Work The Pirates of Penzance
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Country of Origin
  • England
Date First Known 31 December 1879
Creator Contributors

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Essgee Entertainment

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company

Victoria State Opera

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of South Australia

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

R. D'Oyly Carte

Regan De Wynter

The Absolutely Fabulettes

The Fabulous Singlettes

Lyric Opera Of Queensland

Sydney Theatre Company

J. C. Williamson Theatres (1939-1943)

Opera Australia

The Elizabethan Trust Opera Company

Victorian Arts Centre

J. C. Williamson [sole entrepreneur]

Opera Australia Chorus

Royal Comic Opera Company

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company

Canberra Philharmonic Society Inc.

J. C. Williamson and Co [with Tallis and Ramaciotti]

J. C. Williamson's Gilbert & Sullivan Repertoire Company

J. C. Williamson's Opera Company

Northern Light Theatre Company

South Australian Light Opera Society

Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra

Marie Clark Musical Theatre

Orchestra Victoria

Pollard's Lilliputian Opera Company

Queensland Musical Theatre

South Coast Choral and Arts Society

Sydney Opera House

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Tasmania

Adelaide Art Orchestra

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Alexander Theatre


Australian Broadcasting Corporation

B J Simmons & Co Ltd

Bill Abernathy Company

Blacktown City Community Theatre

Blue Mountains Musical Society Inc

Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Canberra Theatre Centre

Chatswood Musical Society Inc


Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company Inc

Commonwealth Banking Corporation


Dundas Uniting Church Musical Society

F.Q.T. Productions

Festival of Sydney

Friends of the Theatre

Greg Bitomsky and Tara Shore Pty. Ltd.

Henley Drama Group

J. C. Williamson's Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company

Juvenile Comic Opera Company

Mackay Musical Comedy Players

Marion High School Theatre Guild

Melbourne Music Theatre

Melville Theatre Company

Messrs Morris Angel and Co

New South Wales Department of Education

Newcastle Gilbert & Sullivan Players Inc

NLY Productions

Opera Australia Melbourne Chorus

Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival

Philomusica of London

Phoenix Players

Queensland Pops Orchestra

Richard White

Rockdale Musical Society Inc

Rockdale Opera Company

Sadler's Wells Trust Ltd

SPX Waterdale Players

Stageleft Performing Arts School

State Orchestra of Victoria

Sydney Opera House Trust

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Tara Shore Pty Ltd.

Tasmanian Chamber Orchestra

Tasmanian Youth Orchestra

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Argyle Society

The Arts Centre

The Darwin Entertainment Centre

The Elizabethan Trust Orchestra

The Guild Theatre

The Hills Musical Company

The Pratt Foundation

The Production Company

The Savoy Arts Company Inc

The Savoyeurs Operatic Society

The State Opera of South Australia

The Theatre Royal Light Opera Company

Theatre Association of South Australia

Whitehorse Musical Theatre

Williamson and Musgrove

Williamson, Garner and Co.

Williamson, Garner and Musgrove

Williamstown Light Opera Company

Wilton's Music Hall Trust

William Schwenck Gilbert - Writer, Playwright, Librettist, Lyricist, Book and Lyrics, Composer

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer, Playwright

Simon Gallaher - Actor, Performer, Producer, Creator, Adaptor

Jon English - Actor, Performer

Ivan Menzies - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer, Singer

Craig Schaefer - Associate Director, Choreographer, Director

Evelyn Gardiner - Actor, Singer, Actor and Singer, Performer

Bernard Manning - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

Anna Butera - Actor, Singer

Charles Walenn - Actor, Actor and Singer

Roger Barratt - Lighting Designer

Kevin Hocking - Orchestrator, Conductor, Musical Director

Graham Maclean - Designer

Helen Roberts - Actor, Actor and Singer

Tom Blair - Actor, Chorus

Sheila Bradley - Actor, Performer

Gerry Connolly - Actor, Performer

David Gould - Actor, Performer

Max Oldaker - Actor and Singer, Actor, Performer

Carmel Parente - Performer, Actor

Tim Tyler - Actor, Performer

Evan Zachariah - Actor, Chorus

June Bronhill - Actor

Minnie Everett - Wardrobe Master / Mistress, Producer

John Ferraro - Director

Noel Ferrier - Executive Producer

Andrew Greene - Conductor

Fiona Hallett - Actor

Paul Johnson - Actor

Gary Jones - Actor

Bruce Langdon - Actor

Ken Mackenzie-Forbes - Executive Producer

Todd McKenney - Actor

Linda Nagle - Actor

Dennis Olsen - Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer

Barbara Sambell - Actor

Chris Taylor - Actor

Denise Wharmby - Actor

James Cassius Williamson - Entrepreneur, Director, Actor

Lizzi Gee - Choreographer

James Hay - Actor and Singer, Actor

David Hobson - Actor

Sasha Regan - Director

Michael Burgen - Actor

Stewart Charlesworth - Actor

Grahame Clifford - Actor, Actor and Singer

Chris Theo Cook - Actor

Graham Cox - Assistant Musical Director, Musical Director

Ben De Wynter - Company Manager

Helen Donaldson - Actor, Performer

Michael England - Musical Director

Dobbs Franks - Conductor, Actor and Singer

Nic Gibney - Actor

Lee Greenaway - Actor

Kate Healy - Costume Maker

Joseph Houston - Actor

Suzanne Johnston - Actor

Roger Kirk - Costume Designer, Designer

Elizabeth Mansfield - Stage Manager

Stuart Maunder - Director

Steve Miller - Lighting Designer

Neil Moors - Actor

Mark Muller - Technical Manager

Terence O'Donoghue - Actor, Actor and Singer

Dale Page - Actor

John Ralston - Actor, Actor and Singer

Alan Richardson - Actor

John Scandrett - Sound Designer

Dick Shortland - Stage Manager

Adam Vaughan - Actor

Strella Wilson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Robyn Wilson-Owen - Designer

John Wood - Actor, Baritone

Adrian Barnes - Actor

Tony Bartuccio - Choreographer

Michael Black - Chorus Master/Mistress

Friedrich Bliem - Designer

Andrew Brunsdon - Performer, Actor

Trudy Dalgleish - Lighting Designer

Jodie Gillies - Actor

John Hackett - Actor

Jacqui Hall - Actor

Stephen Hall - Director, Producer

Hugh Halliday - Associate Director

Christopher Hamilton - Actor

Michael Harrs - Actor

Elizabeth Hill - Assistant Director, Choreographer, Tour Manager

Patrick Joseph - Actor

Ian Lake - Actor

Toni Lamond - Actor, Performer

Val Mills - Actor

Glynn Nicholas - Actor

John O'Donnell - Sound Designer

Marina Prior - Actor

Richard Roberts - Set Designer

David Smith - Actor

Peter Styles - Actor

Susan Van Cott - Actor

Howard Vernon - Actor

Jonathon Welch - Actor

Frank Wilson - Actor

Viola Wilson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Elva Blair - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

Muriel Brunskill - Actor

Maurice Howie - Actor

Helen Langton - Producer, Actor, Performer, Actor and Singer, Singer

Brian Moore - Actor, Producer

Leo Packer - Musical Director, Conductor

Craig Shaefer - Director

Gustav Slapoffski - Musical Director

Rebecca Smith - Stage Manager

Gavan Swift - Lighting Designer

Barbara Turner - Actor and Singer, Actor

Richard Walker - Actor, Producer, Actor and Singer

Anthony Warlow - Actor

Richard Watson - Singer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Johanna Allen - Actor

David Atkins - Actor

Harold Berrett - Actor

Clifford Cowley - Actor and Singer, Singer, Actor

Alan Crooks - Actor

Zana Ebert - Stage Manager

Naomi Eyers - Singer

Taryn Fiebig - Actor

Susie French - Singer

Frederick Hobbs - Actor and Singer, Actor

Albert Kavanagh - Actor and Singer, Actor

Melissa Langton - Singer

Andrew MacCunn - Musical Director, Conductor

Dominica Matthews - Actor

Melvyn Morrow - Lyricist

Jane Parkin - Actor

Paul Spillane - Production Manager

Gregory Stroud - Actor, Actor and Singer

George Villiers Arnold - Actor

Keith Bain - Choreographer

Keith Binns - Actor

John Bolton Wood - Actor

Rosemary Boyle - Actor

Marie Bremner - Actor, Performer

Leon Caron - Musical Director, Conductor

Thelma Carter - Actor and Singer

Brian Castles-Onion - Conductor, Musical Supervisor

W Coleman - Set Designer, Designer, Scenic Artist

W R Coleman - Scenic Artist, Designer

David Coombs - Actor

Andrew Crayford - Actor and Singer, Actor

Pat Crosby - Singer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Brian Crossley - Actor, Director

Grace Crotty - Actor and Singer

R. D'Oyly Carte - Entrepreneur

John Dean - Actor, Actor and Singer

Roslyn Dunbar - Actor, Actor and Singer

Helen Ellis - Director, Actor

Lily Everett - Actor, Actor and Singer

Robert Forza - Actor

Melinda Frith - Actor

Mark Gogoll - Actor

Len Gotting - Stage Director, Assistant Stage Manager, Actor

Lauverne Gray - Actor

Robert Healey - Actor and Singer, Actor

Damon Hill - Set Designer, Performer, Actor

Philip Hogan - Actor

John Howie - Actor

Molly Howie - Actor

Alison Jiear - Actor

Charles Kenningham - Actor

J Alan Kenyon - Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Helen Landis - Actor

John Larsen - Actor

Ruth Lincoln - Actor

Reg Livermore - Actor, Performer

Marion Mitchell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Maggie Moore - Actor, Actor and Singer

Doreen Morrow - Actor

Helen Noonan - Actor

Tim Page - Actor

W. Percy - Actor, Actor and Singer

Tom Pollard - Producer, Artistic Supervisor, General Manager

Harry Quealy - Actor, Actor and Singer

Peter Rees - Actor

Bernadette Robinson - Actor

Flo Russell - Actor, Actor and Singer

Brian Sexton - Actor

Douglas Skurray - Actor

Alf Stephens - Actor, Actor and Singer

Lily Stephens - Actor and Singer, Actor

Godfrey Stirling - Actor, Singer

Ernest Stuart - Assistant Stage Manager

Christopher Thomas - Actor and Singer, Actor

Patrick Togher - Actor

Molly Tyrell - Actor and Singer

Cissie Vaughan - Actor and Singer

Byrl Walkley - Actor and Singer

Laraine Wheeler - Sound Designer, Lighting Designer

Nellie Wilson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Richard Wordsworth - Producer, Actor

John Adams - Actor

Mme Alias - Costume Maker

Mons Alias - Costume Maker

P B Bathurst - Actor

Armes Beaumont - Actor and Singer

Howard Bell - Actor

Graeme Bent - Actor and Singer

Sally Bithell - Actor

Henry Bracy - Producer, Stage Director

Thomas Broderick - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Wallace Brownlow - Actor

Stan Buddle - Performer, Actor and Singer

Dolly Castles - Actor

Robert Clough - Actor and Singer, Actor

Andrew Collis - Actor

William Coombes - Actor

Lola Cross - Actor

Leo Darnton - Actor and Singer, Actor

Danny Davey - Actor

Nell Dobson - Actor and Singer

Doris Dodd - Director

Jeanette Drake - Actor

Cecil Engelhart - Actor

Fred England - Actor

Vera Evans - Actor and Singer, Actor

Lance Fairfax - Actor, Actor and Singer

Kevin Foote - Actor and Singer, Actor

Glenys Fowles - Actor, Actor and Singer

Celia Ghiloni - Actor

Gwen Gillard - Actor, Actor and Singer

Philip W Goatcher - Designer

George Gordon - Scenic Artist

Philippa Grummett - Actor, Chorus

Evelyn Hall - Actor, Actor and Singer

Chester Harris - Actor and Singer, Actor

Lorraine Henris - Actor

Mandi Hill - Actor, Performer

Diane Holmes - Performer, Actor and Singer

David Hood - Trumpeter, Musical Director

Mark Horner - Actor, Performer

Ceri Hutton-Horner - Director

Timothy Ide - Designer, Actor and Singer, Actor

Sonny Jose - Choreographer

Paul Kathner - Scenic Artist, Set Designer

Eileen Kelly - Actor, Singer

George Lauri - Actor

Martin Lawrence - Actor

Vernon Lewis - Actor

Fannie Liddiard - Actor

Shane Lowrencev - Actor

Don McManus - Actor

Carrie Moore - Actor

Stephen Mould - Conductor

Joyce Mundy - Actor, Actor and Singer

Emily Nathan - Costume Designer

H. C. Nightingale - Stage Manager, Director

Bette Opitz - Actor

Lorna Orr - Actor

Irene Outtrim - Actor

John Pringle - Performer, Actor

Lori Quin - Actor

Maisie Ramsay - Actor and Singer, Actor

Benjamin Rasheed - Actor, Actor and Singer

William Reid - Musical Director

Justine Rettick - Performer, Actor and Singer

Ruby Riddell - Actor, Actor and Singer

David Ross - Actor

Kerreane Sarti - Choreographer

Phyllis Schulz - Actor

Doris Scott - Actor and Singer, Actor

Lyn Semmler - Actor

Harry Shine - Actor

Jon Smith - Director, Singer

Ken Smith - Costume Designer

Rod Sprigg - Actor and Singer, Actor

Genty Stevens - Actor

Master Stuart - Actor

Wendy Tapscott - Actor

Janice Taylor - Actor, Performer

Eric Thornton - Actor and Singer, Actor

Bob Tremlett - Designer

Dorothy Vane - Actor

Valerie Walsh - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jack Webster - Actor

Ole Wiebkin - Set Designer, Designer

Verdon Williams - Conductor

Ada Winston-Weir - Actor

Norman Yemm - Actor and Singer, Director, Actor

Ruby Zlotkowski - Actor, Actor and Singer

Wendy Abbett - Chorus

Lachlan Abrahams - Actor

Charles Agnew - Actor

Richard Alexander - Actor

Jenny Allan - Actor

James Allison - Producer

Amanda Skye Allman - Actor and Singer

John Alsford - Actor

Jakob Ambrose - Actor

Mr. Ambrose - Actor

Ian Andrew - Actor

Sally Angus - Chorus

Michael Argy - Trombonist

Ruby Armfield - Actor

Effie Armstrong - Actor and Singer

Garry Armstrong - Actor and Singer

Geoffrey Arnold - Actor and Singer

Patricia Ashcroft - Actor and Singer

Stan Atkinson - Actor

David Bailiht - Performer

Allen Baird - Chorus

William Bamford - Actor and Singer

Garry Barde - Chorus

Rebecca Barker - Actor

Louis Barnett - Wigmaker

Carrie Barr - Actor

Shirley Barrett - Actor

Di Barrow - Performer

Matthew Barrowman - Musical Director

Bernard Barry - Chorus

Graham Bartle - Conductor

Jean Bartlett - Actor and Singer

Alexia Bassian - Actor

Jean Battye - Actor and Singer

Jeanne Battye - Actor

Graham Bauerle - Actor

Anne Beard - Actor

Tim Beard - Violinist

Glenda Beeston - Chorus

David Bell - Chorus

Gordon Bell - Actor

Lois Bellingham - Director

Diana Belmont - Actor

Alice Bennetto - Actor

Mark Benson - Sound Designer

Mr T Bergin - Actor

Frank Bermingham - Actor

Kenneth Berris - Conductor

Anna Bethel - Producer

Beryl Biggs - Actor and Singer

Spencer Bignell - Actor

Greg Bitomsky - Producer

Jeffrey Black - Actor

Jenny Boag - Pianist

John Boles - Actor and Singer

Mappie Bootsman - Stage Director

Stevan Borejevic - Sound Operator/Engineer

Susan Bortolot - Chorus

Fran Bosly-Craft - Performer

Tasso Bouyessis - Actor

Meran Bow - Actor

Harald Bowden - General Manager

Mick Bower - Actor

Jon Bowling - Set and/or Property Maker

Felicity Boyd - Actor

Chris Boyldew - Actor

Allan Boyle - Performer

Monica Boyton - Violinist

Ellyanne Bradford - Performer

Michael Bramburger - Actor

Alistair Brasted - Performer

Luke Brennan - Actor and Singer

Mavis Brinckman - Performer

Andrew Broadbent - Actor

Craig Brooker - Performer

Matthew Brownrigg - Chorus

Angela Brun - Actor

John Brunton - Designer

Dean Bryant - Director

Tanith Bryce - Actor

James Bryers - Actor

D. Buchanan - Actor

Laura Buick - Actor

Pip Burfield - Director

Don Burnett - Actor and Singer

Carmen Burridge - Singer

Henry Burton - Conductor

Vera Buttell - Actor

Jonathan Byrnes - Assistant Musical Director

Brian Cahill - Actor

Danielle Calder - Actor

Emma Callaghan - Assistant Director

Stewart Cameron - Actor

David Campbell - Actor

Elizabeth Campbell - Actor

Sandy Campbell - Mechanist

Geraldine Cannell - Chorus

Peter Cannon - Performer

Catherine Carby - Actor

Jacqui Carroll - Choreographer

Peter Carroll - Actor

Lisa Catinari - Performer

Sue Causer - Director

Edna B. Chandler - Actor and Singer

Tim Chappel - Costume Designer

Pamela Charleston - Chorus

Rosemary Charlston - Chorus

Timothy Chaston - Violinist

Ralph Cheale - Performer

Anna Chilcott - Repetiteur

Amy Childs - Actor

Dolly Childs - Actor

Ben Chuter - Mechanist

Gavin Cianci - Actor

Andrea Clare - Actor

Marie Clark - Musical Director

Maud Clark - Actor and Singer

Terence Clarke - Director

Margaret Cleary - Actor

John Clements - Actor

Conal Coad - Actor

Dean Cocker - Actor

Evelyn Codly - Actor and Singer

Harold Coggins - Actor

Anne Colbourn - Chorus

Ian Colbourn - Set and/or Property Maker

George Coleman - Chorus

Helen Coleman - Actor and Singer

Amanda Colliver - Actor

Pam Connor - Musical Director

Beth Coombe - Actor

Paula Cooney-Williams - Actor

Gillian Cosgriff - Actor

Cyril Courtenay - Actor

Martyn Coutts - Chorus

Colin Crane - Actor and Singer

Noel Craven - Actor

Keith Crellin - Conductor

Lilian Crisp - Actor and Singer

Andrew Crispe - Actor

Graham Crooks - Actor

Shelley Crooks - Actor and Singer

Max Cross - Set and/or Property Maker

Nerida Crossley - Costume Designer

Annie Cubitt - Actor

Bill Curnow - Actor

Ross Curtis - Musical Director

Bridget D'Oyly Carte - Producer

Grant Dale - Chorus

Bradley Daley - Actor

John Dalton - Chorus

Andrew Dark - Performer

Gail Darling - Choreographer

Barry Davies - Chorus

Brian Davis - Actor

Vinia de Loitte - Actor

Julia de Plater - Conductor

Josephine Deakin - Actor

Debra Dean - Costume Designer

Vera Dearsley - Actor and Singer

Miguel DeSalas - Properties Master / Mistress

Malini Devadas - Hornist

Jan Di Pietro - Actor

Bob Dickason - Set and/or Property Maker, Designer

Phyllis Dickinson - Singer

Petr Divis - Repetiteur

Gwyneth Dixon - Associate Conductor

Fiona Dobson - Assistant Producer

Mark Doggett - Chorus

Lindsay Dolan - Choreographer

Kurtys Dolman - Actor

Dorothy Dorn - Singer

Nik Dorning - Make-up Artist

Patricia Dorron - Actor

Dean Doyle - Actor

John Drake - Producer

Carol Driver - Chorus

Joyce Drysdale - Actor

Maurice Ducker - Chorus

Ali Dunbar - Actor

Grace Dunbar - Actor

Ruth Dunn - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

John Durham - Actor and Singer

Bobbie Dyer - Chorister

Chris Eaton - Performer

Elizabeth Eden - Repetiteur

Thomas Edmonds - Actor

Robin Edwards - Repetiteur

Tim Edwards - Chorus

Tim Egan - Musical Director

Celine Egar - Actor

Elizabeth Eland - Actor

Gwendelyn Ellenor - Chorus

Judi Elridge - Chorus

William Elton - Actor

Don Everington - Chorus

Graeme Ewer - Performer

Makare Farina - Singer

Reta Farr - Actor

Rhonwen Farrar - Chorus

Allison Farrow - Chorus

Dale Ferguson - Set Designer

Adamm Ferrier - Chorus

Tania Ferris - Actor

Alan Field - Actor

Len Fisher - Lighting Designer

Ernest Fitts - Actor

David Fitzgerald - Musical Director

Greg Foot - Chorus

John Forde - Actor

Peter Foster - Designer

Wendy Foster - Director

Lillian Fox - Actor

Desiree Frahn - Actor

Mr Francisco - Actor

Mathew Frank - Conductor

Trixie Franxesco - Singer

Flo Fraser - Actor

John Fraser - Actor

Barbara Frater - Actor

Gail Friswell - Actor

Tor Fromyhr - Concert Master

Damian Fuller - Lighting Designer

Ian Gammage - Producer

Robert Gard - Actor and Singer

John Garlick - Actor

Don Gay - Director

J J Geelen - Actor

John Germain - Actor and Singer

Mabel Gibson - Actor and Singer

Rita Gibson - Singer

Dorothy Gill - Actor and Singer

Richard Gill - Conductor

Paolo Giorza - Conductor

Tim Goodchild - Designer

Philip Gould - Actor

Richard Grace - Chorus

Georgina Graham - Performer

Julie Granger - Properties Master / Mistress

Eileen Gray - Costume Co-ordinator

Lia Gray - Chorister

Rod Gray - Chorus

Jon Grear - Actor

David Greasley - Sound Designer

Hazel Green - Choreographer

Joan Green - Chorus

Tony Green - Chorus

John Greene - Director

Simon Greer - Actor

Sara Gregory - Actor and Singer

Michael Griffin - Musical Director

Robert Griffin - Chorus

Di Griffiths - Performer

Stephanie Grigg - Actor

Peter Grubb - Sound Designer

Thomas Grundy - Actor

Victor Haines - Actor

Allan Hall - Actor

Andrew Hallsworth - Director

Peter Hannah - Chorus

Brian Hannan - Actor

Alison Hansen - Performer

Dawn Harding - Actor and Singer

Jem Harding - Musical Director

Ray Harding - Director

Anne Harlen - Violinist

Vaughan Harmer - Actor

Marie Harris - Musical Director

Michael Harris - Actor

Rosemary Harris - Actor

Susan Harris - Actor

Paul Harrison - Chorus

Suzanne Hartshorn - Assistant Stage Manager, Costume Designer

Judith Haskins - Chorus

Nicholas Hassanoff - Trumpeter

Haydan Hawkins - Actor

Jenna Haynes - Actor

Josie Hazeldene - Actor

Lirdy Heath - Chorus

Naomi Hede - Performer

Nick Hedger - Actor

Susan Henderson - Performer

Megan Hendy - Actor

Iain Herdus - Hornist

Dwayne Heuppauff - Performer

Matthew Heyward - Chorus

Neville Hicks - Conductor

Rosey Higgins - Actor

Barry Hill - Director

Brent Hill - Actor

Amanda Hodder - Repetiteur

Amelia Hodge - Actor

Vince Hodgman - Chorus

Julie Holah - Actor

Sandra Holdom - Orchestra

David Hollywood - Assistant Director

Violet Holman-Hunt - Actor

Ann Holmes - Actor

Prue Hompas - Actor and Singer

Donald Hopkins - Follow Spot Operator

Lyn Hopkins - Actor

Jack Hopper - Actor and Singer

Jeffrey Horsley - Repetiteur

Hayley Horton - Performer

Mary Hotham - Actor and Singer

Maureen Howard - Actor

Muriel Howard - Actor and Singer

Olga Howel - Cellist

Mary Howie - Actor

Cynthia Hughes - Actor

Deborah Humble - Chorus

Ann Humphries - Costume Designer

Anthony Hunt - Chorus Master/Mistress

Pamela Hunt - Actor

Peter Hunt - Singer

Rodney Hutton - Performer

H. Imano - Actor

Jo Inches - Chorus

Dolly Inman - Actor

Henry Jackson - Actor

Todd Jacobsson - Actor

Marjory Jacoby - Actor

Mick Jahnz - Chorus, Set and/or Property Maker

Robert Jarman - Director

Martin Jarvis - Musical Director

William Jeffries - Actor

Jenny Jenkins - Chorus

Tony Jenkins - Chorus

Mrs Jerrams - Costume Maker

Gabriel Joffe - Musical Director

Robert John - Concert Master

Howard Johns - Actor and Singer

Madeleine Johns - Director

Meredith Johns - Actor

Peter Johns - Musical Director

David Johnson - Chorus

Deborah Johnson - Singer

Marie Johnston - Actor

June Johnstone - Actor

Graham Jones - Actor and Singer

Peter Jordan - Director

Peter Jordinson - Actor

August W. Juncker - Conductor

Janette Kearns - Actor

Gareth Keegan - Actor

B. Kelly - Actor

Pamela Kelly - Actor

L Kendell - Lighting Designer

Jeff Keogh - Actor

Jane Kerin - Chorus

Wayne Scott Kermond - Actor

Todd Keys - Actor

Helen Killmier - Chorus

Amanda King - Actor

Arthur King - Conductor

Jennifer King - Chorus

Annie Kinnaird - Actor

Terry Kinsella - Performer

Jennifer Kneale - Actor

Tim Knight - Chorus

Tim Kobin - Designer

John Komandina - Singer

Nicholas Kong - Actor

Zofia Krasnicki - Chorus

Simon Krawat - Chorus

Michael Kregor - Chorus

Pearl Ladd - Actor

Carolyn Lam - Concert Master

David Lampard - Set Designer

Margot Lampkin - Musical Director

Josie Lane - Actor

Emma Langridge - Actor

M. Larade - Actor

Rachel Larkins - Assistant Stage Manager

Imants Larsens - Performer

Susan Lauricella - Chorus

Kira-Marie Laverty - Director

Bronwyn Lawrence - Properties Master / Mistress

Kristy Lawrence - Properties Master / Mistress

Rena Lawrence - Actor

Mary Lawrey - Actor

Noreen Le Mottee - Actor and Singer

Harry Leader - Actor and Singer

Debbie Learmonth - Actor

Genevieve Lemon - Actor

George Leopold - Actor

Stannis Leslie - Actor

Nicholas Lester - Performer

Clarence M. Leumane - Actor

M. G. Lewis - Actor

Beryl Libby - Properties Master

Lyn Liddiard - Costume Designer

Alan Light - Actor and Singer

Don Lister - Actor

Kate Lockyer - Scenic Artist

Emma Lowry - Choreographer

Gordon Lyall - Chorus

Gail Lyndon - Chorus

Claire Lyon - Actor

Ken Mableson - Actor

Nathan MacFie - Chorus

David MacGillivray - Actor

Christina Macha - Actor and Singer

Mabel Mackay - Actor

Lesley Mackey - Mechanist

Sandy Mackinnon - Actor

Bronwen Major - Costume Designer

Jane Manning - Chorister

W H Manning - General Manager

Mary Marczyk - Actor

Brian Marks - Chorus

Gillian Marshall - Flautist

Jane Martin - Actor

Joanna Martin - Chorus

Todd Martin - Performer

Tony Martin - Performer

Emma Matthews - Actor

Amy Maxwell - Flautist

Katie May - Actor

Myfanwy May - Actor

Julian McCabe - Director

Michael James McCarren - Chorus

Dimity McClelland - Violinist

Hamish McCunn - Conductor

Peter McDonald - Tubaist

Kath McDougall - Actor

Tony McGill - Chorus

Anthony McGlynn - Actor

Ellen McGregor - Chorus

Andrew McGuire - Costume Designer

Liam McIlwain - Actor

Jane McInnis - Actor

Rosalind McIntyre - Chorus

Lauren McKenna - Actor

Mark McKenna - Actor

Peter McKenna - Chorus Master/Mistress

Edward McKeown - Actor

Alan McKie - Musical Director

Ian McLean - Choreographer

Kelda McManus - Actor, Production Manager

Pamela McManus - Actor

Vincent McMurray - Actor and Singer

Katrina McPhee - Chorus

Patricia Meaney - Actor

Maggie Melrose - Actor

Karena Menzie - Chorus

Geoffrey Meredith - Chorus

Clara Merivale - Actor

Jenni Mersiades - Pianist

Dal Merton - Actor

Carolyn Mesecke - Performer

Peter Middleton - Chorus

Maud Miles - Actor

Phil Miles - Actor and Singer

Gareth Millar - Actor

Harry Miller - Actor and Singer

Kevin Miller - Director

Tony Miller - Sound Designer

Clayton Mitchell - Chorus

Jim Mitchell - Chorus

Ana Mitsikas - Musical Director

Nicola Moles - Stage Manager

Gladys Moncrieff - Actor

Bob Moore - Compere

Toby Moore - Chorus

Mark Morgan - Chorus

Ethel Morrison - Actor

Jeremy Morse - Set and/or Property Maker, Chorus

Steven Mottlee - Actor

Sydney Moyle - Performer

Chris Mundy - Musical Director

Adam Murphy - Actor

George Musgrove - Producer

Amanda Muskett - Chorus

Liana Nagy - Actor

Miss Nathan - Costume Maker, Costume Designer

Sisca Navaretti - Actor and Singer

Sammi Needham - Mechanist

Harry Neill - Assistant Stage Manager

Mr. Neilson - Actor

Tom Nelson - Actor

Ronald Nelson-Smith - Actor

Cecil Newman - Scenic Artist

Pat Newman - Actor and Singer

Ernest Nicholls - Actor and Singer

Peter Nicholls - Chorus

Peta Nievelstein - Performer

Richard Niven - Actor

Lorenzo Nolan - Actor and Singer

Julie-Anne O'Reilly - Concert Master

J. O'Rourke - Actor

Mark Oates - Actor

Preston Oh - Director

Sharon Olde - Singer

David Orpin - Mechanist

Jean Orr - Actor and Singer

Christopher Overton - Actor and Singer

Janice Pallant - Actor

Christine Palmer - Actor

Tammy Papps - Musical Director

Blake Parham - Actor

Steve Parker - Performer

Joel Parnis - Actor

Ric Paterson - Actor and Singer

Desmond Patterson - Actor

James Patterson - Actor

Donald Patton - Actor

Jacqueline Paul - Chorus

Didi Pederick - Director

Jennifer Peers - Actor

Joshua Penley - Performer

Basil Penney - Actor

Deborah Pfeiffer - Actor

June Phillips - Actor and Singer

Owen Phillips - Costume Designer

Bev Pierce - Performer

Barry Pigram - Percussionist

Deian Ping - Actor

Doug Plaisted - Performer

Sue Pole - Performer

Gary Pollack - Singer

Harry Pollard - Conductor

Jordan Pollard - Actor

Kirsten Pollard - Violinist

May Pollard - Actor

Augusta Poole - Singer

Jim Pope - Actor

Katie Potter - Actor

Sharon Prero - Actor

Catherine Priddle - Actor

David Priddle - Actor

Greg Pritchard - Chorus

Margaret Procter - Actor

Johanna Puglisi - Assistant Director

Barry Purcell - Actor

F. W. Purtell - Costume Maker

Sarah Quarmby - Chorus

Elferaan Quatermass - Actor

Kate Quilky - Violinist

Fred Quintrell - Musical Director

Will Quintrell - Conductor

Alison Rae Jones - Actor

Michael Ralph - Actor

Gordon Ramsay - Assistant Stage Manager

Leslie Rands - Actor and Singer

Jon Rasalky - Clarinetist

John Rasch - Musical Director

Rebecca Raymond - Actor

Max Rayner - Choreographer

Wendy Rayner - Actor

John Reed - Actor

Alice Rees - Actor

Kath Reidy - Actor and Singer

Margot Reynolds - Actor

Andrew Richards - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Brian Richardson - Chorus

David Richardson - Chorus

Gina Richman - Production Manager

Peter Richman - Publicist

Ian Rigney - Director

Robert Rignold - Conductor

Nina Robbins - Singer

Mrs Robertson - Wigmaker

Matthew Robinson - Actor

Robert Robson - Stage Director

Timothy Rogers - Chorus

Wendy Rogers - Actor

Donna Rojas - Actor

Benjamin Roorda - Assistant Director

William Rosevear - Actor

Craig Rossiter - Actor

Boud Roukema - Trombonist

Gary Rowley - Chorus

Bessie Royal - Actor

Steve Rudd - Performer

Tom Ruff - Conductor

Patti Russell - Actor

  • The Mikado, Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW, 10 February 1927

Phillip Russell - Actor

James Ryan - Actor and Singer

Charles Ryley - Actor

Catherine Saint - Mechanist

Ariel Saltmarsh - Chorus

Kerry Sampson - Actor and Singer

John Sanger - Actor and Singer

Kate Saunders - Producer

Lara Saunders - Choreographer

Jason Savage - Director, Set Designer

Clare Scanlon - Violinist

Etsie Scerri - Actor

Beverley Schmidt - Choreographer

Matt Scholten - Director

Mark Scott - Chorus

Winsome Scott - Chorus

Elizabeth Senftleben - Performer

Greg Shand - Choreographer

David Sharp - Chorus

George Shaw - Actor

Heather Shelly - Violinist

Thomas Shepherd - Actor

Greta Sherriff - Actor

Elsa Sherwin - Actor

Leesa Shields - Scenic Artist

Vanessa Shirley - Actor

Nan Shoreham - Actor and Singer

Andrew Short - Chorus

Ken Short - Actor and Singer

Robin Short - Chorus

Richard Shortland - Director

Brian Sibson - Fight Director

Ingrid Silveus - Musical Director

Marian Sinclair - Actor

Alma Skinner - Actor

Matt Skinner - Chorus

Michael Slad - Scenic Artist

Frances Sladden - Actor

Colin Slater - Performer

Elizabeth Slee - Actor

Hannah Sless - Violinist

Betty Smith - Chorus

Heather Smith - Chorus

Marie Smith - Actor

Robert Smith - Musical Director

Mandy Souters - Violist

James Spargo - Actor

Judith Sporton - Actor

Stevan Squires - Performer

John Stabler - Actor

Roslyn Stallard - Performer

Fanny Stanley - Actor

Betty Staunton - Actor

Suzanne Steele - Actor and Singer

Laurelle Stephens - Actor and Singer

Jack Stewart - Actor and Singer

Jessum Stewart - Repetiteur

Nellie Stewart - Actor

Kenneth Still - Actor

Fabian Stirling - Chorus

John Stokes - Chorus

Ena Strachan - Actor and Singer

Ralph Strasser - Chorus

Jennifer Stroud - Actor

Douglas Stuchberry - Actor

Brian Sudlow - Performer

Troy Sussman - Actor

Rosemary Sutton - Chorus

Laurie Tancred - Choreographer

Joseph Tapley - Actor

Esme Tapp - Actor and Singer

Hickey Taylor - Actor and Singer

Peter Taylor - Performer

Phillip Taylor - Chorus

Robert Taylor - Stage Manager

Michael Terry - Actor

Steve Thatcher - Actor

David Thelander - Actor

Colin Thomas - Actor and Singer

John Thomson - Assistant Stage Manager

Aggie Thorn - Actor

R Thornton - Lighting Designer

John Tillbrook - Actor and Singer

Malcolm Tompkins - Sound Designer

David Tonion - Sound Designer

Alistair Toogood - Actor

Glen Toohey - Actor

Michael Topfer - Chorus

Andrew Trestrail - Performer

Richard Trevaskis - Director

Harry Trevorah - Actor

Felicity Trewin - Violinist

David Tricks - Percussionist

Kate Tricks - Actor

Robert Tripolino - Actor

Steve Trollope - Actor

Brian Trotter - Performer

Mervyn Tucker - Actor

Fiona Tulk - Chorus

Karen Tutt - Chorus

Lance Twentyman - Chorus

Jean Valerio - Actor and Singer

Rebecca Vallen - Actor

Marlene Vaughan - Assistant Director

Margherita Venosta - Actor

Caroline Vercoe - Chorus

Signor Verdi - Actor

Kerry Wake-Dyster - Performer

James Walker - Musical Director

Bob Wallace - Set Designer, Stage Director

H. H. Wallace - Actor

Neil Wallace - Actor

Dawn Walsh - Actor and Singer

Amanda Walshem - Actor

Graham Walters - Designer

Maree Wanders - Chorus

Hugh J Ward - Actor

Simon Ward - Singer

Narelle Warmbrunn - Actor

Neil Warren-Smith - Actor and Singer

Richard Weathersby - Producer

Clyde Weaver - Actor

Neil Weber - Conductor

Philip Webster - Chorus

Amy Weekes - Actor, Costume Designer

Gerald Welch - Actor and Singer

Craig Wellington - Writer

Osmund Wenban - Actor and Singer

Don Whitbread - Musical Director

Kevin Whitney - Chorus

Wilma Whitney - Actor and Singer

Walter Whyte - Actor

Shannon Widdison - Performer

John Wiggins - Chorus

Gareth Wilkes - Performer

Amy Wilkinson - Actor

Kerreane Wilkinson - Choreographer

Christopher Williams - Chorus

Helen Williams - Director

Linda Williams - Choreographer

Michael Williams - Performer

Michelle Williams - Assistant Producer

Alister Williamson - Actor and Singer

Peter Williamson - Mechanist

Winifred Williamson - Actor and Singer

Bill Wilson - Chorus

Brenton Wilson - Actor

Emily Wilson - Actor and Singer

Rona Wimpney - Actor

Tillie Wimpney - Actor and Singer

Annaliese Wittwer - Performer

Angus Wood - Chorus

Peter Woods - Actor

Deborah Woodyard - Actor

Noel Wotherspoon - Actor and Singer

Tim Wright - Choreographer

Vicki Wyn Davies - Actor

Edward Wynn - Actor

William Xing - Chorus

John Xintavelonis - Actor

Master Young - Actor

J. G. Yuill - Actor

Edith Zeigler - Actor and Singer

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Theatre Royal (1875-1972), Sydney, NSW

Scott Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

His Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

His Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

His Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Her Majesty's Theatre (1887-1933), Sydney, NSW

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS

Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Empire Theatre (1927-1960), Sydney, NSW

Lyric Theatre, South Brisbane, QLD

Shedley Theatre, Elizabeth, SA

Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Lyric Theatre, South Brisbane, QLD

Melbourne Concert Hall, Melbourne, VIC

Princess Theatre (1886- ), Melbourne, VIC

Concert Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Darwin Entertainment Centre, Darwin, NT

Newcastle Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

The State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Rockdale Town Hall, Rockdale, NSW

Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Victor Harbor Town Hall, Victor Harbor, SA

Opera Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Concert Hall (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Her Majesty's Theatre (1960-1970), Sydney, NSW

Newcastle Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD

The State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

The Australian Theatre, Newtown, NSW

Blacktown Boys High School, Blacktown, NSW

Springwood Civic Centre, Springwood, NSW

Erindale Theatre, Wanniassa, ACT

Albert Hall, Yarralumla, ACT

Bailey Hall, Chatswood, NSW

Rymill Hall, Penola, SA

Jetty Memorial Theatre, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Illawarra Performing Arts Centre, Wollongong, NSW

Perth Concert Hall, Perth, WA

Ermington Community Centre, Ermington, NSW

Derwent Entertainment Centre, Glenorchy, TAS

Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre, Breakwater Island, QLD

Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, QLD

Mackay Showgrounds, Mackay, QLD

Pilbeam Theatre, Rockhampton, QLD

National Theatre, St Kilda, VIC

Verbruggen Hall, Sydney, NSW

Mount Isa Civic Centre, Mount Isa, QLD

Union Hall, Adelaide, SA

Grand Opera House, Wellington, New Zealand

Comedy Theatre, SA

St Marys Memorial Hall, St Marys, NSW

Roxy Theatre, Hamilton, NSW

His Majesty's Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand

Criterion Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Victoria Theatre (1891-), Newcastle, NSW

Mackay Entertainment Centre, Mackay, QLD

Magill Campus, University of South Australia, Magill, SA

Thorndon High School, Paradise, SA

School Hall - Marion High School, Clovelly Park, SA

Alexander Theatre, Clayton, VIC

Roy Edinger Centre, Palmyra, WA

Belconnen Community Theatre, Belconnen, ACT

Hudson's Bijou Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Garner's Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm, QLD

Twelfth Night Theatre, Bowen Hills, QLD

Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, England

Merrigong Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

Regal Theatre, Subiaco, WA

Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, SA

Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, Mount Gambier, SA

Wilton's Music Hall, London, England

Criterion Theatre, North Sydney, NSW

Tower Arts Centre, Daw Park, SA

Goodwood Institute, Goodwood, SA

Rivergum Theatre at Parade College, Bundoora, VIC

Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC

Broadwalk Studio (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Sydney Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Chaffey Theatre, Renmark, SA

Kenmore Theatre, Goulburn, NSW

New Zealand, New Zealand

The Playhouse, Darwin, NT

Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA

State Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Burswood Showroom, Rivervale, WA

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Kadina, Kadina, SA

Elder Park, Adelaide, SA

IMB Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

Stirling Community Theatre, Stirling, SA

Hamer Hall, Melbourne, VIC

Soldiers Memorial Hall, Bundanoon, NSW

New South Wales Conservatorium of Music, Sydney, NSW

Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, NSW

Perth, Perth, WA

Sydney, Sydney, NSW

Phoenix Theatre, Deakin University, Burwood, VIC

Lyceum Theatre (1892-1918), Sydney, NSW

Williamstown Mechanics Institute, Williamstown, VIC

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