Nick Falk - Actor

Brendon Flynn - Actor

Fred Frampton - Actor

Treen French - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker, Actor, Properties Master / Mistress

Alan Frost - Designer, Playwright

Christopher Fry - Playwright, Adaptor

W. E. Fuller - Actor

Neville Gaffney - Actor, Dancer, Graphic Designer

Steve Gallagher - Actor, Scenic Artist

Tai Gardner - Actor

Larry Gelbart - Writer

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist

Jacob Golding - Actor

Jared Goldsmith - Actor

Brad Gow - Follow Spot Operator, Mechanist, Assistant Stage Manager

Victor Gralak - Actor

Rod Gray - Actor

Joan Green - Actor, Actor and Singer

Sally Anne Gregs - Chorus, Actor

Aniela Grun - Actor

Jessica Gulliver - Costume Designer, Hair Stylist

Greg Gurr - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Joan Hansson - Properties Master, Production Manager

Amanda Harper - Stage Manager, Musical Director

Jim Harris - Actor

Annie Harvey - Actor, Costume Maintenance

Chris Hawker - Actor

Andrew Hawkey - Actor, Photographer

Stuart Heathorn - Front of House, Publicist

Mark Heron - Actor

Malcolm Hickman - Actor

Maurice Hilliard - Actor, Producer

Pam Hodgman - Actor

Tori Hodgman - Performer

Tom Hogan - Actor

Esther Hoggart - Actor

John Hoggart - Actor

Mark Holmes - Assistant Stage Manager

John Honey - Actor

Louise James - Publicist, Production Manager

Margaret Johnson - Actor

Jorgen Jorgensen - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Duncan Kelly - Actor

Terry Kelly - Actor

Fransina Kennedy - Actor

Tess Kent - Actor, Costume Co-ordinator

B. J. King - Performer

Petra Lagerwaard - Stage Manager, Scenic Artist

Nicholas Lahey - Sound Designer, Director

Bob Larkins - Actor

Edward Lawless - Sound Operator/Engineer, Lighting Operator

Sue Leary - Actor

Anne Lennon George - Director, Costume Co-ordinator

Carl Lewis - Actor, Lighting Designer

Taylor Lidstone - Actor, Lighting Operator

Melfred Lijuaco - Musical Director

Frances Lockhart - Chorus, Actor

Mandy Lowrie - Actor, Actor and Singer

Robert Manion - Director, Actor, Choreographer, Set Designer, Sound Designer

John Mannering - Assistant Lighting Designer, Musician

Barbara Manning - Actor, Producer

Joe Masteroff - Writer, Playwright

Marie Maumill - Actor

Peter McIntosh - Lighting Operator, Director

Paul McIntyre - Director, Assistant to the Director

Sandie McKay - Various

Jennifer Mclaren - Actor

Katherine McMahon - Actor

Deirdre McMaster - Actor

Jennifer McNickle - Costume Assistant, Follow Spot Operator

Robert Montgomery - Set Designer, Actor

Richard Moore - Performer

Robyn Moore - Actor

Roberta Nobleman - Performer, Writer

Katherine Noonan - Actor

Jack Norris - Actor

Gwen Norton - Costume Assistant, Costume Co-ordinator

Elaine O'Neill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Costume Designer, Chorus

Naomi Orpin - Actor, Chorus

Nicole Ottrey - Costume Maker, Costume Assistant

Grace Ovens - Actor, Actor and Singer

Nick Paine - Actor, Production Manager

Sally Palmer - Actor

Lynne Park - Set Designer, Graphic Designer

Suzen Parnell - Graphic Designer, Designer, Producer

Raine Paul - Director, Sound Operator/Engineer

Kaye Payne - Actor and Singer, Actor

Margaret Payne - Properties Master / Mistress, Follow Spot Operator

Simon Payne - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Clare Pearson - Actor

Ros Peck - Production Manager, Set Designer

Betty Picot - Actor

Genevieve Picot - Actor

David Pidd - Actor

Greg Poke - Photographer, Actor

Geoff Potter - Properties Master / Mistress

Aaron Powell - Conductor, Musical Director, Actor and Singer

Hannah Powell - Actor

Debra Pridgeon - Actor

Don Pybus - Actor

Terence Rattigan - Playwright

Prasaanth Reddy - Actor

Sandra Reeve - Stage Manager, Properties Master / Mistress

David Reynolds - Actor, Dancer

Fraser Reynolds - Repetiteur

Billie Richards - Actor, Properties Master / Mistress

Alex Rigozzi - Actor, Director

Charlotte Rogers - Actor

David Rolfe - Actor

Julie Rowlands - Actor

Willy Russell - Playwright

John Ryan - Actor

Samantha Sangston - Actor

Darren Sangwell - Actor, Director, Choreographer

Christine Schluter - Actor

Emma Scott - Sound Designer

Jen Scriber - Properties Master / Mistress, Costume Co-ordinator

Burt Shevelove - Writer

Ken Short - Repetiteur, Actor

Robin Short - Pianist, Repetiteur, Musical Director

Nicole Simms - Singer, Actor

Neil Simon - Playwright, Writer

Roger Sixt - Actor

Alice Skinner - Actor

Michael Slad - Scenic Artist, Set and/or Property Maker

Ben Smith - Actor

Kerry Smith - Costume Assistant

Lucinda Smith - Actor

Pete Smith - Production Manager, Properties Master / Mistress, Coordinator

Megan Stein - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Scenic Artist, Lighting Operator

Tom Stoppard - Playwright, Adaptor

Andrew Sumner - Actor

Anthony Sward - Lighting Operator, Assistant Stage Manager

Leigh Swinbourne - Playwright, Director

Kevin Thornton - Publicist

Astrid Sonia Tiefholz - Actor

Fay Trenfield - Actor

Nigel Triffitt - Actor, Special FX

John Tydde - Director, Producer

Sophie Tyrrell - Actor, Assistant Director

Cameron Van Der Steege - Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Sound Operator/Engineer

John van Druten - Writer, Playwright

Ben Van Tienen - Musical Director, Chorus

Pam Vincent - Properties Master / Mistress, Chorus

Fransina Voorpostel - Actor

Kate Vosper - Actor

Hugh Wheeler - Playwright, Writer

Oscar Wilde - Playwright

Lucy Wilkins - Costume Designer

Doris Williams - Actor

Susan Williams - Actor, Consultant

Matt Wilson - Actor, Set Designer

Mark Wojcik - Choreographer, Scenic Artist

Rodney Wood - Actor

Roz Wren - Set Designer, Designer

Andre Abrego - Technician

Kallista Adkins - Actor

Lisa Ahearn - Make-up Artist

Andy Aisbett - Actor

Gerard Alessandrini - Playwright

Judy Alexander - Actor

Peter Allanby - Actor

Jay Allen - Adaptor

Carol Amos - Actor

Peter Anderson - Actor

Rod Anderson - Director, Adaptor

Damon Andrews - Director, Playwright

Jean Anouilh - Playwright

Jennifer Ansic - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Samuel Apted - Actor

Jeffrey Archer - Writer

Albert Arlen - Adaptor

Garry Armstrong - Choreographer, Director, Actor

Jo Arnold - Assistant Stage Manager

Stephanie Arnold - Singer

Liz Atkins - Costume Assistant

Marie Aubert - Actor

Annick Audrey - Actor

Audrey Auld - Lighting Operator

Fred Auld - Actor

Naf Aungshu - Actor

Ebba Austen - Actor

Lindy Ayers - Actor

Renee Badcock - Orchestra

Van Badham - Playwright

Bert Bailey - Adaptor

Kerry Bain - Actor

John Baldwin - Producer

David Bannister - Actor

Frank Bansel - Actor

Rex Barber - Musical Director

Naarah Barnes - Publicist, Actor

Stuart Barron - Dancer

Jennifer Barry - Dancer

Mel Barry - Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Delia Bartle - Orchestra

Keith Bates - Lighting Designer, Actor

Kate Batts - Actor

Jan Beadle - Playwright

Richard Bean - Playwright

Annalea Beattie - Sound Operator/Engineer

Veronica Beinssen - Lighting Operator

Shewit Belay - Actor

David Bell - Actor

Eric Bell - Chorus

Derek Benfield - Playwright

Betty Benjamin - Actor

Alan Bennett - Playwright

Peter Bent - Actor

Eric Bentley - Translator

Dominique Berechree - Actor

Nikolas Berechree - Actor

Amanda Bergman - Actor

Irving Berlin - Music and Lyrics

Caroline Bertram - Producer

Rick Besoyan - Music and Lyrics

Heather Bester - Actor

Grant Bewick - Orchestra

Alissa Bilyk - Sound Operator/Engineer

Sophy Bishop - Actor

Betty Blackwood - Actor

Kate Blackwood - Actor

David Bloomfield - Actor

Dianna Blythe - Actor

Anne Blythe-Cooper - Choreographer, Director

Anthony Boden - Actor

Emma Bolton - Musician

Jaxen Bone - Actor

Daniel Booker - Set and/or Property Maker

Judy Boon - Properties Master / Mistress

Melissa Boon - Properties Master / Mistress, Stage Manager

Margie Bootsman - Various

John Borojevic - Set and/or Property Maker

Zachary Borthwick - Actor

Anica Boulanger-Mashberg - Actor

Christine Bowling - Designer

William Bowling - Chorus

Campbell Braithwaite - Actor

Emily Braithwaite - Actor

Glenn Braithwaite - Actor

John Breen - Director, Playwright

Victoria Bremner - Actor

Helen Brennan - Actor

Samantha Brewer - Actor

Lyn Brockwell - Actor

Pauline Brook - Actor

Amanda Brotchie - Playwright

Sara Brown - Actor

Stephen Brown - Actor

Brett Budgeon - Musician

Josh Bull - Actor

Caroline Burbury - Actor

Pearl Burbury - Actor

Grace Burdick - Actor

Christine Burdon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Georgia Burke - Actor and Singer

Carolyn Burns - Lyricist

Abe Burrows - Writer

Dominic Bury - Scenic Artist

Catherine Bushby - Set Designer

Don Butler - Actor

Peta Butler - Actor

Sian Buttermore - Actor

Alison Butterworth - Actor

Chris Button - Actor

Kate Button - Chorus Master/Mistress

Beryl Byers - Actor

Phil Bywater - Orchestra

Scott Bywater - Actor

Melanie Caines - Actor

Barbara Calvert - Designer

David Campton - Playwright

Denis Cannan - Playwright

Kylie Cantwell - Costume Designer, Musician

Rochelle Carmichael - Dancer

Caitlin Carnaby - Actor

Paul Carpenter - Adaptor

Danielle Carr - Actor

Finn Carter - Actor

Helene Carter - Actor

Don Cartwright - Set and/or Property Maker

Jim Cartwright - Playwright

Falkland Cary - Writer

Mike Casey - Actor

Bonnie Cashion - Actor

Lee Caspersz - Actor

Derek Catterall - Set and/or Property Maker

Richard Causby - Set and/or Property Maker

Robert Chafe - Playwright

Milla Chaffer - Costume Assistant

Judy Chalmers - Actor

Kath Chapman - Stage Manager, Scenic Artist

Natasha Chapman - Actor

Gillian Chappell - Choreographer

Rosemary Charleston - Properties Master / Mistress

Chek Chen - Actor

Liz Cherry - Actor

Sarah Chifley - Dancer

Anna Chilcott - Repetiteur

Brandon Chilcott - Actor

Francesca Chilcott - Actor

Jennifer Chilcott - Repetiteur

Scott Chilcott - Sound Operator/Engineer

Therese Chilcott - Costume Assistant

Jerome Chodorov - Playwright

Kate Choraziak - Assistant Director

Phillip Chugg - Actor

Catherine Civitarese - Scenic Artist

Katie Clapham - Actor

Terry Clark - Actor

Anne Clarke - Actor

Beryta Clarke - Actor

Jamie Clennett - Actor

Sara Coates - Actor

Mary Coatman - Actor

Harvey Coghlan - Actor

James Colbourn-Keogh - Actor

Elizabeth Coleman - Playwright

Matthew Coleman - Chorus

Louis Colhoun - Musician

Nigel Collins - Playwright, Actor

Dorothy Collopy - Actor

Elizabeth Collyer - Actor

Arthur Conan Doyle - Writer

Anne-Marie Conde - Publicist

William Congreve - Playwright

Jill Cook - Designer

Andrew Cooper - Set Designer

Mel Cooper - Make-up Artist

Miriam Cooper - Actor and Singer

Brooke Cotton - Actor

Maureen County - Actor

Gabrielle Cousins - Actor

Bailey Cowen - Actor

Jordon Cowen - Coordinator

Karen Cowen - Coordinator

Gwen Cox - Actor

Neville Creese - Actor

Netta Crofts - Actor

Hilary Cromer - Actor

Amy Crosby - Production Manager

Maegan Cross - Actor

Aleksandra Crossan - Actor, Movement Director

Kerry Crossingham - Follow Spot Operator

Peter Crowcroft - Actor

Robert Cruickshank - Lighting Operator

Michael Cummings - Actor

Patricia Currell - Actor and Singer

Nigel Curtain-Smith - Actor

Brian Curtis - Photographer

Leanne Curtis - Actor

Peter Curtis - Actor

Tony D'Aguanno - Actor

Doreen Dakin - Actor

Vera Dakin - Actor

Stephen Dann - Various

Helen Dare - Actor

Michaela Darlington - Actor

June Davey - Actor

Stuart Davey - Actor

Leanne Davidson - Actor

Les Davidson - Actor

Nigel Davidson - Actor

Barry Davies - Actor

Jane Davies - Dancer

Mandy Davies - Actor

Emily Dean - Actor

Sean Deigan - Set and/or Property Maker

Shelagh Delaney - Playwright

Tamara Dell - Actor

Reginald Denham - Playwright

C. J. Dennis - Poet

Charlotte Dennis - Actor

Ronald Denson - Director

Maurice Desavallieres - Writer

Lucy Devine - Actor

Amanda Devlin - Actor

Veronica Devlin - Actor

Lochie Dew - Actor

John Dighton - Playwright

Gemma Direen - Actor

Sophie Dixon - Stage Manager

Joy Dobson - Actor

Matt Dobson - Actor

Paul Dodson - Actor

Anita Doig - Costume Co-ordinator

Gabriel Donnelly - Actor

Peter Dowling - Actor

Ruby Dowling - Actor

Vin Downey - Actor and Singer

Vin Downie - Musical Director

Martin Downing - Playwright

Di Drew - Director

Vicki Drew - Actor

Maurice Ducker - Actor

Rachel Dudgeon - Actor

Scott Duhig - Technician

Esther Dunbar - Properties Master / Mistress

Gae-Anne Duncan - Actor

Judith Duncan - Playwright

Mary Durack - Writer

Zeb Dwyer - Actor

Pam Eaves - Chorus

Fred Ebb - Lyricist

Elinor Ebsworth - Actor

Andrew Eden - Lighting Operator

Christopher Eden - Actor

Jenny Edwards - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Sally Edwards - Actor

Xanthe Eickhoff - Actor

John Elliott - Actor

Bridget Eltham - Actor

Edith Emery - Designer

Jan Etta - Properties Master / Mistress

Joyce Eyre - Producer

Emily Ezzy - Actor

Lisa Fa'alafi - Performer, Creator

Efeso Fa'anana - Performer, Creator

Aldo Fabian - Director

Sammy Fain - Composer

Carmen Falk - Actor

Sharon Fall - Actor

Bree Farrell - Actor

Allison Farrow - Actor

Nicole Farrow - Actor

Scott Farrow - Actor

Felicity Faulkner - Costume Maintenance

Ed Feilbert - Playwright

Vic Feni - Actor

Georges Feydeau - Writer

William Field - Actor

Dorothy Fields - Writer

Herbert Fields - Writer

Joseph Fields - Playwright

Harvey Fierstein - Writer

Tim Finn - Composer

Tim Firth - Playwright

Joe Fitzpatrick - Actor

Leonie Fletcher-Adams - Actor

Elizabeth Flinn - Publicist

Polymnia Flouris - Actor

Sue Forage - Stage Manager

Sarah Forward - Actor

Patrick Foster - Graphic Designer

June Francis - Graphic Designer

Patricia Fraser - Actor

Michael Frayn - Playwright

Robert Free - Chorus

Charles Freeman - Writer

Maree French - Actor

Nadine Frick - Actor

Susannah Fuchs - Dancer

Kent Furmage - Flyman

Douglas Fyfe - Musician

Hugh Gable - Actor

Gangell - Actor

Tai Gardener - Fight Director

Philip Gardner - Actor

Carol Garrard - Chorus

Jazmin Garrard - Actor

Matthew Garwood - Actor

Peter Gee - Performer

Robert Gerlach - Creator

Hannah Gibb - Scenic Artist

Margaret Gibbs - Musical Director

Nan Giblin - Choreographer

Joyce Gilbert - Actor

Suzi Gillespie - Actor

Maggie Gillham - Actor, Costume Designer

Wendy Gillies - Costume Assistant

Peter Glenville - Adaptor

Dagmar Goddard - Actor

Stephen Goddard - Designer

Anne Godfrey-Smith - Actor

George Goerss - Sound Designer

Dan Goggin - Music and Lyrics

John Goldsmith - Orchestra

Sera Goldstone - Actor

Meagan Goodwin - Publicist

Paige Gordon - Dancer

Richard Gordon - Author

Geoff Goscombe - Chorus

Margaret Goscombe - Chorus

Ray Gourlay - Follow Spot Operator

Scott Gourlay - Flyman

Ruby Goward - Actor

Ian Gower - Adaptor

Carol Grace - Actor

Sue Grainger - Actor and Singer

Mia Grant - Actor

Roz Grant - Properties Master / Mistress

Belinda Graudins - Musical Advisor

Sam Graudins - Actor

Victoria Graves - Actor

Clare Gray - Actor and Singer

Oriel Gray - Author

Rhys Gray - Musician

Davidandrew Green - Actor

Hayden Green - Lighting Operator, Set and/or Property Maker

Jason Green - Various

Katrina Green - Actor

Mawby Green - Playwright

Sophy Greenlees - Pianist

Breanna Greer - Actor

Holly Gregg - Actor

Derek Grice - Orchestra

Jackie Griffith - Actor

Gail Grove - Chorus

Robert Grubb - Actor

Inga Gundesen - Actor

Philip Haddon-Cave - Actor

John Hadrill - Actor

Joel Halbe - Actor

Murray Hamilton - Actor

Samantha Hammersley - Actor

Oscar Hammerstein - Lyricist

Christopher Hampton - Translator

Rick Hand - Actor

Jane Hannay - Actor

Gary Hansen - Actor

Chloe Harle - Actor

Indigo Harper - Various

Garry Harradence - Actor, Various

Darrel Harrington - Actor

Chris Harriott - Composer

Lloyd Harris - Actor

Rowan Harris - Actor

Elizabeth Hart - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Ronald Harwood - Playwright

Shannon Harwood - Actor

Sam Hasell - Various

James Haslem - Actor

Alec Hastie - Actor

Bodane Hatten - Actor

Lynn Haug - Costume Assistant, Dancer

Elisabeth Hauptmann - Collaborator

Lynn Hawkes - Stage Manager

Denis Hawkey - Actor

Emilia Hawkey - Actor

Jeff Hayes - Comedian

Jean Heathorn - Costume Assistant

Bil Heit - Actor

Trudy Hellier - Playwright

Jean Henderson - Dresser

Kane Hendy - Orchestra

Lucy Henty - Actor

Waythe Henty - Actor

A. P. Herbert - Playwright

Jerry Herman - Lyricist, Composer

Julia Hern - Actor

Heather Heron - Actor

Kerry Hewitt - Actor, Graphic Designer

Genevieve Higgins - Actor

Gillian Hilliard - Actor

Sally Hills - Costume Co-ordinator

James Hilton - Playwright

Simon Hirst - Actor

Sarah Hodgetts - Actor

Michael Hodgson - Actor

Jill Holloway - Actor

Andrew Holmes - Actor

Darrell Holmes - Actor

Nina Warner Hooke - Playwright

Nigel Hope - Orchestra

Sophie Hope - Actor

Alan Hopgood - Actor

Ann Hopkins - Musical Director

Darryl Hopkins - Actor

Irene Hornsby - Adaptor

Edward Howard - Actor

Helen Howard - Actor

Max Howard - Actor

Tom Howard - Actor

Peggi Howarth - Producer

Carys Howartson - Actor

Shane Howlett - Actor

Paul Hudson - Lighting Operator

Hugh Hughes - Creator, Actor

Craig Hulsman - Actor

Mark Hulsman - Musical Director, Actor

Dean Hunt - Orchestra

Tim Hurd - Actor

Cecilia Hutchinson - Actor

Helen Hutchinson - Actor

Neil Hutchison - Adjudicator

Ted Hutchison - Actor

Von Hutchison - Front of House

Stephanie Ierino - Repetiteur

Gwynneth Ife - Actor

Hamish Ikin - Actor

John Ireson - Actor

Seth Isham - Actor

Christopher Isherwood - Writer

Jenny Isles - Various

Matthew Ives - Musical Director

Heath Ivy - Law - Actor

Barbara Jackson - Properties Master / Mistress

Lizzie Jackson - Assistant Stage Manager

Meredith Jacob - Actor

Chris Jacobson - Set Designer, Stage Manager

Rebekah Jacobson - Orchestra

Jason James - Lighting Designer

Maggie James - Actor

Felix Jarvis - Actor

Glenn Jeffrey - Stage Manager

Lisa Jekimovics - Graphic Designer

Roger Jennings - Actor

Helen Jerome - Adaptor

Andrew Johns - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Alan Johnson - Actor

Chris Johnson - Actor

Marcus Johnson - Actor

Michael Johnson - Set and/or Property Maker

Philip Johnson - Playwright

Rachel Johnson - Actor

Sarah Johnson - Actor

Tamara Johnston - Actor

Andy Jones - Actor, Writer

Blake Jones - Various

Don Jones - Set and/or Property Maker

Karen Jones - Assistant Stage Manager

Sarah Jones - Actor

Beatrice Jordan - Actor

Caroline Joughin - Actor

Phillip Joughin - Singer

Louella Jury - Composer

Hannah Just - Actor and Singer

John Kander - Composer

Garson Kanin - Playwright

Voula Karipidis - Actor

Stefan Karpiniec - Assistant Lighting Designer, Actor

Gareth Kays - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Leigh Keane - Actor

Sam Kearney - Orchestra

Shelagh Keating - Actor

Jillian Keiley - Director

John Kelleher - Set and/or Property Maker

Sharnee Kelly - Properties Master / Mistress

Robert Kelty - Actor

Wendy Kennedy - Performer

Joseph Kesselring - Playwright

Nigel Kidd - Actor

Aerial Kiker - Various

Brenda Kimber - Chorus

Mel King - Director

Philip King - Writer

Teresa Kingsbury - Musician

Monique Klongtruadroke - Soprano

Ray Kolle - Writer, Lyricist

Petra Laageward - Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Sound Designer

Jennifer Lal - Lighting Designer

Laurier Lange - Producer

Kaninna Langford - Actor

Regis Lansac - Designer

James Lapine - Writer

Rachel Larkins - Stage Manager

Clare Latham - Actor

Elizabeth Lawler - Actor

Bronwyn Lawrence - Actor

Carl Lawton - Adaptor

Nick Lazaroff - Actor

Toby Leach - Playwright, Actor

David Lee - Actor

Vanessa Lee - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Sarah Leech - Actor

Alex Legg - Musician

Jo Legosz - Musical Director

Zachary Lennon - Actor

Rowena Leonard - Chorus, Choreographer

Andrew Leong - Hair Stylist

Alan Jay Lerner - Lyricist

Marlene Lette - Costume Designer

Ira Levin - Playwright

C. S. Lewis - Writer

Kylie Lindsay - Actor

Don Lipscombe - Actor

Bonnie Mary Liston - Actor

Jeremy Lloyd - Playwright

Francis Lockett - Musician

Helen Lockhart - Actor

Frank Loesser - Music and Lyrics

Frederick Loewe - Composer

John Lohrey - Stage Manager

Adam Long - Adaptor

Robert Lopez - Music and Lyrics

Tom Lord - Actor

Nic Lorraine - Actor and Singer

D. Lovett - Actor

Doug Lovett - Designer

Mick Lowenstein - Performer, Presenter

Ken Ludwig - Adaptor

Andrew MacDonald - Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Stuart Macdonald - Actor

Roger MacDougall - Playwright

Amy MacGregor - Actor

Hugh MacIndoe - Actor

Don MacKay - Actor

Louise Mackintosh - Actor

Sarah Maclaine - Actor

Kerryn MacMillan - Actor

Anton Maes - Actor

Irene Mahoney - Director

Elaine Maitland - Actor

Jen Makin - Actor, Costume Assistant

Dixie Makro - Graphic Designer

Stephen Mallatratt - Playwright

Miles Malleson - Adaptor

Brian Marks - Chorus

Brett Marley - Performer

Peter Marshall - Actor

Erin Martin - Actor

Simon Martin - Actor, Playwright, Director

Jeff Marx - Music and Lyrics

Harley Mason - Actor

Frank Massie - Lighting Operator

Dibbs Mather - Producer

Mary Mather - Actor

Christine Mathers - Actor

Anna Maynard - Actor

Mary McArthurr - Musician

Annie McCann - Actor

Ida McCann - Actor

James McDonald - Creator

Stuart McDonald - Set Designer

Andrew McDougall - Puppet Designer

Cameron McDougall - Set Designer

Jill McElwee - Set Designer

Pam McFarlane - Choreographer

Benedicta McGeown - Set Designer, Director, Costume Co-ordinator

Hannah McGown - Actor

Susan McIntyre-Smith - Actor

Frank McIvor - Lighting Operator

Mervyn McKay - Graphic Designer

Vincent McKay - Front of House

Fran Mckendrick - Pianist

Ruth McKenney - Author

John McKernon - Actor

Jennifer McKnickle - Costume Assistant

Carrie McLean - Actor

Terry McSweeney - Actor

Andrew Meadows - Lighting Designer

Thomas Meehan - Writer

Liv Melsom - Actor

Geraldine Metzler - Costume Assistant

Jeff Michel - Actor

Lindi Milbourne - Actor

Hugh Miller - Director, Actor

Lorraine Miller - Producer

Peter Miller - Actor

Tobias Miller - Actor

A. A. Milne - Playwright

Nick Mitsakis - Actor

Jenny Moffat - Chorus

Nicki Moles - Choreographer

Jean-Baptiste Moliere - Playwright

Josh Montgomery - Various

Tania Moody - Actor

Charles Morgan - Playwright

Marty Moroney - Actor

Andrew Morrisby - Accompanist

Malcolm Morrisby - Actor

Jacqueline Morrison - Stage Manager

Tayla Moschogianis - Actor

Leslie Moxon - Actor

Prophecy Mudzingwa - Actor

Jake Muhling - Actor

Fiona Muir - Scenic Artist

Jacqueline Mulqueen - Director

Jason Mundy - Actor

Kevin Murphy - Book and Lyrics

Kristy Murtagh - Choreographer

Zehra Naqvi - Actor

Aaron Naselow - Stage Manager

Danny Neal - Sound Operator/Engineer

John Newell - Actor

Mary Newman - Chorus

Grace Nguyen - Actor

Helen Nicholl - Writer

Peter Nichols - Playwright

Stuart Nichols - Actor

Max Nicholson - Producer

Nick Nonas - Lighting Designer

Alison Normanton - Actor

Nell Norris - Actor

Jenny Norton - Actor

Adam Nunn - Chorus

Alison O'Brien - Musician

Mark O'Donnell - Writer

David O'Halloran - Actor

Laurence O'Keefe - Music and Lyrics

Adelaide O'Keeffe - Publicist, Technician

Lorraine O'Malley - Actor

Peter O'Shaughnessy - Actor

Georgia Oates - Actor

Andre Obey - Playwright

Cassie Ogle - Actor

Pat Olds - Costume Assistant

John Oliver - Actor, Mechanist

Mathew Oliver - Mechanist

Rhonda Oliver - Actor

Emily Orange - Actor

Stephen Oremus - Musical Arranger

Julia Orpin - Chorus

Pauline Osborne - Costume Assistant

David Ovens - Actor

Patricia Owen - Actor

Benjamin Oxley - Actor

Lise Painter - Chorus

Rose Palmer - Costume Assistant

Nita Pannell - Adaptor, Actor

Karen Pape - Publicist, Sound Operator/Engineer

Ruth Park - Author, Writer

Elaine Parker - Actor

Jeanette Parkes - Assistant to the Director

Adela Parnell - Stage Manager

Michael Parry - Lighting Operator

Kit Parsons - Actor

Kate Paulovics - Actor

Paul Peart-Smith - Graphic Designer

Yolanda Peart-Smith - Coordinator

Bronwyn Peebles - Actor

Sara Pensalfini - Actor

Sara Pensalfini Brown - Assistant Director

Edward Percy - Playwright

Georgie Perry - Actor

Jimmy Perry - Playwright

William Peterson - Assistant Lighting Designer

Kip Philips - Musician

Anthony Phillips - Costume Maker

Carol Phillips - Actor

Simone Phillips - Actor

Elizabeth Pickett - Actor

James Picot - Actor

Jan Pienowski - Writer

Jenny Plapp - Stage Manager

Lindy Plaschke - Actor

Peter Plunkett - Actor

Bernard Pomerance - Playwright

Vashti Pontaks - Actor

Sonya Pope - Actor

William Powell - Director

Rod Pregnell - Flyman

Robert Prero - Actor

Rhys Prestedge - Actor

Dan Prichard - Actor

H.D. Pridmore - Actor

Greg Pritchard - Actor

Isiah Pritchard - Actor

Henryk Ptak - Actor

Jenni Pyefinch - Director

Sam Pyefinch - Actor

Annie Quarmby - Writer

Sarah Quarmby - Actor

Helen Quilty - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Glyn Rait - Actor

Kristilee Ransley - Actor

Melanie Ransley - Set and/or Property Maker

Fred Rawlings - Musical Director

Anthony Raymond - Chorus

Leslie Rees - Writer

Penni Rendell - Actor

Patricia Rex - Actor

Eliza Reynolds - Cellist

Matt Reynolds - Actor

Peter Reynolds - Set and/or Property Maker, Actor

Sue Reynolds - Dancer

Yasmina Reza - Playwright

R. B. Richard - Playwright

Di Richards - Actor

Gordon Richards - Actor

Graham Richards - Performer

Paul Richards - Lighting Designer

Brian Richardson - Scenic Artist, Actor

Sue Richie - Technician

Essie Robertson - Actor

Joseph Robinette - Adaptor

Richard Rodgers - Composer

Amanda Rogers - Dancer

Rick Rogers - Actor

Tuula Roppola - Dancer

Sandra Rosan - Chorus

Govinder Roser - Actor

David Rossiter - Director

Pauline Rowan - Actor

Sioned Rowlands - Creator, Actor

Deidre Gillard Rowlings - Actor

Gary Rowly - Actor

Beth Rowntree - Actor

Doug Royle - Set and/or Property Maker

Kim Royle - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Steele Rudd - Author

Emesha Rudolf - Actor and Singer

Joey Ruigrok van der Werven - Director, Designer

Mary Rule - Actor

Damon Runyon - Writer

Greg Rushton - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jane Russell - Actor

Michelle Ryan - Dancer

Mem Rynne - Actor

Michael Sampey - Actor

Maree Samson - Actor

Caroline Sangston - Actor

Ray Sangston - Actor

Isaac Sargent - Actor

Mavis Sayer - Chorus

Anita Schleebs - Musician

Erich Schwarzl - Actor

Robert Scotney - Actor

Izzy Scott - Stage Manager

Jim Scott - Actor

Clive Sears - Actor

Jake Senger - Set and/or Property Maker

Alan Seymour - Musician

Marc Shaiman - Music and Lyrics

Peter Shanks - Musician

Mark Shannon - Scenic Artist

Leah Shelton - Performer, Creator

Catherine Shepherd - Director, Playwright

Theresa Sherman - Fan Dancer

Mia Shinkfield - Actor

Brian Sibson - Scenic Artist, Actor

Caroline Sibson - Actor

Alec Simpson - Actor

Gretel Sims - Follow Spot Operator

Kerrie Sims - Actor

Daniel Singer - Adaptor

Jake Singer - Set and/or Property Maker

Catherine Singline - Actor

Thanapoom Sirichang - Composer

Emma Skalicky - Actor

Matt Skalicky - Sound Designer

Margaret Skelton - Actor

Matt Skinner - Singer

Kieran Slicer - Musical Director

Jenny Sloane - Costume Assistant

Laurie Smallhorn - Actor

Adrian Smith - Publicist

Audrey Smith - Pianist

Gus Smith - Set and/or Property Maker

Lesley Smith - Front of House

Sladen Smith - Playwright

Vicki Smith - Actor

Ruth Snape - Costume Assistant

Sophie Soszynski - Actor

Ian Souchard - Actor

Muriel Spark - Author

Anthony Speed - Actor

Eleanor Spiegel - Set Designer

Judy Sproule - Assistant Choreographer

Madeleine St John - Author

Glenn Stacey - Follow Spot Operator

John Stafford - Sound Operator/Engineer

Betty Stanford - Costume Assistant, Chorus

Dean Stanford - Actor

Kevin Stanford - Actor, Director, Costume Designer

Sonya Stanford - Actor

David Stanway - Actor

Christina Steshic - Actor and Singer

Robert Louis Stevenson - Author

Taylah Stewart - Actor

Matthew Stolp - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Chelle Stone - Dancer

Gabrielle Stranger - Assistant Stage Manager

Ann Stubbs - Actor

Saran Suebsantiwongse - Baritone

Arthur Sullivan - Composer

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Polly Sumner - Actor

Tessa Sutton - Actor

Jack Swann - Chorus

Veronica Sweeney - Actor

Jo Swerling - Writer

Brian Sykes - Actor

John Millington Synge - Playwright

Edward Talbot - Director, Designer

Meryl Tankard - Choreographer, Dancer

Max Tate - Actor

Dan Taylor - Actor

Ian Taylor - Playwright

Ross Taylor - Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Designer

Robin Terri - Chorus

Cliff Terry - Properties Master / Mistress

Connor Tew - Follow Spot Operator

Fleur Thiemeyer - Costume Designer

Christopher Thomas - Actor

Lisa Thomas - Actor

Ernest Thompson - Playwright

Howard Thompson - Chorus, Actor

Veronica Thompson - Stage Director

Rebecca Thomson - Actor

Robert Wyatt Thorne - Actor

Julie Thornton - Costume Assistant

Pat Tilley - Actor

Helen Todd - Musical Director

Bryce Tollard Williams - Actor

Lauren Tollard-Williams - Actor

Charlie Tomlinson - Director

Pamela Tonelli - Scenic Artist

Wayne Toplis - Lighting Operator

Susie Torok - Costume Maintenance

Adelaide Touber - Actor

Frank Trappes - Mechanist

Joanne Treweek - Actor

Fiona Tulk - Assistant Stage Manager

Paul Turnbull - Actor

Claire Turner - Chorus

Irene Turner - Actor

Mike Twitchin - Flyman

Virginia Vagg - Actor

Petronella Van Tienen - Actor and Singer

Fred Van Tuil - Actor

Gordon Varley - Actor

Natalie Venettacci - Actor

Brant Vertigan - Actor

Desmond Vesey - Translator

Kath Vollus - Actor

Gillian Von Bertouch - Actor

Bringkop Vora-Urai - Librettist

David Vos - Creator

Justin Henry Wagner - Actor

Marianne Waldhoff - Actor

Jean Walker - Actor

Lix Walker - Actor

Anastatia Ward - Actor

Evelyn Ward - Actor

Narelle Warmbrunn - Actor

Barbara Warner - Actor

Tom Watchorn - Actor

Philip Waterworth - Producer

Dennis Watkins - Book and Lyrics

Amanda Way - Chorus

Kym Weatherley - Actor

Kate Webb - Costume Assistant

Tony Webb - Actor

Paul Francis Webster - Lyricist

Sheelagh Wegman - Musical Director

Kurt Weill - Composer

Susan Weldrick - Actor

Dylan Wells - Actor

Margaret Wells - Actor

Fay Wharmby - Actor

Joel Wheeler - Actor

Emily Whelan - Actor

Dulcie White - Actor and Singer

Hamish White - Actor

Chris Whitfort - Actor

Daniel Whitfort - Actor

Jeff Whitty - Writer

Paul Wigger - Actor

Ben Wignall - Orchestra

Thornton Wilder - Playwright

Carole Williams - Performer

Joan Williams - Actor

Sophie Williams - Actor

David Williamson - Playwright

Pam Willis - Producer

Ted Willis - Adaptor

Peter Willshire - Actor

Meredith Willson - Book and Lyrics, Composer

Arthur Wilmurt - Translator

Cindy Wilson - Actor

Daphne Wilson - Photographer

Jessica Wilson - Director

Nick Wilson - Sound Designer

Sandra Wilson - Actor

Tom Wilson - Sound Operator/Engineer

Jess Winfield - Adaptor

Margaret Winspear - Lighting Operator

Ron Withington - Actor

Ron Withington - Actor

Scott Wittman - Lyricist

Karen Wolfe - Various

Deborah Wong - Actor

Craig Wood - Musical Director

David Wood - Adaptor

Michelle Wood - Sound Operator/Engineer

Kim Woodhead - Actor

Anne Woods - Properties Master / Mistress

Michael Woods - Actor

Greg Woodward - Orchestra

Liz Woolley - Actor

Phoebe Wootton - Choreographer

Herman Wouk - Playwright

June Wright - Actor

Ray Wright - Chorus

Rod Wright - Set and/or Property Maker

Filip Wyker - Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Manager

Julia Young - Actor

Anita Zelazo - Actor

Julia Zemiro - Playwright

Julie Zimmerman - Actor

Sandra Zotch - Actor

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