Venue Melbourne Town Hall
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Other Names Lower Melbourne Town Hall
Address Crn Swanston & Collins Streets
Melbourne VIC 3000
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Latitude | Longitude -37.815084 | 144.966508

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  • X, 7 April 2007

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  • X, 7 April 2007

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Paul McDermott - Devisor, Comedian, Performer, Playwright, Actor

Corinne Grant - MC, Actor, Comedian

Fiona O'Loughlin - Comedian, Devisor, Performer

Cal Wilson - Comedian, MC

Karel Ancerl - Conductor

Wil Anderson - Comedian, Writer, Devisor, Performer

Antonin Dvořák - Composer

Laurel Frank - Set Designer, Costume Designer, Puppet Designer

Jeff Green - Comedian

Dave Hughes - Writer, Comedian, Devisor, MC

Daniel Kitson - Comedian, Creator, Performer

Judith Lucy - Comedian, Actor, Dramaturg

Jan Panenka - Pianist

Ladislav Slovak - Conductor

Josef Suk - Violinist

Stephen K Amos - Comedian

Arj Barker - Comedian

Jason Byrne - Comedian

Damian Callinan - MC, Devisor, Director, Performer, Comedian

Tim Coldwell - Artistic Director, Circus Style Performer

Greg Fleet - Comedian, Writer, Director, Performer, Actor

Justin Hamilton - Comedian, MC

Claire Hooper - Comedian

Michael Ling - Circus Style Performer

Anthony Menchetti - Comedian, Devisor, Performer, Producer

Charlie Pickering - Performer, Writer, Comedian, Devisor

Mikey Robins - Comedian, Performer

Chris Addison - Comedian, Devisor, Performer

Alan Brough - Actor, Comedian, Devisor, Performer

Mike Finch - Artistic Director

Rich Hall - Comedian

Adam Hills - Actor, Comedian, MC

Philip Lethlean - Lighting Designer, Puppet Designer

Per Westman - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Colin Batrouney - Director

Melinda Buttle - Comedian

Sean Choolburra - Comedian, MC

Bill Cosby - Performer

Bob Downe - Devisor, Performer, Comedian, Drag Artist

Russell Fletcher - Playwright, Performer, Improviser, Comedian

Hannah Gadsby - Comedian, MC

Gina Gascoigne - Lighting Designer, Performer

Steven Gates - Actor, Comedian

Tom Gleeson - Comedian, Devisor

Linda Hagger - Comedian, Writer

Paul Horan - Director

Daryll John - Circus Style Performer, Performer

Sarah Kendall - Comedian, Devisor, Actor

Hung Le - Writer, Comedian, Performer, Composer

Chris Lewis - Circus Style Performer

Josie Long - Comedian

Lee Mack - Comedian, Creator

Julie McInnes - Circus Style Performer, Composer, Musical Director

Kate McLennan - Actor, Comedian

Ross Noble - Comedian, Devisor

Terence O'Connell - Director

Claudia O'Doherty - Comedian, Actor

Carl Polke - Musical Director, Circus Style Performer

Rod Quantock - Devisor, Comedian, Performer

Maurice Ravel - Composer

Adam Richard - Devisor, Comedian

Carrie Rickards - Comic Singer

Harry Rickards - Entrepreneur, Comic Singer

Toni Smith - Circus Style Performer

Nelly Thomas - Comedian

Felicity Ward - Comedian

Mark Watson - Comedian

Frank Wood - Comedian, Devisor, MC

Janei Anderson - Performer, Writer

Dan Antopolski - Comedian

Winston Appleyard - Performer, Sound Composer

Tom Ballard - Comedian, MC

Rusty Berther - Comedian

Jane Borghesi - Actor

Harley Breen - Comedian

Scott Brennan - Comedian, Actor

Wiggy Brennan - Costume Designer

David Bridie - Musical Director, Musician

Tanya Bulmer - Comedian, Performer

Stephen Burton - Director

Dave Callan - Comedian, Performer

Michael Chamberlin - Performer, Comedian, Devisor

Damian Clark - Performer, Comedian, Writer

Ben Cobham - Lighting Designer

Nina Conti - Comedian

Gail Davidson - Stage Manager, Lighting Designer

Eleanor Davies - Circus Style Performer

Carmelina di Guglielmo - Actor, Performer

Sebastian Dickins - Circus Style Performer

Suzi Dougherty - Actor

Blair Edgar - Director, Actor, Playwright

Scott Edgar - Comedian

John Fleming - Comedian

Lynda Gibson - Comedian, Writer, Actor

Dave Gorman - Comedian

Simon Hall - Comedian

Andrew Hansen - Performer

Maeve Higgins - Comedian

Jodie Hill - Comedian, MC

Kim Hope - Actor, Comedian

Leoš Janáček - Composer

Stephen Kearney - Writer, Performer, Director

Matt King - Actor, Comedian

Kevin Kropinyeri - Comedian, Creative Director

Colin Lane - Comedian, Devisor

Meshel Laurie - Comedian

Robin Laurie - Artistic Director, Director

Jim Lawson - Performer, Director, Playwright

Francesca Martinez - Comedian

Lawrence Mooney - Devisor, Director, Performer, Actor

Anthony Morgan - Comedian, Writer

Julia Morris - Comedian

Modest Mussorgsky - Composer

Guy Noble - Conductor

Tig Notaro - Comedian

Dave O'Neil - Comedian

Josephine O'Reilly - Comedian, Performer

Joel Ozborn - Comedian

Celia Pacquola - Comedian

Emo Parsonson - Comedian

Andrea Powell - Comedian

Sergei Prokofiev - Composer

Terri Psiakis - Comedian

Geraldine Quinn - Comedian

Dayne Rathbone - Comedian

Howard Read - Comedian, Creator

Ted Robinson - Director

Henry Rollins - Comedian

Fred Rowan - Actor, Comedian

Akmal Saleh - Comedian

Robert Schumann - Composer

Caroline Stacey - Director

Mia Stanford - Comedian

Ariette Taylor - Devisor, Director

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Anna Tregloan - Designer, Set Designer

Asher Treleaven - Comedian

Ludwig van Beethoven - Composer

Geoff Wallis - Actor, Improviser

Clare Watson - Director

Nicci Wilks - Circus Style Performer

Peter J Wilson - Performer

Glenn Wool - Comedian

Fahey Younger - Comedian, Writer

Herbert Booth - Producer

Myrna - Comedian

Michele A'Court - Actor

Steve Abbott - Comedian

Dave Adams - Comedian

David Adams - Mask Maker

Reece Adams - Actor

Adrian Aderhold - Production Manager

Madame Emma Albani - Performer

Shenoah Allen - Comedian

James Allison - Tour Manager

Lliam Amor - Actor

Ben Anderson - Set Designer

Tammy Anderson - Performer

Christine Anketell - Director, Writer

Arthur Askey - Comedian

Donna Aston - Narrator

Josie Atkinson - Comedian

Winifred Atwell - Musician

Ernie Austin - Comedian

Lionel Austin - MC

Kristzian Bagin - Writer, Actor

Maria Bamford - Comedian

Ros Bandt - Composer

Simon Barley - Designer

Greer Barnes - Devisor, Comedian

Tracy Bartram - Comedian, Producer, Creator

Tom Basden - Comedian

Debra Iris Batton - Circus Style Performer

Ruth Bauer - Circus Style Performer

Vincent Beatty - Actor

Greg Behrendt - Comedian

Lisa Bellear - Performer

Kylie Belling - Director

Doug Bennett - Director

Lou Bennett - Performer

Steven Berkoff - Playwright

Paul Besterman - Actor

  • Ole, 29 March 1996

Danny Bhoy - Comedian

Alsion Bice - Actor, Writer

Shirley Billing - Circus Style Performer, Composer

Ernesto Bitetti - Musician

Hamish Blake - Comedian

Jon Blake - Performer

Wally Boag - Performer

Kale Bogdanovs - Comedian

Theresa Borg - Actor

Katy Bowman - Performer

Marianne Bragg - Director

Jo Brand - Comedian

Pat Brennan - Circus Style Performer

William Brennan - Comedian

Susanna Brisk - Comedian

Julia Britton - Playwright

Sue Broadway - Artistic Director

Emily Bronte - Writer

Christine Brown - Actor

Rik Brown - Actor

Guus Brox - Comedian

Cameron Bruce - Performer

Bob Burton - Performer

Glen Bush - Devisor, Actor

Ed Byrne - Devisor, Performer

Adrian Calear - Comedian

Paul Calleja - Actor

Joshua Cameron - Actor

Matt Cameron - Director

Rhona Cameron - Comedian

Donald Cant - Singer

Scott Capurro - Comedian, Writer

David Carlin - Director

Antonella Casella - Circus Style Performer

Eduardo Caso - Director

Linda Catalano - Comedian, Producer

Teresa Cauker - Comedian

Peter Charlton - Devisor, Assistant Director

Glace Chase - Performer

Mark Chavez - Comedian

David Chesworth - Composer

Carolyn Chillura - Comedian

Jason Chong - Comedian

Robert Chuter - Director

Georgine Clarsen - Production Manager

Zanette Clements - Circus Style Performer

Tim Cole - Sound Designer

Elizabeth Coleman - Playwright

John Comeadow - Lighting Designer

Roisin Conaty - Comedian

Daniel Connell - Comedian

Mr George Coppin - Lessee

Earl Covert - Actor and Singer

Crazy E - Comedian

Joel Creasey - Comedian

Luke Cresswell - Director

Peter Crosbie - Musical Director

Ian Cuming - Performer

Eamon D'Arcy - Designer

Stephanie Daniel - Actor

Tommy Dassalo - Comedian

Anni Davey - Performer

Manitas de Plata - Musician

Merrowyn Deacon - Musician

Tommy Dean - Comedian

Susie Dee - Circus Style Performer

Tina Del Twiste - Comedian

Andy Delves - Actor

Gene Detroy - Performer, Animal Wrangler

Ian Dixon - Actor

Leonard Dommett - Conductor

Lin Dong - Comedian

Diana Dors - Actor

Simon Dowling - Improviser

Zach Drury - Comedian

Denise Drysdale - Comedian

Andrew Dunne - Actor

Geoff Dunstan - Circus Style Performer

Catherine Duval - Actor

Georges Duval - Librettist

Josh Earl - Comedian

Melissa Eccleston - Actor

Jenny Eclair - Comedian, Writer

Anne Edmonds - Comedian

Peter Edmonds - Actor

Allirra Edwards - Comedian

Anthony Edwards - Director

Lauris Elms - Actor

Ken Evans - Designer, Puppet Designer

Sean Fabri - Actor

Cy Fahey - Comedian

Kaarin Fairfax - Director

Ken Falconer - Musician

Naima Fatema - Comedian

Tim Ferguson - MC

Ian Fergusson - Dancer

Noel Fielding - Comedian

Ailene Fischer - Actor

Dennis Fisher - Performer

Flacco - Performance Artist

Kitty Flanagan - Comedian

Alfred E Floyd - Composer

Antonio Forclone - Actor

  • Ole, 29 March 1996

John Forman - Actor, Devisor

Vince Foxhall - Adaptor

Deborah Frances-White - Comedian

Bob Franklin - Comedian

Marina Franklin - Comedian

Franquin - Hypnotist

Nigel Frayne - Sound Designer

Kevin Fregon - Production Manager

Greg Fryer - Comedian

Lin Dong Fu - Comedian

Rich Fulcher - Comedian

Mellissa Fyfe - Dancer, Circus Style Performer

James Galea - Comedian

Mark Gambino - Actor

Robert Gard - Actor

Sally Gardner - Dancer

Janeane Garofalo - Comedian

Jason Geary - Improviser

Rhod Gilbert - Comedian

Max Gillies - Comedian

Bruce Gladwin - Director

William Gluth - Actor

Reg Gorman - Comedian, Producer

Boothby Graffoe - Comedian

Percy Grainger - Composer

Nancy Grant - Actor

Scott Grayland - Assistant Director

Bindi Green - Stage Manager

Jesse Griffin - Actor, Devisor

Vicky Guglielmo - Unknown

Linda Haggar - Writer

Nick Haines - Actor

Jane Hammond - Musical Director, Composer

Tim Harris - Actor

Fritz Hart - Composer

Sadie Hasler - Comedian

Nanette Hassall - Choreographer

J L Hatton - Composer

Helgard Haug - Director

Evie Hayes - Actor and Singer

Joanne Healey - Actor

Sue Healey - Dancer

Tom Healey - Director

Jennifer Hector - Lighting Designer

John Hegley - Writer, Performer

Peter Helliar - Comedian

Drusilla Hendry - Actor

Kate Herbert - Improviser

Michael Herbert - Musician

Geraldine Hickey - Comedian

Rene Hicks - Devisor, Comedian

Catherine Hill - Actor

Rebecca Hilton - Dancer

Wil Hodgson - Comedian

Pamela Hollings - Director

Charles Edward Horsley - Composer

Jon Hough - Writer, Performer

Russell Howard - Comedian

Sean Hughes - Comedian

Pete Humble - Musician

Reginald D Hunter - Comedian

Rita Hunter - Actor

Eddie Ifft - Comedian

Derek Ives - Circus Style Performer

Enderby Jackson - Company Manager

Irene Jarzabek - Actor

Selina Jenkins - Comedian, Drag Artist, Singer

Richard Jeziorny - Designer

Jimeoin - Comedian

Eva Johansen - Comedian

Gil Johnson - Dancer

David Johnston - Musician

John Joseph Jones - Playwright

Dave Jory - Comedian

Rod Junor - Musician

Stefan Kaegi - Director

Russell Kane - Comedian

Phil Kay - Comedian, Writer

Danny Kaye - Conductor

Dave Kaye - Pianist

Jess Keepence - Assistant Stage Manager

Gail Kelly - Director

Henry Kendall - Composer

Linley Kensitt - Designer

Stephen Kent - Sound Composer

Suzanne Kersten - Unknown

Shappi Khorsandi - Comedian

Greg Kimball - Comedian

Alan King - Actor

John King - Designer

Mike King - Comedian

Sarah Kinsella - Improviser

Dom Knight - Comedian

Neel Kolhatkar - Comedian

Daniel Kyle - Actor

Tania Lacy - Playwright, Actor

Sam Lawrence - Performer

Tobsha Learner - Playwright

Peter Lehner - Conductor

Nicolas Jacques Lemmens - Composer

Tania LePage - Director

Tanya Lester - Circus Style Performer

Lawrence Leung - Devisor, Performer

Amelia Lever-Davidson - Assistant Lighting Designer

Tommy Little - Comedian

Jess Love - Circus Style Performer

Jenny Lovell - Improviser

Anna Lumb - Comedian

Edwina Lunn - Actor

Zoe Lyons - Comedian

Todd MacDonald - Director

Charles Mackerras - Conductor

Babs MacKinnon - Actor and Singer

Frank Magree - Actor

Trevor Major - Performer, Playwright

Amanda Mannion - Actor

David N. Martin - Presenter

Demetri Martin - Comedian

Ursula Martinez - Comedian

Maurice Mathers - Musician

Giovanni Mauro - Actor

Julie McCrossin - Performer

Patrick McCullagh - Comedian, Illusionist

Max McGuire - Comedian

Adam McKenzie - Comedian

Richard McKenzie - Comedian

Kate McKibbin - Circus Style Performer

William McKie - Composer

Rove McManus - Comedian

Sam 'Sammy J' McMillan - Comedian

Geraldine McNulty - Devisor, Comedian

Donna McPhail - Comedian, Writer

Felicity Menadue - Actor

Robert Menzies - Actor

Andre Messager - Composer

Linda Mickleborough - Tour Manager

Gabby Milgate - Comedian

Sarah Millican - Comedian

Dylan Moran - Comedian

Ivor Moreton - Pianist

Robert Morgan - Actor

Mick Moriarty - Performer

Paul Morocco - Actor

  • Ole, 29 March 1996

Genevieve Morris - Circus Style Performer

Rafe Morris - Comedian

Harold Moschetti - Musical Director

Gerard MuCulloch - Comedian

Andy Muirhead - Comedian

Rhys Muldoon - Actor

Simon Munnery - Comedian, Creator

Al Murray - Comedian

Rob Murray - Juggler

Raymond Myers - Actor

Ron Nagorcka - Composer

Brian Nankervis - Devisor, Actor

Michael Nasser - Actor

Harry Nesbitt - Comic Singer

Max Nesbitt - Comic Singer

Telia Nevile - Poet

Hartley Newnham - Actor

Phil Nichol - Comedian

Rama Nicholas - Performer

Henry Cecil Nott - Composer

Emma O'Brien - Actor

Caroline O'Connor - Actor and Singer

David O'Doherty - Comedian

Mollie O'Donnell - Playwright

James O'Loghlin - Writer, Comedian

Lindsay O'Neill - Musician

Owen O'Neill - Comedian

Gideon Obarzanek - Director, Choreographer

Patton Oswalt - Comedian

Silvie Paladino - Singer

Simon Palomares - Actor

Darren Parker - Comedian

Trina Parker - Puppet Designer

Trevor Patrick - Dancer

Carole Patullo - Actor

Daryl Pellizzer - Performer

Darren Perkins - Circus Style Performer

Joseph Perry - Cinematographer

John Phillips - Musical Director

Etela Piha - Actor

Harold Pinter - Playwright

Al Pitcher - Comedian

Philip Charles Plaisted - Composer

Abe Pogos - Playwright

Stefan Popovic - Comedian

Sue-Ann Post - Comedian

James Pratt - Actor, Devisor

Greg Proops - Comedian

David Quirk - Comedian

Ian Rae - Actor

Richard Ramsden - Comic Singer

Emmett Redding - Comedian

Bec Reid - Associate Director

Caroline Rhea - Comedian

Helen Rickards - Director, Devisor

Julian Rickert - Unknown

Peter Roberts - Actor

Nicholas Robson - Actor

Jim Rose - Devisor

Tim Ross - Comedian

Gabriel Rossi - Comedian

Gioacchino Rossini - Composer

Rob Rouse - Comedian

Margaret Russell - Actor

Mike Russo - Musician

Erna Sack - Singer

Lou Sanz - Comedian

Tristan Savage - Comedian

Rod Scanion - Devisor

Terry Scanlon - Compere

Kristen Schaal - Comedian

Johann Schultz - Composer

Denise Scott - Actor

Harry Secombe - Performer

Isobel Servais - Circus Style Performer

Donald Shanks - Actor

Max Sharam - Performer

Margaret Shaw - Playwright

Catherine Shepherd - Playwright

Sam Simmons - MC

Suzanne Simpson - Performer

Mary Sitarenos - Actor

Frank Skinner - Comedian

Chris Sleight - Circus Style Performer

Lisa Small - Circus Style Performer

Luke Smiles - Composer

Deanne Smith - Comedian

Nicky Smith - Choreographer

Chung-wai Soong - Actor

Tiffany Speight - Actor

Bea Spoog - Playwright

Mimi Stacey - Director

Bruce Steele - Musician, Musical Director

Vanessa Steinberg - Writer

Lesley Stender - Actor

Warwick Stengards - Musical Director

Markus Stenz - Artistic Director

John Stephens - Director

Benjamin Stevenson - Comedian

James Stevenson - Comedian

Callum Stewart - Comedian

Patti Stiles - Improviser

Rebecca Stockley - Improviser

Peter Stocks - Assistant Director, Sound Designer, Playwright

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Steven Swift - Lighting Designer

Loris Synan - Musician

Nicky Talacko - Comedian

Jason Tamiru - Artistic Director

John Paul Tansey - Video Artist

Jonathan Taylor - Director

Robert Taylor - Production Manager

Austen Tayshus - Performer, Writer

Sergio Tell - Director

Josh Thomas - Comedian

Dave Thornton - Comedian

Tommy Tiernan - Comedian

Paul F Tompkins - Comedian

Mark Trevorrow - Comedian

Nigel Triffitt - Designer, Devisor, Director

Susanna Tsyskin - Writer, Actor

Judith Turner - Actor

Daniel Tusia - Actor

Shaun Unsworth - Actor

Antonio Valente - Composer

Albert Vanloo - Librettist

Isabel Veale - Actor

Time Vine - MC

Nick von der Borch - Performer

Ariane Vrisakis - Actor

Richard Wagner - Composer

Chris Wainhouse - Comedian

Fred Wallace - Devisor

Sarah Ward - Performer

Tom Warneke - Assistant Stage Manager

Lizzie Watson - Comic Singer

Merrick Watts - Comedian

Jonathon Welch - Conductor

Andrew Weldon - Cartoonist

Daniel Wetzel - Director

Robert Whitehead - Actor

Dan Whitton - Composer

Alison Whyte - Actor

Shiralee Williams-Hood - Comedian

Andrew Williamson - Musical Director

Mike Wilmot - Comedian

Doreen Wilson - Soprano

Matt Wilson - Performer

Tony Wilson - Presenter

Sosina Wogayehu - Circus Style Performer

David Woods - Writer, Performer

Tony Woods - Devisor, Comedian

Michael Workman - Comedian

Matthew Yates - Circus Style Performer

Simon Yates - Circus Style Performer

Gareth Yuen - Actor

Andy Zaltzman - Comedian

Thomas Zeplin - Band Leader

Venue Identifier 125